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IDol. XLI.

366ue^ to tbe Subscrtbere for tbe l?ear 191U








Transcribed and Edited by







The parish of Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, York, has included, since 1535,
not only the parts lying adjacent to its main thoroughfare of Goodramgate,
where its ancient church still stands in picturesque decay, but also the old
pre-Reformation parish of St. John del Pike, whose church, long since
demolished, stood in or about Ogleforth, as well as the "extra parochial place"
called the Bedern (where formerly lived, in community life, the old Vicars
Choral of York Cathedral) and a portion of the Liberty of Minster Yard. The
latter, once part of the Cathedral Close, contained adjoining College Street,
or Little Alice Lane as it is often called in these Registers, the ancient buildings
of St. William's College, recently efficiently restored as the twentieth century
home of the Northern House of Convocation, but at the time of our Registers
the abode of Sir Henry Jenkins, Knight, and others, and where, too, the printing
press of King Charles I. issued political broadsheets prior to the Great Civil
War, in connection with which Royal residence in York the burial of Richard
Rosterne, "postillion to Prince Charles," on the 28th July, 1642, forms an
interesting lecord in the following Registers. Other notable families living in
the parish and here mentioned are those of Sir Arthur Ingram, Aislaby, Baines,
Barstow, Beckwith, Buckle, Camidge, Gray, Hesketh, Hillyard, Howard,
Morritt, Munby, Place, Prickett, St. Quintin, Vavasor, Wentworth, Wilmer,
Worsley, and Yarborough. Interesting records also occur of several Regiments
stationed in York with their commanding officers, which show that since the
lime of the Great Civil War York has maintained the place of a great military
us well as ecclesiastical centre.

The Parish Registers of Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, and its united parishes
and districts of St. John del Pike, Bcdirn, and Minster Yard, commence in
1573, and are here transcribed up to the year 1812, when a new Act of
Parliament regulating the keeping of such Registers all over the country came
into force. They are contained during that period in seven books, which may
be briefly summarized as follows : —

Book I, the oldest, is a nearly square volume of 65 vellum leaves measuring
12 by 10 inches, and containing the entries of Christenings, Weddings, and
Burials to 1654. Prior to 1604, the headings of each year are neatly done in
Old English Text, but afterwards the writing and spelling deteriorate

Book II is a narrow folio of 56 vclUim leaves measuring 18 by 6 inches.
It contains the Register from 1654 to the end of 1699.

Book III is a leather bound volume of 75 parchment leaves 10^ by 7 inches,
and covers the years 1700 — 1751.

Book IV is also a leather bound volume 12^ by 8 inches, containing
70 parchment leaves. It contains Baptisms, 1752—1806 ; Marriages, 1752—1754,
and Burials, 1752 -T806 ; also a "Register of Monies collected upon Briefs in


this Church," 1804 — 1812. These show the peculiarly wide and diverse objects
for which local collections were made at that time, including the reparation of
Churches and damages due to fire in such distant counties as Hampshire,
Warwickshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire.

Book V is a Marriage Register only, being one of the printed folio books
of forms issued by Thos. Lowndes, bookseller, London, so often found among
Parish Registers. These contain spaces for description of parties, date,
whether by banns or licence, and the signatures of the officiating Minister,
parties, and witnesses. There are 88 pages, and the entries, four of which
occupy a page, extend from April, 1754, to the end of December, 1790, when
all the forms in the book were exhausted.

Book VI is also a printed folio Marriage Register of similar character,
but only 66 pages are occupied, which carry on the Marriages from 3rd January,
1791, to 30th November, 1812.

Book VII (which completes the series here transcribed) is a leather bound
folio of parchment leaves only partially used. Baptisms run from 13th August,
1806, to 1st December, 1812 at one end of the Book, and Burials from
7th February, 1807 to 26th November, 1812 at the other end. The genealogical
information, which includes father's name and parentage, mother's name and
parentage, and dates of birth, baptism, age, and death, is unusually full and

The Rectory of Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, was originally composed of
two medieties, the patronage of one belonging to the Prior and Convent of
Durham, and the other to the Archbishop of York, but in the time of Archbishop
Walter de Gray, about the year 1250, the two medieties were converted into
one Rectory at the collation of the Archbishop of York, in whose gift the
living still remains. The following is a List of the Rectors compiled from
Torre's MS. and other sources : —




Thomas Cockerell.


Robt. de Holtham.


Hugo de Wyleby.


Will, de Kirketon.


John de Castleford.

John de Scotthingwell (resigned for Adel).


Robt. de Rishton (from Adel bv exchange).


Will, de Skipwith.


Thomas P'olkerthorpe.

Will, de Allerton.


John de (irantham.


Elyas de Thoresby.


John Luke.


Will, de Broughton.

Nic. de Cave (buried in York Cathedral).


Will. Pharon.


Thomas Wyott.


John Bryan.


John Burnell.

John Phillip.


Will. Laverock.


John Walker (buried .All Saint's, Barking, Lendon),


Robt. Hikson.


1499. Thomas Smythe.

1509. Nic. Robinson.

1512. Robt. Thomlinson.

John Holme.

1546. John Matteson.

1569. John Mvton.

1586. Hugh Hicks.

1605. Will. Sadler.

Christopher Hutchinson.

1633. Arthur Scott.

1635. Will. Smith.

1642. Robt. Clarke. (Parish Register.)

1648. John Geldart. (Parish Register.)

1671. Will. Loe. (Parish Register.)

1678. George Haliey.

1683. John Tomlinson.

1702. Peter Robinson.

1721. William Knight.

1741. William Foster.

1760. Thomas Pickard.

1780. Richard Forrest.

1785. James Richardson.

1803. James Dallin.

1839. Edward J. Raines.

1858. Thomas Myers.

1867. Jas. Gilchrist Wilson.

1873. Edward Aldous Lane (resigned for Haxey).

1888. FoUiott George Sandford (resigned for Sharrow).

1893. Henry Robinson (resigned for Badsworth).

1910. Francis Leonard Perkins.

The best thanks of the Society are due to the Rev. Canon H. Robinson,
M.A., now Rector of Badsworth, who, while Rector of Holy Trinity, gave
permission to print the Registers, and to his successor, the Rev. F. L. Perkins,
M.A., the present Rector, both of whom have given every facility to the Editor
for transcribing the Books.

By way of carrying further back the Burial records of the Parish, this is
a fitting place in which to give a List of Persons who by Will desired to be
buried in the Church or Churchyard prior to the commencement of the Registers.
These names are taken chiefly from the first four volumes of Wills in the
York District Registry, which I have personally examined. A more detailed
examination of the vols. 5 to 22 than I have been able to make, would doubtless
yield further names, especially in the first three-quarters of the 16th century.
and the decades immediately preceding the commencement of the Parish


1386. John Bilby, mercer.

1391. John de Erghes. son of Hugh de Erghes, mercer.

1393. Roger de Burton, mercer (beside Margaret, 1st wife).

1393. Matilda, relict of the above.

1394. John Hopperton, Chaplain of St. Nicholas' chantry. Holy Trinity.
1394. John de Beverley (Bailiff of York, 1373).

1396. Rob. de Howm (Mayor of York, 1368) in St. James' Chapel, HoI>
Trinity, founded by him.


1400. John Backester, Gutheramgate, in choir of B.V.M., Holy Trinity.

1402. John Couper, carpentar, in churchyard.

1403. Will. Waghen, citizen and lawyer.

1403. Will. Youg, chaplain of Robt. de Hovvm.

1404. Will. Parker, bower, in churchyard.

1405. Sybil, wife of Roger de Fulbarowe.

1407. John Grantham, merchant, in churchyard.

1408. Isabel, wife of above, in churchyard.
1422. John Wilton, mercer.

1426. Thomas Horneby, mercer. (Bailiff, 1393.)

1426. John Bankes, taliour, Guthrumgatc.

1429. Robt. de Alta Ripa, chaplain of chantry B.V.M., in porch.

1432. John Wyman, gentleman.

1433. Robt. Howme, merchant. (Lord Mayor of York, 1412) in St.

James' Chapel, founded by his father.

1437. John Tanfield, mercer, in churchyard.

1437. Joan, daughter of above, in churchyard.

1437. John Gascoigne, merchant.

1437. Robt. Neuton, girdeller, in churchyard.

1440. Will. Ebbreston, chaplain, in St. Nicholas' chapel.

1443. John Crispyn, cutler, in churchyard.

1445. John Weteiey, glover (Chamberlain of York, 1438).

1445. Ellen Carter.

1446. John Ruston, vynter.

1449. John West, girdeler.

1450. Kath. Marshall.

1454. John Holmesfeld, chaplain of St. James' chantry, buried there.

1455. Ric. Midelton, gentleman.

1456. Robt. Helperby, citizen.

1458. Thomas Danby (Lord Mayor of York, 1452).

1460. John Fisher, gyrdeler, in churchyard.

1463. Matilda Danby, wife of Thomas, Lord Mayor.

1465. John Loftehous, parchmenter, between choir and font.

1478. Will. Thorp, mercer.

1478. John Lowland, mercer, in churchyard.

1478. John Wodhall, parchment maker, in churchyard.

1482. Agnes Manuell, widow.

1484. Thomas Denton, carpenter.

1484. Ric. I^awlyn, tailyer.

1487. Edmund Wright, in churchyard.

1490. Robert Jackson, in churchyard.

1504. Richard Wilson, Gotheromgate.

1506. Thomas Wilson.

1508. Joan Wilson, Gotheromgate.

1541. Steven Wilson.

1543. Roger Chamber, parchment maker.

1546. Sir John Holme, parson, in the High Quire.

1550, Elizabeth Lord, late Prioress of Wilberfoss.

1566. John Wynter, of Ogleforth.


1378. Mabilla de Cottingham, of York.

1381. John de Burton, Rector of the Church of St. John Baptist, vulgarly

called de Pykes-kirke, to be buried in the Quire.

1388. Alice de Fletham.


1389. Ric de Carton, Rector.

1396. John de Stillington, of York, mercer (Bailiff, 1588).

1412. William Chauntre, of York.

1420. John Staynton.

1426. Agnes, wife of William Coupland.

1430. Ric. Romondby.

1433. John Langtoft, chaplain of chantry, B.M. and Holy Angels, York


1439. William Coupland, tayler.

1455. Ric. Scorton, bakster, in churchyard.

1446. William Wanton, Esq., in Choir, where he used to sit.

1451. Robert Snieton, "beside Isabel, his wife."

1452. John Hawk, in churchyard.

1458. William Banks, gentn., between Quire and Font.

1463. Thomas Banks, tayler, beside Agnes, his wife.

1466. Elena Catryk, widow, beside Richard, her husband.

1476. Edmond Broughton, chaplain.

1480. John Tailyor, in churchyard.

1488. Will, Dekyn, citizen of York, "before the image of Our Lady."

44, St. John's Street, York.









Hie puf.r cTiaiein, hie vir sponsalia noseat.
Hie deccssorum juncra (jidsque seiat.


Anno Dni 1573.
Heughe Hanleye, sonn to John Hanleye, the ftiflenthe of August,


Anno Dni 1574.

Anno Dni 1575.
Ellen Handleye, doughter vnto John Handley, the xxix*" of
November, 1575.

Anno Dni 1576.

Anno Dni 1577.
Christofer Handley, son of John Handley, the xxiiii"' day of March6




Anno Dni 1578 {Chrisienings).
Anno Dni 1579.
Anno Dni 1580.

Anno Dni 1581.
Christofer Ditheron, sonn to James Ditheron, the xxvii^'' daye of

Januarye 1581.

Anno Dni 1582.
Robt Morton, sonn to xpofer Morton, pinner, the xvii"' of September.
Michaell Williamson, sonn to Leonard Williamson, the xxix*'* daye of

September 1582.
Margaret Cowper, doughter to Robt Cowper, the xvii'^ daye of

ffaith Hall, doughter to Richard Hall, the Ninthe daye of November.
Thomas Thompson, sonn to Thomas Thompson, girdler, the xii''^ of

James Maison, sonn to Adam Maison, the last of December.
Thomesin Williamson, doughter to Leonard Williamson, the xxiii**"

daye of Januarye.

Anno Dni 1583.
Persevall Willson, sonn to Thomas Wilson, partchment maker, the

xvi*"* daye of Maye.
WiHm Hewthwaite, sonn to Wittm Hewthwate, the xxv*'' daye of

Mathewe Thawites, sonn to George Thawites, taler, the vii''' of

Laurence Gierke, sonn to John Gierke, Muzition, the vii*"^ of

Hellen ffoster, daughter of Raufe ffoster, the viii*'' of October.
Richard Haton, sonn of WiHm Haton, the ix*^^ of October,
ffaithe Jackson, doughter of John Jackson, the xv*'' of October.
John Cowper, sonn to Robt Cowper, the xxvi^'' daye of Januarye.
Marye Hill, doughter of Symon Hill, gent, the xxiiii"' of Marche.

Anno Dni 1584.
Marye Rames, doughter of Thomas Rames, the xxvi"" of March.
Marye Langwith, doughter of Tristram Langwith, the xxx**" of

Marye Wilkinson, doughter of Richard Wilkinson, the last of Marche.
Margaret Waite, doughter vnto Willm Waite, the xvi*'' of Aprill.
Marye Williamson, doughter of Leonarde Williamson, the xviii*** of

Wil!m Rames, sonn to Thomas Rames, the vii** of Maye.
Thomas Langwith, sonn to Tristram Langwith. the xxix*^ of Julye.
Thomas Braithwait, sonn of Edward Braithwaite, the xxix**" of Julye.
John Rawdon, sonn to John Rawdon, the xviii**" of September.
James Hayton, sonn to WiHm Hayton, the third daye of October.
Katheren Gegges, doughter of W" Gegges, the xv**" of October.
Ann Willmson, doughter to Leonard Willmson, the xvi*'' of October.


Marye Hardye, doughter of John Hardye, the xxx^'' of October,
ffaith Bowd, doughter of W"- Bowde, the xxii^'' of November.
John Maison, sonn of Adam Maison, xxviii*'^ December.
Ann Hardye, doughter of John Hardye, the xxviii"^ of December.
Ann Spacye, doughter of Richard Spacy, the xxx**" of December.

Anno Dni 1585 {Christenings).
John Cootes, sonn of Nicholas Cootes, the xxiii*'' of Aprill.
George Dockan, son to Augustine Dockan, the first of June.
Elizabeth Hill, doughter of Symon Hill, the four daye of June.
John Braithwaite, sonn to Edward Braithwhat, the fifte of June.
James Ward, sonn to Robt Ward, the xi*** of Julye.
Robt Wilson, sonn to Richard Wilson, the xx*'' of October.
Alice Wilson, doughter vnto Thomas Wilson, the xix*** of November.
Margarett Hewthwait, doughter of WiHm Hewthwaite, the xxiii'^ of

WiHm Hayton, sonn to WiHm Hayton, the xxv^'' of December.
Ann Benson, doughter of Gawin Benson, cobler. the xxix*'* of

Mathewe Rundell, sonn to John Rundell, the fifte of ffebruarye.
Thomas Williamson, sonn of Leonard Williamson, the ix*" of


Anno dni 1586.
George Rawdon, sonn of John Rawdon, the xxix**" of Marche.
Nicholas Thornell, sonn of Richard Thornell, the xxi'*' of Maye.
Margarett Jackson, doughter of John Jackson, the xxix*** of Maye.
Susan Butler, doughter to Guye Butler, the vi*** of August.
Marye Tompson, doughter to Thomas Tompson, the xxiiii"* of August.
Marye Maison, daughter of \hlanli\ Maison, the xxiiii'^ of August.
Edward Bell, sonn of James Bell, the fourth of September.
John Topham, sonn to Robt Topham, the vi*" of September.
Elizabeth Dent, doughter of xpofer Dent, the xii*^ of September.
Dorathie Braithwaite, doughter to Edward Braithwait, the xvi''' of

Susan Ward, doughter to Robt Ward, the xv*'' of Januarye.
Elizabeth Rames, doughter to Thomas Rames, the xxi''' of Januarye.
John Ellison, sonn to WiHm Ellison, the xxvi*'' of Januarye.
John Hayton, sonn of WiHm Hayton, the xxvii"^ of Januarye.
Edward Simpson, sonn of Adam Simpson, the last of Januarye.

Anno Dni 1587.
Robt Crosbye, sonn to James Crosbye, the xxv^'* of Marche.
ffaith Langwith, doughter to Tristram Langwithe, the xvi'*" of June,
ffaith Rawdon, doughter of John Rawdon, the first of Julye,
Elizabeth Thawites, doughter to George Thawites, the fifte of October.
Margarett Jackson, doughter to John Jackson, the ffourth of

Thomas Williamson, sonn to Leonarde Williamson, the xi**" of

John Braithwaite, sonn to Edward Braithwaite, the xxi**" of November.
WiHm ffoster, sonn to Raufe ffoster, the xxviii''' of November.
Margarett Vawe, doughter vnto Robt Vawce, the xxiiii"^ of Januarye.


Mawde Haiton, doughter vnto W'"- Hayton, the last of Januarye.
Elizabeth ffewier, doughter to Thomas ffewler, the xxvi**' of ffebruarye.

Anno Dni 1588 {Christenings).
Robt Challener, sonn of Wittm Challener, the xii'" of Maye.
John Butler, sonn to Guy Butler, the xxvii'^^ of Maye.
George Ellison, sonn to Wiilm Ellison, the xxviii'^ of Maye.
Peter Raymes, sonn to Thomas Raymes, the xix"^ of Julye.
Thomas Diricke, sonn of Gerrard Diricke, the xi*^** of August.
Wittm Thornell, sonn to Richard Thornell, the vi"' of October.
Alice Wetherell, doughter of George Wetherell, the fifte of November.
Marye Hewthwaite, doughter of W"- Hewthwaite, the xii*'' of

ffrancis Tindell, doughter of \_blank^ Tindell, gent, the vi**" of

Thomas Whaitley, .sonn to Mathewe Whaitley, the xx*"" of ffebruary.
Edward Braithwaite, sonn of Edward Braithwaite, the xii"* of March.
Wittm Rindall, .sonn of John Rindall, the xii'*" of Marche.

Anno Dni 1589.
Marmaducke Wilson, sonn to Thomas Wilson, partchement maker,

the xix*'' of April.
Anne Mayson, doughter to Wittm Maison, the third of ffebruarye.
John Benson, sonn to Gawen Benson, the fifte of Julye.
ft'aith Hall, doughter vnto Anthonye Hall, the ix**" of Julye.
Margarett Dent, doughter of xpofer Dent, the xi*** of Julye.
Johanne Rames, doughter of Thomas Rames, the xii^*^ of August.
Wittm Willman, sonn of Wittm Willman, the xiiii"' of August.
John Graye, sonn to Thomas Graye, the ix**" of September.
Alice Williamson, doughter of Leonard Williamson, the xxth of

Thomas Thornell, sonn of Richard Thornell, the iiii*'' of October.
Elizabeth Widowes. doughter of Edward Widowes, the xxii**" of

Thomas ffewler, sonn to Thomas ffewler, the xxv*^ of October.
Margarett Gerrard, doughter of Dirick Gerrard, the first of November.
Christofer Dent, sonn of John Dent, the xxvi**" of December.

Anno Dni 1590.
Elizabeth Wrightson, doughter of Wittm Wrightson, the xxv*** of

John Scudamore, sonn of Thomas Scudamore, Esquire, the xxvii*** of

Peter Lakin, sonn of Wittm Lakin, the of June.
Anne Spacye, doughter of Richard Spacye, the v*'' of Julye.
Anthonie Munckus, sonn of James Munckus, the xix**" of September.
Margaret Graye, doughter of Thomas Graye, the last of September.
Peter Jackson, sonn of John Jackson, the xi*** of October.
Jane fifoster, doughter of Raufe ffoster, the vi**" of November.
Sibill Butler, doughter of Guye Butler, the xi**" of November.
William Williamson and Edward Williamson, sonnes of Leonard

Williamson, the xxvi**" dave of November.


Anne ffewler, doughter of Thomas ffewler, the xxvi'*' daye of

Ellezabeth Watson, the doughter of John Watson, the xxix*** of


Anno Dni 1591 {Christenings).
Henry Dent, sonn of xpofer Dent, y^ third of Maye.
Ann Gegges, doughter of WiHm Gegges, y^ third of June.
Marye Widdus, doughter of Edward Widdus, the vi*** of Julye.
Alice Lakin, doughter of William Lakin, the xvi*^'' of Julye.
WiHm Tailer, sonn of Roland Tailer, Gierke, the xxx**" of August.
Marye Challiner, doughter of Witim Challiner, the iiii*** of September.
Henrye Broughe, .sonn of James Broughe, the xxv*'' of September.
Susan Langwith, doughter of Robte Langwith, the xix*** of September.
Margaret Northe, doughter of WiHm Northe, the xxiii"^ of October.
Christofer Hewthwhaite, sonn of WiHm Hewthwhate, the xvii'*" of

Elizabeth Thornell, doughter of Richard Thornell, the xvii of

ffrancis Scudamore, sonn of Thomas Scudamore, Esquire, the fourthe

daye of ffebruarye.

Anno Dni 1592.
Marye Jackson, doughter of John Jackson, the Second of May^-
Anne Rundall, doughter of John Rundall, the xi*'' of Maye.
Jane Linley, doughter of John Linley, the xxix*'' of Maye.
Margarett Haxup, doughter of Thomas Haxup, the xxiiii*** of June.
Katheren Killingworth, doughter of Thomas Killingworthe, the xvi***

of Julye.
ffrancis Wilson, sonn of Thomas Wilson, the xix**" of Julye.
Bryan ffarley, sonn of Robt ffarley, the last of August.
Susan Gee, doughter of William Gee, Esquier, the viii*'' of October,
ffrancis Thornell, doughter of Richard Thornell, the x**" of December.
WiHm Ellisse, sonn of xpofer Ellisse, the xvi*^ of December.
Katheren Hardye, doughter of John Hardye, the xii''' of ffebruarye.
John Williamson, sonn of Leonard Williamson, the xx*** of ffebruarve.

Anno Dni 1593.
Henry Nuttye, sonn of W™- Nuttye. the xxvi'*" of Marche.
John Spender, sonn of Robt Spender, y® iiii'** of Aprill.
Elizabeth woodus, doughter of Edward Woodus, the xi**" of Maye.
Margarett Lancaster, doughter of Richard Lancaster, the xvii*^ of

John Wilson, sonn to Thomas Wilson, pinner, the xxvii*'' of Maye.
Margarett Walton, doughter of Mathewe Walton, the xxviii*'* of Mave.
Gyles Gierke, sonn of Robt Gierke, the xx**" of June.
Jane Jackson, doughter of John Jackson, the xxv*** of June.
Peter North, sonn of W™- north, y* first of Julv.
Henrye Phenney, sonn of Gyles Phenney, the xvii**" of Julye.
Marye Braithwhaite, doughter of Edward Braithwaite, the xix*** of

Janne Watson, the doughter of John Watson, the Last of September



Thomas Waslinge, sonn of Robt Waslinge, the x*'' of October.
Cassandra Linley, doughter of John Linley, the xx*'' of October.
Gertrud Waslinge, doughter of Robt Waslinge, the xxv"* of October.
John, the sonne of James Dent, was baptiszed the first dale of

November [margin].
Katheren Rogerson, doughter of Michaell Rogerson, the x*** of

Thomas Thornell, son of Richard Thornell, the x**" of November.
John Whawley, .sonn of Mathewe Whawley, the xx*** of November.
Heughe Scudamore, .sonn of Thomas Scudamore, Esquire, the xvii**"

daye of Januarye.

Anno Dni 1594 {Christenings).
Christofer Williamson, .sonn of Leonard Williamson, the xxvi"" of

Thomas Gegges, sonn of W"' Gegges, xxvii*'' of M'^ch.
Jane Ellis, doughter of xpofer Ellis, v*" of Aprill.
John Loncaster, .sonn of Richard Lancaster, the xiiii**' nf Aprill.
Thomas Haxwell, .son of Thomas Haxwell, ix*'' of May.
Robt Scalinge, sonn of Robt Scalinge, xiiii"' of October.
Ellen Thaker, doughter of Em Thaker, the xx**" of October.
Robt Spender, sonn of Robt Spender, the vi'** of Julye.
Thomas Wilson, sonn of Thomas Wilson, the ix**" of July.
Raufe Smith, sonn of xpofer Smith, the viii**^ of October.
Isabell Blackborne, doughter of Robt Blackborne, the xvi*'' of October.
Margarett Broughe, doughter of James Brough, the xvi**" of October.
Ann Smith, doughter of xpofer Smith, xxii**" of October.
Isabell Braithwaite, doughter of Edward Braithwaite, the xxvii*'' of

Jane Hewthwaite, doughter of Wifim Hewthwaite, the xxviii'*" of

Anthonie Craike, sonn of Robt Craike, xviii*'' of November.
Xpofer Brough, sonn of James Broughe, viii'*" of December.
Elizabeth North, doughf of W"- North, fift of Januarye.
W"' Wright & Ann Wright, sonn & doughter of Thomas Wright, the

vii*'' of Januarye.
Katheren Thornell, doughf of Richard Thornell, y^ xv**" of Januarye.
Thomas Woodus, sonn of Edward Woodus, second of March.
Henry Bea.sly, .sonn of George Beaslie, second of M^'ch.

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