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παυρότερος. Equiv. to ολίγος,
παυσωλτ) : cessation, respite, Β 386.
παύω, fut. partic. παΰσουσα, aor.

παΰσαν, perf. πεπαυται : stop, put

an end to; mid. cease, come to an

Παφλαγονες pi. : a people dwelling

in Asia Minor on the Pontus.

Β 851, Ε 577.
παχνς, -eta, -υ: thick.
πεδάω, aor. πίΒησε

(πους) : fetter.
πεδίλον : sandal.
πεδίον: plain.
πεδιΌνδε : to the plain.
πε^ός : on foot, πεζοί

πείθω, fut. πείσεις, aor. πιθόμην, aor.

opt. πεπίθοιμεν, perf. πεποίθασιν,

plpf. επεπι^/χεν: persuade; mid.

am persuaded, obey; perf. trust,

have confidence,
πεινάω : am hungry.
ΐίειραώης : son of Peiraeus, Ptole-

maeus, Δ 228.
πειραρ, -ατός : issue, end.
πειράω, fut. πειρησομαι, aor. Ιπειρη-

σαντο, πειρηθηναι: try, endeavor,

make trial of, put to the test.
ΙΙειριθοος : king of the Lapithae,

friend of Theseus, A 263, Β 741.
Πειροος : leader of the Thracians,

Β 844, Δ 520.
πείρω, aor. επειραν, perf. partic. πε-

παρμενον : pierce.
Πελάγων, -οντο^ : (1) A leader of

the Pylians, Δ 295. (2) A Lycian,

companion of Sarpedon, Ε 695.
πελά^ω, aor. πελασ(σ)εν, επΧηντο,

πελάσθη : bring near, bring to, in-
volve in; pass, approach, come near.
Πελασγικός or Πελασγός: Pelnsgian.

TO Πελασγικον "Αργός Thessaly,

Β 681.


ireXeiaSf -άδο? : dove.

π€λ€κυς, -eos : cixe,

ττελεμίζίύ, aor. ττελεμίχθη : shake^
pass, tremble, shudder.

IleAtV • P^i^f^s* king of lolcus, who
drove out his brother Neleus and
his half-brother Aeson, and sent
his nephew Jason in quest of the
golden fleece, Β 715.

Παλλήνη : an Achaean town, Β 574.

Ώ-ίλοψ, -OTTOS : Pelops (son of Tan-
talus), who went from Lydia to
Elis, won the hand of Hippoda-
mia in a chariot race, established
his rule, and gave its name to
Peloponnesus, Β 104 f .

πελω and ττελο/χαι, aor. as pres. βπλεο,
Ιπλί.το : {τηουβ), am.

πελώριος : (^gigantic), large, mighty.

ττελωροι/ : monster, portent.

πε/χττω, fut. ττε/χι/'ω, aor. ^ττεμψεν:
escort, attend, send.

'π€μ•π-ωβολον (TreVre) : fve-tined fork
used in sacrifices. Similar sacri-
ficial forks have been found.


ττενθερός: father-in-law, wife's father.
7Γ€ΐ/^09, -eos: sorroio, grief.
TTcVo/xai (πόνος) : work, am busy.

Online LibraryHomerThe first six books of Homer's Iliad → online text (page 51 of 54)