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Dedicated to Oongi-ess in Washington and Richmond.








Bise Americans, and abolish the heavy chainsi,
Made, by the self-interest of clergy and tyrants,
To enslave the world — by opposing the truth.
That reason is superior to any religion.


Sold, by Chas. H. Anderson, :^o. 458 7th Strent Ifortti Wwhlngton, D, C-


" Tet let us ponder boldly — 'tis a base
Abandonment of reason to resign
Our right of thought — our last and only place
Of refuge ; this, at least, shall still be mine :
Though from our birth the faculty divine
Is chain'd and tortured — cabin'd, crlbb'd, confined,
And brod In darkness, lest the truth should shine
Too brightly on the unprepared mind,
The beam pours in, for time and skill will couch the blind." — Byron


Last year, the tone of the newspaper press turned so much against my opinion on
public affiwrs; that I thought, either myself or the oHitors of the leading newspapers
must be devoid of sound senee. Although born and raised a plebian, I felt it mv
dmy, asa citizen of the United States, to express my opinion on public affairs
through the^ press I got my ideas on the negro question while I was a private sol-
dier in the United Kates Army on the Southwestern frontier, for which reason I
ral .hem "thoughts in the wilderness " My first production of the Me.liator was
faulty and highly prejadicial, on account that I did not want to disturb religion In
taking my foundation partly from the Mosaic doctrines, I found that I hadliuiltmy
temple on a bottomless swamp ; and it wont down, because it could not stand the
criticism of mtelhgent, reasonable men. My friends upbraided me for spending
money and time on such unprofltable husinefs, and making myself a ridicule to the
public. I could not explaiu to them the justice, truth and importance of my doc-
trme; and f am stiU considered a fool My consolation was that Ciiristopher Colum-
bus was considered a fool for trying to go to the East Indies by a western route My
friends only saw the wide, bare and unprofitable ocean of my enterprise, but not the
land beyond it. After having distributed several thousand pamphlets, the maioiity
of the readers pronounced it a crazv piece of literature; others were iiKliffereut and
a few considered the pamphlet partly, a piece of genius. My pecuniary means bein^^
exhausted, 1 had to quit disirihuting pamphlets, and go to work again In the
meantmifc I corrected former mi^takes, and took my platform from sound reason
and philantarophy, and now do believe, to be able to defend every seiutence of thia
edition by common sense, reason, philosophy and the history of the world

Keason has never been popular with the masses of the people, because there are too
many castes ID society— people act more like automats, than rational beings witfi
eoui and body. Eeason is oaly obtainable by individuals who are not afraid of the
grave labors of thinking. The majoi ity of people are so much occupied and interested
with pecuniary bususess, that they will not, cuinot, or dare not reason.

It is the self-interest of permanent goverment to uphold castes; from the lowest
and most ignorant caste they derive their strongest support; therefore it is their self-
interest to keep them ignorant. Ihe spirit of the tim^s prevents kings from oppos-
ing knowledge m a direct way, but they accomplish their object indirectly by
education, literature and religion, because kings and clergy are always frieuds-l
they have been absolute rulers of the masses of their subjects as ion^>^ as they sup-
ported each other. According to history they have supported each other oven at
the expense ot misery to millions of innocent people, the present war oiiginafc^d
from the pulpit. Byron says: "Philosophy, wisdom and liberty support each other-
he who wdl not reason, is a bigot; ho who cannot, ib a tool; and "he who dares not is a
slave. But punishment has better effect on the masses of the peop e than ali sue-
epistles. By adversity a fool may become a wse man, and a great national calamity
may be the cause of a national reform. This war has lasted long enough to show
any thinking man the folly of it. It is to be hoped, that it will causa people
to think about tr.eir self-preservatioa asd future prosperity, else our seif-destruction
will be a lesson m history lo other nations, and teach them, that it is better to meditate
and think serious; before acting seiiously.

In the present century the greatest historical crisis has commenced. Modern forms
ot government, philosophy, art, science, education, religion and literature in general
with Its numerous complicated branches, will sooner or later break down u.K'er their
own weight; and out of their ruins, better and simple forms will arise, which will en-
able a future generation, to obtain a sound knowledge of thmgd in general -without
breaking down their physical consiitution, as such is often the case in modern educa-
tion. With the advance of reason and philosophy, tyrants, clergx men convents
nunneries, courts, standing armies, police, jails, poorhouses, lunatic asylums' and other
such individuals, societies and institutions will be found superfluous to the'wdfaro of
an enhghttned nation, and by degrees abolished for the good of mankind in general-


not by any arbitrary measures, but as a natural consequence of a better and enlight-
ened general education.

When public opinion Lb misguided and enslaved by self-interesting motives of
cle'-gy and politicians, it is the ruin of public liberty. 'J he people generally,
receive their education under supervisiou of the clergy, who teach "that certain g'jv-
ernments has a divine right to rule," and to reason or investigate about the raiit'er is
considered sin and disloyalty. No wonder, that the cry in the North is "Hurrah for
the Union 1' and in the South "Hurrah for the Confederacy ! ' If nothing extraordi-
nary turns vip, the parties will bee jme a.^ distinct nationalities as Russia and Poland.
One evil generally produces another. Wars make it necessary to put the screws of
oppression on the people which now-a-davs, has the effect; that it makes the rich,
richer ; the poor, p lorer ; the cunning gets into office ; the clergy gets influence, and
the governmen's become absolute rulers. Jt appears, as if the leaders on both sides
were working at this object by a regular plan, supportetl by the actions of the clergy
on the wedt sides of human nature. This is called a divine order of things, and it is
natural for rulers, to take as much of such divine right as they possibly can. IHuch per-
manent divine governments over intelligent white men, become in the course of time
too complicated and the people too corrupted, that the structures naturally fall to
pieces ike complicated, worn out machines, but such epochs come to pass so grad-
ually, that the mnsses of the people do not perceive them. The lower cla,!;ses are
kept too busy, producing food and luxuries for themselves and the numerous non-
pri.ducers, as to think about the cause of their bondage and miseries. The clergy preach-
es to such slaves "that their misery is a divine order of things," and promises c<im-
pens-ition in heaven; and tho-^^e, who can believe in a future happy life, re^^ign t j their
late, and after all, live about as happy as their oppressors. ^Although the resur-
rection of meu is as impossible as the resunectioa of chickens, after they have been
kil'ed, cleaned, fried and ate. In this respect, the negroes in the so-called free Stateg
have the advantage over wh'te men, their common sense orjustinct don't allow them,
to degrade themselves wilfully, }>slow as white men.

Iguorance leads to castes in S(;ciety; but the present generation of men are far dif-
ferent from those of a thousand years ago, because intellect is ever advancing, and
with its progress, the white race will know its purpose and destiny on earth — they
will see the majesty of self-government and the injurious effects of castes in a nation
of intell gent white men. 'I'be emancipation of the negroes would naturally lead to
castes, and the efforts to accomplish it, are as unreasonable, ms the stubburn efforts to
stop the source of a river, bj means of enormous dams. Men should bear in mind,
that superstition and prejudice will vanish before the dawning light of reason, which
is caused by the ever-growing and almighty power of mteliect. intellect exists to
conquer and rule nature, until the end of time; that is, when the earth becomes ex-
tinct; or, iu plainer language, dies by old age, disease, or some other cause. Another
eruption cf the globe would not annihilate our monuments entirely.

Some of the original ideas of this pamphlet may have the fate of Pythagoras' doc-
trine on the motions of the solar system. The ptople at that time were not intelli-
gent enough to comprehend them, and not until more than 2,000 years after Pytha-
goras' death, were his doctrines revived by Copernicus, in spite of the opposition of
the clergy. But the spirit of the times moves taster uow than ever, it will not take
over 50 or 100 years for the overthrow of miraculous doctrines in some intelligent
nations, and why not should America take the lead, on a route, which must be trav-
elled by all intelligent nations of white men ? .Delay and opposition to progress
are injurious to national welfare, and it is better, to travel this route voluntarily;
than to be drove by necessity, or to perish.

'I'he United States are naturally adapted fur the peaceable homes of white men,
with a Republican form of Government. The present generation can have it so, if
tbey wouhi Fay, unanimously, so shall it be. But the difficulty is the negro question,
for this reason 1 have published this jjami^hlet, and hope, that the fathers and law-
givers of the country will investigate the justice and truth of my arguments.


WaBhington, D. C November, 1863.

t'otisfaction can be got for every argument in this Pamphlet, or the first volume of
the new American Bible, by addreefiing "Patriot," Washington, D. C.



UoiTO— Is not the earth given to ^hite men, to conquer aod rule itf

At present, ths world is composed of two parts — nature and soul. Soul is intellect,
its origin is thinking, and it has its centre in the brain. It exists to conquer and
rule nature. Every white man has power, more or less, to do so. •

Nature is the formation of animal and vegetable life, caused by variation of heat,
which is the mainspring of natural motion; therefore, combination of heat with other
matter is the cause of auimals and plants. For instance, the smaller insects create
by a small amount of heat. Bloodheat is necessary to create filth and vermin on
animals. More than bloodheat were necessary to create the larger plants with our do-
mestic and wild animals; but th« amount of heat or cold necessary for the creation of
heavenly bodies, is too great for our calculations.

The tmaller insects create and generate without sexual connection or seed, by mil-
lions, at short intervals — larger insects are less prolific. The whale is the least pro-
lific of our animals; therefore it is reasonable to suppose, that heavenly bodies are
singular in their species, and create (and perhaps generate) by combination or disso-
lution of their matter, which can originate by extraordinary variation of heat in the

The formation of heavenly bodies may be explained as an electrified magnetic drop,
injected by sexual connection into the womb of an animal, becomes animated and
grows — so are heavenly bodies but electrified magnetic drops, which, according to
their temperature as liquid or solid balls of matter, become animated and organized
on their travel through space.

Beason and intellect explain the origin of heavenly bodies, and our animals and
plants, without the aid of an intelligent being. No intelligence is needed to direct
the course of heavenly bodies, or the rotation of season, or the generation of aniaiuls,
or the growing of plants. All physical beings created, live and generate by necessity.
There is no chaos in nature — ail is order without any real system.

Men have never really perceived in nature a supernatural, omnipotent and intelli-
gent power, which is called God. Such a power would be superfluous in nature,
therefore it is a chimera, feople in olden times frightened or stared, at thunder,
lightning, eclipses, rainbows or other phenomenons of nature; the same as animals
frighten at cannonading or a moving locomotive, and stare at a solemn church pro-
cession or other such ceremonies. Now we look on those phenomenons in a dilforent
light. The time of miracles is past, and things we do not comprehend now are no
miracles. They will be dissolved in the course of lime — they may no w appear tver
so miraculous. There may be an omnipotent and intelligent power or God in exis-
tence, some where beyond the universe; but if it were necessary that we should know
him, he would certainly give notice of himself. Thus far, no supernatural, omni-
potent and intelligent power is known in nature; therefore it is folly to search after, or
believe in a God, and consequently neglect our national and domestic aSairs.

Intellect is the product ol lime and a different power from nature, although it is
absolute, like nature with its laws, because it must grow, form and letorm. Uarba-
rians have overrun and conquered intelligent nations, nevertheless, the edifices and
literature of those extinct ancient nations will outlive the miracles of the Christian
religion, with its temples and upholders. The sruggle may last for the next 600
years, but reason and philosophy must be victorious, because, progress is absolute
and will have its sway, even if it were over the ruins of the governments of a dozen
or more now prosperous nations.

Our will is not absolute; our liappiaess or misery depends mostly Upon our educa-
tion. Men Avho are taught to be guided by sound reason are naturally virtuous. —
Men who are enslaved by imaginary religious chains, are dangerous to the welfare of
society. The greatest individual, social and national crimes were authorized by re-
ligion. The origin of religion is animal propensity,** and as such exists for sora^ pur-
pose, which wiW perhaps not be expounded, until all its effect's on mankind are known.

Immediately after the eruption of the globe, nothing but atoms ruled on earth
fur days; animalcula and plants ruled on earth for weeks; f injects rnled on earth
for months ; birds and the smaller mamalia ruled on earth f jr years ; roving aui-
mals luled on earth for centuries ; uncivilized men ruled on earih for thousands uf
years before history ; ^tlie vanities and passions of human nature rule earth sioce
history; and in future, reason and intellect will rule the earth far hundreds <>»
thousands or perhaps millions of years. «.

Atoms are lood for animalcula and plants; animalcula and plants are food for in-
sects ; inscects are food for birds; birds and the smaller mamalia are food for tlje
larger birds and mamalia; animals and jilants in general, are food for men; men arcs
food for the vanities and passions of human nature/the vanities and passions of human
nature are food for intellect; intellect is food |f or the universe ; the univer.>-e is food
for eternity ; and eternity may be food for a ulod. ^ '

Insects conquered animalcula in less than days; birds and the smaller mamali*
conquered insects in weeks ; the larger mamalia conquered the smaller mamalia in
months ; men conquered the animal kingdom in years ; the vanities and passions of
human nature conquered men in centuries. The conquest of intellect over the vani-
ties and passions of human nature, is not dependant on such rules ; it depends upon
the different grades of freedom of actions ; if voluntarily, it may be done in a minute,
an hour, a week, a year, or a number of years ; but if left to its natural course, it
takes centuries or perhaps thousands of years. This conquest will not confine itself
to any particular nation, it is absolute, and free on earth, as the light of the sun ;- 1
and most godly nations, will rule the less divine.

If the universe were intelligent, the conquest over our products of intellect, might
no,t last longer than a century; but as it is; it will take thousands, perhaps million.'j
of years. The conquest of eternit}^ (intelligent or nut in its essence) over the imi-
veise, most naturally last more than billions of centuries Anything outside of tbis,
is beyond our cromprehension.

There is living atoms, who change universal inumerable in less than time.

A draught of foul air will create and generate on a plate of hominy or ricej'*-
thousands of bilhons of small animals (only perceivable through a microscoije) •
in the course of twelve hours; and one drought of extraordinary hot or cold air
v;ill exterminate them in a moment. A few hot and sultry days will create and
generate millions of hies in a suitable place, and one chilly night will reduce them
to a tew stragglers. A hot and wet season will create and generate millions of worms,
and a frost will cause their death. The eruptions of the earth, caused mamalia to
create by thousands, and generate to live for thousands or perhaps millions of years.'
iStars create single in eternity.

Atoms,"animalcula, flies,worms, mamalia, with its animal propensities, (including
leligion,) and the stars, created by some cause, and exist for some purpose, aud alter
this is accomplished they make room for something else. All beings, from the small-
est atoms to the largest stars, are as necessary to one another as if they were a part
of one great animal.

For what purpose did men (especially white men) create more helpless and nalccd
than any other animals?

Could it be for anything else,[than to create and enlarge the absolute powers of in-
tellect; and, consequently, the earth to become populated and cultivated, as far as prac-
ticable. The white race must become necessarily the only ruling race on earth. The
most intelligent nations are the most powerftil and immortal. It is a decree of the
universe. 'I'he cultivation of the earth hiis effect upon it and other heavenly bodies:
consequently the absolute powers of intellect are somewhat related to the universe
The white race has power over all the rest of mankind, the animal and vegetable
kingdom, the treasures of eartli and ocean, and we are no more happy for it. Our
supremacy, is but a bare compensation for our extraordinary physical and mentjtl
jtams; nevertheless, intellect is the stronger, better aud immortal part of man, there-
tore it is calletlsoul.


•In tlie sami! len^e. as tli« orisiii of a -^olil «'ato



Meu were made wbeu soul came into existence, from, a qlags pf, the two-legged,
animals without tails, wMcli is called the humau race.

Hach class of the human race, but especially the white class,, has mauy different
species. The principal classes with the species thereof, have amalgamated to a great,,,
extent. 1'he white race looses physically by amalgamation with any of the other "
races; but improves by intermarrying with its different species.

The intellect or thinking puwor of the white race is unlimited as the universe. —
'I'he intellect of the yelluw race of Eastern Asia is extended as the waters of the oceans,
'ibe intellect of the red race of America is limited as the plains they roam on. The
mtellect of the broWn race is small as the compass of the islands they inhabit. JS'o
mtellect is jierceivable in the black, race. Ihe negro kings in Atrica, bave a propen-
sity to conquer and rule, but it is contiued to their own race, as such is the ca.se with
bee or ant kings.

The destiny of the white race is; Never to be in peace and rest, no til philosophy
rules. When one prejudice is conquered, another reforming genius aiises. The
LLasses of the people have always been against reformers. They are persecuted, and
often die the deatn as martyrs. But their immortal soul performs their work bravely,,
hfter their bodies have turned to dust. History shows that only individuals havu
civihzed the world; all of them, without exception, men of the white race.

Everybody is not a genius that his name should be recorded in history, but let
huudreds, thousands, or millions of men unite, with the intention to do anything,
and such units can accomplish historical deeds of shame, scandal, folly, honor or
majesty, just as tiiey please to choose their leaders, and history is the highest
I ri banal.'-"

•Some trees bear better fruit than others of the same species; some animals are more
beautiful than others ol' the same species, and some men have a superior quality of
brain than others of the same species. It is not the quantity, but it is the quality of
brain, that makes grtat men, iNature has not favored a genius more than a block-
head. The greatest men sutiered generally the greatest physical and mental pains.

it is resonable to suppose, that the doctrmes of some ancient philosphers of the
white race were persecuted, for opposing some national prejudicee, and found a good
itccptiou among the (Jhme^e, elevating them to the most civilized nation on earin f

Proud of this, they buiid a wall around their empire, to prevent amalgamation with
other nations. TLey .- uuc their gates, and lived several thousand years in peace and
liappiness, under the ('^Jiniou, they were the wisest and most civilized nation on earth,
untd John Bull and Li other Jonathan knocked a hole in their wall, and dictated lawa
to ihem. 'J'o their surprise, they found out they were 500 years behind times. If
the white race had not interfered, it is likely they would have, 2,000 years from now,
the same habits, laws, and government they had before the last war. China is not
able to produce a relormer among her people, therefore the white man will j)Ut bis
loot upon it.

We tind no traces of the v/hite race in the history of the aborigines of America, except
the remains ol some structures on the Pacific shore, which show that the soul of a white
man has been the architect of them. Toe people there look upon them as a mys-
tery, it is reasonable to suj)pose that the species of the two-legged animals where
white men were made from, also grew from the slime-animalca in different regions of
America, the same as in Asia and Europe. They became men, as we see on their
edifices. It is reasonable to suppose they had no gunpowder or whiskey, and were
exterminated by the rfed men. ihe doom of the different tribes (who have not mixed
with the whites) is: To die off, under the inlluences of luxury and spirits, which
the white man brings into their communities. ,

The first settlers of the country soon found themselves in possession of large tracts
of laud. It was a rule in the country they came from, that land-owers were not ssp-
posed to work hard. i^Jutwithstanoing, it was necessary for the land-owners either
to work harder starve; and to oveicjine what they deemed an evil, they commenced
the traffic in negros Irom Africa, it proved successful, and they continued on till
stopped by Government. What a folly 1 Tlie Chinese, an inferior race to uh, build

*The efforts of the GOO patriotic Sp.irtans to oppose the advance of Xerxes, will shine;— the iileas and
efiorts of the remnant few thous.antl Comanche Indians, to i>romote their race ; will shine and propagate;
but the fanatical eUbrts of the millions, to put white men on equal with negroes; will die; ami stink;
until the end of time.

tXot much reliance can be given to tlie correctness of remote ancient history ; becauss it lias ever
been supervised ; 'and was mostly written by ecclesiasticals. (Compare with tli« supposilion, in the first
volume, American Bible, chapter 4, verse 71.) ,


a ivall to prevent foreign nations from anaalgamation with their race, and we, a nation
of white men, with an opportunity to be the greatest power on earth, imported the
negro, to breed on our lands and amalgamate with us. Although the negroes are a
class of the human race, it is as unreasonable, to call them men as it is to call the pre-
sent generation of men, quarter or semi-gods.

The difference between men and animals is : That a man has a soul and an animal


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