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London, Printed at the Dryden Press, by Messrs Davy & Sons for the
Author, iv Trafalgar Square, w.c. 1881, 36 pages, 5 steel portraits and fac-
simile of letter to Strahan. 8






Peres Capvcins / en 1'Isle de Maragnan et / terres circonuoi-
fines / ov / est traicte des sin-/gularitez admirables & des /
Meurs merueilleuses des Indiens / habitans de ce pais Auec les
misiues / et aduis qui ont este enuoyez de nouue au - / Engraved
title-page, and 1 prel. leaves including " Tables des Chapitres."
395 folioed leaves and " Table des choses," 35 unnumbered pages.
Fine copper-plate portraits, good copy in old calf

8vo. Paris: Francois Huby, 1614

1271 ABBOT (Hull, A.M. Pastor of the Church in Charlestown) The Duty

of God's People to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem ; and espe-
cially for the Preservation and Continuance of their own
Privileges both Civil and Religious, when in Danger at Home
or from Abroad. A Sermon on Occasion of the Rebellion in
Scotland Eais'd in Favour of a Popish Pretender; With
Design to overthrow our present Happy Establishment, And
to Introduce Popery and Arbitrary Power into Our Nations,
From which, by a Series of Wonders, in the good Providence
of God, they have been often delivered, Preached at Charles-
town in New-England, Jan. 12, 1745-6, half title, title and pages
5 to 26, fine large copy, scarce Svo. Boston, Rogers & Fmde, 1746

At the end is a leaf of Proposals by Rogers and Fowle dated 1 Jan. 1745/6 for
reprinting by subscription Dr. Watt's Sermons, the 2 vols. of the London edition,
in one large Boston volume, on fair white paper, as 42/- Old Tenor, in sheep or
48/- in calf.

1272 Acadia. Remarks on the French Memorials concerning the

Limits of Acadia, printed at the Royal Printing-house at Paris,
and distributed by the French Ministers at all the Foreign
Courts of Europe, with Two Maps exhibiting the Limits.
One according to the System of the French, the other conform-
able to the English Rights, etc. To which is added, an Answer
to the Summary Discussion. Fine clean copy, scarce

8m London, T. Jefferys, 1756

There is, we believe, no book of about this date and size that can be compared
with this for valuable geographical and bibliographical information respecting
Canada and Nova Scotia or Acadia. It embraces the whole Territory South of the
River and Gulf of St. Lawrence, East of Lake Champlain and North Massachusetts,
and includes all the disputed tracts and grants of both the English and French
Governments. The two valuable maps on the same scale, show clearly what was
claimed by each party.



1273 ACOSTA (JOSEPH de) Historic Naturael / ende Morael van de

We-/sterche Indien : / Waer inne ghehandelt wordt van de /
Merckelijckste dinghen des Hemels, Elementen, / Metalen,
Planten ende Ghedierten van dien : als oock / de Manieren,
Ceremonien, Wetten, Regeeringen / ende Oorloghen der
Indianen. / Ghecomponeert door losephum de / Acosta, der
Jesuitscher Orden : / Ende nu eerstmael uyt den Spaenschen
in onser / Nederduytsche tale overgheset : door Ian Huyghen/
van Linschoten, 7 prel. and 369 folioed leaves, followed by 7
leaves of table and one of errata, very fine copy in old vellum

8vo. Tot Enchuysen. By Jacob Lenaertsi, Meyn, 1598

Linschoten the traveller was the translator and editor of this beautiful Dutch
edition. On Saturday the 8 of Oct. 1 594 the States General granted his request to
reproduce this work of Acosta. His long and interesting preface is dated 1 May
1598. The work was printed by Gillis Rooman at Haerlem. This honest Dutch
translation becomes very important from the fact that De Bry's German and Latin
translations in his Part IX America, are both taken from it instead of the Spanish
original, the whole seven books, chapter for chapter, except perhaps the first two
books in Latin. Books 3 to 7 Acosta himself did not write in Latin.

1274 ADAIR (James) Geschichte der Amerikanischen Indianer ; beson-

ders der am Mississeppi, an Ost-und Westflorida, Georgien,
Siid-und Nord-Karolina und Virginien augenzenden Nationen,
Aus dem Englischen iibersetzt, fine and uncut, half roan

8vo. Breszlau, 1782

1275 ADAMS (Anos, A.M. Pastor of the First Church of Roxbury) A

Concise, Historical View of the Difficulties, Hardships, and
Perils Which attended the Planting and progressive Improve-
ments of New England. With A particular Account of its
long and Destructive Wars, Expensive Expeditious, &c. half
title, title and 68 pp. very fine copy in Pratt' s best brown calf extra
gilt edges, uncut
8vo. Boston printed. London reprinted for Edward and Charles Ditty, 1770

1276 ADAMS (JOHN) Correspondence of the late President Adams,

originally published in the Boston Patriot, in a Series of
Letters, No. 1 to 10, the original 10 numbers uncut, fitting 572pp.
very scarce, a few letters gone from page 97.

8m Boston, Everett & Munroe, 1809-10

These important Letters first published in the " Boston Patriot," from the 1 9th
May, 1809, to the 8th Feb. 1810, contain a full history, from the Adams' point of
view, of the Negotiations that terminated in the acknowledgment of American
Independence by Great Britain, together with President Adams' defence of his
Administration against the charges of Alexander Hamilton.

1277 AGRICOLA. Two Letters from Agricola to Sir William Howe ;

To which are annexed, By the same Author, Political Obser-
vations, 63 pp. with a slip of errata pasted on to blank page 64,
uncut Svo. London : for J. Millidge, 1779

Agricola herein reviews with great severity the conduct of Sir William Howe,
during his whole command in America. Nor is he a whit less condemnatory of the
conduct and achievements of General Burgoyne. Of Burgoyne he writes, " He is a
deep and eloquent military theorist ; he plans the subjugation of the rebels ; and
in his loyal delirium he brandishes the tomahawk and the scalping knife, which
alternately glitter in his magnificent periods. But all these heroic visions are anni-
hilated by the convention at Saratoga. As a writer, he may be compared with the
picture of the nativity, which was lately to be seen in the exhibition. Its dimensions
and figures are extravagantly large ; its colours are glaring ; but while it was exe-
cuted by the artist, he had not one idea that corresponded with the scene which
he intended to represent. The ass is the leading and prominent object in the
group and continually solicits our attention."


1278 AINSWORTH (HENRY) COVNTERPOYSON. Considerations touch-

ing the points in difference between the godly Ministers &
people of the Church of England, and the Seduced brethren of
the Separation. Arguments that the best assemblies of the
present Church of England are true visible Churches. That
the Preachers in the best assemblies of Engl. are true Ministers
of Christ. Mr. Bernard's book intituled The Separatists
Schisme. Mr. Crasawes Questions propounded in his Sermon
preached at the Crosse. Examined and answered by H. A.
fine copy, half calf, SCARCE

4fo. [Leyden ? Wm. Brewster ?] A If 1608

1279 Allen (Heman) STATEMENT [by the defendants] of the cause of

Heman Allen v. Hathway and Peirson [with Judge Brayton's
Eeport of the Case of Heman Allen v. Hathway and Peirson,
containing all the evidence admitted] 48 pp. privately printed,
uncut, scarce 8vo. [Burlington, Vermont, 1822]

1280 ALLEN (JAMES, V.D.M. Pastor of the Church in Brookline) Magis-

tracy an Institution of Christ upon the Throne. A Sermon
preached in the Audience of his Excellency William Shirley,
the Council and House of Representatives of the Province
of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England, on the Day of
Election of Councillors for said Province, 54 pp. fine copy, sewed
8vo. Boston in New-England : Printed by John Draper for

Daniel Gookin, 1744

1281 ALLING (JEREMIAH) A Register of the Weather, or an Account

of the several Rains, Snow-Storms, Depth of each Snow, Hail
and Thunder ; with some Account of the Weather each day,
and some other Events worthy of notice, for the last Twenty-
Five Years, ending March 31, 1810. From observations,
taken most of the time in Hamdem, near New-Haven, in Con-
necticut. Lat. 41. 23 N. Long. 73. 14 W. 84 pp. sewed, uncut,
scarce Svo. New-Haven, Oliver Steele and Co. 1810

1282 ALVARADO (PEDRO DE) Proceso de Residencia contra Pedro

de Alvarado. Ilustrado con Estampas sacadas de los antiguos
Codices Mexicanos, y Notas y Noticias biograficas, criticas y
arqueologicas, por D. Jose Fernando Ramuez, Lo publica
paleografiado del MS. original el Lie. Ignacio el Rayon. (Frag-
mentos del Proceso de Residencia instruido contra Nuno de
Guzman, etc.) Cover, half-title, xxiv and 204 pp. portrait of
Alvarado, and 3 coloured plates

8vo. Mexico. Faldes y Eedondas, 1847

1283 AMERICA. De l'Am6rique et des Americains, ou Observations

curieuses du Philosophe La Douceur, qui a parcouru cet
Hemisphere pendant la derniere guerre, en faisant le noble
metier de tuer des hommes sans les manger, title and 80 pp.
fine, clean and uncut, calf extra by Pratt, SCARCE

8vo. A Berlin, Chez Samuel Pitra, 1771

In 1768 De Pauw, a young Dutch priest at the age of 28 published his Recherches
Philosophique sur les Americains. vol. I, vol. II, following it the next year. He
was a fresh-water traveller, having never seen anything whereof he wrote, but
drew on his prejudices and imagination for his facts to prove that the Ameri-
cans were a miserable set of deteriorations, and that America was Europe
made worse. In 17C9 Dom. Pernetty replied in his Dissertation with considerable
ability and acidity, but he also was an Abbe who had never seen America and
wrote with great indiscretion and little knowledge. This brought forth from


De Pauw in 1770 his Defence of his first two volumes, which added no new
facts, but sopped the whole controversy in bitterness and absurdity. In 1771
Pernetty published his Examen in two volumes as a rejoinder. By this time he had
studied the subject pretty well, and successfully refuted many of De Pauw's
statements, but the difficulty was that he had had no practical experience in the
matter and reasoned only from what he could see from the top of a pile of books.
His vision was limited and his experience nothing. Meanwhile the witty
anonymous author of this little work, seeing the absurd wooden sword contest
of these two PP in historical darkness, having himself been in America and lived
among the Savages during part of the seven years' war, put his plain com mon
sense notions in type in these fifteen chapters, casting a pleasant veil of obscurity
over the two priestly champions. This book fills 80 pp. counting the title and
preface. In some copies there is inserted, as in this one, a leaf after the title called
Arertissement an Lecteur, to show that he takes no notice of Pernetty 's last
work because his and that work were in the press at the same time. He could, he
says, have made a book on the subject but did not think it worth the trouble.

1284 AMERICAN (The) and British Chronicle of War and Politics;

being an accurate and comprehensive Register of the most
memorable occurrences in the last ten years of His Majesty's
Reign; in which will be found above Eighteen Hundred
interesting Events, during the late War between Great Britain
and America, France, Spain, and Holland ; from May 10, 1773,
to July 16, 1783, in Chronological Order, 120pp. sewed, fine
copy, scarce 8vo. London, for the Author, 17 '83

1285 AMERICAN TUNES arranged for the Pianoforte. By John

Clarkson, junr. Nos. I IV fol Edinburgh [1805 ?]

Among the old tunes are " Oh dear, I wish I had not come here ; " " The
Whine ; " " Mammy's gone away, and Daddy's dead for ever ; " " Row the boat
ashore ; " " Ricket's Dance ; " " The Brook ; " " Fire in the Mountains ; " '' Yanky
Doodle ; " " Spirit of France ; " " Tobacco Hill ; " " The Corn Planter ; " " Some-
times drunk and sometimes sober ; " " Jump up, Joe ; " " President Jefferson's
Favourite ; " " Hunt the Squirrel ; " " The Rummage ; " and " Thump the Devil."

1286 AMERICAN WAR. The detail and conduct of the American War,

under Generals Gage, Howe, Burgoyne, and Vice Admiral
Lord Howe : with a very full and correct state of the whole of
the Evidence, as given before a Committee of the House of
Commons : and the celebrated Fugitive Pieces, which are said
to have given rise to that important enquiry. The whole
exhibiting a circumstantial, connected and complete history of
the real causes, rise, progress and present state of the American
Rebellion. Third edition, fine copy

Svo. London: Richardson and Urquhart, 1780

1287 AMERICAN WAR. Pr6cis politique sur 1'origine de la guerre

des Americains et sur la paix qui vient d'etre conclue, ou
Dialogue. I, entre la Verite et un Anglois. II, la Liberte' et
un Am6ricain. Ill, la Politique et le Francois, 39 pp. fine copy,
uncut, stitched, scarce Svo. A Londres, 1783

1288 AMERICA'S APPEAL to The Impartial World Wherein the

Rights of the Americans, as Men, British Subjects and as
Colonists ; the Equity of the Demand, and of the Manner in
which it is made upon them by Great-Britain, are stated and
considered. And, The Opposition made by the Colonies to
Acts of Parliament, their resorting to Arms in their necessary
Defence, against the Military Armaments employed to enforce
them, Vindicated. [3 mottos] 72 pp. half calf , scarce

Svo. Hartford : Ebenezer Watson, 1775


1289 ANANIA (GIOVANNI LORENZO d') L'Vniversale Fabrica del

Mondo, overo Cosmografia. Di nuouo ornata con le figure
delle quattro parti del Mondo in Rame ; 28 leaves and 402 pp.
5 maps, fine copy, vellum tto. In Venetia, Presso U Muschio, 1582

1290 ANDERSON (JAMES S. M.) The History of the Church of Eng-

land in the Colonies and foreign dependencies of the British
Empire. Second Edition, 3 vol. cloth, uncut

fcap. Svo. London- Rivingtons, 1856

Few modern works relating to America evince so much original research as this.
The Author produces his authorities for all important statements. They are
numerous, and many of them being new to American students have led some of
them into undignified scrambles for the honor of reproducing them as *' discoveries
in Anderson." Meanwhile this excellent work has been too much neglected.

1291 ANDREWS (DAVID, Pastor of the Church in Pepperell) The Sure

and Only Foundation, with historical notices. A Centennial
Discourse, delivered before the Church of Christ and Second
Parish, in Pepperell, Mass. January 29, 1847, 48 pp.

Svo. Boston: A. J. Wright, 1847

A good sample of the local and church or parish history of New England.
Though called a sermon, this is really a history of the town and church of Pepperell.

1292 ANECDOTES AMERICAINES, ou Histoire abre"g6e des principaux

ev&nements arrives dans le Nouveau Monde, depuis sa d^cou-
verte jusqu'a 1'epoque pr^sente. [Par Antoine Hornot]

Svo. Paris, Chez Vincent, 1776

The above title gives no just idea of the character and value of this exceedingly
useful and handy book of nearly 800 pages. The whole history of the New
Continent is arranged in the form of annals under each year, from 1492 to 1776.
There is a good and copious index of 32 pages. The book is a handy compendium
of the chronology, geography and biography of America.

1293 ANNUAL REGISTER (The) or, the History of the Present War,

from the Commencement of Hostilities, in 1755 ; and continued
During the Campaigns of 1756, 1757, 1758, 1759, 1760, And
to the End of the Campaign, 1761. Illustrated with Maps of
the Countries that have been the Theatre of the War, and the
Heads of the Commanders, that have been employed, &c. title,
4 leaves of contents, and 254 pp in double eolumns, 7 portraits,
3 American and 4 German Maps of the seats of war, fine copy, old
calf, excessively rare
Svo. London : R. & J. Dodsley ; & Dublin : Re-printed by John Exshaw

1294 ANSWER (AN) to a Pamphlet call'd, The Conduct of the

Ministry Impartially Examined. In which is proved, That

neither Imbecility nor Ignorance in the M r have been

the Causes of the present unhappy Situation of this Nation.
By the Author of the Four Letters to the People of England
[Dr. John Shebbeare] IQQ pp. sewed

Svo. London: M. Cooper, 1756

Kelating to the inefficient conduct of the Ministry in the disputes with France,
especially in America, on the Ohio and elsewhere, under Washington, Braddock,
&LC. For this and later publications, the Doctor was fined and put in the pillory.
A change of government brought him a change of sentiment and a pension.

1295 ARENAS (PEDRO de) Vocabulario Manual de las Lenguas Castel-

lana, y Mexicana, en que se contienen las palabras, preguntas,
y respuestas mas communes, y ordinarias que se sullen ofrecer
en el trato, y communicacion entre Espanoles, 6 Indios, 6 prel.
leaves and 145 pp. vellum, fine clean copy
I6mo. La Puebla de los Angeles. Don Pedro de la Rosa, 1793


1296 ARMSTRONG (Edward) The history and location of Fort Nassau

upon the Delaware. A Paper read before the New Jersey
Historical Society, January 20th, 1853, 23 pages

8vo. Newark, 1853

This Paper is unquestionably the best authority we have for the early maps and
bibliography of New Netherlands, New Jersey, Delaware, &c. prior to Dr. George
Asher's List of 1855.

1297 Armstrong (Lebbeus, Pastor of the Congregational Church, Moreau,

N.Y.) A Discourse, delivered December 17, 1807, to the In-
habitants of the west part of the town of Northumberland,
called Palmerstown ; on the importance of building a Meeting-
House, and settling the Gospel Ministry in that place, 23 pages,
uncut 8vo. Balston Spa : Miller, and Biggs, 1808

1298 ARNOLD (Benedict, Traitor) Complot d' Arnold et de Sir Henry

Clinton contre les Etats-Unis d'Amerique et contre le General
Washington, Sept. 1780. [By the Marquis Francois Barbe-
Marbois.] 44 and 184 pages. Portraits of Washington and
Arnold, after Du Simitier of Phil, and plan of West Point, fine
copy, uncut, half roan 8vo. Paris : P. Didot, 1816

1299 Arthus (Gotard) Historia Indiae Orientalis, ex variis Avctori-

bvs collecta, et ivxta Seriem Topographicam Regnorum,
Prouinciarum & Insularum, per Africae, Asiseque littora, ad
extremes vsque laponios deducta, Qva Regionvm et Insvlarvm
situs & commoditas ; Regum & populorum mores & habitus ;
Religionum & superstitionum absurda varietas ; Lusitanorum
item Hispanorum & Batauorum res gestse atque Commercia
varia, cum rebus admiratione & memoratu dignissimis alijs,
iucunda breuitate percensentur atq. describuntur. 10 prelimi-
nary leaves (the 8th blank) and 616 pages
8vo. Coloniae Agrippinae, Svmptibvs VVilhelmi Lutzenkirch, 1608

Master GOTARD ARTHUS of Dantzig was one of the editors of De Bry's Collec-
tion of Voyages, and was therefore necessarily well read in the early voyages and
discoveries of the Portuguese, the Spanish, the French, the Dutch and the English
to the East Indies by the routes of both Capes. He resided at Frankfort and
finished this work in September. 1605, after the first seven parts of De Bry's
India Orientalis had been published. In a condensed form this work is perhaps
one of the best summaries there is of all the various East India Voyages down to
1605, and hence to the bibliographer and geographer it is of very considerable
value. Chapter xxxv treats of the Molucca Islands and the divers routes thither
especially by the Straits of Magellan. The book, enabling the American historian
to trace the gradual and mysterious separation of the new hemisphere from the
old. is entitled to a permanent place among books on America.

1300 ASHLEY (JONATHAN) A Letter from the Reverend Mr. Jonathan

Ashley, to the Rev. Mr. William Cooper. In answer to his
Objections to Mr. Ashley's Sermon ; as publish'd in the Boston
Gazette, January llth, 1743, 7 pages, fine copy, scarce

4/0. [Boston} : S. Eliot, 1743

1301 AUCTIONS IN AMERICA. The Auction System; being a series

of numbers published in the Federal Gazette, addressed to the
Citizens of Baltimore. 8vo. Baltimore, John D. Toy, 1824

1302 AUCTIONS. An exposition of some of the evils arising from

the Auction System

8w. New Yoi-k: Van Pelt and Spear, [1821]


1303 AUCTIONS. Reasons why the present system of Auctions ought

to be abolished. Title and 16 pages, scarce

8vo. New York: A. Ming, jr. 1828

This curious tract contains the Report of a public meeting of prominent citizens
of New York, of which Thomas H. Leggett was Chairman, and a Catalogue of
Nineteen Keasons against the whole system of Auctions.

1304 AUCTIONS. Kemarks on the Auction System as practised in

New York, to which are added numerous facts in illustration.
By a plain practical man New York, 1828

1 305 AUTEROCHE (CHAPPE D') A Voyage to California, to observe the

Transit of Venus. With an historical description of the
Author's Route through Mexico, and the Natural History of
that Province. Also, a Voyage to Newfoundland and Sallee,
to make experiments on Mr. Le Roy's Time Keepers. By
Monsieur De Cassini. Half-title, title, 'Advertisement,' and
' Contents' 4 leaves. Text 215 pp. Plan of the City of Mexico,
10 by 7 1 inches. 8vo. London : Edward and Charles Dilhj, 1778

1306 A VERY (DAVID, V.D.M. Chaplain to Colonel Sherburne's Regiment)

The Lord is to be praised for the Triumphs of his Power. A
Sermon, preached at Greenwich, in Connecticut, on the 18th of
December, 1777. Being a general Thanksgiving through the
United American States, 47 pages, scarce

8vo. Norwich: Green and Spooner, 1778

Though this interesting and scarce pamphlet appears in the form of a sermon it
is really a detailed account of the first three campaigns of the War, from Lexington
to Saratoga, by one who had singular opportunities for knowing whereof he wrote.
His preface is dated from the Camp at Fish Kill, 2 March, 1778.

1307 AVERY (DAVID, V.D.M.) A NARRATIVE/ of the/ Rise and Pro-

gress of the Dif-/ficulties which have issued in a/ Separation
between the Mi-/nister and People of/ Bennington, 1783./
With a/ Valedictory Address./ 55 pages, fine large copy with
rough leaves, very rare

8vo. Bennington :/ Haswell and Russell,/ 1783

At a meeting of the Supporters of Mr. Avery at Bennington, Sept. 25, 1783)
Jonas Fay and Moses Robinson were the Committee and Isaac Tichenorthe Clerk,'
names well-known among the Green Mountain Boys.

1308 AZARA (FELIX DE) Voyages dans L'Ame"rique Me>idionale, par

Don Felix de Azara, Commissaire et Commandant des Limites
Espagnoles dans le Paraguay depuis 1781 jusqu'en 1801 ; Con-
tenant la Description geographique, politique et civile du
Paraguay et de la riviere de La Plata ; Publics d'apres les
Manuscrits de 1'Auteur, avec une notice sur sa vie et ses Merits,
par C. A. Walckenaer ; enriches de notes par G. Cuvier.
Suivis de 1'histoire naturelle des Oiseaux du Paraguay et de
La Plata, et augmentee d'un grand nombre de notes, par M.
Sonnini. 4 volumes. I, Jialf-title, title, and pages v to Ix prel.
and text 389 payes. II, half-title, title and text 362 pages. Ill,
half-title, title and avis, 3 leaves ; and text 479 pages. IV, half-
title, and text 380 pages 8vo. Paris: Dentu, 1809

1309 AZURARA (GOMES EANNES) Chronica do Descobrimento e Con-

quista de Guine". Translado do MS. contemporaneo que se
conserva na Bibliotheca Real de Pariz, e dada a Luz por Vise,
da Carreira, com Introduc9ao e Notas pelo Vise, de Santarem,
portrait and facsimile 8vo. Pariz, 1844


1310 BACHELOR (The Old) [Essays reprinted from the Richmond

Enquirer], a scarce old Dominion novel Sw. Richmond, Va. 1814

1311 Backus (Isaac, Baptist Preacher] All True Ministers of the Gospel

are called into that Work by the special Influences of the Holy
Spirit. A Discourse shewing the nature and necessity of an
Internal Call to preach the Everlasting Gospel, 116 pp. histori-
cal and important, scarce Svo. Boston: Fowle, 1754

1312 Backus (Isaac) A History of New England, with particular

Reference to the Denomination of Christians called Baptists,
Vol. I, good copy, old sheep Svo. Boston: Edward Draper, 1777


L'Amerique Septentrionale. Divisee en quatre Tomes. Tome
Premier. Contenant le Voyage du Fort de Nelson, dans la
Baye d'Hudson, a 1' extremity de 1'Amerique. Le premier
etablissement des Francois dans ce vaste pais, la prise dudit
Fort de Nelson, la Description du Fleuve de saint Laurent, le
Gouvernement de Quebec, des trois Rivieres & de Montreal,

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