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chapel and hospital built, sewerage constructed, and all modern improvements
and conveniences provided, and the grounds constantly improved.

After a period of prosperity, on the eleventh day of August, 1892, a fire,
the cause of which could not be learned, destroyed a two-story building in the
rear of the kitchen, containing the laundry and ironing room, and damaged
the engine, dynamo and boilers to the extent of $15,000. This loss was speed-
ily repaired and it seemed as though it had suffered enough, but in a little lesa
than ten years it was doomed to pass through the severest ordeal of all. On
the 9th of May, 1902, the entire main building and part of the chapel and
pupils' dining room were entirely destroyed by fire. It is a matter of congratu-
lation that notwithstanding the great pecuniary loss, not a child was hurt, nor
did a pupil lose a meal or an hour's study. The remaining buildings were


utilized, temporary schoolhouses built, until in 1906 the ruins were replaced
by better and more commodious buildings than before.

This structure cost $250,000, to which was added a fire-proof hospital,
costing $30,000, also a new powerhouse and laundry costing $60,000. Grounds
have been graded and farm buildings erected at a cost of $8,000.

Many people still call this the deaf and dumb asylum and consider it a
benevolent institution. This is all wrong. It is simply a large public school,
the pupils of which require teachers specially qualified.

Neither are the pupils subjects of charity. They have the same right to-
a public school education as all others. The course of study is substantially
the same as that in our primary, graded, and high schools, to which is added
trades adapted to both sexes, the full intent of which is to fit them for inde-
pendent and intelligent citizenship.

The name as fixed by the general assembly is simply the Iowa School for
the Deaf.

The institution as now constituted represents a money value of over a
half million dollars.

The number of pupils at this writing (October, 1907) is two hundred and


This institution was established in 1884 and commenced business in the
Shugart block.

It is strictly a business school, its aim being to equip young men and
women to fill satisfactorily to themselves and their employers any position
of a clerical nature that may be open to them.

The officials and instructors are as follows:

E. P. Miller — President and business manager, instructor in penmanship
and correspondence.

Charles Benson — Vice-president, principal of business department and
instructor in bookkeeping, banking, commercial law and arithmetic.

Catharine L. Miller — Secretary and treasurer, superintendent of short-
hand, office practice department.

Alice A. Benson — Principal .shorthand department, and instructor in
shorthand and touch typewriting.

Mrs. W. L. Baker — Principal normal department, and special instructor
in English sciences and didactics.

After some years more room was required for its increasing business and
the institution was moved to the Masonic Temple and on completion of the
Public Library building the college secured the rooms vacated by that asso-
ciation in the Merriam block, where it is established at the present writing, with
ample room for its three hundred students, it became incorporated in 1906,
with capital of $10,000.


Next to the home, the public school is the most sacred institution in our
land. It is the ground floor on which our children can assemble without
money and without price and receive instruction fitting them for the every-



day duties of life, as well as to prepare such as desire, for the college and uni-

The church, the Sunday school and the home are the proper places for
religious instruction, and there is no danger of their receiving too much of it
there, but here is, and should be, neutral ground on which all can be taught,
unvexed by creeds and dogmas that have perplexed older heads for centuries.
Here the young mind can expand, and outgrow bigotry and superstition that
in times past have led up to persecution, even to the rack, stake and faggot.

Such is the present condition of our public schools today, and as such we
are proud of them.

The following is a list of those of the independent district of Council
Bluffs, with number of rooms and seating capacity.


Rooms. Capacity.

Bloomer 12 600

Avenue B 12 600

Harrison Street 4 200

Eighth Avenue 4 200

Pierce Street 12 600

Third Street 8 400

Washington Avenue 19 950

Eighth Street 8 400

Twentieth Avenue 12 600

Second Avenue 10 500

Madison Avenue 4 200

Thirty-Second Street 8 400

West Council Bluffs 2 100

High School 12 600

These being filled, as the secretary reports, gives 6,350. This, with the
500 in the two parochial, the commercial, and Christian Home, gives
us 6,850, and still many are not attending. Some of which are at work and
some playing truant, as the state census of 1906 gives Council Bluffs 8,338 of
school age.

These require the services of a superintendent and one hundred and fifty
teachers,- including specialists and substitutes.

The pay of teachers in the grades is from $40 to $70 per month. High
school from $75 to $133. Principals from $80 to $112. Superintendent
$2,600 per year.

The board of education is constituted as follows : President, Emmet Tin-
ley, J. P. Hess, F. J. Shugart, N. P. Anderson, J. A. Schoodsack, G. S. Elliott
and W. H. Killpack.

Secretary — D. L. Ross.

Treasurer — Geo. S. Davis.



June 8, 1855, dispensation was issued by A. R. Cotton, grand master, as-
sisted by T. S. Brown, grand secretary of Grand Lodge of Iowa, A. F. and A.
M., to L. L. Bowen, P. J. McMabon, S. H. Riddle, A. Y. Larimer, W. C. James,
Wm. Clancy, L. W. Williams, Samuel Knepper, Rufus Beall and J. C. Fargo,
to form and open a lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Council
Bluffs, by the name of Bluff City Lodge, and appointing L. L. Bowen. W. M. :
P. J. McMahon, S. W., and Samuel Riddle, J. W.

July 21, 1855, the first lodge meeting was held. June 4. 1856, charter was
issued by Grand Lodge of Iowa, A. F. and A. M.. to Bluff City Lodge No. 71,
A. F. and A. M., signed by John F. Sanford, grand master, and T. S. Brown,
grand secretary.

December 6, 1856, twenty Master Mason? residing in Omaha, Nebraska
territory, exemplified the work in Bluff City Lodge No. 71, A. F. and A. M..
and asked for, and received a recommendation to form a capital lodge at Oma-
ha, Nebraska.

May 5, 1860, a resolution presented at a former meeting to surrender the
charter of the lodge was voted on and carried in the negative.

January 23, 1869, Geo. W. Lininger and other brethren exemplified the
work and received the recommendation to form Excelsior Lodge in Council

The cornerstone of the .Masonic Temple was laid by Geo. B. Vansaun,
grand master of Iowa, October, 1883. The lodge held its first meeting in Ma-
sonic Temple December 16, 1884.

December, 1905, Masonic bodies bought Masonic Temple and made sub-
stantial improvements, including installing an elevator.

Present membership (1907) is 250.

Officers of Bluff City Lodge. September 1. 1907, are as follow?:
D. E. Stuart. W. M.; J. G. Wadsworth, S. W.; Geo. E. Williamson. J. W.;
H. W. Binder, treasurer: G. W. Lipe, secretary: H. E. Doolittle, S. D.; T. B.
Lacy, J. D.; J. M. Morrow. S. s. : G. H. Nicoll, J. S.; C. A. Bailey, tyler.

June, 1860, Thos. H. Benton, Jr., of Council Bluffs, was elected grand
master of the Grand Lodge of Iowa.

June, 1893, Thos. B. Lacy was elected J. (J. warden Grand Lodge of

June, 1898, G. W. Lipe was elected J. <;. W. Grand Lodge of Iowa.


Charter was granted October 17, 1871.

Officers: C. E. Walters, commander; R. C. Peregoy, generalissimo; S. F.
Shuart, captain general; G. W. Lipe, senior warden; C. W. Perdum, junior
warden: W. S. Baird, prelate: C. Konigmacher. treasurer; <'. II. Jackson,
recorder; E. E. Smith, standard bearer; J. E. Lundine. -word bearer; W. E.
McConnell, warder; J. Anderson, sentinel. Finance committee- * '. E. Wal-
ters, R. C. Peregoy ami S. ]•'. Shuart. Past commanders — T. B. Lacy, F. J.


Pierce, G. W. Lipe, Geo. H. Jackson, V. Jennings, H. W. Binder, C. M. Hart,
P. H. Wind and J. C. Mitchell. Past grand officer— T. B. Lacy, P. G. com-
mander. Membership, 87.


Organized July 5, 1869.

Officers: F. J. Pierce, M. E. H. priest; <i. H. Nicoll, E. king; \Y. H.
Miller, E. scribe; C. E. Price, treasurer; G. H. Jackson, secretary; J. C. Mad-
sen, captain host; G. W. Lipe, principal sojourner; J. E. Lundine, R. A. C;
P. H. Wind, M. third vail ; G. E. Gould, M. second vail ; H. E. Doolittle, M.
first vail ; J. Anderson, guard. Finance committee — F. J. Pierce, G. H. Nicoll,
W. H. Miller. Past high priests— P. H. Wind, A. McMillen, T. B. Lacy, H.
W. Binder, C. Konigmacher, J. C. Mitchell, C. M. Hart, G. W. Lipe, J. C. Mad-
sen and C. E. Walters. Past grand officer — T. B. Lacy. Membership, 119.


Date of charter October 8, 1902.

Officers: F. J. Pierce, T. I. M.; C. E. Walters, D. M.: P. H. Wind, P. C.
W. ; E. Kretchmer, treasurer; G. E. Jackson, recorder; G. W. Lipe, captain
guard; A. McMullen, C. of C. ; H. V. Battey, steward; J. Anderson, sentinel.
Finance committee — F. J. Pierce, C. E. Walters and P. H. Wind. Past T. I.
masters — Thos. B. Lacy, G. W. Lipe and F. J. Pierce. Membership, 51.


Organized December 21, 1878.

Officers: Mrs. Blanch Killpack, worthy matron; W. H. Killpack, worthy
patron; Miss Crystal Dingle, associate matron; Emma G. Potter, secre-
tary; Mrs. Jennette Ott, treasurer; Miss Jesse Caldwell, conductress; Miss
Blanche Arkwright, conductress; Miss Blanche Arkwright, A. conductress;
Mrs. Carrie Van Fossen, Adah; Mrs. Emeline Williams, Esther; Mrs. Helen
M. Wheeler, Martha; Mrs. Lillie Cook. Electra; Mrs. Barbara Tucker, warder;
J. Anderson, sentinel; Mrs. Mattie E. Witter, chaplain; Mrs. Esta M. Conrad,
marshal ; Mrs. Clara Williams, organist. Past matrons of Harmony Chapter —
Mrs. Lizzie Huntington. Mrs. Maria Jackson, Mrs. M. Duquette, Mrs. Jennie
P. Gray, Mrs. Ada Morgan, Miss Emma G. Potter, Mrs. Harriett Stevenson,
Mrs. Barbara Tucker, Mrs. Charles E. Walters and Mi's. Jennie Wilkins.
Past patrons of Harmony Chapter — Ephraim Huntington, Wm. Highsmith,
G. H. Jackson, Chas. E. Walters, Peter H. Wind and Andrew McMillen.
Finance committee — Geo. H. Jackson and Mrs. Harriet Stephenson. Relief
committee — Miss Maggie McMillen, Mrs. L. M. Shubert, 0. J. McManus. Past
grand officers — Mrs. Maria Jackson, P. G. matron ; G. H. Jackson, P. G. patron ;
Emma Potter, P. G. Ruth. Membership, 170.


EXCELSIOR LODGE NO. 259, A. F. and A. M.

Dispensation was granted February 1, 1869. Chartered June 2, 1869, with
the following charter members: G. W. Lininger, T. A. Megath, J. Lyman,
P. J. McMahon, B. Newman, W. J. Brainard, Leech Clark, Thos. J. Evans,
Richard Gray, H. W. Goff, J. H. Keatley, J. W. Vinacke, A. J. Bond and J.

First officers were : G. W. Lininger, W. M. ; T. A. Megath, S. W. ; J. Ly-
man, J. W. ; P. J. McMahon, treasurer; B. Newman, secretary; J. W. Brainard,
S. D. ; Leech Clark, J. D. ; T. J. Evans, tyler.

In 1907 the membership had grown to 145, with the following officers
Wm. S. Baird, W. M.; Charles H. Conrad, S. W.; Harry A. Lenox, J. W.
John S. Kinkle, treasurer; Thos. McMillen, secretary; Edward D. Carr, S. D. ,
John B. Sherman, J. D. ; C. M. Maynard, S. S. ; G. Gail Garretson, J. S. ; Jas.
McMillen, tyler. Trustees— George H. Jackson, Dell G. Morgan and Samuel
Payne. Membership, 145. Past masters— C. M. Harl, P. H. Wind, W. A.
Highsmith, G. H. Jackson, Samuel Payne, H. E. Spoor, D. G. Morgan, A. Mc-
Millen, S. G. Culver and James I. Henry.

The following are the directors of the Masonic Temple Association: G.
W. Lipe, F. J. Pierce, W. E. McDonnell, V. Jennings, J. .McMillen, G. H.
Jackson, J. G. Wadsworth, W. S. Baird and P. H. Wind.

Officers: President, G. W. Lipe; vice-president, P. H. Wind; treasurer,
F. J. Pierce; secretary, J. G. Wadsworth. Executive committee — J. McMil-
len, V. Jennings, G. H. Jackson and W. E. McConnell.


Is a fraternal benefit insurance association. Hazel Camp, No. 171 was
organized February 6, 1886, with sixteen members.

Its growth has been continuous, until at the present time it has a mem-
bership of 630.

It has distributed to the widows and children of its deceased members
ninety-four thousand dollars ($94,000).

It includes in it- membership many of the foremo~i business and pro-
fessional men in the city.


The Council Bluffs Aerie was organized December 28, 1900. First past
president, S. P. Wadsworth ; first president, John Lindt ; second president, W.
H. Ware; third president, Steve H. Connors; fourth president, Thos. Metcalf;
fifth president, Chas. Nicholson.

The organization at present (1907) is as follows: President, J. J. Klein;
recording secretary, J. H. Bryant; financial secretary, F. C. Hendricks; treas-
urer, Geo. S. Davis.

The present membership of this Aerie is 700.

The benefits distributed since organization have averaged $3,000 per an-



The charter of Council Bluffs Lodge No. 49, I. 0. 0. F., was granted Oc-
tober 26, 1853, by the Grand Lodge of Iowa, and record shows that from De-
cember 21, 1859, no meetings were held until July 11, 1887, when the follow-
ing brothers met for the purpose or reorganization: J. P. Casady, D. C.
Bloomer, J. Smith Hooten, W. L. Biggs and J. D. Test. Brother J. P. Casady
being appointed by the grand secretary. District deputy grand master ordered
an election of officers, and the following brothers were elected and installed:
Brother J. Smith Hooten, noble grand; Brother D. C. Bloomer, vice grand;
Brother J. P. Casady, secretary; Brother W. L. Biggs, treasurer.

At the following meeting July 19, 1867, the following brothers were
elected by card: J. H. Stewart, T. II. Stewart, I. N. Chapman, B. Newman
and A. H. Orr.

The present membership is 195, and the present officers are: G. W.
Eckert, noble grand; Thos. Q. Harrison, vice grand; J. V. Howard, secretary;
C. W. Dachtler, treasurer.

Hawkeye Lodge No. 184, I. 0. 0. F., was instituted December 10, 1869,
by Past Grand W. L. Biggs, D. D., G. M.

Charter was granted October 20, 1870. The charter members were as
follows : J. W. Peregoy, noble grand ; Robert George, vice grand ; J. S. Sayles,
recording secretary; A. H. Orr, treasurer; G. W. Wilcox, Ben Newman, R. H.
Kells and R. R. Kirkpatrick.

The present membership is 148, with the following officers: J. R. Mc-
Pherson, noble grand ; J. R. Ezra, vice grand ; J. F. Spare, secretary ; A. D. Van
Horn, treasurer.

The five-story brick temple now occupied by the several lodges was built
in 1896.

Park City Lodge, No. 606, 1. 0. 0. F., was instituted October 20, 1894, with
the following charter members: A. N. Lund, J. A. Heflin, F. A. Grout, Geo.
W. Skinner, P. B. Griffith, E. A. Pippin, Geo. D. Clark, T. H. N. Peterson, Geo.
Shoemaker and Geo. H. Scott.

The first officers were: F. A. Grout, noble grand; Geo. D. Clark, vice
grand ; A. N. Lund, secretary ; Geo. Shoemaker, treasurer.

The grand officers who instituted this lodge were : A. D. Van Horn, past
grand of Hawkeye Lodge, No. 184, Dist. Dept. G. M. ; C. E. Tucker, past
grand of Council Bluffs, No. 49, grand warden ; Fred Knapp, past grand of
Humboldt Lodge, No. 174, grand secretary; S. S. Keller, past grand of Coun-
cil Bluffs Lodge, No. 49, grand treasurer.

Five of these original charter members are still connected with this
lodge. All the charter members are living except P. B. Griffith, who died some
years ago.

The present membership is 168. Present officers are: W. F. Johnson,
noble grand; F. R. Starr, vice grand; Walter C. Joseph, secretary; I. N. Par-
sons, treasurer.


St. Albans Lodge. No. 17, K. of P., was organized June 12, 1872, by a
delegation of Knights from Nebraska Lodge No. 1, of Omaha, with the follow-
ing list of charter members: J. J. Monell, Jr., Edwin J. Abbott, F. W. Ben-
nett, A. M. Wickens, W. H. Lafferty, J. W. Jacobs, G. W. Taylor, H. C. Van
Brunt, C. N. Beyers, F. Gandy, J. Armstrong, J. E. Riley, W. P. Windel, C.
Hummel, R. George, 0. D. Boomer and Will H. Hoxie.

The first chancellor commander was J. J. Monell. Jr., and Edwin J. Abbott
first master of exchequer, and J. W. Jacobs, K. of P. and S. past chancellor.

Edwin J. Abbott and J. W. Jacobs are the only charter members con*
nected with the lodge.

The lodge is in a flourishing condition. Its present officers are: Julius
R. Cummings, C. C. ; Ray Cook, V. C. ; Geo. Hunter, prelate ; A. W. Huber, M.
of W.; Edwin J. Abbott^ K. of P. and S.; C. A. Tibbitts, M. of finance; A. C.
Lane, M. of E. ; S. J. Culver, marshal ; H. Danells, J. G. ; J. W. Jacobs, 0. G.
Trustees— Ed. Carr, C. W. Atwood and Thos. Pilling.


Council Bluffs Lodge, No. 531 was organized in the fall of 185)9. and on
the 27th of December the first meeting was held, when 245 charter members
were duly initiated, being the largest charter membership of any lodge ever
instituted up to that time.

The following were the first officers of the lodge: Hon. John N. Baldwin,
exalted ruler; Dr. T. B. Lacy, esteemed leading knight: W. J. Davenport, es-
teemed loyal knight; Emmet Tinley, esteemed lecturing knight; H. Z. Haas,
secretary; F. A. Buckrnan, treasurer; E. A. Troutman, esquire; N. E. Terryll,
tyler; Rev. Geo. Edward Walk, chaplain; E. C. Brown, inner guard. Trus-
tees — Lucius Wells, three years; Win. An id. two years: Ceo. E. Smith, one

In the fall of 1900 an Elks' building association was formed and stock
was issued, sold, and money raised to purchase ground and erect a lodge build-
ing and club rooms, and on October 21, 1900, the corner stone was laid with
ritualistic ceremonies of the order, and on April 19, 1901, the building was
properly dedicated and opened for the use of its members. From that time to
the present the lodge has been in a most prosperous condition, having at the
present time 600 members in good standing. The cost of building and ground
was $30,000.


Fidelity Council of the Royal Arcanum, No. 156 of Council Bluffs was
organized by Thos. G. Magrain, August 12, 1878, with nine members, viz.:
Dr. John Green, Thomas E. Weeks, Albert B. Nicholas, James P. Goulden,
Thomas Bowman. B. F. Baldwin, Col. D. B. Daily, Thomas E. <\i\ in and Orvil
M. De Kay.

This was but one year and two months after the organization of the su-
preme council of Boston, and was the first council organized in Iowa.

The splendid impetus given the new society by these enthusiastic young
business men launched it upon a most successful and honorable career, and in


twenty-nine years of its history 650 members have claimed its protection. Its
present membership is 252.

There have been forty-three deatlis among its members, and the material
benefits distributed to the widows and orphans of the deceased members amount
to $126,000.

The total membership of the order is 249,000, and the total benefits paid

Of the original nine charter members of Fidelity Council only three are
now living, viz. : Hon. Thos. Bowman, T. E. Cavin and A. B. Nicholas.


Council Camp, No. 14, Woodmen of the World, was organized September
8, 1891, by Deputy S. L. Waid in the Red Men's hall, corner of Broadway and
Main street, with a charter list of 175 members.

The first set of officers were: Consul commander, Dr. D. Macrae, Sr. ;
advisor lieutenant, Dr. C. H. Brown; banker, Dr. V. L. Treynor; clerk, H. A.
Baird; escort, Dr. D. Macrae, Jr.; sentry, Jas. A. Harlan; watchman, L. E.
Roe; managers, J. I. Lutz, Dr. F. S. Thomas and C. A. Tibbitts. The camp
moved from the hall in September, 1893, to what was known as Peterson's
hall, on Upper Broadway, which was rented, and remained the W. O. W. hall.
This they occupied until January, 1906, when they moved to their present
quarters, corner of Broadway and Park avenue.

The present officers are as follows : Consul commander, C. E. Barry ; ad-
visor lieutenant, M. R. Jones; banker, C. A. Tibbitts; clerk, Del G. Morgan;
escort, E. W. Corlies ; secretary, E. A. Aspinwall ; sentry, J. H. Carsley ; watch-
man, E. E. Grimes; physicians, Drs. P. J. Montgomery, C. H. Bower, O. V.
Hennessy and J. H. Gasson ; managers, J. G. Bradley, W. J. Lauterwasser and
A. C. Lane.

The camp has a well drilled uniformed company of sixteen men under
Captain W. C. Smith. One of the features of the W. O. W. plan is the placing
of a monument over the grave of every deceased member.

Council Camp has forty-one monuments placed, mostly in the city ceme-

The camp has paid out up to this time (1907) $42,000 in death benefits.

The present membership numbers 440.


Was organized in December, 1880, and held its first regular meeting on
the 7th day of January, 1881, with E. H. Harrison, W. H. Campbell, J. Lindt,
E. J. Abbott, Lewis Souvreign, Ed F. Holmes, R. P. Seely, J. Daugherty, A.
Austin, Wall McFadden, Geo. B. Miles, Geo. Carson, L. S. Russel, C. J. Beck-
man, D. B. Daily, E. Casey, W. H. McGinnis and J. A. Spaulding as charter

The first commander was C. N. Harrison ; first adjutant E. J. Abbott.

The post and its members have been prominent in the Grand Army affairs
of the state, Past Commanders John Lindt and J. J. Steadman having been


department commanders of the state of Iowa, and General G. M. Dodge is del-
egate-at-large to the national encampment, Post Commanders L. B. Cousins
and D. R. Witter have served as inspector generals, and E. J. Abbott as adjutant
general and judge advocate of the department, and many of the members have
oerved as aids to the department and national commanders.

The officers of the post at present are : Past commander, C. S. Hubbard ;
S. V. commander, S. H. Alexander; J. V. C, Fitch Smith; adjutant, E. J. Ab-
bott; Q. M., Samuel Johnson; chaplain, John Hutcbings; surgeon, James
Hoon; officer of the day, Wm. Roper; officer of the guard, Elmer Packard.

Tbe post is also owner of the burial lot in Fair View cemetery on which
the Kinsman monument stands, and also the part reserved for burial of old
soldiers free of cost.


Was organized in 1889 as an auxiliary to Abe Lincoln Post, G. A. R., by
Mrs. Hannah R. Primpton, a national officer.

The first officers were: President, Nettie Brown; secretary, Annie Camp-
bell; treasurer, Emma J. Clark; conductor, Flora A. Spera; assistant, Elizabeth
Ward; senior vice-president, Mary C. Hoon: junior. Mary F. Foster; chaplain,
Mary L. Irwin: guard, Hattie L. Cramer; assistant, Josephine Knight.

The corps is in a prosperous <• lition, -pending considerable amounts

yearly in donations to the Soldiers' Home at Marshalltown, the Memorial Uni-
versity at Mason City, Memorial Flag fund. Southern Memorial fund. Cali-
fornia sufferers, and our own post.

The present officers are as follows: President. Mattie E. Witter; senior
vice-president, MaryKelley; junior vice-president, Amy Reed; secretary, Eliza-
beth Ward; treasurer, Leona Brown; chaplain, Ella Liles; conductor, Augusta
Cook; guard, A. Pagenstecher ; assistant conductor. Amanda Mullen; assistant
guard, Martha Case; patriotic instructor, lluldab Steepy; press correspondent,
Carrie Bennett; musician, Ethel Thornton: color bearer No. 1, Stella Talbott;
color bearer No. 2, Favorett Weatherbee: color bearer No. 3, Mary Smith:
color bearer No. 4, Alice Rhodes.


Was incorporated August '•». L886, with twenty-six charter members, and
consists of men who enlisted prior to July 1, 1863, and served not less than
two years continuously unless di-eharged on account of wounds received in
line of duty.

At first regular meeting John Fox was elected colonel ; lieutenant colonel.

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