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quam illam eloquentiae procellam effunderet, dicit Quin-
tilian xi. 3. 157 f .

218. σκήτΓτρον : see on A 58, 234.

219. άστίμφ^δ : cf. Β 344. — Odysseus made no gesture.

220. φαίη5 K€: potential of the past, crederes, as 223; Attic «φ?;?
αν. Cf. 392. — Observe the asyndeton. — ζάκοτον κτλ.: a sullen, ill-
natured kind of a fellow. — άφρονα κτλ. : a mere simpleton. For αυτως, see
on A 133.

221. δη οττα: the hiatus is merely apparent, since 6\p is from the same
root as the Lat. vox. Cf. €πο?, and see § 32 a.

222. See Quintilian quoted on 214. — eirca: for the length of the
ultima, see § 59 Ίι. — νιφάδ^σσ-ιν κτλ. : in contrast with 214.

223. ούκ αν κτλ.: "no other mortal could have vied." — circira: lit.
after that. — Όδυσ-ήι: for the use of the name instead of a pronoun, see
on A 240. Observe the repetition of the name in the same position in
the following verse, cf 430, 432, 434.

224. TOT6: refers to δτε 221, made more definite by ciSos ίδόντες.—
ώδ€ : so much as before. They were so moved by his eloquence that they
forgot his unusual manner. — Όδυσ-ήοβ: const, with etSos.

225. Αϊαντα: Telamonian Ajax. See on A 138.

226. ris τ άρα : as A 8, Β 761.

227. e|oxos: cf. Β 480. — Άργβίων: differs mainly in metrical form
from 'Αχαιό? above. See on A 79.

229. ovTos: see on 167. — cpKos 'Αχαιών: see on A 284. Cf. ονρος
Αχαιών Θ 80, of Nestor ; ep /χα πόληος Π 549 prop of the city, of Sarpedon ;

' pillar of state,' Milton Par. Lost ii. 302.

230. Ίδομ€ν€ύ5 : see on Β 645. Idomeneus is named by Helen with-
out any question of Priam. At sight of him she cannot suppress the
memory of a happy past, and hence the longing for her brothers. A
more mechanical reason for the change in the form of question and
answer, is that the repetition of Priam's inquiry would become monoto-
Bfous. — Ocos

Online LibraryHomerThe first six books of Homer's Iliad → online text (page 34 of 54)