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board, cheese-Tat

Queseria, ^f. icaaon for mak-
ing chteeM)

Quci^ro, am. cheesemonger;
ra. a. caseous, c h e esy

Qu^ao, am. cImc^

Qtt^U, af. quest, charity

QUest^ro, am. one who col-
lects alms or charity

QUastidn, ^f. question, dis-
pute, problem

Qnestioaible, «. questionable

QUestionir, vs. to question

QQestionjirio, am. collection
of questions

QQesfair, am. questor, mendi-

QDcstudso, sa : y Questoirio,
ria. a. lucrative

QUestiira, <f. qnestonhip

QUetzile, am. a lane Indian


Qucxigo, am. a kind of ever-
green oak

QuAey, am. dog's bane

QuicUl y Quicial^ra, a. jamb
of a door or window

Quirio, am. hook-hinge of the
jam of a door, prop

Quidam, am. a certain person

ChUdidM. <r- quiddity

Quiditatfvo. va. a. belonging
to the essence of any thbig

QniAra, tf. crack, fracture,

opening of the ground, loM,
^2ui^bro, am. trill, movement

or inclination of the body
Qni^, ftrtm. iW. who, whidi,

one or the other
Qnienquitfra, a, wliosoever
Quietaci(in, 4/*. the act of
Quieting or appeasing

\6t, ra. SIN. y /. quieter
uietir, fd. to appease
jai^te, ^. rest, repose
uietlsmo, am. qiuetlsm
uietlsu, a. y SIN. quietlst
;uitfto, ta. a. quiet, ordcriy
'""',</". qulctnoM
</*. cheeksof aaroM-
Quilataddr, sin. assayer
Uttilatir, ra. to assay
QuiUtc, am. degree of purity
of gold or silver, carat, an-
cient coin
Qjuilat^a,^. i

I hiiliftctfr, va. to chyliiy
I ; uilma, tf. V. Coftal
pniati/*. keel
, :ullo, am. chyle
\ ^ildso, sa. a. ehvlous
Juimtfhi, ^f. dupute, vain

Quimerico, ca ; v Quimerfno,

na. <!• chimcncai
Quimerlsu,«m. wrangler
Qulmcrlair, va. to fill the

head with fantastic ideas
QuXmica y Qutoia, ^f. che-
QnXmlco, am. chemist ; ca. a.

( the carats of

Imdn, nn. fine printed cot-

Qolna d Quinaqufna, </*. Pe-
ruvian Murk

Qttinales, «iH. fl. preventer-

Qninirto, ria. a. consisting of
five ; a Roman coin

Quints, ^f.pl. arms of Portu-

gal, fives, on dice
^utncilla, <f. hardware
nlncailerfa, <f. haraw


Quince, a. fifteen, fifteenth
Qnincena, ^.one of the regis-
ters in the tubes of an or-
gan; s. fifteen
Quinc^no, na. a. fifteenth
Quincuridn, am. a chief or
corporal of five coldien


Quindadma, ^. the fifteenth

Qnindteio, sn. space or pe-
riod of five years
Quin^te, am, kind of camb-

QuingentAdmo. ma. a. the

five hundndth
Qninltetos, tas. a. five tem-

Quinolas^ Qninolfllas, tf. pi.

Rtveraut a game at cards
Quinoleir, m. to prepare the

cards fior the game of re-


luagcnirio. lia. a. fif-

I, ma. a. fif-

Qufaiqntftro, tm. Roman isi-
tival in honour of Minerva,
which lasted five day*

Quinqueflflio, sm. dnqueCoU

Qttinoutoioy am. space or pe-
riod of five years

Qninqu4rcio> am. five Grecian

Qunqucnti, a. quinquennial
Aiinquillerla, af. hardware
Quinqoill^ro, «m. hawker
Quintal 4/*. country teat,

drawing lots %sm soldicn,

quint, musical interval
Onhitadtfr, ra. /. one who

draws lots In fives or ftfttis
Quintaesencla, tf. qtitailns-

Qninttfl, awu one hundred

wei^t, fifth port of osir

hundred weight
QnintaUda, ^/Tthe sum of

two and a half per cent, on

the (Mghts paid to mas-
ters of vessels
Quintal^fio^na; y OotaicaM-

ro, ra. a. capaliie to cen-

tain a quintal
Qninttoa, af- fever ooearring

every lifUiday
Qnintuiar, am. quintain
{^ilntafidn. na. «. a huadnad

yean Ola
Quints, va. to draw oat five,

come to the nnmber of five ;

tit. to attain tlw fifth
Quintaria, ^. f^rm ; pvnge
Quint^mo, ««». number of

five sh ee ts of paper
Qulnt^to,«si. fSuiner
Quintflla, <r. a metrical com-
position of five fket
Quintfllo, am. the fiflh story

in the houses of thegmt

square in Madrid

y Google



, a. bcknglng to



QnarcunAr, m. to kMp Lent
Quiita, </*. CouTth, qiwdnnt,

point of ttke c a mp— .

ifmdrtatf body motai of a

QaarUflo, tm. nag, ponj
QoartAl, »•. kind of bread

vcigMnc tha Iboith part

of a KaCaa . iter
QaMXttBm.^/. quartan
Quartaatfl, a. intarmittant
Qnartanirio, ria. a. labouring

Q^artir, m. to ploofl^ 1
graoad tfaafbmth tima

Qnart^zo, «m. a large roo

Mkquaru |

am. <ioart
o, M. a. qacrtnce
[, ad, V. Ca»i 4 Omo
imddo, «m. first Sunday
after Eawter
Quatcmtfrio, ria. m. making

up tfie number of ibur
Quatemiddd, ^f. quaeemi^r
QuatemliSn, im. union of four

Qoatrilbo, ba. a. lutTing four

Quatrilbo, tm. commander

of a galley of four oars
QnatratdOk a. a. V. Quartern
Quatrdro, «ii>. thief who iteab

Ir, M . to quarter, make
" a fimrth pcnoa at a game;

vr. to fplit into pieces
^^narttfl, tat. quarter, district,
lodi^g for •oldicn, dvel<
ling, rcmiukm of lifo grant-
ed Vf hoatile troopa, hatch
Qaan^n, 4f. a dry maaaore in

Qnartiro, nu a. applied
thoM who collect th« rcnu
of the grain of forms

Quartardla, ^.

of liquors or fluids
oartcn^n, na. «. y a. quar-
tan, upper part of win-
devs vhidi may be opened
aid shot. ^umrttnmu,
squaras of vaimcoC in a


ta, QMrttf(e^(
#• quatrain of a


^.fci gthpartofan
wwirth part of a

. - - , , fourth


QurtlUddob da. a. applied to

a hotse with long partams

Qadnoy « m. fourth port, laa-

HtBlioii« cef yei coin, crack

la kotMs' hoofo, quarter of

of criminals

vkase body is quartered
■ad sap oied la public
planaii 9iMr<M,casn,roo-


QaaniM^nito, ta. a. applied
to *e fattfth-bom chiid
, tm. large Joist



breaking or splitting, firac-
ture, rupture
Quebr^, m. V. ReifMtbra'

Quebn^iso, sa. a. brittle
QuebramKnto, tm. V. (iue-

Ouebrantible, a. frangible
Quebrantadiir, ra. •. tocakcr
QuebrantadOra, •/. ftacture
Quebrantahutfsos, «m. osprcy,

play among bo^s
Quebrantamwnto, «m. ftac'

QuatrodobUtr, va. to quadru-

' ^. horte-taz

(. step In

Qus^dudno, na; Qnatrididl
- Quatrididno, na. a. iast-
tg four days
Qfuaxi&anio, tm. V. ^lairfrt-

Quatrilio, tm. qnadriUe
Quatrtn, tm. a small coin
Quatrfnca, ^f. union of four

perwm or things
Quatrisflabo, ha. ad. V. Qua

Quitro, «in. diaractcr or fi

gure, card with four marks
Quatrodtetos, tas. a. four

. vn. to run on all

QuaCrotinto, ««n. fine amount-
ing to four times the value
ofthe otucct of a defraud

Qn«. from. rtl. which, that,
what. Qttt dttgracia !
what a misfortune! mat
eitr, more tlian, whether.
Tardt que temprano, late or
early, because, wltere

Qu<, tm. something

Quebrdda, if. broken uneren

Quebrad^ro, tm. a breaker

Qu el irtdfllo,<iw. wooden shoe-

QuebradJso, la. a. brittle, In-
firm, flexible

Quebrado, da. a. broken

OuebrKdo, tm. a bankrupt

Quebradiir, ra. «. a breaker,
one who vioJatcs a law

QuebradHra, Kf. the act of

vr. be ruptured, interrupt
the continuity of hills
jutehe, if. a smack
luMa, if. tattoo

" ' ,if. stay, sqioum

to sUy, behaTc.
^Morfar com umo, to agree.
Quedar por aigunv, to be-
come surety. Qu^dar ar-
mado. to be armed ; vr. to
remain, to faher. Que-
dartt httado, to be astonish-
Qnedfto, ta. a. soft, gentle
QuMo, da. a. quiet, stUI,

"*, «
^a, «/. complaint*

, vr. to complain of
->, sa. a. plaintful
. tm. coir ■ ■ '
1, ta. if. dim. murmur
», sa. a. plaintftil

Qntfma, if. bum, hurt by

fire. Are
Quemadtfro, «m. place where

convicts are burnt
Quomaddr. ra. t. incendiary
QuemadOra, if. mark or hurt

made by fir*
Ouemajtfso, sa. a. pricking
Quaminte, pa. burning


apurpto colour

ParpAno, rau d. of • purple

Purr^la, nf. wine of the moM
inferior quality

Porri^U, aA Any thing despi-

Purulfoto, ta.a. purulent

POs, am. pus, tbe matter of

PusiUniroe, a. pu«lUanimotti

PusilanimidM, if. puillU-


PdstuU,^. puftok

Pata, tf. whore

Putalsmo J Potanftmot mn.

putan wn
PutafMr, xm. to whort
PutaMro, tm. wborenuuter
Puutfvo, va. a, putatiTe
Putcdi, «m. ktone used aathe

cover of a well
Patcrta, cf. the manner of !!•
of a prostitutCt bro-



Put^ro, «m. wborenuutar
Puttfwo, ca. «. rdating or

belonging to whore*
Pdto, ttn. todarolte
Ptktput, tm. hoop
PutredlniU,a. putrefy ng
PutrefiM:tXvo, va. a. nutre^-

Putrldo, da. a. putrid
Wya. <f. V. Pum
Pu*6\ 3 PuioUna, «. puzxola-


Qnad^ma, a/*, the fimrth ttart

^ of any thfaig, flntme. 6ta-

rnmtmrUf midsnip*

Quademtfl, am. block

QnadevnaWte, mu ihoct and
double bloek

QuadcnUrio, rla.41. quater-

Quademfllo, tm. Ave iheets

f ofany tl
dema r

of paper i
"e a book,

clerical direc-


Quad^mo, $m. pared of paper
ultchcd together

Qu^dra,^. hall, mIooo, quar-
ter of a thlp

Qnadrtfdo, da. a. ■qnare, per-

QoadnUlo, «m. aqnare, guaet

Quadragenifrlo, ria. a. finty

. qnadrage-
«. tot-

. *old

Quadrag^slmo, roa.

QoadranguUr, a. quadrangn-

Quadrtognlo, «m. quadrangle
Quadrintal, «. quadrantal
(inadrinte, am. quadrant, di-
al-plate of a sun-dial, the
fbioth part of an inheri-
Quadnir,va. to square, adynst,

please, square tlmtwra
Quadratln, tm. quotation
Quadrattkra, ^f. quadrature,
rirst and last quarter of the
moon, pentagraph
Quadr^t«, «in. a small square
QuadricenMl, a. that which is

done every forty years
Quadncula, </*. reduction of a
drawing to a sroallor sire
by means of the pentagraph




QuadrlcttUr. va. tc

drawing by mean

Ouadrlenil, a. quadrennial
Quadri^io, am. time and

space of fMur years
Qnadrlfilrme, a. fimrfiwsed
Quadriga, ^. carriage drawn

by four horses
Quadril, «m. honndi-boiie in

QuodriUtero, ra. a. quadri-

QuadrlUtertfl, a. consisting of
four letters

Qnadrflla, <r. meeting of fimr
or more persosis, band of
armed men, sent in pursuit
of robbers and highway-

QuadrilUro, tm. member of
the court of La Sattta Her-

Quadrfllcb f***. dart, or any
other missive weapon of
that kind

Quadrlli&igo, ttn. oblong

QuadriMngo, ga. a, having
the shape oribrra of a long

Quadrimfistre, tm. space of
fbur months

QuAdriple, a. quadruple

QnadnsiUbo, ba. a. word of

iiilictido, da. a. qua-

fijur sTUables
Quadrfvio, tm. place where

four iKUhi or roads meet
Qnadrivfoa, «M. one who at-

tempu four dlfffaicnt ways

to attain some end
Quadrlvilgo, mi. cart with

four hones

;u4dro, dra. a. V. Quadrado
tm. figure having


four equal sides and four

angles, picture, picture

ftrame, platen
Quadrupedal, a. four-fbolcd
Quadrttpedo, da ; y Quadrd-

pede, a. quadrupea
Quadruplicir, va. to qnadni-

Quitdruplo, pla. a. qnadntple
Qutfl, a. which, same, such,
one, partly. Coila ftt«/,
each one; ad. as
" ' [d, if. quality
|ui^, a. any one
juMra, A. any one
I, a4f. how, as
do, ad. when, in case
that, i^ though, taraedmcs.
Deqmamdoen ^ttamdo, from
time to time. Qmh^ m^
not, at least. HoKaftMO-
do, until when
Quantfa, ^f. quantity, rank
Quantlifr, va. to estimate the
possessions of neighbours in
intldid, tf. quantity
intim^ V. QHomto mtmt

ititat^vo, va. «. quantita-
Qwinto, ta. a. contalntng
quantity or rdating to tt,
as many as. QuMto vd.
qttttm,m much as you ttke.

Ing. ^tmato dmttt, imnie>
dJately. iimaiUomat,mtn'

Quarteta, «. forty

Quarenttea, if. spoot of forty
days, months, or years ;
lent : the number 40 in ge-
neral, quarantine

Quarentdn, na. a. y t. penon

^^ 40 yean old

Qtur^sma, if. Lent, collcc-


PnlpAa, ^f. slice «r HcoSBOl

Polpetdn, tm. large slice of

■tuffM meat
PtUpito, tm. pulpit, preacher
PiUpo, tm, cnttlc-fi^
Palpdeo* M. «. polpooj
Pulque, Mb liquor prepared

In America of a ipccles of

Polqnerla, ff. shop where the

above liqaor is sold
Pttlsacida y Polaida, ^t. pulse
Pakaddr, ra. #. eoe wbocu*

mfaics the puke
Pal>i(r, t«. to touch, feel the

Pttlsc; ra. to poise
Palsatil, c sounding vhen

struck or tonched
Pubatf vo, ▼». «. pukSne
Polsuadrto, Tim. a. rcUting 1

Pais^a, tf. Iwadafle applied

to the vein or artaipr of

a side penon ; fL locks of

hair Which fislJ over the


Puntead4ra, ^f. teeth of a

PnntedLr, ve. to play upon the
guitar, mark, sew, ttltch ;
vn. to go obliquely

Prnit^, «m. iron tabe Ibr
bloving glass

Punterte, <f. the act of level-
ling fire-arms, aim, teeth

Pant4ro, «m. tecne, punch of

I ingagood

PtUaOfMs. pnlae, firmness of

the hand, attention
Puhilir, «■. topuUolate
Ft iNerirfb le, a. reducible to

Ptttvarlflir, m. to pulverise
Pulxtfl, Pnain, 6 Punsd, tm.


M. point of ho-

fHrafincs, tm. fl.
m«its need to open

Pmiir, M. to punch, pvkkj

P<inaliiie, va. •. punrhing
Poni^du, ^f. punishment
Pttnko, ca. m. punic

P*nta, ^. point, premontaty,
coulter, a 101011 port of any
thing, taitncw: pi. bone-
laoe, boms of a bolL Xkr

^ /mm imtt on tiptoe, sofUy

nnMncitfn, ^f. winctoatian

PoMida, ^. akftch made with
• mmOo and thread

Puitl<l,*ei. ptop


Pntdr, ne. to mark with
smaD dou or pointt

of lianour,

9. sharp-

of Silesia

mbiJect or
degree, point
.. ..

lianour, opportuni^r,
I, sight, ttitch, hole in
stockings, close of a course
of loctureB: pi- stitches
serving to unite theUpsof
a wound. Putdo de mmlia,
mash of a net
Puntdso, sa. a. acuminated.

Pn nt uacidn, tf. punctuation
Pnntlial, a. punctual, eer

tain, sure, adequate
Puntualidid, <f. punctuality
Puntuallitr, va. toimprtait.

a. tojmnctnate
a. «. V. PmtUoao ]

Pan tthra, ^. puncture
Poniida,^. prick, sthig
Pimzaddr, ra. t. pricker
Fn ni a dt i r a, </•. puncture
Ponzinte, pa. pointed
Pnnatfr, ta. to prick, sting,

cause pain
Pttnadn, «ih. punch, young

hoen of a deer
Pnnxoneria, <f. coUectJon of

moulda fbr making a fimnt

PuMda, ^f. blow given with

the fist
PulUdo, sin. handful. A'

pmJIadoi, plentlAilly
Pufial, tm. poniar* -■
PnfiaUda, </. sub
PoAal^ «m. null


PuAalAro, im. maker or lelk-r
of poniards

Pnficte, tmu blow given with
the fist. PuMet, Imce-

PuKo, tm. fist, handflil, scan-
tiness, wristband, hand-
mffle, hilt, handle, each of
the lower points of a sail in
which the tacks are fas-

Pudnes, tm. pi. the Urge
uneven teeth of combing

Pdpa,^. pustule

PupOa, if. sgre-ball, pupil,
orphan -girl

Pumu[ge,«m. pupilage, board,

Pnpilir, a. pupilary

PupilAo, ra- «. master or
mistress of a boarding-

Pupflov tm. pupil, ward,

Pupoao, sa. a. pustulous

Puram^te, «/. purely

Fnrtfsa, «f. purity

Pilfga, 4f. purge

Purg<ble, a. that may be

PurgackSn, ^. purntion, ca-
tamenia, act of clearing
from imputation of gull t

Purgaddr, ra. «. puiger

Purgtfnte, pa. purgative

Purgdr, va, to purge, atone,
evacuate the body b

J by stool,

moderate the pasisions ;

to rid one's self of, guilt
Porgatfvo, va. a. purgative
Puigatdrio, im. purgatory
Puridid, sir. purity, secret;

Bn p»rUad, cicarlv
Purificaddn, <f. purification
Pnrlflcadtfro, ra. a. deansinfr
Purificaddr, ra. «. purifier
Purificir, va. to purify; vr.

to be purified, be churched

after a lying-in
Purificatdrio, ria. a. purifica-
Purlsmo, tm. afibcting too

much purity of diction
Purtsta, «iH. purist
Purluino, na. «. puritan
Pdro, ra. e. pure, free, vast

PArrmra, V- rock-shell, dig'

nlty of a king or canUnal
Purpurido, a. V. Cardmal

Purpurinte, pa. giving a par-
pie colour

Purpwtfr, va. to make red,
drm in purole; vn. to take


, n. «.

Provlaamto, *m. office f/pro-

Tider or provfdor*
Proviiorla, </'. •tore-room
Provi«irio, rla. a. provUional
Provlfto, u. a. prorided with

• benefice
Pnrrocscidn, ^T* provocation
Provocaddr, ra. «. proroko-
ProTocir, m. to prowoke,

anger, enrage, Tanlt^ftci-

Utatc, more
Plovocatfvo, va. a. proroca*

PrdiSmamcnte, od. nearly
ProalmtiUd, 4f. proaimity
Prdalmo, nia. a. next, near*

PnSxlmo, am. iUlow-crcature
Proyeccidn, if. prqjectlon
Pn^ect<r, u«. to pntfect
Projrectitta, am, projector

Ftoj^cto^ ta. a. projected
ProyectOra, cT* part of a

boUding which prq)ecUor

Juta oat beyond the vail
PnuUncla, </*. prudence, tcm<

Pnidenclil,a. prudential
PTud^te,a. prudent
PruAa,^. proo^ lign, token

experiment, rellih, proof

■twet. Dt vrmtbtt, txm

Prmebiu, evlaenoe
Prufna,4f. white fVost
Prtkna, if. plum
Prurlto, CHI. prurience
Pika, tf: prickle, palnAU ten-

satlon, weaverli reed , Mib-

Puberty 7 PabeK^da,^.


PachAro, «M. a glaacd earthen

pot, dailT fbod
Pud^ndo, da. a. baihiU, thy
Pudtfndo, Mil. pudendum
Pudicicia,^.] ••
PAdlco, ca. a.
Pudi^te, a. powerful
Pudtn, im. podding
Pudtfr, am. baslifulneei
Pudrlcldn, if. rottenneis
Pttdrid^ro, «M. rotting-plare
Pttdridtfr, am. vcstel in which

rags are •teepcdfiir making

Pudrigtfrio, am. a sickly in-


Pudrlr, va. to rot; vn. to
tT. to be broken-


PAgU.tm. prize.fighter
Pu^ldr, am. Hebrew manual

r the Scripture* uaed in

obetctfr, i
■ge of puberty
iiblicacl4in, if. publication

to attain the

PubUcaddr, ra. «. publlaher
Publictoo, Ml. Roman toll-

Pnblicir, vn. to puUiah
PublicAU, if. ccrtiflcale of

Publicidtfd, ^.publicity
Ptiblico, ca. a. public, Tulgar
PabUco,m. public
Pttcdia, if. V. DomeeUa
Pncelina, if. potter't earth
Puchida,^. a kindofcata-

PuAila, if. teed which a gar-
dener sows of erery kind
of vegetable

Pueblo, am. town, Tillage;
common people

Putfca, if. a slut

Putfnte, if. brfdse. PuenU
Uvadiwa, draw -Mdce, deck
of a ship. PuttUt de rtdu,
netting deck

Putfrca, if. sow, nut of a
screw, millepede

Puerco, ca. a. nasty, dirty

Puthra, am. hog;, wild boar

Puerf cia, af. twf liood

Puerfl, a. bqyith

PuerUidid,<f. puerility

Puen^^rlo, am. child-birth

Puerqticzutf la, if. a slut

Pu^rro, am. leek

Puerto, if. door, duty paid at
the entrance of the gates
in towns. J*uer1a tratara,
back door. Uamar 4 ta
ymrria, to knock at the door

Puertarentina, ^. door with
a window in it




PAches, <|

- I. <r. p<. aort of fritters

PuchedUa. if. a thin batter

made of flour and water
Puch^ra, if. pitcher

M. »tn-


en. 4 V
rhat of

thtog b

PiQtfnte, e. powerfbl
PnMnza, ^. power
PtQ^, v%. toriae,endeaToux ;

va. to outbid, fUter
P^iavinte, am. buttcris
Pules, «iH. pointing the thumb

in contempt
P4llo, am. tenesmus, violent

desire, jfow^or, slowly
PulcritAd, tf. pulchritude
PAlcro, era. a. bcautiftil
Ptilga,<r. a flea
PulgMa, if. an inch
PulgKr, am. thumb, shooiu

Pulgarida, if. ftllip, pindi
Pulgdn, Ml. vlne-fire«tcr
Pulgbeo, sa. a. full of flees
Pulgu^ra, <f. place abound-
ing with fleas, tlea>woit
Pulicto,**!. pelican, instru-
ment for drawing teeth
Pulictfria, if. flea-wort
PullcU, if. police
Pulidtfro, am. polisher
PuUdtfz y Pnlid«xa, ^f. neat-

Pulido, da. a. neat
Puliddr, Ml. polisher
PuUmentir, va. to ^Uas
PuUm^to, am. polish
PuUr, va. to poU«h, adom ;

vr. to be polished
PAlla, if. loose obscene ex-

nremion, kind of eagle
Pulmdn, am. hings
Pulmoniria, if. lungwort
Pulmonfa,^. pulmonary oon-

PnlmnnUco, ca; y Polmo-

Mirio, ria. e. puhnooary
Pdlpa, if. pulp

Pulp^Jo, *m. tlie fleshy pro-
minence of the fingcn op-
posite to the nails


l*ropi^nda, <f. list naikdte
Uw tides of a qoUttng or
tidrrlng frame
irio, m. a.

ProptoUrio, . .

tan ; «. proprieui;
Propiirtizlo, CHI. imprietor
VtojptnM, if. pruKiit
Proptn^, w. to inTit* to

stance vhh which bees
cwtr their htiHa bcfoc
th«7 begin to work
ftgwaied tfr, ra. t. propoaer
PiufMiu^ntef fu- |iiu|tuMi
Piopootfr, «a. to pcopotet re>

ProfMteiible, «. propoubie
Pro|<<areWn» tf. propoit en
PMpordaaAUe, a.propartlon-

ftqpcaic i cBido^ da. «. pro<

Propovciontfl, m. proportional
P r inw i he nltiWd , ^. V. Prv-

■ voparciendri w* to pmpor-
uaOyadhiBt; vr.toprcpan

PlQpoirfcldn, if, propodtkn,
prtiMMl, opmkn

PrafMMtO. Ml.


Prottfyco, ca. a.proMdc
Proecteio, tm. proiceniiun
ProKTibir, ra. to proKribe
Proscripcldn, «/*. proscription
Prosecucidn, if. proaecution
ProMgun>le, a. portuable
Proacgotmifota. '"•. V. Pn-

Pnmtmtr, ra. to portne
ProetfUto, tm. proselyte
Proterintc, tm. purtoiTant
Pros&ta, tm. author who

writes hi prose, prattler
Protiu, if. short discourse

and in prose
Prosddia,4f. prosody, loqua-
city, poetry
ProMpografia, if, description

of a person's phyhiognomy
Prosopop^ya, if. pcrsaoifica-

tion, spliendor
Protp^to, tm. provpectus
Prospcr<r, va. to prosper ;

vn. to be prosperous
Prosperidid, if. prospoity


Protomedicito, tm. tribunal
or college of king's pbysi-
dans, office of a lirst or

royal physician

-'-, if. proposal, r

don, qipucatlon

,PwipiiMi<iiilo,w>i. tann

Pnvtfsa y Prapulsido.

the act of repdUng

repelling the

, J. V. Promdtu
Frdn, if. avow of a ship

PrasUtucidn, 4/*. prostitntion
Prottttoir, va. to prooitute
Prostitata, ^. pnwtitute
Proitfais, if. fint piece of a

dramatic poem
Proceocidn, if. protection
Protcctdr, ra. t. protector
Protectorla, </*. protectorship
Protectoilo, ria. a. relating to

a protector
Proc^ctrlz y Protecujra, if.

Prottg6r, va. to protect
Protdrria y Proterridid, if.

Prot^rvo, va. a. stnbboni

Prottea, if. protest

Protestaddn, if. protcsution,
threat, menace

Protcstinte, tm. Protestant

PiMcstir, ra. to gire a so-
lemn declaration of opi-
nioo, assure, threaten

ProtwtatlTo, va. «. that which

ProCdato, tm. protest of a

Protoalbtfytar, mi. first or
chief Tctertaary Borgeon

Protoalbeytartfto, mi. tribu-
nal fbr oarahilng veteri-
nary surgeons prcrioua to
licensing them to practise

ProtocoUr y Protocolouir, va.
to place in the protocole

Protocdlo, Ml. a Judicial re*


Ml. first phy-

Protonotirio, mi. prothono-

Prototfpo, Ml. prototype
Protubcranda, if. protober-

Provtfcho, tm. profit, profi-
ciency, iki^ii pronecko,
much good may it do you
ProTcchoso, sa. a. profitable
ProT^cto, ta. a. advanced in

yean or other things
Proveeddr, ra. *. purveyor
ProveedAria, if. storehouse
Proved, va. to supply with
provisions, diqKMe, decree,
rainlMer; vr. to ease the
Provcfdo, Ml. Judgement
ProvelmMnto, mi. supply
Pnivena, if. provine
Provenltete, pa. proceeding
Provenfr, vn. to arise
Prov^to, Ml. product, rent
Proverhiadtir, tm. collector of

Pioverbijll, a. proverbial
Proverbiir, vn. to use pro-

ProvArbio, mi. proverb, pro-
phecy. ProvenMot, book ci

Proverbltta, if. one attached

to the use of proverbs
Providtecia, if. Providence,

Divine Providence; state

or order of things
Providenciil, a. providential
Provldcnciir, va. to ordain
Provid^nte, «. provident
Prdvldo. da. a. provident
Provlncia, if. province
Provinciil, a. provincial
Provindil, mi. provincial.

ProvindaUto. mi. place, dig-

ni^, or office or a provm-

Provinciino, na. a. y #• na-
tive of Qttipuzcoa

ProviftUn, if. store of provi-
sions collected for use, de-

cree issued by Mine Spa-
nish tribunals in the king's
name, act of conferring
■ome employment
Provisional, a. provLttonal
Proviio o al Proviso, ud. ui>on
the spot



Prodicltfn, tf. proditkm
Prodigalidid. ^f. prodigality
Prodigir, va. to waste
ProdifUddr, «m. prognotti-

Prodlgio, «m. prodigy
Prodifidto, M. a. prodiiriout
Pnhligo, ga. a. prodigj
Proditdrio, rla. a. tmltoroiu
Produccidn, ^. prodnction
Productotc, ps. generating
Producible, «. producible
Produciddr, ra. t, producer
Prodocfr, no. to produce
ProductlYo, va, a. prodnctiTe
ProdiVcto, nn, product
Pro^Jtfr, vm, to row a{,

the wind or current, re*i»t
Protfl, «m. the fore or head-

moM nut of a ship
Proemial, a. pnemiiil
Protfinio, num proem
Pro^ca, «/*. prowos
Profiuiacitfn, 4f. pro&nation
ProAnaddr, ra. t. fvabna
Proftntfr, m. to profime

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