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1615, aged 35. Bought Groenehuis. next but one to John Robin-
son's, for 3200g. from Johann de Lalaing, June 17, 1617. Bur.
child in St. Pet. Aug. 30, 1618. Bur. son there Oct. 3, 1618.
Bur. 1st wife there Oct. 20, 1618. Assoc, with Wm. Brewster
in printing business. Exam, by univ. authorities Sept. 21-23,
1619, and had printing materials seized upon demand of Eng.
ambassador. Imprisoned. Exam, further Oct. 21. 1619. Sent to

Eng., accomp. by Jenkins and Wm. Lisle Nov. 12, 1619.

Ordered detained in Leyd. May 9, 1620. Bur. young daii. in St.
Pet. Aug. 27, 1620. Lived in Zevenhtiysen,^ Oct. 15, 1622, with
wife, six children, and Thos. and Hest. Willis (not servants and
possibly the Willets). As one of Merch. Advents., signed at Lon-
don Apr. 7, 1624. and Oct. — , 1626, letters to Plym. Col. and
made new terms through Is. Allerton. Sold house in Leyd. July
15, 1630. E. Arber cites document * to the effect that Brewer
lived in Kent about 1626.

( ). 1st ivife of Thos. Died 1618.

1 Hist. 49.

' Rog. White in letter of Dec. 1, 102.) (Mass. Hist. Soc. Colls. I. iii : 42), to Brad-
ford speaks of " your father-in-law, Mr. May."

' The record describes him as " Engelsch Edelman," i. e., English nobleman.
Apparently he was understood to be of hig-h de.scent.

* Story, 246. James Martin's Detection of Brownists in Kent.

"The said Bkewer . . . bi'lutr a man of fjood estate, is the ijenenil patron of
the Kentish Brownists; who, by liis means, daily and dangerously increase."


Brewer, . Child of TIios. and 1st wife. Died Aug., 1618.

• Son of Thos. and 1st wife. Died Oct., 1618.

Stephen. Son of Thos. and 1st wife.

Trinti/e. Son of Thos. and 1st wife.

Margaret ( ). 2d wife of Thos. Must have mar. liini soon

after 1st wife's death, as she apparently had four children before
Oct. 15, 1622.1

Daniel. Son of Thos. and Marg.

Rebecca. Dau. of Thos. and Marg.

John. Son of Thos. and ^Marg.

Daniel. (A second) son of Thos. and Marg.

Brewster, William, m. From Scrooby, Notts. Teacher and master-
printer. Guardian of Ann Peck on June 12,* 1609. Bur. child
in St. Pan. June 20, 1609. Then lived on Stinksteeg. Made
affidavit June 25, 1009, with wife and son, Jon., of receipt of
bale of cloth from Bern. Ross. Then about 42 and lived on
St. Ursulasteeg. Wit. bet. of Wm. Pontus Nov. 13, 1610. Do.
Wm. Bassett Mar. 19, 1611. Do. Rand. Thickins Apr. 1, ]611.
Do. Wm. Buckram Nov. 30, 1611. Sent to Eng. with Rob.
Cushman in 1617 to treat with Virg. Co. With Robinson received
at Leyd. letter of Nov. 12-22, 1617, from Sir E. Sandys. With
Robinson replied Dec. 15, 1617. With Robinson sent to Sir John
Wolstenholme letter of Jan. 17, 1617, and two declarations of
belief of church for submission to Council. Cushman "s letter of
May 8-18, 1619, from London seems to prove that Brewster
then was in England again. Whether he ever returned to Levd.
is uncertain. The following works were printed by Brewer and
himself : —

1. An Ahridgrment of thai Book which the Ministers of Lincoln Dio-
cess delivered to his Majestic upon the first of December last, being the

first part of an Apologi/e for themselues and their brethren that refuse
the subscription and conformitie which is required. [Reprint.] 1617.

2. Commentarii Succincti A- Dilucidi in Proverbin Salomonis. Quibus
adhibita est Pro'fatio lohannis Polyandri. By T. Cartwright. 4to. IGIG
or 1617.

3. A Full and plaine Declaration of Ecclesiastical Discipline. By
W. Travers (?). 1616 or 1617.

' Possibly she was a widow already having children. This supposition wonld
acconnt for their number. But the records do not sug-gest it. All the children
have Brewer as the last name or the contrary names would be stated. That two
contemporary children should have the same first name was the fact occasionallv
later iu the Plyra. Col., but no other instance at Leyden haa been noted.

^ Recorded twice, and cue entry says June 10.


4. Guil. A7nesii ad Responsum Nic. Grevinchovii Rescriptio con-
tracta. By W. Ames. 1617.

5. A Trve, Moilest, and Ivst Defence of the Petition for Reformation,
exhibited [in 1G03] to the Kings most excellent Maiestie, containing an
Answere to the Confutation published under the names of some of the Vni-
versitie of Oxford. IGino. 1G18.

6. Certain Reasons of a Private Christian against Conformitie to kneeling
in the very act of receiving the Lords Supper. By T. Dightou. 16mo. 1618.

7. A Little Treatise vpon the first verse of the 122. Psalme. [Reprint.]
By R. Harrison. IGiuo. 1G18.

8. A Godly Sermon upon the 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. aruJ 8. verses of the 12.
chapter of the Epistle of S. Paule to the Romanes. By L. Chaderton (?).
16mo. 1618.

9. The Peoples Plea for the Exercise of Prophesie, against M'. John
Yates, his Monopolie. By J. Robinson. IGmo. 1618.

10. A Confvtation of the Rhemists Translation, Glosses and Annotations
on the Neio Testament. By T. Cartwriglit. fol. 1618.

11. De vera et genuina Jesu Christi Domini et Salvatoris nostri Religione.
16mo. 1618.

12. Hieronymi Philadelphi de Regimine Ecclesiae Scoticanae Brevis
Relatio. By David Calderwood. 1618.

13. Apologia Ivsta et Necessaria Qvorvndam Christianorum, (Bqtiecon-
tumeliose ac communiter dictorum Brownistarum siue Barowistarum. By
John Robinson. IGnio. 1619.

14. Perth Assembly. Containing the Proceedings thereof. Anon. [But
by David Calderwood.] 4to. 1619.

15. The Second Part of a Plain Discovrse of an Vnletlered Christian,
wherein bij IToy of demonstration hee sherveth what the reasons bee which
Aee doth ground upon, in refusing conformity to kneeling in the act of
receiving the Lords Supper. By Tho. Dighton, Gent. 16ino. 1619.

16. An Answer to the Ten Covnter Demands, propvnded by T. Drakes,
Preacher of the Word at H. and D. in the County of Sussex. By Wil.

Enring. 16nio. 1619.

/. Brewster, Mary. m. From Scrooby. Wife of Wm. INIade affid. with
husb. and son, Jon.. Jane 25, 1609. Then about 40. Wit. bet.
of John Reynolds Jnly 28, 1617.

. Child of Wm.'and Maiy. Died 1609.

— — Jonathan, f. From Scrooby. Son of Wm. and Mary. Born
Aug. 12, 1693.' Ribbon-maker. Made affid. with parents June
25, 1609. Tlien about 16. Bur. chihl in St. Pet. Nov. 27, 1610.
Guar, by Is. de Syde and Sebastianson van Hout June 30. 1617.
Wit. bet. of John Reynolds July 28, 1617. Do. Ed. Winslow
Apr. 27, 1618. Bur. wife in St." Pet. May 10, 1619. Lived in

1 Brewster Bk. See Mayflower Descendant, i ; 7.


Brewster, ( ). Wife of Jon. Died 1619.

. Child of Jon. Died 1610.

Patience, a. l. j. Dau. of Wm. and Mary. Wit. bet. of Thos.

Smith Dec. 12, 1618. Mar. T. Prince in 1624, at Plym.
Fear. a. l. j. Dau. of Win. and Mary. Mar. Is. Allerton in

1626 at Plym.

Love. M. Son of Wm. and Mary.

Wrestling. M. Son of Wm. and Mary.

Bridgman, WiUiam. Joined with Brewsters in affid. June 25, 1609.

Then about 26. Bur. child in St. Pet. July 20, 1612. Guar. John

Lee July 9, 1629. Then kept inn.

. Child of Wm. Died 1612.

Brook, Hubert. From Leicester. Watch-maker. Guar, by Sam. Lee

and Jac. van de Wan Nov. 1, 1630. Wit. bet. of John Masterson

Sept. 16, 1633.
Brown, John. Wool-comber. Deposed with Rob. Robertson about Rob.

Allerton Aug. 21, 1619.

Mary. From Colchester, Essex. See Mary Dunster.

Buckram, William. From Ipswich, Sutf. Block-maker. Widr. of

Judith. Bet. to Eliz. Neal Nov. 30, 1611, with wits. Wm. Brew-
ster, Abr. Gray, Bridg. Robinson and Jane Thickins. Mar.

Dec. 17.

Judith ( ). 1st wife of Wm.

Elizabeth (Neal). 2d wife of Wm.

Butler, Mart/. From Norwich. Bet. to Wm. Bassett Mar. 19, 1611,

Died before marriage. Bur. in St. Pet. Apr. 9, 1611. Lived on

(Another). Wit. bet. of Wm. Pontus Nov. 13, 1610. Bur.

in St. Pet^ July 16, 1616. Lived near Vroutvekerk.
Samuel. From Yarmouth, Norf.^ Merchant. Bet. to Sar. Porter

Aug. 7, 1615, with wits. Sam. Fuller, Wm. Jepson, Rosam. Jepson

and Sar. Minter. Mar. Aug. 25.

Sarah {Porter). Wife of Sam.

Butterfield, Hester. From Diss, Norf. Sist. of Steph. See Hest.

Stephen. From Norwich. Bro. of Hest. Say-weaver. Bet. to

Rose Singer Oct. 13, 1617, with wits. Abr. Gray and Sar. Minter.

Mar. Oct. 30. Lived on Nieuivesteeg. Wit. bet. of sist., Hest.,

to Sylv. Arnold July 16, 1632. Then lived near Kraan. Guar.

by Chris. Ellis and John Jennings Nov. 20, 1637. Then book-

^ Mnch more probably that from ■which several Pilgrims had come than the
other Yarmouth, that in the Isle of Wight.


seller. Bought house on St. Josephsteeg for lOSOg. from Hen.
Jepson June G, 1642. Bought house on St. Mlchelsteeg for 1500g.
from Eliz. Ainsworth and Mercy Keble May 3, 1646. Bur. in ISt.
Pet. Dec. 24. 1652. Then lived by Doelens.

Butterfield, Rose {Slnijer). Wife of Steph. Wit. bet. of Rog. Wilkina
Sept. 17, 1619.

John. Son of Steph. Sold to Pet. Godefroy for 1175g. Feb.

27, 1669, house bought by Stepli. in 1642. Mortgaged house for
500g. Mar. 11, 1670. Bouglit for 3790g. from est. of Fear Jen-
nings house near Coepoort May 31, 1670. A guard, of her chil-
dren. Sold mortgaged house for 842g. to Mich. Verschoore June
4, 1672.

Carey, Sarah. A. L. j. From " Moncksoon." i Wit. bet. of Rog.
Wilkins Mar. 28, 1614. See Sar. Jenny.

Carlisle, James. From Hull, Yorks. Silver-smith. Bro. of Anna and
Ellen. 1st husb. of Eliz.

Anna. From Hull. Sist. of Jas. and Ellen. See Anna Ross.

Ellen. From Hull. Sist. of Jas. and Anna See Ellen Kings-

Elizabeth ( ). Wife of Jas. See Eliz. Smith.

Carpenter, Alexander. From Wrington. Somers. Wit. bet. of dau.,
Jul., to Geo. Morton July 6, 1612. Do. dau., Agnes, to Sam. Fuller
Mar. 15, 1613.

Agnes {ov Anna). Dau. of Alex. Wit. bet. of Ed. Pickering

Nov. 24, 1612. See Agnes Fuller.

Alice. A. L. J. Dau. of Alex. Wit. bet. of sist., Jul., to Geo.

Morton July 6, 1612. Do. Ed. Pickering Nov. 24, 1612. Do.
sist., Agnes, to Sam. Fuller Mar. 15, 1613. See Alice South-

Juliana. A. L. j. Dau. of Alex. See Jul. Morton.

Prise ill a (or Dille). Dau. of Alex. Wit. bet. of Is. Allerton

Oct. 7, 1611. Came to Plym., N. E. " soon after 1627." =" There
mar. Wm. Wright.

—— John. Say-weaver. Guar. Bart. Smith Apr. 5, 1611.

Carver, John. M. Apparently bur. child in St. Pan. July 10, 1609.
Then lived on Middleberg. Wit. bet. of Hen. Wilson May 13,

1 Probably Monk Soham, SufF. Possibly Monkton, Hants.

* Goodwin, 4()2. He also says tliat there was another daughter, Mary, who
buried her aged mother at Wrini^ton in 1044 and then came over to Plymouth,
■where she died in lOsT, ajjed about 90. As no mention of the mother or of this
daughter occurs at Levden, possibly they never went to Holland but remained at
Wrington. She seems to have been poor in 1044.



1616. Do. John Jennings Mar. 3, 1617. Apparently * bur.
anoth. child in St. Pan. Nov. 11, 1617. Then lived on Middle-
gracht. Wit. bet. of Rog. Simmons July 14, 1618. Acted more
or less with Brewster and Cushman as agent of Pilgrims in Eng-
land 1617-20.

CsLTver, Catharine ( ). m. Wife of John. Wit. bet. of Rog. Chan-
dler May 22, 1615. Do. Rob. Cushman May 19, 1617.

. Frob. child of John and Cath. Died 1609.

. Frob. child of John and Cath. Died 1617.

Chandler, Edniond. Say-weaver. Guar, by Rog. Wilson and Hen.
Wood Nov. 11, 1613. Guar. John Keble Apr. 27. 1615. Bur.
child in St. Pet. Mar. 26, 1619. Then lived in Nieuwestadt.
Guar. Rog. White May 5. 1623. Then draper. Guar. Ed.
Coolidge Apr. 17, 1626. Tlien pipe-maker.

. Child of Edm. Died 1619.

Roger. From Colchester. Say-weaver. Bet. to Isab. Chilton

May 22, 1615, with wits. Rog. Wilson, Cath. Carver and Sar.
Minter. Mar. July 21. Lived in Zevenhuysen with wife and two
children Oct. 15, 1622.

Isabella {Chilton). Wife of Rog. Wit. bet. of Hen. Cullet May

19, 1617.

Samuel. Son of Rog. and Isab.

Sarah. Dau. of Rog. and Isab.

Charles, Mildred. See Mild. Terry,

Chilton, Angelina. See Ang. Nelson.

Isaac. From France. Loukiiig-glass-niaker. Bet. to Sus. Bailey

May 6, 1615, with wits. Dan. Bailey, prob. her bro.-in-law, her
parents, Jean and Cath. de la Cluse,- and Anna van Tyburgen.
No rec. of wedding. Prob. it was at Amst.*

' In the first case the name in the record seems to be Carceer, and in the sec-
ond Taver. Without much doubt each stands for Carver.

■■* They livfd in Amsterdam, but apparently had lived earlier in Norwich and
London, Eng. He was an elder (Cong, in Lit. 3o'.). But J. Ilowells — Epis. Ho.
Elian. 10 — says a deacon) in Ainsworth's church in 1(112. The Leyden records
give " Cathlyne " plainly. But as the Amsterdam records state that when Jean
married Alice (Lewis), widow of Thos. Dickens, Au','-. 7, iri04, he was widower of
Cath., the Leyden clerk must have set down Susanna's mother's name, which nat-
urally mipht have been mentioned, as that of her step-mother who evidently was
present. This step-mother must h.ave been Jacqueline (May) de la Cluse, from
Wisbech, Cambs., whom Jean had married May 14, 1(3(J9, sister of Dor. (May)

* The absence of any entry of a marriag-e following a betrothal may hive been
accidental in some eases, but is more likely to mean that the wedding took place
elsewhere and was recorded where it occurred.


Chilton, Stisanna (de la Cluse, Bailey). Wid. of . Wife of Is.

Isabella. From Canterbury. See Isab. Chandler.

Clark, Susanna (Cleary). Wid. of Thos. Jolm Lee and Thos. Mitchell

testified to her good standing Aug. 15, 1G22.
Claverly, Nicholas. Tobacco-pipe-maker. Sam. Lee and Deg. Priest

deposed, Apr. — , 1616, that he had lived in Leyd. 4 years. For

some reason this record is crossed out, but the deposition evidently

was made.
Clement, Anthony. Bombazine-weaver. Wit. bet. of Steph. Tracy

Dec. 18, 1620. Guar. Rog. White May 5, 1623. Widr. of Jane.

Bet. to Clara Jones Mar. 5, 1627, with wits. Quiryn Johnson

and Mary Jones. Mar. Mar. 20. Lived on Marendorp.
— ^— Jane (Jones). 1st wife of Anth.
Clara (Rogers, Jones). Wid. of John. Lived on Haarlemstraat.

2d wife of Anth.
Coit, John. Bro. of Thos. Wit. his bet. Apr. 14, 1623.
Thos. Say-weaver. Bet. to Eliz. Beere Apr. 14, 1623, with

wits, his bro., John Coit, John Fowle, and her moth., Jane Sliarp.

Mar. Apr. 29. Bet. to Pris. Pliillips Mar. 17, 1626, with wits.

Wm. de Corninck and Justina Jones. Mar. Apr. 4.
Elizabeth (Sharp, Beere). Dau. of Jane. Wid. of . 1st wife

of Thos.
Priscilla (Fletcher, Phillips). Wid. of . 2d wife of Thos.

See Pris. Terry.
Collet, Henry. Twine-maker. Bought house on Divarsheerensteeg

from Thos. van Oudermarck Mar. 21, 1612. Guar, by Abr. Gray

and Rich. Masterson Mar. 30, 1612. Sold same house to John

Keble Mar. 28, 1614. Widr. of Anna. Bet. to AUce Howarth

May 19, 1617, with wits. .John Crackstone, Thos. Harris and

Isab. Cliandler. Mar. June 3. Lived on Korte Heerensteeg.

Anna (Harris). 1st wife of Hen.

Alice (Thomas, ffojoart/i). Wid. of John. 2d wife of Hen.

Coolidge, Edward. Tailor. Guar, by Edm. Chandler and John Spooner

Apr. 17, 1626.
Cox, Valentine. 1st husb. of Anna.

Anna (Hainden).^ Wid. of Val. See Anna Hatfield.

Crackstone, John. m. From Colchester. Wit. bet. of Zech. Barrow

June 16, 1616. Do. Hen. Collet May 19, 1617. Do. dau., Anna,

to Thos. Smith Dec. 12, 1618.

(Anna). Dau. of John. See Anna Smith.

John. M. Son of John.

^ Hentem in entry.


Crips, Joseph. From Chichester, Sussex. Card-maker. Guar, by
Joost Lanibrechts and Thos. Smith June 3, 1616. Lived in
ZevenMiysen Oct. 15, 1622.

Christina. Wife of Jos.

Anna. Dau. of Jos. and Christ.

— — Jeremiah. Son of Jos. and Christ.

Crook, Anthony. Advocate. Hush, of Eliz.

Elizabeth (Ellis). Evidently related to Chris., etc. Mortgaged

ten houses in Groenepoort to minor child of Jochem Rous Oct. 5,
1667. Sold house for 300g. to Aernout Couerniet Jan. 7, 1668.
Sold auoth. for 7oOg. to Pet. La Broij Mar. 10, 1668. Sold
anoth. for 420g. to Pet. Piadt June 30, 1668. Sold anoth. for
625g. to Nich. Schinkels Nov. 15, 1668. Sold anoth. for 900g.
to John Poock Dec. 8, 1668. Her children. Rich, and Hest., wife
of Lenfer Ramp, sold the ten mortgaged houses to Mary Maar-
tens Mar. 2, 1678.

Hester. Dau. of Anth. and Eliz. Mar. Lenfer Ramp.

Richard. Son of Anth. and Eliz.

Cushman, Robert. From Canterbury. Wool-comber. Bought house
from Corn. Ghysberts van Groenendael Nov. 4, 1611. Bought
anoth. from same Apr. 19, 1612. Bur. child in St. Pet. Mar. 11,
1616. Then lived on Nonnsnsteeg. Bur. wife, Sar., in St. Pet.
Oct. 11, 1616. Then lived on Boisstraat. Bur. anoth. child in
St. Pet. Oct. 24. 1616. Then lived on Hontmarckt. Bet. to Mary
Singleton May 19, 1617, with wits. John Keble and Cath. Carver.
Mar. June 5. Sold first named house to John de Later Sept. 19,
1619. With Brewster and Carver acted as agent of Pilgrims in
England 1617-20. Went as far as Plym., Eng., with Pilg. emi-
grants but I'eturned. Letters ^ from him at Lond. to company at
Leyd. and to Carver, at Dartmouth to South worth, and, appar-
entlj' from Lond., to Plym. Col. preserved by Bradford. Visited,
Plym. Col. in 1621.

Sarah ( ). 1st wife of Rob. Died 1616.

. Child of Rob. and Sar. Died Mar. 1616.

— ^ . Child of Rob. and Sar. Died Oct. 1616.

Thomas, f. Son of Rob. and Sar. Born 1607."^

Mary {Singleton). Wid. of Thos. 2d wife of Rob.

Cuthbertson, Cuthbert. A. L. j. Hat-maker. Bet. to Eliz. Kendall

1 Hist. 36, .51 , 54, 5C, 122, U?,, 150. Also one from Jas. Sherley and others to the
Col. " wrote with Mr. Cushman's liand ; and it is likely w.as penned by him at the
other's request." Letter Bk. Mas-:. [list. Soc. Colls. I. iii : 2',l.

^ 14 in 1G21. Goodwin, 190. May/lower Descendant, iv : o7-38.


May 12, 1617, with wits, her bro. and moth., Ed. and Eliz. Ken-
dall, and Eliz. Keble. Mar. May 27. Bet. to Sar. Priest Oct. 25,
1621, with wits. John Josephson, Wm. White and Sar. Talbot.
Mar. Nov. 13.
Cuthbertson, Elizabeth (Kendall). 1st wife of Cuth.

Sarah {Allerton, Vincent, Priest). A. L. j. Sist. of Is. Wid.

of John. Wid. of Deg. 2d wife of Cuth.

Samuel. A. l. j. Son of Cuth.

Denby, AVilliam. 1st husb. of Sar.

Sarah. Wid. of Wm. See Sar. Fletcher.

Dennis, Herbert. Guar. Rob. Robertson and John Warnes May 20,

De Soete, John. 1st husb. of Anna.

Anna (Kendall). Dau. of Aar. Wid. of John. See Anna Dun-

Dunham (or Denliam), John. Widr. of Sus. Bet. to Abig. Barlow
Oct. 7, 1622, with wits, her fath. and sist., Thos. and Anna Bar-
low. Mar. Oct. 22. Lived in Zevenhuysen Oct. 15, 1622, with
three children by 1st wife.

Susanna (Kenney). 1st wife of John.

/ John. Son of John and Sus.

i Humility. Dau. of John and Sus.

1^ Thomas. Son of John and Sus.

Abigail (Barlow). 2d wife of John. Wit. bet. of sist, Anna,

to Nath. Walker May 28, 1624. ./
Danster, John. Bro. of Sim. Wit. his bet. Sept. 22, 1623.

Leonard. Say-weaver. Bet. to Mary Brown Jan. 10, 1620, with

wits, her moth, and step-fath., Mary (Brown) and Jas. Sunder-
land. Mar. Jan. 25. Wit. bet. of Jas. Milbrook Nov. 17, 1622.

Mary (Brown). Dau. of Mary (Brown) Sunderland. Wife of


Simon. Bro. of John. Say-weaver. Bet. to Anna de Soete Sept.

22, 1623, with wits. John Dunster and Anna Martins. Mar.
Oct. 8.

Anna (Kendall, de Soete). Wid. of John. Wife of Sim.

Ellis, John. Wool-comber. Deposed to knowledge of bro.-in-law,
Rich. Masterson, Mar. 20, 1619. Then about 50. Wit. bet. of
Rich. Masterson Nov. 8, 1619. Apparently had been married
twice with one child by each wife. Having removed to Eng. and
being about to marry again, gave house on Barbarasteeg to son,
Chris., June 18, 1629. Gave nothing to dau,, INIary, she having
had much more from her mother's estate.


Ellis, (IVIasterson). Prob. 2d wife of John.

Mary. Dau. of John.

Christopher} Son of John. Cabinet-maker. Guar, by Fred.

Jones and Quiryn Mees Dec. 2, 1G19. Bet. to Hest. Leonard
Nov. 12, 1621, with wit. Pet. van Zyl. Mar. Dec. 3. Received
house on Barharasteeg from fath. June 18, 1629. Bought two
houses from Miirtlia Jepson, by hev guards., John Jennings and
John van Leewen, Jan. 11, 1636. Sold house on Sonnerveltsteeg
for llOOg. to And. Parkins Aug. 4, 1636. Sold house in Pie-
terskerkhof iov llOOg. to And. Williams June 18, 1637. Bought
several houses in Groenepoort from Marth. Jepson, by same
guards., June 25, 1637. Guar. Steph. Butterfield Nov. 20, 1637.
With And. Johnson, guard, of children of Jasper Eelhont, and
Ivar Powells sold house on Langeschoolsteeg to Sierick van Trit-
8um Dec. 3, 1637. Sold house for 1200g. May 10, 1638. Sold
house on Papengracht for 645g. to Dud. Rochester Nov. 8, 1638.
Sold house for 400g. to Corn, van Warmont Mar. 17, 1639.
Sold him anoth. for 600g. May 16, 1639. Sold mortgage for
1438g. to Benj. de Wanneniaker May 17, 1639. Bought from
Pet. Gerritson part of house in Groenepoort formerly owned by
Thos. Brewer May 4, 1640. Sold house for 3248g. to Jac. Lau-
wyck Apr. 29, 1641. Sold house for 4590g. to And. de Moieys
May 31, 1641. Sold house on Boitwenloiiwenateeg for 534^. to
Charel Volmans June 25, 1641. Sold house for 2183g. to Hillis
van Heussen Oct. 10, 1641. Sold half house on Langegracht for
850g. to Pet. de Norm Oct. 16, 1641. Sold house for 680g. to
Rich. Thonisson Apr. 16, 1642. As guard, of children of .Josse
Maria van Houtons sold house for 750g. to Joaciiim Lemme May

27, 1642. Sold house for 455g. to Hen. Melchiors July 4, 1642.
Rented house valued at 300g. for log. a year to Tobias Moyaert
Jan. 16, 1643. On same day also sold him house for 2310g. Sold
house for 1480g. to Cath. van de Wyngaert May 6, 1643. Sold
house for 1182g. to Carl Toinison June 3, 1643. Sold bouse for
602g. to Jost dementia, wid. of Prof. Reynerus Bontiua, June 22,
1643. With And. Parkins sold house for 712g. to Christ. Hene-
man Aug. 6, 1643. Sold house on Langebrtigge for 1640g. to
Alb. Henricks van Diggerhorst July 15, 1645. Joined night
watch, or city guard, in place of Hen. Peterson, sent to hospital,
June 26, 1646. Sold vacant lot for 160g. to Hillis Janson May

28, 1647. Sold house for 770g. to Hendrick van Stoffeert May 7,

* Generally recorded as Stoffel Janson. i. e., Christopher, son of .John. Now and
then, however, his name is written iStoifel Jansun £llis, thus identifying him.


1648. Sold house for 567g. to John van de Stoffe Dec. 10, 1G48.
Sold house for 900g. to 3Iachtel, wid. of Gerrit Adriens, and
oths. June 18, 1650. Excused from service in night watch, be-
ing 60 years old, Aug. 22, 1651. With John Price became guard
of Sam. Parkins July 31, 1653. Will dated Sept. 23, 1656. Died
before Aug. 11, 1668.

Ellis, Hester (Leonard). Wife of Chris. Wit. bet. of John Jones, Sept.
29, 1634.

Abraham. Son of Chris, and Hest. Cabinet-maker. Eleven houses

in Groenepoort ^ transferred to him Feb. 29, 1664. Applied to
magistrates Jan. 21, 1666, for leave to mortgage one house in or-
der to raise money to repair oths. By fath's. will had income
from them but could not mortgage or sell without special per-
mission. Living in Leyd. in 1681.

Jacob. Son of Chris, and Hest.

Anna. Dau. of Chris, and Hest. Living unmarried in Leyd. in


England,^ Thomas. M. Wit. bet. of Jac. McConkey May 31, 1613.

Fairfield, Daniel. From Colchester. Son of Jac. Say-weaver. Wit.
bet. of Rug. Simmons July 14, 1618. Bet. to Rebec. Willet same
day with wits. Rog. Simmons and Mary Allerton. Mar. Aug. 4.
Lived in Zevenhiitjsen Oct. 15, 1622, with wife and tliree children.
Wit. bet. of sist.-in-law, Hest. Willet, to Pet. Wood Oct. 19, 1623.

Rebecca (^Willet). Wife of Dan. Wit. bet. of sist., Hest., to

Pet. Wood Oct. 19, 1623. See Rebec. Jepson.

Daniel. Son of Dan. and Rebec.

Rebecca- Dau. of Dan. and Rebec.

John. Son of Dan. and Rebec.

Fassett, Roger. Glove-maker. Guar, by Geo. Ferguson and Pet.

Wright Sept. 8, 1623.
Ferguson, George. From Scotland. Shoe-maker. Deposed in 1616

that he was 36. Guar. Rog. Fassett Sept. 8, 1623. Do. Wm.

Smith Feb. 16, 1626. Do. Humph. Howell Dec. 4, 1626.
Ferris, John. Bvo.-in-law of Rob. Lamkin. Wit. his bet. Mar. 18,

Finch, Mary. Wit. bet. of Rich. Masterson Nov. 8, 1619.
Fletcher, Moses, m. Smith. Widr. of Maria. Bet. to Sar. Denby

Nov. 30, 1613, with wits. Wm. Bradford, Wm. Lisle, Sar. Priest

and Marg. Savory. Mar. Dec. 21. Wit. bet. of Zech. Barrow June

16, 1616.

^ Here this evidently is the same as the Pieterskerkhof.
' Undoubtedly the Thos. English of the Mayflower.


Fletcher, Maria (Evans). 1st wife of Mos.

Sarah ( , Denby). Wid. of Wm. 2d wife of Mos.

Fowie, John. Wit. bet. of Thos. Coit Apr. 14, 1623. Do. Mart. West

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