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pp. ; ' The Catalogue of the Authors, 6 pp. ; Text 752 pp. " Table of
the principall Matters' etc. 20pp.


His PILGRIMES, contajning a History of the World, in
Sea Yoyages and Lande Travels, by Englishmen and others,
5 vols. with the rare frontispiece and all the plates, French
gros-grained morocco extra, ty W. Pratt, VERY CHOICE
COPY Land. 1625-26, folio

Vol. I. Engraved frontispiece, containing portraits ; printed title ; Dedi-
cation "To Charles Prince of Wales," 2 pp. ; " To the Reader," 6 pp. ;
Contents of the Chapters, etc., 1 1 leaves ; " Maps and Peeces in the
formert en Bookes," 1 p. ; Text, Book 1, pp. 1-186; maps on pp. 24, 57,
65, 71, 74, 85, 115. There should be a cancel at pp. 65-6, upon the
first of which is a plate of the two hemispheres, with title " Designatio
orbis Chiistiani "; Tuble 4 leaves. Books II-V. pp. 1-748, Catchword
on p. 748 Na-; map on pp. 413, 700, 712, 724, 732, 748; map "A
description of East India," lOf in. by 14^ in. between pp. 578-579;
"An alphabetical! Table," 12 leaves. Vol. II. title, dedication to
George, Duke of Buckingham, 2 pp. ; text, books VI-X. pp. 749-1860,
23 maps in the text and plates on pp 908, 909, 911, 984, 1285, 1298,
1474 ; Table, 19 leaves ; Leaf with colophon. Vol. III. Title, Dedication
to John, Bishop of Lincolne, 3 pp., Contents 9 leaves, " Maps and
Peeces in the last ten bookes," 1 page; Text, pp. 1-1140, catchword
on the last page, Eng .; 19 maps in the text ; " The Map of China,"
llf in. by 14 in. between pp. 400-401; "Map of Greenland" between
pp. 472-473, "Map of the North Part of America," between pp. 852-
853, Table, 34 leaves. Vol. IV. Title; Dedication to George, Arch-
bishop of Canterburie, 3 pp.; Text, pp. 1141-1973; map of Virginia
between pp. 1690-1691 ; map of New France, &c., between pp. 1872-
1873; maps on pp. 1980-1981 (for 1970-1971); Table, 20 leaves. Vol.
V. 1626, Title ; Dedication to Charles I., 2 pp. ; Dedication to George,
Archbishop of Canterburie, 4 pp.; To the Reader, 4 pp.; -The Contents,
9 leaves ; " The Catalogue of the Authors," 4 leaves ; " The names of
Manuscripts," etc., 2 pp. ; Text pp. 1-967; 23 maps in the text; Map
of China, between pp. 436-437 ; plate on p. 305 ; Title " Two Relations
one out of Sir Jerome Horsey, the other written by Mr. William
Methold, 1626," To the Reader, 2 pp. ; text, pp. 973-1007 ; Title " The
Saracenical Historic, 1626;" To the Header, 2 pp.; Text, pp. 1013-
1047 ; Table, 18 leaves.

1825 Purchas (Samuel). Pvrchas his Pilgrim. Microcosmvs, or

the Historic of Man. [Relating the Wonders of his Grene-
ration, the Vanities in his Degeneration, the Necessity of
his Regeneration. Meditated on the words of David, old
calf Lond. 1619, 14 pr. leaves and 818 pp. am. 8

1826 Purnell (Thomas). The following is a true and faithful

Account of the Loss of the Brigantine Tyrrell, Arthur
Coghlan, Commander ; with the Misfortunes attending the
said Vessel's Crew. By Thomas Purnell, Chief Mate
thereof [Lond.'] dated ' Hoxton, Sept. 1766.'

Signed ' Thomas Purnell: 4

Eight pp. After the author's shipwreck he landed at Marble Head near
Boston, and thence proceeded homewards by way of North Carolina.

1827 Purry (John Peter) A method for Determining the best

Climate of the Earth, on a Principle to which all Geogra-
phers and Historians have been hitherto Strangers, hf. mor.
Lond. 1744, 2 prel. leaves and 60 pp. 8


1828 Pynchon (William) of New England. I. The Time when

the First Sabbath was Ordained. II. The Manner how the
First Sabbath was Ordained. III. A Treatise of Holy
Time, concerning the true limits of the Lords Day, when it
begins, and when it ends, old calf Lond. 1654, 4

Two Parts. Part I. 8 prel. leaves and 143 pp. Part II. 8 prel. leaves
and 120 pp.


Redemption, or Christ's Satisfaction discussed and ex-
plained, old calf Lond. 1655, 4
Twenty-six prelim, leaves and text 439 pp. Errata 1 page. This book gave
great offence to the good people of Massachusetts, and was consequently
suppressed in the Colony.
0000 Quakers. See Pennsylvania.

1830 Quebec. A Form of Prayer and Thanksgiving for vouch-

safing such signal Successes to his Majesty's Arms, both
by Sea and Land, particularly by the Defeat of the French
Army in Canada, and the Taking of Quebec ; etc., bladt
letter, uncut Lond. 1759, 15 pp. 4

1831 The Justice and Policy of the late Act of Parliament for

making more effectual Provision for the Government of
the Province of Quebec, Asserted and Proved, half mor.

Lond. 1774, 32 pp. 8

1832 The same : another Ed., hf. mor. Lond. 1774, 90 pp. 8

1833 Thoughts on the Act for making more Effectual Provision

for the Government of the Province of Quebec, half mor.
Lond. 1774, title and pp. 5-39, 8

1834 A Letter to [William Pitt] the Earl of Chatham, on the

Quebec Bill, half mor. Lond. 1774, 8

Title and 36 pp. [by Thomas, Lord Lyttleton.]

1835 An Appeal to the Public ; stating and considering the

Objections to the Quebec Bill, hf. mor. Lond. 1774, 8
Fifty-eight pp. and one leaf of errata.

1836 Additional Papers concerning the Province of Quebeck ;

Being an Appendix to " An Account of the Proceedings of
the Inhabitants of Quebeck to obtain a House of Assembly
in that Province," Ids. uncut Lond. 1776, 510 pp. 8

By Baron Maseres, at that time Attorney-General for Quebec.

1837 A Review of the Government and Grievances of the

Province of Quebec, since the Conquest of it by the British

Arms, with extracts from Authentic Papers, half morocco

Lond. 1788, half-title, title, and text 111 pp. 8

1838 State of the present form of Government of the Province

of Quebec, with a large Appendix, hf. mor. Lond. 1789, 8
Title, Errata, and 176 pp.

1839 Observations on a Pamphlet, entitled " A State of the

Present Form of Government of the Province of Quebec,"
half mor. Lond. 1790, title and 78 pp. 8

1840 Introduction to the Observations made by the Judges of

the Court of Common Pleas for the District of Quebec,
half mor. Lond. 1790, iv. and 50 pp. 8


Quebec. Answer to an Introduction to the Observations
made by the Judges, etc. morocco Lond. 1790, 8

Half-titlej title and 107 pp. Mr. Rich describes this Tract as being
p<tivately printed.

1842 Petitions from the Old and New Subjects, Inhabitants

of the Province of Quebec, to the Lords Spiritual and Tem-
poral, halfmor. Lond. 1791, 2 prel. Is. and 55 pp. 8

1843 Transactions of the Literary and Historical Society of

Quebec : Vol. 1. Quebec, Fr. Le Maitre, 1829, 8

Three prel. leaves, xxxvi and 261 pp.; Errata 1 page. 'Catalogue of
the Mineralogical Collection,' 72 pp. * Solar Spots,' 1 page. 12 plates.

0000 Quebec. See BulUey.

1844 QUINTANA T GTTIDO (ANTONIO DE) Epitafios Originales

con qve el Real Convento de lesvs Maria, de esta Noble
Civdad de Mexico

Mexico, por la Viuda de Bernardo Calderon, 1645, 4

Title, on the reverse, Woodcut Arms. ' Aprovacion del Padre luan de S.
Miguel, 1 page, reverse blank. ' Al Senor Doctor D. Pedro de Barri-
entos Lomelin,' etc. 2 pp. Text commencing ' Titulo Dedicatorio que
ocupaua la quarta' etc. folioed leaves 3-8, the reverse of the last


Southerne Discoverie, containing a fifth part of the
"World. Lately found out by FERDINAND DE Qvra, a
Spanish Captaine. Neuer before published. Translated
by W. B. Lond. Printed for John Rodgetts, 1617, 4

Title, reverse blank and 27 pp. Not mentioned by Rich, nor is the Sale
of any copy quoted by Lowndes.

1846 Quincy (Josiah) Junior, of Boston. Observations on the

Act of Parliament, commonly called the Boston Port-Bill.
half morocco

Boston, N.E. Printed. Lond. repr. 1774, 8
Three prel. leaves and 80 pp.

1847 BALE an (SiR WALTER). Warachtighe ende grondige be-

schryvinghe van het groot en Gout-rijck Coningrijck van

Guiana, gelegen zijnde in America, by Noorden de groote

Rivier Orelliana ; etc. Door den E. Heere "Walter Ralegh

Amst. Michiel Colijn, 1617, obi. 4

Title and 49 leaves. Not mentioned by Rich.

1S48 Raleigh (Sir Walter) . A Declaration of the Demeanor and
Cariage of Sir Walter Raleigh, Knight, as well in his
Voyage, as in, and sithence his return, hf. calf

Lond. 1618, 4

Title, on the reverse woodcut of the Royal Arms, and 68 pp. Written by
or under the special direction of King James, as an apology for putting
Raleigh to death. Rich.



1849 Raleigh's (Sir Walter) Q-host, or England's Forewarner.

Discouering a secret Consultation, newly holden in the
Court of Spaiue. Together with his tormenting of Count
de Grondomar, etc. Vtricht, John Sehellem, 1626, 4

Title, reverse blank, and 41 pp. Wanting pp. 7 to 22.

1850 Raleigh (Sir Walter) The Prerogatiue of Parlaments in Eng-

land: Proued in a Dialogue (pro & contra) betweene a
Councellour of State and a Justice of Peace, half mor.

Hamb. 1628, 4

Four prel. leaves ; viz. : Title, reverse blank, To the King-,' 5 pp. ; Text,
66 pp.

1851 - The same, another Ed. half morocco Midelb. 1628, 4
Four prel. leaves; viz. Title, reverse blank, 'To the King-,' 5 pp ; Text,


1852 Raleigh (Sir Walter) Tvhvs Historicvs : an Historicall Per-

spective, discovering all the Empires and Kingdoines of the
World as they flourisht respectively under the foure Impe-
rial Monarchies, half mor.

Lond. Tho. Harper, for Ben. Fisher, 1636, 4

Thirteen unnumbered leaves: viz. Title, reverse blank, 'To the most Illus-
trious Prince Charles,' etc. 1 page, the reverse blank ; ' The Publisher's
Advertisement,' 3 pp. the reverse blank ; * Tubus Historicus,' running
title ' Sir Waiter Raleigh's Chronologicall Tables,' 9 pp. the reverse
blank ; 'A Catalogue of the Kings and Etnperours,' 7 pp. the reverse

1853 Raleigh (Sir Walter) The Prince, or Maxims of State, half

mor. Lond. 1642, 3 pr. leaves and 46 pp. 4

1S54 Raleigh (Sir Walter) Judicious and Select Essayes and Ob-
servations upon The first Invention of Shipping. The
Misery of Invasive Warre. The Navy Royall and Sea-
Service. With his Apologie for his voyage to Gruiana, calf
extra by Bedford, a few letters of the imprint in exact facsi-
mile Lond. T. W.for Humphrey Moseky, 1650, 12
Five prel leaves and 42 pp. ; title, 4 pp. and 31 unpaged leaves; 1 blank
leaf; title and 46 pp. ; title and 69 pp. With Portrait.

1855 Raleigh (Sir Walter) The Cabinet- Council : containing the

Chief Arts of Empire, and Mysteries of State. Published
by John Milton, Esq. old calf Lond. 1658, 16

Four prel. leaves and 199 pp. Portrait of Raleigh.

1856 Raleigh (Sir Walter) An Introduction to a Breviary of the

History of England, calf Lond. 1693, sm. 8

Four prel. leaves, including the Portrait and 7? pp.

1857 Raleigh (Sir Walter) The Life of, with his Tryal at Win-

chester, 3rd Ed. half mor. Lond. 1687, title and 41 pp. folio

1858 RAMSAY (DAYID) The History of the Revolution of South

Carolina from a British Province to an Independent State,
2 vols. tree marbled calf extra by Bedford

Trenton, Isaac Collins, 1785, 8

Vol. I. Half-title, title ; Preface and Contents, pp. iii xx ; text, 453 pp. ;
Map and Sketch at pp. 1 , and 145. II. Half-title, title; contents, pp.
v xx ; text, 574 pp. ; Sketches and Plan at pp. 52, 58 and 326.


1859 Eamsay (David) of So. Carol. The History of the American

Revolution, new ed. 2 vols. Lond. 1793, 8

Vol. I. 2 prel. leaves and 357 pp. II. xii and 360 pp.



e vaghi discorsi, da lui in molti luoghi dichiarato ed illus-
trato, 3 vols. a few worm holes in Vol. 2, but generally a
FINE, LAKGB AND CLEAN COPY, green morocco extra, marbled
and gilt edges Venetia, Giunti, 1563-83

Vol. I. Title, 1563 ; Epistle of Ramusius, 1 leaf; Epistle of T. Siunti,
1 leaf; Names of Authors whose Relations are in this volume, I leaf; In-
dex, 34 leaves ; 3 folded maps ; Text, 394 folioed leaves. II. Title, 1583,
"Nomi de gli Avtori" on the reverse; Epistle of T. Giunti, 1 leaf;
" Prefatione," 4 leaves ; " Espositione di M. G. B. Ramvsio sopraquesta
parole di M. Marco Polo," followed by " Dichiaratione d'alcune luoghi
ne libri di M. Marco Polo," together, 9 leaves ; " G. B. Ramusio alii
lettori," 1 leaf; Index, 10 leaves; " Prohemio primo" and *' Prohernio
secondo," 1 leaf; Text, folios 2 to 256 and 1 to 90. III. Title, 1565 ;
" Discorso del Ramvsio," and " Nomi de gli Avtori," together 5 leaves;
Index, 34 folioed leaves; "Indice delle cose piu notabili, folio 35;
" Terzo volume, Indice de Capitoli delle tre Navigation! fatte da gli
Olandesi e Zelandes;" etc. folio 36 ; Text, including 1 folded views of
cities and maps, with other cuts printed with the text, folioed 1 to 456;
also " Viaggio di M. Cesare de' Federici nell' India Orientale," fol-
lowed by " Tre Navigationi fatti da gli Olandesi e Zelandesi," together
folioed 386 to 430 (these, which belong to the edition of 1606 ; as would
appear by the Index, form part of the third volume, but in this copy
are bound with the second, in order to obtain uniformity of thickness).


AND CLEAN COPY, in original impressed binding, 3 vols.

in 2 ib. 1563-65

Vol. I. Title, 1563, < Dedication to Fracastorus,' 2 pp. ; 'Tommaso Giunti

alii Lettore,' 2 pp. ; ' Nomi de gli Autori,' 2 pp. ; ' Indici,' 34 folioed

leaves; text in 394 folioed leaves, colophon on last page, 3 maps. Vol.

II. Title, prel. leaves and index, together 30 folioed leaves ; text in

448 (misprinted 248) folioed leaves. Vol. III. 1565. Title, 'Discorso,'

9 pp. ; ' Nomi de gli Autori,' 1 p. ; ' Indice,' 34 folioed leaves ; Text in

456 folioed leaves ; maps, counted in the numbering of the folios.

1862 Eandall (John) A brief Account of the Principles and Dis-

cipline of the People call'd Quakers

Bristol, S. Farley, 1747, 24 pp. 12

1863 Eangel (Joseph Prancisco Dimas) Discurso fisico sobre las

Formation de las Auroras Boreales, halfmor.

Mexico, 1789, pp. i to vii, 4

1864 Eaynal (Abbe) A Philosophical and Political History of the

British Settlements and Trade in North America, 2 vols.

Edinb. 1776, 12
Vol. I. 240 pp. ; Map of North America. II. 231 pp.

1865 Eaynal (Abbe) Eevolution de 1'Amerique, halfmor.

Lond. 1781, 8
xvi and 183 pp. With Portrait of Raynal.

1866 Eaynal (Abbe) The Eevolution of America, old calf

Dublin, 1781, xx and 244 pp. 12

1867 The same, another Ed. Lond. 1781, xvi and 181 pp. 8

1868 The same, a New Translation, half mur.

Lond. 1781, 2 pr. leaves and 199 pp. 12


1869 Eeales (El Baron Juras) Entretenimientos de un Prisionero

en las Provincias del Bio de la Plata, 2 vols. uncut

Barcelona, Jose Tomer, 1828, 4

Vol. I. 4 prel. leaves, viii and 334 pp. Wanting pp. 295 302 inclusive.
II. 2 prel. leaves, and 391 pp. Appendice,' 16 pp.

1870 Becio De Leon (Juan) [Commences] Ivan Becio de Leon

Maesse de Campo, etc. [Account of the discovery of a new
route for the conveyance of Silver from Potosi in Peru to
Spain in less than half the time and expense of the ordinary
route], halfmor. [Madrid, 1626], folio

Ten leaves. Apparently privately printed.

1871 Becueil des Plans de I'Amerique Septentrionale

a Paris, 1755, 4

Engraved title and 16 Plans. The plates consist of plans of the Towns
of Quebec, New Orleans, and other celebrated Towns and Cities of North
America, their Fortifications, and at the end a folded plate of Niagara

1872 Redman (John) of Pennsylvania, Dissertatio Medica Inau-

guralis de Abortu, halfmor.

Lugduni Batavorum, Conr. Wishoff[l74<S], 4
Three prel. leaves and 31 pp.

1873 Beed (John) An Explanation of the Map of the City and

Liberties of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, for the Author, 1774, 4

Twenty-four pp. * An Alphabetical List of the First Purchasers' Names,'
etc. 8 and 23 pp. ' The Date of Surveys,' etc. 9 pp.

1874 Eeed (Joseph). Joseph Eeed Defendant, Ad. John Eeed.

Argument for the Defendant in Error

[Philadelphia'], 4

Twenty-eight pp. The subject matter of the dispute was a Plantation, or
Tract of Land, called Tenicum [Philadelphia]. The appeal is signed
"Joseph Reed. Propria Persona." Date about 1768.

1875 Reeves (John) History of the Government of the Island of

Newfoundland, with an Appendix, containing the Acts of
Parliament made respecting the Trade and Fishery

Lond. 1793, 8
Four prel. leaves and 167 pp. * Appendix,' 2 prel. leaves and cxvi pp.

1876 Eeflections on the Importation of Bar-Iron, from our own

Colonies of North- America, in Answer to a late Pamphlet
on that Subject, halfmor. 1757, 23 pp. 8

1877 Eeflections, Moral and Political, on Great Britain and her

Colonies, half mor. Lond. 1770, 3 pr. Is. and 66 pp. 8

1878 Eeflections on the Eise, Progress, and probable Consequences

of the present contentions with the Colonies

mini. 1776, 12

iv and 53 pp. Attributed to Dr. Erskine, and containing, according to
Rich, a fair statement of the claims of the Colonists.


1879 Kefutation (A) of the Letter to an Honble. Brigadier- Ge-

neral, Commander of His Majesty's Forces in Canada
[Lord G-eorge Townsend], by an Officer, 2nd Ed. Jialfmor.

Loud. 1760, 8
Half-title, title, and 52 pp. See Letter, No. 1287.

1880 Eegil (Pedro Manuel) Memoria Instructiva sobre el Comer-

cio general de la Provincia de Yucatan, y particular del
Puerto de Campeche, half calf

Madrid, Vega y Comp. 1814, 8
Title, and 56 pp. Folded sheets at pp. 42 and 45 (2).

1881 Eegulations (The) lately made, concerning the Colonies,

and the Taxes imposed upon them considered [by George
Grenville], Jialfmor.

Lond. 1765, half-title, title, and pp. 3114, 8

1882 Eelacao Abbreviada da Eepublica, que os Eeligiosos Jesuitaa

das Provincial de Portugal, e Hespanha, [1758], 68 pp.
Memoire pour servir d' addition et d'eclaircissement a la
Eelation abregee, etc. 30 pp. in 1 vol. old calf 12

Original Edition of the first of these Tracts, said to have been written by
the Marquis de Pombal. Both Tracts are apparently privately printed.

1883 Eelacion de lo Svcedido en los Galeones y Flota de Terra-

firme, unbound [1622], folio

Five folioed leaves. An important list of Vessels and the names of their
crews composing the Fleet off* Terrafirma in 1622. It comprises the
Capitan BART. GARCIA DE NODAL and his associates, including many
familiar names in the roll of early voyagers.

1884 Eelacion del Svcesso del Armada, y excercito que fue al

socorro del Brazil, desde que entro en la Bahia de Todos-
Santos, hasta que entro en la ciudad del Saluador, que pos-
seian los Eebeldes de Olanda, sacada de vna carta que el
Sefior Don Eadrique de Toledo escriuio a su Magestad

[1625], folio
Four unnumbered pages. Apparently a privately printed official Report.

1885 Eelation (The Trve) of that worthy Sea Fight, which two of

the East India Shipps had with 4 Portingals of great force
and burthen, in the Persian Gulph, with the Lamentable
Death of Captaine Andrewe Shilling, with other Memora-
ble Accidents in that Voiage. Printed this 2. of luly

Lond. ly I. D.for Nath. Newbery and Win. Sheffard,

1622, title, and 22 pp. 4

1886 Eeligious Intelligence and Seasonable Advice from Abroad,

concerning Lay-Preaching and Exhortation. Collection I.
[II. III. IV.] from the Connecticut Evangelical Magazine,
No. 1st, 2d and 3d and Mr. Edwards, President of Prince-
ton College, New Jersey, his thoughts on Eeligiou, etc.
4 parts Edinb. 1801-2, 12

No. I. Title and 62 pp. II. 60 pp. III. viii and pp. 355. IV. 1802.
Title and 58 pp.


1887 Eemarks on Several Acts of Parliament relating more espe-

cially to the Colonies abroad ; as also on diverse Acts of
Assemblies there, wherein is likewise contain'd a Discourse
concerning the 4J per Cent. Duty paid in Barbadoes and
the Leeward Islands, halfmor. Lond. 1742, 8

Three prel. leaves, signed *T. M.' and 125 pp. The author is said to
have been Jonathan Blumeau, Attorney-General of Barbadoes.

1888 Remarks on the Letter address'd to Two Great Men, in a

Letter to the Author, halfmor.

Lond. [1759 ?] title and pp. 5-64, 8

1889 Eemarks on the Eeview of the Controversy between Great

Britain and her Colonies, half mor.

Lond. 1769, half-title, title and 126 pp. 8

1890 Eemarks on the New Essay of the Pensylvania, Farmer, by

the Author of the Eight of the British Legislature vindi-
cated, halfmor. Lond. 1775, title and 62 pp. 8

1891 Eemarks on the Patriot, including some Hints respecting the

Americans, halfmor. Lond. 1775, 8

Title and 46 pp. See Patriot (The}, No. 1666, a pamphlet by Dr. Samuel

1892 Eemarks on the Principal Acts of the Thirteenth Parliament

of Great Britain, by the Author of Letters concerning the
Present State of Poland. Vol. I. [all published'] contain-
ing Eemarks on the Acts relating to the Colonies

Lond. 1775, xvi, ' Contents' 4, and 500 pp. 8

1893 Eemarks on the Eescript of the Court of Madrid, and on the

Manifesto of the Court of Versailles. In a Letter to the
People of Great Britain, with an Appendix, containing the
Eescript, the Manifesto, and a Memorial of Dr. Franklyn
to the Court of Versailles, halfmor. Lond. 1779, 8

Three prel. leaves and 91 pp. " The author of these Remarks employs in
them the united force of reason and ridicule, aided by the powers and
embellishments of oratory." M. Rev.

1894 Eeney (William) A Narrative of the Shipwreck of the Cor-

sair, in the month of January, 1835, on an unknown Eeef
near the Kingsmill Islands, in the South Pacific Ocean, with
a detail of the dreadful Sufferings of the Crew

Lond. 1836, xvi and 80 pp. 12


BVM IN LSDIA A LusiTAXis, anno superiori, iuxta exem-
plum epistolae, quam Nonius Cugna, dux India? max. desig-
natus, ad regem misit, red morocco extra, by Mackenzie

Louanii, Seruatium Zassenum, 1531, 4

Sixteen leaves, including title, being 1 signatures A to D in fours. Not
mentioned by Rich.

1896 Eesolutions (The) of the House of Commons on the great

and constitutional questions between the Privileges of the
House of Commons and the Prerogative of the Crown, half
mor. Lond. 1784, 2 pr. leaves and 51 pp. 8


1897 Eeview (A) of all that hath pass'd between the Courts of

Great Britain and Spain, relating to our Trade and Navi-
gation from the Tear 1721 to the Present Convention, half
mor. Lond. 1739, half-title, title, and text 60 pp. 8

1898 Eeview (A) of The Eector Detected, or the Colonel Eecon-

noitred. Part the '.First, half mor.

Williamslurg, Joseph Hoyle, 1761, 4

Twenty- nine pp. Contains some curious particulars of Trade, Naviga-
tion, Politics, etc. of Virginia.

1899 Reynolds (Theophilus) Cursory Observations, addressed to

the Planters and others, interested in the "West India
Trade Liverpool, 1808, 15 pp. 8

1899*Ehode Island (Eecords of the Colony of) and Providence
Plantations, New England, from A.D. 1636 to A.D. 1756.
Edited by J. E. Bartlett, 5 vols. (4 in calf, and 1 in cloth)

Providence, E. I., 1856-60, 8

Vol. I. Title, Introduction, 8 pp. Text, 11-519. General Index,
521-549. Vol. II. Title, Remarks 2 pp. Text, 1-598. Index,
599-609. Vol. III. Title, Remarks 5 pp. Text, 1-577. Index,
579-595. Vol. IV. Title, Preface 2 pp. Text, 1-592. Index, 593-622.
Vol. V. Title, Preface 2 pp. Text, 1-571. Index, 573-594.

1900 Eibera (Diego de) Concentos Evuebres, Metricos Lamentos,

qve explican, Demostraciones publicas, de reconcidos afec-
tos, en los Evnerales devidos al Illust. Eev. y Excel. Sefior
Maestro D. Fr. Payo Enriquez de Eibera, Dignissimo Ar-
gobispo, que fue de esta Ciudad de Mexico, Virrey, y Capi-
tan General en ella, que descanza en Paz

Mexico, por la Viuda de Bernardo Calderon, 1684, 4
Twenty-two unnumbered leaves.


BAS, y fieras del nueuo Orbe, vellum Madrid, 1645, folio
Sixteen prel. leaves and text 756 pp.

1902 Eichshoffer ( Ambrosius) Braszilianisch und "West Indianische

Eeisze Beschreibung, bds.

Straszburg, Joszias Stddeln, 1677, sm. 8

Two prel. leaves ; viz. Portrait of Richshoffer, and Engraved Title. Text
pp. 3 182. Sonnets, 4 pp. Errata, 1 page. Copperplate maps and
plates at pp. 49, 57, 58, and 129.

1903 Eight (The) of the British Legislature to Tax the American

Colonies Vindicated, half mor.

Lond. 1774, title and 50 pp. 8

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