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This well written book contains a very good account of the
prairie and mountain region with many accounts of the author's
own experiences from 1850 to 1855, as well as a history of the
Santa Fe trade and descriptions of the Santa Fe trail. 233


Report on an exploration of the Big Wichita and the
headwaters of the Brazos River, made in 1854.


[Washington: 1856.] (34 Cong., 1 Sess. Sen. Ex. Doc.

8 48 pp. Map.

Not seen. *234


The Territories of Kansas And Nebraska: Being An Ac-
count Of Their Geography, Resources, And Settlements,
.... By Joseph F. Moffette, Late of Governor Stevens'
Overland Expedition. Accompanied By Elaborate Maps.

New York: J. H. Colton & Co., .... 1856.

18 84 pp., 24 pp. adv., 2 maps.

Nebraska and Kansas, Pub. By J. A. Colton & Co

1856. (Eastern part only showing counties).

[Another with same title showing territory and the
Rocky Mountains.]

Moffette gives a good description of the upper Missouri coun-
try, no doubt from personal knowledge. 235


Notes Taken During The Expedition Commanded By
Capt. R. B. Marcy, U. S. A., Through Unexplored Texas,
In the Summer and Fall of 1854. By W. B. Parker, At-
tached to the Expedition.

Philadelphia: Hayes & Zell, .... 1856.

12 XII, 9-242 pp.

Parker was a civilian friend of Marcy's and went for the ad-
venture. The object of the expedition was to locate an Indian
reserve in N. W. Texas for the Indians in the State of Texas.
Party left Ft. Smith June 1st, Dr. G. G. Shumard of Ft. Smith
accompanying them. They proceeded via Ft. Washita to the
Little Wichita, and the headwaters of the Brazos, where the sur-
vey was made on Cleav Fork. Returned to Ft. Smith Oct. 15th.



Report Of The Sonora Exploring and Mining Co., Made
To The Stockholders, December, 1856.

Cincinnati: Railroad Record Print. 1856.
8- 43, (1) pp., 4 views, 4 maps.

The company occupied as headquarters in Arizona the old pre-
sidio of Tubac which had been occupied up to the transfer of the
territory. Herman Ehrenberg, the engineer and surveyor of the


company, was the most active explorer in the Southwest. He drew
three of the above mentioned maps, the other being reduced from
the western part of Gray's map attached to the "Survey of a
Route for the Southern Pacific R, R." The report contains extracts
from C. D. Poston's report of a trip from El Paso to Tubac.

Same September, 1857. Cincinnati : Railroad Record Print.
1857. 8 24 pp., 3 views, same general map as in the 1856 report.

Same, Second Annual Report Cine.. 1858. 8 16 pp. Gives

some account of the Crabb filibustering expedition.

Same, Third Annual Report, made in March, 1859. New York :
W. Minns & Co. 1859. 8 30 pp.

Same, Fourth Annual Report March. 1860. New York :

W. Minns & Co. 1860. 8 18 pp.

Same, Report of Frederic Brunckow .... also a letter from
Herman Ehrenberg, etc. Cine. Railroad Record .... 8 Front.,
47 pp.

Same, Small map of Arizona or the Gadsden Purchase, with the
Position of its Silver mines 1859.

During these operations the first newspaper in Arizona, the
Arizonian, was started at Tubac. In this pamphlet Brunckow who
was killed by the Apaches later, in 1859, gives an historical account
of his career and this mining enterprise, the first American mining
enterprise in the Southwest.

Elliott's History of Arizona gives a few details of Ehrenberg' s
career obtained from C. D. Poston who says Ehrenberg came with
him to Arizona first in 1854 from Sonora. Bancroft, in his Pioneer
Register to his History of California, says Ehrenberg went over-
land to Oregon in 1844. In 1847 he arrived at the Sandwich
Islands from California, and according to Bancroft came to Cali-
fornia just before or during the gold rush in 1848. He was killed
by an Indian at Dos Palos in the Mojave Desert in 1866. But
little is known of his early career except that he took part in the
Texas revolution in 1836 and wrote a book about it. See Raine's
Bibl. of Texas for a note about him. He was a great map maker.
I have several published by him in San Francisco before 1860.



Incidents Of Travel To California, Across The Great
Plains ; Together With The Return Trips Through Central
America and Jamaica ; To Which Are Added Sketches Of
The Author's Life. By John Udell.

Jefferson, Ohio: Printed For The Author At The Sen-
tinel Office, 1856.

12 VIII, 9-302 pp., 1 leaf errata. Port. Udell.

Started May 1, 1850, from Davis Co., Iowa, and went by Coun-
cil Bluffs, Ft. Laramie, Ft. Bridger, Salt Lake, Humboldt River,
Carson Valley and arrived at Placerville August 29th. Went
home in 1851 via the Nicaragua route. May 5, 1852, started again
for California from Missouri. Crossed the Missouri at Trader's
Point at the Plattsville Ferry. Went up the Platte, passed Ft.
Laramie, Ft. Bridger, Salt Lake, the Humboldt, Carson Valley
and arrived at Placerville Sept. 20. In 1853 returned via Panama.


April 24, 1854, started again for California from Missouri via
Council Bluffs, followed practically the same road as the former
trip and arrived at Placerville October 3rd. In 1855 returned to
the States again.

Udell was a Baptist clergyman, born June 22, 1775, in James
St., New York City. The family kept moving West and finally
landed in Ashtabula Co., Ohio, and Udell lived at Jefferson and
after various moves landed in Missouri and then back to Ohio

The book, besides a long account of his restless wanderings,
contains articles on California, the Constitution of the U. S.,
Central America, etc., Salt Lake and the Mormons and the Pacific

Udell made another trip in 1858-9 of which he published an
extended account:

Journal Of John Udell, Kept During A Trip Across The
Plains, Containing An Account Of The Massacre Of A
Portion Of His Party By The Mohave Indians, In 1859.
[Entered Accounting to Act of Congress].

Jefferson : Ashtabula Sentinel Steam Press Print. 1868.

8 47 pp. incl. title and a portrait of Udell on reverse of
47. P. P. W., with same title.

This time he went by the Santa Fe Trail and was obliged to
spend the winter of 1858-9 at Albuquerque. In the spring he went
by Beale's road through the Mohave to Los Angeles.

Very rare pamphlet. 238


Life, Explorations And Public Service of John Charles
Fremont. By Charles Wentworth Upham. With Illus-

Boston: Ticknor and Fields. MDCCCLVI.

12 Port. Fremont, Title V-VII, 9-355 (1) pp. 13 other
Plates, including Portrait of Carson.

Pages 273-300 contain an account of Fremont's fourth expedi-
tion, mostly contained in letters from Fremont: To Benton,
Bent's Fort, Nov. 17, 1848; to Mrs. Fremont, Taos, Jan. 27, 1849;
to Mrs. Fremont, Taos, Feb. 6, 1849; to Benton, Socorro, Feb. 24,
1849. Pages 327-332 contain short account of the fifth expedition
of 1853-4, including a letter from Fremont to Benton, dated
Parawan (Utah) Feb. 9, 1854.

Also a life by John Bigelow. New York, 1856. 8 X, 11-480,
Port, of Fremont and 111. In the Century for March, 1891, will
be found several articles on the Fremont explorations, including
one entitled "Rough Times In Rough Places. A Personal Nar-
rative of the terrible experiences of Fremont's fourth Expedition."
This is made up of the records and diary of Micajah McGehee, a
member of the expedition. The part printed records only the ex-
periences of the party after entering the mountains Nov. 26, 1848.


McGehee gives a long account of Bill Williams, who he says
was killed in the spring, together with Dr. Kern, while searching
for lost property. 239


Explorations In The Dakota Country, In The Year 1855.
By Lieut. G. K. Warren, Topographical Engineer of the
"Sioux Expedition."

Washington: A. O. P. Nicholson, Printer. 1856. (34th
Cong., 1st Sess. Senate Ex. Doc. 76).

8 Title, 79 pp., VI index and errata. 3 maps.

Section of map compiled in P. R. R. office .... designed
to illustrate Lt. Warren's Report of Military Reconnaisance
of the Dakota Country. Shows routes of Long, Nicolet,
Fremont & Capt. Stansbury.

Map giving location of different bands of Indians, etc.,
and Barometric Profile Fort Pierre to Fort Kearny.

Sketch of the Blue Water Creek, .... made by Warren.

No journal ; only general description of the route. The Sioux
expedition was under the orders of Gen. Harney, and took place
in the summer of 1855. 240


[Exploration for a road from Ft. Riley to Bridger's Pass,
.in 18561.

Letter of Francis T. Bryan, St. Louis, Feb. 19, 1857.

Report on the topography of the country between Lodge
Pole Creek, Cache la Poudre, and the South Platte, in Con-
nection with an exploration for a road from Fort Riley to
Bridger's Pass. By John Lambert. St. Louis, March 21,

Report of a Geological expedition from Fort Leaven-
worth to Bryan's Pass .... By H. Englemann, geologist
and mining engineer.

The last two papers are attached to the report of Bryan's who
was in charge of the party and together they form Appendix H,
pp. 455-520, of the Senate Ex. Doc. 11, 35 Cong., 1 Sess., or House
Doc. 2, same pagination.

This exploration occupied the summer of 1856 and Bryan's
diary is printed. Map not published. Appendix L, pp. 525, con-
sists of a letter from Capt. John H. Dickerson who located a road
from Omaha to new Ft. Kearney. The map was not published
with the report. 241



A Visit To Salt Lake; Being A Journey Across The
Plains And A Residence In The Mormon Settlements at
Utah. By William Chadnless.

London : Smith, Elder & Co., .... 1857.

12 XII, 346 pp. Map.

Map Showing The Author's Route. Standridge & Co.,
Lith., London.

Left Atchison as wagon driver in July, 1855, via Ft. Bridget
and arrived at Salt Lake about Nov. 1st. First 133 pp. devoted to
the trip. Part II gives an account of Salt Lake and the Mormons.
Jan., 1856, started for California via Fillmore, Cedar City, Las
Vegas, San Bernardino and Los Angeles, arriving in San Fran-
cisco by water Feb. 8th.

A very entertaining book. 242


El Gringo ; Or, New Mexico And Her People. By W. W.
H. Davis, Late United States Attorney.

New York : Harper & Brothers, .... 1857.

12 XII, 13-432 pp. Front; 12 other plates included in
the pagination. Plates by Col. Eaton & F. A. Percy of El

Davis left Independence Nov. 1st, 1853, by the Santa Fe trail.
He also made an excursion into the Navajo country in the sum-
mer of 1855. Besides a sketch of the history of New Mexico and
the first written by one who had access to the archives, it con-
tains practically a diary of Davis' stay. 243


United States And Mexican Boundary Survey. Report
Of William H. Emory Major First Cavalry and U. S. Com-
missioner. Volume I.

Washington: Cornelius Wendell, Printer. 1857. (34th
Cong., 1st Sess. House Ex. Doc. 135).

4 XVI, 258 pp., 2 maps, meteorological chart, profile
and geological section.

Part II Geological Reports of Doctor C. C. Parry and
Asst. Arthur Schott. Notes By W. H. Emory. Palaeon-
tology and Geology of the Boundary, By James Hall of
Albany, New York. Description of Cretaceous And Ter-
tiary Fossils, By T. A. Conrad, Esq.

VIII, 174 pp., 21 plates, eng. by J. E. Gavit & Dougal,


Maps to Part I:

Map showing magnetic observations.

Map Of The U. S. And Their Territories Between the
Mississippi and the Pacific Ocean and Part of Mexico.
Compiled from Surveys made under the order of W. H.
Emory, etc. By Thomas Jekyll, 1857-8.
Plates to Part I :

12 colored lithographs by Sarony, Major & Knapp ; 9
steel engravings, from scenes by Arthur Schott, Weyss and
Vaudricourt, engraved by James D. Smille (contains an en-
graved view of Monument Mt., page 96, not given in list
of plates); 66 outline sketches on 33 plates.

Map to Part II:

Map illustrating General Geological Features .... West
of the Mississippi River By James Hall, etc.

Vol. II, in 2 parts, was published in Washington, 1859. Part I
contains the Botany in 270 pp. with 61 plates, and the Coctacea in
78 pp. and 75 plates. An introductory, "View along the Gila,
Cereus Giganteus," not numbered nor included in the description.
Part II contains: Mammals, in 62 pp. with 27 plates; Birds in 32,
(1) pp. with 25 colored plates; Reptiles, in 35 pp. with 41 plates;
Ichthyology, in 85, II pp. with 41 plates.

The reports of Lieut. N. Michler and Dr. C. C. Parry embrace
most of the journal contained in this report as Emory does not
give his own but confines himself to observations on the business
of the Commission, the state of the country, Indians, etc. 244


Aus America, Erfahrungen, Reisen und Studien. Von
Julius Froebel. 2 Vols.
Leipzig: 1857-58.
8 XVI (1) 550; XVI, 616 pp.

Translated as : Seven Years' Travel In Central America,
Northern Mexico And The Far West Of The United States.
By Julius Von Froebel. With Numerous Illustrations.

London: Richard Bentley, .... MDCCCLIX.

8 XIV (2), 587 pp., 8 plates.

Went to Chihuahua in 1852 via Santa Fe trail, returning in
1853 via Presidio del Norte and San Antonio, Texas. Left Inde-
pendence Aug. 17th, arriving Chihuahua Nov. 23rd, 1853. Oct. 10th
again left New York by steamer and arrived at Galveston on the
25th. Arrived El Paso March 23, 1854 and following June started
for California via Santa Cruz and Tucson, down the Gila, and
arrived at Los Angeles Sept. 6th.

One of the most interesting of all books of travel through the
country. 245



Memoir Of The Proposed Territory Of Arizona. By
Sylvester Mowry, U. S. A., Delegate Elect.

Washington : Henry Polkinhorn, Printer. 1857.
8 30 pp. inc. title. Map.
Cover title same.

This memoir is sometimes catalogued with a map but I see no
evidence in it that any map was issued with it and conclude that
where one occurs, it is inserted probably from one of the Sonora
Exploring Go's, pamphlets. This is the most important work
dealing with the conditions in Arizona after the Gadsden Treaty
and before the Civil War.

Pages 29-30 embody a petition from residents to Congress pray-
ing for the erection of the Gadsden purchase into a territory.

A very valuable memoir by Mowry on the Indian tribes of
Arizona, dated Sept. 22, 1857, will be found on pp. 582-93 of the
Report of the Secretary of the Interior, 35 Cong., 1 Sess. Sen. Ex.
Doc. 11. 246


Captivity of The Oatman Girls Being An Interesting
Narrative of Life Among Apache and Mohave Indians :
Containing Also An Interesting account of the Massacre of
The Oatman Family, by the Apache Indians in 1851 ; the
narrow escape of Lorenzo D. Oatman ; the Capture of Olive
A. and Mary A. Oatman ; The Death by Starvation, of the
latter; the Five Years of Suffering and Captivity of Olive
A. Oatman; also her singular recapture in 1856; as given
by Lorenzo D. and Olive A. Oatman, the only survivors of
the family, to the author, R. B. Stratton.

San Francisco: Whitton, Towne & Co., .... 1857.

Cover title, regular title as follows :

Life Among The Indians : Being an Interesting Narrative
of the Captivity of the Oatman Girls, Among the Apache
and Mohave Indians. Containing [then to the end the same
as cover title].

12 IV, 5-138 pp. Illustrations including portrait of
Olive in the text.

The Oatman family formed part of a party organized in 1849
in Illinois to make a settlement near the junction of the Gila and
Colorado rivers. The expedition left Independence early in Aug-
ust, 1850, and traveled by the Santa Fe trail but did not go to-
Santa Fe ; instead they followed the Rio Grande to Socorro and
started over the Cook and Kearny route. Passed Tubac and
Tucson and arrived at the Pima Village February 16, 1851. The
massacre occurred about midway between here and Ft. Yuma,

This is the genuine original edition, only a few of which are in
existence in spite of the fact that in the preface to the second


edition Stratton says 5,000 copies were sold. The second edition
was published a few mnoths later in 12" 231 pp. Port. Olive and
small map occupy two leaves after the title (both included in the
pagination). Issued both in cloth and paper covers. 247


Diary of a trip from Fort Bridger, Utah Territory, via
Bridger's Pass and Laramie Plains to Fort Laramie, Ne-
braska Territory, by Mr. John Bartleson.

Pages 52-6 of The Report of the Secretary of War of
Dec. 6, 1858. 35 Cong., 2 Sess. Sen. Ex. Doc. No. 1.

The expedition took place in December, 1857. 248


Wagon Road From Fort Defiance To The Colorado
River. Letter From The Secretary of War Transmitting
The Report of the Superintendent, .... May 10, 1858.

[Washington: 1856.] (35th Cong., 1st Sess. House Ex.
Doc. 124).

8 87 pp. Map.


Preliminary Map of the Western 'Portion of the Recon-
naisance and Survey .... made by Capt. A. W. Whipple
in 1853-4. With additions, .... By E. F. Beale, Supt.

This is Scale's Report with Journal. Report dated Wash.,
April 26, 1858. Left San Antonio, Texas, June 25th. 1857, and went
through to Los Angeles, and returned during the winter to a
point near Ft. Defiance. Beale had the famous camels with him
on this trip. The route was by Ft. Clarke, Ft. Lancaster, Ft.
Davis, El Paso, up the Rio Grande to Albuquerque, thence over
a new road by Zuni to the mouth of the Mohave River and Ft.
Tejon. 249


The Utah Expedition, Containing a General Account of
the Mormon Campaign, With Incidents of Travel on the
Plains, Account of Indian Tribes, .... From Its Com-
mencement to the Present Time. By a Wagon-master of
the Expedition.

Cine.: 1858.

8 48 pp.

Not seen. *250



Five Years A Captive Among The Black-Feet Indians :
Or, A Thrilling Narration Of the Adventures, Perils and
Suffering Endured By John Dixon And His Companions,
Among The Savages Of The Northwest Territory Of North
America. Never Before Published. By Sylvester Crakes,

Columbus: Osgood & Pearce, Printers. 1858.

12 Front. VI, 7-224 pp., 4 other plates.

This is a romance, possibly based on some real captivity at a
much later date than the one fixed by Crakes.

See Dunn's "Oregon Territory," page 156, for a strange story
of one, Bird. 251


[Account of R. B. Marcy's March from Camp Scott to
New Mexico and return].

In Report of the Sec'y of War, pp. 187-201 of Sen. Ex.
Doc. 1, 35 Cong., 2 Sess.

This is a report of Marcy's, dated June 12, 1858, of the very in-
teresting expedition during the winter of 1857-8 to New Mexico
to procure animals. He crossed over to the Green River, taking
the southern route. On his return he passed up the east side of
the Rockies, by Fountain and Cherry creeks, and thence over to
the North Platte on the Laramie Plains. *252


Report From A Select Committee Of The House of Rep-
resentatives, On The Overland Emigration Route From
Minnesota To British Oregon. With An Appendix. 500
Copies Ordered Printed

Saint Paul : Earle S. Goodrich .... 1858.

8 100 pp., incl. title.

The report embraces pp. 3-6, the rest being appendices consist-
ing of various documents, including extracts from S'impson's
"Voyage Around The World, 1847." The object was to open a
route to the Frazer River mines.

Appendix No. II: Particulars of the gold discovery on Frazer
and Thompson rivers, and of emigration thither.

Appendix No. VII : Memoir of the Selkirk Settlement, by J.
A. Wheelock. 253


Tagebuch Einer Raise Vom Mississippi Nach Den Kiis-
ten Der Siidsee. Von Balduin Mollhausen.


Eingefiihrt Von Alexander Von Humboldt. (Vignette
Colorado River) Mit 13 Illustrationen ....

Leipzig: Herman Mendelssohn. 1858.

Large 4 Half title, leaf ded. to the King, 3 leaves list
subscribers, XIV of introduction, preface and contents;
new half title, 494 pp, 2 pp. explanation of map, 13 colored
plates, map, inscription on rock between 268-9, numerous
other illustrations in text.


Karte zu Balduin Mollhausen's Reise .... in lahre
1853-1854 .... Von Dr. Henry Lange.

A very beautiful book, translated into English by Mrs. Percy
Sinnett as:

Diary Of A Journey From The Mississippi To The
Coasts Of The Pacific With A United States Government
Expedition. By Baldwin Mollhausen, Topographical
Draughtsman And Naturalist To The Expedition. With
An Introduction By Alexander Von Humboldt And Illus-
trations In Chromo-Lithography. Translated by Mrs.
Percy Sinnett. In Two Volumes.

London : Longman, Brown, Green, .... 1858.

XXX (Incl. title and half title), (2) -pp., map of route,
352 pp., 6 colored plates; X pp. (incl. title and half title),
(2), 397 pp., 5 colored plates and 8 full woodcuts.


Map Illustrating Maldwin Mollhausen's Travels From
The Mississippi To The Coast Of The Pacific In the Years
1853-54. Eng. by Weller.

The colored plates of the original are reproduced reduced;
two tree plates appearing, however, as woodcuts.

This is a very interesting account of the Whipple expedition,
much more interesting than the official journal printed in the
Govt. quarto edition. *254


The Life And Adventures Of Kit Carson, The Nestor Of
The Rocky Mountains, From Facts Narrated By Himself.
By De Witt C. Peters, M. D., Late Assistant Surgeon, U.
S. A. With Original Illustrations, Drawn By Lumley, En-
graved by N. Orr & Co.

New York: W. R. C. Clark & Co MDCCCLVIII.

8 Title, leaf ded. to Col. St. Vrain, leaf letter endorse-
ment by St. Vrain & Beaubien, III-XII, 13-534 pp. Port.
Carson and nine other plates.


Peters was stationed for some time at Fort Massachusetts in
the San Luis Valley and there became very well acquainted with
Carson, from whom he learned many of the facts regarding his
career, the rest being obtained from printed documents, largely
Fremont's reports.

The book was also put out in 1859 with the same title (except
change of date) illustrations, etc. The only other changes I have
discovered consist in the names of Carson, St. Vrain & Beaubien
in the leaves of Dedication, being printed in facsimile of their
hand writing instead of ordinary trpe as in 1858.

Some time later Beadle & Co. published: The Life and Times
of Christopher Carson, the Rocky Mountain Scout and Guide, . . .
N. Y. and London : Beadle & Co. 12 Front., 94 pp. Compiled
chiefly from Peters & Fremont, by Edward S. Ellis. 255


Reid's Tramp; Or, A Journal Of The Incidents Of Ten
Months Travel Through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, So-
nora, and California. Including- Topography, Climate, Soil,
Minerals, Metals And Inhabitants ; With A Notice Of The
Great Inter-Oceanic Railroad. By John C. Reid.

Selma, Alabama : John Hardy & Co. 1858.

12 Title; leaf copy, and ded. ; 2 leaves of int., 9-237 pp.

Left Marion, Alabama, Sept. 1, 1857, with a party known as the
Mesilla Valley Company, for the purpose of exploring the Gads-
den purchase. Arrived at Ft. Bliss Nov. 15. At Ft. Thorne joined
forces with Major Lane. Feb. 8 arrived at Rancho De las Cala-
basos, a military outpost, apparently their destination. Charles K.
Poston had just arrived as agent for a Cincinnati company. In
March, 1857, Crabb arrived and Reid gives an account of the
origin and results of the expedition. Reid, himself, and the
party enlisted. Went to Tucson, April 22, and left for California
April 24. Visited San Diego. Spent a short time only in S. F.
and returned via Panama. 256

SMET, P. J. De

Cinquante Nouvelles Lettres Du R. P. De Smet, De La
Compagnie De Jesus Et Missionnaire En Amerique, Pub-
liees Par Ed. Terwecoren, de La Meme Compagnie.

Paris, Tournai : H. Casterman Editeur. 1858.
. 12 IX (1) incl. title and half title, 502 pp. and leaf

Contains an account of his visit to the Sioux Indians and the
Bad Lands in September and October, 1848. Leaving St. Louis
June 7, he went to Ft. Union by steamer. From there to Ft.
Laramie overland, where he attended the Grand Council of the
Indians in September, of which he gives a long account. On Sept.
25 he left on his return, overland via Ft. Kearny with Major
Fitzpatrick and arrived at St. Louis Oct. 22 via Westport.

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