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Hector and the grief of the Trojans. This Book prepares the way for
our sympathy with Hecuba as she implores her son to enter the gates and
not withstand Achilles (X 79-89) ; and with Andromache, when grief comes
over her as she sees Hector's body drawn to the Greek camp after the
chariot of Achilles (X 437-515) ; and with the dirges of Andromache,
/ Hecuba, and Helen wnen the body of Hector is brought back to the city
(O 718-770). If Andromache had not been introduced here, she would
have been but a name, and her grief would not have been nearly so
pathetic at the close of the poem. The hearer is here brought into the
family circle of Priam, and is never after this without a heart for the
Trojan misfortunes.

The Seventh Book opens with the welcomed return of Hector and
Paris to the hard-pressed Trojans. After several Greeks have been slain,
Athena and Apollo arrange for a single combat between Hector and Ajax,
but night comes on and interrupts the duel, in which Ajax has tho
advantage. See 6 g.



Elements of compound words are indicated, so far as may be, by hyphens

Forms between marks of parenthesis are for etymological comparison.

Attic forms are occasionally added in brackets.

The gender of feminine nouns in -09 is indicated by/1 or fern.

The gender of masculine nouns in -os is not marked.

The gender of neuter nouns in -os is indicated by the genitive ending.

a-airros : unapproachable, invincible.
ddo-\eTos (X W ) : irresistible, unman-

aaros (s a t i s) : insatiate.
"Apavrts, pi. : early inhabitants of
a fountain nymph.

d-y<t- (ayav, cf. in gens), strength-
ening prefix : very, exceedingly.

-avros: a Trojan, slain by
I)i. ..,!. E 148.

"ApXrjpos: a Trojan, slain by Nes-
tor's son Antilorlius. Z 32.

d-pXTjS, -fjros (ySoAAoj) : un-shnt, ti< ir
(of an arrow). A 1 17.

a-pXtjros (/?aAAa>) : un-hit, not
irnniulfil hi/ a /nissile. A 540.

d-p\T]xpos :> > : ililirtiir, weak, ten<l>r.

'ApxiSoecv : from Abyilns. \ 500.

"ApvSos : A In/f/us, in the Troad, on
tin- south side of the Hellespont,
opposite St-stus. B 836.

: aor. of ayco, lead.

3 : good, noble, useful, esp.
useful in war, brave. Rarely used
of moral quality. (3orjv dya^os:
good at the war cry, brave in war.
d-ya-tcXeiTos 3 and d-yaKXvros (xXcos) :

renowned, famed, highly praised.
d-ydXXojiat (dyAxto?) : delight, exult.
a-yaX^a, -aros : < I c fig/if, treasure.
a-yajtai, aor. ^yao-o-aro, dyacrcra/Ac^a :
, n-<n,<n r at .

, -oi/os : Agamemnon, son
of Atreus. grandson of Pelops
(B 104 f.), king at Mycenae
(B 569 ff .). As the leader of the
-x]. edition against Troy, he is
prominent through the whole of
the Iliad. The first part of the



Eleventh Book is devoted to a
recital of his brave deeds. At
the close of the war, on his ar-
rival at home, he was slain by his
false wife Clytaemnestra and her
paramour (Agamemnon's cousin)
Aegisthus (a 35 ff., 8 512-537,
A 409 if.).

a-yap.os : unmarried. T 40.

d-yd-vvK^os (nive, snow): very snowy,
snow clad. Epithet of Olympus.
A 420.

d-yavos 3 : kindly, winning. B 164.

'A-yair^vcop, -opos : Arcadian leader.

d-yairrjTos (dya7rda>) : beloved. Z401.

d-yd-ppoos (pew) : with strong stream. -

'A-yacr0VT]s, -eos (of mighty strength) :
son of Augeas. B 624.

d-yao-o-dfwOa : aor. of ayafMi, wonder.

d-yavds : admirable, excellent, noble.
: message, news. B 787.
and fryyAs : messenger.
: announce, bear a message.

ayys, -cos : vessel, bowl, pan. B 471.

fryc, a-yere : strictly imv. of aya>,
bring, but generally used as inter-
jection, up, come ! aye. even with
pi., as B 331. Cf. dypei.

aor. mid. dyepovro and dypo-
, plpf . ayrryeparo, aor. pass,
and /Jyepflev [^yep^orai/]
(gre x x) : collect, bring together,

d-ye-XeiT) : giver of booty. Epithet of
Athena as war goddess. Z 269.

<ry\T]-<JH : locat., in the herd. 33 a.

cry'[uv inf., oryev impf . : of dyw, lead.

a-yev [edyT/o-ai/] : aor. pass, of a

d - ypa(rTOs : without gift of honor

(ye'pas). A 119.

], d-yp VT o : aor. of dyei/ow.

: proud, mighty, impetuous.
: aor. pass, of ayvu/xt, break.

: plpf. pi. of dyet'pco.
'A-yrjvwp, -opos : brave Trojan leader,

son of Antenor. A 467, A 59.
d-y-^jvwp, -opos (dvTy/a) : manly, proud.
d - yTJpaos (y^pas) : ever young, imper-

ishable. B 447.

dyrjTos (aya/xat) : admirable, splendid.
'A-yKcuos : an Argonaut. B 609.
d-yKds, adv. : in his arms. E 371.
<ryK\tvas: aor. partic. of drofcAtVco,

lean upon. A 113.
d'yKvXo-fjLTiTT]? (/x^rts) : crooked minded,

crafty. Epithet of Cronus.
(angle) : curved. Z 39.

with curved bow.
d-yKwv, -oii/os (angle, ankle) : elbow.

E 582.

'A-yXatT) : mother of Nireus. B 672.
d-yXati), locat. as dat. dyAa/'^^>t : splen-

dor, beauty. Cf. dydAAo/xat.
d^yXads : clear, splendid, glorious.
d - yvoi, aor. rjyvoirjo-ev (yt

fail to notice. A 537.
&<yvv|ii, aor. subjv. o0, aor. partic.

aavTe, aor. pass, ayrj and ayev

[eciy^o-av] (fay-, 32) : break,

break in pieces.

a - yovos (yeVos) : unborn. F 40.
d-yopdoixai., impf. rjyopotavro, aor.

dyopryo'aro (dyop^) : hold an assem-

bly, deliberate, address an assembly.
d-yopevco : speak, say, tell ; hold an

assembly. <j>6(3ov$* dyopeve: advise

to flee (flight).

Ko>) :



<ryopT| (dyeipo)) : assembly, speech to

,in ti.im mbly. place of assembly.
<ryopfj-0v, adv. : from the assembly.
d-yopTJv-St, adv.: to the assi m/i/y.

A 64

d-yopTiTT|s [pyTwp'] : speaker, orator.

d-yo's (ayo>) : lt<l>r. A2f!.">.

aYpct, interjection: />, come/

(Strictly imv. of dypew [aipc<o],

fa*e AoM.) C/. aye. E 765.
a-ypios (dypos) : w*7rf (of animals).

momge. A _':'>, 106.
d-ypopiVT)(riv : aor. partic. of dyeipw.
d-ypos (ager, acre) : field, count/-//

(opp. to city), dypul : in the field.
d-yportpos : > : ti'ifd (of animals).

s< 10 c.

dyvid (ayo>) : street, way. Z 391.
oryx 1 - adv. : nrai; with genitive.
'AYX^OS : :i Greek, slain by Hec-

tor. E 609.
o.YX>-a^os (<xAs) : near the sea. Kpi-

th.-t ..f coasi citi.-s. B 640.
d < YX l -J |pa X T l' r ^ s hdinl-tn-Jtiind fighter,

who tiuhts \vith sword and spear,

in contrast with jiwlin throwers.
l ^ v - : n ^ar. A 529.
A /ir}/i.<t <. king of the

Dardanians, father of Ai-m-as ly

Aphrodite. B 810, K 247, Y289.
*YX to " Ta ("7X 1 )' adv. : in<>.<t marly.

. adv. : MOT. B 172, T !_'!.

(ango, Germ, eng) : cl>l< .

<ryw. inijit. 'tyyer "r uycr. tut. o^o).
aor. ^yayc or ayayt, aor. imv.
O^CTC : /<''/'/. firing, f< tr/i. lt<]
ait-ay (the connection indicating

from what and to what the mo-
tion tends).

d-8at|p.o>v, -ovos (8i8a(rK(o) : untlciUid
in, in i .r/ierienced, with genitive.

d-SaKpvros : ir it h< nit tears, tearless.

d8iv: aor. inf. of avodva>, please.

d&Xcfreos or d8\4>i6s : brother.
<^>os is not Homeric.
is more than twice as freq. as

a8t]v. adv. : in plenty, to satiety.

dSivos -5 : thirl; crowded, huddled.

"ASjnyros : Admetus, Thessalian
king, husband of Alcestis, father
of Eumelus. B 713 f.

'A8pT|<rTia : Mysian town. B 828.

'ASpTjo-Tivi] : daughter of Adrastus,
Aegialea. E 412. Both wife and
maternal aunt of Diomed. 39 i.

"ASpTjo-Tos : Adraslus. (1) Argive
king who gave his daughters in
marriage toTydeus and Polynlces.
B 572. (2) Leader of Trojan
allies. B 830. (3) A Trojan.
Z 37.

d-8vTov (81x0) : (place not-to-be-
entered), stim'tuary. E 448, .">!_'.

de\va) : rnnti ml in games. A 389.

oUGXos [a0Aos] : struggle, conflict.

dttSw, impf. detSoi/ [a&u] : sin;/.

d-iKT|S. -5, nnstf nity, sliannfu/, jiitifnl.

dtipu), aor. partjc. fapafuri), plpf.

auipTO [cupw] : raifn-. ////> m> : plpf.

]>ass. n-as hanging.
dKa^6fivos ;> ) (d-/TK-) : against Itis trill.

'A 158.

d-Ku)v, -ov<ra [aKooi/, 24] 3 : nn-
iriffin;/. against (his) wvV/. A 327,


d'tXAa (ay/M): violent wind, storm.

de\\r)s, -es : with KOw'craAos, cloud of
dust. T 13.

af;<i> (cf. augeo, wax) : increase.

depo-i-iros (detpo), TTOUS), pi. depo-iVoSes :
high-stepping (of horses) .

ASe'CSris : Actor. B 513.

d-r]x.s, neut. adv. : incessantly, un-
ceasingly. A 435.

ago|iai : dry, season. A 487.

ao|iai : reverence, feel pious fear.

wr\\ii, pres. partic. dei/res : blow (of
the wind). E 526.

OITJP, dat. yepi (aura), f. : air (as
opp. to the clear alOrip), mist.
E 864.

ctfjo-vXos : wicked, dreadful, equiv. to
aurvAos. E 876.

a-0dva/ros 3 : undying, immortal, im-
perishable. aOdvaroi : immortals.

d-0epi<> : disregard, slight. A 261.

d-0<r-<j>aTos : unspeakable, ineffably
great. T 4.

'A0i]v(H, pi. ( 37 d) : Athens. B 546.

: Athenian. A 328.
and 'A0TjvaiT] : the goddess
Athena, Minerva. She appears
often in Homer as war goddess, as
she is represented in later works
of art ; hence she is called HaA-
Aas, spear-brandishing, yAauKWTrts,
gleaming-eyed, ayeAeoy, giver of
booty, Aaoo-croos, rouser of the
people. A.Qrjva*i} is to 'A.0rjwj as
avayKai-rj to avdyKrj, and yaia to yjy.)

d0pooi, pi. : assembled, all together,
united. B 439.

al [a] : if. at K: ea/. at yap
often introduces a wish.

ata : earth, equiv. to yata, yrj.

AtaKiST)s : son of Aeacus. Of Achil-
les, grandson of A eacus. B 860.

Atas, -avros : Ajax. (1) Son of Tela-
mon, king of Salamis, the might-
iest of all the Achaeans, next to
Achilles. A 138, B 557, 768 f.,
T 226 ff. Telamonian Ajax is
always meant when no distin-
guishing epithet is used. (2) Son
of O'ileus, swift-footed leader of
the Locrians. B 527 ff . He was
shipwrecked and drowned on the
voyage home from Troy.
Throughout the battles of the
Iliad, the two Atavrc stand near
one to the other, and are often
mentioned together.

AlyaCuv, -an/os : Aegaeon, a hundred-
armed giant of the sea, son of
Poseidon ; called Bptdpetus by the
gods. A 404.

at-yaveri (at) : javelin, used chiefly
for hunting or in games. B 774.

AtyetSTjs : son of Aegeus, Theseus.
A 265.

afryeios (at), adj. : of goatskin.

al'-yeipos, f. : black poplar. A 482.

Al-yiaXcia : daughter of Adrastus
(E 412), wife of Diomed.

AtyioXos : (1) the north coast of
Peloponnesus, on the Corinthian
Gulf, from Corinth to the Elean
frontier; the later Achaea. B 575.
(2) A town in Paphlagonia.
B 855.

al-yioXos : coast, shore. B 210.

Al-ytXu|/, -ITTOS, f . : a district (?) under
the rule of Odysseus. B 633.


Afryiva: Aeglna, island in the Sa-
ronic Gulf. B olW.

: city in Achaea. B 574.

cxw) : aegis-bearing, freq.
epithet of Zeus, esp. in the gen.
Atos atyidxoto. A 202. 222.

al-yis, -t'Sos : aegis ; the shield of
Zeus, wrought by Hephaestus ;
prob. an emblem of the thunder-
storm. Described E 738 if.; cf.
B 447 f . Athena also holds it (or
one) in B 447, E 738 ff. See Fig.

< n mv, dm


, brigktn&t. B 458.

ai-y\T|-is : gfcuniin;/. hrig/it-sliiniin/.

atSt'opai and al'So^ai. ;i<>r. pass.
]>artic. otSeo&t? (at&os) : feel Imn-
s> lj-r< SJH ct, rev-
In f ore.

d-CSi]Xos (tt-/rt8-) : (/iitikini/ ///
tl< stem-tin , di .<troi/in</. E ^!7.

'A-i5tjs, gt'n. *At'8tu and "Ai'Sos, <lat.
"Ai'St, 'AtSoji^t (p i8-) : limit'.*, god
of the unseen IO\Y<T \\orld. His
ivalm is the lioine of the dead,
and in the Ilitul it is l.-ncatli tli.-
earth (cf. !;. I 568 tV.. V ;i,
X 482), while in the Oil yam if
Odysseus sails to it, across

Oceanus (K 508 ff.), and finds in
it a faint, ghostly imitation of life
on earth. Freq. are the elliptical
expressions ct? 'Ai'8ao (sc. 8o/xovs),
"Ai'Sos eto-w, to the realms of Hm/> x.

alSoios (ai8u)s) 3 : revered, honored,
modest. B 514, Z 250.

atSofiai : see at3eo/xat.

a-i8pis, -co)s (o?8a) : witless. T 219.

'A'i8wvvs : parallel form of 'Ai'8^.

atSws. ace. aiSoi or cuSoa : shame, sense
of honor ; often in a good sense
for which a word is lacking in
English. Also shame, disgrace.
Nakedness, ge n i t a 1 i a. B 262.

aU, aUv [act] (aevum, ever): al-

aUi - yWTT]s : ever-existing, immortal,
eternal. Cf. aitv edvrcs A 290.

aUv lovres : errr-liring, equiv. to
the preceding.

<X(T]\OS : unseen, in some editions for
dp^Xos. B 318.

al^os, adj. as subst. : vigarout youth.

alOoXo-cis. -etro-a : xinnky, sooty.
Kpithet of the pcXaOpov. The
Homeric house had no chimneys.

at9 : introduces a wish, as A 415.

al0T|p, -tpos, f . : the pure upper aether
above the clouds, in contrast with
the lower arjp. ai9f.pi vaiwv : dwell-
hig in flic fufhir, i.i . in th< sky.

ACGiKcs, I'l.: a jx-oj.lc in Tln-ssaly, on
th.- slopes of Mt. Pindus. B 71 !.

AUKoires, pi., ace. Ai&orn/as : Aethio-
/>/(i us. living in two nations, at
the extreme east and west, on
the borders of Ocean us. They



are pious men, loved and visited
by the gods, a 23, A 423.

alOopievos (aestus) : burning, Hazing.

aK0ov<ra (aedes) : portico, corridor.
The pi. is used of the two, one
(aWova-a av\fj<s) an outer corridor,
through which a passage led from
without into the court ; the other
(aWovcra SoyxaTos), through which
a passage led from the court into
the house.

at6o\Jf, ace. aiOoTra: blight, gleaming,
esp. of bronze and wine. A 462.
: A ethra, daughter of Pittheus,
wife of Aegeus, mother of The-
seus. She accompanied Helen to
Troy as slave. T 144.

, -an/os : bright (of iron, A 485),
brown, tawny, bay.

oX. K : equiv. to et av, lav, if, with
the subjunctive. A 128, 207.

atpa, -arcs : blood, race, descent.

atfiaro-eis : bloody, bleeding. B 267.

AiHiov(5T]s: Maeon. A 394.

Aifiwv, -ovo5 : a Pylian leader. A 296.
, -oi/os : skilled, with gen. E 49.
gen. Aii/etao, Aim'to ( 34 c) :
Aeneas, the hero of the Aeneid, son
of Anchises and Aphrodite, the
bravest of the Trojans, next to
his third cousin Hector. E 468.
He was severely wounded by
Diomed, but was rescued by his
mother, and healed by Apollo in
his temple; he led one of the
battalions against the Achaean
wall ; he met Achilles, and would
have been slain by him but for
the intervention of Poseidon.

He was of the royal family of
Troy, and the gods had decreed
that he and his descendants
should rule over the Trojan race.
Y 215 if., 307 f.

atve'co (au>o?) : praise, commend.

AtvoOev : from Aenus. A 520.

atvos 3 : dread, dreadful, terrible, hor-
rible, alva. : cognate ace., ad
with TeKovo-a. A 414.

most dread, esp. wit
A 552, A 25.

crfw|tai,: take. A 531.

atv&s : dreadfully, terribly, mightily.

aflj, aiyos : goat. T 24, A 105.

Sias : aor. partic. of dtWo>, rush.

AloXiSTjs: son of Aeolus, Sisyphus.
Z 154.

aloXo-6(opT]g : with bright, shining cui-
rass. A 489.

aloXo-fitrpTjs : with bright, shining belt
of mail (/xiVpiy). E 707.

aloXo-irwXos : with (quick-moving} fast
horses. F 185.

al6Xos: (quick-moving'), bright. E295.

atimvos (ai7n;s) 3 : lofty, high-lying.

atiroXiov : herd of goats, herd. B 474.

aliroXos (ai, TreA.-) : (goat-tender},
goatherd, herdsman. A 275.

Alirv : town under Nestor's rule.

alirvs, aiTreux : lofty, towering, steep,
sheer, ahrvv 6\[email protected] : utter destruc-
tion. B 538, Z 57.

AlirviTios, adj.: of Aepytus, an old
Arcadian hero. B 604.

fut. atpTJo-o/xev, aor. etXc or
eAe : take, grasp, seize, gain, cap-
ture, overcome; mid. choose.


aura (aiVv/Acu ?) : share, lot, allot ft d
portion, term of life. KOTO, at<rav :
as is (my) due,, eijniv. to aun/xa.
Afcrrvn-os: Aesepus. (1) A river in
Trojan Lycia, emptying into the
lYopontis near Cyxiens. B S-J5.
(2) Son of Bucolion, slain by
Knrvalus. Z 21.

alViftos (alcra) : Jitting, suitable, a 7 tie.
aur(ra> [a<rcra>], aor. "tjL^a, aicus, aor.
pass, as mid. r/L^Or) : rush, hasten.
KO.6* LTTTTWV diai/T I lea/>in</ doirn
from the chariot, XUITCU diitro-ovnu:
the (hair) mane jloafs. Z 510.
AUruTjTTjs : an old Trojan. B 7! |;> >.
a<rvXos : drtadfnl. horrible. E 403.
aiVxuTTOs : ugliest. B 216.
al<rxos, -co? : shame, disgrace, reproach,
intuit. P242, / :J51.

: disgrarrful, reproachful.
>: disgrace, bring shame n/>on.
'is/.-, bey, request. Z 176.
ai'rios 3 : accmin/ab/c, guilty, to blame.
AlrwXios and AtrwXos : an Aetolian.
iietoliant. B 638, A 527.
>, tut. (u^fJM<rcrov(Tt : wi<l<! tlie
cc (aixjjLrj), brandish, A -52 1.

: lance /mint, /taint, lance, spear.
(also aix/i>/rd E 1<7) :
spiar/iia/i. irarrior, eqn'n. to dy^l-
/xu^j/rr;?, with an implication <f
bravery. (\f. ey^eWtxAo?.

alvj/a : sfraig/ifirar/, (juirkli/. A ;')(>:;.

alwv. -an/09 (det) : duration of I if, . I if,-.

'Aica^as. -avro? (/cd/xvo>) : A can/as.
(1) Thrnrian. slain by Ajax.
B8J4, E 1 '>_>. Z s. ( -j) Son of
Antenor. leader of Dardanians.
"R S\ 4 ^^

unwearied, un~

triri/iu(j. Epithet of fire. E 4.
w, pcrf. ]>artic. aKtt^7//xcvog
and d/o7X/zei/T7 : mid. grieve, am
troubled. Cf. ax- z 486 -

dK0(iai, aor. rjKf.<raro (OLKOS, panacea} :
heal, cure. E 448.

OLKCWV : silent, ouiet. Generally inde-
clinable, but also fern. aKcovcra.
Cf. a/cTJv. A 34, 565.

d-KT|5(rTOs (KT^So/xat) : uncared for,
iin buried (of a corpse). Z 60.

dKTjv. adv. ace. : quietly, still, hushed.
Cf. (Won/. T 95, A 429.

d-KT|pios: heartless, cowardly. E 812.

ciKTjxtH^vii : perf. partic. of d/ca^t'^co.

a-Koiris (KOI'TT;, KtT/xat) fern. : (bed
mate), wife, spouse. Cf. 0X0^09,
Trapa/coms. T 447, Z 350.

: Awr/ /Ae javelin (aKtuv),
A 498.

a-Kocrpios : unordered, disorderly, un-
Jit/in;/. B213.

dKoo-rdb) (dKO<rT7;, barley) : am well
fed (of a horse). Z 506.

dKOvdb> : hear. Trpomo &UTOS aKOvd-
^ea-^oi/ : " you two are the first
invited to a feast." A 343.

<XKOVU>, aor. rjKOvo-a or a/covcra (hear) :
hear, give ear, obey, learn,
' answer."

d-Kpaavros (KpaiatVoo) : unfulfilled,
ntt(irro>n/>/ishi d. B 138.

eucpT] (strictly fi-in. of cucpos) (acus,
id(/t-): summit, cii/ir, promontory.

a-Kpt]Tos (Kepavvv/jLi) : unmi.i-td. pun-.
o-rrov&'M. aKprrroi: libations where no
water was mixed with the wine.



endless prattler, of
Thersites. B 246.

a-Kpuros (K/OIVO)) : (unseparated), con-
fused, immoderate, unreasonable,
unnumbered, endless. B 796, F412.

dicpiT6-<f>vXXos : with countless leaves,
leafy. B 868.

dxpo-Kopos (KO/XT^) : with hair upon the
crown of the head, i.e. with hair
bound in a knot on top of the
head (or with a scalp-lock).
A 533.

dKpo-iroXos : high-towering, lofty.

aKpos (acer) 3, superl. aK/ooYaros:
uttermost, highest. Only of place.
irdAis: equiv. to d/c/>07roAis.
X *) a ' ^e end of the arm, the
hand. ITT a/cpw pv^(3 : on the tip of
the pole. aKpoTaTf) KO/OVS : very top
of the helmet. A 499, Z 470.
: headland, promontory, shore.

' AtcTopCwv : descendant of Actor, of
his grandsons. B 621.

"AKTP, -opos : son of Azeus. B 513.

dKcoKTJ (CXK-) : point, tip. E 16, 67.

aKcov, -OI/TOS : jaoelin. A 137.

oXa-8e (aAs) : to the sea. A 308.

dXaXrjTos (dAaAd = hurrah) : a loud
shout, war cry.

'AXaXKOnevrjis (a\d\K(D, ward ojf):
epithet of Athena, as the De-
fender, Protector. A 8, E 908.

dX.dop.ai : wander. Z 201.

dXairaSvos 3, comp. dAaTraSi/oYepos :
weak, powerless, umvarlike.

dXairdtw, fut. dXaTra^as : sack, de-
stroy. E 166.

'AXdo-rwp, -0/305: (1) a Pylian.
A 295. (2) A Lycian. E 677.

&\<y&0, aor. partic. dApjoras: suffer
pain, ache. B 269.

j - ? : ffriefi pain, trouble, woe.

3 : painful, grievous.
" (cf. dXe'yca, negligo): re-
gard, heed.

d\v: avoid, shun. Z 167.

'AXcto-iov: place in Elis. B 617.
: sinner, evil doer. F 28.

(dAe^o>, avtjp, warder-off
of men) : Alexander, perhaps the
Greek translation of Paris (and
used four times as freq.). Son
of Priam, husband of Helen, and
thus the author of the Trojan
War. His single combat with
Menelaus, the earlier husband of
Helen, is described in F 16 ff.
For his home, see Z 313 ff. Only
in one (late) passage (1) 29 f.)
does Homer mention the < Judg-
ment of Paris.'

cgcd, fut. partic. dXe^o-ovra (dA/oj,
Alexander) : ward off, hence (with
dat. of interest) defend. Z 109.

dXeofj-ai or aXevojicu, aor. dXemro
( 48 h), aor. subjv. dAeoyu&x:
escape, avoid. dAevd/Aevov : inflight.
E 28, 444.

dXT^s, -<s : true. aXrjO&i : truly, the
truth. Z 382.

'AXrjiov ircSfov: the A lean plain in
Asia Minor, where Bellerophon
wandered. Z 201.

&Mj|uv<u: gather, aor. pass. inf. of
et'Aw, crowd together. E 823.
: am healed. E 417.

: Haliartus, in Boeotia, on
Lake Copals. B 503.


: (unbending), mighty, vio-
lent. B 797.

: resembling, like. Z 401.
s. pi. : a people who dwelt in
Bithynia on the Euxine. B 856.
'AXios : a Lycian, slain by Odysseus.


oXios : fruitless, ineffectual, in rain.
oXios (oAs): of the sea, dwelling in the

ft . A 538.

&Ais (/roAis), adv.: i/j throngs, enough.
aXio-KO|iai, aor. partic. dAov<ra and
uAovT (foA-) : am captured, taken.
E 1ST. B 374, A 291.
"AAicavSpos: a Lycian, slain by
O.lysscus. E 678.

: defense, protection. E i! 1 I.
(Int. dA.Kt : defense, help, strength
for di f< n.<> , i-onrage, bravery.
"AAicT]<rTis : Alccstis, daughter of
!* lias, who died for her hus-
band Admetus. B 715. Her de-
votion to her husband became
proverbial, and her death is the
theme of a play of Euripides.
aXKijios (a\Ky) : brave, courageous,

mighty, strong in defence.
dXXd : but, yet, on the other hand.
Sometimes correlative with /xei>.
Sometimes in apod., as A 82,

adv., strictly dat. of aAAos:
< / //// 1 r> . \.< . diray (from me).

(X^yw), adv. : unceasing///.
, dXX^Xowri, dXXrjXous (aXAos
aAAoi') : < iK-lt other.
dXXo-Sairos : f<>r< ign. aAAo&xTrot': m<n

ft f other lands. Y 1 s .
&X\o-0v : from another tide. aXAo-

6tv aXXos : one. on one side, another
on another. B 75.

aXXoios (aXAos): of other final/'//.
dAAoios TIS : a different sort of man.

&XXop.ai, aor. oAro (salio): leap.

dXXo-irp6<r-aXXos : (changing from one
side to another), changeable, Jickle.
E 831.

aXXos (alius) 3 : other, another. TOL
fjiev . . . oAAa Sf : some . . . others.
ol aAXoc: those others. Freq. a noun
is added in appos. Cf. aXXrj,
aXAtos, aXXore, aXXoOev, dAAoSaTro?,
dXXoTrpdo'ttXAo?, dXAotos, aAAorptos.

aXXorc : at another time, once upon a
time. aXAore, dAAorc: at one time,
at another time. A 590, E 595.

aXXorpios 3 : belonging to another
(aXXos, a 1 i e n u s) . dAAdrpios <^>w? :
(Jbreigner), alien, enemy. E 214.

oXXws : nthcnnM, i.e. better. E 218.

sX6vT, dXovo-a : aor. partic. of dXi-
o-KOfuu, am captured. B 374.

'AXoirq and "AXos : towns under
Achilles' rule. B 682.

a-Xox<>s (Ae^os) : (bed mate), trife.
Cf. aKoms. B 136, T 301, Z 114.

&As, dAos (s a 1 u m, s<dt), fern . : the sea ;
esp. the sea near the shore, as dis-
tinguished from both the high
seas and the land. A 358.

oXo-os, -os : grove, esp. a grove con-
secrated to a divinity: hence a
sacred field, even without trees,
equiv. to Tt/xevos B 696. Temples
were not frequent in the Homeric
time ; the god's sanctuary was
generally only a grove or inclo-
sure, with an altar. B 506.



oXro : aor. of dAAotuu. * 53, 23 a.

'AXvpT] : Alybe, a country near Troy
from which silver came. B 857.

dXvo-Kdtw : flee, skulk. Z il3.

dXvw (dAdotwu) : am frantic, am beside
myself, rare. E 352.

'A\<f>ios : (1) Alpheiis, river in Arca-
dia and Elis (flowing past Olym-
pia). B 592. (2) The god of the
Alphetis. E 545.

'AXwcvs ( Thresher, dAtoiJ) : father of
Otus and Ephialtes. E 386.

dX&rf) : threshing floor, field (planted
with vines or trees?). E 90.

<iX.cop.tvos : partic. of dAdo/xat, wander.

ap. : up, along, for dvd, by ' apocope '
and < assimilation ' before TT, (3, <,
as a/x ire&w. E 87. 29 b.

&fia (OIMOV, s i m u 1), adv. : at the same
time, together, with. It is some-
times found with TC . . . KO.L, and
7reo-0cu,, and accompanies a ' dative
of association.'

'A|j.a6vs, pi.: Amazons. These war-
like women fought against the
Phrygians. T 189. They were
slain by Bellerophon. Z 186.

afjia0os (sand) : sand. E 587.

d(j.atp.a.KTos 3 : raging, impetuous.

dpLaprdvo), aor. dttapre and ^/xySpores :
miss, fail to hit. A 491.

d|x-apTf) (OL/ML, ap-) : at the same time,

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