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The History of Jo Daviess County, Illinois, containing a history of the county, its cities, towns, etc., a biographical directory of its citizens, war record of its volunteers in the late rebellion ... history of the Northwest, history of Illinois ... Constitution of the United States online

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Online LibraryH.F. KettThe History of Jo Daviess County, Illinois, containing a history of the county, its cities, towns, etc., a biographical directory of its citizens, war record of its volunteers in the late rebellion ... history of the Northwest, history of Illinois ... Constitution of the United States → online text (page 89 of 109)
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Co. D, 27th Regt. la. V. I. Aug. 16, 1862;
mustered out Aug. 8, 1865; was engaged
in capture of Little Rock, Ark., and eight
other severe engagements, under A. J.
Smith, 16th Army Corps; married Caro-
line Boiler, of Guttenburg, la., Sept. 16,
1866; have two children, Edward and
Sophia ; held office of City Treasurer 1872,
Town Clerk two years.


Molder; Dunleith; born in Galena Feb. 15,
1846; came to Dunleith in 1856; married
Margaret Shalfo, from Minn., in 1865;
have one child, Charles; has been engaged
with C. S. & S. Burt for the past ten years.

Armstrong Jno. day laborer; Dunleith.

Armstrong Wm. H. day laborer; Dunleith.

Ash Frank, clay laborer; Dunleith.

Ashley Samuel, lumberman; Dunleith.

BAILEY BOUTON, railroad hand ; Dun-

Bean Wm. laborer; Dunleith.
| Beaty John, laborer ; Dunleith.
Beck Gottleib, mechanical engineer in Burt's

Factory; Dunleith.
Bergman M. H. carpenter; Dunleith.
Beyer A. laborer; Dunleith.
Bishop J. farmer ; Sec. 20; P. O. Dunleith.
Black Geo. railroad hand ; Dunleith.
Brady John, laborer ; Dunleith.
Braustteter J. S. freight conductor; Dunleith.
Breason Peter, teamster; Dunleith.
Brula Anthony, charge of tunnel at Dunleith.

BUCKLEY JOHN, Baggage Agent
la. Div. I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith ; born in
Susquehanna Co., Pa., July 4, 1832; came
to this Co. in May, 1855; has been in the
employ of the I. C. R. R. 23 years ; crossed

the new bridge on the first train from Dun-
leith to Dubuque and took charge of the
Baggage Department of the Iowa Division ;
married Catharine McMannus, of Galena,
July 5, 1857; have ten children: James
H., John B., Annie C., Daniel, William L.,
Charles J., Martin H., Berlha K., Henry
L. and one not yet named; lost two; held
office of Alderman two years, Mayor three
years, member School Board for the past
eight years.

Burhyte Chas. teamster; Dunleith.

Burhyte Jacob, miner; Dunleith.

Burns M. watchman on ferry boat ; Dunleith.

BURT CHARLES S. Manufacturer
of Shingle Machines and Agricultural Im-
plements, Third St., Dunleith; born in
Grant Co., Wis., in 1838; came to Dun-
leith in May, 1856; married Mariana
Blanchard, of Concord, N. H., in Sept.,
1861; have three children living: An-
gelo R., Frank A. and Claudine B. ; lost
one, Florence ; held the office of Alderman
several terms ; holds the office of County
Supervisor at this time.

BURT DANIEL, R. Retired; P. O.
Dunleith; born in Florida, Montgomery
Co., N. Y., Feb. 29, 1804; moved to Canada
West in April, 1826; moved to Mich, in
1830; married Miss Ashley, of Clermont,
N. H., in 1831 ; located in Grant Co., Wis.,
in 1835, where he purchased 3,000 acres of
land ; in 1841 he was elected to the Terri-
torial Legislature of Wis. and served four
years; settled in Dunleith in 1856, since
which time he has been extensively en-
gaged in the manufacture of agricultural
implements, smut machines, etc., together
with his farming; two children, Charles S.
and Roccy M. ; wife died Sept. 19, 1864 ;
married present wife, Mrs. Mary J. Enor,
Jan. 16, 1866; his son, Charles S., and
brother, Silas, carry on the manufactory..

BURT SILAS Manufacturer Shingle
Machine and Farm Implements; Dun-
leith; born in Montgomery Co., N. Y. ;
came to Jo Daviess Co. in 1857 ; married
Harriet Preston, of N. Y. ; had two chil-
dren, Charles S., Hattie M. ; held office of
Town Trustee 3 years, and School Director
5 years.

( CALKINS HENRY G. conductor; Dun-

\~/ leith.

Campbell Augustus, physician ; Dunleith.

CAVERLY H. P. Assistant Principal
in High School ; born in Straftbrd, N. H.,
May 10, 1839; married Lizzie M. Ander-
son, of Hanover, 111., Nov. 21, 1861 ; had
six children : May L., Allin B., Cora E.,
Clarence C. ; two died in infancy ; came
to this Co. in 1861 ; held office of Town



Clerk, Hanover, 3 years ; City Clerk, Dun-
lieth, this term; enlisted in Co. A, 15th
Regt, I. V. I., Feb. 24, 1865 ; mustered out
Sept. 16, 1865.

Chapman Ed., watchman on bridge ; Dun-

CHAPMAtf J. B. Painter; Dunleith;
born in England, Oct. 14, 1826; emigrated
to 111., in 1848; settled in Jo Daviess Co. in
1856 ; married Betsey Winsor, from Eng-
land, 1848; had thirteen children; three
are dead.

Children A. G. machinist; Dunleith.

Children Edwin, manufacturer; Dunleith.

Chouteaw F. D. miner; Dunleith.

Clark Warren, laborer; Dunleith.

Clark Wm. J. fireman ; Dunleith.

CL.ISE JOHX D. Postmaster and Hotel
keeper; Dunleith; born in Virginia, 1833;
came to Jo Daviess Co., 1836 ; settled in
Dunleith in 1852; Married Amanda Wil-
liams, of Pike Co., Mo.; had three chil-
dren: Josephine, Lucy and Cora; held the
office of Postmaster 17 years ; hotel keeper
the past 8 years ; held office of City Mar-
shal 6 years and City Treasurer 2 years.

Cludry Edward, farmer; P. O. Dunleith.

Coyle F. farmer; Sec. 2! ; P. O. Dunleith.

Coyle John, laborer; Dunleith.

Coyle Thomas, ice dealer; Dunleith.

Cole Clinton, barber ; Dunleith.

Conductor I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith ; born in
New York, Feb. 22, 1841 ; came to Nora,
this Co., in 1856; to Galena in 1858; set-
tled in Dunleith in 1867 ; married Lettie
Beall, Galena, Dec. 5, 1866 ; had four chil-
dren: Stella M., Wm. A., Celena B., and
Joseph (deceased) ; enlisted in Co. A, 96th
Regt. I. V. I., Aug., 1862; mustered out
June, 1865; engaged in twenty-one hard-
fought battles.

Conrad Chas. carpenter ; Dunleith.

Creighton John, M.D. ; Dunleith.

Crocket David, machinist; Dunleith.

Crocket Frank, laborer ; Dunleith.

Cullen Edward, laborer ; Dunleith.

Cullen Thomas, laborer ; Dunleith.

Culton D. trackman, I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith.

Culton D. J. fireman I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith.

Curchill S. M. contractor; Dunleith.


ANES HENRY A. constable; Dunleith.

Dames Theophilus, Sr., street commissioner ;


Dames T., Jr., mnlder; Dunleith.
Dangelrnyer J. laborer, I.C. R. R. ; Dunleith.
Donoghue Daniel, laborer ; Dunleith.
Damuth John, carpenter; Dunleith.
Davis Samuel, laborer; Dunleith.

Dickman Chas. farmer; Sec. 21; P. O. Dun-

Dunleith; born in Germany, Sept. 9, 1849;
came to this country in 1853 ; settled in
Duuleith in 1856; married Elizabeth Pe-
gel, in Dubuque, Iowa, in 1871 ; had two
children, Emma and George ; Emma died
Oct. 16, 1873; have been in employ Du-
buque Novelty Iron Works six years.

Disch Xavier, stone mason ; Dunleith.

Ditrnore J. track hand, I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith.

Doggett J. M. insurance agent; Dunleith.

Duean J. H. night watch I. C. R. R. ; Dun-

Duncan Samuel, laborer ; Dunleith.

T7AGLEPOF THEO. farmer; Sec. 20;
JJy P. O. Dunleith.

Eberley P. farmer; Sec. 21 ; P. O. Dunleith.
Eckert Ernest, laborer ; Dunleith.
Evans Sidney M. freight conductor I. C. R.
R. ; Dunleith.

FAIRFAX ALBERT, freight conductor
I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith.

Fairfax Andrew J. freight conductor I. C.
R. R. ; Dunleith.

Fairfax S. conductor I. C. R. R.; Dunleith.

Fargo G. H. express agent; Dunleith.

Farnam James, merchant ; Dunleith.

Fogerty D. laborer; Dunleith.

Foltz Benj. B. laborer; Dunleith.

FOI/TZI>AVID B. Farmer; Sec. 21;
P. O. Dunleith; born in Onondaga Co., N.
Y., Nov. 14, 1813 ; came to this Co. in
1868; married Mary Hoagh in Montgom-
ery Co., N. Y., in 1835 ; had seven chil-
dren: Frederick C., Albert, Richard D.,
Ransom B., Mary M., David B., Willie G.,
Richard (died with fever in the army,
Sept. 18, 1861) ; Frederick D. was in the
3d Regt. W. V. I. ; Ransom B. was in the
25th Regt. W. V. I.; David B. enlisted
44th Regt. W. V. I. Feb. 11, 1865; mus-
tered out Aug. '28, 1865.

FOX CAL.VIX P. Foreman in Fac-
tory of C. S. & S. Burt & Co., Dunleith;
born in New York Sept. 4, 1817 ; moved to
111. in 1834; resided ii; Galena until 1843;
settled in Dunleith in 1860 ; married Ase-
nath Tyler in Pa. ; had twelve children,
five living ; has held the position of fore-
man in this shop for ten years ; Superin-
tendent Public Schools three years.

Fox John, laborer; Dunleith.

er; Sees. 3, 32, 33, and 34; P. O. Dunleith;
has charge of the Frentress Estate; was
born on said estate Sept. 22, 1842; mar-
ried to Mary J. Bidlock, Carroll Co., 111.,
in 1868 ; had one child, Lois M. ; he is the
patentee of the Freutress Barbed Wire
now being manufactured at Dunleith.




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Sees. 3. 32, 33 and 34; P. O. Dunleith;
born in Vermont, Oct. 22, 1807 ; owns an
estate of 1,100 acres of land ; married to E.
Frentress, Dec. 25, 1823; Mr. Frentress
was born in North Carolina in 1800 ; they
came to this Co. in 1827 and pre-empted
portions of Sections 3, 32, 33 and 34;
had thirteen, children, six living; Mr.
Frentress died in Dec., 1853 ; during the
Black Hawk War he enlisted and went to
guard Galena ; he built the first house be-
tween Galena and Dunleith, and drove
the first team from Galena to Dunleith.

Fustinger S. laborer ; Dunleith.

CHAS. J. laborer; Dunleith.

Garnich James, gardener; Dunleith.
Gertenbach H. renter; S. 23; P. O. Dunleith.
Gibbs A. H. insurance agent ; Dunleith.
Gillman Moses, laborer; Dunleith.
Glan Albert, fireman I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith.
Gregoire Felix, farmer ; P. O. Dunleith.
Groff John A. laborer; Dunleith.
Groft" Lewis, saloon; Dunleith.
Groff Mich, laborer ; Dunleith.


ALE PETER, retired ; Dunleith.

Hall Ed. car cleaner I. C. R. R.; Dunleith.
Hall Ed. laborer I. C. R. R.; Dunleith.
Hall H. switchman I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith.
Harney Harrison, laborer; Dunleith. ,

Harris Edward, laborer ; Dunleith.
Hass Frank, blacksmith ; Dunleith.
Haubt John, butcher ; Dunleith.
Herold Henry B. carpenter ; Dunleith.
Hill James, laborer; Dunleith
Billiard J. farmer; Sec. 21; P. O. Dunleith.
Hilliard P. farmer; Sec. 21; P. O. Dunleith.
Holmes Henry, laborer ; Dunleith.
Holmes Richard, drayman; Dunleith.
Honorback Jno. shoemaker ; Dunleith.
Hutter August, laborer.
Hynes T. farmer; Sec. 21; P. O. Dunleith.

Ingersol Geo. freight conductor I. C. R. R ;

Ingram Adam, saloon ; Dunleith.


EARDOE RICHARD, freight conductor

I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith.
Johnson Alvin, watchman on R. R. bridge

Johnson Levi J. watchman on R. R. bridge

Jones Sidney, laborer; Dunleith.


ungbluth Philip, laborer ; Dunleith.

KASS MATTHIAS, blacksmith; Dun-
ieane John, shoemaker ; Dunleith.

man on I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith; born in
Gloucestershire, England, April 2, 1836;
came to this country in 1849 ; moved to
Dubuque, Iowa, same year; settled in
Dunleith in 1855; he was engaged with
the Transfer Company nine years ; spent
1861 and 1862 in mining in Idaho ; was mar-
ried to Miss Mary H. Whatmore in 1863 ;
she died in 1874; was married to Miss
Maria Burrows in 1874.

Kelly A. farmer; Sec. 21 ; P. O. Dunleith.

Kelly D. farmer; Sec. 21; P. O. Dunleith.

Kelly M. watchman I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith.

Kennedy Thos. moulder ; Dunleith,

Keonig John, saloon ; Dunleith.

Kinslow James, laborer ; Dunleith.

Kusse Jos. farmer ; Sec. 21 ; P. O. Dunleith.

Kuch Jacob, laborer ; Dunleith.

T AHEY WILLIAM, laborer; Dunleith.

L AIMvlA JAMES, Brakeman I. C.
R. R. ; Dunleith; born in Mass., Aug. 20,
1851 ; came to Galena in 1855 ; settled in
Dunleith in 1865; married on Oct. 12,
1873, to Louise C. Rapp, of Dunleith;
they had one child, Geo. T., born Dec. 30,
1874 ; been in employ I. C. R. R. 7 years.

Larkins Peter F. brakeman I. C. R. R. ; Dun-

Laporte Lewis, Sr., Dunleith.

Laporte L., Jr., engineer on river ; Dunleith.

Lavbly Win. engineer I C. R. R. Dunleith.

Lacount Denis, laborer; Dunleith.

Lawler M., I. C. R. R. watchman ; Dunleith.

Lenville Moses, laborer; Dunleith.

Lithuner Jas. clerk ; Dunleith.

Letch Peter, wagon maker ; Dunleith.

Lobstein Geo. carpenter ; Dunleith.

Loeffler Chas. confectioner; Dunleith.

Ludwig Henry, clerk ; Dunleith.

Lumley J. brakeman I. C. R. R; Dunleith.

Lutters Henry, laborer; Dunleith.

Lutters L. farmer; Sec. 27; P. O. Dunleith.

Lynch John, laborer ; Dunleith.

Lynch Wm. employe I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith.

A/TcGEE JOHN, laborer; Dunleith.

McGuire Phil, section foreman I. C. R. R. ;

MAGITIRE T. & J. Merchants; Dun-
leith, 111. ; members of firm are Thomas
and John Maguire ; they keep a general
store and deal in all kinds of farmers' pro-



duce; commenced business in 1868;
Joseph Leithner has been their faithful
clerk for eight years; Thomas Maguire
was born Aug. 22, 1839, in the Parish of
Mullanghdun, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland,
near Enniskillen; came to this country,
and to this Co. in 1852 ; followed farming
5 years, taught school 11 years; graduated
at Bryant & Stratton's College, Chicago,
in 1866; held the office Town Clerk,
Menominee Tp., 1 year, School Trustee 3
years, School Treasurer since 1863; served
as Supervisor of Dunleith Tp. 6 years,
and Mayor of Dunleith 3 years, in
1872-'73-'77 ; married, Nov. 4, 1868, to
Miss Ellen J. Groff, of Dunleith, born
Feb. 24, 1852, at Racine, Wis. ; have four
children: John E., born June 1, 1870;
Thomas F., May 19, 1872; James O.,
March 23, 1874, and Henry C., Sept. 29,
1876. John Maguire was born Oct. 22,
1841, in Parish of Mullanghdun, Ireland ;
came to this j country and to this Co. in
1850 ; pursued farming 15 years ; spent the
year 1863 in Pike's Peak, Col. ; held the
office of School Director 3 years, in Eliza-
beth Tp., School Trustee 3 years, in Dun-
leith, and Alderman in 1875-'70; is un-
married. Their parents' names are John
Maguire and Elizabeth Cassidy, whose
children are Mary, Thomas, John, Francis,
James, Philip, and Henry, living, and
Hugh, Margaret, Andrew, and Daniel,
dead. In religion the brothers are
Catholic; in politics, Democratic; they
own 521 acres of land, besides their store,
lots and other buildings in Dunleith ; they
are successful in business, and are closely
identified with the interests of the city and

MacKnight Daniel, laborer ; Dunleith.
McNulty, Edw. laborer ; Dunleith.
Magbee Alex, saloon ; Dunleith.
Mahoney Michael, farmer; Sec. 20; P. O.

Mahoney Timothy, laborer; Dunleith.

Maire Michael, laborer ; Dunleith.
Martin Martinus, laborer; Dunleith.
Marshall Nicholas, blacksmith ; Dunleith.
Maurer Albert, farm ; Sec. 21 ; P.O.Dunleith.
Mayhew Mitchell, farmer; Sec. 21; P.O.


Medley Hiram, laborer ; Dunleith.
Mechlet Jno. farm; Sec. 21; P. O. Dunleith.
Merry Chas. H. retired ; Dunleith.
Mertess John, laborer; Dunleith.
Mertess Peter, clerk ; Dunleith.
Meyer Chas. township clerk: Dunleith.
Michelle Antoine, laborer ; Dunleith.
Miller J. M. farm; Sec. 34; P. O. Dunleith.
Milliner Geo. retired; Dunleith.
Moody A. H. hardware mercnant ; Dun.eith.
Mortimer Frank, freight conductor I. C. R.

R. ; Dunleith

Moste Geo. carpenter ; Dunleith.

on Dubuque & Dunleith R. R. Bridge;
Dunleith; born in Toronto, Can., Aug. 8,
1827 ; married to Harriet Welsh, Roches-
ter, N. Y., 1859; employed on the Missis-
sippi River until 1863; enlisted in Co. F,
First Illinois Battery, in 1864; he took his
present position Dec. 22, 1868.

Monton Nicholas P. clerk ; Dunleith.

Muldowney Jas. stone mason ; Dunleith.

Murray Jas., Sr., laborer; Dunleith.

Murray Jas., Jr., laborer ; Dunleith.

Murray Thos. laborer; Dunleith.

Murray Wm. laborer ; Dunleith.

Murphy John, teamster ; Dunleith.

"VTELSON GEO. carpenter; Dunleith.

Newton Sherman, watchman ; Dunleith.
Nugant Dennis, stonemason ; Dunleith.

'DONAGHUE DAN, laborer ; Dunleith.


O'Neill Michael, lab. I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith.

turer shingle machines and agricultural
implements ; Dunleith ; born in Conway,
N. H., Dec. 24, 1817 ; came to Jo. Daviess
Co. in 1855 ; married Mary E. Marshall, of
Ross Co., Ohio, 1856 ; had four children :
Lucie M., Carrie A., Arthur M., Elsie May; i
Elsie May died in 1868.

OM \4. Lit JOHX, Merchant, Wis.
ave. ; Dunleith; born in Luxembourg,
Prussia ; emigrated to this country in 185H ;
settled in Jo Daviess Co. in 1854 ; has been
in business since 1861 ; held the office of al-
derman one term, city treasurer one term;
elected mayor three years.

Oster Henry, saloon keeper ; Dunleith.

Oster John, farmer, Sec. 22; P. O. Dunleith.

)AUL EDWIN R., steamboat clerk ; Dun-

Payton Decatur, miner; Dunleith.
Pierce D. O. carpenter ; Dunleith.
Pierson Rob't F. lab. mach. shop; Dunleith^
Pinnel Peter, farmer; Sec. 22; P.O.Dunleith.
Platt Merrit, farmer ; Sec. 20 ; P. O. Dunleith.
Platt Sterns, farmer; Sec. 28; P.O.Dunleith.
Powell W. W. engineer I. C. R.R. ; Dunleith.


UINN JOHN, laborer; Dunleith.

John, laborer ; Dunleith.
Quinlan James, laborer ; Dunleith.
Quinlan John, brakeman ; Dunleith.

UIXL.AN THOS. Freight Conductor

la. Div. I. C. R. R. ; P. O. Dunleith ; born
in Troy, N. Y., Dec. 4, 1849; came to
Dunleith, 1856 ; stonecutter by trade ; has
been in employ of I. C. R. R. five years;



married Margaret Francis, Lena, 111., May
1, 1871.

Quinlan Wm. laborer; Dunleith.

Quinlan Wm. E. brakeman I. C. R. R. ; Dun-

Ol lltli JOHN, Freight Conductor I.
C. R. R., la. Div.; P.O. Dunleith; born
in Ireland Feb. 1, 1835 ; came to this coun-
try June, 1850 ; came to Galena in 1852 ;
settled in Dunleith 1855; married May
5, 1868, to Bridget Boyce, of Galena; had
six children : Dennis, James W., John T.,
William F., and Lizzie, and one not
named ; three dead ; has been in the em-
ploy of I. C. R. R. twenty-five years.

Quirk Philip, janitor High School ; Dunleith.


APPGEO. butcher; Dunleith.

Reese Herbert, gardener; Sec. 21; P. O.


Rembold Fred, saloon keeper ; Dunleith.
Rewell Geo. B. cigar maker; Dunleith.
Rewell John, cigar maker; Dunleith.
Rice Oliver, farmer; Sec. 20; P.O. Dunleith.
Richardson J. H. laborer; Dunleith.
Ropps Wm. fireman I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith.
Rose Alonzo, merchant ; Dunleith.
Roth Valentine, farmer; P. O. Dunleith.
Ryan John, laborer ; Dunleith.
Ryan John S. engineer I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith.
Ryan John S.,trackman I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith.
Ryan Thomas, laborer; Dunleith.
Ryder H. G. steamboat pilot; Dunleith.

SAUCE NICHOLAS, farmer; Sec. 15;
P. O. Dunleith.

Schleuker Jno. M. lumber office; Dunleith.
Schroeder John, laborer; Dunleith.
Sixniith John, laborer ; Dunleith.
Shower Henry, blacksmith ; Dunleith.
Shumacher H. clerk lumber yard ; Dunleith.
Slater James, carpenter ; Dunleith.
Smith Andrew, retired ; Dunleith.
Smith Daniel, farmer; P. O. Dunleith.
Smith E. brakemau I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith.

SMITH <- rm:<- 1! B. Master Me-
chanic, Car Dept., I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith;
born in Fail-field, Conn., April 11, 1814;
came to 111. in 1854; settled in Dunleith
in 1855; married to Sarah Sherman, from
Conn., July 2, 1835; had four children;
Abbie J., Julius M., Mary F., and Ada S. ;
he built the first house on the Bluff in
1855 ; have been in the employ of the I. C.
R. R. 22 years.

Smith H. farmer ; Sec. 21 ; P. O. Dunleith.

Smith Peter, carpenter; Dunleith.

Standridge Jas. laborer ; Dunleith.


chant and Justice of the Peace ; Dunleith ;

born in Germany May 2, 1826 ; came to Jo
Daviess Co. in 1854 ; settled in Galena un-
til 1856; moved to Dunleith May 20, 1856;
married to Louisa Raisser, from Germany,
in 1848 ; had six children, two dead ; en-
listed in the 2d Regt. 111. Art. Co. A, Dec.
22, 1862; mustered out July 27, 1865;
elected Alderman in 1866 ; elected Justice
of the Peace in 1868 ; is a member of the
Grand Army of the Republic.

prietor Livery and Boarding Stable, oppo-
site I. C. R. R. depot; Dunleith; born in
Delaware Co., N. Y., Oct. 20, 1850; came
to Dubuque, Iowa, in 1860; settled in
Dunleith in 1875 ; married in 1870 to Miss
Amelia C. McCormic, Grant Co., Wis.;

had two children, Willard and Cora.

Stewart Marvin, yardmaster ; Dunleith.

Stubenhaver Geo. laborer ; Dunleith.

Stubenhaver John, cigar Dunleith.

Sutter Chris, hotel and livery ; Dunleith.

Sutter Robert, liveryman ; Dunleith. *

SWITZEB A. Dunleith; was born
Feb. 16, 1821, near Hesse Cassel, in Ger-
many, and came with his parents to the
United States in 1832, landing at Balti-
more Oct. 23, where the family remained
one year, when they removed to Harris-
burg, Penn., thence a year later to St.
Louis; was here engaged in the Dry
Goods business until 1842 ; was married
Feb. 17, 1842, and the same year his store
and entire personal property were de-
stroyed by fire ; he then went to Galena,
where he arrived Nov. 13, and again
started in business, continuing till 1854,
when, with the proceeds of his successful
business, he purchased a farm in Menomi-
nee Tp., whence he moved on account of
the poor health of his wife ; in 1860 he
went to Dunleith and once more opened a
general merchandise store ; his wife died
in 1872, aged 72 years, and in 1873 he was
married again; was School Director in
Galena one year ; was the first Mayor of
. Dunleith, and has been re-elected many
times since, besides filling many other
offices both in Dunleith and Menoniinee ;
was very active in the enrollment of
soldiers during the war, raising and dis-
bursing bounties, etc., etc. ; was instru-
mental in causing the government to
make a new quota assignment, as the
original was entirely disproportionate;
has been identified with most of the
interests of a public nature in Dunleith
and Menominee, and has always ex-
hibited a zeal in carrying out their details
which has placed him in the front rank
among the public spirited citizens of those

THAYER WM. conductor I. C. R. R.;
Thielen Anthony, saloon keeper ; Dunleith.



Thill Chris, saloon keeper; Dunleith.
Thill Harry, with father; Sec. 27; P. O.


Thill N. farmer; Sec. 27; P.O. Dunleifrh.
Thompson G. H. eng. I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith.
Tobin Michael, laborer ; Dunleith.
Tulley J. engineer I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith.
Talley Pat. engineer I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith.
Turner Chas. farm ; Sec. 20 ; P. O. Dunleith.
Tyler A. H. farmer; Sec. 16; P.O. Dunleith.


IOGHT FRANK, farmer; Sec. 22; P. O.

WILL, Freight

V V Conductor I. C. R. R. ; P. O. Dunleith ;
born in England, April 3, 1843 ; came to
this country in 1850 ; came to this Co. in
1854 ; married Elsie Consolus, of Galena,
in 1865 ; had five children . Bessie, Sarah
H., Herbert A., Una M., Will H. ; Bessie
died ; have been in the employ of the I. C-
R. R. 16 years ; his father is one of the old-
est employes of the I. C. R. R. Co.
Waggoner J. farm ; Sec. 21 ; P.O. Dunleith.

Walter J. farmer; Sec. 27; P.O. Dunleith.
Warden Benj. F. stonemason; Dunleith.
Webber Gotleib, machinist; Dunleith.
Webber Joseph, mechanic ; Dunleith.
Webber Robert, laborer ; Dunleith.
Weise Mathias, laborer; Dunleith.
Weuncher Wm. teamster ; Dunleith.
Whatmore J. clerk I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith.
Whalen John, laborer; Dunleith.
Whatmore James, R. R. clerk I. C. R. R. ;

Wilson Augustus, laborer ; Dunleith.

WILSOtf DAVID B. Freight Con-
ductor I. C. R. R. ; Dunleith; born in
Potter's Mills, Centre Co., Pa., Nov. 7,
1836; came to Galena in 1846; settled in
Dunleith in 1862; married to Margaret
McKnight, of Galena, in 1866; had two
children, Jessie May and Homer M. ; en-
listed in Co. K, llth Regt. I. V. I., 1864;
mustered out in 1865 ; have been in em-
ploy I. C. R. R. 17 years.

OUNG CHAS. conductor; I. C. R. R.;



ARNOLD ADAM, farmer; Sec. 7; P.
O. Warren.

Arnold E. farmer; Sec. 9; P. O. Warren.
Arnold F. farmer; Sec. 22; P. O. Greenvale.
Arnold H. farmer; Sec. 22; P. O. Greenvale.
Arnold J. farmer; Sec. 14; P. O. Greenvale.
Arnold L. farmer; Sec. 14; P. O. Warren.
Arnold S. farmer; Sec. 22; P. O. Greenvale.
Arnold Wm. A. farm ; Sec. 15 ; P. O. Warren.



BACKUS E. M. Farmer; Sec. 34; P.
O. Rush; owns 160 acres of land; was
born in Erie Co., Penn., on the 20th Dec.,
1837; moved from there to this Co. with
his parents in the year of 1843 ; during the
war of the Rebellion he enlisted in Co. F,
17th Regt. I. V. C.; served until March,
'65, aud was honorably discharged from
the service ; he has represented this Tp.
in the County Board two terms, and at
present holds the office of Justice of the

Online LibraryH.F. KettThe History of Jo Daviess County, Illinois, containing a history of the county, its cities, towns, etc., a biographical directory of its citizens, war record of its volunteers in the late rebellion ... history of the Northwest, history of Illinois ... Constitution of the United States → online text (page 89 of 109)