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is only implied by the context. — 01 γ€: emphasized with reference to

262. γαρ: refers to αρύοσιν 260. — ϊδωμαι : for the subjunctive as
future, cf. Β 488; see § 18 δ; Η. 868; G. 1321.

263 f. Π€ΐρ(θοον . . . Πολύφημον : Lapithae, a Thessalian mountain-
folk famed for its conflict with the centaurs. This strife began at the
wedding-feast of Peirithous (a friend of Theseus) because of the inso-
lence of the intoxicated centaurs; cf. Β 741 ff. The battle furnished
subjects for the sculptures in the west pediment of the temple of Zeus at
Olympia, for the metopes on the south side of the Parthenon at Athens,


for the decoration of the shield of Athena Proraachus on the Acropolis,
and for the ornaments of the shoes of the chryselephantine statue of
Athena in the Parthenon, for the frieze of the temple of Apollo at
Phigalia, and for the frieze of the tomb of Mausolus (the ' Mausoleum ')
at Halicarnassus, as well as for vases and other works of art.

265. Theseus, king of Athens, was the most famous ally of the Lapi-
thae. — cirieiKcXov ; the hiatus between the prep, and the adj. is only
apparent, see ΐκελος § 32 α.

266. κάρτισ-τοι : pred., " these were the mightiest ever born on earth,"
cf. Β 216, 673. — For the repetition of κάρηστοι, cf. that of ττείθεσθαι, 273 f . ;
see § 16 h. — δη: doubtless, strengthens the superlative, as it often does.

267. μί'ν: without corresponding 8e, as 269 and freq. In such cases,
it is equiv. to μ,-ην. — ecrav [ξσαν] : without an augment.

268. φηρσ-ίν : cf. φηρας Β 743. φηρ is the Thessalian form of θηρ
(cf. f era). It is used by Homer only of the centaurs, whose homes were
in Thessaly. The centaurs are not described by Homer, but their dual
nature (half man, half horse) seems to have been not yet developed in
the story. — airoXco-o-av : απώλεσαν.

269. καί : even. Construe with τοΐσίν. The new thought is introduced
by Kttt also 271, 273, with increasing emphasis. — The thought returns to
261. — Toi

Online LibraryHomerThe first six books of Homer's Iliad → online text (page 23 of 54)