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two were considered the founders of the civilization of the country.

551. 'π•€ριτ€λλομ€νων : see on 295. — This then was an annual festival.

552. Π€Τ€ώο : for Hereaoo, see § 35 b. The family of Peteos claimed
descent from Erechtheus.

553 f. τω 8' ου Ίτω κτλ. : acc. to Herodotus, an ambassador of the Athe-
nians in the time of the second Persian war referred to these verses with
pride before Gelo, tyrant of Syracuse. But the Iliad does not elsewhere
mention or show this skill of Menestheus.

554. κοσμήσ-αι : equiv. to the Attic τά^αι ; see § 17. Cf. κοσμήτορα
λαών A 16, as an epithet of the generals. The inf. is used here as an acc.
of specification. — iinrovs: i.e. men on chariots, horses and all that went
with them.

555. Ν^/;)(ανο5.

637. δυώδ6κα: a small number in comparison with the 40 ships of
Dulichium, 630, or the 80 ships of Diomed, 568. The same number of
Odysseus's ships is mentioned in the Odyssey. See § 9 c?. — μιλτοττάρηοι :
red-cheeked. Their bows {cheeks) were painted with vermilion. On the
other hand, cf. 170 and ι 482, where the ship of Odysseus is called
κυανοττρωρος dark-prowed. — The forces of Odysseus are the fifteenth in
the enumeration of the 29 contingents. Corresponding to this position,
these ships are said to be at the middle of the line.

638-644. The Aetolians.

640. Καλυδώνα: on a shoulder of Mt. Aracynthus. It was famed for
the Calydonian Hunt of the boar that was killed at last by Meleager.

641. γάρ: introduces the explanation why Thoas was in command,
and not Oeneus or one of his distinguished sons, Tydeus (see on 563) or
Meleager. — ησ-αν : were living.

642. αυτό? : i.e. Oeneus. — ξανθ05 : see on Γ 284. — MeXe'a^pos : the most
distinguished of the sons of Oeneus.

643. Tip : i.e. Thoas. — lirC : construe with «τεταλτο. — ττάντα : everything,
explained by άνασσε/χεν in apposition with it ; i.e. the whole command. —

Online LibraryHomerThe first six books of Homer's Iliad → online text (page 30 of 54)