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— 'Αχαιών: construe with λαόν, as 163.

439. ημ6ί8 : i.e. the princes who are named 405 ft'. — αθρόοι c38c : assem-
bled as we are.

440. θάσ-σον: the quicker. — €'γ€(ρομ€ν κτλ. : cf. 381.
441-483. The army goes forth to fight.
442-444. Cf 50-52.

442. αντίκα: 'asyndetic,' see § 15 c.

445. ol δ* άμφ* *Ατρ6Ϊωνα: " The son of Atreus and the other princes."
See H. 791, 3 ; G. 1202, 3.

446. Kp£vovT€s : following Nestor's advice, 362. — μ€τά 8^ : hut among
them, as 477. — She is unseen. So Apollo leads the Trojans forward,
et/Aevos ωμοιιν νεφζλην Ο 308 with a cloud wrapped about his shoulders.
See on A 198. — *Αθήνη : sc. θννε, which is taken up by διεσσυτο 450.

447. αΙγίδα : as goddess of war (on A 206), Athena wears the Aegis
of Zeus to inspire terror. The Aegis was a symbol of the thunder cloud,
just as the Gorgon's head upon it represented the thunder storm. This
is worn by Athena regularly in works of art. — άγήραον κτλ: explanatory
of Ιρίτιμον. ά-γηραος is always associated by Homer with αθάνατος, and
elsewhere in the poems is used only of persons, excepting the gold and
silver dogs that guard the palace of the king of the Phaeacians.

448. τή5 : f-ojn which. Construe with -ηερίθονται. — The present is
used of a divine and unchanging quality.

449. IvirXiKc'is: evidently the art of drawing gold into thin threads
was known in the Homeric period. — Ικατόμβοιος: loorth a hundred oxen.
Cf. 649 for the round number. Cattle formed the standard of value in
those times. Coined money was unknown. See § 5 c.

451. Iv : const, with ωρσει/.

452. καρδίη : in partitive apposition with ζκάστω. See § 12 g. καρ8ιη
is found in Homei- only in tliis verse, elsewhere κραΒίη, as 171 ; see § 31.


455-483. Six splendid comparisons, each of which progressively gives
yrominence to a new point; (1) the gleam of their armor, 455-458; (2) their
noisy tumult, 459-466 ; (o) their multitude, 467 f. ; (4) their eagerness for
thefray,4:Q9-473', (5) their mai'shalling leaders, 4:74^79 ; (6) Agamemnon
as commander-in-chief, 480-483. See § 14 c.

455. ηύτ€ : as 87. — άίδηλον : destructive. — άσιτετον : sc. in extent.
This is essential for the comparison since the extent of the fire is a condi-
tion of its brightness as seen at a distance.

456. έ'καθίν : from afar, where the poet chooses his station with the
men who are looking on.

457. των : of these, limits χαλκοί). — Ιρχομίνων : as they were going forth

— eco-irc^ioio : sc. because of the throng.

458. δι' αΙθέρο$ : i.e. reaches through the aether to the home of the
gods. See on A 195.

459. των : prepares the way for the leading clause. It is taken up by
TOiv 464, as τον

Online LibraryHomerThe first six books of Homer's Iliad → online text (page 29 of 54)