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SESSION 1866-67.





? \


This Volume has been edited by the late Assistant Secretary
under the direction of the Council. The Writers of Papers
are solely responsible for the facts and opinions contained in
their respective communications.

Owing to unavoidable circumstances the two papers by
Mr. T. J. Moore, referred to in Vol. VI, N.S. (p. iii), are
not yet ready for printing ; and their publication is therefore
still further delayed.

Complete sets of the Society's Transactions (to Vol.

XVIII) may now be had for £2 14

Single volumes, each, 050

Except Vol. Ill (first series), the price of which is . 10
And Vols. XVII and XVIII, the price of which is,

for each, 076



Joseph Mayer, F.S.A.

Ex Officiis.
The Mayor of Liverpool.
The High Sheriff of Lancashire
The High Sheriff of Cheshire.

triced residents.

Rev. A. Hume, D.C.L., &c.
J. A. Tinne Esq., F.R.G.S.
T. G. Rylands Esq.

Sectional Jttembers of Council.


T. Dawson Esq.
E. F. Evans Esq.
J. H. Gibson Esq.
M. C. Jones Esq.
P. R. M'Quie Esq.
H. E. Smith Esq.


J. A. Forrest Esq.
J. R. Hughes Esq.
J. G. Jacob Esq.
F. J. Jeffery,F.G.H.S.
W. Mathison Esq.
J. Stonehouse Esq.


S. Barrow Esq.

E. B, Bright, F.R.A.S.

T. Gibson, Esq.

J. F. Marsh Esq.

T. Sansom, F.B.S.E.

J. T. Towson, F.R.G.S.


D. Buxton, F.R.S.L., Oxford Street, Liverpool.


A. Craig Gibson, F.S.A., Stonesfield, Bebington, Birkenhead.


W. Burke Esq., 17, Bagot Street, Smithdown Road, Liverpool.

H|on. SccretaiB.

Nicholas Waterhouse Esq., Rake Lane, Liverpool.

"assistant Smctarg.

Charles Dyall Esq., Lyceum News Room, Liverpool.


[Papers marked thus • are Illustrated.]


Address to the Members of the Historic Society of Lancashire

and Cheshire. By Joseph Mayer, F.S.A., President 1

Historical Sketch of the Forest of Bossendale. By Thomas

Newbigging 13

The Archasology of the Peak of Derbyshire. By H. H. Vale ... 43

On Autographs. By Nicholas Waterhouse, Hon. Secretary 63

* Edmund Spenser and the East Lancashire Dialect. By T. T.

Wilkinson, F.R.A.S 87

Inventory of Whalley Abbey. By Mackenzie E. C. Walcott,
B.D., F.R.S.L., F.S.A., Prsecentor and Prebendary of
Chichester 103

* The Lakeland of Lancashire, No. III. — The Two Conistons.

By A. Craig Gibson, F.S.A., Hon. Curator Ill

Pickings up and Jottings down concerning Books and their

Authors. By David Buxton, F.R.S.L., Hon. Librarian 131

* The Atlantic Telegraphs : a Description of the Manufacture,

Laying and Working of the Cables of 1865 and 1866, with
an Explanation of the Means employed for Recovering the
Lost Cable of 1865. By Edward B. Bright, F.R.A.S 151

* Archaeology of the Mersey District, 1866. By Henry Ecroyd

Smith 169

The Introduced Plants of the Liverpool District. By H. S.

Fisher 189

An Outline of the Origin and Development of Banks and

Financial Institutions. ByB. L. Benas 195

Additional Notes on the Ancient Seal of Liverpool. By Henry

Ecroyd Smith , 217

List of Members vii

Proceedings, Nineteenth Session , 225

Report presented at Annual Meeting ib.

Treasurer's Balance Sheet 227

Excursion 239

Revised Code of Laws 241


I. View of Spenser's House, near Burnley 91

II. Belfry Tower and Porch of Torver old Church 115

III. The old Waterhead Inn 129

IV. Atlantic Telegraph Cables to face 153

V. Ditto ditto „ 159

VI. Seals and other objects found in Lancashire and

Cheshire „ 175

VII. Objects found upon the Sea-beach, Cheshire 185


SESSION XIX-1866-67.

The first List was dated 23rd November, 1848; all whose names appeared in it are
therefore Original Members. Those who have been enrolled as Mayors or Sheriffs
have their year of office attached.

The letter P denotes that the Members, in connexion with whose names it occurs,
have read papers before the Society.

Those whose names are printed in small capitals are Members of the Council ;
and in Italics are Life Members.

Those marked thus * are Resident. The post town Liverpool is usually omitted.

23rd Nov., 1848. Ainslie, Montague, Grizedale hall, Hawkshead,
1st Dec, 1859. Ainslie, P. B., F.S.A. Scot., Guildford.
4th Dec, 1862. *Anderson, John, 42, Bold street.
17th Dec, 1857. * Anderson, Thomas Darnley, 5, India buildings,

Water street, and West Dingle.
3rd May, 1849. *Anderson, Thomas Francis, Holly lodge,

Fairfield, and 3, Cable street.
4th Dec, 1856. Ansdell, John, St. Helens.
23rd Nov., 1848. Ansdell, Bichard, A.B.A., Lytham house, St.

Alban's road, Kensington, London, W.
15th Sept., 1854. Arrowsmith, P. B., The Ferns, Bolton.
2nd Dec, 1858. Artingstall, George, Warrington.
p. 4th Dec, 1862. Ashfield, Charles Joseph, 9, Begent street,

p. 11th May, 1854. Aspland, Rev. E. Brook, M.A., Frampton villas,

South Hackney, London.
H. Sh. Cheshire, 1857. Atkinson, William, Ashton heyes, Chester.

23rd Nov., 1848. *Avison, Thomas, F.S.A., 18, Cook street, and
Fulwood park, Aigburth.


p. 3rd Jan., 1861. *Baar, Rev. Hermann, Ph.Dr., 4, Chatham place.
2nd Nov., 1865. *Bailey, F. J., 51, Grove street.
8th June, 1854. *Banning, John Johnson, 20, Castle street.
3rd Dec, 1863. *Barron, Charles, 54, Tower buildings, and 26,

Eichmond terrace.
1st Mar., 1866. *Barrow, S., 323, Vauxhall road, and Seaforth.
7th Feb., 1861. *Bartlett, William, 22, North John street.


8th Mar., 1866. *Bath, James P., Garston old road, Aigburth.
1st Dec, 1864. *Bath, John D., Garston.
6th March, 1862. Bazley, Thomas, M.P., Hayesleigh, Manchester,
and Reform Club, London, S.W.
6th Dec, 1849. Beamont, William, Warrington.
21st May, 1857. *Bean, Edwin, Revenue buildings.
15th April, 1858. *Bell, Christopher, Back Goree.
23rd Nov., 1848. *Bell, Henry, Hamilton square, and Grosvenor
road, Claughton, Birkenhead.
1st Dec, 1864. *Benas, B. L., 5, South Castle street.
23rd Nov., 1848. *Bennett, William, Sir Thomas's buildings, and

109, Shaw street.
7th March, 1850. Birch, Sir Thomas Bernard, Bart., The Hazles,

23rd Nov., 1848. Birchall, Lieut.-Col. Thomas, Ribbleton hall,

4th March, 1852. Birley, Rev. John Shepherd, Moss Lea, Bolton
8th Jan., 1852. Birley, T. Langton, Carr hill, Kirkham.
23rd Nov., 1848. Blackburne, John Ireland, The Hall, Hale.
20th Sept., 1854. Blackmore, William.

23rd Nov., 1848. *Blundell, Thomas Weld, Ince Blundell hall,
Great Crosby.
5th May, 1853. Booth, Benjamin Witham,Swinton, Manchester.
1st May, 1856. Booth, John Billington, Overleigh house,
15th Dec, 1853. Bossi, Arthur, Paris.
3rd Jan., 1856. *Bouch, Thomas, 1 , Oldhall street, and New
23rd Nov., 1848. *Boult, Joseph, Exchange buildings West, and
Parkfield road, Aigburth road.
8th Dec, 1851. Bourne, Cornelius, Stalmine hall, Preston.
15th April, 1858. *Bower, Anthony, Vauxhall foundry, & Seaforth.

6th Dec, 1855. Bowes, John, Blue Coat School, Warrington.
13th Nov., 1851. Brackstone, R. H., Lyncombe hill, Bath.
15th Dec, 1853. Bradbury, Charles, Salford crescent, Manchester.
17th Dec, 1857. *Bradley, William Gibson, 52, Bold street, and

18, Kenyon terrace, Birkenhead.
23rd Nov., 1848. *Brakell, Thomas, 7, Cook street, and 23, Rich-
mond terrace, Everton.
Mayor Liv., 1848-9. *Bramley-Moore, John, Hon. Mem. Archseol.
Association, Aigburth.
30th Dec, 1854. Brent, Francis, Custom house, Plymouth.
7th May, 1863. *Brtght, E. B., 2, Exchange buildings, and
9th March, 1854. *Bright Henry Arthur, A.M., Fairfield, and 1,
North John street.
4th Feo., 1864. Bright, Sir Charles Tilston, M.P., C.E., F.R.S.,

12, Hyde park gardens, London.
3rd May, 1849. Brooke, Henry, Forest hill, Northwich.
6th March, 1851, Brooke, Richard, jun., Norton priory, Runcorn.

1st Nov., 1866. Brookes, William Murray, St. James's Schools,
15th March, 1855. *Browne, G. Mansfield, 15, South hill, Park rd.
11th Sept., 1854. *Burke, Willtam, 17, Bagot street, Smithdowu

road, Treasurer.
17th Sept., 1854. Burnell, Bev. Samuel, A.M., Winwick, War-
15th Dec, 1853. *Buxton, David, F.R.S.L., Principal of the
Liverpool Deaf and Dumb Institution, Oxford
street, Hon. Librarian.

23rd Nov., 1848. *Caine, Nathaniel, 12, Dutton street.
3rd Dec, 1857. *Calder, Bev. William, A.M., Fairfield.
1st Dec, 1859. Callender, W. Bomaine, jun., F.S.A., Ashburne
house. Busholme, Manchester.
p. 6th Dec, 1855. Calvert, F. Crace, Ph.Dr., F.B.S., F.C.S., M.B.A.
Turin, Boyal Institution, Manchester.
23rd Nov., 1848. ^Campbell, Bev. Augustus, A.M., 131, Duke

street, and the Vicarage, Childwall.
18th Dec, 1856. *Campbell, Win., Captain & Adjutant B.L.M.A.,

Artillery barracks, Bupert lane.
3rd Dec, 1857. *Chadburn, Charles Henry, 71, Lord street, and
Egremont, Birkenhead.
H. Sh. Chesh,, 1855-6. Chapman, John, M.P., Hill End, Mottram-in-
23rd Nov., 1858. *Clare, John Leigh, 11, Exchange buildings,

and Bichraond terrace, Breck road.
14th April, 1859. Clement, Leonard, Nelson-in-Marsden, near
p. 24th May, 1855. Comber, Thomas, Hargreaves buildings, Chapel
-18th Dec, 1856. Corser, Bev. Thomas, A.M., Stand, Manchester.
7th Dec, 1865. *Critchley, William, Edge lane.
6th Dec, 1849. *Crosfield, Henry, 4, Temple place, and Edge
mount, Edge lane.
23rd Nov., 1848. Crosse, Thomas Bright, Shawe hill, Chorley.
2nd May, 1850. Crossley, James, F. S.A., President of the
Chetham Society, 6, Booth street, Piccadilly,
p. 23rd Nov., 1848. *Cust, General the Hon. Sir Edward, K.C.H.,
D.C.L., F.B.S., Leasowe Castle, Cheshire,
Claremont, Surrey, and Hill street, London.

23rd Sept., 1854. *Davies, Comenius, 8, Kinglake street.
3rd March, 1864. *Davies, John, 6, Kinglake street.
23rd Nov., 1848. *Dawson, Henry, 30, Bedcross street, and 15,

St. James's road
2nd May, 1850. *Dawson, Thomas, M.B.C.S. Eng., 26, Bodney st.

23rd April, 1857. Devonshire, His Grace the Duke of K.G., D.C.L.,
F.R.S., Chatsworth, Derbyshire, and Devon-
shire house, London.

7th March, 1853. *Dove, Percy M., F.S.S., F.I.A., Royal Insurance
office, 1, North John street, and Castledon
lodge, Claughton road, Birkenhead.
4th Nov., 1858. *Drysdale, C. Alexander, 7, Elm terrace, Fair-

23rd Nov., 1848. *Duarte, Ricardo Thomaz, 2, Royal Bank

5th Nov., 1863. *Eastee, George, 6, Harrington street.
1st Jan., 1857. *Eaton, Francis James, Richmond terrace, Breck

road, and 18, Queen Insurance buildings.
9th Dec, 1852. Eckersley, Thomas, Wigan.
6th March, 1862. *Edwards, Edward, Adelaide buildings, Chapel

street, and Holly lodge, Fairfield.
6th March, 1862. Egerton, Hon. Algernon, M.P., Worsley Old
hall, Manchester.
7th Jan., 1851. Egerton, Hon. Wilbraham, M.P.,Rosthern hall,
6th March, 1862. Egerton of Tatton, Rt. Hon. the Lord, Tatton

park, Knutsford.
23rd Nov., 1848. Egerton, Sir Philip de Malpas Grey, Bart., M.P.,

F.R.S., F.G.S., Oulton park, Tarporley.
23rd Nov., 1848. *Evans, Edward, 56, Hanover street.
4th Nov., 1858. *Evans, Edward Francis, Revenue buildings.
8th Nov., 1849. *Evans, Thomas Bickerton, 56, Hanover street.
23rd Nov., 1848. *Ewart, Joseph Christopher, 64, Pall Mall,
London, and New Brighton.
6th May, 1852. Ewart, William, M.P., 6, Cambridge square,
Hyde park, London, and Broadleas, Devizes.

7th Feb., 1861. *Fabert, J. O. W., 3, St. James's walk.
3rd Dec, 1857. Fairbairn, William, F.R.S., Manchester.
23rd Nov., 1848. *Finlay, William, Liverpool College.
15th April, 1858. *Forrest, J. A., 58, Lime street, and 5, Charles-

ville, Claughton, Birkenhead.
6th March, 1862. Fort, Richard, M.P., Woolley hall, Maidenhead,

and Read ball, Clitheroe.
23rd Sept., 1854. *Forwood, T. B., 11, Dale street, and The
Hollies, Fairfield.
7th May, 1857. Frackelton, Rev. S. 8., A.M., Ballynahinch,

15th Dec, 1853. Franks, Augustus Woollaston, A.M., F.S.A.,
British Museum, London.
7th Jan., 1858. Frost, Meadows, 25, The Albany, Oldhall street,
and St. John's house, Chester.

14th Dec, 1848.

3rd May, 1849.
23rd Nov., 1848.

11th April, 1867.
18th Dec, 1856,
20th Nov., 1856.

1st May, 1862.

5th Nov., 1863.

3rd Dec, 1863.

6th March, 1862.

4th Dec, 1862.
19th Dec, 1852.
21st Sept., 1854.
14th Dec, 1848.

6th Feb., 1851.

2nd Dec,

4th Dec,

23rd Nov.,



16th Sept., 1854.

1st Dec,
31st Aug.,

19th March,
13th March,



*Gardner, Richard Cardwell, Colonial buildings
34, Dale street, and Newsham house.
Garnett, Wm. J., Quernmore park, Lancaster.
*Gaskell, John Rooth, Exchange court, Ex-
change street East.
*Genn, John Haivke, 37, Elizabeth street.
*Gerard, Henry, 10, Rumford place.
*Gibson, A. Craig, F.S.A., Stonesfleld, Bebing-

ton, Birkenhead, Hon. Curator.
*Gibson, J. H., 144, Vauxhall road.
*Gibson, Thomas, 37, Oxford street.
Gill, Chappie, Gateacre.

Gladstone, Bight Hon. W. E., M.P., 11, Carlton
house terrace, London, S.W.
*Goodier, Thomas, 9, Lord street.
*Graves, Samuel Robert, M.P., 13, Redcross st.
Gray, Rev. R. H., A.M., Kirkby, Prescot.
Gray, Thomas, Manager and Secretary, Unity

Insurance office, London.
Gray, Lieut.-Colonel, M.P., Darcy Lever hall,
*Greame, Malcolm, Colonial buildings, Dale st.
Green, John Henry, Buenos Ayres.
Greenall, Venerable Archdeacon, Stretton,

Greene, John Stock Turner, Adlington hall,
^Greenwood, Henry, 32, Castle street.
Grenside, Rev. William Bent, A.M., Melling

Vicarage, Lancaster.
*Grimmer, W. Henry, Prince's buildings, 30,
North John street.
Grosvenor, Rt. Hon. the Earl, M.P., Calveley,


1st Dec, 1864. *Haigh, Thomas, 47, Boundary lane.
21st May, 1857. *Hall, Charlton R., 19, Dale street, and Liscard

castle, Birkenhead.
10th Dec, 1857. *Hancock, Thomas S., Sweeting street, and

6th April, 1865. *Hardiug, Joseph, Marlborough house, Claugh-

ton, Birkenhead.
p. 6th March, 1856. Hardwick, Chas., 148, Embden street, Hulme,

12th Jan., 1854. Harrison, Wm., F.S.A., F.G.S., F.R.S.N. Antiq.,

&c, Galligreaves hall, Blackburn ; Samles-

bury hall, Preston; Conservative Club, St.

James's, S.W. ; and R.T.Y. Club, Albemarle

street, W.

9th Feb., 1864. Harrowby, Rt. Hon. the Earlof, D.C.L., F.R.S.,
Sandon hall, Staffordshire, and 39, Grosvenor
square, Loudon.
23rd April, 1857. Hartington, Most Noble the Marquess of, M.P.,
Chatsworth, Derbyshire, & Devonshire house,
10th Feb., 1853. ^Hartley, John Bernard, The Grove, Allerton.
p. 11th Oct., 1854. *Hartnup, J., F.R.A.S., Liverpool Observatory,
Bidston, Birkenhead.
14th April, 1864. *Haughton, Thomas, Blue Coat Hospital.
23rd Nov., 1848. Hawkins, Edward, F.R.S., V.P.S.A., F.L.S.,
British Museum, London.
8th Dec, 1864. Heald, Thomas, Greenfield, Billinge, Wigan.
27th Sept., 1854. *Healey, Samuel R., 48, Castle street, and West
bank, Woolton.
24th Oct., 1854. Heginbottom, George, Birkdale park, Southport.
23rd Nov., 1848. Heywood, James, F.R.S., F.S.A., F.G.S., 26,

Kensington Palace Gardens, London, W.
23rd Nov., 1848. Heywood, Sir Benjamin, Bart., F.R.S., F.S.S.,
Claremont, Manchester.
p. 23rd Nov., 1848. Heywood, Thomas, F.S.A., Hope end, Ledbury,

P. 12th Sept., 1854. Higgins, Rev. Henry H., A.M., Rainhill.
p. 23rd Nov., 1848. Hill, Rev. John Wilbraham, M.A., Waverton,

p. 8th Dec, 1851. Hinde, John Hodgson, Stelling hall, Newcastle-
23rd Sept., 1854. Hindmarsh, Fred., F.G.S., F.R.G.S., Bucklers-
bury, London.
12th Jan., 1860. *Holden, Adam, 48, Church street.
18th Jan., 1866. *Holden R., 57, Dale street.
18th Dec, 1856. Holden, Thomas, Springfield, Bolton.
24th Sept., 1854. *Holt, William D., 23, Edge lane.

1st Dec, 1864. *Hornby, William Pitt, North Western bank

(Limited), Dale street.
7th May, 1857. *Horner, W., 34, South Castle street, and Eldon
house, Oxton.
23rd Nov., 1848. *Horsfall, Thomas Berry, M.P., Bellamour hall,
6th Dec, 1860. *Houghton, James, 84, Rodney street.
14th April, 1853. *Houghton, Richard H.Jun., Sandheys, Waterloo.
4th Dec, 1856. * Howell, Edward, 6, Church street.
Mayor Lan., 1849-50. Howitt, Thomas, Lancaster.
p. 8th Nov., 1849. Howson, Rev. John Saul, D.D., The Vicarage,
27th Sept., 1854. *Hubback, Joseph, 1, Brunswick street, and
p. 10th Dec, 1857. *Hughes, John R., 30, Chapel street.

16th Sept., 1854. *Hughes, J. B., 5, Wesley place, and 4, Clayton
1st Nov., 1866. *Hughes, Lewis, 38, San Domingo grove.


6th April, 1854. Hughes, Thomas, 2, Groves terrace, Chester.
8th Feb., 1862. Hulton, William Adams, Hurst grange, Preston.
Mavor Ch. 1851-52. Humberston, Philip Stapleton, Chester.
>. 23rd Nov., 1848. *Hume, Rev. Abraham, D.C.L., LL.D., F.S.A.,
F.S.S., F.R.S. North. Ant. Copenhagen, Corr.
Mem. S.A. Scot, Hon. Mem. of the Society of
Antiquaries, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 24, Fitz-
Clarence street, Vice-President.
21st May, 1857. Hume, Hamilton, F.R.G.S., Cooma, Yass, New
South Wales.
9th Dec, 1853. ^Hutchison, Robert, 12, Sweeting street, and 6,
Canning street.

1st April, 1852. *Jacob, John Gibborn, 56, Church street.
5th Dec, 1861. Jackson, William, Fleatham house, St. Bees.
23rd Nov., 1848. Jacson, Charles R., Barton hall, Preston.
2nd Mav, 1861. *Jeffery, F. J., 45, Church street, and Woolton
21st May, 1857. *Jeffery, James Reddecliff, 45, Church street, and

Woolton hall.
23rd Nov., 1854. *Jeffery, William Reddecliff, 45, Church street,
and 15, Deane street.
1st Dec, 1864. *Johnson, D., Brougham terrace.
23rd Nov., 1848. Johnson, J ohnH, 7, Church street, and Southport.
23rd Sept., 1854. Jones, Edward, The Larches, Handsworth.
3rd Jan., 1861. * Jones, George, 36, Hanover street.
3rd May, 1849. *Jones, Morris Charles, 20, Abercromby square.
2nd Dec, 1858. *Jones, Robert, 7, Batchelor street.
6th Dec, 1849. *Jones, Roger L. , l,Belvidere road, Prince's park.
15th Sept., 1854. Jones, Thomas, B.A., Chetham Library, Man-
11th Dec, 1856. Jones, W. Hope, Hooton, Chester.


5th Dec, 1861. Kendal, John, Fishergate, Preston.
3rd May, 1849. Kendrick, James, M.D., Warrington.

1 1th Dec, 1856. Kershaw, James, M.P., Oaklands, Victoria park,

4th Dec, 1862. *King, Lieut.-Col. Vincent Ashfield, 18, Tower

chambers, and Point of Ayr, Oxton.
5th Nov., 1863. *King, John Thomson, Clayton square.

6th March, 1862. *Laird, John, M.P., Hamilton square, Birken-
23rd Nov., 1848. Langton, William, Manchester.

23rd Nov., 1848. Legh, G. Cornwall, M.P.. High Legh.Knutsford.

1st Dec, 1859. Legh, W. J., Lyme park, Disley, Stockport.
10th Dec, 1857. Leigh, Major Egerton, The West hall, High
Leigh, Knutsford.
1st Nov., 1866. *Lilley, John H., Henderley villa, Merton road,
4th March, 1858. Lindsay, Right Hon. the Lord, M.P., Haigh

hall, Wigan.
23rd Nov., 1848. Lingard, Alexander Eowson, Hooton, Chester.


6th March, 1862. McCorquodale, Lieut.-Colonel G., Newton-le-

14th Feb., 1861. McGill, Robert, Copperas hill, St. Helens.
15th April, 1858. *McInnes, J , 23, Lightbody street.
27th Sept., 1854. *Macfie, Robert Andrew, 30, Moorfields, and

Ashfield hall, Neston.
23rd Nov., 1848. *M'Quie, Peter Robinson, 9, Brunswick street,
and Thornton lodge, Merton road, Bootle.
5th May, 1853. *Macrae, John Wrigley, 22, Hackin's hey, and

Seaforth house, Seaforth.
3rd Jan., 1849. Manchester, the Lord Bishop of, F.R.S., F.G.S.,
Mauldeth hall, Manchester.
23rd Nov., 1848. *Marsden, George, Vernon priory, Edge hill.
1st Dec, 1859. Marsh, John, Rann lea, Rainhill.
5th June, 1851. Marsh, John Fitchett, Fairfield house, War-
1st Dec, 1864. Marson, James, Warrington.
1st Dec, 1864. f=Mathews, John, Highfield, Rock Ferry, Birken-
6th March, 1862. *Mathison, Wm., 1, Adelaide terrace, Waterloo.
23rd Nov., 1848. *Mayer, Joseph, F.S.A., M.R. Asiat. S., F.E.S.,
F. R. S. North. Ant. Copenhagen, Associe
etranger de la Societe Imperiale des Anti-
quaires de France, Hon. Mem. SS. Anti.,
Normandie, i'Ouest, la Moiinie, Societe
d'Emulation d' Abbeville, &c, 68, Lord street,
7th Dec, 1865. *Miller, Henry, Toxteth dock.
2nd Jan., 1862. Milligan, James, jun., Longview, Huyton.
21st Feb., 1861. Mills, John, Middle School, Warrington.
20th May, 1860. Mills, Robert, F.S.A., F.G.S , 27, Promenade,

21st Dec, 1854. *Milner, William, 322, Upper Parliament street,
and Phoenix Safe Works, Windsor.
3rd Dec, 1857. Moore, Rev. Richard R., A.M., Bewsey street,

8th Nov., 1849. Moore, Rev. Thomas, A.M., Midleton College,

County Cork.
23rd Nov., 1848. *Moss, Rev. John James, A.M., Upton, Cheshire.


7th March, 1850. *Mott, Albert J., 21, South Castle street, and 51,
Rodney street.
3rd Dec, 1863. Moubert, Adolphus, Garswood-Ashton, War-
3rd Dec, 1857. Moult, William, 21, Leigh street, and Knowsley
21st May, 1857. *Mozley, Charles, Beaconsfield, Woolton.
11th Dec, 1856. Myres, John James, Bank parade, Preston.


3rd Dec, 1863. Naylor, Benjamin Dennison, 38, Deansgate,
and Altrincham, Manchester.
H.S. Ches. 1857. Naylor, Richard, Hooton hall, Chester.

1st Nov., 1866. Newbigging, Thomas, Bacup.
19th March, 1863. Newsham, Richard, Preston.
23rd Nov., 184=8. Nicholson, James, F.S.A., Thelwall hall, War-
29th Sept., 1854. *Nottingham, John, M.D., F.R.A.S., F.R.S.,
Northern Antiquaries, Copenhagen, 20, Ros-
common street.

6th Dec, 1849.

3rd Jan., 1850.
3rd Dec, 1857.

Ormerod, George, D.C.L., F.R.S., F.S.A., F.G.S.
Sedbury park, Chepstow.
*Overend, James, 55, Hope street.
Oxley, Frederick, Islington, London, N.

23rd Nov., 1858. *Paris, Thomas Jeremiah, 68, Lord street.
3rd Jan., 1850. *Parker, Charles Stewart, Bank chambers, Cook

18th Dec, 1856. Parker, Robert Townley, Cuerdon hall, Preston.
7th March, 1850. Patten, Right Hon. John Wilson, M.P., Bank
hall, Warrington.
2nd Nov., 1854. Patterson, Andrew, Principal of the Deaf and

Dumb Institution, Manchester.
6th Dec, 1849. Pearce, George Massie, Hackin's hey, and
11th Dec, 1856. Pedder, Henry Newsham, 9, Queen's gate, Prince

Albert road, South Kensington, London, S.
23rd Nov., 1848. Pedder, Richard, West cliff, Preston.

1st Dec, 1864. Perry, Rev. S. G. F., Incumbent of Tottington,
near Bury.
21st March, 1860. *Petty, Thomas Shaw.
p. 6th Jan., 1849. *Picton, James Allanson, F.S.A., Queen Insur-
ance buildings, Dale street, and Sandyknowe,
3rd May, 1849. Pierpoint, Benjamin, St. Austin's, Warrington.
23rd Nov., 1848. Pilkington, James, Park place House, Blackburn.


10tb Feb., 1853. Piatt, Robert, Stalybridge.
1st Dec, 1864. *Porter, John, Clayton square.
12tb March, 1857. *Preston, Geo. Theo. Robert, 13, Vernon street,
Dale street, and Rock house,West Derby road.
6th Dec, 1849. *Preston, William, 13, Vernon street, and Rock
house, West Derby road.
44th Jan., 1861. *Priest, Thomas E., Clarendon rooms, South
John street.


15th March, 1849.

13th Sept., 1854.

5th Dec, 1861.

29th Dec, 1854.

3rd Dec, 1863.

20th Dec, 1855.

23rd Nov. 1848.

1st Dec, 1864.

3rd Jan., 1850.

15th April, 1858.

11th Feb., 1864.
15th April, 1858.
1st Dec, 1864.
25th Sept., 1854.
13th Dec, 1854.

Rawlinson, Robert, C.B., C.E., F.G.S., Sanitary
Commissioner, Local Government Act Office,
8, Richmond terrace, Whitehall; Lancaster
lodge, Boltons, West Brompton; and Reform
Club, London, S.W.
*Raynes, James Trevelyan, 37, Oldhall street,

and Rock park, Rock Ferry.
*Read, Joseph, Linden house, Laurel road,

Rees, William, Old Trafford, Manchester.
Rhodocanakis, H. H. the Prince, Manchester.
Robin, Rev. P. R., A.M., Woodchurch, Bir-
*Robinson, Charles Backhouse.
*Robinson, John, 41, Lord street.
*Ronald, Robert Wilson, 19, Dale street.
Rooke, Rev. W. J. £., Tunstal Vicarage, Kirby

*Rowe, Charles, Elm house, Anfield.

Rowlinson, W., Windermere
♦Rundell, W. W.
Rylands, Peter, Bewsey house, Warrington.

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