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Teucer, Ε 160. (2) Son of Neleus
and Chloris, Δ 295, λ 286. (3) A
Lycian, slain by Odysseus, Ε 677.

Χρόμις, -ιος: a leader of the My-
sians, Β 858.

χρόνος : time.

χροός gen. χρ6α ace. : of χρως skin,

χρΰσ-άμττυζ, -νκος : with golden front-
let (head hand).

χρϋσ-αορος (aop) : ivith golden sivord.

χρνσε(ί)ος 3 ; golden.


Χρυσή: town on the coast of the
Troad with a temple to Apollo,
A 37, 100, 390, 431, 451.

Χρνσηίς, -ί8ος : daughter of Chryses,
captured by Achilles, and given
to Agamemnon, A 111, 143, 182,
310, 369, 439. She is never called
by her own name.

χρυσ-ηνιος : flashing with gold. Per-
haps, with golden reins (ηνία). Epi-
thet of Artemis, Ζ 205.

Χρυσής : priest of Apollo at Chrysa,
A 11, 370, 442, 450.

χρϋσό-θρονος : golden-throned,

χρυσός : gold,

χρως, gen. χροός : skin, body,

χύντο : aor. of χεω pour.

χυτός (χεω) 3 : heaped up.

χωλός : lame.

χωομαι, aor. εχώσατο : am angry, am
full of rage.

χωρεω, aor. χωρησαν : give way,

χωρη: place.

χώρος : place, space.

φάμαθος : fem. sand.

ψεΒνός 3 : sparse, Β 219.

ψευΒ-ης, -ες (ϊ/^εΰδο/χαι) : false, liar,

Δ 235.
ψευΒομαι, aor. partic. ψευσαμενη : lie.

ψευδόμενοι φασι say falsely.
ψεΰΒος, -εος : lie, deceit,
ψυχή: breath, soul, life, τον δ ελι•

7Γ€ ψυχή the breath of life left him,

i.e. he fainted,
ψυχρός : cold.


ω: inter j. 0! used before the voc.
ώ : inter j. followed by μοί or ττόττοί,

expressing surprise or displeasure,

Oh! alas!



ωΒε : thus, in this way, as follows.
ώδ€ — ως so — as, as — as, or ώς —
ώδε as — so.

ωθίω, aor. ωσ€(ν), ώσατο : thrust,
drive off.

iuiyvvvTBi impf.of otyvTj/Atojoen. (Per-
haps ηοίγννντο should be read.)

ωκα (ωκνς) : adv. quickly, swiftly.

Ώκαλεη: Boeotian village, Β 501.

'Ωκεανό? : Oceanus, god of a broad
stream which flowed about the
earth, and was also called Ocea-
nus, A 423, Γ 5, Ε 6.

ωκηθίν Ιωκηθησαν'] : aor. of οΐκίω
inhabit, colonize.

ωκν-μορος : (of early death), short-
lived. Superl. ωκνμορωτατος.


Online LibraryHomerThe first six books of Homer's Iliad → online text (page 54 of 54)