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4 Title, leaf ded., 5 pp. text, 20 views on 16 plates,

Map shows author's route across the continent by the Hudson's
Bay Go's, brigade route, although from Edmonton they went far
south and crossed to Kootenay Lake, probably by what is now
known as the Crow's Nest Pass.

Lieut. Vavassour accompanied Warre who was no doubt sent
out by the Government to obtain some information regarding
Oregon. The party left Montreal May 5, 1845, reaching Vancouver
Aug. 25. After visiting, during the winter, the Willamette coun-
try, Vancouver's Island and the Puget Sound, the party left on
return March 25 and proceeding rapidly via Boat Encampment,
arrived at Montreal July 20 arid Liverpool August 12.

The plates were issued in two forms, black and tinted, and it
is possible some were even issued colored by hand, but it is more
likely that the colored copies which exist were colored by the pur-
chasers, a common practice at that time.

From references in correspondence of the times it seems these
officers were sent out by the British government with the intention
of fortifying the mouth of the Columbia River. See reports of
documents regarding their mission in Washington Hist. Quarterly
for April, 1912. 136


Old Hicks The Guide: Or, Adventures in the Camanche
Country In Search Of A Gold Mine. By Charles W. Web-

New York : Harper & Bros. 1848.

12, 356 pp.

This is a wonderful love story embelished with adventures
among the Indians on the western borders of Texas. The last
part of the book is devoted to a search for the famous Gold
Mountain which the author places somewhere between the north
Canadian River and the Guadalupe Mountains. 137


Memoir Of A Tour To Northern Mexico, Connected
With Col. Doniphan's Expedition, In 1846 And 1847. By
A. Wizlizenus, M. D

Washington : Tippin & Streeper, Printers. 1848. (30
Cong. 1 Sess. Sen. Misc. Doc. 26).

8 86 pp. of text, Botanical Appendix by Dr. George


Engleman pp. 87-116; Meteorological Tables pp. 117-33.
Geol. Sketch and Misc., pp. 135-141, three maps.

Maps :

[Profiles of his route] :

Geological Sketch.

Map of a Tour from Independence to Santa Fe, Chihua-
hua, Monterey and Matamoros By A. Wislizinus in 1846
and 1847. Lith. by E. Weber & Co., Baltimore.

My copy has a special title A Tour in Northern Mexico
Connected With Colonel Doniphan's Expedition in 1846-47. By A.
Wizlizenus. Washington : Tippin and Streeper, 1848.

Started from Independence May 14, 1846, on a private trip and
reached Chihuahua Aug. 24. Went with Speyer's train. After
an exile of six months at Cusihuiriachic he joined Doniphan and
continued with him on the march back. 138


Missions De Walla-Walla. (Published in "Rapport Sur
Les Missions Du Diocese De Quebec Avril 1849, No. 8.
pp. 1-33. Quebec: 1849).

Contains a short account of the journey of Bishop Blanchet in
1847 from Westport to Oregon, together with the account by
Brouillet of the Whitman massacre. This account contains copies
of correspondence with Colonel Gilliam, Governor Abernathy and
letters of Blanchet regarding the massacre. This account of
Brouillet was taken from the Melanges Religieux, (published in
Belgium), and the accounts of the journey are extracts from the
same journal. 139


Reports From The Secretary Of War, Communicating, In
Compliance with a Resolution of the Senate of the 25th of
February 1849, a copy of the official journal of Lieut. Col.
P. St. George Cooke from Santa Fe to San Diego, etc.
March 19, 1849. Read and ordered to be printed.

Washington, 1849. (30th Cong. Special Session, Senate
doc. 2).

8, 85 pp.

This is the first publication in full of this journal, short ex-
tracts only being appended to Emory's Reconnaisance in 1847.
Col. Cooke commanded the Mormon Battalion on this march.

The History of the Mormon Battalion and this march was
written by Sergeant Daniel Tyler, one of them. A Concise His-
tory of the Mormon Battalion In the Mexican War, 1846-1847. By
Sergeant Daniel Tyler. 1881. [Probably at Salt Lake]. 8 VIII,
9-376 pp. 140



Route from the Gulf of Mexico and the Lower Mississippi
Valley to California and the Pacific Ocean, Illustrated By
A General Map And Sectional Maps; With directions to
travelers. Compiled by Robert Creuzbaur, 1849.

Published By H. Long & Brother, New York. Robert
Creuzbaur, Austin, Texas. 1849.

16, 40 pp. plus 1 adv. 5 maps.


No. 1 General Map.

No. 2 Ford's Route from Austin to El Paso.

No. 3 Sketch of Part of the March and Wagon road of
Lt. Col. Cooke in 1846-7.

No. 4 Copied from W. H. Emory's Map of 1847.

No. 5 Copied from Fremont's Maps of 1845-8.

Contains 1 large and 4 other small maps numbered. The large
map is important and rare, one of the smaller ones being new
and the other three being copies from Emory, etc. Cloth cover
with title, Guide To California And The Pacific Ocean, etc., etc.

Maps 2-5 show the route from Austin, Texas, through to Nueva
Helvetia via El Paso, the Gila and Los Angeles.

Of the text the only part of any value is the letter of Ford,
dated Austin, June 18, 1849, addressed to the editor of the Texas
Democrat and giving a condensed report on the route from Austin
to El Paso, obtained on an expedition made by Ford with Major
Neighbors in 1849. The rest of the text is compiled from Fre-
mont, Emory and Cooke and the Records of the General Land
Office of the State of Texas.

A complete copy in the Library of the University of Texas.



Mission De Vancouver. Latre de Monseigneur de Van-
couver a un pretre de 1'Archeveche. (In Rapport Sur Les
Missions Du Diocese De Quebec. Avril 1849. No. 8.
Quebec: 1849).

This contains an account by Demers of his journey from Van-
couver Island to St. Paul from March 20, 1846, to August 15,
passing by the H. B. Go's, route through Ft. Jasper, Ft. Carleton
and Red River. 14Z


Notes Of A Twenty-Five Years' Service In The Hudson's
Bay Territory. By John M'Lean. In Two Volumes.

London : Richard Bentley, West Burlington Street. 1849.

12 XII (Including tit. & hlf. tit.) 13-308; VII, (Inch,
title), 9-328 pp. Sometimes found as issued 2 vols. in 1.

In Vol. I, after services in Central Canada, he was sent to<


New Calendonia via Winnipeg and the Saskatchewan and put in
charge of Ft. George. In Vol. II he returned via Norway House
to Labrador, thence later to Ft. Simpson. Apparently McLean
was never in Oregon except for a short trip to Ft. Colville and
Okanagan. McLean entered the services of the company in the
winter of 1820-1. 143


The California and Oregon Trail: Being Sketches Of
Prairie And Rocky Mountain Life. By Francis Parkman,

New York: Geo. P. Putnam 1849.

12 Front.; eng. tit.; title; preface dated Boston, Feb.
15, 1849; pp. 7-8 contents; pp. 9-448 text. Also issued in 2

Left St. Louis with Quincy A. Shaw April 28, 1846, and West-
port some time later, going as far as Ft. Laramie. Traveled with
his brother and three Englishmen. On the return from Ft. Bent r
passed the Mormon Batallion. The Englishmen went on to Ore-
gon and returned to New York via the Sandwich Islands and

The plains were full of white men and Indians in the summer
of 1846, and Parkman had plenty of company. He mentions finding
Bissonette encamped 100 miles south of Ft. Laramie with a half-
breed family, possibly Long's Bissonette.

Originally published in the Knickerbocker Magazine, N. Y.,
1848, Vols. 31 and 32. 144


Interesting Items Concerning the Journeying of the Lat-
ter-Day Saints from the City of Nauvoo, until their location
in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake. (In Millenial Star,
v. XI and XII, Liverpool, 1849-50).

Extracted from the private journal of Orson Pratt. 145


Adventures Of The First Settlers On The Oregon Or
Columbia River: Being A Narrative Of The Expedition
Fitted Out By John Jacob Astor, To Establish The "Pacific
Fur Company" ; With' An Account Of Some Indian Tribes


On The Coast Of The Pacific. By Alexander Ross, One of
the Adventurers.

London : Smith, Elder & Co 1849.

8, pp. XV (1), 352. Map.

Map Of The Columbia to Illustrate Ross's Adventures.
George & Co., Lithog.

Gives a detailed account of the overland expeditions of Hunt
and Stuart, pp. 169-184 and 227-243. 146


Life In The Far West. By George Frederic Ruxton,
Author of "Adventures In Mexico and the Rocky Moun-
tains" etc.

New York : Harper & Bros 1849.

12 XII, 13-235 pp.

First printed in Blackwood's Magazine Nos. 63 and 64. (1848).
I have not seen a copy in book form with 1848 on the title page,
although I believe it was first published as a book in that year.

Ruxton went to England in 1847, wrote his first book and also
this series of sketches. In these sketches occurs an account of
Walker's expedition to California in 1833-4, possibly told him by
Mark Head who was one of the party, probably of the indepen-
dent trappers to which Leonard belonged. This account is some-
what fanciful. It plainly states that the party returned by the
Spanish trail as no doubt a part of the party did.

The preface contains a sketch of Capt. Ruxton who died in
St. Louis in September, 1848, on his way to the Rocky Mts. on a
second trip, having outlined a trip to Colorado, South Park and
then to Salt Lake. 147


Oregon And California In 1848: By J. Quinn Thornton,
Late Judge Of The Supreme Court Of Oregon, And Cor-
responding Member Of The American Institute. With An
Appendix, Including Recent And Authentic Information On
The Subject Of The Gold Mines Of California, And Other
Valuable Matter Of Interest To The Emigrant .... With
Illustrations and a Map. In two volumes.

New York : Harper & Bros 1849.

12 IX (1), 13-393 pp., fold, map, 6 plates; V-IX (3), 13-
379, 6 plates.

Map of California, Oregon, Texas, etc. J. H. Colton, N.
Y. 1849. (Harper and Brothers).

With Col. Russell, leader, left Westport May 12, 1846, with the


California Donner party behind them. The Donners, however,
caught up on Soldier Creek. Arrived Ft. Hall August 7. Here
they met Jesse Applegate who had come out from Oregon on his
new road which road the company now took. On Ogden's River
Ex-Gov. Boggs left the party and went to California. Arrived at
Forest Grove, Oregon, Nov. 29, after very harrowing experiences.
Vol. II contains a long account of the Donner party, with full
accounts of the various relief expeditions. On page 17 of Vol. II,
Thornton, in speaking of Hall J. Kelley's emigration scheme which
had been abandoned, says that John Ball and Calvin Tibbits who
went out with him in 1832, were members of Kelley's society.



The Emigrants' Guide To California, Containing Every
Point Of Information For The Emigrant Including
Routes, Distances, Water, Grass, Timber, Crossing of
Rivers, Passes, Altitudes, With A Large Map Of Routes,
And Profile Of Country .... With Full Directions For
Testing And Assaying Gold And Silver Ores. By Joseph
E. Ware. (Vignette).

St. Louis, Mo.: Published By J. Halsall.

On reverse of title St. Louis, Mo. Printed at the Union
Office: 1849.

16 Title, leaf dedication to Benton, leaf int., pp. 7-56.
Map 47^x15 inches on very thin paper.

Map of the Route To California, Compiled From Accu-
rate Observations and Surveys by Government. Engraved
By Joseph E. Ware, No. 31 Locust St., St. Louis. (Copy-
right secured according to law). At the top is a Profile of
the Route from the Mouth of the Kansas to San Francisco.

On reverse of title: We are authorized by Major S. P. Sub-
lette, the celebrated mountaineer, to say that the "Emigrant's
Guide to California" is accurate and complete in its description,
routes, etc.

The route described was via the South Pass, Sublette Cut-off,
Salt Lake City and the Humbold,t River.

I had a copy of this with a Colton, 1849, map in it, but I
finally located the proper map in a copy belonging to N. Y. Hist.
Soc. 149


The Gold Mines of the Gila. A Sequel to Old Hicks The
Guide. By Charles W. Webber. Vol. I.

New York : Dewitt & Davenport, Publishers. 1849.

12 Title, 3 leaves of dedication, preface and contents, pp.
1-134; new title, leaf of contents, pp. 135-263.


This lurid tale of Texas life on the border was written with a
distinct object of getting up what the author calls the Centralia
Exploring Expedition to California via the valleys of the Pecos,
the Gila and the Colorado of the West.

Webber, who had been a member of the Rangers in Texas, had
heard numerous tales about the existence of a gold and quicksilver
region north of the Gila River and he wanted to get up an expe-
dition to explore what he calls the unknown and unconquered
land. Pages 188 to the end of this book contain extracts from
nearly all the authors known to him who had written on New
Mexico and who had anything to say about mines. He also
quotes from the New Orleans Picayune an article by Mr. Peebles
on the Corpus Christi route to California via El Paso. 150


California. A Trip Across The Plains In The
Spring Of 1850, Being A Daily Record Of Incidents Of
The Trip Over The Plains, The Desert, And The Moun-
tains, Sketches Of The Country. Distances From Camp To
Camp &c, And Containing Valuable Information To Emi-
grants, As To Where They Will Find Wood, Water, And
Grass At Almost Every Step Of The Journey. By James

New Albany, Ind. : Published by Jno. Nunmacher, City
Book Store, Kent and Norman, Ledger Building. 1850.

(Cover title; regular title same except imprint).

New Albany, Ind. : Published by Kent & Norman And
J. R. Nunemacher. 1850.

12 Title, leaf of int., pp. 5-64.

In the form of a diary from St. Joe, April 13, 1849, to arrival
at Weaverville August 19 and in the diggings to September. Went
by the Sweetwater and Salt Lake. A very circumstantial diary,
the first part of which had been printed in the New Albany
Ledger. 151


The Prairie Flower; Or, Adventures In The Far West.

By Emerson Bennett New Edition, Revised and

Corrected By the Author.

Cincinnati : Published By U. P. James [n. d.l

8 VI, 7-120. P. P. W. same title.

1st edition, Cine., 1849, 120 pp. (Not seen).

The note to the introduction says this first appeared in 1849, and
although a large edition was printed, the edition was exhausted in
three months. The work is a romance based on a trip to Califor-
nia in which Kit Carson figures. The route was via Brown's Hole
and Utah Lake, arriving at Sutler's Fort. The journey was sup-
posed to have taken place in 1840. From there they were supposed


to have gone to Mexico and a year later, in the spring of 1842, ar-
rived at Los Angeles. Thence returned part way to the Wind
River Mts. and then to Oregon.

This and the sequel were undoubtedly either written by some-
one familiar with the western country, or from a tale told by
some such person. Sidney W. Moss who went with the Hastings
party in 1842 said he wrote the "Prairie Flower" and gave it to
Overton Johnson who went back in 1844, and that Bennett got
hold of it and published it as his own. 152


Leni Leoti ; Or Adventures In The Far West.
Sequel To "Prairie Flower." By Emerson Bennett. . . ,
New Edition, Revised and Corrected By The Author.

Cincinnati: Published By U. P. James [1850?]

P. P. W. same title.

8 Tit. 7-1 10 pp.

1st edition Cine., 1849, 108 pp. (Not seen).

A romance of Oregon in 1843 also hunting and trapping at Ft.
Uintah and thence to Taos, South Park, Ft. St. Vrain, the Black
Hills and thence returned to Oregon in Nov., 1843. In 1844 re-
turned to the States. 153


The Dreadful Sufferings And Thrilling- Adventures Of
An Overland Party of Emigrants To California. Their
Terrific Conflicts ! With Savage Tribes Of Indians ! ! And
Mexican Bands Of Robbers ! ! ! With Marriage, Funeral,
And Other Interesting Ceremonies And Customs Of Indian
Life In The Far West. Compiled From The Journal Of
Mr. George Adam, One Of The Adventurers, By Prof. Wm.

St. Louis, Mo. : Published By Barclay & Co. 1850.

(Cover title, regular title same, except slight change
in punctuation).

8 Front., title, plate, VI-X pp., plate (both sides). 13-71
pp. with cut on the back of p. 71, also on back cover.

This has all the appearance of being a romance. 154


The Overland Route To California. Major Carleton's
Tables of Distances. (In Stryker's Am. Reg. and Maga-
zine for July, 1850, pp. 246-52.)

In a letter from Ft. Leavenworth, Feb. 1, 1850 to the editors of
the Intelligencer.


The routes described are from Ft. Leavenworth to El Paso via
Santa Fe, Ft. Leavenworth to Ft. Laramie, Ft. Laramie to Ft.
Pierre. Carleton says the information is from Col. Aeneas
Mackay and Capt. Alexander B. Dyer. 155


A Report, In The Form Of A Journal, To The Quarter-
master General, Of The March Of The Regiment Of
Mounted Riflemen To Oregon, From May 10 To October
5, 1849. By Major O. Cross, Quartermaster United States

Philadelphia: C. Sherman, Printer. 1850.

8 Tit., IV, 5-228; Map, 37 plates.


Map of North America, by J. Calvin Smith, [with small
map of the Gold Regions of California as inset].

Contains all of the plates published by the Government in its
publication of this march, in the Report of the Quartermaster
General for 1850. As this well printed copy seems to be the only
one known; Query: Did Cross have it printed for his own use?

List calls for 35 plates, but there are 36, and one extra of the
Dalles. Same extra plate occurs in the Government report. This
report occupies pages 126-240 of Senate Ex. Doc. No. 1, 31 Cong.,
2nd Session and has 36 plates, although the list only calls for
35. 156


Journal Of An Expedition To The Mauvaises Terres And
The Upper Missouri In 1850. By Thaddeus A. Culbertson.

Smith. Inst. Ann. Report, 1850, App. IV, also 32 Cong.,
Spec. Sess. Senate, Doc. No. 1.

8 pp. 84-145.

Started from Ft. Pierre May 7. Gives a very interesting ac-
count of the forts and Indians on the Missouri River.

For a long account of Culbertson and, in fact, the history of
the Upper Missouri country, see Lieut. James H. Brady's "Affairs
At Fort Benton" in Contributions to the Historical Society of
Montana, Vol. III. 157


Wah-To-Wah, And The Taos Trail; Or Prairie Travel
and Scalp Dances, With A Look At Los Rancheros From
Muleback And The Rocky Mountain Campfire. By Lewis
H. Garrard.


Cincinnati: Published By H. W. Derby & Co.; New
York. A. S. Barnes & Co. 1850.

12 pp. VI (2), 349.

Left camp near Westport Sept. 12, 1846, with a Santa Fe train
under St. Vrain and went to Ft. William. Gives an account of
the Taos massacre and the subsequent trials of the prisoners at
which he was present. Met Jim Beckworth and gives some ac-
count of him. Also met Carson and Beale on their way east. Mr.
Ruxton also joined the party on the Purgatoire on their return to
St. Louis in the summer of 1847.

In a footnote on page 299 he tells of meeting Ruxton again in
Buffalo in Aug., 1848. Ruxton admitted being the author of Life
in the Far West, then in course of publication in Blackwood's
Magazine. Ruxton was on his way to the mountains and left the
same day but died in St. Louis. 15S


Reports Of The Secretary Of War, With Reconnaisances
of Routes From San Antonio To El Paso, By Brevet. Lt.
Col. J. E. Johnston ; Lieut. W. F. Smith ; Lieut. F. T. Bry-
an ; Lieut. N. H. Michler ; and Captain S. G. French, of
Q'master's Dep't. Also, The Report of Capt. R. B. Marcy's
Route From Fort Smith To Santa Fe ; and The Report of
Lieut. J. H. Simpson Of An Expedition Into the Navaio
Country ; and the Report of Lieutenant W. H. C. Whiting's
Reconnaisances of the Western Frontier Of Texas. July
24, 1850. Ordered Printed.

Washington: Printed At The Union Office. 1850. (31st
Cong., 1st Sess. Sen. Ex. doc. 64).

8 Title, Letters, Anderson & Abert, pp. 3-4; Smith's Re-
port, pp. 4-7, 13-14; Michler's Report, pp. 7-13, 29-39; Bry-
an's Report, pp. 14-25; French's Report, pp. 40-54, map;
Simpson's Report, pp. 55-168, map; Marcy's Report, pp.
169-233 ; Whiting's Report, pp. 235-250. 72 plates (nos. 2,
21 and 39 never published).

Map Reconnaisances of routes from San Antonio to El
Paso of Johnston, [etc.] including Whiting's, 1849.

Map of the Route pursued by Lieut. Col. Washington in
the expedition against the Navajos. By J. H. Simpson,
assisted by E. M. Kern.

The plates belong to the Simpson Report and were made by R.
H. a.nd E. M. Kern, mostly by the latter, and were lithographed
by P. S. Duval, Philadelphia. 159



The Mormans, A Discourse Delivered Before The His-
torical Society of Pennsylvania: March 26, 1850. By
Thomas L. Kane.

Philadelphia: King & Baird. . . . 1850.

8 84 pp. including title.

An account of the Morman migration to Utah in 1846-7. 160


McNeil's Travels In 1849, To, Through And From The
Gold Region, In California. By Samuel McNeil, A Shoe-

Columbus: Scott & Bascom, Printer. 1850.

8 40 pp.

Left New Orleans Feb. 28, 1849, via Brazos, Monterey, Parras,
Durango and Mazatlan and arrived in San Francisco May 30.
Very short account of his journey across Mexico.

A copy of this very rare book in the Bancroft Library. 161


Narratives Of An Expedition To The Shores Of The
Arctic Sea in 1846 and 1847. By John Rae, Hudson Bay
Company's Service, Commander of the Expedition. With

London : T. & W. Boone. 1850.

8 pp. VIII, 247 (1) 2 Maps.

Rae passed over the Ft. William Norway House trail in 1845.
Not seen; collation from Sabin. *162


Kosato, The Blackfoot Renegade. By J. H. Robinson,
Author of "Silver Knife," Etc.

Boston: Published at the Yankee Notion Office. . .-.. .

8 48 pp. P. P. W. with same title except imprint is,
Boston : Published By Hotchkiss & Co

The "Kosato" occupies the first 38 pp. and is followed by
"Clemence De La Faille," by Thomas Williams, Esq. 163


Datos De Los Trabajos Astronomicos Y Topograficas,
Dispuestos En Forma De Diario. Practicados Durante El


Ano De 1849 Y Principios De 1850 For La Comision De
Limites Mexicana En La Linea Que Divide Esta Republica
De La De Los Estados-Unidos, Por El Geometra De
Dicha Comision, Jose Salazar Ylarregui

Mexico. Imprenta De Juan R. Navarro 1850.

8 Title, V, 7-123, pp. 2 maps. Pp. 7-16, Introduction;
17-38, Resumen (of the work) ; 39-123. Tables and Astron-
omical Data.

Piano de la parte austral del puerto de S. Diego, etc., Ano
de 1850.

Piano de la Confluencia de los rios Gila Y Colorado ....
Ano de 1850.

A very rare book, even in Mexico. 164


Way Sketches. Containing Incidents of travel across the
Plains from St. Joseph, to California.

These sketches appeared in the Family Visitor of Cleveland,
probably copied from the Ohio Statesman, during the fall of 1850
and winter of 1850-1. They were written by Lorenzo Sawyer,
afterward Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of California, in
the form of a day by day journal and forms one of the most
readable of all the overland narratives of gold rush days that I
have read. 165


Report From The Secretary Of War, Communicating, In
Compliance with a Resolution of the Senate, the report and
map of the route from Fort Smith, Arkansas, to Santa Fe,
New Mexico, made by Lieutenant Simpson. Jan. 14, 1850.
Ordered printed.

31st Cong. 1st Sess. Senate, Ex. doc. 12.

8 25 pp. 4 maps.

Map of route pursued by U. S. Troops from Fort Smith,
Arkansas, to Santa Fe, New Mexico, via South Side of
Canadian River in the year 1849. Lt. Simpson, assisted by
E. M. Kern and Mr. Champlin.

Map No. 2 Showing A Continuation of Details by Simp-

Map No. 3 Showing A Continuation of Details by Simp-

Map No. 4 Showing A Continuation from Tucumcari
Creek to Santa Fe.


Simpson's report is dated Santa Fe, Aug. 13, 1849. Capt. R. B.

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