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3. First line of title read " Louisianes " instead of " Louisiones."

Under "Map" second word should be "du" and second line should
read "Etendu Par F. ois Perrin du Lac L'An 1802."

5. In title second "1804" should be "1805."

7. The collation is correct except that at end of second line 13 (i) should
be 53 (i) but I submit a better one.

Port. Pike, title, with copyright on reverse, 2 leaves to the public, one
leaf ded; Part I, 105 pp. of Journal, 5 leaves of Met. Ob. Part II, pp.
107-277 blank leaf, i leaf Met. Ob.; Appendix to Part I, 65 pp. with
recapitulation on reverse, Table C to face page 40, and F page 66;
Appendix to Part II, 53 pp. with table to face page 53, entitled a
Statistical Abstract, etc.; Appendix to Part III 87 pp.

a The maps described in the Atlas are,, usually bound with the text.

3:-n. noTts 4/ *> UA . 5-Hpttjt, V-VA-X. . , TV,

ii. Second paragraph of notes after April 2, 1811 insert with Manuel

14. The words, "London, Corresponding Member, etc.," belong on the line
above. Third line of notes "for" St. Charles should read "from."

15. Imprint of English translation should be "Redfield New York 1854."
1 6. For "Athebasca" in the notes read "Athabasca."

19. In notes "Pilsher" should be "Pilcher."

20. Collation should be XVI slip errata, 768 pp.

22. In title, in place of "Pittsburgs" read "Pittsburgh." In collation
first line the second figure 5 should not be in parenthesis and 422 should
be 442; fourth paragraph of notes, seventh line, after "up to this
point" insert "i. e., the arrival of James."

23. In notes in place of "Manda" read "Mandan."

28. In collation change "21 " plates to "31."

In notes fifth line change "1820" to "1830" and last line change
"Hawaii" to "Havana."

29. First line of title read "Extrait" in place of "Evtrait." In notes
fourth paragraph in place of "Beachey" read "Beechey."

33. In notes first line, change "233" to "283."

34. In notes third line, in place of "April 16, 1813. He" read "April 16,
1817, he." Next line in place of "January i " read "June i."

37. First word should be "Message."


4i. In place of "Missouri Engineer" read "Missouri Enquirer."
46. Collation first line, change "232" to "272."

48. Collation at end of first line strike out "and" and next line change
"326 "to "336."

50. In notes near the end change "October 18, 1834," to "October 18, 1833."

55. In notes change "264" to "268" and "Vol. 37" to "Vol. 33."

56. In notes last line, place of "Greek" read "Creek."

61. In notes in place of " Fontennelle " read " Fontenelle."

62. In collation, 5-32 (i) should be 5-23 (i).

63. In notes, last line, in place of "best" read "that."

66. In collation in place of "5-87" read "1-87."

67. In title "Maximilian" should precede "Prinz." After 2 vols. add
"and atlas."

69. In notes change "In 1839" to "1 J 838" and in second paragraph
change "Repport" to "Rapport."

72. In imprint change "January" to "Janvier."

73. Change collation to 122 pp., Leaf of Postscript, leaf of contents and
Errata; map.

76. In notes, first line of second paragraph, change "B" Lyman to "Dr.
Lyman," and add at end " from Sante Fe."

78. Strike out words "signed John Bidwell." The author's name occurs
in the Publisher's Preface. At the end "12" should be "52."

79. In notes change 197-226 to "199-226" and in place of "Jackenham"
read "Packenham."

80. In title before "Map" insert "New" and change "Yuccatan" to

8 1. In notes, second line of second paragraph, change "for St. Louis" to
"from St. Louis."

86. Under "map" last line after 1843 insert "engraved by."

89. New collation, title, 3 leaves of preface, leaf sub-title Book I, 13-252,
then as printed.

90. After Sept. 16, in place of "Bocanezras" read " Bocanegras."
92. In collation, change "recto" to "reverse."

94. Under Map in place of " Californians " read " Californias." In notes,
second paragraph, strike out 347.

95. In notes, second line, in place of "Prena" read "Prince."


97- In title, in place of "Comanche" read "Camanche."
99. In imprint in place of "Adam" read "Richard."
i oo. In notes, second paragraph before "wandered" insert "the Indians."

103. In collation, begin, Title, 3-4 of Preface, and at end of line strike out
"Ban & McD." In title insert before "California Emigrants" the
words "Oregon and."

104. In notes, first line, change "210-217" to "214-217." Second para-
graph change "animal" to "annual."

107. Under "Map" in place of "reduced" read "Conducted."

112. In notes, last sentence of last paragraph refers to the paintings men-
tioned in preceding paragraph.

1 20. After collation and before "Map" insert "Reprinted by James in 1848
in pp. XII, 407 with steel portraits of Price and Doniphan, and a map."

121. In title change "Clameth" to "Clamet" and "Chinooc Jagon" to
"Chinook Jargon;" in imprint "J. H." to "J. A."

129. Imprint should be "St. Louis: Mo. Republican, etc."

130. Between "Map" and "Contents" there should be placed the second
paragraph on page 72 beginning, "the H. R. also printed." Under
Contents in place of "title and preface" read, "title, letter and sub-
title"; in place of "John Torey" read "John Torrey"; change "41 1-416"
to "415-416" and before "W. G. Peck" insert "J. W. Abert and."
In last paragraph in place of "rivers" read "ruins."

135. In title, "Furman" should be "Farman." "Maps" should be "Map."

139. First word should be "Mission."

140. First word "Reports" should be "Report;" "25th of February" should
be "21 February."

142. In title "Latre" should be "Lettre."

143. In imprint "West" should be "New."

144. In notes, third line, strike out "his brother."

148. In collation, second volume, strike out the "V" before "IX."

149. In imprint "St. Louis, Mo." follows publisher's name Halsall.

151. In imprint "New Albany, Ind.," should follow publisher's names before
date in cover title.

154. In title change word "Terrific" to "Terrible."

155. In collation after "title" instead of IV, should be "leaf list of ill."
157. In notes "Brady" should be "Bradley."


161. In title, "Region" should be "Regions."

162. First word of title should be "Narrative."

164. In title, first line, in place of " Topographicas " should read "Topo-

1 68. In title, after "Aldrich," insert "Late of."

169. Under Map, first line "Etal" should be "Etat."

175. In collation change "3-93 (i) " to " 1-93 (i)."

176. In title, the word "Route" is misspelled "Routf," and in the notes
in place of word "issued" read "used."

177. In place of title as given read "Illustrated Notes of an Expedition
through Mexico and California By J. W. Audubon"; also in Collation
pp. "1-47" should be "1-48" and in the imprint, "24" Liberty St.
should be "34." In notes in place of "Saltella" read "Saltillo" and
"Abbott" "Abbatt."

181. Under notes in place of "Disturnett" read " Disturnell."

182. In title in place of "Gunnicon" read "Gunnison."

187. Under Contents in place of "35" plates read "34," also Baird's initials
should be "S. F."

190. In place of "St. Louis Journal" read "Western Journal."

197. After "1854" insert "Vol. XI, pp. 84-96."

198. First line of title read "Explorations." In notes first line of last para-
graph read " Parry " in place of " Perry."

201. In notes change the dates "1830" and "1832" to "1820" and "1822,"

205. In collation read "IV, 162" in place of "IV-i62."

210. First line of title change " Rivers " to " Ruins."

213. In notes "Jan. ist" should be "June ist."

215. In collation "342" pp. should be "324."

216. In title read "Nauvoo" in place of "Nuavoo."

217. Collation should be "116 (i)."

218. In notes, first line of page 109 put period after "63".

220. Under contents, second paragraph beginning " Map " is misplaced, as
it belongs after the collation of the 4 edition (2d paragraph of the

221. First paragraph of notes, strike out "and" after "87-10x3."

222. Under contents first line "5-64" should be "5-65."


223. In collation of first edition, strike out "title" before "53 pp."
229. In collation, "342" should be "432."

234. Proper title Message of the President. . . . Communicating in com-
pliance ... a copy of the report and maps of Captain Marcy of his
explorations of the Big Witchita and head waters of the Brazos rivers.
March 25, 1856 Referred.
Message dated March 20, and Marcy's report N. Y., January 15, 1855.

237. In notes "the small map of Arizona, etc." belongs to the preceding item
"Report of Frederick Brunckow."

238. In title of the 1868 Journal change "Accounting" to "According."

239. In collation "VII" should be "VIII."

240. The proper title of the second map is " Reconnoisances in the Dakota
Country by G. K. Warren."

247. In collation "138" shall be "183" and in the title strike out "of"
before "Suffering."

254. First line of title read "Reise" instead of "Raise," and under "Map"
of the English edition change "Maldwin" to "Baldwin."

256. In notes "Charles K" should be "Charles D."

263. In first line of title read "Exploration" instead of "Expedition."

268. "Abigail Duniway" should be "Abigail J. Duniway."

283. Report calls for I map only.

284. Collation 2-1 1 should be " 2 leaves."

292. First map should be "Gilpin's Hydrographic Map of N. A."
294. Under the second map "Across" should be "Also."
296. In collation in place of "1-16" read "1-18."

298. Correct spelling as follows: Geographic Histoire, Coutumes, gravures,
and in the imprint change "Denut" to "Dentu." "Dussee" to "Dres-
see" and "Hiram" to "Hyrum." In collation of Eng. edition change
"VIII" to "VII."

301. In title change "Mining" to "Mines." Imprint should read Denver
City, J. T.: Published by the Rocky Mountain News Printing Co.,

Collation should be 8, 55 (i), 57-132 Guide to the Mines, Miscella-
neous information and adv. At end is a supplementary leaf.

303. In collation "15 other" should be " 17 other."

304. In title change "Snade" to "Snake" and in notes "G. M. Abbott"
should be "G. W. Abbott," and "H. I. Wallen, H. D. Wallen."

305. One of the 10 plain plates is colored.

311. There are 3 maps.

313. In imprint "Geary" should be "Gray."

316. "O. J." should be "Ovando J." and imprint and collation from a per-
fect copy as follows:

Denver, C. T. Thos. Gibson & Co., Publishers, 1863 12 178 pp. P. P.
W. Same title.

319. In imprint for "Cauttey" read "Cautley," and for 261 pp. of Vol*
II read 313.

324. The imprint on the wrapper is Sinclair Tousey without the period.
327. After cover title strike out "and."

330. First line of title "de" should be "du."

331. In the imprint, the words "Saint Paul, Minn." should follow publisher's

333. In collation 2-n of adv. should be 2 leaves and in 1866 edition 7 pp.
should be 7 leaves.

345. After Maps insert "slip errata."
348. In notes "Smart" should be "Stuart."








Also, an Account of each Tribe of Indians, Description
of the Country passed through each day,
Quality of Soil, &c., &c.,
















This bibliography limited to original editions of original
narratives is made up from a catalogue of my own books
together with my "Wants." The origin of a collection is
always of interest to other collectors so some reminiscences
of my book collecting may not be out of order.

Being engaged in the metallurgical industry, my interest
in the history of mining and metallurgy was early awakened,
and I began to gather books on these subjects in 1892, my
first purchase being made in one of the stalls of the Seminario
in the City of Mexico, in October of that year. This subject
engrossed more and more of my attention, and during my
residence in Colorado, where I was at that time living, quite
a few of the works described in this book relating to the gold
discoveries in California and the Rocky Mountains were
obtained. Several trips to Chile, from 1898 to 1902, enlarged
my metallurgical collection, especially the Spanish part of it,
and by the year 1903, when I removed to London, I had
managed to get together a very interesting collection.

London proved to be a very poor market, except for
English works on English mining and metallurgy, and this
field being speedily exhausted, my interest was extended to
the precious metals in their functions as a medium of
exchange and as a measure of value, and so I formed a
collection of economics, now at Yale University.

My residence in London, up to January, 1907, served to
confirm me in a book collecting habit, and during my subse-
quent residence in Mexico, from 1907 to 1915, I not only
enlarged my collection of early mining books but extended its
scope to include the Fur trading era, Overland Emigration
and Exploration, and at the same time formed another inde-
pendent collection of Mexican history, largely relating to the
early history of those portions of the United States which
were formerly Mexican provinces.

I have always had a weakness for what I call pioneer
books, the early books descriptive of the United States west
of the Alleghany Mountains, and I originally hoped to be
able to secure a collection embracing this entire territory.
This, however, is naturally a very large undertaking, and the

rarity and very high prices ruling for many of these books
have prevented me from obtaining anything like a complete
collection, so that in deciding to print this bibliography I
have omitted all those works which treated of the country
east of the Missouri River, confining it to a section which can
be treated as a whole. I have also omitted all works of a
local nature dealing with the Pacific Slope, as this section has
been very satisfactorily covered by Mr. Cowan in his bibliog-
raphy of California.

It would be difficult to satisfy everyone with my reasons
for the inclusion of various works, or exclusion of others, or
for limiting it to the period embraced between the years 1800
and 1865, so I will simply say in this connection that my
choice has been reached after considerable thought, and for
what seems to me good and sufficient reasons.

The chief difficulty that I have had has been with the
notes, as it is easy to say too much or too little, and I cannot
claim that the result is indicative or any very strict adherence
to any fixed principle. Many of the books have been de-
scribed before, so in such case I have avoided any prolixity,
giving most attention to the more unknown books.

Newspapers and magazines are not within the scope of this
bibliography, nevertheless I have noticed a few articles in the
magazines and newspapers, and especially in the notes will be
found many references to Niles' Register. This indispensable
work is both inaccurately and inadequately indexed, so having
gone over it pretty thoroughly and making extensive notes as
to references, I thought it would add to the interest of my
book to include them, insofar as they can be adopted as notes
to any particular book described.

The great source for the early history of the plains and the
Rocky Mountains existed in Missouri newspapers, those
printed at St. Louis, Boonville, Independence, and Liberty.
With the exception of the Gazette and Republican of St.
Louis, of which an almost complete file is now in the posses-
sion of the Missouri Historical Society, the other local news-
papers have largely disappeared, and we know them chiefly
by extracts in Niles' Register.

The early magazines, so far as I have investigated them
down to 1840, contain very little about the far West, either
fact or fiction. The romantic side of mountain life seems to
have appealed very little to the public, what little interest

there was displayed being confined to the political and com-
mercial side of the fur trade and the Indian questions of the

Much care has been bestowed upon the various Govern-
ment publications of exploration ; the books in themselves
deserve it, and in the second place they are frequently
inaccurately collated in the standard bibliographies. It is
astonishing how many copies of these various Government
publications in circulation are defective ; it apparently having
been the habit of the people in possession of them to extract
maps or plates.

Another feature which I think is of some value will be
found in the descriptions of the maps where the same were
issued with books ; my object being to furnish the title of
the book, or, lacking the title, a description sufficient to
identify it as the proper and correct one.

The references are to standard bibliographies and the
abbreviations used I trust require no explanations, but it may
be well to state that:

P. P. means privately printed.

P. P. W. means printed paper wrappers.

Where Hasse is referred to reference is made to Adelaide
R. Hasse's "Reports of Explorations Printed in Documents of
the United States Government, Washington, 1899", a very
useful if somewhat incomplete work.

The star in front of a number indicates that the book,
pamphlet, or article, so numbered, is not in my possession.

Mr. J. J. Hill, of the University of California, has seen
this through the press and has made the index.

April, 1920.
Berkeley, California.



Voyages From Montreal, On The River St. Laurence,
Through The Continent Of North America, To The Frozen
And Pacific Oceans; In the Years 1789 and 1793. With A
Preliminary Account Of The Rise, Progress And Present
State Of The Fur Trade Of That Country. Illustrated
with Maps. By Alexander Mackenzie, Esq.

London : Printed For T. Cadell, Jun. MDCCCI.

4 half title, title, pp. VIII; CXXXII ; 412; Err. (2)
3 maps, portrait Mackenzie.

Map of America between latitudes 40 and 70 north, and
longitude 45 and 180 west.

Map of Mackenzie Track from Ft. Chipewyan to the
North Sea.

Map of Mackenzie Track from Ft. Chipewyan to the
Pacific, 1793.

In 1916 the Champlain Society published the journals of David
Thompson, edited by J. B. Tyrrell. These journals comprise a
period more extensive than that covered by Mackenzie's narrative
and is now the best record we have of the early days of the fur
trade in the Rocky Mountain region of British Northwest Amer-
ica. Besides being a fur trader Thompson was the astronomer of
the Northwest Company and make a map of the territory, the
accuracy of which has been highly praised by all subsequent
explorers. The map was a kind of continuing performance, new
discoveries being plotted on it from time to time but it was
pretty well completed by 1813-14. 1


A Narrative, or Journal, of Voyages and Travels Through
the North-West Continent of America, in the years 1789
and 1793. London, 1802.

12 91 pp. Plate.

This must be an extract from Mackenzie. I have never seen a
copy of it. *2


Voyage Dans Les Deux Louisiones, Et Chez Les Nations
Sauvages Du Missouri, par les Etats-Unis, 1'Ohio et les



Provinces qui le bordent, en 1801, 1802 et 1803; Avec un
apercu des Moeurs, des Usages, du Caractere et des Cou-
tumes religieuses et civiles des Peuples de ces diverses
Contrees. Par M. Perrin Du Lac.

A Paris, chez Capelle et Renand . . . Et, a Lyon, chez
Bruysset aine et Buynand, 1805.

8 Half title and title; Leaf Ded. ; X, 479 pp. map and
Plate of the Mammoth.

Carte De Missouri Levee ou Rectifiee dans toute son
Etendu Par. Fois. Perin du Las. I'An 1802.

In Chapter 24 Perrin du Lac gives an account of a trading
expedition up the Missouri to the Kansas, up the Kansas 240
miles and return and up the Missouri to the Riviere Blanche; St.
Louis May 18, 1802, and returning there September 20th. Besides
the Osages & Kansas Indians, he visited the Otoes on the Platte,
and the Republican Pawnees further up the same river. He says
there was an old fort of the "Company of the High Missouri"
opposite the mouth of the Platte. Continuing up the Missouri
they found the Mahas. At the L'Eau qui Court (3 miles distant)
they found the Poncas. At the Riviere Blanche they found a vil-
lage of Cheyennes of 120 men, most of whom he says had never
before seen a white man.

In chapters 25 and 26 he gives an account of the Missouri fur
trade in which he says the traders go only to the Ricaras ; and
that the Mandans, Cheyennes and Minnetares participate very
little in the trade, receiving most of their goods from other
Indians. Chapters 29-40 contain an extensive account of the
Indians of the Upper Missouri, including the Mandans, Sioux,
Gros-Ventres and Cheyennes. He places the Cheyennes chiefly
on the Cheyenne River, which he says rises in the Rocky Moun-
tains and speaks of the Kiowas as their allies hunting the same
country. Also refers to the Assiniboines and the Yellowstone
River. He says in chapter 24 that he obtained most of his infor-
mation on this subject from an old French trader who accom-
panied him, an old employee of the "Company of the High Mis-
souri," who had gone up the river further than any one else and
had passed many years there. This man, under a promise of re-
ward from the Spanish Government officials, for information on
unknown nations, had presented various memoirs of real value,
but as happened to all similar memoirs, his labors were lost for
lack of attention to them.

Perrin du Lac claims to haxe extracted the most essential
details from those memoirs in the archives., his informant prob-
ably being Pierre Menard. 3


Message From The President Of The United States,
Communicating Discoveries Made In Exploring The Mis-
souri, Red River And Washita, By Captains Lewis And
Clark, Doctor Sibley, And Mr. Dunbar; With A Statisti-


cal Account Of The Countries Adjacent. February 19, 1806.

Printed by order of the Senate. City of Washington : A.
& G. Way, Printers, 1806.

8 pp. 171, (7); folding tables facing 31, 35.

Map of the Washita River in Louisiana from the Hot
Springs to the Confluence of the Red River and the Mis-
sissippi laid down from the Journal and Survey of Wm.
Dunbar, Esq., in the year 1804, by Nicholas King.

This map which is very rare, was republished in Documents
Relating to the Purchase and Exploration of Louisiana. Boston,

The above is the first issue.

Also New York: G. F. Hopkins, 1806, in 128 pp. and folded leaf.

Also Natchez: "With an Appendix by Mr. Dunbar." Printed by
Andrew Marshall 8 174 pp. (not seen). Only one copy of this
Natchez edition has appeared in ten years to my knowledge.

Sabin notes the Washington edition of 1806 in 180 (8) pp. and
map, but I have not seen it.

Sabin also gives the N. Y. edition as with 178 pp. in which
error he was followed by E. Coues. He cites two N. Y. editions,
also, no doubt, in error due to the imprint, "Printed by Hop-
kins and Seymour, and sold by G. F. Hopkins, etc."

There is very little of Lewis & Clark in this work but
abundant and valuable information regarding the trans-Missis-
sippi, much of it the first reliable and authentic information im-
parted to the Americans regarding this region; especially can this
be said of the Sibley & Dunbar narratives. 4


A Journal Of The Voyages And Travels Of A Corps Of
Discovery, Under The Command of Capt. Lewis And Capt.
Clarke Of The Army Of The United States, From The
Mouth Of The River Missouri Through The Interior Parts
Of North America To The Pacific Ocean, During the Years
1804, 1804 and 1806. Containing An Authentic relation of
the most interesting transactions during the expedition,
A description of the country, And an account of its in-
habitants, soil, climate, curiosities and vegetable and animal
productions. By Patrick Gass, One Of The Persons Em-
ployed In The Expedition. With Geographical And Ex-
planatory Notes By The Publisher. (Copywright Secured
According To Law).

Pittsburgh: Printed by Zadok Cramer, For David
M'Keehan, Publisher and Proprietor . . . 1807.

12 VIII; (2) 11-262 pp.

1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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