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Sar. Cuthbertson.
Vliers, Burchanl. Hiisb. of Eliz.
Elizabetl) (Jennings). Wife of Burch. Received as share of

parents' estate house on LatKje liainsteeg Mar. 28, 1668. Made

will June 2, 1668.
Samuel. Son of Burch. and Eliz. As only surviving child

sold house on Lange Raiiisteeg, inherited from moth., Feb. 4,

Waldron, William. From " Clackfort." ' Bombazine-weaver. Widr.

of Ruth Walker.- Bet. to Anna Wood Aug. 25, 1634, with wits.

John Keble and Jane Jepson. Mar. Sept 16.

Anna (Wood). 2d wife of Wm.

Wales, Elizabeth. Aunt of Marg. (Stuart) Nash. See Eliz. White.
Walker, Nathaniel. Say-weaver. Widr. of Jane. Bet. to Anna Bar-
low May 28, 1624, with wits, her fath. and sist., Thos. Barlow

and Abig. Dunham. Mar. June 15.

Jane ( ). 1st wife of Nath.

Aima (Barlow). 2d wife of Nath.

Wall, Peter. Son of Hen. Guard, of Sim. Moses. Wit. his bet. Nov.

4, 1616.
Warnes, John. From Wymondham (or Windham), Norf. Cobbler,

Guar, by Herb. Dennis and Sam. Lee May 20, 1622.
Warriner, Robert. Wool-carder. Bet. to Marg. Silloway Mar. 1, 1624,

with wits. Thos. Hatfield and Sar. Wiseman. Mar. Mar. 17.

Margaret (Silloway). Wife of Rob.

West, Martin. Candle-maker. Widr. of Joanna. Bet. to Mary Lisle

Dec 27, 1625. with wits. John Fowle and her sist., Rose Jennings.

Mar. Jan. 24, 1626.

Joanna ( ). 1st wife of Mart.

Mart/ {Lisle). 2d wife of Mart.

White, Jane. Fi-om " Bebel." ^ Sist. of Rog. White and Bridg. Rob-
inson and, apparently, of Frances Jessop. Wit. bet. of Wm. Pon-

tus Nov. 13, 1610. With Wm. Jepson, John Robinson and Hen.

Wood and assisted by Nich. White, bargained for Robinson's

house, Jan. 27, 1611. See Jane Thickins.
Joseph. Wit. bet. of Cuth. Cuthbertson Oct. 25, 1621.

^ Undiscoverable. Possibly Clacton, Essex.

* Had married her, and had lived in Amst. Whether he continued to live there
or in Leyd. does not appear. i

• Probably Beverley, Yorks.



White, Kicholas} Jeweller. '• Asssisted " Jane White in business about
Robinson's house Jan. 27, IGll, she then being unmarried.

Roger. Bro. of Bridg. Robinson and Jane Thiekins and, appar-
ently, of Frances Jessop. Grocer. Bet., at Amst. and aged 32, to
Eliz. Wales, aged 22, Feb. 20, 1621. Mar., at Leyd. Mar. 13.
Guar, by Edm. Chandler and Anth. Clement May 5, 1623. Wit.
bet. of Wm. Officier July 27, 1624. Guar. John Tracy Sept. 6,
1624. Sent news of death of bro.-in-law, John Robinson, to Plyra.
Col. in letter to Bradford and Brewster Apr. 28. 1625.'^ Guar.
Fras. Jessop May 5, 1025. With Blossom, Fras. Jessop, Rich.
Masterson and Thos. Nasli wrote to Bradford and Brewster Nov.
30, 1625. Wrote to Bradford Dec. 1, 1625.* Guar. Wm. Jack-
son May 26. 1631.

Elizabeth (Wales). Wife of Rog. Aunt of Marg. (Stuart) Nash.

Wit. bet. of Thos. Nash Oct. 27, 1628.

William, m. Wool-carder. Bet. to Sus. Fuller Jan. 27, 1612,

with wits, her bro., Sam. Fuller, Wm. and Rosam. Jepson and Sar.
Priest. Mar. Feb. 11. Wit. bet. of bro.-in-law. Sara. Fuller, Mar.
15, 1613. Bur. child in St. Pan. June 18, 1615. Then lived on
Groenesteeg. Bur. anoth. ciiild there Dec. 21, 1616. Then lived
on Uiterster/rncht.

Susanna (Fuller), m. Wife of Wm. Wit. bet. of bro., Sam.

Fuller, Mar. 15, 1613. Do. John Goodman Sept. 16, 1619.

. Child of Wm. and Sus. Died 1615.

. Child of Wm. and Sus. Died 1616.

Resolved, m. Son of Wm. and Sus.

William. Toltacco-merchant. Bur. wife in St. Pet. Jan. 27, 1618.

Then lived in Pieierskerkhof. Wit. bet. of Cuth. Cuthbertson
Oct. 25, 1621. Guar, by Corn, van Quackenbos and Corn, van
Voosboom Dec. 8, 1628.

— ( ). Wife of Wm. Died 1618.

Edmund Elias. Son of Wm. (Apparently the tobacco-merch.)

Lived near Sijlpoort. Bet. to Marg. Bowman Aug. 14, 1629.
with wits. Geo. Bosoy and Anna Borfaeu. But, through burgo-
master of Leyd., Geo. Winter, of Amst., to whom she had engaged
herself already, forbade banns, after they had been published
twice, and marriage with White was broken off.

Whittington, Elizabeth. See Eliz. Bennett.

' Written de Witte. one of the Dutch forms of White. Possibly brother, or other
relation, of .lane and the others. No other mention of him occurs.
2 Bradford, Ili^t. L'O.-).
» Bradford. Letter Bk. Ma^s. Hist. Soc. Colls. I. iii : 42.


Wilkins, Roger. Wool-carder. Bet. to Anna Harding Mar. 28, 1614,
with wits. John Keble, Rog. Wilson, Sar. Carey and the bride's
moth., Anna Hallett. jNIar. Apr. 12. Bet. to Marg. Barrow Sept.
16, 1619, with wits. Is. AUerton, her fath.. Zech. Barrow, and
Rose Butterfield. M.ar. Oct. 5. Wit. bet. of Rob. Nelson Aug. 6,
1622. Lived with wife and dau. in Zevenhuyseji Oct. 15, 1622.
" Too poor to be taxed."

Anna {Harding). 1st wife of Rog.

Margaret (Barrow). 2d wife of Rog. Wit. bet. of Rob. Nelson

Aug. 6, 1622.

Sarah. Dau. of Rog.

Willet, Thomas. From Norwich. Bur. child in St. Pet. July 10, 1615.
Then lived on Jacobsigracht. Wit. bet. of dau., Sar. Minter, to
Rog. Simmons July 14, 1618. Lived with dau., Hest., in Zeven-
hmjsen Oct. 15, 1622.'

Alice. Wife of Thos. Wit. bet. of dau., Sar. Minter, to Rog.

Simmons July 14, 1618.

Sarah. Dau. of Thos. and Alice. Had mar. Wm. Minter before

going to Leyd. See Sar. Minter and Sar. Simmons.

Rebecca. Dau. of Thos. and Alice. See Rebec. Fairfield and

Rebec. Jepson.

Hester. Dau. of Thos. and Alice. See Hest. Wood.

Thomas. Son of Thos. and Alice. Born 1610-11. Came to

Plym., N. E., by 1631.

. Child of Thos. and Alice. Died 1615.

"^'iWrnms, Elizabeth. From Yarmouth. Sist. ofThos. See Eliz. Wilson.

Elizabeth (Prob. anoth.). Lived on Papengracht. Wit. bet. of

Anth. Bennett Apr. 6, 1644.

Thomas, m. Bro. of P^liz. Wit. her bet. to Rog. Wilson Mar. 11,


Wilson, Henry. From Yarmouth. Pump-maker. Bet. to Eliz. Nich-
olas May 13, 1616, with wits. John Carver, Wm. Jepson, Dor.
Bradford and Sar. IMinter. Mar. May 28.

Elizabeth {Nicholas). Wife of Hen.

Roger. From Sandwich. Bapt. in St. Clement's in 1584. Guar.

by Pet. Boey and Matys Janson Dec. 7. 1609. Guar. Bern. Ross
Apr. 2, 1610. Do. Wm. Lisle June 21, 1610. Do. Abr. Gray
June 25, 1610. Wit. bet. of Wm. Pontus Nov. 13. 1610. Guar.
Wm. Robertson Dec. 3, 1610. Do. Hen. Wood Dec. 10. 1610.
Wit. bet. of John Jennings Dec. 17, 1610. Do. Wm. Bassett

1 Thos. Brewer then had in his househohl Thog. and Hest. Willis. Whether
these were the Willets or not cannot be determined.


Mar. 19 and July 29, 1611. Guar. Wni. Bradford ]Mar. 30, 1612.
Wit. bet. of Geo. Morton July 6, 1612. Do. Ed. Pickering Nov.
24, 1612. Do. Sam. Fuller Mar. 15, 1613. Guar. AVin. Minter
May 3, 1613. Wit. bet. of Ed. Southwortli May 7, 1613. Guar.
Ed. Chandler Nov. 11, 1613. Sold house on Uiterstegracht for
800g. to Rich. Masterson Jan. 2, 1614. Guar. Is. AUerton Feb.
7, 1614. Wit. bet. of Rog. Wilkins Mar. 28, 1614. Do. Sam.
Terry May 16, 1614. Do. John Jenny Sept. 5, 1614. Guar.
Alex. Price May 18. 1615. Then say-weaver. Wit. bet. of Rog.
Chandler May 22, 1615. Guar. Sam. Lee Oct. 19, 1615. Do. Deg.
Priest Nov. 16, 1615. Bet. to Eliz. Williams Mar. 11, 1616, with
wits, her bro., Thos. Williams, and Eliz. Spalding. Mar. Mar. 26.
Guar. Thos. Rogers June 25, 1618. Do. And. Sharp Aug. 24.
1618. Deposed to knowledge of Ricli. Masterson Mar. 20, 1619.
Then camlet-nierch. and about 34.

Wilson, Elizabeth ( Williams). AVife of Rog.

Winslow, Edward, m. From London. Son of Ed. Born at Droit-
wich, Wore, Oct. — , 1595. Printer. Bet. to Eliz. Barker Apr. 27,
1618, with wits. Is. Allerton, Jon. Brewster, Mary Allerton and
Jane Hazel, the bride's niece. Mar. May 6 or soon after. With
Is. Allerton, Bradford and Fuller wrote letter from Leyd. to
Carver and Cushman in Eng. June 10, 1620.

Elizabeth (Barker), m. Wife of Ed.

Wiseman, Sarah. Wit. bet. of Rob. Warriner Mar. 1, 1624.

Wood, Anna. From Yarmouth. Lived in Vrowencamp. See Anna

Christina. Perhaps sist. of Pet. See Christ. Jepson.

Henry. Draper. Guar, by Abr. Gray and Rog. Wilson Dec. 10,

1610. With Wni. Jepson, John Robinson and Rand, and Jane
Thickins bargained for and bought Robinson's house Jan. 27 and
May 5, 1611. Guar. Edm. Chandler Nov. 11. 1613. Do. Is.
Allerton Feb. 7. 1614. Do. John Keble Apr. 27. 1615. Do. Alex.
Price May 18, 1615. Wit. bet. of Hen. Jepson Dec. 8, 1617.
Made Hen. Jepson his atty. to sell his share of Robinson's house
Feb. 2, 1622. Made sale by Jepson Dec. 13, 1629.

• Mary ( ). Perhaps wife of Hen. Wit. bet. of Edm. Jessop

Sept."l6, 1615.

Peter. From Staindrop, Dur. Say-weaver. Bet. to Hest. Wil-

let Oct. 19, 1623, with wits, her bro.-in-law and sist., Dan. and
Rebec. Fairfield. Mar. Nov. 4. Wit. bet. of sist.-in-law. Rebec
Fairfield, to Thos. Jepson Sept. 18, 1626. Do. son, Pet., July 8,
1643. Then lived in Vro'wencam,p.


Wood, Hester {Willet). Wife of Pet. Wit. bet of sist., Rebec. Fair-
field, to Thos. Jepson Sept. IS, 1626. Do. Pet. Powell June 13,
1631. Do. son, Pet., July 8, 1643.

Peter. Son of Pet. and Hest. Say-weaver. Lived in Vrowen-

cavip} Bet. to Maiy Bishop July 8, 1643, with wits, his parents.
Pet. and Hest. Wood, and her moth., Eliz. Bishop. Mar. July
25. Left Leyd. about 1645. Estate divided Aug. 8, 1680, he
not having been heard from for 20 years.

Mary (Bishop). Lived on Rhine. Wife of Pet., Jr.

Thomas. Son of Pet. and JIary.

Abigail. Dau. of Pet. and Mary. Mar. Matt. Siericx before

Aug. 8, 1680.

Maria. Dau. of Pet. and Mary. Mar. Is. Day before Aug. 8,


Elizabeth. Dau. of Pet. and Mary. Mar. Jac. Plateel and died

before Aug. 8, 1680.

Henry (Another). Perhaps son of Hen. Came to Plym., N. E.,

by 1643.

Woodcock, Margaret. See Margaret Parkins.

Wright, Peter. From Norwich. Say-weaver. Guar, by Anth. Fret-
well and Malliaect Cloet May 6, 1622. Guar. Rog. Fassett Sept.
8, 1623.


I Acton, Anna. Moth, of Elean. Wit. her bet. to Thos. Hackney Jan.

7, 1611.

Eleanor. Dau. of Anna. See Elean. Hackney.

William. Prob. fath. or bro. of Elean. Wit. her bet.

Ainsworth, John. Mason. Guar. Sara. Curtis Dec. 3, 1610.

Aston, Arthur. INIatiic. at Leyd. Univ. in Letters June 8, 1611, aged
i 15. Lived with John Minter.

* In a letter of Oct. .30, 1SG;3, from Baron Elzevir, then Archivist of Leyd., to
Dr. Dexter the writer says : —

" In U')44 a conj^retjation of Brownisten existed in the Vrouwekamp at Leyden
proved by a sjatherinpf in their church or house in behalf of the poor protestant
Irishmen, persecuted by the Catholics or papists."

He adds, in another communication, his opinion that one of John Keble's two
houses in this locality was used by the company for relipH^us meetin<js after Rob-
inson's death in 102"). But no evidence of this appe.irs beyond the holding of this
single meeting.

* This list is not absolutely complete, but it includes all who seem at all likely
to have had any relations with the members of the Pilgrim Company.


Augustine, Jane. Wit. bet. of Nich. Haskins May 16, 1618.

Thomas. Wit. bet. of Nicli. Haskins May 16, 1618.

Bailey, John. Lived in Pieterskerkhof. Bur. in St. Pet. Sept. 23,

Barker (or Baker), Dorothy. Moth, of Mercy. Wit. her bet.

Mercy. Dau. of Dor. See Mercy Buckingham.

Barrett, John. From Samlwich. Fustian-weaver. Widr. of Abig. van

der Welde. Bet. to Hel. Hendricks Oct. 28, 1616, with wits, her

cousin, John Ganne, and her sist., Anna Myers. Mar. same day.

Helen (Myers, Hendricks). Wid. of Dan. Wife of John.

Brown, Josepliine. Wid. of Wm. Lived in Zevenhuysen Oct. 15, 1622,

with children and four servants.

William. Son of Josephine.

Percy. Son of Josephine.

Barbara. Dau. of Josephine.

Mary. Dau. of Josephine.

Mary (Another). Lived on Cortemaeren. Bur. in St. Pet. Jan.

15, 1628.
Buckingham, Samuel. From Crediton, Devon. Bet. to Mercy Barker,

of Anist., Feb. 12, 1639, with wits, her moth., Dor. Barker, and

Pet. Stalpaerts. Mar. Mar. 12.

Mercy (Barker). Wife of Sam.

Butterfield, Abraliam. Lived in Nleuwestadt. Bur. in St. Pan. Sept

15, 1635.
Stephen. Lived near Vischbrugge. Bur. in St. Pet. Sept. 23,

1635. Perhaps son of Steph. of Pilg. Comp.
Campbell, William. From Scotland. Guar, by Geo. Drummond and

Jacques van de Burge INLiy 20, 1611.
Carpenter, D. Had Lawrence Wright, student, living with him Aug.

22, 1612.

. " The wife of Master." Bur. in St. Pet. Oct. 4. 1620.

Cox, George. From Coventry. Glove-maker. Bet. to Marg. Manuel Oct.

1, 1627, with wits. Rog. Pachet and Eliz. Davids. Mar. Oct. 17.

Marguerite (Manuel). From Guise. France. Wife of Geo.

Crichton, William. Guar, by Simon Cuypen and And. May Oct. 12.

1618. ]Made affid. witli Wm. Dennis Jan. 1, 1620. Then 48.
Crickett, Daniel. From Sandwich. Bet. to Fran^oise Le Mahieu

Apr, 23, 1611. Lawrence Lancey a wit. Mar. June 10.
Fran<^oise (Le Mahieu). Wife of Dan. Bur. in St. Pet. Mar.

18, 1616. They then lived in Noordende.
Cruger, Robert. Tobacco-merchant. Dep with Sim. Higgins about

Rob. Day Mar. 24, 1621. Then 42.


Crutz, Robert. Guar. Anth. Hiitfield May 27, 1611.

Curtis, Samuel. From Scotland. Wool-comber. Guar, by John

Ainsworth and Anth. Hendrickson Dec. 3, 1610. Was 33 in

Cushman, Peter. Lived in Oostnieuwelant Oct. 15, 1622.
Cuypen, Samuel. Son of Thos. Guar. Wm. Crichton Oct. 12, 1618.
Davids,! Elizabeth. Wit. bit. of Geo. Cox Oct. 1, 1627. See Eliz.

William. Cloth-maker. Bet. to Marg. Reyers Apr. 15, 1625, with

wits. Jochim Jochlmson and Jacquemyutge Michielson. Mar. May

3 or soon after.

Margaret (Reyers). Wife of Wm.

Davidson, Tiiomas. Widr. of Catli. Bet. to Sar. Neal Apr. 25, 1637.

with wits. Geo. Salomon and Anna Juwelen. Mar. May 18.

Catharine (Dome). 1st wife of Thos.

Sarah (Thomas, Neal). Wid. of Jos. 2d wife of Thos.

Dawson, Andrew. From Scotland. Deposed with Jas. Moore about

Henley Johnson Apr. 13, 1611. Then 35.
Day, Robert. Cloth-draper. Subj. of depos. of Rob. Cruger and Sim.

Higglns Mar. 24, 1621.
Dennis, William. Made affid. with Wm. Crichton Jan. 1, 1620.
Dome, Catharine. See Catli. Davidson.
Dow, Samuel. Say-draper. Guar, by Nath. Drew and Abr. Woods

Aug. 26, 1622.
Drew, Nathan. Guar. Sam. Dow Aug. 26, 1622.
Drummond, George. Guar. Wm. Campbell May 20, 1611.
Edmands, Nathaniel. Wit. bet. of Abel Jones Jan. 10, 1614.
Edwards, Phineas. Stocking-weaver. Bought house on Nonnetisieeg

for 390g. Aug. 4. 1610. Sold it to Hen. Richard June 5, 1014.
Tobias. From Ci)lchester. Baize-weaver. Lived on East Ea-

penhurtj. Bet. to ]\Iary de Bonnet Mar. 18, 1616. Mar. Apr. 5.

Mary (de Bonnet). Wife of Tob.

Fones, Lydia. Wit. bet. of Thos. Hackney Jan. 7, 1611.
Ganne, John. Wit. bet. of cousin, John Barrett, Oct. 28, 1616.
Garretson, Albert. Student in Leyd. Univ. Lived in Zevenhuysen
Oct. 15, 1622, with wife, children and sist.

Susanna (Peters). Wife of Alb.

Anna. Dau. of Alb. and Sus.

Susanna. Dau. of Alb. and Sus.

Mary. Dau. of Alb. and Sus.

Daniel. Son of All». and Sus.

1 Eliz. (Davids, Joosten) Ilalinck.


Garretson, Peter. Son of Alb. and Sus.

Margaret. Sist. of Alb.

George, . See Morris.

G^rritson, Peter. Guar. Anth. Hatfield May 27, 1611. Sold part of

Thos. Brewer's former house in Groenejjoort to Chris. Ellis May

4, 1640.
Greenwood, William. From Norwich. Bet. to Rach. Pettes Nov. 24,

1617, with wits. Sam. Singleton and Rob. and Marg. Hopkins.

No record of wedding.

Rachel (Pettes) . AVife of Wm.

Hackney, Thomas. Wool-comber. Bet. to Elean. Acton Jan. 7, 1611,

with wits, her prob. fath., or bro., Wm. Acton, Rob. Knights,

her moth., Anna Acton and Lyd. Fones. Mar. May 27.

Eleanor (Acton). Wife of Thos.

Halinck, Elizabeth (Davids, Joosten). From London. Wid. of Mal-

jaert. Wife of Corn. Wit. bet. of Geo. Cox Oct. 1, 1627.
Halton, Susanna. Wid. of Clem. Lived in Zevenhuysen Oct. 15,

1622, with two children.

. Child of Clem, and Sus.

John. Son of Clem, and Sus.

Haskins, Nicholas. P>om Norwich. Baize-weaver. Widr. of Mary.

Bet. to Wright May 16, 1618, with wits. Thos. and Jane

Augustine, John Chyschen (Haskins ?) and Ursula Peters. No

record of wedding.

Mary ( ). 1st wife of Nich.

(Johnson, AV'right). Wid. of Pet. 2d \vife of Nich.

Hatfield, Anthony. Guar, by Rob. Crutz and Pet. Gerritson May 27,

Hendricks, Daniel. 1st husb. of Hel.

Helen (Myers). Wid. of Dan. See Hel. Barrett.

. See Jones.

Hendrickson, Anthony. Guar. Sam. Curtis Dec. 3, 1610.

Higgins, Simon. Hat-maker. Deposed with Rob. Cruger about Rob.

Day Mar. 24, 1G21. Then about 28.
Hopkins (or Atkins), Margaret. Wit. bet. of Wm. Greenwood Nov.

24, 1617.

Robert. Wit. bet. of Wm. Greenwood Nov. 24, 1617.

Hunt, Jacob. From Wales. Baize-weaver. Lived in Leyd. in 1612.
Johnson, Andrew. As guard, of children of Jasp. Eelhont with Chris.

Ellis and Ivar Powells sold house Dec. 3, 1637.
Cornelius. Looking-glass-maker. Guar. Joim Robertson June

15, 1612.


Johnson, Henley. Subj. of affid. of And. Dawson and Jas. Moore Apr.

13, 1611.
Jones, Abel. From London. Stocking-weaver. Bet. to Hendricks

Jan. 10, 1G14, with wits. Natli. Edmands and Ysbrants. Mar.

Jan. 25. Guar. Aar. Lovett May 28, 1638. Then tailor.

(Hendricks). Wife of Abel.

John. Wit. bet. of Rich. Richardson Feb. 19, 1622.

Susanna. See Sus. Richardson. Perhaps dau. or sist. of John.

Juwelen, Anna. Wit. bet. of Thos. Davidson Apr. 2.5, 1637.
Kendall, Elizabeth. Dau. of Aar. and Anna (Cornells). Bet. to Mos.

Paijens Mar. 21. 1618, with wit. her moth.
Knights, Alice. From Yarmouth. See Alice Smith.

Robert. Wit. bet. of Thos. Hackney, Jan. 7, 1611.

Lancey, Lawrence. Wit. bet. of Dan. Crickett Apr. 23, 1611.
Leighton, John. Lived on Achtergracht. Bur. in St. Pet. Mar. 14,

Lewis, Joseph. Referred to in depos. of Bern. Ross Apr. 11, 1616.
Lewison, Jacob. Guar. Joim Robertson June 15, 1612.
Lovett, Aaron. From Sandwich. Baize-merchant. Guar, by Dan.

Severijn and Abel Jones May 28, 1638.
May, Andrew. Guar. Wm. Crichton Oct. 12, 1618.
Minter, John. Had Arth. Aston, stud., living with him June 8,

Moore, James. From Scotland. Deposed with And. Dawson to

knowledge of Henley .Jolinson Apr. 13, 1611. Then 30.
Morris (or Mor.se), Elizabeth. Wit. bet. of Wm., July 28, 1617.

Prob. moth, or sist.

John. Wit. bet. of Wm. Prob. fath. or bro.

William. Hat-maker. Bet. to George July 28, 1617, with

wits, his fath., or bro., John IMorris, his cousin, John Sterling, Ed.

Williams, Eliz. Morris and Magd. Peters. Mar. Aug. 12. Then

lived with Ed. Williams.
( George). Wid. of Rob. Wife of Wm.

Fanny. Wit. bet. of Rich. Richardson Feb. 19, 1622.

Moses, Jane. Bet. to AVm. Poor Nov. 27, 1615.

Myers, Anna. Sist. of Hel. Wit. her bet. to John Barrett Oct. 28,
1616. Prob. same as Mary Anna Myers, who wit. bet. of Jos.
Parsons July 8, 1621.

Helen. From Sandwich. Sist. of Anna. See Hel. Hendricks

and Hel. Barrett.

John. Perhaps fath. or bro. of Anna and Hel. Wit. bet. of Jos.

Parsons July 8, 1621.


Neal, Edward. From Warreiiton,^ Lane. Bet. to Mary van Rokio-en

Nov. 25, 1616, with wits, his bro., John Neal, and Jane Scudder.

No record of wedding.

Mary (Buffkin, van Rokigen). Wid. of Louis. Wife of Ed.

John. Bro. of Ed. Wit. liis bet. Nov. 25, 1616.

Joseph. 1st hush, of Sar.

Sarah (Thomas). Wid. of Jos. See Sar. Davidson.

Parsons, Josepli. From Colchester. Say-weaver. Bet. to Mar. Smith

July 8, 1621, with wits. John Myers, her fath., Rob. Smith, and

Mary Anna Myers. Mar. July 29 or soon after.

Maria (Smith). AVife of Jos.

Peck, Nicholas. Matric. at Leyd. Univ. in Med. Dec. 7, 1611. aged 30.
Peters, Magdalene. Wit. bet. of Wm. Morris July 28, 1617.

Ursula. Wit. bet. of Nich. Hasklns May 16, 1618.

Pettes, Edward. From London. Wool-carder. Widr. of Anna. Bet-

to Eliz. Potters Dec. 30. 1609, with wits. Raph. and Marth.

Rowlands. No record of wedding.

Anna (Johnson). 1st wife of Ed.

Elizabeth (Brants, Potters). Wid. of John. 2d wife of Ed.

'— Rachel. From London. See Rach. Greenwood.

Poor, William. Bet. to Jane Moses Nov. 27, 1615. No record of

wits, or wedding.
Potters, John. 1st husb. of Eliz.
Elizabeth (Brants). From Waltham." Wife of John. See Eliz.

Randall, George. Made depos. Feb. 26, 1619.
Reyers, Margaret. See Marg. Davids.
Richard, Henry. From Sandwich. Bought house on Nonnensteej

from Phin. Edwards June 5, 1614. Sold it for 175g. to Alex.

Price Dec. 13, 1627.
Richardson, Richard. Wool-carder. Bet. to Sus. Jones Feb. 19, 1622.

with wits. John Jones and Fanny Morris. Mar. Mar. 12.

Susanna (Jones). Wife of Rich.

Robertson, John. From Norwich. Guar, by Corn. Johnson and Jac.

Lewison June 15, 1612. Perhaps the John Robertson, living on

the Sonnerveltsteeg, licensed Nov. 9, 1613, to sell beer.
Rochester, Dudley. Bought house on Fapengracht for 645g. from

Chris. Ellis Nov. 8. 1638.
Root, Roger. Wit. bet. of John Wiseman May 16, 1625.
Rowlands, Mary. Wit. bet. of John Tessens Jan. 26, 1613.

^ Warringfton.

' Whether in Line, Lane, or Kent is unknown.


Rowlands, Martha. Wit. bet. of Ed. Pettes Dec. 30, 1609.

Raphael. Wit. bet. of Ed. Pettes Dee. 30, 1009.

Salomon, George. Wit. bet. of TIios. Davidson Apr. 2;">, 1637.

Scudder, Jane. Wit. bet. of Ed. Neal Nov. 25, 1616.

Simmons, Anna. Bet. to Wm. Bradford, soldier at Nymegen, June 2,


Jane. Wit. bet. of John Wiseman May 10, 1625.

Singleton, Samuel. Hod-carrier. Wit. bet. of Wni. Greenwood Nov.

24, 1617. Lived on Mirakelstecg. Belonged to night watch, or

city guard, Apr. 30, 1620. Bur. in St. Pan. June 14, 1620.
Mary (Williams). Wid. of Sam. Deposed Aug. 7, 1620, that he

had been dead two months.
Smith, John. From Yarmoutli. Say-weaver. Widr. of Fanny. Bet.

to Alice Knights Oct. 20, 1618, witli wits. John and Anna Lepe-

laer. Mar. Nov. 11. Lived in Zevenhuijsen Oct. 15, 1622.

Fanny (Wrangham). 1st wife of John.

Alice (Knights). 2d wife of John.

Maria. Frum Colchester. Dau. of Rob. See Mar. Parsons.

Robert. Father of JNIar. Wit. her bet. to Jos. Parsons July 8,


Roger. Wool-comber. Was 34 in 1611.

Spooner, Mrs. Bur. child in St. Pet. May 18. 1630. Bur. anoth.

June 3, 1630. Bur. anoth. June 20. 1630.
Stalpaerts. Peter. Wit. bet. of Sam. Buckingham Feb. 12. 1639.
Sterling, John. Wit. bet. of cousin. Wm. Morris, July 28, 1617.
Stuart, Robert. Lived in Leyd. in 1612.
Watts, Thomas. 1st luisb. of Eva.

Eva ( ). Wid. of Tlios. See Eva Wiseman.

"White, Rosamond. Wit. Itet. of Jolm Wiseman May 16, 1625. Pos-
sibly wife of Thos. White of Amst., who pub. " A Discoverie of

Brownism " in 1605. 1

Wiggins. Susanna. Wit. l)et. of Mahieu Casier Dec. 18, 1627. '

Williams, Andrew. Bought house in Pieterskerkhof iov llOOg. from

Chris. Ellis June 18, 1637.
Edward. Had Wm. Morris living with him when IMorris was

bet., July 28, 1617. Wit. his bet.
Wilson, Tiiomas. From Cambridge. Say-weaver. Date uncertain.
Wiseman, Joim. Tailor. Bet. to P^va Watts May 16, 1625. with wits.

RofT. Root, Jane Sinmions and Rosam. White. Mar. May 31.

Eva (Watts). Wid. of Thos. Wife of John.

Woods, Abraham. Say-weaver. Guar. Jac. Woods Mar. 29, 1613.

Do. Sam. Dow Aug. 26, 1622.


Woods, Isaac. Guar. Jac. Woods Mar. 29, 1613.

Jacob. Say-weaver. Lived in Hoofdkerken. Guar, by Abr. and

Is. Woods Mar. 29, 1613.

Wright, . Wid. of Pet. See Haskins.

Lawrence. Student in Leyd. Univ. Matric. in Med. Aug. 22,

1612, aged 22. Lived with D. Carpenter.

From the two foregoing lists an estimate of numbers may be made,
as follows. It is as nearly exact as is possible in -the existing condi-

Known, or fairly presumable, members of the Pilgrim Com-
pany in Leyden until July, 1620, 298

Others associated more or less closely with them until that time,
or with the remaining members later, 281


Deduct those named more than once, 106

The whole Pilgrim colony, 473

The other English in Leyden, 1609-81, of whom per-
haps some belonged to the colony, 169
Deduct those named more than once, 16

153 153
Total English colony likely to have been associated with

the Pilgrims in any degree 626

There were others, however, who do not appear to have been so



The following sixty-five members of the Pilgrim Company became
citizens of Leyden. Before the emigration in July, 1620, these
thirty-three : —

1609. Pet. Boey and Rog. Wilson.

1610. Abr. Gray, Nich. Hawley,* Wm. Lisle, Wm. Robertson, Bern.

Ross, John Turner and Hen. Wood.
- 1611. John Carpenter,* Bart. Smith and Jac. Stevens.*

* A star over a name means that the date at which its owner became a citizen
is not recorded but that in the course of this year he g-uarauteed some oue else,

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