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How I Found Livingstone; travels, adventures, and discoveres in Central Africa, including an account of four months' residence with Dr. Livingstone, by Henry M. Stanley online

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Nyabigma Island,
Nzoe, antelope of Speke,

"Omar," Mr. Stanley's watchdog; death of,

Pallah buck,
Pembera Pereh, Sultan,
Perpusilla, the,
Piaggia, the Italian traveller,
Pisolitic limestone,
Pottery, native, of the Wazavira,
Price, Simon, Dr. Livingstone's servant,

Queen Victoria, letter conveying the thanks of Her Majesty and
the announcement of the Royal present,

Rehenneko village,
Rosako village,
Rua country; people,
Rubeho Slopes; Peak,
Rudewa River,
Rugufu Lake,
Ruhinga, chief,
Rusizi River; problem of; delta of,

Said bin Majid,
Salim bin Rashid,
Sultana of Simbamwenni,
Sami-sami, red beads,
Sayf, son of Ali, slain,
Sayd bin Salim's house,
Selim, interpreter,
- - , the Arab boy,
Seyd Burghash, Sultan of Zanzibar,
Sitting on pombe,
Sentakeyi, Cape,
Shaw, J. W.; leaves the expedition,
Shamba Gonera, or, "Gonera's Field," good disposition of the
Indian widow towards the whites; appearance of the place,
trade, &c.,
Sheikh Sayd bin Selim,
- - - Hamed,
- - - Hassid,
- - - Khamis bin Abdullah,
- - - bin Nasib,
- - - Sulton bin Ali,
- - - Thani,
Sherif, Dr. Livingstone's servant; dishonesty of,
Simbamwenni; desolation of by flood,
- - - - - , Sultana of,
Simba, ruler of Kasera,
Simbo, Khambi,
Singwe, a plum-like fruit,
Slave-gang, chained,
Sofi beads,
Soor Hadji Palloo,
Soud, the Arab,
- - , son of Sayd bin Majid,
- - , bin Sayd, his attack on Wilyankura; his death,
Speke, Capt., his "Faithfuls"; treatment of "Bombay" by;
error of, as to altitude of Tanganika,
Stanley, Mr., start from Bombay; landing at Zanzibar; hospitable
reception by Capt. Webb; impressions of the city;
organization of the Expedition; visit to the Sultan; departure
from Zanzibar; landing at Bagamoyo; troublesome experiences;
visit to the "Livingstone caravan"; preparations for departure
into the interior, difficulties with employes; chase after a
thief, despatch of four caravans; departure of the fifth caravan,
led by himself; members composing it and outfit; the start,
first camp; Shamba Gonera; crossing the Kingani; hippopotami
shooting; Kikoka village; halt at Rosako; "Omar" watchdog,
missing; formidable number of insects, the tsetse-fly; game
hunting; difficulty of penetrating an African jungle; camp at
Kingaru; the grey Arab horse, and offence given by its interment;
interview with the king of Kingaru; loss of the re maiming horse
from cancer; desertion and sickness; appearance of Maganga's
caravan march to Imbiki; reach Msuwa, perils of the jungle,
astonishment of the chief; chained slave-gang; halt at
Kisemo; belle of; narrow escape of Khamisi; flogged for
desertion; reach Mussoudi; beautiful prospect; cross the
Ungerengeri start for Mikeseh; Ulagalla and Muhalleh;
overtake Maganga's caravan; meet with Selim bin Rashid,
news of Livingstone; pass town of Simbamwenni; its
fortifications; curiosity of the inhabitants; two
days' halt and overhaul of the luggage, attack of ague;
visit of ambassadors of the Sultana of Simbamwenni;
wretched encampment on the Ungerengeri; difficulty of
crossing the river; Makata Valley; loss of Bombay's
equipage,; difficulties of the Makata Valley; escape
and capture of Kingaru; emerge from the swamp Makata,
attack of dysentery, halt at Reheneko; ascent of the
Usagara Mountains; Mukondokwa Valley and River; Kiora;
camp at, illness of Farquhar; ford of the Mukondokwa
River; Madete, Lake of Ugombe; departure from Ugombo;
camp at Matamombo, death of of the dog "Omar"; Sheikh
Thani in clover at Mpwapwa, a good breakfast and
dinner, Farquhar left to be nursed; twelve pagazis
engaged, abundance of earwigs and white ants; Chunyo,
badness of the water; Marenga Mkali waterless district;
attack of fever; Ugogo; frantic conduct of the population;
West Mvumi; the Sultan's exorbitant demand of honda;
Matamburu, reasonableness of the Sultan of; Bihiwana;
attack of intermittent fever; Kididimo, bleak aspect
and bad water; Nyambwa, demonstrativeness of the people;
Mizanza; benefit from quinine; visit from the Sultan;
Little Mukondoku; Mukondoku Proper; commotion and
cowardice; uproar in the camp; debate as to route;
threatened mutiny; Munieka; Mabunguru Nullah;
Unyambogi; Kiti, Msalalo; Ngaraiso, Kirurumo,
greeting from the villagers; interview with Sultan
bin Mahommed; halt at Kusuri, and Mgongo Tembo;
Nghwhalah Mtoni, abundance of sweet, water;
Madedita, tsete-fly troublesome; reach Unyamwezi
territory at Eastern Tura, cultivated region;
Nondo, Speke's runaway; Central Tura, attempted night
robbery, a thief shot dead; pass Western Tura; Kwala
Mtoni, mud-fish; illness of the tailor, Abdul Kader,
he wishes to give up his post; Rubuga, desolation of,
since Burton's visit; meeting with Amer bin Sultan,
Kigwa, wasted condition of; Shiza, pastoral aspect of,
visit from the Sultan; rejoicings in camp on reaching
Unyanyembe territory; life in Unyanyembe; breakfast and
gossip with Sayd bin Salim; Kazeh, a myth; leave Kwikuru;
in comfortable quarters; visit from the Tabora Arab magnates;
Tabora, chief Arab settlement in central Africa; attend a
council of war, feast at the close of the council; return
to Kwihara; the Livingstone caravan's halt of 100 days;
attack of fever; preparations for the march; warlike
demonstration; Eastern Mfuto, illness of Shaw,
personnel of the army; Umanda, medicine daubing;
war harangue; Zimbizo, attack on the village; fate
of Soud bin Sayd and his Arabs; retreat and stormy
councils of war; further retreat of the Arabs to Tabora,
serious position of the Expedition; intelligence
of Livingstone; news of death of Farquhar; illness
of Shaw, attack of Mirambo on Tabora; Khamis bin
Abdullah, &c., slain; preparations for Mirambo's threatened
attack on Kwihara; visit to Sheikh bin Nassib; retreat
of Mirambo, determination to lead a flying caravan
to Ujiji; apathy of Shaw, visit to Thani bin Abdullah,
arrival of letters; death of Baruti, evil reports by
the Arabs; present of a boy-slave; defeat of Mirambo at
Mfuto; nursing experiences: farewell feast at Unyanyembe;
march to Ujiji commenced by southern route; list of "braves"
of the Expedition; Bombay's tender passion; the start;
Shaw shows the white feather; Kinyamwezi village, attack
of fever; arrest of runaways, threat of slave-chain;
Inesuka, further desertions, punishment, withdrawal of
Abdul Kader, the tailor; sickness in camp, adverse
appearances; Kasegara, rejoicings at; Kigandu, Shaw's
by-play; his withdrawal; beauty of Unyamwezi forest
scenery; Ugunda; Benta; Kikuru, the mukunguru or fever;
camp at Ziwani; gigantic sycamore; Manyara, cultivated
region; difficulty of buying provisions; visit of Mtemi;
his astonishment at the author's medicine-chest; Gombe
River, its beautiful neighbourhood; narrow escape from a
crocodile, suspicious-looking natives; a peaceful camp-scene;
symptoms of revolt at starting onwards; murderous aspect of
Asmani and Mabruki; the march- resumed; sketch of the principal
men of the Expedition; Ziwani (pool), waterless condition of;
Tongoni, abundance of honey-birds; Marefu, rumours of war in
our front; march through a forest abounding with peach-trees;
Utende village; Mwaru, supposed report of Livingstone, Mrera's
district, wild elephants; Selim falls ill, start from Mrera
north-westward; confidence restored in the camp, remarkable
ant-hills; camp in the jungle; embassy from Simba; Uzavira,
ruined neighbourhood of; Misonghi; Mpokwa River, deserted
village near; Mtambu stream, its beauty; attack by a leopard;
shot at a wild boar; proximity of lions; Itaga village,
beginning of troubles, shortness of provisions, "Welled
Nzogera's" village, abundant supplies; crossing a marsh;
reach the Malagarazi; heavy exaction of the chief Kiala;
island of Ihata, fresh demands for ferriage; donkey seized
by crocodile; Uvinza, news of Livingstone, departure from
the Malagarazi; country of Uhha; halt at Kawanga; halt on
the Pombwe stream, interview with Mionvu; exorbitant demand
of honga; cross the Kanengi River; more claims of honga;
departure by stealth; Kanengi River; cross the Rusugi;
Lake Musunya, Rugufu River, Kabogo Mountain, singular
phenomenon of; Sunuzzi River; enter Ukaranga; beauty
of the landscape; Mkute River, Niamtaga, alarm of the
people; first view of the Tanganika, Port of Ujiji in
view; salute announcing the approach of the caravan; meeting
with Susi, the servant of Dr. Livingstone; excitement of
the inhabitants; appearance of the Doctor; the introduction;
conversation; the over-due letter-bag, 365 days from Zanzibar;
budget of news; intercourse with Livingstone; suggestions
as to his future course; start with Livingstone for cruise
on the Tanganika; pass Bangwe Island; wooded hills of Bemba;
camp at Niasanga; Nyabigma Island; Mukungu; loss of valuables
from Bombay's intoxication; hostile demonstrations of the Bikari
people; bivouac on the shore disturbed by natives; round
Cape Sentakeyi, and sleep at Mugeyo; Magala, hospitality of
the people, visit of the Mutware of; rumours of wars;
Kisiku, native report as to the Rusizi River; Mugere, delta
of the; visit Mukamba, attacked by fever and experience
Livingstone's tenderness; Susi's drunken fit; Mugihewa
territory on the delta of the Rusizi; visit of the chief
Ruhinga, his geographical information; exploration
of the Rusizi debouchure: Kukubma Point, enchanting scenery
near; halt at Bemba, superstition of the Wajiji; 'New York
Herald Islets,' so named by Livingstone; Cape Luvumba
hostile aspect of the Wasansi, return to Ujiji, domestic
and foreign news; at home with Livingstone; preparations
for march to Unyanyembe; attack of fever; Christmas-day
at Ujiji; the departure; meet with Mohammed bin Gharib;
Sirgunga, beautiful aspect of; sport at Urimba; homeward bound;
an elephant herd; Ukawendi, luxuriance of its vegetation;
painful march to Imrera; a giraffe shot; severe attack of
fever, the Doctor's prescription; the caravan attacked by
bees; Mrera, meeting with caravan sent by Sayd bin Habid,
exchange of news, encounter a lion; Ugunda, the deserter
Hamdallah retaken; receipt of letters and newspapers;
welcome to Unyanyembe; stores found tampered with;
a second Christmas celebration, four years' stores of
supplies turned over to the Doctor, commission to enlist
at Zanzibar fifty freemen as his carriers; farewell dance
of natives; choragic adieu of the Wanyamwezi; last night
with Livingstone; the last walk in his company, the farewell;
a letter from the Doctor; Ngaraiso, hostility of the Wakimbu,
enter Ugogo; warlike demonstrations, march of warriors
arrayed for the fight; Khonze, its gigantic tree-foliage;
determined mode of dealing with the chief successfull;
Kanyenyi, cordial reception by the Msagira of; Mapanga,
hostile demonstration; asked to act as rain-maker; Kulabi,
suffer from a "peppo"; Marenga Mkali; Mpwapwa, death of
Farquhar; Mukondokwa valley, experience of the Masika;
Makata plain, battling with the floods; Mvumi village,
fighting with mosquitoes; the Doctor's despatches in danger;
a perilous ford; ten days' camp at Rehenneko, difficulties
of the march to the Makata River; arrive at Simbo, cross the
Unkerengere, and reach Simbamwenni, its desolated aspect;
Ulagalla, extraordinary devastation by flood; Msuwa, horrors
of its jungle; Kingaru Hera, news of the Zanzibar storm;
Rosako, welcome consignment from the American Consul;
ill-natured criticisms, information as to the "Livingstone
Search and Relief Expedition"; Ringweare's ferry, a watery waste,
four miles broad; welcome to Bagamoyo; meeting with Lieut. Henn;
introduction to Mr. Oswell Livingstone; the march ended;
welcome at Zanzibar, the American Consul and Rev. C. New;
congratulation of Lieut. Dawson; discussion as to his resignation;
visit from Dr. Kirk and Bishop Tozer, change in the author's
appearance on his return; preparations for Mr. O. Livingstone's
Expedition, his resignation, selection of an Arab leader,
farewell to old travelling companions; departure from
Zanzibar in the 'Africa'; reach Seychelles, a month's delay
at Mahe, agreeable intercourse; reach England via Aden and
Sultan bin Mohammed,
Sultan of Zanzibar, Mr. Stanley's interview with,
Sunuzzi stream,
Susi, Dr. Livingstone's servant,
Swaruru, Sultan,
Sycamore, gigantic,

Tagamoyo, massacre of the Wamanyuema by,
Tanganika Lake, first visit to; cruise on, with Dr. Livingstone,
Tarya Topan, integrity of
Thani bin Abdullah,,
Tongoni, deserted clearing,
Tozer, Bp., his residence at Zanzibar; his congratulations at
the author's success,
Trade, mode of conducting, in Africa,
Tsetse fly,
Tura, Eastern; Central,;
Western or Tura Perro;

Udoe, cones of,
"Uganga," or charm,
Ugombo, Lake; Peak, Plain,
Ugunda village,
Uhha, king of,
Ujiji, port of,
Ukaranga territory, its beautiful aspect,
Ukawendi country, scenery of,
Ulagalla district,
Ulimengo, absconding slave,
Unamapokera, friendliness of,
Ungerengeri River; Valley,
Urundi Mountains,
Unyamwezi forest scenery, beauty of; territory,
Urimba, camp at,
Usagara Mountains,
Utende village,
Uwelasia River,
Uyanzi, Magunda Mkali; or "Hot Field,"
Uyoweh, Mirambo of,
Uzavira, village in,

Waganga, or medicine men; filthy war-potion, concocted by,
Wagogo tribe, villages of,
Wagtails regarded as birds of good omen,
Waguhha tribe,
Wagunda tribe,
Wahumba tribe,
Wajiji tribe,
Wakimbu of Tura, rascality of,
- - - - tribe; villages of,
Wamanyuema, fondness of, for marketing,
Wangwana village,
- - - - tribe, gormandizing of the,
Wanyamwezi tribe, their superstitious aversion to antelope meat,
War, council of, at Tabora,
Warfare, tame mode of conducting,
Wasawahili tribe,
Wasansi tribe,
Waseguhha tribe,
Washenshi tribe,
Wasungu tribe,
Wavinza tribe, greed of
Wavira tribe,
Webb, Capt. F. R., U.S. Consul, his hospitality and courtesy,
- - , Mr. of Newstead Abbey, river named after him,
- - , Mrs.,
Wagogo, cool impudence of the,
Wilderness, African, more favourable to the traveller than
the populated country,
Wild-boar shooting,
Wilyankuru, attack on,
Wire, high valve of, in the interior,

Zanzibar city view of, from the bay, harbor
"Charley's" lodging house,; character of the street
and population, trade, "M'nazi Moya"; house of Bishop
Tozer, mart of the interior, mode of commerce unchanged
for ages; population; filth and unhealthiness of;
inertness induced by climate of; Palace of the Sultan,
- - - Island; its aspect from the sea,
Zassi River and village,
Zimbizo, attack on the village,
Zimmerman on the benefit of an unencumbered mind,
Ziwo, or pond,
Ziwani (pool),
Zogga, palm toddy,

Online LibraryHenry M. StanleyHow I Found Livingstone; travels, adventures, and discoveres in Central Africa, including an account of four months' residence with Dr. Livingstone, by Henry M. Stanley → online text (page 38 of 38)