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Salt Lake. After a short stay there he proceeded past Ft. Bridger
to Ham's Fork and Smith's Fork, returning to California in

An edition was published in Boston in 1860 identical except for
the title page and being printed on somewhat smaller paper. This
was sterotyped and printed by Houghton & Co., Riverside Press,
Cambridge, and published by Crosby, Nichols, Lee & Co. and may
therefore be the first issue, the plates being sent to S. F.

The plates are after sketches by Nahl, the celebrated S. F. art-
ist and they bear the inscription in addition, of Eastman &
Loomis, S. F. 288


Wagon Road Fort Smith To Colorado River. Letter of
the Secretary of War, Transmitting the report of Mr. Beale
relating to the construction of a wagon road from Fort
Smith to the Colorado River. March 9, 1860. Ordered

[Washington: I860.] (36 Cong., 1st Sess. House Ex.
Doc. 42).

8 91 pp. Map.



Map Showing The Route Of E. F. Beale From Fort
Smith, Ark., To Albuquerque, N. M. 1858-9. Lith. J. Bien,
N. Y.

Contains Beale's diary Ft. Smith to Albuquerque and thence to
the Colorado and back to Albuquerque ; J. R. Crump's letter, with
a sketch of a journey from Albuquerque to North Fork Town on
the Canadian; F. E. Engle's diary of the march back from the
Colorado to Albuquerque. Pages 76-91 consist of a detailed itin-
erary from Ft. Smith to the Colorado River. Beale's Report
dated Chester, Pa., Dec. 15, 1859. 289


The Indian Captive: A Narrative of the Adventures
and Sufferings of Mathew Brayton, in his thirty-four years
of Captivity among the Indians of North-western America.

Cleveland, O. 1860.

12 68 pp.

From the sale catalogue of the Field Library which is the only
reference that I have seen to it, nor have I been able to locate a
copy and therefore only conjecture that it belongs in this list.



Topographical Memoir of the Command against the
Snake Indians, under Major E. Steen, United States Dra-
goons, in the Summer of 1860. By Brevet Second Lieut.
Joseph Dixon, United States topographical Engineer.

In the Report of the Secretary of War, pages 528 et. seq.,
37 Cong., 2 Sess. Sen. Doc. 1, vol. 2.

Map Showing the Routes traveled by the Command of
Maj. E. Steen, U. S. Dragoons, Against the Snake Indians
in 1860, by Lieut. Joseph Dixon, drawn under direction of
Capt. G. Thorn.



The Central Gold Region. The Grain, Pastoral, And
Gold Regions of North America. With Some New Views
of Its Physical Geography ; And Observations on the Pacific
Railroad. By William Gilpin, Late of the United States
Army. Illustrated By Maps.

Philadelphia: Sower, Barnes & Co 1860.

8 XII, 13-194 pp., 6 maps.

Gilpin Hydraulic Map of N. A.


Hydrographic Map of the Mountain Formation of N. A.

Map of the World Exhibiting the Isothermal Zodiac, etc.

Map of the Gold and Silver Region of Pike's Peak, Sierra
San Juan and La Plata.

Map of the South Pass of N. A. Proposed Great Conti-
nental R. R.

Map of the Basin of the Mississippi.

Gilpin first crossed the plains in 1843 to Oregon, returning in
Oct., 1844. (See Niles Reg. Nov. 16, 1844, for account of return

One of his characteristic speeches delivered in Independence,
Mo., in 1849, is on the Pacific Railway, in which he advocated
building via South Pass and Snake River to the mouth of the
Columbia. He says that 15 years before (1845?) he had published
his Hydrographic map.

This work of Gilpin's, reprinted in 1874 as Mission of the
North American People, rearranged and with some additions, is a
unique feature in American literature. In the appendix to the
1874 edition, he reprints a pamphlet he says he published in 1856:
"Geographical Memoranda on the Pacific Railroad."

In 1860 Gilpin was living in Independence, Mo. He was after-
wards Governor of Colorado Territory. He says he spent the 4th
of July, 1843, with Fremont on the site of Denver. 292


An Overland Journey, From New York To San Fran-
cisco, In The Summer of 1859. By Horace Greeley.

New York: C. M. Saxton, Barker & Co 1860.

12 386 pp.

Republished from letters in the Tribune.

Greeley went up the Solomon Fork and Republican to Cherry
Creek, thence from Denver to the Gold Diggings, to Ft. Laramie
and Salt Lake, thence by Pleasant Valley and Carson River to
California. Left Leavenworth May 24th after a short visit in
Kansas and arrived at Sacramento early in August. At the end
argues earnestly for Government aid for a transcontinental R. R-



Narrative Of The Canadian Red River Exploring Expe-
dition Of 1857 And Of The Assiniboine And Saskatchewan
Exploring Expedition of 1858. By Henry Youle Hind, M.
A. F. R. G. S In Two Volumes.

London : Longman, Green, .... 1860.

8 XX, 494 pp., 14 plates, map and 4 plans; XVI, 472
pp., 6 plates, 2 maps and profile.


Map To Illustrate A Narrative of the Canadian Red River
Exploring Expedition of 1857 and of the Assiniboine and


Saskatchewan Exploring Expedition of 1858. By Henry
Youle Hind.

Map of the Country from Lake Superior to the Pacific
Ocean Across The Fertile Belt.

Geological Map of part of Rupert's Land.

The plates were executed by Spottiswoode & Co., London,
after sketches made by Fleming, or photographs taken by H. L.
Hime. 294


Hints and Information for the use of Emigrants to Pike's
Peak, embracing a Concise and Comprehensive Sketch of
the Gold Region, the best Routes, Points of Outfit, ....

Leavenworth, Kansas. 1860.

8 15 pp.

Not seen. Description from Sabin 62842. Probably by George
W. Larimer. *29S


History Of The Settlements on Cherry Creek.

[n. p., n. d.]

12 pp. 1-16, with a "Map of Denver, Auraria And High-
land." Theodore Schrader, Lithographer, No. 7 Chestnut
St., St. Louis

The history is dated Denver and Auraria, Jan. 1, 1860, and con-
tains a well written account of the early arrivals, with some per-
sonal reminiscences of Wm. Larimer.

From a reference to the map on page 13, it seems that it must
have formed part of a directory, printed early in 1860, but prob-
ably not in Denver. Perhaps it formed part of the Kansas Ga-
zeteer, advertised to be issued in 1860 by Sutherland & McEvoy
of St. Louis. 295


Reisen in die Felsengebirge Nord-Amerikas bis zum
Hoch-Plateau von Neu-Mexico, unternommen als Mitglied
der im Auftrage der Regierung der Vereinigten Staaten aus-
gesandten Colorado-Expedition. Von Balduin Mollhausen.
Mit 12 vom Berfasser nach der Natur aufgenommenen
Landschaften und Abbildungen von Indianer-Stammen,
Thier-und Pflanzen-Bildern in Fardendruck, nebst 1 Karte.
Eingefiihrt durch zwei Briefe Alexander von Humboldt's in
facsimile. Erster Band.


Leipzig: Otto Burfurst [n. d., I860]. (Usually has the
imprint Leipzig or Jena: Gostenoble 1861).

8 XVI; (inc. half title and title), 455 pp., 6 plates, fac-
simile; IX (inc. half title and title), 406 pp., 6 plates, map.


Karte der Volkerwanderung im Colorado Gebiete nebst
Angabe der Route der Colorado Expedition Zu M611-
hausen's "Reisen . . . ."

The 12 plates are printed in colors. The preface is dated Pots-
dam, May, 1860, and the above undated edition probably appeared
in that year. The book contains an account of the Ives-New-
berry expedition of 1857 and 1858 and has never been translated
into English so far as I know. 297


Voyage Au Pays Des Mormons. Relation Geograph-
ique Hostoire Naturelle Histoire Theologie Moeurs Et
Costumes. Par Jules Remy. Tome Premier. Ouvrage
orne de 10 graveures sur acier et d'une carte.

Paris: E. Denut, .... 1860.

8 LXXXVIII (Incl. half title and title), 432 pp., 5 plates
and map; VI, (incl. half title and title), (2), 544 pp., 5


Carte dussee pour 1'intelligence du voyage au Pays des
Mormons de M. Jules Remy, Lemaitre Sculp.
Plates :

The Plates include one of the portraits of Joseph and
Hirum Smith, a View of Fillmore, a View of the Salt Lake
Temple, and Portrait of Brigham Young.

Translated into English as:

A Journey to Great-Salt-Lake City, By Jules Remy, and
Julius Brenchley, M. A. ; With A Sketch Of The History,
Religion, And Customs Of The Mormons, And An Intro-
duction On The Religious Movement In The United States.
By Jules Remy. In Two Volumes.

London : W. Jeffs, .... MDCCCLXI.

8 CXXXI (incl. half title and title), 508 pp., 5 plates,
map; VIII, (1) (incl. half title and title), 605 pp., 5 plates.

The plates and map are the original French plates with an Eng-
lish translation added under the titles.

Remy & Brenchley started from San Francisco July 18, 1855,
and proceeded to Salt Lake via Carson Valley. They remained
in Salt Lake only 31 days and then left, Oct. 26 for Los Ange-


les via Las Vegas and arrived Nov. 29. After a short stay they
proceeded to San Francisco. Pages 499-512 consists of extracts
from Brenchley's Journal of a journey from the Missouri River
to Oregon in the summer of 1853, leaving in June. The notes, pp.
512-16, also contain a "Word of Truth about California" and pp.
516-21, account of the Big Trees. 298


[Trip to Pike's Peak]. By Henry Villard.
112 pp.

I have not seen this nor can I give the exact title. Descrip-
tion from F. W. Cragin of Colorado Springs who had a copy in

Villard in his Memoirs refers to writing and printing this.
Probably printed in St. Louis, and finished in May, 1860. He says
owing to delays, the guide was not gotten out on time for the
emigration in the spring of I860, consequently but few copies
were sold. In his Memoirs he gives an account of his Colorado
experiences during the summer of 1859, as correspondent for a
Cincinnati newspaper. *299


The English Sportsman In The Western Prairies. By the
Hon. Grantley F. Berkeley.

London: Hurst and Blackett. 1861.
Royal 8 430 pp. Plates. [List].



The Rocky Mountain Gold Region, Containing Sketches
of Its History, Geography, Botany, Geology, Minerology

and Gold Mining Illustrated by two maps. By S.

W. Burt and E. L. Berthoud.

Denver City: Rocky Mountain News Co. 1861.

8 66 pp. 67-132 pp. adv.

This should have two maps. Both are lacking in the Bancroft
Library copy. From the text I judge one was entitled Map of the
Quartz Mining Region and the other a Map Showing the Routes
to and The Locality of Colorado City, 1860. Published by I. N.
Tappan. This last map of what I have a copy may not belong to
this book, as the routes only begin at the Missouri and from re-
marks on the supplementary leaf it would appear as if the route
maps showed the railroads east of the Missouri as well.

The preface, dated Gold/en City, J. T., January, 1861, refers to a
map published the year before from the drawings and observa-
tions of A. D. Richardson and widely circulated. The supple-
mentary leaf begins : "Since the publication of our first edition

of this book, a bill has passed the House of Representatives

Feb., 1861 organizing Colorado Territory. *301



The City Of The Saints And Across The Rocky Moun-
tains to California. By Richard F. Burton.

London: Longman, Green, Longman and Roberts. 1861.

8 X (incl. title and half title), (2, contents), 707 pp., 3
maps (on one sheet), plan, 8 plates.

The Wahsatch Mountains & Great Salt Lakes [from
Capt. Stansbury].

Route from the Missouri River to the Pacific [route of
Capt. Burton].

North America.



A Trip To Pike's Peak And Notes By The Way, With
Numerous Illustrations : Being Descriptive Of Incidents
And Accidents That Attended The Pilgrimage ; Of The
Country Through Kansas And Nebraska ; Rocky Moun-
tains ; Mining Regions ; Mining Operations, .... By C.
M. Clark, M. D

Chicago: S. P. Rounds' Steam Book And Job Printing
House, .... 1861.

8 Front., title, leaf preface, leaf contents, leaf list of
illustrations, woodcut, 1-134 pp., leaf errata, 15 other wood-

One of the very few books giving a contemporary account of
the Pike's Peak gold rush. Clark went out in the spring of 1860
from St. Joe, via Fort Kearney. 303


Depredations And Massacre By The Snade River In-
dians. Letter of the Acting Secretary of the Interior

Jan. 28, 1861. Referred

[Washington: 1861.] (36 Cong., 2 Sess House, Ex. Doc.

8 16 pp.

Contains communications from E. R. Geary, H. I. Wallen, G.
M. Abbott, etc., relating to this affair, Sept. 9, 1860. 304


Report Upon The Colorado River Of The West, Ex-
plored In 1857 And 1858. By Lieutenant Joseph C. Ives,
Corps Of Topographical Engineers, Under The Direction


Of The Officer Of Explorations And Surveys, A. A. Hum-
phreys, Captain Topographical Engineers, In Charge. By
Order Of The Secretary Of War.

Washington: Gov't Print. Office. 1861. (36 Cong., 1
Sess. House Ex. Doc. 90).

4 Part I, 131 pp., 7 colored plates of Indians, 10 plain
plates of scenery, 8 panoramic views in rough outline, by
Egloffstein, 2 maps and a profile. List of all, pp. 17-18.

Part II, Hydographic Report, 14 pp.

Part III, Geological Report by J. S. Newberry, 154 pp., 3
plain plates of scenery, 3 plates of fossils, with leaf of ex-
planation to each.

Part IV, Botany, by Profs. Gray, Torrey, etc., 30 pp.

Part V. Zoology, by S. F. Baird, 6 pp.

Appendices, 31 (1).

The plates of portraits and scenery were lithographed by
Sarony, Major & Knapp, N. Y., after sketches of H. B. Mollhausen
and F. W. Egloffstein who both accompanied the expedition. *305


Maps And Reports Of The Fort Kearney, South Pass,
And Honey Lake Wagon Road. Letter From The Acting
Secretary Of The Interior, .... Feb. 11, 1861. Laid on
the table.

[Washington: 1861.] (36 Cong., 2 Sess. House, Ex. Doc.

8 39 pp.

Lander's report dated Wash., March 1, 1860. Largely devoted to
a defence of Lander's Cutoff.

Lander says that A. Bierstadt of Boston, and S. F. Frost of
N. Y. accompanied the expedition with a full corps of artists at
their own expense.. They have taken sketches of the most re-
markable of the views along the route and a set of stereopticon
views of emigrant trains, Indians, camp scenes, etc., which are
highly valuable. A map of the western division, by John R. Rey,
was appended to the report.

The principal part is devoted to a report of W. H. Wagner,
engineer in charge. 250 copies printed. 306


Annual Report Chief Topographical Engineer, 1860 and
1861. His Expedition from Santa Fe to the portion of the
Grand and Green Basin of the Colorado of the West, In

Also in 36 Cong., 2nd Sess. Sen., Ex. Doc. 1.


4 152 pp. Map. 13 colored plates, 3 uncolored, and 8
plates of fossils.

Reprinted with J. S. Newberry's Geological Report. Washing-
ton, 1876. *307


Life Of Kit Carson: The Great Western Hunter And
Guide. Comprising Wild And Romantic Exploits As A
Hunter And Trapper In The Rocky Mountains ; Thrilling
Adventures And Hair-Breadth Escapes Among The In-
dians And Mexicans ; His Daring And Invaluable Services

As A Guide To Scouting And Other Parties With

An Account Of Various Government Expeditions To The
Far West. By Charles Burdett. Illustrated.

Philadelphia: J. Edwin Potter, .... 1862.

12 374 pp. Portrait of Carson, and 5 other plates.

The original edition of this work. Later editions bring the
story to Carson's death, May 23, 1868, at Ft. Lyon, Colorado.



General Courses And Distance From G. S. L. City To
Fort Limhi And Gold Diggings On Salmon River. By
Jesse W. Fox, Territorial Surveyor-General.

Great Salt Lake City : Deseret News Print. 1862. (Price
Fifty Cents).

16 8pp., on brown paper. Adv. on reverse of title, and
on page 8.



Journal Of The Expedition Organized For The Protec-
tion Of Emigrants To Oregon, .... Under the Command
Of Medorem Crawford, Captain, Assistant Quartermaster
United States Army.

"Letter of the Secretary of War, Jan. 8, 1863.

37th Cong., 3rd Sess. Sen. Ex. Doc. 17.

8 14 pp.

Party left Camp Lincoln, near Omaha, June 5, 1862, for Fort
Stanton, four miles from Omaha, and finally left there June 16,
1862. Route via Ft. Kearney, Ft. Laramie, Horse Creek, the
Sweetwater, the Portneuf, and down the Owyhee River, the Grand
Ronde, and Walla Walla, arriving there October 14.

Most of the emigrants were for the Salmon River mines. A
guide had been published which represented these mines to be 180


miles from Ft. Hall and hence the wagons of the emigrants were
loaded too heavily. From South Pass they traveled by Lander's

Crawford had charge of the expeditions of emigrants across the
plains in 1861, '62 and '63, but this is the only printed record I
have seen of them. Crawford crossed the plains first in 1842 and
his journal has been printed in 1897 as volume one, number one,
of the "Sources of the History of Oregon," Eugene, Oregon. 310


Letter Of The Secretary Of War, Communicating-, ....
A Copy of the report of Major D. Fergusson on the Coun-
try, its resources, and the route between Tucson and Lobos
Bay. March 14, 1863. Read ....

[Washington: 1863.] (37 Cong-., Spec. Sess. Sen., Ex.
Doc. 1).

8 22 pp., map.

[A copy of a Mexican Map made about 1861. Shows the
Ensenada de Lobos with Sitio de la Villa].

Fergusson covered Father Kino's territory, the dry belt. *311


Expedition From Fort Abercrombie To Fort Benton.
Letter From The Secretary of War, In Answer To Resolu-
tion of 19th instant, transmitting report of Captain J. L.
Fisk, of the Expedition to escort emigrants from Fort
Abercrombie to Fort Benton, .... March 2, 1863. Ord-
ered printed.

[Washington: 1863.] (37th Cong., 3rd Sess. H. Rep.,
Ex. Doc. 30).

8 36 pp.

Contains a condensed diary, by Samuel R. Bond, who accom-
panied Fisk as Clerk and Journalist. Actually this expedition did
not stop at Fort Benton but continued on over Mullan's road. The
emigrants were left on the Prickly Pear, and, Sept. 23, Fisk and
his party continued on via Deer Lodge Valley, the Coeur d'Alenes
to Walla Walla and Portland. Bond's diary is dated Washington,
Feb. 10, 1863. An itinerary occupies pp. 30-36. N. P. Langford
accompanied this expedition. 312


Idaho : her Gold Fields, and the Routes to them. A Hand
Book for Emigrants. By Capt. Jas. L. Fisk, A. Q. M.
New York: John A. Geary. 1863.
18 99 pp., map. *3i3



Outposts of Zion, With Limnings of Mission Life. By
Rev. William H. Goode, Ten Years a Member of Frontier

Cincinnati : Published by Poe & Hitchcock, .... 1863.

12 Port. Goode, 464 pp.

Early scenes in Kansas and Nebraska, 1854-59; exploring tour
to the Rocky Mountains (Colorado) 1859. Contains a very inter-
esting account of a trip across the plains in the spring of 1859 and
travels in the new gold region, with residence later in Denver.



Notes By The Way. Memoranda Of A Journey Across
The Plains, From Dundee, 111., To Olympia, W. T. May 7,
to November 3, 1862. By R. H. Hewitt.

Olympia: Printed At The Office Of The Washington
Standard, .... 1863.

12 Title, (2) preface, 5-58 pp. Printed colored wrap-
pers with same title.

Traveled from St. Joe to Omaha via Ft. Kearney, Ft. Laramie
and the Lander Cut Off; then north through Deer Lodge and
Bitter Root Valleys over the Mullan Military Road.

Only copy located is in Bancroft Collection.

This journal was expanded into a book of 521 pp. as: "Across
the Plains And Over The Divide; A Mule Train Journey from
East To West in 1862, and Incidents Connected Therewith. With
Map And Illustrations. By Randall H. Hewitt. New York:
Broadway Pub. Co., (1906). Title, (2), III, 521 pp., map, 56 illus.,
and port.

The preface, signed Randall H. Hewitt, is dated Los Angeles,
Calif., 1906. He does not mention in this preface the previous
Olympia edition. Capt. Hewitt was the son of Judge Hewitt,
afterwards Chief Justice of Washington Territory. 315


History of the First Regiment of Colorado Volunteers.
By O. J. Hollister.
Denver : 1863.
12 175, (1) pp.

The above is the manuscript title to an imperfect book (lack-
ing all before page 15) in the Bancroft Library, and which is
cited in Bancroft's list of authorities prefixed to his History of
Nevada, Colorado and Wyoming.

The regiment saw service in New Mexico and against the
prairie Indians. *3l6



The Geography And Resources of Arizona and Sonora:
An Address Before The American Geographical And Sta-
tistical Society. By Sylvester Mowry, Of Arizona, Gradu-
ate of the U. S. Military Academy at West Point, Late
Lieutenant Third Artillery, U. S. A., Corresponding Mem-
ber of the American Institute, Late U. S. Boundary Com-
missioner, ....

New York: February 3, 1859. A New Edition, With
An Appendix, San Francisco and New York: A. Roman
& Co. 1863. [Issued and Printed in S. F.].

8 Title, map, 4 pp., preface, 3^124 pp.


Outline map of Sonora and Arizona, Including the "Sier-
ra Madre," Compiled from Authentic Sources and personal
Observation for. the Geography and Resources of "Arizona
and Sonora." By Sylvester Mowry of Arizona. 1863. J.
B. Mills. Lith. by Fishbourne, S. F.



Letter Of The Secretary Of War, Transmitting, In
Answer to a resolution of the Senate of the 6th instant, the
report and maps of Captain John Mullan, United States
Army, of his operations while engaged in the construction
of a military road from Fort Walla- Walla, on the Columbia
River to Fort Benton, on the Missouri River. Feb. 19,
1863, (Ordered Printed).

[Washington: 1863.] (37th Cong., 3rd Sess. Senate, Ex.
Doc. 43).

Also printed at Washington, Govt. Printing Office, 1863,
with following title:

Report On The Construction Of A Military Road From
Fort Walla- Walla To Fort Benton. By Capt. John Mullan,
U. S. A.

8 Title, 363 pp. plus 1 leaf errata, 4 maps, 10 plates (9
colored), by G. Sohon.


Map of Military Road From Walla-Walla to Fort Benton
on the Missouri made under the direction of Capt. John

Map Military Reconnaisance from Fort Dalles, Oregon,
to Fort Walla- Walla, made under direction of Capt. John

Map of Military Reconnaisance From Fort Taylor To


The Coeur d'Alene Mission under direction of Copt. John

Map, Mountain Section of the Ft. Walla-Walla and Ft.
Benton, .... From Coeur d'Alene Mission to the Dear-
born River. By John Mullan, drawn by Theo. Kolecki.

Pages 1-84, Mullan's report, proper, with itinerary, pp. 37-40;
pp. 85-127, Reports of Engineers, etc.; pp. 128-133, Tables of
heights ; pp. 133-183, other reports and meterological and astron-
omical data; pp. 185-363, Tables. Maps by J. Bien, N. Y. Plates
by Bowen & Co., Phila. Letter of Mullan transmitting report,
Feb. 18, 1863, calls for only 8 plates.

Comprises the period from March, 1858, to Sept., 1862. 318

umes. By the Author of "The Fortune of a Colonist."
London : T. Cauttey Newby, .... 1863.
12 Title, 298 pp. ; title, 261 pp. 6 plates.

A romance of the prairies and the Blackfoot Indians. 319

SMET, P. J. De

New Indian Sketches. By Rev. P. J. De Smet, S. J.
New York : D. & J. Sadler, .... 1863.
18 Title, (5)-175 pp.; 2 plates.

Contains some interesting letters between Gen. Harney and De
Smet in 1859.

An account of De Smet's journey, leaving St. Louis May 20,
1858, as Chaplain, with the army against the Mormons and In-
dians. Left Leavenworth June 1 with the 7th Regiment, under
Col. Morrison. Traveled via Ft. Kearney to the crossing of the
south branch of the Platte, where the expedition dissolved, De
Smet returning with Harney to Leavenworth. Went to N. Y. and
left Sept. 20 with Gen. Harney and his staff via Panama, Oct. 29.
Left Vancouver for a trip to the mountains, Coeur d'Alenes, St.
Ignatius, St. Mary's. Returned to Vancouver April 16, 1859, and
on June 15 left again for the mountains with the chiefs he had
brought to Vancouver. July 22, left St. Ignatius overland for Ft.

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