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Program, 250th anniversary of the founding of the Village of Bergen, 1660 : with illustrated historical sketch and maps online

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I U l_ U S T R AT E. D


The historical SOCIETY


.. 1 9 1 O ..



250th Anniversary of the Founding
















At a meeting of tlie Historical Society of Hudson
County held March 25, 1909, the following Preambles and
Resolutions were adopted:

Whereas, it appears from the records that the fir&t
permanent settlement in New Jersey, was made under a
charter from Peter Stuyvesant, Groverr^or of New Nether-
land, on the site now known as Bergen Square, now within
the corporate limits of Jersey City, during the summer
and autumn of 1660 ; and,

^^ Whereas, in tlie foundation of tlie village of Bergen,

a corner lot was set aside for a school hnil.ling, which site

has always been occupied for educational pui-poses, and

now forms part of the site on which the Schoolhousc Xo.

^ 11 has been built.

Resolved, That the Historical Society oi' Hudson
. County call the attention of His Honor, li. Otto \Vitt))cnn.
Mayor of Jersey City, and the honorable Boanl id' Kdu-
cation to the fact, that in the summer and autumn of 1910,
will occur the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the
founding of the first permanent settlement and the estab-
lishment of the first school, in the State of New Jersey,
and that the civic authorities be requested to take meas-
ures for securing an adequate cele])ration of these most
important events; and,

A iiisi'oijirAi- so'-iirrv n;( Mi:i;i>i\(;s

Ifrsolrid. '\1\:\\ ;i i-uiiiiiiilUT ol' lilli-cii he ;iiiiMiiiiti',l hy
lUir l*r('siil('iil. ol' wIik-Ii lie sli.-ill Itc to l;iy this
inatti'T lu'lori" llu' Mayor and the I'xiard ol I'itliicatiiiii ol'
our city."

Com MiTTKK A ppoi xtkd.

I )airK'l \'aii W inkle, ( lia.iniiaii.

Gordon K. I )i(kiii>oii. M. 1).. llrv. ("oniclins Urctt.

Nelson J. II. lvli;x', Alexander Mil.eaii.

Louis Slieiwood, AVilliam K. I'anicklit,

De Witi \'an liiiskirk, l^dlow W. llarri>on,

AV. 11. Jiicliardson, David Ramsay,

Vreolaud 'Poin])kins, Joliii AV. IFoek.

Ilenrv ISnNdei', Jose]»li A. Deai. Ay.

At a sulisequent nieetiu.a:, held Nov. 18, 11IU9, a sub-
committee was appointed to consider and formulate a

definile plan for tlio ]iro]»er celehi-ation of tlie two Inm-
dretl and lirtielli aiini\cr.-;M\' of the ronndinn d' r>ei',iivn,
cnnsi-tinu of

Daniel \'an Winkle, ( liaii n:an.
A\'illiam lirinkerlioff, Nelson .1. !I. l-iduc

Eev, Cornelius Brett, AVilliani K. Barrieklo.

At a meetin.c,' of the TTistorieal Society hehl .Ian. 27,
1910, such conuuittee submitted tlie followinu' rejiort :

*'As in tlie conl-.Mnplated celebration of the two hundred
and fiftietli anidversary of tlie fonndinu' of I'ducn. there
are three separate and ('istinrl iinjiuitani (-vent-" worthy
of conunemoration, each should be suitably recou'iii/.ed
and ina<h' part of the pi-oposed celebration: — The two hnii li'ei] and (il'tieth ainii\'ei -ar\" of
the or!i,"anizat ion (tf the lii'st chni'ch in the Stale of Xew

Second. — The two hundred and (iftietb anniversary of
the establishment of the first school in the State, an»l like-
"U'ise of "2.")0 yeai's of consecntix'o edncatioii.

'Hiifd. — 'i'lie two hundred and liftieth annixei'-ary of
the fonndin.u' of the lirst ])ornianent ninincipal or;;-ani/.a-
tion in the State.

The time for such celebi'ations to be the week ;iei!'inuinii'


Oct. l(i and ending Oct. 23, inclusive, and sucli tinio in be
allotted as follows:

Snnday, Oct. 16. — Appropriate services to be held in
the Bergen Reformed C'hurch commemorative of 1150
years of divine service in tha.t place. F.xei'cises to be
under the care of the consistory of that cliurch.

Monday, Oct. 17. — A public meeting to l;e held in the
Bergen Reformed Church to commemorate the extension
of church life during 250 years. Brief addresses, to lie
followed by a social meeting in the church pariors. •

Tuesday, Oct. 18. — Exercises in charge of the Patriotic
Societies. Details to be an-anged by the Society of (Co-
lonial Wars of the State of New Jersey.

In the evening a public meeting to be held in the audi-
torium of the High School, to commemorate 250 years of
municipal life in State, county and city. Tho Mayor to
preside and arrangements for tliis meeting to lie made
bv the Civic Committee.

Wednesday, Oct. 19. — The commemoration of 250
years of consecutive education to be observed in every
school in the city, and in the evening special public
meeting in the auditorium of School Xo. 11 to commemo-
rate 250 years of consecutive school life. Exercises and
details under charge and direction of the Board of Edu-

Thursday, Oct. 20. — Public Banquet under the auspices
of the Historical Society of Hudson County, to be self-

Friday, Oct. 21. — AssigTied to Board of Trade as part
of civic celebration.

Saturday, Oct. 22. — Assigned for civic celebration.
Military parade suggested.

Sunday, Oct. 23. — Closing exercises of church celebra-

The committee further recommends that application he
made to the Legislature of this State for the passage of
an act authorizing the city of Jersey City, to make jirovi-
sion for all necessary expenses attending such celebration.

5 mSTuKKAl- SCMlKTV l'K< >( 1:1:1 •! \( IS

Sccn)i(l. — Tliat apitlic^ilioii Itc iiiadc !<• the I A'uishitiire
for an apix-opi iatidii liy llic Sl.ilc. tor llic t'lcclioii i»t' a
siiital)lo iiioiiuiiii'iit at l)iM\ji:t'u S(iiiari', to conuneinorate
the estal)lisliiiR*nt ol" tlu' lirsl jtcniiaiUMit <*lmn'li, tlip first
school, aixl llic lir>l iicrinaiiciil nniiiicipal (U-u'aiiization in
the State.

Third -'V]\:\\ a suitaMc medal coiiiiiieiiioi-ativc dl' the
occasion, be i)reiiared under tlic dii-cctioii ol" the (•(tnimittee
of the Historical Society to be placed on sale, and that a
special Historic exhibit be presented in the free ]»nblic
library (hiriiiu- the week assi.criK'd i'ov the ('('lehr.ilioii.

Daniel \'an Winkle, (liainiiaii.

I ( 'oi'iie'lus Urctt,

-^ -.rv-.^ /I 1 William Hrinkei-lK IT.

Jan.20,19iO. ( ommittee: \ ,-,..,,. o i» • i i »>

) W illiam \l. r)anicklo."

I Xelson ,1. II. Kd,i>'e,

Such re]iort was nnanimously adopted, and tlie com-
mittee continued with full power to carry out and per-
fonn all necessary acts, in accoivlaiicc witli tlic pi'ovisions
and suggestions of such report.

At a subsequent meeting of sucli committee, it was
decided to transmit to each de])artnient of such celebra-
tion as suggested, a coi)y of sucli ])rograni and ask their
participation and co-operation, in such contem]ilated cele-
bration as outlined.

Replies were received I'loni llic Ih'rgj'U lu'formed
Church endorsing such program and naming .■!> the com-
mittee for carrying out its part of lln' prouiam:

Rev. Cornelius Brett, Chairman,
Rev. John J. Moment, Elijah S. Cowles,

Thomas I'. King. Robert Alberts.

From the New Jersey Society of Colonial Wai's, with

John LeiKO'd MciTill. ( 'liaiiiiiaii.
Rev. Di'. (Cornelius Brett, lion. Chai-les AV. Parker,
Prof. William Libliey, Robert M. I'.. .yd. dr..

with Goveiimr Di.v ex officio.


From the Board of Education of Jersey City. Com-
mittee named :

Robert M. Brennan, Dr. Oliver R. Blancliard,

Henry Bornemaun.

Superintendent Henry Snyder was empowered to co-
operate with the Historical Society General Committee.

A verbal expression of hearty co-operation, by His
Honor the Mayor, and the Honorable Board of Finance
was received, and in order that the civic part of the
prog-ram be fittingly carried out, the following proclama-
tion was issued by His Honor the Mayor :


i i'

'With gratitude to Almighty Grod, who guided our fa-
thers and ourselves to these hospitable shores, and has
so beneficently presided over the destinies of these United
States of America, I, H. Otto Wittpenn, Afayor of Jersey
City, take pleasure in reminding you that during the year
1910 will occur the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary
of the first permanent settlement between the North and
South Rivers, now known as the Hudson and Delaware,
together with the earliest municipality, the first school
and the first church within the territory now included in
the corporate limits of Jersey City, the County of Hudson
and State of New Jersey."

"After the disastrous Indian war of 1655, which com-
pelled the earlier settlers on the west bank of the river
to flee for their lives and leave the hearthstones of scat-
tered homes smoking amid desolation, it was decreed by
the Council of New Netherland, which then included all
the territory afterward organized as the Pro\Tnce of New
Jersey, that no outlying settlements should be peiTnitted,
except in concentrated villages, which might l>e easily-
defended. In deference to this decree, on the Ifith day
of August, in the year IGBO, a petition was presented to
the Council at New Amsterdam praying for a charter for
a village "beyond Communipaw." The petition was
granted, ani before the forests were ablaze with the rain-
bow tints of autumn, the village of Bergen havl been


.MAVOHS ri:<«l,A.MA rio.N

foiimlo;! .111(1 ;i siinouiuliii.u: palisade constnictc I lor

"The site cliosen, is well iieliued on tlic lines of the ori.iT-
inal survey. It covere 1 the four hloeks imw lyin-.;- within
the corporate limits ol' our city, sunduiulini:: liif ojm'U
space now known as i^eriien S(|uare, and houndc:! hy
four street'^, whieli hear tl'.e names of four old famiiies
of Xew .Jersey, to wil : Xcwkirk. Win Ivcypcn and \'roi»m
Streets and Tuers Avenue."

*'Uuder the charter a municijial court was constituted,
and a lot was set a/piart for the school, which lot is slill
oc<'U])ied hy the southern portion of our ><pleni1id Xo. 11
Sohoolhouse. One of the lirst municipal acts was to
en^'aiie a schoolmaster, who hecanic the voorleser of tlie
infant church,"

"It is eminently fitting that the two hundred and liftieth
anniverS'ary of these well authenticated hi-toiic events
should be adequately commemorated, that we may un ler
the inspiration of the jiast, enohle the ])resen1 antl j)ledi»:e
future years to civic progress."

**I therefore as Chief ^[agistrate of our city call ujion
the men. women and children of Jersey City to unite
heartily in the celehi-ation during the week from ( )ct. ^C^
to Oct. 23. inclusive, at which date in the year KiOO the
records recognize the town of Bergen as a municipality."

"I suggest that these days shall he known as 'Old Home
Week' and observed by the return to their former haunts
of natives, as well as of all who once called Jersey City
their home. ! recommend that the Board of Education
of Jersey ( ity shall set apart one session of every scliool
for commemorative exercises, and I invite all ])arochi'al
and private schools to arrange for similar exercises at
the same lioiii' a< 1lii( -elected hy the B)Oard."

**T recoiiimeji:! rnrtlier that the I'oar I of i-'inance of
Jersey City shall aj)pro])i'iate the sum of tweii1y-li\'e hun-
dred dollars, or so much of that sum as may he needed,
in consonance with the enabling act passed by the T.egis-
lature of the State, to defray the expense of such cele-
bration. I cordially invite the civil officers of adjoining


cities, towns and counties to co-operate in celebrating
events in wliicli at the beginning, their fathers had a share,
and finally I invite the people of New Jersey to join in
commemorating the hnmble beginning of what has since
become a mag-nificent commonwealth, and I hereby sug-
gest that movements be inaugurated, for the erection of a
permanent monument to be located on Bergen Square, in
fitting commemoration of the events to which allusion is
heretofore made."

Jersey City, May 6, 1910.



In accordance therewith the following committees were
appointed :

Military Co:\imtttee.

Maj. Gen. Brensinger, Lieut. -Col. A. E. Steele,

Col. H. H. Brinkerhoff, Col. J. Hollis Wells,

Lieut.-Col. Willard C. Fisk, Capt. George F. Perkins,

Lieut. G. Fred Ege, P. H. O'Xeill.
Maj. Gen. P. F. Wanser,

Civic Committee.

Harvey Auness, "William Kitchie,

Bedford Allison, Norman Eowe,

Eobert Alberts, R. E. Jennings,

James F. Blackshaw, Charles C. Kelly,

Daniel Bowley, John L. Keller,

W. G. Bumstead, James J. Kinkead,

William F. Brown, Dr. P. C. Koons,

William Brinkerhoff, P. J. Kennedy,

Dr. 0. R. Blanchard, Eugene T. Kinkead,

Joel Brown, John AY. Kneupfer,

William E. Barricklo, Job H. Lii^peneott,

David W. Bishop, John P. Landrine,

Dr. Cornelius Brett, F. M. Lockwood,

Charles C. Black, H. C. Louderbough,

Thomas E. Brown, Charles W. Levering,

John A. Blair, AVilliam F. Ali.lledge,

James Billington, A. H. ^^Foore, '



GooT\u:e lilakeslee,
E. 1-.. 15aoou,
Arllnir Brigliam,
Joscpli lieriij^tein,
"William C C'lullipp,
Daniel E. Cleary.
Kobort Gary,
Kussell Covkeudall,
Charles Cropper,
George Culver,
James Cubberly,
Thomas E. Carey,
Gilbert Collius,
John J. Cone,
John H. Coyle,
J. ( '. Ciirrie,
Charles L. Carrick,
Andrew J. Corcoran,
Joseph Crane,
Pierre F. Cook,
'W. J. Ciirrie,
Dr. Gordon K. Dickinson,
DaWd R. Daly,
Walter M. Dear,
J. A. Dear,
"William H. Davis,
AVilliam IT. Dickinson,
Nelson J. TT. Ed,i>-e,
Willinm D. Edwafds,
William F. Ely.
James F. Fielder,
Dr. C. 11. Fink.
]\rark ]\r. Fao'an,
James W. Greene,
Livinerston Gifford,
William V. Garrison,
"Robert P. Gilman,
John TTilton,
TTnirh Hartshorn,

John JS. Meuai^h,
Theodore Alerseles,
John .1. Mehl,
John I). McGill, M. D.,
Alexander McLean,
James A. McCormack,
Samuel ^IcJUirney,
John MiiHiiis,
.hiiiies S. Newkirk,
William George Nelson,
Eugene W. Newkirk,
ITenry E. Niese,
I)a\'id Paiiisay,
Jacob Jxingle,
Herbert Seott,
Henry Sjience, M. D.,
Mark Sullivan,
C. Howard Slater,
James E. Souter,
William Sherwood,
Charles Siedler,
Pi chard G. Sip,
George T. Smith,
Pouben Simpson,
William H. S))eer,
Pev. John Sullivan,
Frank Stevens,
Charles C. Slimets,
W^illinm E. Smith,
Henry Snyder,
T;Ouis Sherwood,
Frank B. Stratford,
Pen j a mi n T>. St owe,
Thomas J, Stewart,
Henrv Traphngen.
Vreeland Toinpkins,
l\rahlon Terhune,
John J. Toffey
AVillinm Toffov,






Charles Hendrickson,
Edlow W. Harrison,
AVm. C. Heppenlieimer,
AVilliam E. Harrison,
Marshall Van Winkle,
A. M. Henry,
John W. Heck,
E. P. Hoyt,
Lawrence B. Hever,
Charles D. Kerr,
E. M. Hoiightaling,
James O'Mealia,
Patrick Powers,
George F. Perkins, Sr.,
Ralph Perry,
John Pearson,
John Wahl Queen,
AVilliam H. Richardson,
Charles Ridgewav,
Edward Romaine,
George L. Record,
Robert S. Ross,

George G. Tennant,
James B. Throckmorton,
James R. A\'illiamson,
John Winner,
Dr. AVm. Perry Watson,
Benjamin W. Hitchcock,
Benjamin T. Van Alen,
Daniel Van Winkle,
John Van Horn,
Dr. Hamilton Vreeland,
Nicholas G. Vreeland,
Nicholas Vreeland,
Stewart Vanderbeek,
J. Albert Van Horn,
John J. Voorhees,
Charles A. Van Keuren,
William Van Keuren,
Isaac Vanderbeek,
John H. Ward,
Louis Washburn,
Jacob R. Wort en dyke,
Rvnier J. Wortendvke,

Organization of such Ci\^c Committee by election of

John P. Landrine, Chairman.
A. Harry Moore, Secretary.
Xelson J. H. Edge, Treasurer;

and appointment of the following committees :

Peogeam Committee.

Daniel Van
John W. Heck,
John Plilton,
Henry Traphagen,
Vreeland Tompkins,
William R. Barricklo,
James S. Newkirk,
R. G. Sip,
William Toffey,
John Winner,

Winkle, Chainnan.
J. Albert Van Horn,
Jacob R. Wortendvke,
James F. Fielder,
William Ritchie,
William Sherwood,
William F. ^Fidlidge,
James Soudor,
Charles Seidler,
John J. Van Horn.



Permanent MonuiMent Committee.

Kev. C. Brett, Cliairiiiaii.
Edlow HarrisoD,
Beu.iamin Van Ahm,
Arthur Brigham,
Gordon Dickinson, M. 1).
Dr. Henry S]ience,
Charles T.. Carrick,
Jacob AVortendyke,

Decorations Com m i i ii-:e.

Josepli Bernstein, ( liainiiai
Dr. G. Dickinson, ]^obert Koss,

James AV. Greene,
"William Geor^'e Nelson,
William F. Kly,

John Ward,
Charles C. Black,
Nicholas G. A^reeland,
Uedlord Allison,
,1. C. Ciirrie,
Maliloii 'i'erhiine,
Nicholas Vreeland.

"Walter Dear,
Mark Snllivan,
John Wahl Queen,
Robert Carey,
La^n'ence B. Hever,

])enjamin Hitchcock,.
George Smith,
AVilliam Harrison,
John IT. AVard,
Thomas Brown,
Charles TTcmlrickson^
James Kinkead,
John Pearson,
E. M. Hon2:htaliii,u-.

James F. 'Mealia,

Transportation Committee,
Geor^'o Blakcslee, Cliairiiiaii

Dr. 0. P. Blanchard,
David Bishop,
Herbert Scott,
J. AV. Greene,
Ralph Perry,
W. C. Heppenheimer,
F. M. Lockwood,
Robert A. All lorts,
A. Af. Henry,


V. T. P.)\v
Joseph Bernstein,
John J. Cone,
James F. () 'Mealia,

John IT. AVard,
AA' alter M. Dear,
AVilliam E. Smith,
Thomas F. Carev,
James Billin,2,'ton,
Dr. George Cnlver,
AVilliam A^. Garrison,
Stewart A^'andorbeek,
James ArcCoriiiack,


ers, ( 'liaii'iiian.

Nicholas G. A^reeland,
J. AV. Knen])fer,
Ben.iniiiiii AW Hitchcock,



Theodore Merseles,
James Cubberly,
William H. Speer.

Eugene F. Kinkead,
Joseph A. Dear,
Fred Ege,
James W. Greene,

Public Meetings Committee.
Marshall Van Winkle, Chairman

Robert Carey,
J. E. Bernstein,
Robert Scott,
A. M. Henry,
Edward Eomaine,
Daniel E. Cleary,
Russell Coykendahl,
John J. Toffev,
David Dalv,

James B. Throckmorton,
Robert A. All)arts,
Eugene F. Kinkead,
Theodore Merseles,
Charles W. Levering,
William C. Cudlipp,
John L. Keller,
George L. Record,
Reuben Simpson,

John A. Blair,

Finance Committee.
George F. Perkins, Sr., ChaiiTaan.

N. J. H. Edge,

Hugh Hartshorn,

J. D. McGill,

D. E. Cleary,

H. C. Louderbough,

John Mehl, Jr.,

Charles Ridgeway,

James B. Throckmorton,

Louis Washburn,

Joel Brown,

Gilbert Collins,

David Daly,
Theodore Merseles,
J. S. Newkirk,
Mark M. Fagan,
E. P. Hoyt,
Robert Jennings,
P. J. Kennedy,
William Toffey,
N. Vreeland,
George R. Beach,
Isaac Vanderbeek.

Invitations Committee.
Frank Stevens, Chairman.
William H. Richardson, Ralph Perry,

Eugene F. Kinkead,
Mark Sullivan,
Eugene Newkirk,
Dr. W. P. Watson,
Walter M. Dear,
Livingston Gifford,

John Ward,
Edgar Bacon,
John H. Coyle,
William H. Davis,
Charles Kelly,
C. H. Slater.



AVilliain Briukerboff,

Dr. ^Villiam Perry AVatson,

John \Valil Queen,

Dr. Hamilton Vreeland,

Jolm J. Toffey,

Robert Carey,

Jobn S. Menacrb,

VreeLand Tompkins,

Dr. C. W. Cropper,

Georcre F. Perkins, Sr.,

Reception Committee.
Jolin J. \'oorbees, Chairman.

AVilliam D. Edwards,
Dr. ('. 11. Finke,
Dr. C. P. Koonz,
Alexander ^fcT^ean,
Rev. J. Sullivan,
Charles Stimets,
George G. Tennant,
Henry Snyder,
R. P. Gilman.

The Chairmen of the several committees slinll constitute the
Executive Committee of the Civic Committee.

(J^fitrial f rngram



Special services commemorative of 250 years of con-
tinuous church life in Bergen, to be held in the Bergen
Reformed Church.

At the morning service appropriate music will be ren-
dered and a historical sermon preached.

In the afternoon the full service will be in Holland
Dutch, sermon, hymns and psalms to be in that langiuige.

In the evening specially interesting services will be
held with addresses by distinguished clergymen.

For particulars, see special program.

Ofttrial JJnniram



An liistorical exhibit will be presented at the Free
Public Library, ^lontgomery Street and Jersey Avenue,
Jersey City, from 9 A. M. to 10 P. ^L, and conliuued
throughout tlio week.

In addition to local exhibits, the Bergen County His-
torical Society has kindly ])i-e]")ared a special exhibit of
old cliina, relics and docimients, for which approjtriate
8])ace lias been as^ii^iied.

The iristoi'ical Society tlii'ongh the courtesy ol' Mr.
Burton II. Allbee. is enabled to ]>resent, his valuable and
interesting collection of ])hotograi)hs of old Bergen
County fa 1111 houses, etc.

In connection with the general historic exhibit. Van
Houten Post. (i. A. i?.. Xo. 'A. will exliil)it a1 llieir rooms,
Belmont, near Monticello Avi'iiue, n iiio^l interesting and
valuable group of Civil "War relics <laily dmiiii:' tlu^ week
from 2 to G P. AT. A detail of \-eterans will lie presimt
each afternoon, for the ])urpose of explanation and de-

In tlie evening services will be held in tli(» T^ergen Be-
fornie I ( 'hiirc'i to ein|)hasi/,e the coiitiniiify and extension
of chui-cli lii'e in the territory of *'01d Bergen" during
250 vears.

(i^fiirml f rngram



Historical Exhibits Continued Throughout the Week.

Congress of patriotic societies of New Jersey under the
supervision of tlie Society of Colonial Wars.

At 11 :30 A. M. a reception will be held at the Carteret
Club by the Grovernor of the Society of Colonial Wars, as-
sisted by the ladies of the several patriotic societies of
Jersey City, after which a luncheon will be served to out-
of-town guests by the Ladies' Aid Society of the Bergen
Eeformed Church, Colonial Dames and the Daughters of
the American Revolution of Jersev Citv,

2 :30 P. M. — The delegates will assemble at the Fourth
Regiment Armory and march to the Bergen Reformed
Church, where appropriate addresses will be delivered.

5 :30 to 7 P. M. — Reception by his Honor, the .Mayor, to
the guests of our city and citizens at the C^arteret Chil).

At 8 P. M. a public meeting will be held in tlio audi-
torium of the Jersey City High School, presided over by
the Mavor of our citv, to commemorate 250 vears of con-
secutive municipal life in State, county and city.

(Dffiiial IJrutjram




Special exercises to be licld in every school in the city
and eoimty t'oiiHiuMiKHiitiiii; i'.")!) years of consecutive edu-

In the evening a ])nblic nioetinu- under the auspices of
the Board of Education will Ix' iidd in the auditorium of
School No. 11, Bergen Square, to eoinineiiioi ate the con-
tinuous occupancy of that site for educational purposes
from the founding of the village of Bergen to the present



Historical Exhibit Continued Throughout the "Wkkiv

AS Specified.

In connection with the ex)hibit of photogra]i]is of Colo-
nial l)nildings, china, etc., an illnslrated lecture will be
given in the Free Pul)lic'ary Assembly Room, Oc-
tobei- 20. ;il ?> V. M.. by Air. r.iirb.'n U. Allbce.

In the evening a Bancpiet under the auspices of the His-
torical Society of Hudson County will be held at Scottish
Kite irall. T*ai-k Street, near Communipaw Avenue.

A Reception in Inmor of the Governor of our Slate,
Ex-Governors, State ofTicials and other distinguished
guests will ])recede the Banquet.

(iffirial Program



HiSTOEiCAL Exhibit Continued Throughout the Week

AS Specified.


The Board of Trade of Jersey City will present special
features in which it is expected the mercantile and manu-
facturing interests of our city will co-operate. Details



Closing Day of the Historical Exhibit.

GRAND military PARADE.

In which following organizations will participate :
Detail of United States Eegulars,

National Guard, State of New Jersey,
Uniformed Boys' Brigade,

Junior Order United Americans,
Woodmen of America,

Knights of Pythias, ;

Masonic Patrols, :

Veterans of Spanish War,
Grand Army of the Republic,
Order of Foreign Wars,
Uniformed Polish Organization,
Public School Cadets,
Manresa Cadets,

Veteran Exempt Firemen, with Goose Neck
Engine 100 years old,

Fire and Police Departments of this and
neighboring cities.
Reviewing stand at Bergen Square. Line of March,
Bergen Avenue crossing to Boulevard.

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