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at once, together. E 656.

'AfxapvyKciSTjs : son of Amarynceus,
Diores. B 622.

dp,-pdX\co [dva^SdAAw] : (throw up,
hold back), put ojf, postpone.

dp,-pa-Tos (di/d, ySatVoo) : to be ascended,
scaled. Z 434.

ambrosia, food of the
gods and even of their horses.

d p.ppoo-ios 3 (/fyoros) : ambrosial,
divine ; used like d/x/2/ooros, ve/crd-
peos, and 6do<s of everything at-
tractive and refreshing that comes
from the gods.

d-(ippoTos : immortal, divine.

d-jw'-yap-Tos (tteyatpw) : (unenviable),
dreadful. B 420.

a|mp<i>, aor. axiei't^aro : change, ex-
change ; mid. answer, reply.

d|mv&>v, -ov : better, preferable, braver,
mightier, comp. of dya#os.

dfie'X^co (m u 1 g e o, milk) : m ilk. d/aeA-
yo/xevat : a-milking, being milked.
A 434.

d-(j,VTjv6s : powerless, weak, faint.

d-p.Tpo-6TrTJs, -es (7ros): of unmeasured
speech, endless talker. B 212.
E, Aeolic for ly/xas : us. 42 a.
i, Aeolic for ij/xti/ : us. 42 a.

d-(ji|xopos (/xopos, fjiolpa) : (without por-
tion), ill fated, unhappy. Z 408.

a>6s, for fjfjLtTtpos: our. 42

a-fiOTov, adv. : ceaselessly, eagei
violently. A 440, E 518.

dfji-Trcipo), aor. dtureijoavres : put upon
spits, spit. B 426.

d|HT\6-is, -ecrcra (dttTreAos) : rzcA {/i
vines, vine-clad. B 561, P 184.

dfj.-iriraAv, aor. partic. of di/a7rdAAw :
brandish, swing, draw back for a
throw. P 355.

djjt-Trini)v0T] : aor. pass, of dvaTrvew, re-
vive, " come to." E 697.

'AfixiSciv, -wi/os : town in Paeonia, on
the Axius. B 849.



AjivKXoi, pi.: an old Achaean city in
the valley of the Eurotas, about a
league south of Sjiarta. Seat of
Tyndareus and his sons. B 584.
c, -01/05 : bin mi b xx, honorable.
aor. OL/AVVC.V : trurd ojf, k( ep off,
protect, defend, with dat. of inter-
est or ablatival genitive. A <>7.

dp-vo-o-o), fut. d/xua> : (tear). anan\

dfi<j>-xvro : aor. as pass, of d/x<^t-^oj,
pour about. B 41.

dpL4>-t]p<J>T|s, -5 (cpc'^ci)) : covered
(closed) both above and below.
A 45.

dfi<|>i (a/a^>w), adv. and prep. : (on
both si<1>'s), (above and beloiv), about,
around, on th' banks of (a river),
for the sake of. Often equiv. to
TTtpt, but Trf.pi freq. is used of what
surrounds in a circle, d/x^* o/3e-
\oicnv Trupav : they pierced n'ith spits
so that the spit appeared at either
side. rfpiTTf. 8' d/z<* avrw : but he fell
over him. ot d/x<^)i Hpta/xoi/ : Priam
and liis attendants. d/x^>' 'EXe'v?;
for Helen. Cf.

. ]>artic. as j-n-s. :
about. B ; il I).
dfi<|>i-paivw, perf .
about; perf. //f/x

ooer (lit. i/jion bntli nidi * of), be-
stridr, protect. A 37, 4."1.
4|4C-pcuris ( /SutVo.) : rA./J Mtf. E '5L': 1 ,.
dp.4>i-pporos ') : iiniii-jn-nti rtiiiij, only
of the shield (do-TTt?). r/. a/M<#>(u.
'An4>iY^via : town under Nestor's
rule. B .-)!:',.
- yW|-<is (yutov) (ambi-dexter):

strong-armed. Epithet of He-
phaestus; sometimes as a sub-
stantive. A 607.

d|i<j)i-5aia), perf. d/x^tSe'S^e : burn about,
blaze round about. Z :\'2\).

dn4>i-5pv<J>T)s, -e's (BpvTTTtD): (torn on
both sides'), with both cheeks torn
(in grief). B 700.

dfKJu-tXicro-a, fern, adj.: curved at both
ends (or on both sides), shaj/</.
Epithet of ships, esp. of those
drawn up on shore ; only at the
close of the verse. B 105, 181.

dpL<|)i - rr<jd : a/it bust/ about.

B 525, E 667.
>, aor. d/x^>KoA.i^c : con-
c< a/ ron/iff <ilia>it, cover, envelop.
d|x4>i-Kvir\\ov Sciras : tn'o-handledcup
A 584, Z J<.

: ./////// about, with ace.

(1) leader of the
Eleans. B 620. (2) A Carian
leader. B 870 ff.

d(i(|>i-(ieXds. -CLLVUL : blark round about,
darkened on all sides (of a mi ml
lark with passion). A 103.
dfjKJH-vtyopLCu : diri'll round about.
inhabit. B .VJ1, :7I.

"Anglos: (1) Trojan leader. B 830.



(2) Son of Selagus, slain by Ajax.

dp.<j>i - TrvopLai : am busy about.

d(jL<f>i-iro\os (TreAxo), fern. : maid, female
attendant, corresponding to the
male Oepdv. T 143, 422.

d[i4> i - rroTaop.cn. (TreVotiai) : fly round
about. B 315.

dp.<jns : on both sides, separately, in two
ways. dfji(f>l<; <f>pdovr(u : are divided
in mind, are at variance. dovi
d/x^ts : on the axle. Cf. dfj,<j>L.
B 13, 30.

'AfwfuTpvwv, -wvos: Amphitryo, hus-
band of Alcmena, putative father
of Heracles. E 392.

d|i<{>i-<f>aXos : ivith double horn. Cf.
</>aA.os. Epithet of a helmet.
E 743. Cf. Kopvs.

dfjLcjjL-xew, aor. mid. as pass, d/x^e^vro:
/tour about. B 41.

dp.<|>6Tpos (d/A<o>) 3 : both. In sing,
only neut., always at the begin-
ning of the verse, sometimes intro-
ducing a following r ... /cat.
F 179. dfJL<f>OTpr)<rw (sc. xtpcrw) :
ivith both hands. E 416.

<xn4>cm'pa>6ev : (from both sides), on
both sides. E 726.

d'|i<j> (am bo, both) : both, only nom.
and ace. dual, but freq. const,
with the plural. A 196, 209.

av : by < apocope ' ( 29) for dvd, up.

av : modal adv., indicating a condi-
tion. ' There is no adequate trans-
lation for av taken by itself.' Its
use is not so strictly denned as in
Attic ; the subjv. with av is used
nearly like the fut. ind. or the

potential opt.; the potential opt.
is sometimes found without av
where the Attic rule would require
it ; and its equivalent KC is used
even with the fut. ind. 18 b.

In use, dv is essentially equiv.
to K, which is more frequent.

' In simple sentences and in the
apodosis of complex sentences, dv
and Kev express limitation by cir-
cumstances or condition.'

< In final clauses which refer to
the future, the use of dv or Kev

1 In conditional clauses the
subjv. and opt. generally take dv
or Kev when the governing verb is
a future or in a mode which im-
plies a future occasion.'

rore KCV /xtv 7T7rtl^ot/xev : then we
may persuade him. /ceiVoicri 8' av
ovns /xa^e'otro: but ivith those no one
would contend, ai *e 7ro6i Zevs Sauri :
if Zeus ever grants. TOL^ dv Trore
OV/JLOV oXecrarr) : he may at some near
time lose his life, evr' dv TroAAoJ
TTLTTTdiCTL : when many shall fall.
dvd, d'v ( 29), ap, (before labials.
29 b) (on), ady. and prep. : up,
thereon, upon, along, "dvd efyxx/ue :
started back. ova. crrparov : (up)
through the camp, dv o/xtAov :
through the throng, dv re
along through the conflict.
dvd Qvpov '. considering in mind.
dvd aro/jui: on (your) lips, dvd
crTpaTov and Kara crr/oardv, dva dVrv
and Kara dart; are used with slight
difference of meaning; in such



expressions, metrical convenience
seems to have determined the
choice between dm and Kara.

ova : f or avdvTrjOi, rise . Z 33 1 . 55 c.

ova: vocative of ava, king. F 351.
. aor. avefir] and dva/?ds : go
. n.T, ,n/. mount, embark'.

. -109 : delay, postponement.
< '/. d/x^aXAo). B 380.

dvcrytcaiT] and dvd-yKT] : necessity, com-
pulsion. TIS TOi avdyKr) : tchat com-
pels theef diwyKcuy: of necessity.

dva - YvdfJtirTw, aor. pass. aveyvdfi,<j>0r] :
lend back, turn. T 348.

dv-d-y"? aor. avrjyayev : lead up, bring
back; mid. put to sea (opp. to
Kardyco-flcu). A 478, Z 292.

dva-&xH k < u ? a or. dveS^aro : take up,
receive. E 619.

aor. dve&WcTo and av&v :
up, appear from below, rise.

dva-0-r]\'u), fut. di/a&jA.^o-a) : bloom
<n/ni/i, i > ut forth new leaves. A 236.

dv-cuS<(T] (at8o>s) : shamelessness, inso-
lence. A 149.

dv-ai.8^, -c's : shameless, pitiless.

dv-aip.cDv. -01/09 (ttfyia) : bloodless (of
th.-jrods). E :Ui J .

dv-aip^, aor. partic. dvcAwv, aor. mid.
dve'Aorro: take up. A 411).

dv-at<r<rw, aor. opt. dvdt^eiev, aor.
]>artic. dmt^a? : .s/ar/ wy>. >/;////>/
//*. //>>. A r.sl. T _>!<;. A 114.

dva-K\tvw, aor. inf. dva-KATmt, aor.

I partic. dyK\tva? : ltn upon, l<nn
back, bcml n/>. avaKXlvai V<^>O9 :
roll bark ('.> . "/" //)///t 7o//. E7"l.
dv-aKovrCJu) (d/cwv) : r/a/-/ //>.
.s/>'/r/ '//> (of blood). Ell:;.

dv-0\KlT] (dAKT/) : irikn> .<

<(r<Iica. dwxAxeo^Tt Sa/xeVre? : o/- /
come % their cowardice. Z 7 L
av-aXicis, -iSos : powerless, weak, cow-

ftrdly. B 201, E 331, 349.
dva-vva> : (nod up), refuse, deny (a
request); opp. to Karaveixo, indi-
cate and conjirm assent by a nod.
ava|, gen. aw/cros, voc. dva (fava) :
{protecting lord), king, lord, master.
Epithet of gods and princes. dw
avopuv: king of men. Epithet esp.
of Agamemnon. A 7.
dva-irdXXo), aor. partic. d/
brandish. T 355, E 280.
dva-ir(|i7r\T]}ii, aor. subjv.

Jill up, fuljill, complete. A 17<>.
dva-irWw, aor. pass. afJurvvvOrj : take

breath, revive. E 697.
dv-diroivos (aTrotva) : unransomed,

freely, without price . A 99.
av-apx.os (anarchy) : without leader,

uncommanded. B 703, 726.

dvouro-w (/rdva^) : rule over, reign, am

defender, master, lord of. Freq.

with dat. of interest. Mvp/u8o-

vccro-iv avao-o- : (reign for the Myr-

/ind(tnx), reign over the Myrmidons.

dva-<rrds : standing up : aor. partic.

of dvLfTTrjiM, set up. A 387.
dva-<rrr|<rtv : 1st aor. opt. of
di>TT77/zi, cause to stand up, mnsf
from their seats. A 191.
dva-<rxiv. dvaVxeo, dva<rxe'<r0ai, dva-
<r\6juvos, dva<rxwv : aor. of
/told n/>; mid. endure, d
di'tnring back, " hauling off."
dva-reXXo). ;ior. dverctXc : send n/>.
to grow. E 777.



dva-Tpira>, aor. avf.rpa.TTf.ro : turn

over: aor.fell back. Z 64.
dva-<J>cuv : (show up"), reveal. A 87.
dva-xdofj.(u : draw back, withdraw,

yield. E 443, 600.
dva-^wpca), aor. a.voc^prja'as : draw

back, yield, retreat. E 107.
dva-\|/i>x : cool, refresh. E 795.
dvSdvci), impf. -^I/Save or avSave, aor.

inf. dSeiv (/ravSavw, iJSvs, suadeo,

suavis, sweet, /ra&-) : please, am

acceptable. A 24.
'AvSpaifjtwv, -ovos : Andraemon, father

of Thoas. B 638.
dv8pi-<j>6vTt^s (<wos) : man-slaying,

of'EwxAtos. B 651.
avSpo-KTCuriTj (Kravu>) : slaughter of

men. E 909.
' AvSpopax,?] : A ndromache, wife of

Hector, daughter of Eetion (king

of Theba). Z 394 if. Her father

and brothers were slain by Achil-

les. Z 414 ff.
dvSpo-<f>6vos : man-slaying.

esp. of Hector and Ares.
aor. of dva/ftuvo),


-c-yvdiK^O-q : aor. of

bend back. T 348.

O : aor. of dva8e^o/xat, receive.


and dveSvo-ero : aor. of dra-

Sixo, dive up to, appear from.
dv-cep-ya) : check, hold back. T 77.
dv-T]Kv : aor. of avirjfu, urge on.
av-iju, pres. partic. aviovra (el)u,i) :

come lack, return. Z 480.
dv-eipojjtai (epo/>tat) : ask, inquire.
dv-K-Tos (di/cj((o) : endurable. A 573.

A 441.
go up,

dv-\ovTO, dvcXwv : aor. of

take up. A 449, 301, B 410.
av|ios, -oto (animus) : wind . Homer

knows but four winds : Evpos,

East wind, Bopoys, North wind,

Ze<vpos, West wind, NOTOS, South

dvEpoXios (dve/xos) : (windy), empty,

useless, idle, in vain, to no purpose.

A 355, E 216.

' Avefio>pia : town in Phocis. B 521.
av-v6V : impf. of dravevco (nod up,

i.e. shake the head), refuse. Z 311.
dv-'vTs: aor. partic. of dvt'^t, urg* on.
dv-|o|xai : fut. of dye^o/Acu, suffer,

allow. E 895.

ave'pes- ave'pi, avpas : from avrfp, man.
dv-^pxoKiai : return. A 392, Z 187.
dv-o*Tav [dvetrr^crav], dvecrTTj : stood

up, rose, aor. of iyicmjf/u, set up.
dv-<rxTO, dve'o-xov : aor. of dve^w,

hold up, raise. T 318, E 655.
dv-m\ : aor. of dvare'AAto, send up.
dv-TpdirYO : aor. of avarpeTra), turn

over; aor. fell back. Z 64.
avv0(v), adv. : far, away from,

without. avevOe. Oeov : ivithout divine

dv-xdTO, impf. of

draw back. E 443, 600.
dv-x, fut. di/o//,ai and

(reo-Oai, aor. di/etr^ov : hold up,

lift, raise ; mid. hold up under, am

patient, endure, suffer, allow ; draw

dv-X"P T l" tv & or of dva^copew, draw

back. T 35.
avw : speechless, dumb, mute. (Prob.

an old adj. in nom. pi.) B 323.



aor., avt^s impf.: of avd-
yw, briny bark. Z 2 !2.

[dvj, 52 <] aor. subjv.,
dvfjKt aor. ind. : of avirjfju., let ao,

dv-f|K<rTos (dtfos) : incurable, unen-
durable. E ;}! \.

: impf. of avaKOvT%a>, dart
,,rt ,,p. E 113.

dvT|p, gen. avopos or avepos. dat.
avepi, nom. pi. wipes, dat. pi.
avSpdcri or dv8pe<7<7i : man, vir,
in contrast with boy, woman, or
divinity, dvtpes ICTTC : be (brave)
)n-n .' Ill military use, equiv. to
/^X*/ 7 " 7 /**' ir<l> ' r1 '"'- I' 1 7ra.Tr)p avopwv

T ^CO)V TC, /'////' /' "/ //o/// ///r// r///^/

yoJ.v (of Zeus), dv8p? is used of
the human race (like avdpuiroC).
avrip is sometimes added to eth-
nic names, as SiVries dv8pes, Adp-
&ivo? avrjp, or to the name of a
class ; see on B 47 1 .
dv-rjo-ei: fut. of av-trjfu, urge on.

moisius. A 488.
'Av6juo>v, -on'o? : a Trojan. A 17:1.


in jlmn /:<. B t'i7.
-^vos : rhin. A .")0l, 1' :I7'J.
'Av6T]5wv. -oi'o?: town on tin- KurT-

pus, about seven mih-s from

Clialcis. B 608.
av0os, pi. avOta: flower. B I
avOpwiros : man. hniiutn IH'UHJ, homo.
dvidw, aor. partic. foujQcrra (<>n n>) :

ijrii >; , n.r. in nr out. B L'JH.
dv-iT)(ii, iM JMTS. ind. dncis, f-m.

partic. di/ttura, fut. dvr/o-ei, aor.

or avlrjKtv, aor. subjv. dvr/i
aor. partic. (Wires : (>v-////
/<?/ ^o, /ree, wr//e /<.

dv-iovra : partic. of di/et/u, co/e
rriwrn, Z 180.

a-vnrros (i/t7TT(u) : untt'fi.^JtciL Z 266.
i, pres. mid. partic. di/rrd-
, fut. inf. di/(TTTy<7cr$ai, 1st
aor. opt. dvao-riycretei/, 2d aor. ind.
di/co-r?;, dv(7T7;r^v, avecrrav [dvt-
<TTr;(rav], aor. partic. dwords,
avoravrc? : .s'e/ //;, raise, cause to
rise, in pres. and 1st aor. act. ;
stand up, rise, in 2d aor. and mid.
Often with dat. of interest, rotcrt
8' ave<TTr), he rose for them, sc. to
address them.

dv-opovw. aor. avopovac. : start up,
rue. A 248.

dv-ovraros (ovrd/txcvcu) : unwounded
by a weapon held in the hand,
opp. to a/3X.rrro<s, unhit by a
missile. A 540.

dv-o-ravres aor. partic., dvo-rrjo-eo-Oai
fut., dvo-TT|TT]v aor. ind.: of dvt-
a-rrjfu, raise up, rise. B 398.

dv-<rx < r|0'<r9ai : fut. of di/e^o/xat, en-

d'li'<; nllnir. E 104, 285.

avra : opposite, over against. Cf.

avTrjv. B 626.
dvr-d|ios : of like worth, of equal

mini', cijniralent. A 136.
dvrdw, aor. rjvrrjcra : meet. Z 399.
"Avrtia: wife of Proetus. Z 160.

(Stheneboea in the tragic poets.)
dvr-T6pT]<rcv : aor. of avTLTOpe<i>, pierce.


avrrjv : tMpiiv. to avra, opposite, to
(my) face, openly. A 187.



Avn]vopi8T]s : son of A ntenor. F 1 23 .

'AvTTJvwp, -O/DOS (cf. avTidvapa) :
Anterior, one of the wisest Trojan
princes (the Trojan Nestor) who
always favored peace and the re-
turn of Helen. He was the father
of many doughty sons, seven of
whom were slain in the battles
of the Iliad. He received Mene-
laus and Odysseus at his house,
when they came to Troy as am-
bassadors. T 205 if. He accom-
panied Priam to the field, to
strike a truce. F 262.

dvria, adv. : opposite. Cf. dvrtbs.

dvri-dvipa (avijp) : matched with men
in battle, like to men, of the
Amazons. F 189, Z 186.

dvTidco, subjv. di/TioWiv, fern, partic.
dimdowrav ( 47 c), aor. partic.
dvTicuras (avra) : meet, approach,
partake of, share, receive. Cf.
avTOfjuu. A 31.

dvTi-ptt]v, adv. : with opposing might ;
originally cognate ace.; sc. IpiSa.
(/ft^): opposing, hostile.
/Aaxrao-$ai : Jight against
in hand-to-hand conflict. F 20.

dvTi-|3oX.&i>, aor. inf. di/ri/JoAJjcrat
(/?aAAa>) : a(f to meet, take part in.

dvrC-Ocos 3: god-like, with no esp.
reference to moral qualities.

dvriKpvs, adv. : (opposite, against),
straight forward, straight through.

'AvrCXoxos: Antilochus, eldest son of
Nestor, a distinguished warrior,
and friend of Achilles. See
a'yaflds. P 652 if., ^ 556.

avrCos 3 : meeting, to meet, in friendly

or hostile sense, avriov is used ad-
verbially, avrtov elrrov: opposed, dv-
TLOV el/jLi '. go against, with genitive.

dvTi-ire'pcua (Trepas), neut. pi. as
subst. : the opposite fields, the oppo-
site coast. B 635.

dvri-TOpw, aor. avrcTopr/o-ev : pierce.

dvri-4>pw : bear against ; mid. bear
myself against, oppose. A 589.

"AvTi<t>os: (1) Greek ally from the
Sporades. B 678. (2) Leader
of the Maeonians. B 864.
(3) Son of Priam. A 489.

avTOfiat (avTa) : meet. Cf. dvriaw.

'Avrpwv, -oivos : town under the rule
of Protesilatis. B 697.

d'vTv, -vyos, fern. : rim, of shield
or chariot. E 262, Z 118.

avwris, -to? : accomplishment, fulfill-
ment, avvtris 8' OVK tr(rTai:
" they will not attain what they
desire and plan." B 347.

avvw : accomplish, gain anything.

dvwya (perf. as pres.), impf. avwyov,
plpf. as impf. ^i/wyei or dvwyeiv
( 30 A:) : connn<ind, order, bid,
A 313.""

SgavTc : aor. partic. of ayvvfu, break.

cii fut., d|T aor. imv. : of ayo>,
lead, bring. F 105.

'A|i6s : Axius, river in Macedonia,
emptying into the Thermaean
Gulf. B 849.

dios (ayw) : (of equal weight), of
equal value, suitable (of a ransom) .

ofjov : aor. imv. of ayvu/u, break.

"A(jv\os : Axylus, Trojan from Arisbe,
slain by Diomed. Z 12.

(axis): axle of chariot. E 838.



doi8r| [wSij] (dei&o) : song, <j(ft of s<nnj.
doiSi|j.os : sung of, subject of song.

doXXTjs, -e's (ciA.w) : a// together, with

closed ranks. E 498.
doXXt<i>, aor. doAAicrai/ : collect, bring

Z 270, 287.

(Haiox*, E 612): town of
Mysia. B 828.

d-irdXafivos (miAd/A?;) : (without de-
vice}, /n-lpli-ss. E 597.
dir-aXoidu), nor. aTrryXooyo-ev : crwsA .

A 522.

diraXos 3 : tender, delicate, soft.
dir-afieipofjiai : /'/>///, answer. Freq.
in the formula TOV 8' a7ra/xci/2o-
/xcvos 7rpo<T<f>r), where the ace. is
const, with irpwrtyrj. A 84.
dir-dvv-0, adv. : away, apart, aside,
sometimes with ablatival gen.,
away from. A 48, 549, B 391.
&iras, aircura, &irav (strengthened

Tras) : "//, (id together. A 5o-~>.
dir-dTp-0t(v) (arep), adv. : separately,
t. with gen. E 445.
/rr/-//, ///>/-. A 168.
: '/' <; j,tir, . <l< rcitfnf. A 526.
and dirpT|<rTO : aor. of aTTO-
P<uvw.<I</,nrt. B 35, Z 116.
dir-8'aTo : aor. of aTroSe^o/xcu, accept.

A 95.

dir-^8u<r : aor. of O.TTO&VW, strip off.
dir-cSuiKc : aor. of aTroStSwfu, (jive back,
j>a//, n ml' r. A 478.

), fut. a.Tret\^(T(D, aor.

and a.Tru\rpra.v

(lirr a fin. jjTT(.i\rj(Tfv fjivOov: (he
(/in at/ in <l n irnrd), he uttered a
threat. A 181, 388.

i, partic. ciTreovTos (ei/u) : am
an; in. Z 362.

d-impwv, -0^09: boundless, limil
dir-KTav : aor. of aTroK
d-irA.0pos (weXeOpov) : immeasurable,

infinite. E 24-".

d-Tr-vd<r<raTO : aor. of awovaiofjuu, emi-
grate. B 629.

dir-6vTos : partic. of a7ra/At, am <!"////.
d-irpcurios (TT^KI) 3 : boundless,

countless. A 13, Z 49, 427.
dir-p^K : keep off] ward off", avert.
dir-<rrv}jLvov perf. partic., dirw-o-vro
plpf. : of a7rocr<TcvofJua.i, hasten array.
: stepped back, aor. of d^t-
set back. T 33.
: aor. of aTrortvoj, ]>a>j.

aor. subjv. aTre^Orjpw
: hate violently. T 415.
CLir-t\Qavo\i.a.i., aor. dTny^^cTo : am

hated. T 454, Z 140, 200.
dir-fyttj aor. subjv. aTrwrxr) : ^oW o/f,

keep far away. Z 96, 277.
dir-T]\oiTj<rv : aor. of aTroAotao), crush.
d-irr|p,wv (Trrjfjja) : unharmed. A 415.
dir-T]v^s, -t'os : (unkind), harsh, cruel.
dirrivpwv: /oo^ azcay. See

A 430, Z 17.
air - f\\Qtro : aor. of dTre^^di/o/iai.

aor. OLiriO-jf^rf. (7Tii9(o) : f//x-
A 220.

airios (a7ro) 3 : distant, remote.
Tr)\66(.v c^ aTTirpi yao^ : /ro//> /^/r
azray a remote land. A 270.
d-irwrros : fait/if* **. nntrnsfirort/iy.
d-n-6 (:il), '///'), adv. and prep. : UH-III/,
oj/\ fr<n, ba<-k. The adv. is freq.
attendee 1 l>y an ablatival gen.
d^>* LTTTTWV oAro: leaped from his



chariot. OTTO yBovos wpwro: on the

ground he set out. //.eveoi/ airo r/s ctAo-

Xpio : remaining away from his wife.

CLTTO Trarpt'Sos tttT/s i absent from his

fatherland, a-rro Ovfjiov : far from

(my) heart.
diro-aipeopai and d<J>aipop.cu, fut.

d<atpT?er<r#cu, aor. d</>e'AovTO : take

away, deprive for my own interest.
diro-pcuva), aor. aTre/^creTO or ctTre/?^ :

go off, dismount. E 133, A 428.
dir6-p\TiTOs (/3oAAw): to be cast off,

to be rejected, despicable. F 65.
diro - yvi6o). aor. subjv. a.7royvui)(Tr)<;

(yvta): (lame utterly), weaken.


diro-Sc'xoncu, aor - ewreSe^aTO : accept.
diro-StSci>|u, aor. aTre'SooKe, aor. inf.

aTToSowai : give back, render, pay.
diro-8t)a>, aor. aTre'SiJo-c : strip off.
diro-eiKw: withdraw from, abandon,

with gen. T 406.
dird-eiire: imv. of aTro^fJii, deny,

refuse. T 406.
dir6-p<T (aor.): carried off, swept

away. Cf. aTrovpas. Z 348.
diro-OeVOcu : aor. inf. of aTroTi&y/xi,

put off. T 89, E 492.
diro-0pw<rKw : leap off. B 702.
aaroiva, neut. pi. (iroivrf) : (recom-
pense), ransom. A 20, Z 46.
air-otorTov : fut. of aTro^epco, bear

away. E 257.
diro-Kptvo), aor. pass, partic. OLTTO-

KpwOevre. : separate. airoKpwOevTt :

apart from their friends. E 12.
dtro-KTetvft), aor. ind. aTreVrave, aor.

inf. a7roKTa/xv : slay, kill. E 675.
: shine, gleam. Z 295.

dir-o\c<r9ai aor. inf., diroXco-o-av aor.
ind. : of aTroXUyzi, destroy. F 40.

diro-\iyy w : cease, die away, die.

dir-6\\vfu, aor. act. ciTrcoAeo-e and
a7r6\e<r(Tav [ctTroiXeorai/], aor. mid.
aTTwAero and aTroAovro: destroy;
mid. perish, die, fall (in battle).

'AirdXXwv, -coi/os : Apollo, son of Zeus
and Leto, twin brother of Arte-
mis. God of the sun and light
(hence $01/^05, gleaming), of song
(A 603), of herds (B 766), of the

boW (K7)(36\O<S, d/3yt>/DOToo?), Of

health and disease. He is one
of the mightiest gods, freq. asso-
ciated with Zeus and Athena.
He favors the Trojans against
the Greeks. A 36 tf., 451 ff.,
E 344 ff., 508 ff.

diro-\v|j.aivo|iai : purify myself.

diro-Xviw, aor. (XTreAvcre : release, set
free. A 95, Z 427.

diro-nTjvfw, aor. partic. aTroju^vuras :
give vent to wrath far away. B 772.

dir-ofi6p-yvv|ii, aor. d-rrofjiop^aTO : wipe
away. B 269.

diro-vafo), aor. aTrevao-craro : emigrate,
remove. B 629.

diro-w'ofiai : return. B 113, T 313.

onro-voo-Tt'w, fut. a.Trovo(rrr)<T.iv (vo<r-
ro?) : return, go home. A 60.

diro-v6<r<j)i(v), adv.: apart, away from.
B 233.

diro-iravw, fut. mid. a7ro7rcuxre<r#ai :
stop from ; mid. keep myself away
from, cease from, stop. E 288.

diro-irrop.ai, aor. mid. partic. aTro-
7rra/xvos : fly away. B 71.

airo-imiw (Trvew): breathe forth.



diro-irrtJu) : s//it forth, uilrh forth.
dir-6pw(iai : s< / out from. E 105.
dir-opovw, aor. aTrdpovfre : leap off,

E 20, 83! ).
i, aor. partic. a-n-oppTj^as :

Li; ak o/f. hi; ilk. Z .~>l)7.
diro-ppwg ( pijywfju.) : ("tint is ln;>L < n

'>//'). oranch (of a river). B 7-V>.
diro-<rcrvio[jLai. plpf. airearcrvTO as aor..

perf. partic. as pivs. aTreoxrv/xcvov :

rush nifni/. Imsft n a/i;it/. A ~)'2~ .

Z :',!().
diro-<rTixo>. aor. ciTrdo'Tt^c : go

deport* A ">'JiJ.
diro-<r<j>dXX, aor. opt. di

tlrii; fur u>i;i// from. airo<r(f>rj\eL6

TTOVOIO : " make vain their labor."
diro-o-x'Q : aor. of aTre^w, hold off,

k < i> far <iu;ti/ from. Z 96, 277.
diro-Ti0T](jii. aor. inf. arroBta-dou : />nt

ojf. <loff. r 89, E 4!2.
cnro-rivco. fut. aTrortVo/xcv, aor. aTrt-

Tto-av : jut;/, rtcompi nsi-. A 128.
dirovpas, aor. partic. : taking n'/;n/.

(Prol). for a7ro-/rpas. Of this.

airrjvpa (or aTrevpa) would be the

ind.. \\hilc &njqpf ^ms to be

formed from an a-rrevpao).) A 356.

/~* /* * '

diro-4><pw. fut. ind.

diro-4>0tvw. am

perish, die. T 822.

. //"//' '///(//, fruit/t .<*.
(TT/JWX/AGU). adv.: u


A 99.

mum //. iritl,nnt rnn.tnni.


dirrofjiai, aor. rj^aro : lay hold of,
touch. A :>1-J. E 7!!i.

dTr-w0, fut. aTToicrei : y?f/,s7i q^T, Xrce/)
o//i /v ///o/v/. A 97.

c. dirw\To : aor. of a7rdAAv/xi,
E 648, Z 223.

d'pa. pa (enclit.), op, p : so, then, as
you know, you know, it seems. Very
often it marks an action as nat-
ural, or as well-known, or reminds
of something recently said. It
also marks transitions. Freq. it
cannot be translated into Eng.
for lack of an equivalent particle,
but its force must be rendered by
a suitable arrangement of words,
or inflection of voice. It never
stands at the beginning of a

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