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Catalogue of the second portion of the extensive and varied collection of rare and valuable books relating to the history and literature of America, formed by the late eminent bibliographer Mr. Henry Stephens of Vermont, comprising the online

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Online LibraryHenry StevensCatalogue of the second portion of the extensive and varied collection of rare and valuable books relating to the history and literature of America, formed by the late eminent bibliographer Mr. Henry Stephens of Vermont, comprising the → online text (page 10 of 11)
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508 Stevens (Henry, of Vermont) SEBASTIAN CABOT John Cabot=

0. Endeavored by Henry Stevens, G.M.B. &c. only a very few
copies privately printed, blue cloth

square IQmo. Boston & London, March, 1870

509 Stevens (Henry, of Vermont) SCHEDULE of 2000 American Histo-

rical Nuggets taken from the Stevens Diggings in September,
1870, and set down in Chronological Order of Printing from
1490 to 1800 (1776) described and recommended as a Supple-
ment to any printed Bibliotheca Americana

folio. Chiswick Press, London, Oct. 1, 1870

Privately printed, iv and 20 pages, describing above 1,350 works on America.
Blue cloth extra, on thick hand-made paper.

510 Stevens (Henry, of Vermont) Bibliotheca G-eographica & Historica;

or a Catalogue of a Nine Days' Sale of rare and valuable, ancient
and modern books Svo. London, 1872

This Catalogue contains Mr. Stevens' Essay on Catalogues and how to make

511 Stevens (Henry, of Vermont) AMERICAN BOOKS with Tails to 'em.

A private pocket list of the incomplete or unfinished American
periodicals, transactions, memoirs, judicial reports, laws, jour-
nals, legislative documents, and other continuations and works
in progress supplied to the British Museum and other libraries.
By Henry Stevens, G.M.B. F.S.A. &c. privately printed

IQmo. London, 4 My, 1873

Forty pages in pearl type, very beautifully printed by Messrs. Clay on thin hand-
made paper, comprising about 2000 titles.

512 Stevens (Henry, of Vermont) THE BIBLES in the Caxton Exhibi-

tion Mdccc Lxxvii, or a bibliographical description of nearly one
thousand representative Bibles in various languages, chronologi-
cally arranged from the first Bible printed by Gutenberg in
1450-1456 to the last Bible printed at the Oxford University
Press the 30th June, 1877. With an Introduction on the His-
tory of Printing as illustrated by the printed Bible, from 1450
to 1877, in which is told for the first time the true history and
mystery of the Coverdale Bible of 1535. Together with biblio-
graphical notes and collations of many rare Bibles in various
languages and divers versions printed during the last four cen-
turies. Special edition, revised and carefully corrected, with
additions, 162 pp. uncut, LARGE PAPER, elegantly bound by Bedford,
in red morocco extra super royal Svo. London, Mdccc Lxxviii.

This work is of the greatest value as a Bible Bibliography, and exhibits in a
marked degree the depth of the author's knowledge. In the introduction he sets
forth, for the first time, his reasons for believing that the first English Bible of
1535 was printed at Antwerp by or for Jacob van Meteren, a theory that has now
become generally acknowledged. This large paper edition was printed on the
finest hand-made paper, under Mr. Stevens' own direction, and it is said that he
considered the copies bound by Bedford, in red morocco, as his beau ideal of what a
handsome new English book should be, both as regards printing and binding.

513 Stevens (Henry, of Vermont) The Bible in the Caxton Exhibition

(as above), small paper copy, cloth Svo. London, 1878

514 Stevens (Henry, G.M.B.) The history of the Oxford Caxton Memo-

rial Bible printed at Oxford, and bound in London in twelve
consecutive hours, June 30, 1877, 32 pages, on best hand-made
paper, illustrated, blue morocco
square 16 wo. London, privately printed at the ELVEZIR PRESS, 1878


515 Stevens (Henry, of Vermont) Photo-Bibliography, or a word on

printed Card Catalogues of old rare beautiful and costly books,
and how to make them on a co-operative system ; And two
words on the establishment of a Central Bibliographical Bureau
or Clearing -House for Librarians, neatly bound in roan

square IQmo. London : privately printed for the Author by C.
Whittingham,, Chiswick Press, 1878

Dedicated to the Librarian of the Future, whose bibliography is to be as exact as
his spelling. Extensively illustrated with reduced facsimile titles, and six sample
Cards of the proposed Titles.

516 Stevens (Henry, G.M.B.) The Universal Postal Union and Inter-

national Copyright. With a Bibliographical Appendage, 66 pp.
cloth, only 250 copies printed

post Svo. London: printed at the Chiswick Press for the Author, 1879
The object of this little book is, in giving a history of the origin and working of
the Universal Postal Union, to show that selfish and unnecessary impediments have
been thrown in the way of its success by the United States of America.

517 Stevens (Henry, of Vermont} Stevens' Historical Collections.

Catalogue of the FIRST PORTION of the extensive and varied
Collection of rare Books and Manuscripts relating chiefly to the
History and Literature of America. And Henry Stevens's
Franklin Collection, cloth Svo. London, 1881

A Catalogue of 1625 lots, with collations and notes. Contains also the history of
the Franklin Collection and the list of Frankliniana. Part I of the present

518 Stevens (Henry, of Vermont) Benjamin Franklin's Life and Writings,

a Bibliographical Essay on the Stevens' Collection of Books and

Manuscripts relating to Doctor Franklin, privately printed, cloth

extra, uncut imp. Svo. London, 1881

This volume is elegantly printed on hand-made paper, and is illustrated with

five portraits and a facsimile of Franklin's handwriting. It contains a history of

the Franklin Collection sold to the United States Government for 7000, and at

the end is a chronological list of 204 works relating to Franklin.

519 Stevens (Henry, of Vermont] Who Spoils our New English Books?

Asked and Answered by Henry Stevens of Vermont, hand-made
paper, cloth extra, uncut IQmo. London, H. N. Stevens, 1884

520 Stevens (Henry, of Vermont) Recollections of Mr. James Lenox of

New York arid the formation of his Library, handmade paper,
with portraits of Mr. Lenox and Mr. Stevens, cloth extra, uncut

foolscap Svo. London, Henry Stevens and Son, 1886

Contains much bibliographical gossip and many interesting anecdotes of rare
and curious books. This volume was in the press at the time of the Author's death
and has since been published.

521 Stevens (Henry, of Vermont) Recollections of Mr. James Lenox of

New York and the formation of his Library, LARGE PAPER
COPY, thick hand-made paper, portraits of Mr. Lenox and Mr. Stevens,
cloth extra, uncut to. London, Henry Stevens & Son, 1886

522 Stigliani (Tomaso) II mondo Nvovo. Diuiso in trentaquattro

Canti, fine clean copy in red morocco extra by Pratt

I2mo. Pioma, Giacom.o Mascardi, 1628

On the title is a small copper-plate map of America. The Poem extends to 1011
pages, followed by 15 leaves of Table and 1 of Errata.


523 STITH (WILLIAM) The History of the First Discovery and Settle-

ment of Virginia : being an Essay towards a General History of

this Colony, very fine clean sound copy in red morocco extra by Pratt

Svo. Williamsburg : William Parks, 1747

524 STITH (William) The History of the First Discovery and Settle-

ment of Virginia, beautifully clean copy in red morocco extra

8vo. London, Reprinted for S. Birt, 1753

525 Stith (William) The History of the first discovery and settlement

of Virginia, clean uncut copy in half morocco extra, SABIN'S RE-
PRINT of the Williamsburg Edition

Svo. New York: Joseph Sabin, 1865

526 Stokes (Anthony) A View of the Constitution of the British

Colonies, in North- America and the West Indies, at the time
the Civil War broke out on the Continent of America, etc. good
clean copy, polished calf, 555 pages

Svo. London, Printed for the Author, 1783

One of the best authorities on the subject. Stokes was his Majesty's Chief
Justice of Georgia.

527 STORK (William) An Account of East-Florida. With remarks on

its future Importance to Trade and Commerce, FIRST EDITION,
very scarce, half calf extra Svo. London [1766]

528 Story (Joseph) The Power of Solitude. A Poem. In two parts.

A New and improved edition, nice clean copy in polished brown
calf extra I2mo. Salem: Barnard B. Macanulty, 1804

529 Stover (Johann Gaspar) Kurtze Nachricht von einer Evangelisch-

Lutherischen Teutschen Gemeinde in dem Americanischen
Virginien, und zwar an den eussersten Grentzen des Ammts
Spotsilvanien wohnend, etc. scarce tract of two leaves, blue calf
extra Uo. Franckfurt, 1737

530 Strictures on a Pamphlet, entitled, a " Friendly Address to all

Reasonable Americans, on the Subject of our Political Con-
fusions." Addressed to the People of America, green polished
calf extra Svo. Philadelphia : Printed and Sold by William

and Thomas Bradford, 1774

531 SwEDBERG (Jesper) America illuminata, skrifwen och vtgifwen af

thes Biskop Doct-Jesper Swedberg, Ahr, 1732, fine clean copy in
green morocco extra Svo. Skara, 1732

Excessively rare tract, and of great historical importance as relating to the his-
tory of the Swedish Colony in Pennsylvania.

532 TAILFER (Patrick) etc. A True and Historical Narrative of the

Colony of Georgia in America, from the first Settlement thereof
until this present Period : By Pat. Tailfer, M.D. Hugh Ander-
son, M.A. Da. Douglas, and others, Land-holders in Georgia, at
present in Charles-Town in South-Carolina, polished calf extra by
W. Pratt, fine clean copy

Svo. Charles-Town, South-Carolina : Printed by P. Timothy,

for the Authors, 1741


533 THEVENOT (Melchisadec) Eecueil de Voyages De Mr. Thevenot.

Dedie av Roy, fine clean copy in red morocco extra by Pratt

sm. 8vo. Paris, Estienne Michallet, 1681

EXCESSIVELY RARE. This little volume is particularly valued on account of its.
containing Father Marquette's relation of his voyage down the Mississippi River in
1673, with the map of his route. The volume also contains one of the earliest
maps of Australia. Van Diemens Land, New Zealand, &c. referred to in the follow-
ing extract " La plupart ont cru que la terre qui est au sud de 1'Isle de Java estoit
attachee aux autres terres qui sont vers le Pole Antarctique & qu'on a decouvert
au Sud du detroit de Magellan : mais la route du voyage d'Abel Tasman, marquee
par des points dans la Carte cy-jointe, nous fait voir que c'est une Isle qu'il a
tournee toute entlere." This copy is quite perfect, but, as hardly two copies are
found exactly alike, it must be sold as it is, some copies bear the date of 1682, and
the plates appear in various states. This copy is fuller than the one described in
H. Stevens' Nuggets No. 2654. Inserted is a vellum document with the autograph of

534 Thevet (Andrew) Historia dell' India America detta Altramente

Francia Antartica, fine copy in red morocco extra by Pratt

sm. 8vo. Vineqia. 1561

535 Thomas (Dalby) An Historical Account of the Rise and Growth

of the West-India Collonies, and of the Great Advantages they
are to England, in respect to Trade, fine clean copy with some leaves
rough at the bottom 4to. London, J. Hindmarsh, 1690

536 Thompson (Thomas) An Account of Two Missionary Voyages by

the Appointment of the Society for the Propagation of the
Gospel in Foreign Parts. The one to New Jersey in North
America, the other from America to the Coast of Guiney, nice
clean copy in sprinkled calf extra Svo. London : Benj. Dod, 1758

537 Thompson (Zadock) History of Vermont, Natural, Civil, and

Statistical, in Three Parts, with a new Map of the State, and
200 Engravings, good copy, old calf Svo. Burlington, 1842

538 THOROWGOOD (Thomas) JEWES IN AMERICA, or probabilities that

the Americans are of that Race. With the removall of some
contrary reasonings, and earnest desires for effectuall endeavours
to make them Christian, fine clean large copy with several rough
edged leaves, elegantly bound by Pratt in dark blue morocco extra,
finished in the Roger Payne style

Mo. London, W. H. for Tho. Slater, 1650

For Hamon 1'Estrange's Answer to this rare tract, see Lot 142. The binding of
this copy of Thorowgood First Treatise is uniform with L'Estrange's Answer and
Thorowgood's Second Treatise (the succeeding lot). This copy has the rare line
" Place the Licence before the Title, and the Analisis before the beginning of the
Book." printed down the edge of the Licence, which is very seldom found, being
nearly always cut away.

539 THOROWGOOD (Thomas) JEWS IN AMERICA or probabilities that

those Indians are Judaical, made more probable by some addi-
tionals to the former Conjectures. An accurate discourse is
premised of Mr. John Elliot (who first preached the Gospel to
the Natives in their own Language) touching their origination,
and his Vindication of the Planters, fine clean copy in dark blue
morocco extra by Pratt, elegantly tooled in the Roger Payne style

Mo. London, Henry Brome, 1660

Binding uniform with the preceding lot, and with Hamon 1'Estrange's Answer (see
Lot 142). This copy has the scarce interior half title " Jewes in America," printed


540 Trumbull (Henry) History of the Discovery of America : of the

Landing of our Forefathers at Plymouth, and of their most
remarkable Engagements with the Indians in New-England, from
their first landing in 1620, until the final subjugation of the
natives in 1679. The Defeat of Generals Braddock, Harmer
and St. Clair, by the Indians at the Westward ; the Creek and
Seminole War, &c. half calf, woodcut front. Svo. Boston, 1831

541 Trumbull (John) McFingal : an Epic Poem. In Four Cantos, fine

dean copy, polished calf extra by W. Pratt

12 wo. Philadelphia: from the press of Matliew Carey, 1791

542 Tiele (P. A.) M6moire Bibliographique sur les Journaux des Navi-

gateurs Neerlandais reimprim6s dans les Collections de De Bry
et de Hulsius, et dans les Collections Hollandaises du XVII e
Siecle, et sur les Anciennes Editions Hollandaises des Journaux
de Navigateurs Etrangers ; la plupart en la possession de
Frederick Muller, LARGE PAPER, uncut, in paper covers as issued

imp. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1867

This is the best bibliography extant of the Dutch Voyages. The volume is well
printed on fine thick hand-made paper.

543 Timberlake (Lieut. Henry) The Memoirs of Lieut. Henry Timber-

lake (Who accompanied the Three Cherokee Indians to England
in the Year 1762). Containing whatever he observed remark-
able, or worthy of public Notice, during his Travels to and
from that Nation ; wherein the Country, Government, Genius,
and Customs of the Inhabitants, are authentically described.
Also the Principal Occurrences during their Residence in London.
Illustrated with an Accurate Map of their Over-hill Settlement,
and a curious Secret Journal, taken by the Indians out of the
Pocket of a Frenchman they had killed, half roan, VERY SCARCE


Svo. London: printed for the Author, 1765

544 Treaties (The) between His Most Christian Majesty (Louis XVI),

and the Thirteen United States of America. Published by Order
of Congress, half bound 8>vo. London, reprinted, 1782

545 Two papers on the subject of Taxing the British Colonies in

America. The first entitled "Some Remarks on the Means
that can be used for the Security and Preservation of the Trade
of Great Britain by protecting and advancing her Settlements
on the North Continent of America." The other "A proposal
for establishing by Act of Parliament the Duties upon Stampt
Paper and Parchment in all the British American Colonies,"
half calf Svo. London, 1767

546 VARTHEMA (LuDOVico DE) Itinerario de Ludouico de Varthema

Bolognese nella Egypto, nella Surria, nella Arabia deserta &

felice, nella Persia, nella India, & nella Ethiopia, &c. [Colophon]

Stampato in Roma per maestro Stephano guillireti de Loreno &

maestro Hercule de Nani Bolognese ad instatia de maestro

Lodouico de Henricis da Corneto Vicetino. Nel Anno. M.D.X.

adi. VI. de Decembrio Mo. Rome, 1510


condition except that the margin of the title is mended below the print. A few

leaves are slightly discoloured but the book has not been washed or tampered

with. Bound by Pratt in brown morocco extra covered with blind tooling. All

the early editions of Varthema should be classed under " Americana," because the

editions of 1520 and later, contain the Itinerary of Grijalva to Yucatan.

547 VABTHEMA. Lvdovici Patritii Roman! novvm Itinerarivm

Aethiopiae : Aegipti : vtrivs-que Arabiae : Persidis : Siriae : ac
Indiae : In tra et extra gangem folio, s. I. s. a. [Mediolani], 1511

FIRST LATIN EDITION, extremely scarce. Beautifully clean copy in old morocco,
richly tooled on the sides, skilfully rebacked and restored. A choice copy in every
respect. This edition has has no indication of place or printer, but is generally con-
ceded to have been issued at Milan in 1511, from whence the preface is dated
" octauo calen Junias M.D.XI."

548 VARTHEMA. Die Eitterlich vnd lobwiirdig reisz des gestrengen vii

iiber all ander weyt erfarne Ritters vfi landtfarers, herre Ludo-
wico Vartomans vo Bolonia. Sagend von den landen Egypto,
Syria, etc. fine clean copy in dark brown morocco extra, tooled in
blind Mo. Straszburg durch Johannem Knobloch, 1516

Second German Edition, the first having appeared at Augsburg in the previous
year. This edition contains numerous quaint woodcuts in the text.

549 VARTHEMA. Itinerario de Ludovico De Varthema Bolognese ne lo

Egypto ne la Suria, ne la Arabia Deserta, etc Nouamete

impsso. [Colophon] Stampata in Venetia per Zorzi di Rusconi
Milanese .... M.D.XVII. adi VI. del Mese de Marzo, fine copy,
brown morocco extra small Svo. Venetia, 1517

SECOND EDITION, in Italian, and of great rarity. The title is in red and black,
and contains a woodcut of a geographer at work on a globe.

550 VAUGHAN (Sir William) The Golden Fleece divided into three

Parts. Transported from Cambrioll Colchos, out of the Souther-
most part of the Island, commonly called the Newfoundland, by
Orpheus Junior, good copy in morocco extra by Leighton, the rare
map of Newfoundland in admirable facsimile

to. London, Francis Williams, 1626
Samuel G. Drake's copy, with his autograph, 1846.


cius Laurentio Petri de medicis salutem plurimam dicit, fine copy
in red riwrocco extra by Bedford

\to. Auguste Johanes Otmar, 1504
EXCESSIVELY RARE. This copy is inserted in a neat blue morocco pull-off case.

552 VESPUCIUS. Von der new gefunnde Region die wol ein welt

genennt mag werden Durch den Cristenlichen Kunig von Portu-
gall wunnderbarlich erfunden. [Colophon] Gedrucht yn Nuremberg
durch Wolffganng Hueber [1505], excellent facsimile by Pilinski of
one of the rarest editions of the letters of Vespucius, half red morocco

tto. 1505

553 VESPUCIUS (Americus) De ora antarctica per regem Portugallie

pridem inuenta [Colophon] Impressum Argentine per Mathiam
hupfuff, 1505, fine facsimile on vellum, 6 leaves elegantly bound in
brown morocco extra by Pratt tto.

554 VESPUCIUS (Americus) Facsimile of the "Dutch Vespucius" being

the celebrated letter of Americus Vespucius to Laurentius de
Medicis describing his third Voyage to America in the year 1501,
for the King of Portugal. From the unique copy printed at Ant-
iverp, 1506-1510, in the possession of John Carter Brown of Pro-
vidence, brown morocco extra Svo. Providence, 1874

Only 25 copies printed for private distribution, of which this is No. 1, the pre-
sentation copy to Mr. Murphy.


555 VESPUCIUS. Alleralteste Nachricht von der Neuen Welt welche

deren erfinder Americus Vesputius Florentinus ehemahls ertheilet
voritzo aus einem alten mid raren Exemplar zum Neuen Abdruck
befordert von Mart. Frider Vossio Pastore in Tauche, fine clean
copy in polished blue calf extra small Svo. Berlin, 1722

Scarce reprint of the four voyages of Vespucius, with an introduction by Vossius.

556 VETANCURT (AUGUSTIN DE) Teatro Mexicano descripcion breve

de los sucessos exemplares, historicos, politicos, Militares, y
Religiosos del nuevo mundo Occidental de las Indias, all the parts
complete in one volume, red morocco extra by Pratt

folio. Mexico, per Dona Maria de Benamdes Viuda
de Juan de Eibera Ano de 1698 [ 97]

A sound copy of an exceedingly rare book, but the soft Mexican ink has started
in some places, causing set-off and blurring in several parts of the volume.

557 VIRGINIA. The Case of the Planters of Tobacco in Virginia, as

represented by themselves; signed by the President of the
Council, and Speaker of the House of Burgesses. To which is
added, A Vindication of the said Eepresentation, good copy, half
calf Svo. London, 1733

558 VIRGINIA. A Reply to the Vindication of the Representation of

the Case of the Planters of Tobacco in Virginia. In a Letter to
Sir J. R. from the Merchants or Factors of London, half morocco

Svo. ib. 1733

559 VIRGINIA. The Acts of Assembly now in force in the Colony of

Virginia, fine clean copy, half rough sheepskin

folio. Williamsburg, W. Rind, A. Pur die, and J. Dixon, 1769

560 VIRGINIA. A Collection of all such Public Acts of Virginia passed

since the Year 1768 as are now in force, half roan

folio. Richmond, Thomas Nicholson and William Prentis, 1785

561 VIRGINIA. A Collection of all such Acts of the General Assembly

of Virginia as are now in force, good copy with table, half old calf
folio. Richmond, Augustine Davis, 1794

562 VIRGINIA COMPANY. A Short Collection of the Most Remark-

able Passages from the originall to the Dissolution of the Virginia
Company, EXCESSIVELY SCARCE, fine clean sound copy in green
morocco extra by Pratt

Mo. London, printed by R. Cotes for E. Husband, 1651

563 VRIES (DAVID PIETERSZ DE) Korte historiael, ende Journaels

aenteyckeninge Van verscheyden Voyagiens in de vier deelen
des Wereldts-Ronde, als Europa, Africa, Asia, ende Amerika
gedaen, very fine clean copy in dark blue morocco extra

tto. t'Hoorn, Door David Pietersz de Fries, 1655

EXCESSIVELY BARE. Fine Portrait of De Vries by Vischer, and numerous beau-
tiful copperplate engravings in the text. This scarce volume is described by
Asher, No. 336, and by Tromel, No. 279. The latter says : " This volume can be
considered as a pearl in any American Library, its extreme rarity being only sur-
passed by the interest which it offers to the historian." De Vries and Hudson were
the only two Navigators who published narratives of their voyages to New Nether-
land during the Dutch possession. De Vries 's work was translated by the late Hon.
Henry C. Murphy, and privately printed for Mr. James Lenox.

564 Wadsworth (Benjamin) Fraud and Injustice Detected and Con-

demned. In a Lecture Sermon in Boston, Feb. 28, 1711-12,
slightly cut into, half roan

small Svo. Boston, printed by B. Green, 1712



Washington, sent by the Hon. Robert Dinwiddie, Esq. His
Majesty's Lieutenant-Governor, and Commander in Chief of
Virginia, to the Commandant of the French Forces on Ohio.
To which are added, the Governor's Letter : and a Translation
of the French Officer's Answer. With a New Map of the Country
as far as the Mississippi, fine copy, clean as new, sumptuously bound
by Pratt in red morocco extra, quite plain outside, lined inside with
green morocco, richly tooled with an elegant dentelle border and centre
ornament to match 8vo. London, T. Jefferys, 1754

566 Webb (John) A Seasonable Warning against Bad Company-Keep-

ing : In a Discourse from Prov. xiii. 20. The Second Edition,
good copy, half roan

I2mo. Boston : printed by Samuel Gerrish, in Cornhill, 1726

567 Weld (Isaac, Junr.) Travels through the States of North America,

and the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada during the years
1795, 1796 and 1797, sixteen plates, good copy in calf gilt

4/0. London, 1799

568 Weld (Isaac) Travels through the States of North America, and

the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, during the years
1795, 1796 and 1797, FOURTH EDITION, 2 vol. fine copy, clean as
new, bound uncut in half morocco 8vo. ib. 1807

569 Welde (Thomas) A Short Story of the Rise, reign and ruin of the

Antinomians, Familists, & Libertines, that infected the Churches
of New-England : . . . Together with Gods strange and remark-
able judgments from Heaven upon some of the chief fomentors
of these Opinions ; And the lamentable death of Ms. Hutchin-
son, poor copy, polished calf extra, by F. Bedford, somewhat cut into
4/0. London, Printed for Ralph Smith, 1644

570 WEST INDIES. The State of the Navy consider'd in relation to the

Victualling, particularly in the Straits, and the West Indies.
With some Thoughts on the Mismanagements of the Admiralty
for several years past ; Humbly offer'd to the Honourable the
House of Commons, by an English Sailor, full roan

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Online LibraryHenry StevensCatalogue of the second portion of the extensive and varied collection of rare and valuable books relating to the history and literature of America, formed by the late eminent bibliographer Mr. Henry Stephens of Vermont, comprising the → online text (page 10 of 11)