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Resaca, Ga., M.ay 5-9, ]8G-t; Cassville, Ga., May
LS-IG, 18G4; Pickett's Mills, Ga., May 27, 1864;
Kenesaw Mountain, Ga., June 27, 18G4; Peach Tree
Creek, Ga., July 20, 18G4; Atlanta, Ga., July 22,
1864; Lovejoy Station, Ga., Seiitember 2-G, 18G4;
Franklin, Tenn., November 30, 1864; Nashville,
Tenn., December 15, 18G4.

The roster of odicers from Guernsey County was
as follows: Lieut. Col. John McClenalian, Lieut.
Jesse L. Grimes, Robert S. McClenahan, Q. M. S.;
John II. Sarcliet, Principal Musician; Lieut. John
R. Clnik.

The privates of Company A were: Johnston
Hammond, William R. Stewart, James Gallihan,
William S. Donaldson, Benjamin Briggs, Parker
C. Bird, Levi Boyer, William Dennis, Charles
Hammond, William II. Hammond, Robert Ham-
mond, Pcler Wykoff.

Company B.

Cai)t. Joshua K. Brown, Lieut, Jesse L. Grimes,
Lieut. John R. Chuk, Lieut. Nathan Neeland.
William Seldcis, John S. Penrose (killed at At-
lanta), Corwin F. Camp, Porter Gibson, Milton Mc-
Dowell, Andrew G. Ilea, William E. Camp, Jacob
AUbright, Thomas Smith, James C. McDowell.
John T. McCune, Dennis Tr.acey, James W. Pol-
lock (killed at Stone River), William Downer,
David Frazicr, .lames M. McClenahan, John B.
McKinney (died from wounds), William A. Stew-
art (died from wounds), Oliver Barnett, David
A. Adamson, Isaac Ad.'inison, Benjamin AU-
bright, William P.usli field. Benjamin Ball, John
N. IScrry, Reziii Bond, IJenjamin Chance, Nathan
Claiy, James P. Carncs, William Calvert, John
Crossgrove, Newton Downar, William II.,
James Dissirms, Harrison Dainfer, Andrew Daw-
ner, Thomas W. Evans, Josejjh B. Ferguson, John
Frazier (died from wounds), Samuel A. Forbes,
Samuel A. Gibson, John A. (iardner, Daniel J. Gil-
pin, Alfred C. Chans, .lolin Howell. Herman Howell,
John M. Jackson, George Klingman, James R.
King, David Leeper, Williain Marling, John Mc-
Kim, George Mitner, Alonzo Mittiner, M. A'. Mc-
Kiin, George Noble, David Sarchct, Enoch Scars,



Thomas S', Millun L. Suliiion. .lolin Solders,
Benjamin Tliom|)son, William Tandy and Samuel

TWi;xiv-six I'll i;i:i:i.Mi-.NT, o. v. i.

Organized at Camp Chase, Columbus, Oiiio, from
June 8 to Jul}- 24, 18G1. Mcmliers of the Ninety-
seventh Ohio ^'ohlnlec^ Infantry whose term of
service had not expired at' the date of the muster-
out of that regiment were transferred to this regi-
ment, June 10, 1865. The organization, composed
of veterans and recruits, was retained in service
until October 21, 18G5, when it was mustered out.

List of Battles.

Shiloh, Tenn., April G, 1802; Corinth, Miss., May
30, 1862; Perryville, Ky., October 8, 1862; Stone
River, Tenn., December 31, 1862; Chickamauga,
Ga., September 19, 18G3; Mission Ridge, Tenn.,
November 25, 1863; Rocky Face Ridge, Ga., May
5, 1864; Resaca, Ga., May 13, 1864; Adairsville,
Ga.,May 17, 1864; Dallas, Ga., May 25, 1864; Kene-
saw Mountain, Ga., June 9, 1864; Kenesaw Mount-
ain (general assault), June 27, 1864; Peach Tree
Creek, Ga., July 20, 18G4; Atlanta, Ga., July 22,
1864; Jonesboro, Ga., August 31, 1864; Spring Hill,
Tenn., November 29, 1864; Franklin, Tenn., No-
vember 30, 1864; Nashville, Tenn., December 15,

Guernsey County rei)resontatives on staff were:
Alfred Weedon, David C. Marsh and Israel Gregg.

Company JJ.
Capt. Alexander Frazier, William T. Frazier and
James A. Frazier.

Comjxtnij F.

Capt. John Ferguson, Lieut. Peter Dennis, Lieut.
Alexander Frazier, Lieut. Philip M. Ogan, Cyrus
B. Noble, S. G. Wishard, John IL Ostler, John W.
Riehey, Ferdinand Gitchel, P.ryan Rabe, Anthony
Gaumer. Robert J. Brown, Mathias W. Smith,
Micliael W. Jackson. John Folket, Alexander Mc-
Kinny, Samuel C. Barnctt (pi'isoncr), Joseph Todd,
George Hancock, Charles Osborn, Alexander C.
Moore, John Sines, Augustus C. Tillett, Benjamin
M. Chance, William P. Ilillman, Joseph F. Scar-
borough, Joseph M. Hull, George R. Hull. Robert
Anderson, Fortunatis Burlinirame, Ferdinand Bur-

lingamc, J. J. I5arton, Frederick Braninger, Ben-
jamin F. Brill, Kmanuel Brill, Jarrett K. Baile}',
Daniel I. l.uxton, Abraham R. Beal, James E. Brill.
Walter Buyd, Henry Brindlcy. Francis M. Brill
Justin Bui'lingame, Lewis Cowgill, William II
Croft, William A. Crei)i)s, John Clipner, Andrew
M. Cowan, Albert A. Camp, Jacob A. Canady,
Josej)!) C. Crouch, Alfred Calvert, Robert F. Craig,
JMoses F. Kngle, William Fulton, Owen F^inn,
Joseph Featherstone, Sylvester Frame, Isaac Green,
Isaac Garlin, Cornelius Ilerly, Madison Hull, Gar-
rett K. Jones, Charles S. Jones, Philander Johnson,
Jonathan Kerr, John Kesler, Andrew I. Kendall,
Isaac Long, Alwood S. Lewis, Robert Larrison, An-
drew Murdock, Perry A. Morrison, Joshua McPeak,
Jlordecai McPeak, David C. Marsh, Stephen New-
land', Elza Newland, Thomas M. Neeland, Asa New-
land, John AV. Paine, George W. Pratt, James T.
Pratt, Josiah Patterson, (ieorge W. Robison, Solo-
mon Ryncr, John Richards ([)risoner), Josiah P.
Robe, Samuel F. Robinson, William Reiiner, John
Rankin, Francis A. Stoner, John F. Shriver (killed
at La Vergne),William Steele (killed at.lonesboro),
Jacob C. Smith, Adrian Shun, David W. Stewart,
David Todd, Edward Thompson, Ira Tyson, Jolni
W. Tillott, Rudolph Thomas, James 15. Tandy, Alva
II. Thompson, Henry W. Vining. Peter Vaiider-
inack, AVilliain Weaver. Edwin Wells, Alfred Weed-
on, John Webster, Lewis Wharton, Jacob Wharton
and James H. Wilson.

The Sixty-second Ohio Volunteer Infantry was
organized atZancsville, McConnelsville and Somer-
ton, Ohio, from Sei)tember 17 to December 21, 18G1,
to serve three jears.

Official List of Battles in Which the Regiment En-

Port Republic, Va., June 9, 1862; P.lackwater,
Va., Deceml)er 12, 18G2; Ft. Wagner, S. C, July
10, 18G3; Ft. Wagner, S. C. (second assault),
July 18, 1863; Ft. Wagner, S. C. (evacuation),
September 7, 1863; Deep Bottom, Va., August 14,
1864; Darbytown Road, Va., October 13, 1864;
Cedar Creek, Va., October 19, 1864; Hatcher's
River, Va., October 27, 1864; Petersburg, Va.



(fall of), April 2, 18G5; Apponitittox C. U.,\a.,
April 8, 180,0.

Coiiipanii G.

Capt. ]\Iiilon I'.anics, Cai)l. .lames Adair (died
of wounds), Liciil. .lamos .lolmsloii, Lieut. Will-
iam P.uadiing (killed at Ft. Wagnor), Lieut. .Tolin
N.Starr, James K. ( iillett, Alphcus Ringer, John
R. .Murray, Alviu lUiison, Liza Z. Davis, James N.
Gray, William L. IlesUit (died of wounds), Isaac
N. McNatl, James W. Ncedliam, Anderson Addy,
Andrew J. Reliout, (ieorge A. Moore, Samuel R.
Shriever, Lrvin W. Stoltleume, James L. Dilley,
Rieliard II. Dilley, James Alison, James Leadling,
Kdward lieall, Elijah Leall, Hamilton lieall, John
r.ehout, Daniel l!eimelt (died of wounds), William
Hcnnelt, Noah I'.eymer, Kli I'.rill, Riehaid Luiy,
John J. Culver, Liston I>. Culvei, Joel 11. Cummins,
William C. Cunningham, Ihuvey Dennis, James
D. Derbrache, Everett IlesUitl, John M. Ileskelt,
(ieorge Iliekle, Stephen Ilickle, Isaac McColIum,
James IMellyar, James I\IeKimun, William II. II.
INIeNatt, I'eter II. Siegfrist, Philip Sigman, I'crry
Singens, Samuel Smith, Jolin W. Starr, Moses D.
Starr, Henry Sleel, .lohn 1!, Steel, Adam Stevens,
-lacol) Stiies, John Slires, William Sutton, Cyrus
\'anee, .lames \'oorliios and Wdliani II. Wires.
skvi:niv-i;ii:iiiii i;i;ia.Mi;Nr o. \. i.

This regiment was organized in the state at
large, from October 2L l.SCI, to January !(!, I8G2.
The battles in which it tuok part weic:

Shiloh, Tenn., Ai)ril (;, l.s(;2; liolivai', Tenn.,
August 30, 1S(;2; Raymond, .Miss., May 12. ISC:!;
Champion Ilill>, Mi.-s.. May IC. isd:',: \i,kslnirg.
Miss., May 18, 180:5; Canton, Miss., February 20,
1864; Keiicsaw Mountain, (!a., June ii to :!0,
18G1; Atlanta, Ca., July 22, 1801; Atlanta, Ca.
(siege of). July to Sopteuiber, 1801; Lovejcjy Sta-
tion, Ga., Soi)tomber 2 to 0, 1801; Loiitou viUc,
N. C, March I'J, 180;-,.

Guernsey County's ci>ntributi(iii In Company A

Capt. V. Wilson, Lieut. IJusMdl r.ethel,
Lieut. William M. Stuth, Lieut. William II. C(.ek-
ins, Henry Spccr, John R. Fdgar. William .1.
Ilirkett, Albert Henderson, John V,. Rarnett, Will-
iam S. Spcer, W. W. Porter, John P. Ross, James
Parkhill, John L. lioyd, Milton Turner. R. M.J.

Shiiin, Robert R. Crawford, Robert A. Cockins,
James M. Allison, James C. Arthur, Simeon Cock-
ins, Wilson E. Conner, Joseph Copeland, James
M. Coulter, Eli Ii. Cramblet, Samuel Dickson,
Thomas Dickson, Joshua Dickinson, James Doug-
las, David Douglas, William Douglas, James E.
Fleming, David W. Foisytlie, Preston II. Forsythe,
John W. Fowler, John Fulton, Hugh Gillespie,
William Gillespie, George Glenn, Josiah D. Glenn,
Isaac Glenn, George A. Ilonton, William McJeff-
rey, John G. Law, Andrew M. Law, Samuel M.
Linn, John M. McNutt, James Patton, James D.
Patton, Josepii Ramsay, W^alter B. Ross, Philip 8.
Smock, James F. Sterling, Joseph R. Stewart, Rob-
ert S. Speer, Thomas R. Thompson, David R.
Thompson, Henry W. AVagstaff, William G. White,
George W. Wilson and John J. Wilson.
Company F.

Alilton V>. Thomas.

Company II.

Capt. Jolm T. Rainey, Capt. John (3rr, Lieut.
John F. Ginnis, Lieut. Josiah Scott, Lieut. John P.
Ross, Lieut. William A. Dodds, Lieut. Henry S|)eer
(died of wounds), Lieut. Robert H. P>rown, David
P). Rainey, William H. Callahan, Isaac Sigman,
Thomas, Robert 15. .Scott, Elihu White,
William II. lilair, Finley McDonald, Levi F. John-
son, David McMillen, John A. Johnson, Samuel
Nelson, fiabriel II. Fiester, David T. Caldwell,
Leander Scott, Ilezekiah Hyatt, John W^ Powell,
James McISuniey, Lafnyellc Murphy, James Scott,
Francis Scott, Adam G. Shrivcr (killed at Atlanta),
.lohn T. Allen, James 15. Allen, John Alexander
(killed at Atlanta), AVilliam Ball, AVilson M. Bar-
ber, George P.arnett, Jacob I5arnett, Daniel Bean,
James Berry, Peter S. Bichard, James H. Black,
J..sei)li i;. Black, Alexander Bkir, J. K. P. Britten,
Robert P.iittun. .hmathan Brown, Joseph H.Brown,
Joshua Bums, .hihn W. Camp, Samuel A. Casey,
Alexander Clark. Thomas M. Clark, David Cliimer.
.lohn Clipner ( perished by explosion of steamer
"Sultana," April 2;"), 180.->), .lulin B. Cook, John
Craig, James Culbertsoii. James Dawson, John
Dill.ahay. Edwaid R. Duniler, John Dunifcr.
Thomas C. Fowler, Cyrus P. (ieorge, Elijah ( iill,
Joseph (Jill, Edward Hall, Thomas llarlshorn,
James Hudson, John Jarvis, Nntlianicl .lohnson.


(ieorge W. Kiinble, Gooi-gc Kimble, Robert Kimble,
AVilliam Kiinl>lc, Hcnjaraiu King, William Lake
(died of wounds), Samuel Lcnlon, diaries Mc-
lUuney, William MclUirncy (killed at Cbampion
IlilLs). Louis Miller, Alexander V. Milligan, David
Jlilciiell, Isaac Scliuyliart, Laban Sigman, Rolley
Signian,. lames Slults, William M. Stage, Alexander
Stevenson, (ieorge W. Stevenson, Alexander C.
Stone, Joseph Tucker, James Turner (killed at At-
lanta), Joshua ^'o^lR'S, Louis ^'orllCS and Heecc


This regiment was organized at Zancsville, Ohio,
September 2, 18G2. The ollicial list of battles in
which they bore a part is as follows:

Pcrryville, Ky., October 8, 18G2; Stone River,
Tenn., December 31, 18G2; Mission Ridge, Tenn.,
November 25, 18G.3; Rocky Face Ridge, Ga., May
f), 18G4; Dalton, Ga., May 9, 18G4; Resaca, Ga.,
Jlay 13, 18G4; Adamsville, Ga., May 17, 18G1:;
Dallas, Ga., May 2:), 18G1; New Hope Church, Ga.,
iMay 27, 18(11; Kenesaw Mountain, Ga., June 9,
18GI; Kcnesaw Mountain, (ia. (special assault),
June 22, 18G1; Kenesaw Mountain, Ga. (gen-
eral a^sauU ), June 27,1801; Reach Tree Creek,
(;a., July :^t>, l^^i'l; Atlanta, Ga., July 28 to Sep-
tember 2, ISGl; ,b.nesboro,Ga.. August 31, IbGl;
Lovejoy Station, Ga., Septeinl)cr 2, 18G1; Spring
Hill, Tenn., November 21), 18G1; Franklin, Tenn.,
November 30, ISGl; Nasiiville, Tenn., Decemljer
15, 18G1.

(Jnernsey County furnished tlic following sol-
diers to this regiment:

INlaj. James W. ]Moore. Adjl. .lolm S. Adair and
Cliaplain William H. McFarland.
Compaiuj A.

Capts. .lames McCormick. William K. Roseinond,
Andrew Arrick; Lieuls. John H. Carlisle, Will-
iam L. iMcKesson; Joseph C. Hughes, .John M.
.Scott, lieujamin F. ISrill, lieorgc N. Osier, Ile/.e-
kiah Teterick, James II. McCoy, Henry C. \nneadling, Will-
iam S. Pracken (killed at Franklin, Tenn.), Joseph
A. Blartiu (died of wounds at Tullahonia), (ieorge
W. McClelland, John W. Perry, William Travis,
.kiliii I). Fulton, Crawford Hope, Erastus F. Meek,
.Idlin S. Nelson. Vincent Cockins, John A. Moore,
.loseph Sloner, Pethuel Abels, Alexander Arbucklc,
John M. Archer, William Parnes, George W. Par-
nett (died of wounds at Kenesaw Mountain),
Charles J. Pishard, George W. Poetcher, John L.
Pracken, James W. Prown, Jackson Purns, Josepli



Hums, Coonrod Cliiiusmith (killed al Mission
Ridge), Thomas C'uniiingliain, William Davidsun,
Joshua Davis, IJeiijamiii La Rue (died of wounds at
Kcnesaw Mountain), Klias J. La Rue, Fletcher J.
Dennis, Cyrenc J. Dollmaii (killed at Kencsaw
Mountain), John Duff, RdliLil Dunning, Vincent
II. Kakin (died of wounds at Now Hope), Ui.lieit
Ford, Simon Elliott, 'i'lioMias Cillin, Ceorgc W.
(ilessingcr, Daniel \V. (lould, John T. Ilaney,
Robert Ilaney (died of wounds at I'eaeli Tree
Creek), Andrew Ilanna, Henry Ilardcsty, John
Hooper (died of wounds at Nashville), Joseph
Hoiie, John Humble (killed at Kencsaw Slountain),
Anderson Johnson, Salem Johnson, William (1.
Johnson, William Jordan, Thomas II. Karr, William
C. Kilbrcalh, (ieorgc F. Lanick, Samuel A. Long,
Isaac McDonald, Thomas IMcKahan, Joseph l\IcKec,
David L. Mackey, Charles Ma.Kwcll, James Mc-
haffcy, Josei)h Mehaffey, Horace C. Moore, James
L. Jloore, AVelcome 1!. Nelson, James ]\I. Patterson,
Stephen A. Pollock, James Reed (died of wounds
at Kenesaw Mountain), Rol)crt Reinsch (killed at
Stone River), Rolu-rt Reynolds, George Rice. Will-
iam Richmond, Oliver II. Robb, .Jacob Rallston.
Jacob Sliively, (leorge Signian, Presley Signuin,
JamesII. Starr, Aaron Stephens, Daniel ( i. Stephens,
George Stephens, A. W. Teterick, John A. \esscls,
David S. Virtue, John I(. Wires, William Woods
and AVilliam C. Weymer.

ONK Ilt'NDRKI) ANO TWKNrV-Si;! ON l;l.. , I M I.M , (). V. I.

This regiment was organized at Zanesville, Ohio,
from Sei)tember oO to October ^S, 1,S(;2, and was
mustered out June 2(!, l!S(i5. The list of battles
in which it engaged was as folk)ws:

Union Mills, Va., June 13, 18(;;]; Winchester
Heights, Va., June 11, KSU;J; Stevenson's Depot,
Va.,Junc 15, 1863; IJrandy Station, Va., Novem-
ber 8, 1863; Mine Run, November 2G,'186;!; Wil-
derness, Va., May 5 to 7, 186 1 ; Si)Ottsylvania C. II.,
Va., May 9, 1864; Tolopotomy Creek, \a., May
29, 1861; Cold Harbor, Va., June 1, ISGl; Peters-,
burg, Va., June 22, 1864; Ream's Station, ^'a., June
29, 1864; Monocacy. Md., July 9, IHGl; Charles-
ton, Va., July 18, 1861; llalltown, Va., August,
1864; Opequan, Va., September 19, 1SG4; Fisher's
Hill, September 22, 1864; Cedar Creek, Va., Octo-

ber 10, 1864; Petersburg, Va., Marcli 25, 1865;
I'etcrsburg, Va., April 2, 1865; Sailor's Creek, Va.,
April 6, 1865; Appomattox, Va., April 9, 1865.

Guernsey County furnished the following sol-

Lieut-Col. John M. lUishlield, Adj. A. A. Taylor.

Coittpaiu/ A.

Ca^it. r.enjai
bourn (killed

in S. Herring, Lieut. Thomas Kil-
t Cedar Creek), Lieut. W. II. H.
Mcllyar, John M. I'.laininid, John P. Bonnell,
Thomas Hutchison, Thomas Worthing, Jacob Day-
ton, W. S. Daugherty, James Desclms, Salathicl
Brill, Henry blasters (i)risoner), John W. Ken-
worthy, Samuel P>arber, Joseph Hutcbison (pris-
oner), Thomas Aduddle, Anthony Arnold, Jolin
Beam, James R. Bell, Thomas Blamprid, John M.
Bond, Lemuel Benain, Abner Coril, Jonathan De-
sclms, John AV. F'crbrache ([)risonei), William Gal-
lui), Jackson Graccy, Wesley Griflltli, AVilliam Mar-
Ictt (prisoner), William P. Marsh (prisoner), Will-
iam Mason, llezekiah Miskimen (prisoner), Samuel
II. Morrison, John Motter, L N. Poweison, A. J. San-
hill (died of wound,.), Tolbert R. Shipley (died of
wounds) and Cyiais Turnbaugh (prisoner).

The members of Company C from Guernsey
County were:

James Cliaimian ( i)risoner).

Company II had the following men from Guern-
sey County:

Ca|)t. A. A. Taylor (prisoner), Hugh F. McDon-
ald ( [iiisiinei ), .Tunics II. Meek ([irisoner), Harrison
C. Moore. (a.,u,ue W. Noble, William B. Powell
(lirisuner), llugli Ouecn, James Queen, Elijah P.
Smith ;ind Isaac Smith (prisoner).

The men from Guernsey County in Company II

Lieut. F'raiik S. Spencer, Lieut. Asbury Webster,
A'olney Tidball, Jeremiah D. Muzz3-, James T.
Robins, Sylvester Hayes, William Smith, Robert T.
Rose, Lacy S. Hibbs, John Collins (prisoner), Henry
Cosgrave, Henry E. Cosgrave, George Draper, John
Ferryman, lid ward Fitzgerald, Robert Harper, Asa
Hayes, David Ileaume (killed at Wilderness), Pat-
rick Iloben, Michael Joyce, William C. Kimball,
Matthew Lennoii (prisoner), William T. McCunc,
Hugh C. McDowell, Robert Pierce, Clarkson Redd



(prisoner), Peter C. Robins (prisoner, died in pris-
on), Lawson II. Rogers, Benjamin F. Rose (pris-
oner), Milton Selby (prisoner), Ricliard Sigman
(prisoner), 'William II. Suiilli, A. 15. Tidbali ([nis-
oner, killed in Wilderness), Andicw Tidbali (pris-
oner), David U. Walker and JMoses Wells.

Ei(nrrv-i;i(;iiTii i:i-.(;nii'.\T, o. v i.

This regiment was originally comi)oscd of a
battalion of four companies, organized at Camp
Chase, Ohio, from September 24 to October 27,
18G2, and was designated as "First Battalion Gov-
ernor's Guards." Six new companies were subse-
quently organized from July 24 to August 3, 1863,
and consolidated with this battalion, making up
the Eighty-eighth Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Tiic
regiment was principally engaged in guarding
rebel prisons at Camp Chase, Ohio; also in the pur-
suit of jNIorgan raiders and the suppression of the
Holmes County Rebellion, in July, 1863.

Guernsey County was represented in Company
E as follows:

Capt. Jose|)h ]). Taylor, Lieut. Alexander Sankey,
Lieut. Wilson S. T.aylor, Lieut. Isaac Denfenbach,
Joseph W. Jones, Thomas C. Morrison, John A.
Nelson, John W. Jeffrey'. Charles E. Ostler, Will-
iam W. Roljbins, Cieoige W. Morrison, AVilliam AV.
Booth, Nathan B. Scott, Cephas Finle.v, James Gal-
braith, James D. Thom|)son, William A. Knouff,
James jM. Meecham, .Solomon Shakier, Jxjhn Ander-
son, Richard Lowry, Alvin W. Balbridge, Harry
C. Tammyhill, Shepherd M. Gaston, David Alex-
ander, William Ardiddle, Matthew G. Alexander,
William L. Alexander, Stephen P. Anderson, Wil-
so;: S. Archer, William II. II. Armstrong, Henry
Arndt, John \V. Arnold, William Bofford, Abra-
ham Baird, William II. Barnes, E. I'.iltsbergcr, Cor-
bin J. Blocker, William II. Barton, William R. Bor-
ton, Henry M. Brown, John W. Biiiklicad, (Jcorge
Carrik, William M. Chandler, Matthew Clark, Will-
iam D. Crumton, Joseph M. Crosson, William II.
Cummings, Jacob L. Curry, Nathan M. Davis,
Alexander Dean, Joseph B. Diiley, William Dilley,
William S. Eagan, Melville O. Farley, Arehiliald
Farley, Levi Farley, Richard S. Fisher, John II.
Flood, William II. Foreman, Charles W. Tlaston,
John AV. Gaston, Thomas Gill, Leonard Great-

iiouse, John Greeneltcli, Joseph II. Hartup, Joseph
Il.aycs, Mead House, John IIughcs,AVilliam S. Jamie-
son, Robert C. Jones, Martin Kays, James Keenan,
George Knox, Isaac Lamb, James M. Beeper, Bcatty
M. Long, Newton Lowrey, John McBurney, Jaraes
II. McVickcr, Samuel McVicker, Melville Madden,
Percy Marker, Carlo C. Meecham, Francis Miller,
Matthew ']'. Miller, William A. Minters, Joseph D.
Jlorrison, Andrew J. Morrison, IMarion L. Mosley,
John F. Moss, Robert G. Moss, William M. Nelson,
Joseph Outland, James M. Pryor, John Rhoads,
Richard Rice, John W. Robinson, William W.
Robinson, Thompson Rose, James S. Rowland, Saul
II. Brown, James F. Ryan, Samuel S.ayres, Elijah
Scofield, T(;bias R. Shaw, James A. Speer, Alexan-
deu A. Staate, Frederick G. Steele, John W. Still-
well, Samuel C. Strayer, Norville B. Strong, Nor-
ville W. Taylor, AVilliam Thomas, Henry S. Thomp-
son, L. M. Thompson, Lcroy W. Thompson, Will-
iam A. Thompson, .lames II. Tuttle, John Tuttle,
Thompson F. Walls, George II. Wallace, Benjamin
Ward, Charles W. Weinstein, Joseph C. Welch,
Fred II. Winkler, Jacob R. Younger.

This regiment was organized at Camp Chase,
Ohio, August 17 to October 5, 1861, to serve three
years. On the expiration of their terra of serv-
ice, the original members (except veterans) were
nuistered out, and the organization, composed of
veterans and recruits, continued in the service un-
til it was mustered out by companies, as follows:
A to K, inclusive, and M, Sejjtember 13, 1865, at
Hilton Head, S. C, and Company I September 26,
IHU'j, at Nashville, Tenn., in accordance with or-
ders from the War Department.

Companies A and C were ordered to West Vir-
ginia in September, 1861, and were attached to
the commands of Generals Shields and Banks, in
the Shenandoah Valley; and with the Army of Vir-
ginia under General Pope, and the Army of the
Potomac, and as headquarters guard of the caval-
ly division of denerals Gregg and Kilpatrick,
they bore an honorable part in the campaigns and
engagements in Virginia, Maryland and Penn-
sylvania until the spring of 1864, when they
were ordered to join the regiment. The official


list of battles in wliicli this regiment was engaj^cd
is not yet published by the War Department, but
the following list has been compiled after a care-
ful research during the comi)ilalion of this work.
It does not include numerous battles and skir-
mishes in which single companies and small de-
tachments of the regiment were engaged:

Booneville, Miss., May 30, 1«(;2; ItMssellville,
Ala., July 1, 18G2; Courtland, Ala., .July 2."), 18G2;
Bardstown, Ky., October 1, 18G2; Perryville, Ky.,
October 8, 18G2; Stone River, Tenn., December
3), 18G2, to January 2, 18G3; KIk River, Tenn.,
July 2, 18G3; Alpine, Ga., September 10, 18U3;
Chickamauga, Tenn., September 19 and 20, 18G3;
Washington, Tenn., October 1, 18C3; I'aint Rock,
Ala., October 30, 1«(;3; Cleveland, Tenn., Novem-
ber 27, 18G3; Calhoun, Tenn., December IG, 1863;
Decatur, Ala., May 2G, 18G1; Moulton, Ala., May
2'J, 1851; Noonday Creek, Ga., June 15, 18G4;
Lovejoy Station, Ga., August 20, 18G5. Atlanta
campaign: Ebenezer Chirch, Gn., A[)ril 1, 18G5;
Sehna, Ala., April 2, 18G5; and Columbus, Ga.,
April 16, 18G5.

The following i'^ a list of soldiers in this regi-
ment from Guernsey County, Ohio:

James Laughliii, Ll.-Col.; John W. Laughlin,

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