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Benton, which he reached on the 29th, and arrived at St. Louis
by steamer Sept. 23. In one of his letters he quotes Father
Hoecker as saying the missions had been ruined by the mines.



The New Gold Reg-ions Of The North-West. Price One
Dollar. For Sale By H. M. Thompson, .... St. Louis,

(Cover title; regular title as follows):


Thompson's Complete Guide To The New Gold Regions
Of Upper Missouri, Deer Lodge, Beaver Head, Nez Per-
ces, Salmon River, Boise River, Powder River, John Day,
Cariboo, .... Containing Tables Of Distances, Camping
Places, Many Words Of The Blackfoot And Flat Head
Languages, And The Complete Chinook Jargon. By Fran-
cis M. Thompson, Late Secretary Of The Exploring Party
Of The American Exploring And Mineral Company.

St. Louis: Published By R. P. Studley & Co. For H.
M. Thompson, .... 1863.

16 Title; pp. 3-4, Preface; pp. 5-11, Guide; pp. 12, Table
of Distances ; pp. 13-16, Indian Vocabularies.

This party explored the Deer Lodge, located the town of Deer
Lodge, and discovered gold on the Beaverhead in 1862. 321


A Brief History Of The New Gold Regions Of Colorado
Territory ; Together With Hints And Suggestions To In-
tending 1 Emigrants. By Edward Bliss (Late Editor of the
Rocky Mountain News), Agent of Colorado Emigration

New York: John W. Amerman, .... 1864.

8 Title, 3-30 pp., map. Printed Paper Wrappers.

Copy in Colo. Hist. Soc. *322


A Tour Through Arizona. (In Harper's New Monthly
Magazine. Oct., Nov., Dec., 1864. Jany., Feb. and March,
1865. Written by J. Ross Browne).

A very well written article giving an account of his trip with
Poston, with numerous interesting illustrations. The number
for February contains a portrait of Sylvester Mowry, with a
sketch of his career in Arizona. The same number contains a
long account of the adventures in Arizona of S. F. Butterworth.
The November number is largely filled with the Oatman family
adventures, derived from Stratton's book and information obtained
from Henry Grinnell of Ft. Yuma, who was instrumental in ob-
taining the release of Olive Oatman.

Reprinted in Browne's "Adventures in the Apache Country,"
1869. 323


Idaho: Six Months In The New Gold Diggings. The
Emigrant's Guide Overland. Itinerary Of the Routes,


Features Of The Country, Journal of Residence, .... By
J. L. Campbell.

Chicago: Pub. by John R. Walsh. 1864.

Map; 52 pp. plus 53-62 (2) pp. adv. Wrappers with pic-
torial title Idaho. Six months in the New Gold Regions.
The Emigrants' Guide. N. Y. Sinclair. Tousey, 1864.

Left Omaha April 28, 1863, by the South Pass and Lander Cut
Off to Bannock City.

This edition sometimes appears with the imprint, New York :
Published By J. L. Campbell. 1864. The map is a small, single
page crude map before the title without any inscription, showing
the routes from St. Paul and Mo. River points to the Pacific.


COLORADO: Its Mineral And Agricultural Resources.
[n. p., n. d. but New York. 1864].

8 20 pp., enclosed in colored paper wrappers with above
title. At end, signed Wm. S. Rockwell, Chairman. N. Y.
Feb. 25, 1864.

This is a statement of the discovery and development of gold
mining in Colorado, prepared by a committee of Coloradoans
then in New York City. 325


Expedition of Captain Fisk To The Rocky Mountains.
Letter From The Secretary of War In Answer To A Reso-
lution of the House of Feb. 26th transmitting report of
Captain Fisk of his late expedition to the Rocky Mountains
and Idaho. [Report dated St. Paul, Jan. 28, 18641.

38th Cong., 1st Sess. Senate, Ex. Doc.

8 38 pp.

Also printed as House Doc. 45, in 39 pp.

Left St. Cloud June 15, 1863, as escort to an emigrant party to
Idaho. Traveled overland south of Ft. Union and Ft. Benton, but
went there and then followed Mullan's road to Sun River and
over the divide to Deer Lodge River at Bannock City. Met N. P.
Langford there, his assistant on the 1862 trip. Also visited Vir-
ginia. Returned from there via Salt Lake.

Says he met Sir George Gore in 1858, returning from his fa-
mous buffalo slaughtering expedition. Apparently Fisk made
another expedition in 1864, as he published the following in 1866:
Capt. Fisk's Fourth Expedition from Saint Cloud, Minnesota, to
the Great Gold Fields of Montana .... 3rd Edition. St. Paul :
Press Printing Co. 1866. 12 12 pp. (Not seen. Noted in Bibl.
of Minn, in Minn. Hist. Coll., Vol. Ill, 1880).

Not seen. Noted in Bibl. of Minn, in Minn. Hist. Coll., Vol.
Ill, 1880.

Fisk was mistaken about meeting Gore in 1858, as he had al-
ready left the country. The only account I have seen of this


famous hunting expedition from 1854-56 was written -by F. Geo.
Hildt from information derived from Henry Bostwick, one of the
party, and printed in the Contribution to the Historical Society
of Montana, Vol. 2. 326


The Great West: Emigrants/ Settlers', & Travellers'
Guide and Hand-Book To The States of California And
Oregon, And The Territories of Nebraska, Utah, Colorado,
Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Washington, And Arizona. With
A Full And Accurate Account Of Their Climate, Soil, Re-
sources, And Products. Accompanied by a Map Showing
The Several Routes To The Gold Fields, And A Complete
Table Of Distances. By Edward H. Hall, Author of "Ho
For The West."

New York: Published And For Sale At The Tribune
Office. 1864.

12 89 pp. Map. Cover title and regular title the same.

[Map showing railroads and routes to the Pacific from

Lat. 38 N.].

Articles originally appeared in the Tribune. Mentions a yearly
publication from 1855 to 1860 by him and called "Ho for the
West." This book seems to have been compiled with the scis-
sors. 327


A Trip Across The Plains In The Year 1849. With
notes of a voyage to California, by way of Panama. By
Mrs. Martha M. Morgan.

San Francisco : 1864.

12 Title, 31 pp.

The above title is prefixed in manuscript to the 31 pages of
text in the copy in the California State Library.

The party left St. Joe May 24, 1849, and by the usual Ft,
Laramie route reached Salt Lake Oct. 12, where they spent the
winter. They left there April 22, 1850, and arrived at Pleasant
Valley July 4.

Page 22 to the end comprise the account of the Panama voyage.

The only copy located is in the California State Library.



Rambles In The Rocky Mountains : With A Visit To
The Gold Fields Of Colorado. By Maurice O'Connor
Morris, Late Deputy Postmaster General of Jamaica.

London : Smith, Elder & Co, .... 1864.

8 VIII (inch half title and title), 264 pp.


A most entertaining journal of a trip from St. Louis to Denver,
leaving May 19, 1863. Started via the river for Ft. Benton and
the Montana gold fields but the steamer gave out at St. Joe, so
he went to Denver. Spent the summer and fall in Denver and
Central City, and hunding in Middle Park. Returned to the east
in the winter. 329


Une Annee An Desert Scenes et Recits de Far-West

Chalons, Imprimerie De T. Martin, Place Du Marche-
Au-Ble. 1864.

8 Title, half title, 115 pp. (unpaged). P. P. W. same as
regular title.

Left Jefferson City May 4, 1858, with Wyde, Sheppard and
Butter. Traveled via Independence, Ft. Kearney, Ft. Laramie,
Salt Lake, Ft. Hall, and arrived at Ft. Walla Walla Aug. 15.
Went by land to Portland and San Francisco. Remained in S. F.
during the winter of 1858-59. In the spring visited Sonora and the
northern mines and later visited Frazer River. 330


The Northern Route To Idaho : And The Pacific Ocean.
Saint Paul, Minn.: Published by D. D. Merrill, [n. d.
but probably 1864].
16 8 pp. Map.


Minnesota Route, the shortest and best to the Idaho
Gold Mines. Compiled by C. A. F. Morris. Lith. by
Louis Buechner, St. Paul.



The Backwoodsman Or Life on the Indian Frontier.
Edited By Sir C. F. Lascelles Wraxall, Bart.

London: John Maxwell & Co, .... MDCCCLXIV.
12 IV, 428 pp., 11 plates and pictorial title. (Cloth).

Adventures mostly in Texas, but includes visit to the Rocky
Mountains, South Park, and Middle Park. In Middle Park he met
Lord Stewart (on the famous 1843 expedition) whom he says he
knew. Crossed over the Medicine range onto the north branch
of the Platte and arrived at Ft. St. Vrain. Probably this story is
based on some real adventures of Wraxall.

Eames had a copy in paper wrappers dated 1864. 332



Idaho: A Descriptive Tour And Review Of Its Re-
sources And Route. By C. Aubrey Angelo. (Chaos).

San Francisco: H. H. Bancroft & Co. 1865.

12 52 pp. (incl. title), blue slip of errata and notice,
2-11 pp. adv. No map, although Angelo states one by
William H. Knight will shortly be published.

Copy in California State Library.

Revised and made more elaborate and issued in 1866 as :

Sketches of Travel in Oregon and Idaho, With Map of
South Boise. By C. Aubrey Angelo (Chaos.) Author of
"Idaho" and "Eastern Asia."

New York: L. D. Robertson, .... 1866.

8 181 pp., 7 pp. adv., map.

Map of the South Boise Gold Mines. Lith. by Henry
Seibert & Bros.

Preface dated N. Y., May 31, 1866. 333


Idaho And Montana Gold Region: The Emigrant's
Guide Overland. Itinerary Of The Routes, Features Of
The Country, Journal Of Residence . . . .New Discoveries
and Developments of the Country in 1864. By J. L. Camp-
bell. [Copyright notice 1865 at bottom].

8 Title with map on reverse, leaf adv., leaf preface, 5-52,
16 pp.

The first 52 pages are the same as the 1864 edition, but the last
16 pages have a caption title : Organization of Montana, Discov-
eries and Developments of 1864. The map is only a very small
one of the U. S., showing the railroads then built. First edition
was published in 1864. In 1866 it appeared rewritten except the
journal and with matter on Iowa and Nebraska as: The Great
Agricultural And Mineral West. A Handbook and Guide ....
With Journal of Residence in Idaho and Montana .... By J. L.

Campbell. Chicago: Church 1866. 8 11 leaves adv., title,

leaf preface, 15-77, (1) pp.; 11 leaves adv. P. P. W. with title:
Campbell's Western Guide. Chicago, 111. Published by John R.
Walsh. Price 25 cents. The map, printed on a folded sheet, is
entitled Campbell's Western Map. *334


To The People Of Colorado. Synopsis of the Sand
Creek Investigation. [By Col. J. M. Chivington].
Denver Colorado: June, 1865.
8 17 pp.


Chivington's defense of his actions when in command of the
Colorado troops at the battle, or rather massacre, at Sand Creek
in 1864. 335


Reply of Governor Evans, Of The Territory of Colorado.
To That Part Referring To Him, Of The Report Of "The
Committee On The Conduct Of The War," Headed "Mas-
sacre of Cheyenne Indians." Executive Department, and
Superintendent of Indian Affairs, C. T.

Denver: Aug. 6, 1865.

8 16, 4 pp., 1 pp. appendix.

The 16 pages are Evans' reply, then 4 pages of "Report of
Council with Cheyenne And Arapahoe Chiefs Brought to Denver
By Major Wynkoop ; Taken Down By U. S. Indian Agent
S'imeon Whiteley as It Progressed." Dated Camp Weld, Sept. 28,

The appendix of 1 page is the statement of Mrs. Ewbanks,
dated Julesburg, C. T., June 22, 1865, giving an account of her
captivity among the Indians. She was taken by the Cheyennes.



Fry's Traveler's Guide, And Descriptive Journal Of The
Great North-Western Territories Of The United States Of
America; Comprising The Territories Of Idaho, Washing-
ton, Montana, And The State Of Oregon, With Sketches
Of Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, And British America. The
Grain, Pastural, And Gold Regions Defined, With Some
New Views Of Their Future Greatness. By F. Fry.

Cincinnati : Published For The Author By Applegate
& Co. 1865.

16 VI, 7-264 pp., 12 leaves of adv.

The author set out from Council Bluffs May 15, 1862, to South
Pass, Early Alder Gulch, Ft. Hall, and Ft. Boise. He gives an
account of the Boise Placers. In Sept. he was at the Dalles and
went from there to Olympia. In 1864 he was traveling through
Montana and descended Clark's Fork. 337


Hall's Guide to the Great West.

New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1865.

(Cover title, regular title as follows) :

The Great West: Travelers', Miners', And Emigrants'
Guide And Hand-Book To The Western, North-western
And Pacific States And Territories. With a Map Of The


Best Routes to the Gold and Silver Mines, And Complete
Tables Of Distances : Also The United States Homestead
Law, Mining Laws Of The Respective States, .... By
Edward H. Hall, Author of "Ho! For The West," "West-
ern Gazateer," ....

New York: D. Appleton and Company. 1865.

12 198 pp., map, 2 leaves of adv. before title and 5
after pp. 198.


Map Of The Great West.

An entirely different book from the "Great West" of 1864.
Across the Plains, with tables of distances, pp. 150-170.

Hall's "Ho! For the West" seems to have disappeared. 338


Miners And Travelers' Guide To Oregon, Washington,
Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado, Via The Mis-
souri And Columbia Rivers. Accompanied By A General
Map Of The Mineral Region Of The Northern Sections Of
The Rocky Mountains. Prepared By Captain John Mullan,
Late Superintendent Of The Northern Overland Wagon
Road, And Commissioner Of Northern Pacific Railroad.

New York: Published By Wm. M. Franklin, (For The
Author) .... 1865.

12 153 pp. Folding map.

General Map of the North Pacific States and Territories
belonging to the United States and British Columbia Ex-
tending From Lake Superior To The Pacific Ocean

Prepared By Capt. John Mullan. Lith. by J. Bien, N. Y.

The book contains an excellent account of the mountain region
of the Northwest with particulars of the first discoveries of gold
in Idaho and Montana. 339


Arizona: Its Resources And Prospects. A Letter To
The Editor of The New York Tribune, (Reprinted from
that Journal of June 26, 1865.) By The Hon. Richard C.
McCormick, Secretary of the Territory.

New York: D. Van Nostrand, .... 1865.

8 22 pp. Map. Cover title same.


General Outline Map of Arizona. Brown & Co., N. Y.




The North-West Passage By Land. Being the Narrative
of an Expedition from the Atlantic to the Pacific, under-
taken with the View of Exploring a Route across the Con-
tinent to British Columbia through British Territory, by
one of the Northern Passes In the Rocky Mountains. By
Viscount Milton, .... and W. B. Cheadle.

London: Cassell, Petter & Caplin, .... [1865].

8 XVIII, 397 pp. 2 maps and 22 engravings.

The Western Portion of British North America, Showing
the Route followed by Lord Milton and Dr. Cheadle, from
the Saskatchewan to British Columbia, 1863-4.

General Map of British North America, Showing the
Route of Lord Milton and Dr. Cheadle in 1862-3.

The authors also published a preliminary report of 65 pp. in
1865, which I have not seen. 341


Report On The Mines Of New Mexico, By Prof. Richard
E. Owen, Geologist, and E. T. Cox, Geologist And Chemist.
Published By John S. Watts.

Washington : Gibson & Pearson, .... 1865.

8 Cover title only, 59 pp.

Contains results of a four months' trip through New Mexico
by Owen. 342


The Powder River Expedition.

Omaha : 1865.

Nebraska State His. Socty., Trans. Vol. 2. Lincoln, 1887.

Pages 197-229.

This may have been printed in Omaha in 1865, but it seems
unlikely. 343


Notes on Colorado Territory. By John R. Rollins,
[n. p., 1865?] 19 pp.

Not seen, but I think it was printed in London. *344


Report on the Change of Route west from Omaha, Ne-


braska Territory, proposed by the Union Pacific Railroad

Washington : Government Printing Office, 1865.

8 70, (2) pp. 2 maps.

Not seen. Collation from Sabin. *345


Montana As It Is ; Being A General Description Of Its
Resources, Both Mineral And Agricultural, Including A
Complete Description Of The Face Of The Country, Its
Climate, .... Illustrated With A Map Of The Territory,
Drawn By Capt. W. W. De Lacy, Showing The Different
Roads And The Location Of The Different Mining Dis-
tricts. To Which Is Appended A Complete Dictionary Of
The Snake Language And Also Of The Famous Chinnook
Jargon, With Numerous Critical And Explanatory Notes,
Concerning The Habits, Superstitions, .... Of Those In-
dians, With Itineraries Of All The Routes Across The
Plains. By Granville Stuart.

New York : C. S. Westcott & Co., Printers, .... 1865.

8 175 pp., map. Printed tinted wrappers with same title.


Map Of The Territory Of Montana With Portion Of The
Adjoining Territories Showing The Gulch or Placer Dig-
gings and District where Quartz .... Lodes have been
discovered to January 1, 1865. Drawn by W. W. de Lacy
for the use of the First Legislature of Montana. [At
bottom, small inset map showing the route from the Mis-
souri River to Fort Laramie]. Lith. by Rae Smith, New
York. Copyrighted by S. T. Hauser. New York, 1865.

The itineraries occupy pp. 130-175. The notes contain a vast
amount of both useful and entertainng information regarding
place names, Indians, gold, legends, old trappers, etc. Stuart, who,
by the way, still lives in Montana, (Sept., 1918), went to California
overland in 1852. On his return in 1859, while on Malade Creek,
he met some men who said they had found gold prospects in 1856
on what is now Gold Creek, a branch of Hellgate. So Stuart, his
brother James, and some others wintered on Big Hole and went
to Deer Lodge River in the Spring of 1858. Not finding encourag-
ing prospects, they returned to the Emigrant Road and remained
there until the fall of 1860, when they returned, to Gold Creek. In
1861 they found some good prospects and through letters to
Thomas Stuart, then in Colorado, they started the exodus from
there to Montana in 1862.

Mr. Stuart has written a letter to Mr. C. N. Kessler of Helena,
giving an account of what became of this book, from which it
appears only some 300 copies out of 1500 had maps. A parcel


sent to Montana by river and bull team got wet and spoiled and
all but a few of the remainder were burned in the big fire in New
York in July, 1865, which destroyed Barnum's American Museum.
A few copies were saved which finally passed into the hands of
D. Van Nostrand.

There is some question as to just which De Lacy map was is-
sued with this pamphlet. Four varieties of this map, practically
all alike, have been discovered ; the one above described, another
the same without the copyright notice, another lithographed by
Friedenwald, and another engraved by J. Hutawa in St. Louis.
None of them bear any date, but it is reasonably supposed that
the one with the copyright notice was the first issued. De Lacy
was paid $625 by the first territorial legislature of Montana for
the map, and probably Hauser, a prominent Montana pioneer, took
the map to New York to have it published. I think it quite pos-
sible that he also took the manuscript of Stuart's book. I think
it probable that Stuart succeeded in getting three hundred copies
of this map for issue with his book. A copy of this map also
exists in cloth covers. No copy of the book is known to me or
Mr. C. N. Kessler. the well known Montana collector, in the
original paper wrappers as issued with the map sewn in, and un-
til one is found there will always be a question as to whether the
map with the copyright notice on it was issued with it or another
impression without the notice. I purchased the copy above de-
scribed from Van Nostrand iri 1892. It is in its original wrappers
in a half Morocco binding, and has a pocket in the back cover in
which the map is inserted. As Van Nostrand held all the unsold
copies of the book, I always presumed that he had inserted the
proper map. Mr. Kessler thinks that the Hutawa map, which I
have not seen, was engraved from the original Rae Smith map and
I have some reason to believe that it was also issued in 1865,
probably in a cloth cover, like most of Hutawa's maps. 346


Field Notes, Crossing the Prairies and plains from Atchi-
son, Kans., to Denver, through the Mineral Region of Colo-
rado Territory. By [W. H. Stevens].

8 21 pp. P. P. W.

A short description of his trip across the plains with more ex-
tended notice of the South Park mining districts. 347


A Tract Description Of Montana Territory; With A
Sketch Of Its Mineral And Agricultural Resources.

New York: Robert Craighead, Printer, .... 1865.

8 15 pp. Signed James Tufts, Virginia City, Montana
Territory, 1865.

My copy conains on reverse of title: "Twenty-four copies on
Fine Paper, with a map." No map is contained, but it probably
had or was intended to have De Lacy's map, same as in Gran-


ville Smart's book. Contains a short description of the mineral
resources, largely quoted from, Stuart. 348


Chivington's Massacre Of The Cheyenne Indians.
[Denver: 1864 or 1865?].
8 8 pp.

Not seen.

See Colorado Council Journals of 1865 for an account of the
affair; Indian Affairs Report, 1865, app. pp. 515, 517; Indian Affairs
Report, 1867. *349




Names are indexed by item, not by page.


Abbey, James 151

Abbott, G. M 304

Abernathy 139

Abert, J. W 107, 126, 130

Accolti, F 125

Adam, George 154

Adams, J. C 287, 288

Aldrich, Lorenzo D 168

Allen, A. J 127

Allis, Samuel 45

Altowan 112

Angelo, C. Aubrey 333

Antisell, Thomas 223

Applegate, Jesse 148

Aricara Campaign 19

Armijo, Antonio 43

Ashley, W. H

19, 23, 29, 30, 35, 112, 227

Ashworth 70

Association de la Propagation

de la Foi 69

Astor, J. J 30

Atkinson, H 26

Aubry, F. X 188, 197

Audubon, J. J ... 81

Audubon, J. W 177


Baird, James 13

Baird 222

Baird, S. F 220, 305

Baird, S. P 187

Baker, L. S 219

Ball, John 44, 148

Banks 72

Barnum, James H 113

Barnum, P. T 287

Bartleson, John 76, 92

Bartleson, John 248

Bartlett, John Russell....l81, 198

Baylies, Francis 25

Beale, E. F

130, 158, 199, 249, 289

Becknell, William 108

Beckwith, E. G 219, 220, 282

Beckworth, Jim (i.e. James P.)

158, 227

Belisle, D. W 200

Bell, 81

Bell, John R 22

Bennett, Emerson 152, 153

Benton, T. H 23, 30, 201

Berkeley, Grantley F 300

Berthond, E. L 301

Beschke, Wm 154

Bidwell, John 78

Bierstadt, A 306

Bigelow, J. M 198, 221

Bigelow, John 95

Bigelow, John 239

Bishop, Francis A 265

Bissonet, Joseph 13

Bissonette 144

Blackwell 66

Blair 75

Blakiston, (Captain) 263

Blanchet, F. N

69, 72, 87, 89, 114, 139, 169

Bliss, Edward 322

Boggs, L. W 76, 148

Bolduc, J. B. Z 114

Bond, Samuel R 312

Bonner, T. D 227

Bonneville, B. L. E 52, 59, 70

Booth 222

Boynton, C. B 209

Brackenridge, H. M 11, 14

Bradbury, John 14

Bradley 108

Brady, James H 157

Brayton, Mathew 290

Brenchley, Julius 298

Brewerton, George D 188, 285

Bridger, James 27, 182

Brier, J. W 199

Brouillet 139

Browne, J. Ross 323

Bryan, F. T 159, 198, 241

Bryant, Edwin 128

Burdett, Charles 308

Burnett, Peter H 106

Burt, S. W 301

Burton, Richard F 275, 302

Butter 330

Butterworth, S. F 323

Byers, William N 264

Byrne, J. H ,.-. -22?



Calhoun, J. C 23

The California Crusoe 205

Cambreling, C. C 30

Campbell, Albert H 221, 265

Campbell, J. L 324, 334

Campbell, Robert 59

Cardinell, Charles 173

Carleton, James Henry ....155, 210

Carrington, Albert 187

Carson, Kit, i.e. Christopher....
130, 152, 158, 180, 188, 255, 285,

Carvalho, S. N 203, 228

Catlin, George 51, 74

Chambers, Wm 13

Chandless, William 242

Cheadle, W. B 341

Cherry Creek settlements 296

Child, Andrew 178, 183

Chivington, Col. J. M 335

Chouteau, Auguste P 13, 48

Chouteau, (Major) 101

Clark, C. M 303

Clark, J. H 198

Clark, William 4, 5, 7, 12, 37

Clarke, A. B 179

Clayton, W 129, 183

Coke, Henry J 180

Colorado; its mineral and agri-
cultural resources 325

Colter, John 14

The Conquest of Santa Fe....ll5

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