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, aor. apdftrpTt (apaftos, Eng.
: ring, of the armor of fall-
ing warriors. A 504, E 42, 58.

'ApaiOvptT] : thought to be the later
rhlius near Corinth. B 571.

dpaios ; 5 : (thin), delicate, slender, of
Aphrodite's hand. E 4 -'.">.

dpdojiai, impf. rjpa.ro, aor. rjpr]cra.ro
(apd, />rayer) : pray. Z 304.

aor. partic. opaai/Tc?, aor.
ind. rjpupe. pt-rf. partic.
and apapvui ( 49 g). plpf.
( 30 k) (<J/>, ars, art,,): join, jit,
suit: pi-rf. an<l plpf. an- intrans.,
inn /iff' </. sniff tf. (D<TTr)p aprjpws :
n n;II-fittin<i yirtlli'. o ot TraAa-
fJLrj<f>iv apijptw: trfn'r/i //v/.s suited to
hi* It tint is.



dp-yoXeos : grievous, terrible, difficult.

'Ap-yeios ("Apyos) o : Argive. "ftprj
'Apyur) (A 8) since Hera was
the patron goddess of Argos,
'Apyco; 'EXcvrj since Helen's true
home was in Peloponnesus. As
subst., 'Apyetoi, the Arrives, men of
Argos in the broader sense ; used
like 'A^OUM and Aamot, of all the
Greeks. Metrical convenience
often determined the choice be-
tween these three words. 22 e.
Homer had no one word for
Greeks as distinct from barba-
rians, as he had .none for barba-
rians as distinct from Greeks.

'Ap-Yi4>6vn]s : Argeipliontes. A freq.
epithet of Hermes, of uncertain
derivation. It is best rendered
as a proper name. B 103.

dp-yevvos (dpyds) 3 : lustrous, ivith
white sheen, white. T 141, Z 424.

dp-yrjs, -fjTos : tvhite, glistening.

dp-yivo-cis, -ei/ros : chalky. B 647.

"Ap-ywro-a : Thessalian town. B 738.

"Ap-yos, -eos : Argos. (1) Capital of
Argolis, seat of Diomed. B 559.
(2) Peloponnesus ("Apyos 'A^at-
LKOV I 141). A 30. (3) Thessaly
(HeAcuryiKoi/Apyos). B 681. In
Z 456, "Apyos seems to be used
for all Greece, just as 'Apyeibi is
used for Greeks.

"APYOO - & : to Argos. B 348.

dp<y6s: (1) swift, (2) white.

dpyupeos (apyupos) 3: of silver, silver.
T 331, E 727.

dp-yvpo-Stvt]s : with silver eddies, silver-
eddying. B 753.


dp-yvp6-t]\os : silver-studded,

with silver nails, of a sword hilt.

dpYvpo-irefca : (silver feet), silver footed,
i.e. with beautiful white feet.
Standing epithet of Thetis. Cf.
'Thetis' tinsel-slipper'd feet,' Mil-
ton Comus 877. A 538.

ap-yvpos(argentum) : silver. E726.

dpYvp6-ro|os : silver-bowed, bearer oj
the silver boiv. Epithet of Apollo.

dpcCwv, apuov : comp. of aya0os, good,
strong, mighty. Cf. aptcrros.

dpco-KO), fut. apeor(ro//,e$a (apapicrK<a) :
atone for, satisfy, make right.
A 362.

'ApcT<twv, -ovos: Trojan slain by
Teucer. Z 31.

dpirpya), fut. dpyc.w, aor. dpfj^ai : aid,
defend. Cf. apwyos. A 521.

dpiTywv, -ovos, f . : helper, defender.

dprjios : (pertaining to Ares), of war,
warlike, martial, brave. A 98.

dpTj(-<}>i\os: dear to Ares. T 21.

'Ap^vrj : town under Nestor's rule.
B 591.

dpiipiv plpf. ( 30 ), dpTjporos perf.
partic. : of dpapta-KO), Jit, suit.

"Aptjs, gen. ^A/oos, dat. "Apa or
"Aprj'i, ace. *Aprja, voc. "Apes or
*Apes : Ares, Mars, son of Zeus
and Hera. God of war, but not
one of the most powerful divin-
ities. v Epts (Strife) is his sister;
Aet/xos( Terror) and 3>o/fo (Flight)
are his attendants. A 440 f. His
home is in Thrace. He is on
the side of the Trojans in the
action of the Iliad. His name



is freq. used for battle, //v//-. fun/
of irar.

-fjpos (dpdofjuai) : (one who

iricst. A !' 1 .
ipi-T]\os : rt i'n di-nr, t list! net. 40 d.
B 818.

dpi6p,66>. aor. pass. inf. apify7$T;/Afvui

(apifyios) : count, enumerate, num-

ber. B 124.
"Apijjtoi : a people in Cilicia, where

Typhoons lay bound beneath the

arth. B 7*:'..
dpi-irpmr|S, -cos : dixlimjnisln d. //'-

eminent. 40 </. Z 477.
'ApCo-p-r]: town in theTroad,

not far from Abydus.

B 836.
'Apurpn-Oev : front , \ risbi .

B 88.8.

dpio-rcpos : /';// (/Kind). ?r' apr-
repa: / the left, on the left.
}: 856.

apio-rcvs, -1709 (a/37TOs) : ch'nf, />rinr, .
dpt<TTvw, it.-rativr iinpf. apicr-

TCUCCTKC : (till r/tiif. dill ///>/, (lilt

7. 20$ 460.
opwrros > : superl. of dya^o?, //"/"/.

xtrotuj, ///////////, brarr. < 'f. apuwv.
'ApKaSiT] : .1/vW/f/, in th- middle of

IN-l>jMnni-sus. 15 ',n:;.
ApKas, -a&>s : .-1 n-inlSnn. H HI 1 .
ApK<ri-\aos (Defender <>t tin fn-

I>1< ) : Boeotian l-al-r. B 1 !."i.

Slain by H.-.-tm-. Q :;_'!.
<ipKw, aor. ^pKC<rc (arceo) :

iranl <>(/'. / 1 C.
opKios : n/t/niinti <l, fnh ,1, .inr> .
"Apjia, -aro9 : Boeotian town near

Mycalessus. B 499.

-aros : r/niri</f, csp. c/inrtm <,f
n-tir. It was low and liglii. en-
tered from behind, with a curvd
rim (avrv) in front and on the
sides, with standing room for
two persons, the driver and the
fighter; it was drawn generally
by two horses, sometimes by
three, and was used not so much
for fighting as a ready means of
transportation from one part of


ih> iield to another. The pi. is
freq. used like the sing. < 'f.

in<ik> r. A 485.

dpti6<i>, aOr. ^p/xocrc (dpaptb-Kco) : Jil,
suit In. Tjfp/xoo-c tttTU) : he fitted it

to him*, if. r :;:;:;.

'AppLOviS-qs. -<o : sun f I fur/nun

(Joiner), Tecton (< '<ir/>< /*///). a

skillful Trojan artisan who built

the ships that carried Paris to

-ce. E 60 if.

opva (ace. sing.), dual apv, gen. pi.
dpi/oil/ (fapv-. $ :',! n) : Imnli. T 103,

L'7:;. A l:;:..

apveios (apm) : ram. T l!7.
: Boeotian town. B 507.


opwpai, aor. opt. dpoio : strive to win,
gam. A 95, E 553, Z 446.

apovpa (dpdw, aro, arvum, Eng.
ear) : plowed field, cornfield, land,

dpirdiX aor. partic. dp7ro|as
(rapio) : seize, carry off. T 444.

i-ppr]KTos (pvjyvvfM) : (unbroken),
unwearied, untiring. B 490.

d'p<ravTs : aor. partic. of dpo-pur/coo,
ft, suit. A 136.

-e? : sound, unharmed.

-iSos : Artemis, Diana,
daughter of Zeus and Leto, and
twin sister of Apollo. Like her
brother, she is on the side of the
Trojans. Like him she bears a
bow, and she is his counterpart
in several respects, sending quiet
death to women, as he does to
men. E 51, 447, Z 428.

aprios: well fitting, harmonious, aprta
ySr) : "was of one mind."

, impf. rjprvvtro (dpapwrKw) :
prepare, form. B 55.

: beginning calamity, which
began the trouble. E 63.

'Apx-Xox<>s (Leader of cohort) : a
Trojan, son of Antenor. B 823.
Slain by Ajax. E 463 if.

dpxtvw : lead, command. Cf. dp^oo
and rjytfjiovcvo). E 200.
: beginning. Y 100.
: leader, chief. A 144, B 234.

d'px, aor. subjv. dpaxrt, aor. opt.
dp^ctav : lead the way, command,
rule, begin. Freq. with gen. ;
sometimes with dat. of interest.
(dpryyo>) : help, protection.

dporyos : helper (CTTI j//evSe'om,
A 235.

owrcu : aor. inf. of du>, sate. E 289.

d-o-peo-Tos (arf^evwjJLL) 3 : (unquench-
able), ceaseless. A 599.

do-Ofiaivo) (arjfu, afrOfja.) : breathe
hard, gasp. E 585.

'A<rvri : town in Argolis. B 560.

"Ao-ios : prominent leader of Trojan
allies. B837.

-Ao-ios, adj. : Asian. B 461.

'Ao-Kd\a<j>os : leader of Orchome
ans, son of Ares. B 512.

'Ao-Kavh]: district in Bithyn
B 863.

'Ao-Kavios : leader of Trojan allies
from Ascania. B 862.

impf. ^(r/ceiv, aor. partic.
: prepare. A 110.

'Ao-K\Tj7rid8Tjs : son of Asclepius,
Machaon, a skilled surgeon.
A 204.

' Ao-KX.T]iri6s : A sclep ius, Aescula-
pius. B 731. Homer does not
know him as a divinity, but as a
hero skilled in surgery and the
use of herbs.

do-Kos : leathern bottle for wine.

do-iraipw: gasp, twitch. T 293.

aorircpxe's, adv. : violently, eagerly.

d'-o"irTOs : unspeakable, indescribably
great, vast. B 455, T 373.

d<riri8iTT]s : shield bearing, equiv. to
dcTTrtcrTr;?. B 554.

dcrirts, -t'Sos, fern. : shield; the general
word for both the large oval
shield (d^t^poTT/ B 389) and
a smaller round shield (ev/cvjcAos
E 797). It was made of several



layers of oxhide, with generally
an outer layer of bronze. It was
supported by a strap which passed
over the shoulder, and was guided
by the left
hand. Of.

oo-m<rTT|s : xh ield-

warrior. Cf.
aixprjnj?. A
JM). 201.

town. B 511.
&r<ra : Kpie for a nva, from os TIS.
do-o-ov, adv. : nearer, conip. of ayx i>

a(r<Tov e7/u : opproock. A 507.
a-o-raxvs, -uo?: ear of grain. B 148.
d-<rT,i<j>s 0^), adv.: still. T219.
d-<rTfjL<|>T|s, -e's : nns/tnfcen,firm. B344.
'Ao-Tt'piov : Thessalian town. B 735.
d<TTp6-is. -evros (cum//)): vturri/.
do-Tpoirr]TT|s (curr/oaTrraj) : hurler of

the li/lifni/ii/, (/ni/ of the lightning.

Kpitlu-t of Zeus. A 580, 609.
ourrr|p, -epos (*t<ir) : .<tnr. aa-rr)p

OTrcupivos : Sir ins, the dog star.

Z 295.

ao-TpdiTTw : liijtitt //, .ST//// //////////////.
aVrv, -cos (/rao-rv): r////, inillnl tnn-it

(as made up of dwellings); while

TToAts is the city as the 'county

seat/ the central point of the ter-

ritory. B Mil. T 11;.
'Ao-rvoXos: a Trojan. X *J!.
'A<rTu-dva, -aKTOS (Defemf> r f tin

r////): Anti/timu; name -iven by

the Trojans to Hector's son, be-

cause of Hector's protection of the
city. Z 403, X 506.

'AO-TVVOOS: a Trojan. E 144.

'Ao-Tvoxtia (x0 : mother of Tlepole-
inus l>y Heracles. B 658.

"AO-TVOXTJ : mother of Ascalaphus by
Ares. B 513.

do-xoXdw. pres. inf. aVxaAoav ( 47 c):
am in, i ><tt lent, vexed. B 293, 297.

'Ao-w-rros : Boeotian river. A 383.

d-ToXavros : like, equal. B 169, E 576.

aTaXd-(j>pwv. -ovos (^>p^i/): merry
hearted. Z 400.

drdp (avrap) : but, yet, while. It
always stands at the beginning
of its clause (often correlative with
/xei/), and often marks a distinct
contrast with the preceding situ-
ation. Freq., however, the con-
trast is slight, when drdp means
and or and then, rather than but.
It is somewhat more emphatic
than 8e, since it has a more prom-
inent position. A 166, 506.

(Tap/?o>): fearless, un~
T 63.

d-TapTTjpos : harxh, angry. A 223.

aTcur6aXii (arry), always pi.: blind
infatuation, wickedness. A 409.

<x-Tip'#js, -e's (rctpw) : unwearied. >///-
///< hi i 11 n , firm. T 60, E L'!'J.

d-T\o-Tos (rc'Aos) : unaccomj)H*linl<
nnfnljilh d, frnilh xx. A 26, 168.

d-TtXtv-niTos (TcAcirrao)) : unaccom-
plitked. A 527, A 17:..

aTp, adv. with gen.: irithnnt, apart
from. A 498, A 376, E 473.

d'-Ttpiros (repTrw) : cheerless. Ms.
reading in Z 285.



cm] (a/ran;, aaa>) : blind infatuation,

blindness, ruin. Z 356.
d.-Tijj.a,, aor. fjTLfjui(rev, and d-

esteem, slight. A 11, 356.
d-TifjLOs, superl. arZ/AoraT^ : unhonored,

slighted. A 516.
aTiT<xXXa>: cherish, rear, feed (of

horses). E 271.
arcs (contracted from oaros): in-

satiate, with gen. E 388.
'ArpetS-ris and 'Arpetwv, -wvos : son of

Atreus. 39/. Epithet of Aga-

memnon and Menelaus ('ATpef&u).

When without special qualifica-

tion, it generally refers to Aga-


dTpeKs, adv.: truly, really. E 208.
drpeicccds, adv. : truly, exactly. B 10.
d-Tp|j.as (rpe/ui>), adv.: still, motion-

less. B 200, E 524.
' Arpcvs, -eos : A treus, son of Pelops,

father of Agamemnon and Mene-

laus. B 105 f.
d-Tpo(jLOs (r/oe/xw) : (without trembling),

fearless. E 126.
drpv-yeTos : restless. Epithet of the

sea and the aether. (Of uncer-

tain derivation and meaning;

some editors take it as barren.}
drpvTwvTj : unwearied, invincible. -Epi-

thet of Athena. B 157, E 115.
druo|j.ai, aor. partic. druxOek : am

confused, am frightened. Z 468.
'ATvjjtvidSTjs : son ofAtymnius, Mydon.

av, conj.: again, anew, on the other

hand, but now (forming a transi-

tion). Cf. drdp, avrdp, avrc.

Aifyaaf, pi. : (1) Lacedaemon
town. B583. (2) Locrian town .

avyrj : gleam, brightness. B 456.

Av-yT]id8T]s : son of A ugeas, Agasthe-
nes. B 624.

avSdw, 3d pers. impf. rjvSa, iterative
aor. av$r)(rao-K. (avft-rj) : speak. TO-
<rov avS?;crcurK : shouted so loud (of
Stentor). E 786.

av8Vj: voice, speech. A 249.

avcpva), aor. avepvaav (am, pepva), av
ftpvo), dpftpvw): draw up. 29 c.

av0i, adv. : right there, there, here.

avXVj : courtyard, court (situated before
the house; the TrpoOvpov and
caOova-a lead from it into the
house) ; farmyard. E 138, Z 247.

AvXfe, -1809: Aulis, a. Boeotian har-
bor on the Euripus (opposite
Chalcis in Euboea), where the
Achaean forces gathered in order
to set sail together for Troy.
B 303 if., 496.

avX-wiris, -iSos (avAos, ajj/f): ivith high
reed. Epithet of a helmet, with
high reedlike standard for the
crest. (Or, with holes in the visor
for the eyes.) E 182. See KO/OVS.

avrdp (avre ap): on the other hand,
but, yet. Equiv. to aVa/o.

av-re, conj.: again, anew, but ; in gen-
eral equiv. to av. A 202.

dvrVj (ava>) : shout, battle cry.

avT-fi|iap : the same day, that very day.
(avrd?), adv. : at once, straight-
way. A 199, 386, 539.

(at!), adv. : again, a second time,
afterwards, back again. A 27.



avr66i (avros) [avrov], adv. : right
th.<re. Cf. aWi. T 428.

avTO-Kaori-yv^Tos : iru brother.

avro-fiaros (automaton): 0/* (his) men
accord. B 408.

avr6s, avr7, avrd, intensive pron. :
self, generally of the 3d pers., him-
self, herself; rarely used of things.
It is intensive not merely in the
nom. and when associated with a
noun or pers. pron., as in Attic,
but also when standing alone
in the oblique cases; sometimes,
however, the intensive idea (of
contrast) is not easily expressed
in English. avros contrasts
the man with his associates, his
adversaries, his horses, his cloth-
ing, his weapons, his soul (A 4),
etc. It allows of a large variety
of translations; e.g. in person,
alone (by liiiitscff), of free trill.
rrjv avrrjv ooov is equiv. to Attic
ravrrjv ryv avrrjv 68oV. tovro? is
equiv. to OVTOS 6 avros. In the
gen. it is sometimes in agreement
with the gen. implied in a posses-
sive pron., e.g. fwv avrov KAt'os
(since c/uov is equiv. to C/AOV), TO. r*
avri/s Zpya (since era is equiv. to

avrov (strictly local gen. of avros),
adv.: /'// tin- sunn- /ilun . rii/hl there,
right!,, !-. ( /. avOi, avroOt. A 428.

Avro-<}>6vos : a Tin-ban. A 395.

aurws (urrof), adv.: /// r/ >v////-
The connection alone decides the
t niranin^. A large variety
of translations is require" 1

as I nni, H- it In, nt

in< r<\ 1- /, k. A 133.
v, -Vos: neck. E 147, 161.
avw, aor. rjvae and av(rev : shout.
d4>-aip0|iai : see aTro-cupeo/iat, tuk<

, aor. partic.
: lose, am bereft. Z 411.
cu|>-anapTO-irfjs, - (CTTOS) : erring

in speech, uttering idle words.

T215. .
a-4>avros (<^atVco) : unseen, out of

sight, destroyed. Z 60.
a<f>ap. adv. : straightway. A 349.
a<J>cu>, pres. partic. a^owvra ( 47 c)

(aTTTO/xat, a^rj): AOTM//C. Z 322.
cx4>-tT), aor. opt. of a<f>Lrjiu (send off") :

hnrl. T317.
cuj>-A.ovTO : aor. of aTroaipeo/xai, take

mrny. B 600.

a<|>vos, -cos : plenty, icealth. A 171.
a<l>-&rTaT : stand aloof, perf . of a<f>i-

crTtjfu, set at a distance. A 340.
cuf>-T|ar<D : fut. of d^iiy/u, senrf away.
a-<j>6iros ((fiOivw) : imperishable, inde-

xirnctible. B 46.
d^-tii|ii, impf. d<i', fut. d^ijo-a), aor.

opt. a<t>eiij: dismiss, send off", hurl.

A 26.
d4>-iKdvw : come : as perf. am come.

aor. aTrecrTr), perf. d</>e-
: set at a distance , aor. and

perf. intrans. stand at a distance,

stand a/nnf. A 340.
cujmios (d<evos) : rich, wealthy,

abnii ndlng (with gen. of fullness).
cuj>-opp,dofiai.. aor. opt. pass. a<j>opfj.-n-

Otltv : set out. B 794.
d<f><$a>vTa: partic. of d<cuo, handli .



d-(f>paSci>s : thoughtlessly, inconsider-
ately. T 436.

<i-4>pa8iT| : thoughtlessness, folly, igno-
rance. B 368, E 649.

d-<f>paiv<i> (<p>7v) : am a fool. a(f>pai-
vovra, playing the fool. B 258.

' A<J>po8rrn : Aphrodite, Venus, daugh-
ter of Zeus and Dione (E 348,
370 f.), wife of Hephaestus, god-
dess of beauty and love. She
led Helen to follow Paris to Troy,
and she favored the Trojans in
their conflicts. P 380 ff., $ 416 ff.

d<j>pos (o^/fyos, i m b e r) : foam. E 59 9.

a-<J>pttv, -ovos (<f>prjv) : simpleton.

a-4>v\\os (</>vXW) : leafless. B 425.

d4>v<r<rw, f ut. a<f>vew : draw (water
or wine), collect, heap up (wealth).

'AxaudSes, -a8a>v, pi. adj. as subst. :
Achaean women. 39 g. E 422.

'AxaiCs, -1805 (.s-c. 717): Achaean,
Achaea. 'A^oui&s ( 39 g) : Achaean
women (contemptuously used of
the men). B 235.

'AXCUOS: Achaean; pi. Achivi, the
Achaeans. The most powerful
race of the Greeks at the time of
the Trojan War. Phthiotis (in
Thessaly) was one of their prin-
cipal seats. Homer uses this
name more freq. than any other
for all the Greeks (22 e).
Their epithets are evKi/^/xtSes,
well greaved, Kaprj KO/AOWVTCS. long
haired, ^aAKo^irwves, bronze clad.

or a^ew (a^o?) : grieve, sorrow,
am troubled (Ovpov, in heart").
Oonai (a;(0os): am burdened, dis-
tressed. E 354, 361.

or 'AxiXevs, -1709: Achilles,
son of Peleus and Thetis, leader
of the Myrmidons and Hellenes
in Thessaly, the mightiest warrior
before Troy, the principal hero of
the Iliad. During the siege he
had captured twelve Trojan cities
on the coast and eleven in the
interior. I 328 ff. Among his
prizes was the youthful Briseis,
whom Agamemnon unjustly takes
from him. This act of the king
leads to the p.rjvi<s of Achilles,
who withdraws from the conflict
and does not return to it until
the death of his comrade Patro-
clus (in H). In the Nineteenth
Book of the Iliad, Achilles is
reconciled to Agamemnon and
prepares for battle with the Tro-
jans. He slays Hector in the
Twenty-second Book and ill-
treats the corpse, but finally
gives Hector's body back to the
aged Priam (in 12).
vs, -vos : mist, darkness. E 696.

: foam (of the sea), chaff" (of
grain). A 426, E 499.
vv|i<u (a^os) : grieve, am troubled.
Cf. dfca^^a), a^evw. A 103.
-eos: grief, sadness. A 188.

<i-xpiov, neut. adv. : aimless, dxp&ov
tSwv: looking silly, casting a foolish
look. B 269.

axpts, adv. : completely, wholly.

o.\vp\i.iT\ (a^vpoi/) : place where the
chaff falls as it is winnowed;
loosely, heap of chaff . E 502.

a\|/, adv. : back, back again, backward.



ctyts, -1809 (aTTTcu) : mesh. E 487.
a\|/-oppos (opwfu), adj. : returning,

back, fyoppov, adv. : back.
o, aor. oo-ai (satis): sate. E 289.
out) pro : hung, plpf. of detpo), /*/?.


: speakj say, utter. A 355.

Ja0?a, j3cL0v, fem. gen.
or /3a0o^: rfeep, a 7 ee/> bayed, ex-
tended, high (of standing grain).

Pa6v-o-\oivos : reedy, bearing tall
reeds. Epithet of the Asopus.
A 383.

PCUVW. fut. fi-rjo-ofMLi, 1st aor. trans.

aor. mid. firjatTo, 2d aor. intrans.
tftyv, perf. 3d pers. pi. /3e/3oao-t,
plpf. ()/3e/?7/K(v) : go, come,
walk; 1st aor. act. cause to go:
2d aor. act., inceptive, set out.
/?e/3ott<7i tvuivroi: i/ears have passed,
tfiav tpcpovcrai : (set out carry /////),
((irri'd (urnii ; cf. ot^eo-^cu Trpoc^e-
povaa. ( C/. yStMTKW, ftLftrjfu, firjXos,

w, aor. ()/3oXov, aor. mid. as
^s. ftXfjTo, perf. fiefiXrrrai, plpf.

( 30 X') : ////v " r / " //-/ -
, 7//V with a missile. /3oA.t-
TT^/ e'v -xipviv: laid in tin- anus.
(3d\c. KVK\a: placed (he win t Is.


c ;;

in ///// mind, ink'- tn htrt.

f3ap(3apo-<f>ci>vo$ (<^wvr;) : rough-voiced,
with reference to the harshness
of the Carian dialect. The word
/3ap/3apo9 for non- Greek, foreigner,
is not found in Homer, just as
the poet has no one word for all
Greece. B 867.

Papuvw (/3apvs) : weigh, down, oppress.

papvs, fiaptta, fiapv (gravis): Aozt-y,
mighty, violent, grievous, fiapv ore-
va^tov : groaning heavily. A 364.

pas : aor. partic. of f$aiv<a, go.

poo-vXcvs, -^os : <'/, prince. This
title is applied more freely than
avo. T 179.

Pouri\vb>, fut. /Jao-iAewTO/xev : rt/
/.///// (queen), reign. Z 425.

pcuri\t]ts, -t'Sos, fem. : pertaining to the
king, royal. Z 193.

Pdo-Kb) (jSawo) : ^ro, come. Cf.


: for cySai/ [tprjaav, 44 n], ;
aor. of yScuVo), ^70. A 209.

PUTTIV [e^r^v] : aor. dual of /3aivw,

^o. A 327, E 778.
BarUia (/fcm*) : Tl>n thill, a hill

near Troy, before the Scaean

Gate. B 813.
fcpooo-i perf., pp^,Kiv ( 30*, 44 6)

plpf. : of #uW, flro. B 1 34, A 221 .
pc'P\T|ai. pt'pXTjTai: IMM!'. ]ass. of

/JoAAo), 7V. E 103, 284.
p^PpwOw (/?t^p(uo-K(u) : ea/, devour.

\ ;;:>.

Pttw [y36i, 52 c] : aor. subjv. of

ySouW, //o.
BXXepo<j)6vnis : Bellerophon, son of

(ilaucus, grandson of Sisyphus.

His story is rehearsed at length.

Z 153-201.



P\OS, -eos (/3aAAo>) : missile, arrow.

pv6os, -eos (/3a0vs) : depth. A 358.

P*l [?], P^ero [^traro], P^j-
<rop,6v [/^crco/Afv], PTJW or |3eu> [/?&,
52 c] : aor. of /ftu'vci), (70. The
1st aor. is transitive.

PT]\OS (/fcuvo>) : threshold. A 591.

Bfja-o-a : Locrian town. B 532.

pfjo-o-a : glen, ravine. B 532, F 34.

Bias, -ayros : a lieutenant of Nestor.
A 296.

pCp^i (/3atva>) : #0. jjuaKpa fiifidvTa :
with long strides. T 22.

pit) : mii/Al, strength, for attack ; pi.
deeds of violence, violence. Freq.
in periphrasis (cf. /xo/os, <r#eVos,
Krjp). 16 rf. II/aca/Aoio jSiiy: the
might of Priam, the mighty Priam,
fiirj 'HpaKXtjtir} : the mighty Her-

piT]-4>iv, old locat. : m m^A<. A 325.

pios : bow. A 125.

PIOTOS ()3tos): /(/e, weans of life,
wealth. E 544, Z 14.

pXairTw, aor. pass, partic. j3\a.<f>OfvTf. :
weaken, hinder, hold back. Z 39.

P\T)|ivos, pXfjorOoi, p\f]To: aor. mid.
as pass, of (3dX\it>, hit. 50 d.

P\<6o-K6>, aor. partic. /xoXovaa : go.
30 g.

Boa-ypios: a stream in eastern Lo-
cris, emptying into the sea oppo-
site the northwest corner of
Euboea. B 533.

podw, pres. partic. /3ooon>Tes ( 47 c)
(/3orj) : shout, cry aloud. B 97.

Sovs) : oxhide (.sc. Sopd, see on
A 54), shield of oxhide (sc. dtrxntf).
E 452.

POCIOS (jSovs) : of cattle, vevpa /Soeta :

02; sinews, bowstring. A 122.
POTJ : shout, outcry. jSoyv ayaOos :

<70orf af Me war cry, valiant in war

(esp. of Menelaus and Dioined).

This was an important quality in

battle when trumpets were not


: Boebe in Thessaly, not far

from Pherae, on the lake to which

it gives its name. B 712.

, -iSos: of Boebe. Boi/fyis

: Boebean lake. B 711.
BOIWTOI: the Boeotians. B 494, 510,


podwvTes : partic. of /3oao>, shout.
Bopcrjs, gen. Bopeao: Boreas, North

wind. (See ave/xos.) E 524.
POO-KW (/3ov<s, botany) : pasture, feed.

E 162.
porpvS6v (/3oT/)vs);> adv. : in cluster*

like grapes, of swarms of bees.


Povpcov, -wvos : groin. A 492.
POVKO\<O (/^ovKoAo?) : tend cattle.
BouKoXiwv, -wvo? (bucolic) : eldest son

of Laomedon. Z 22.
povXevr^s : councilor, member of the.

j3ov\r}. Z 114.
POV\CVCD, fut. ySovAevcro/xev, aor. ftav-

AevcraTo (^8ovA^) : advise, counsel :

mid. deliberate, plan. B 347.
POV\T| : adi'ice, counsel, plan, will,

purpose; council, composed of

yepovres, elders. A 5, B 53.
P<n>\T]-<f>6pos : counsel-giver, councilor.

Epithet of princes. E 180.
Pov\ofj.ai (/2ovA.rj, volo): wish, will,

prefer. Because of its comparative


idea, it is sometimes followed by
rj, like j3ov\0fjuut. /xoAAov. A 117.

pov-ir\T|, -rjyos (7rAi/crcra>) : ox-goad,
>rliii>. Z !;.").

Bomrpdo-iov : ancient town in north-
ern Klis. B 615.

POVS. gen. POOS, no m * P 1 - {toe* dat.
pi. /Joccro-i or fiawri, ace. pi. ftoas
or /3ovs (b o s, cow) : ox, cow ; pi.

po-wms, -iSos (/3ovs, aty) : (ox-eyed),
calm eyed, soft eyed, i.e. with deep,
majestically quiet eyes. Epithet
esp. of Hera, /3oo>7ri9 TTOTVUL "Kprj.
< 'f. AcvKwAci/os.

: rod/; rjrnte loudly. E 859.
mid. ySpe/AO/xai : roar. /AcyaAu
: mm'* loudly, beats with a
roar. B 210, A 4'jr..

Pp\jis : forehead. E 586.

Bpuxpcws: a hundred-armed giant,
called Briareiix by the gods, but
AiytuW by men. A 403.

pptw (@pt&<a) : am sluggish, inactive.
A >:}.

Ppi0o<rvv^ : v /V////, /////vA //, load.

pplOvs, -cuz, -i': In in- if. E 7 It',.

Bpio-vs, -^05 : ttrim .. fat lu-r >f Brisels.
A 392.

Bpurqis, -1809 : daughter of Bi

beloved captive of Achilles, from
whom she was taken unjustly by

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