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With 127 Plates,
containing 247 Portraits and Facsimiles.







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HENRY SOTHEKAN & CO., 140, STRAND, W.C, JCsXi isf pVcCADltt-V; W. 429

8410 GILL (Sir David, f.r.s. ; Cape Astronomer Royal) Cata-ldgve of 1713 St^^s, fof thq Equinox
1885-0, from Observations at the Royal Observatory, Capfe of ,6pod rf(HVB/IS7g55;wi5ih Append-
ixes : Catalogue of 104 Southern Circumpolar Stars, and separate* (^bsefvations of (3, a^ and ai
Centauri, impl. 4to. cl., 5s 1894

8411 Catalogue of 3007 Stars, for the Equinox 18900, from Observations at the Royal

Observatory, Cape of Good Hope, 1885-95, with Appendixes : Comparison with other Catalogues,
Meridian Observations of a (fanis Majoris, a Cants Minoris, j3 Centauri, a* and a? Centauri, and
Positions of Southern Circumpolar Stars, impl. 4to. d., 7s 1898

8412 Catalogue of 8560 Astrographic Standard Stars between Declinations -40" and

- 52° for 1900, from Observations at the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope, 1896-9, with
Appendixes, roy. 4to. cl., Is Qd 1906

8413 Catalogue of 2798 Zodiacal Stars for the Epoch 1900, arranged for Differential

Observations of the Planets, roy. 8vo. sewn, \s 6d 1899

8414 Heliometer Observations for Determination of Stellar Parallax at the Royal

Observatory, Cape of Good Hope, large 8vo. cL, 3s 1893

8415 Report on the Geodetic Survey of South Africa, Vols. I— III and V (all published),

unth numerous folding plates, and other illustrations, 4 vols, folio, original hf. roan {one v. cl.) ;
SCARCE, £2. 10* Cape Town, 1896-1901-5— Zonrfow, 1908

Contents:— I. Geodetic Survey executed by Lt.-Col. Morris, r.e., 1883-92, with Rediscussion of the Survey executed by
Sir Thomas Maclear, f.r.s., 1841-8 : II. Report on a Rediscussion of Bailey'saiid Fourcarde's Surveys, and their Reduction

to the System of the Geodetic Survey: III. on the Geodetic Survey of Part of Southern Rhodesia, executed by

Alexander Siinms : V. Reports on the Geodetic Survey of the Transvaal and Orange River Colony, executed by Col. Sir
W. G. Morris, and of its Connexion, by Capt. H. W. Gordon, r.e., with the Geodetic Survey of Southern Rhodesia.

'Sir David Gill's grandiose scheme for uniting two hemispheres by a continuous network of triangulation.'— If iss
Agnes if. Gierke.

8416 Volume I : Report on the Geodetic Survey of South Africa, executed by Col.

[Sir W. G.] Morris, 1883-92, with Rediscussion of the Survey executed by Sir Thomas
Maclear, f.R.S., 1841-8, with 22 plates and plans (mostly foldiiig), and diagrams, folio, sewn,
125 %d Cape Town, 1896

8417 Volume II : on a Rediscussion of Bailey's and Fourcarde's Surveys, and

their Reduction to the System of the Geodetic Survey, with diagrams, folio, hf. roan, 8* %d

ibidem, 1901

8418 Volume III: on the Geodetic Survey of Part of Southern Rhodesia, executed

by Alexander SiMMS, Government Surveyor, m^A/oZrfm^r/^^a^e, and diagrams, folio, hf. roan
(scarce), £1. 10s %b., 1905

8419 Report on the Boundary Survey between British Bechuanaland and German

South West Africa, executed by Lt.-Col. Laffan, Lt. Wettstein and Oberlt. Doering
[in English and German], with 2 folding plates, and diagrams, folio, sewn, Qs %d Berlin, 1906

8420 Results of Meridian Observations of Stars at the Royal Observatory, Cape of

GrOOD Hope, complete from 1855 to 1904, with Appendix to 1890-1, 8 vols. roy. 4to. cl., £1. 15*

1894— ^rftn., 1906

8421 during 1861-70, 77-9, and '82-5, 5 thick vols. roy. 8vo. c/., 18* M

lS87—Edin., 1901

8422 during 1866 to 1870, under the Direction of Sir Thomas Maclear, f.r.s., thick

roy. 8vo. cl., 4s 6d Edin., 1900

8423 during 1877, under the Direction of E. J. Stone, f.r.s., roy. 8vo. d., 4* (p. 10*6rf)

ib., 1901

8424 during 1878-9, under the Direction of E. J. Stone, f.r.s., roy. 8vo. d., 6s (p. \2s%d)

ib., 1901

8425 during 1896-7, roy. 4to. cl., 6s (p. 155) ib., 1901

8426 during 1900-4, roy. 4to. cl., &s (p. 15s) ib., 1906

8427 , and William Lewis ELKIN ; Yale Observatory : Heliometer-Determinations of

Stellar Parallax in the Southern Hemisphere, with 4 plates {3 folding), 4to. sewn, 5s 6d 1884

' To A. M. W. Dovming, Esq. [F.iJ.S.] with kind regards from David GUl.'—Jnscr. on flyleaf.

8428 , and Jacobus Cornelius KAPTEYN; Univ. Groningen: The Cape Photographic

Durchmusterung for the Equinox 1875, with plates and woodcuts, 3 thick vols. hf. calf, with
the Bevision, with diagrams, 3 parts in 1 vol. cl.— in all 4 vols. roy. 4to., £2. 5* (p. £6. 5*)

1896— Edin., 1903

The completion of Argelander's ' Bonner Durchmusterung '. ' It placed at the disposal of astronomers a photographic
census of the heavens fuller and surer than the corresponding visual enumeration executed at Bonn. It includes 454,875
stars, nearly to the 10th magnitude, and their positions are reliable to about one second of arc.'— Miss Agnes M. CUrke.

8429 GILL (J., F.R.A.S.) Text-Book on Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, unth front,
and 212 illustrations, 8vo. cl., 4s (p. 10s %d) 1898

8430 GILL (Joseph ; c.E.) Essay on the Thermo-Dynamics of Elastic Fluids, with 6 woodcuts,
8vo. sewn, with auto, of Sir E. Frankland, F.R.S. , 5s 1860-1

An attempt to prove the fallacy of the principle of the conservation of energy.

8431 GILL (Thomas, patent agent) Technical Repository ; containing Practical Information on
Discoveries and Improvements in Useful Arts, from the beginning in 1822 to 1830, unth numerous
copperplates {many folding), 17 vols. 8vo. old crimson hf morocco gilt {nice set), unth bookplate of
Henry B. H. Beavfoy, F.k.S. {rare), £1. 5s 1822-30

Including First Series, 10 vols., and Second Series (Technological and Microscopic Repository), 7 toIs.

8432 GILLY (David), \ind Johann Albert EYTELWEIN : Praktische Anweisung zur
Wasserbaukunst, I. Heft: Von den Pfiihlen, den Rammen und den Fangdammen, 2. ver-
mehrte Auflage ; with \4 folding copperplates, 4to. boards^ 4s Berlin, 1809



430 HENlJlf SOTHEBAJ^- ^jCO., 140, STRAND, W.C, and 43, PICCADILLY, W.

8435 GILLMORE (Goi. Qtuincjr Xdams, U.S. Army) Practical Treatise on Coignet-Beton,
a,ndoth&^ A^h:lCJ Ah ^t6!SE,' with 9 plates {mostly folding), 8vo. cl., is (p. 12* 6d)

. ■ ' -':'■';:..;/■'.•.•' New York, mi

8436 Practical Treatise on Limes, Hydraulic Cements, and Mortars, with Reports of

numerous Experiments conducted in New York City, 1858-61, with 57 woodcuts, 8vo. cl. (title
stamped), 5s (p. £1.) ib., 1863

8437 Fifth Edition, enlarged, with front, and 57 illustrations, 8vo. cl., Qs 6d (p. £1.) ib., 1879

8438 Practical Treatise on Roads, Streets, and Pavements, with 70 woodcuts, cr. 8vo.

cl., 35 Qd ibidem, 1876

8439 GILPIN (George) Tables for reducing the Quantities by Weight, in any Mixture of Pure
Spirit and Water, to those by Measure ; and for determining the Proportion, by Measure, of
each of the two Substances in such Mixtures, 4to. (pp. 108), sewn, Ss 1794

8440 GIRAK.D (J. B.) Trait^ Pratique des Chaudieres Marines : Description, Entretien,
Conduite ; with 20 folding plates and 276 woodcuts, thick post 8vo. cl., 6s (p. F. 12.50 nett) 1897

8441 GIULIANELLI (Antonio, s.J.) Essame delle Acque di Civita Vecchia e di Trevi ; with
folding copperplate, 12mo. sewn {browned) ; rare, Ts 6d Roma, 1701

One of the earliest— if not the earliest — work on microscopic water analysis.

8442 GLAISHER (James, f.r.s. ; founder of Roy. Met. Soc.) On the Determination of the Mean
Temperature of Every Day in the Year, from all the Thermometrical Observations at the
Royal Observatory, Greenwich, 1814-56, urith 12 folding tables, 8vo. (pp. 8), sewn, 2s 1858

8443 The Influence of the Moon on the Direction of the Wind, 8vo. (pp. 20), seivn, 2s 1867

8444 On the Meteorology of England, 1867 and 1868, 2 plates, 8vo. (pp. 17), sewn, Is Qd 1869

8445 On the Recent Frequent Appearance of the Aurora, with plate, 8vo. (pp. 17), sewn,

Is 6d 1870

8446 Report on the Meteorology of London, and its Relation to the Epidemic of Cholera,

with 3 folding charts, 8vo. (pp. 118), sewn, 3s Qd 1855

8447 On the Temperature and Humidity of the Air at the Heights of 22' and 50' above the

Ground, in Comparison with those at the Height of 4', with plate, 8vo. (pp. 22), sewn. Is Qd 1870

8448 , GamiUe FLAMMAIIION, Wilfrid de FONVIELLE, and Gaston TISSANDIER :

Travels in the Air, edited by J. Glaisher, with 118 plates and woodcuts, roy. 8vo. cl. (o. /?.),
125 Qd (p. £1. Us Qd) 1871

8449 Another Copy, new hf. green calf gilt, uncut, t. e. g. {name on title), IQs

Containing also important meteorological observations.
8450 : Voyages A^riens; with portrait of Glaisher, 6 coloured plates, 116 woodcuts,

and 15 charts, impl. 8vo. original hf red morocco gilt {o. p.), 15s 1870

8451 GLAISHER (James Whitbread Lee; son of the foregoing ; Fellow of Trinity ; f.r.s.) On

Certain Identical Differential Relations, 8vo. (pp. 5), sewn, \s [1872]

8452 On Some Definite Integrals expressible in Terms of the First Complete Elliptic

Integral and of Gamma Functions, 8vo. (pp. 8), sewn. Is Qd [1876]

8453 On Early Logarithmic Tables, 8vo. (pp. 7), sewn, 2s 1873

8454 On an Elliptic Function Solution of Kepler's Problem, 8vo. (pp. 22), sewn, '2s 1877

8455 Expressions for Laplace's Coefficients, Bernoullian and Eulerian Numbers,

etc., as Determinants, 8vo. (pp. 15), sewn, Is Qd 1876

8456 On a FORMULA of Cauchy's for the Evaluation of a Class of Definite Integrals,

8vo. (pp. 11), sewn, \s Qd 1876

8457 Note on certain Symbolic Operators, and their Application to the Solution of certain

Partial Differential Equations, 8vo. (pp. 7), sewn, \s Qd 1878

8458 Numerical values of the First Twelve Powers of tt, etc. etc., 8vo. (pp. 6), sewn.

Is [1874]

8459 On RicCATl's EQUATION and its TRANSFORMATIONS, and on some Definite Integrals

which satisfy them, roy. 4to. (pp. 70), sewn, 3s 1881

8460 , and others : Solutions of the Cambridge Senate-House Problems and Riders for

1878, with 4 plates, 8vo. cL, Qs (p. 12*) 1879

8461 GLANVILL (Joseph; pr.. Provost of Eton, f.r.s.) Scepsis Scientifica : or Confest
Ignorance, the Way to Science. In an Essay of the Vanity of Dogmatizing, and Confident
Opinion, with a Reply to the Exceptions of the learned Thomas Albius [White] , with Royal
Society's Arms, 2 vols. sm. 4to. in 1, contemporary calf, newly rebacked {two names rubbed out of
title, otherwise a fine copy) ; RARE, £1. 12* 6c? E. Cotes, for H. Eversden, 1665

Rare, many copies having perished in the Fire of London. It is a recast of the author's ' Vanity of Dogmatizing,'
published in 1661, and first contains his reply to Thomas White's ' Sciri/ a defence of scholastic philosophy.

8462 GLAKEANTJS \yere LORITI sive LORETI] (Heinrich) De Geographia Liber unus, ab
ipso Authore iam tertio recognitus ; with woodcuts and diagrams, sm. 4to. (pp. 70), sewn (rare),
£1. 15* Friburgi Brisgoviae, 1536

Including also mathematical and physical geography. On folio 35 the discovery of America is mentioned.
The above edition was unknown to Graesse, and is not mentioned by Bruuet.

8463 GLASEB (Ohxistophle, Apoticaire ordinaire du Roy) Trait6 de la Chymie, enseignant par
line brieve et facile methode toutes ses plus necessaires preparations ; 4® Edition, augmentee par
I'Autheur ; with 3 folding copperplates of distilling apparatus, 24mo. old calf, 12s Bruxelles, 1676

Glaser was the chemist from whom the Marchioness of Brinvilliers and her paramour Ste. -Croix got their poisons, and
had to flee France when the facts came out at the trial.

' On lui doit la connaissance du sulfate de potasse, connu, avant la reforme de la nomenclature ohimique, sous le nom
de stl pciychreste de Glaser, parce qu'il en indiqua le premier la composition.'— ^iogrr. G6n.

846-5 GLASGOW (Ddvid) Watch and Clock Making, with 69 woodcutsy fcap. 8vo. d. {o.p.), 5s

1885, 07' '93
8i6o GLAUBER (Johann Rudolph) Works, containing Great Variety of Choice Secrets in
Medicine and Alchymv, in the Working of Metallick Mines, and the Separation of
Metals : also, various Cheap and Easie Wavs of making Salt-petre, and Improving of Barren-
Land, and the Fruits of the Earth, translated by Christopher Packe, first JSnglish edition,
with 10 plates, folio, hf. calf {title giiarded, but a very sound copy) ; rare, £2. 10*

Thomas Milbourn, 1689

8467 Second Edition, with 10 plates on copper and wood, folio, hf. morocco {last 2 II. of Index

missing), £1. 10* printed for the Author, 1694

8468 FuRNi Novi Philosophici, sive Descriptio Artis Destillatoriae Novce ; with folding plates,

and other woodcuts, 5 v. : Annotationes in APPENDICEM V. Partis— 6 parts in 1 vol. 12mo.
old limp vellum {sound copy) ; RARE, £1. Is Amst., J. Jansson, 1651

One of the author's most important works, describing a large number of new chemical processes, with illustrations of
his apparatus.

8469 Description of New Philosophical Furnaces, or a new Art of Distilling, with

a Description of the Tincture of Gold, or the True Aurum Potabile, also the First Part of the
Mineral Work, set forth in English by J[ohn] F[rench] D. M., with curious woodcuts, sm. 4to.
very soicnd copy in contemporary calf {joints cracked) ; RARE, £3. 3* E. Coats, 1651

First English Edition of the ' Furni Novi Philosophici.' The translator was John French, m.d. (1616 ?-57), author
of ' The Art of Distillation ' (q. v. ante)— a, fact unknown to Lowndes and Halkett and Laing.

Besides the particulars on Glaubsr given in the note to no. 1570 ante, it may be mentioned that according to Dr. Percy
he seems to have been the first to use leaden cisterns for the condensation of acid vapours in metallurgical processes.

8470 GLAZEBROOK (Richard Tetley, f.r.s., director. National Physical Laboratory) Electricity
and Magnetism, unth 270 woodcuts, cr. 8vo. cl., Ss 6d (p. 7* Hd) Univ. Press, Cambridge, 1903, or '4

8471 Heat : an Elementary Text-Book, Theoretical and Practical, with 88 illustrations, cr.

8vo. cl.. Is 6d a. e., ib., 1894

8472 Mechanics and HvDROSTATics : an Elementary Text-Book, Theoretical and Practical,

with 336 illustrations, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, cl., 5s (p. 10*) a. e., ib., 1895

8473 Physical Optics, with 183 woodcuts, cr. 8vo. cL, Ss (p. 6s) 1883

8474 , and William Napier SHAW, f.r.s.. Director, Meteorological Office: Practical

Physics, with frontispiece and 80 woodcuts, cr. 8vo. cl., 2s (p. 6s) 1885

8475 New [Fourth] Edition [greatly enlarged], with 134 woodcuts, thick post 8vo. cl., 3s

(p. 6s) 1894

8476 GLASENAPP (Serge de ; Univ. St. Petersburg) Mesures d'^TOiLES Doubles, Series I k III
et V ; lu it h frontispiece, 4 parts irapl. 8vo. sewn, with inscrs. to Dr. A.M. W. Downing, F.R.S.,
6s 6d St.-PHersbourg, 1892-99

8477 Orbites des ^toiles Doubles du Catalogue de Poulkova ; impl. 8vo. (pp. 51), sewn,

2s ib., 1889

8478 GLENIE (James, f.r.s.) The Antecedental Calculus, or a Geometrical Method of
Keasoning, without any Consideration of Motion or Velocity, applicable to every Purpose to
which Fluxions have been or can be applied, with the Geometrical Principles of Increments, etc.,
etc., with diagrams, 4to. (pp. 16), sewn, 4s %d 1793

8479 GLOBES :— An INTRODUCTION to Geography and Astronomy ; containing chiefly the
Description and Use of the Terrestrial and Celestial Globes, with many New and tlseful
Particulars not yet made Publick in any other Treatise on this Subject ; 2nd Edition, with 3
copperplates, 16mo. contemporary calf , with Chippendale bookplate of Sir William Irby {rare),
12s 6rf 1735

On p. 96 is an account of the foundation of Georgia, u.s.a., ' come to hand while this sheet was printing off.'

8480 GLOESENER (Michel, Univ. Li^ge) Recherches sur la T6l6graphie Electrique ; with
15 plates {Infolding), large 8vo. sewn, with author's inscr. {scarce), 10s Qd Li6ge, 1853

' Contenant un expose sonimaire des nombreuses recherches que j'ai faites sur tous les systemes de t616graphes
elect rique s, a I'exception de celui qui a pour but I'impression i I'aide 1e lettres.' — Page 1.

8481 GLYNN (Joseph, f.r.s.) The Construction of Cranes and other Hoisting Machinery,
5th Edition, with 39 woodcuts, 12mo. hf. maroon morocco, Is %d 1873

8482 GMELIN (Johann Friedrich, Univ. Gottingen) Einleitung in die Chemie, zum Gebrauch
auf Universitiiten, sm. 8vo. sewn {some II. at end gnawed) , 3s Niirnberg, 1780

8483 Grundsatze der technischen Chemie, sm. 8vo. (p. 766), seum, 5s Halle, 1786

8484 Ueber die neuere [sic] Entdeckungen in der Lehre von der LUFT, und deren

Anwendung auf Arzneikunst, 8vo. seum, 3s Qd Berlin, 1784

None of the above works is in Prof. John Ferguson's ' Bibliotheca Chemica '.

8485 GMELIN (Johann Georg; Univ. Tubingen) Dissert ATio Inauguralis Chymica, sistens
Celebrium Wurtenbergioe nostrre Acidularum Teinacensium Spiritusque Vitrioli Volatilis
et ejus Phlegmatis Examen per Reagentia, cum Phoenomenorum Explicatione ; accedunt
qusedam de iSetallorum et Mineralium Diagnosi, variis curiosis illustrata Experimentis ; with
folding table, sm. 4to. (pp. 48), seum {rare), 10s Qd Tubingce, 1727

The author's first published work, and unknown to Poggendorff and other bibliographers. He was a well-known
botanist and the founder of comparative geography.

8486 GMELIN (Leopold) Hand-book of Chemistry, translated, with Index, by Henry
Watts, f.r.s., with plates, 19 vols. Bvo. cl., uncut, t. e. g. {o. p.), £3. 3s Cavendish Soc, 1848-72

Contents :— Anorganic Chemistry, 6 v. : Organic Chemistry, 12 v. : Index, 1 v.

8487 Another Copy, without Vols. 18 and 19 (Organic Chemistry, v. XII, and Index), 17 vols.

8vo. cl., uncut, t. e. g., £2. 2s 1848-66

The English version of this classical work contains many additions by its translator.


8489 GLEICHEN (Alexander) Lehrbuch der geometrischen Optik ; with 251 diagrams^ 8vo.
cL, 135 Qd (p. M. 20) Leipzig, 1902

8490 GOAD (John; pr.^ Headmaster of Merchant Taylors' School) Astro-Meteorologica, or
Aphorisms and Discourses of the Bodies Celestial, their Natures and Influences, dis-
covered from the Variety of the Alterations of the Air, Temperate, or Intemperate, as to Heat or
Cold, Frost, Snow, Hail, Fog, Rain, Wind, Storm, Lightnings, Thunder, Blasting, Hurricane,
TufFon, Whirlwind, etc. etc., collected from the Observation at leisure Times, of above Thirty
years, folio, contemporary calf {very sound copy) ; rare, £1. 15* J. Rawlins, 1686

' By far the largest and most important work devoted to astrological meteorology.'— G. J. Symons, F.R.S.

8491 GODFRAY (Hugh) Elementary Treatise on the Lunar Theory, with brief Sketch of
the History of the Problem to Neyvton, folding plate, 8vo. cL, 2s Cambridge, 1853

8492 Second Edition, revised, with diagrams, post8vo. cl., 2s Qd ibidem, 1859

8493 Third Edition, revised, with diagrams, post 8vo. cl., with auto, of Prof. H. W. Lloyd

Tanner, F.R.S.,ds 1871

8494 Treatise on Astronomy, Last Edition, loith plate and numerous diagrams, 8vo. cl.,

7s (p. 12s 6^) 1886, or '94

8495 GODFREY (Ambrose, Chymist, f.r.s.) Account of the New Method of Extinguishing
Fires by Explosion and Suffocation ; wherein a Description is given of the several Machines
and their Uses, with Directions for their proper Application, with short Narrative of Mr.
Povey's Behaviour in relation to this useful Invention, by which it will appear, that the said
Mr. Povey's pretended Watch Engine is at best a precarious, and often dangerous Remedy,
imperfectly Stolen from Am.brose Godfrey's Method, published with a Design to rob the
right Owner of the just Reward by imposing upon the Publick in suppressing an Invention of real
and universal Benefit, and substituting an imperfect and dangerous one in its room, with vignette
on copper, sm. 8vo. hf bound {very rare), £1. \s Printed in the Year 1724

' Godfrey's method was tried in a house, erected for the purpose by the Society of Arts, in Marylebone Fields, 19 May
1761, when it seems to have proved entirely successful '. — D. N. B.

The author was for many years assistant to the Hon. Robert Boyle, f.r.s., to whom he refers in the introduction to the
above work. The latter was reprinted, but without the interesting Narrative, in 1743.

8496 GODFREY (Charles; Headmaster Roy. Naval Coll., Osborne) On the Application of
Fourier's Double Integrals to Optical Problems, with 2 diagrams, roy. 4to. sewn, \s %d 1900

8497 GOERENS (P., Aix-la-Chapelle) Introduction k la M^tallographie Microscopique,
traduite par A. Corvisy, revue et augment^e par F. Robin ; with 34 plates and 157 other illus-
trations, roy. 8vo. sewn, Qs (p. F. 10 nett) 1911

8498 GOETHE (Johann Wolfgang: v.) Theory of Colours, translated, with Notes, by Sir
Charles Lock Eastlake, r.a., f.r.s., with 4 coloured plates, 8vo. cl., uncut {cover damaged) ;
scarce, 155 1840

A violent— and quite futile— attack on Newton's theoiy of colours by the poet-philosopher, but which is still suggestive
to artists, though it has long lost its place as a contribution to optics.

' It must be admitted that the statements contain more useful principles in all that relates to harmony of colour than
any that have been derived from the established doctrine.' — Preface.


zur Optik, nebst Erklarung ; 43 plates {mostly coloured), 4to. sewn, bs Stuttgart, 1842

8500 ffiuvRES SciENTiFiQUES, analysees et appreciees par Ernest Faivre ; with 4 plates,

8vo. hf. calf {joints rubbed), 4* 1862

8501 GOLDMANN (Charles Sydney, f.r.g.s.), and Joseph KITCHIN : South African Mines :
their Position, Results, and Developments, with Account of Diamond, Land, Finance, and kindred
Concerns, with over 100 plates {many folding and coloured), 3 vols. 4to. cl., lis Qd (p. £3. 35) 1895-6

8502 GOMPERTZ (Benjamin, f.r.s.) On the Aberration of Light, with plate, 4to. (pp. 16),
sewn, 3s 1824

8503 On the Nature of the Function expressive of the Law of Human Mortality ; and on

a New Mode of Determining the Value of Life Contingencies, 4to. (pp. 75), sewn, with
author's inscr. {scarce), Qs 1825

' Had his principle been propounded in the days of Newton, vitality would have been made a thing of, like attraction.
—Prof, de Morgan.

8504 The Theory of Astronomical Instruments, Parts I and II, with Supplement, with

folding plate, 4to. (pp. 31), sewn, 45 %d 1824

8505 GOODEN (James, s.J., e Collegia Anglorum Leodii) Trigonometria Plana et Sph^rica,
cum selectis ex Geometria et Astronomia Problematis ; accedunt SiNUUM Canones, et ex
Euclide Propositiones magis necessarise ; with numerous diagrams, 12mo. sewn, uncut, with auto,
of General Robert Melville, F.R.S. [1723-1809], 6s Leodii, 1704

8506 GOODMAN (John) On a New and Practical Voltaic Battery of the Highest Powers, in
which Potassium forms the Positive Element, 8vo. (pp. 13), sewn, \s Qd Manchester, 1847

8507 Researches into the Identity of the Existencies or Forces ; Light, Heat, Electricity,

and Magnetism, 8vo. (pp. 23), sewn, Is Qd ib., 1847

8508 GOODRIOKE (John, f.r.s.) Observations of a New Variable Star, 4to. (pp. 12), sewn, 4s 1785

An account of the author's discovery of the variability of ^ Lyrce.

8509 GOODWIN (Henry Bedingfield) Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, with numerous
diagrams, 8vo. cl., 3s (p. 8s Qd) 1886

8510 Fifth Edition, with numerous diagrams, 8vo. hf calf, 4s Qd (p. 8s Qd) 1896

8511 Sixth Impression, tytYA c^m^rams, 8vo. c/., 5s 1901

8512 GOOS (Fritz, Hamburg) Der spektroskopische Doppelstern Capella : Inaugural-
Dissertation ; with photographic plate, and diagram, 4to. sewn, 4s Bonn, 1908



8514 GOODWIN (Harvey; 5lst Bj). of Carlisle) Elementary Course of Mathematics, woodcuts,
interleaved throughout with plain writing paper, 1 vol. 8vo. in 3, hf. russia {rubbed), 3s Cambridge, 1846

8515 Third Edition, with woodcuts, thick 8vo. cL, 3s ib., 1849

8516 Fourth Edition, with woodcuts, thick 8vo. cl., 3s Qd ib., 1853

8517 Fifth Edition, with woodcuts, thick 8vo. cL, 4s ib., 1857

8518 Sixth [last] Edition, revised and enlarged, by Philip Thomas Main, with woodcuts,

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