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fut. Svvrjcrofjwu, aor. Swi/craro (8wa-
fj.L<;, dynamite) : can, am able.

86vw : put on. Cf. 8va>.

8vo and 8vw (two) : indecl. two.

SvoKaCScKa [8w8e/<a] : indecl. twel

8v<r- : inseparable particle indicating;
misfortune and pain.

Svcr-arjs, -e'o? (airjfu) : harsh-bloioin

8vo-ai (with a-rro, put off'), 8v<rTo,
aor. of 8vo) : sank. E 435.

SxKr-ijx^Sj -cos (^x os ) ' harsh-sounding,
ill-sounding, horrisonus.

Svcr-KXe^s, ace. 8vo~K\a (xAeos) : in-
glorious. B 115.

Svcr-neWjs, -co? (/AO/OS) : evil-minded,
hostile; pi. enemies. Z 453.

Av<r-irapis : unhappy Paris, hated





Pans. A < determinative com-
pound'; II . 590; G. 886.

Svo-rqvos: //</////>////. Z 127.

8w-\i|JLcpos (xcifjua, hi ems) : wintry,
st<>riii;i. Epithet of Dodoiia.
B 7.">o.

Svcr-wwfjios (ovo/xa) : ( ill-named ),
cursed. Z 2(

5t, fut. 8vo-<o, aor. inf. Svtrcu, aor.
mid. (e)Svo-ero aor. ;8v, perf. 8e-
8iJK/ : enter, go into, put on ; fut.
and 1st aor. act. trans. OTTO 8v<rtu,
put off. Trplv lyeAtoi/ 8vvcu : before
the sun set. yalav t&vrrjv : (their
souls) entered the earth. Z 19.

8v : collateral form of 8w>, two.

Svw-Scica [Sw&Ka] : twelve. B 637.

Svw-fc'Karos : twt-ffth. A 493.

8: iudecl. short form of 8to/ta,
house, home. Cf. 8e/Ma>, 8d/xos.

8w$Ka : twelve ; cf. 8voKcu8Ka.

Sw&KdTos 3 : la-fifth. A 42.~>.

AwSwvT] : Ihnlimn, in Epirus, at the
foot of Mt. Tomaros; seat of the
oldest oracle of the Greeks, W!MMV
ascetic priests interpreted the
rustling of the sacred oak. B 750,
II 288 tr.

8T)(<riv) sul)jv., SwKa ind.: aor. of


(8to, 8o/MO9,

tn-t : mom. -sj>. the large

hall of f/tf tin n.
Awpu>v: town under Nestor's nil.-.

B r,!l.

Swpov (8t'8<o/xt) : //{//.
8w<ri [8oJ, 44 a~\, Swftxriv [8w(rtv,

ji ."rj f] : aor. suljv. of 8<.'8to/zt, v' /v

A 129.


I (/re), enclitic 3d pers. pron., ace.:

//////, her ; seldom (A 236 ?) neuter.

It is equiv. to Attic avrw, avr>jv,

which is intensive in Homer,
la [ijv] (erat): was; 3d sing. impf.

of a/xt, rt/w. A 321.
to. : contracted for lae (1) imv.; (2)

impf. of caw, allow. A 276, B 165.
eavos : jtliant, supple, soft, enveloping.
lavos : robe (an aristocratic garment) ;

generally equiv. to TrcTrAos, the

principal female garment ; but in

F 419 it seems to be used of

Helen's veil. Prob. made of linen,

as is indicated by the epithets.
lop, gen. eapos (/reap, ver) : spring.

Cf. ciaptvos, cernnl.
ccuriv [eicriV] : 3d pi. pres. of et/xi, am.
larai [^vrat] : 3d pi. pres. of fifMU, ait.
taw. 3d pi. pres. ind. euoo-i, impf. eta

or cd, iterative impf. CUKTKOV or
( 54), fut. cdtro/Aci/, aor.
: allow, permit, leave alone, give

free hand. OVK tao-KC : forbade.
2pav [e/Jipai/], 4pVjn]v : ,se< OM^: aor. of

/?atVw, yo. A 391.
iy-m&atr\.v [eyycydvao-iv] : ZiVc fn ;

pcrf. of eyyt'yvo/iAat, /-/.sv j ///. Z !!':'.
^yyvaXttw, aor. inf. eyyvoAi^ai (yvaov) :

////v into (ow) IKIIII/S. f/nint. A :i."i:;.
yyv-0v, adv. : (from near at iniinl ).

/,-//-. K 72. 275.
yyv-0t. tyyvs, adv.: mar. with geni-

tivr. Z:;i7.
c-ycCpw. aor. ^ypa and eyetpa, mid.

aor. cypcro : rouse, n-uke. B 440.
i: ftmiw. T 300.



perf. cyjccfcAtrat . lean on,
rest upon. Z 78.

learned, recognized ; aor. of

know. A 199.
-ypTo : aor. of eyetpo), wake. B 41.
(:yx os ) : lance, spear. B 530.
^pear-wielding. B 692.
-yxr-iro\os (TraXAw) : spear-brandish-
ing. Cf. aixjJLrjTys. B 131.
-yx o > -*os: lance, spear; generally
of ash wood, with a bronze point,
which was held in place by a ferule
(Tropfoys). It had also a spike of
metal at the butt (cravpwTrjp), by
which the spear was fixed in the
ground (Z 213). Cf. eyx t V &6pv,


, aor. pass, partic. as mid.
draw near. E 662.
gen. e/xeto, ()yu,ev, or eyu,e$ev,
dat. (c)/Aof, ace. (e)/xe, 1st pers.
pron. : I. 42 a.

8cu]v: learned, came to know; aor. pass,
of Sioa<rK<a, teach. 51 JV.S. T208.

eSdfiao-cra aor. act., eSdpT) aor. pass.,
eSdjxva impf . : of Sd^yrj^i, overcome,
subdue. E 191, 391.

eStipav : aor. of Sepoo, flay. A 459.

8io-v : aor. of Sei&a^fear, The first
syllable is long, since the verb-stem
originally began with two conso-
nants (8/ri-). 59 h.

^STJTVS, -ws (ISw) : eating, food.

cS|uv(u : inf. of eSto, eat. A 345.

cSvoird\iv : impf. of Si/orraA/^a), slay.

?8os, -eos (sedes, seat): place for a
seat, seat, home. A 534.

cSpapov : aor. of rpi^w, run. E 599.

I8pi] : seat, row of seats. B 99.

JISv, ISvv [ISvo-av, 44 n],

aor. of Svo>, ewfer, pw^ on. Z 19.
e'Svvev : impf. of 8ww, jw< on.
eSw, fut. ISo/Aat (edo, ea<) : eaf. Cf.

: aor. of
eeiKocriv : see CIKOCTI, twenty.
eiircs, aiire : see CITTOI/, A'aiW.
i<rdfj.vos, aor. partic. of ci8o> : taking

the form, with dat. of likeness.
X8o>p (eASojLuxt) : ?w?^, desire.

: impf. of epydOa>, separate.
: pres. of (/3ya>, separate, cvros
eepya : incloses. B 617.
p|ivai : perf. of cipw, /oin. E 89.
?5o|iai, aor. do-e (ISos) : siV ; aor. seated.
r)Kv : aor. of irjfju, send. 43 d.
T)v or v [^v] : impf. of et/u', am.
ITJOS : gen. of ei;?, valiant. A 393.
Ifjs: gen. fern, of eds, 7iw. E 371.
Tj<ri [y] : 3d sing, subjv. of et/xt, aw.
: impf. of 0e'a>, rwn. A 483.

subjv. I

( 44 a), impf. rJ&Aoi/ or
wisA, am willing. fir}$
(noli) : do not desire, do not try.
OVK e^eXcov (equiv. to ctKa>v) :
against his will. B 247.
20v [ov], gen. of 3d pers. pron. :

of him, of her. 33 c, 42 a.
0vro, eOeo-av, edrjicav : aor. of TI-
, set, place. B 750.
-eos : nation, tribe, host, flock
(of birds), swarm (of bees).
0w, perf. as pres. etw0e : am accus-

tomed, am wont. E 766.
el, al, conditional particle : if
whether (in indir. questions). It
often introduces a wish.



In el 8' a-yc, ei seems to be an inter-
jection, come !

ef irov or d irws with subjv. or opt.
freq. can be rendered by on the
chance that, in the hope that.
: low land. A 483.

etapivos (cap, ve r n u s) 3 : of the spring-
time, spring, vernal. B 89, 471.

etas, iterative cfcuncov : iinpf . of caw,
permit. E 819.

c'iarai ( 44 /) : 3d pi. of TJ/XOI, *//.

ciaro [rjrro] : impf. of rjpjaj.. T 149.

cl 5' a-yc : but up, come ! Z 376.

ctSap, -arcs (c8o) : food. E 369.

ctStjs subjv., clS^o-civ [etcreo&u] fut.
inf . : of olSa, know.

[etSw], eiSo/uu, aor. cto-aro, aor. par-
tic. (e)to-d/x,cvos : appear, appear
like, take the form of. B 22.

[ci&o/xev, 45] : subjv. of
know. A 363.

tlSov or t8ov (aor. ind.), aor. subjv.
torrre, iterative aor. I&O-KC, aor.
ind. mid. eiSovro, aor. subjv.
i&tafuu (/:$-, video): saw, see. Cf.

cISos, -co? (ft&-) : appearance. B 58.

cl'SwXov (/ri8-, /V/o/) : X/KIJ><\ phantom.

clSws, iSvux : par tic. of oT&x, know.

tUv [eiTytruj'], tt]v : opt. of ei/xt, a///.

c!6op, adv. : gtraigktoay. Cf. I9vs.

etOc : wouhl that, () that ! introduces
a wish.

ctKcXos (CIKWV) : like, resemMiny.

<tKo<ri (peLKwri, viginti), indecl. :
twenty. B 510.

( 19 c) plpf. as impf., tuona
( 49 ;) fern, partic. : of cotKa, am
like, resemble.

etictt (pun-, Germ, weichen, weaken) :
yte/(/, draw back. A 509.

ElXt'o-iov : Boeotian town. B 499.
: restrain, keep back. See etA.w.

[eA^Xv^a] : perf. of c
/nat, cowc. A 202, Z 254.

elXi-iros, -0809, dat. pi. et

(ley-twisting}, crooked-gaited, trail-
ing-footed. Epithet of cattle, in
contrast with ae/xrtTro&s ITTTTOL.

elXov : aor. of atpew, <aA:e, set'se.

, perf. partic. ctAv/xeVos (fctA.-,
volvo): irrrt/;. E 186.

aor. inf. cAcrai, aor. pass. inf.
aA?7/AV(H (/riXo>) : crowd together.

clfta, -aro5 (fO"- evwfu, vest is) :
garment, robe. E 905.

l|u'v [ecr/xcv] : 1st pi. of flfu, am.

l|u'voi: perf. partic. of eVw/u,

cl ^ : if not, unless. B 156.

clfU, 2d sing, co-trt, 3d sing. c<TTt(v),
1st pi. >cV, 2d pi. CO-TC, 3d pi.
ei(ri(v) or ca(ri(v), 1st sing, subjv.
lea, 3d sing, subjv. Zrpri, opt. ciryv,
3d pi. opt. tv, 3d sing. imv. CO-TOD,
2d pi. imv. core, 3d pi. imv. CO-TCOV,
inf. emu or C/M(/X)CV(CU), partic.
ccoi/, covcra, eoi/, 1st sing. impf.
^a or ca, 2d sing. impf. rjo-Oa, 3d
sing. impf. TJV, ?ev, ccv, or oyv, 3d
dual impf. ^CTT^V, 3d pi. impf. ^o-ai/
or e'crav, iterative impf. CO-KC(V),
fut. co-((7)o/>uu, 3d sing. fut. eo-(cr)c-
TOLL, cVercmu, or COTCU (sum, esse,
am, /x) : r;//?, ^zw/, //re. ov S^v
^v : Ae did not live long. KCU coxro-
/Mcvowri : crew /or /tten r///o?// / /^,
for future gen> -The e of



the root is preserved in most

ljii, 3d sing, curt, subjv. to/*,ei/, imv.
Wij inf. i/xev or te'wu, partic. itbv,
lova-a, lov, 3d sing. impf. ^e or
tc(v) [$ei], dual impf. irrjv, 3d pi.
impf. larav, aor. CIOUTO (eo) : go,
depart, come. (The connection
decides whence and whither the
action proceeds.) The pres. ind.
is freq. used as fut. (as regularly
in Attic), while the impf. ind.
and the other moods are used as

lv : for cv, in. 55 d. B 783.

ctvarepes, pi. : husband 's brothers' wives.

cCvaros (ew/ea) : ninth. B 295.

el'vexa : see eveKa, on account of.

lvo<rt-<f>v\\os (tfvocris, a>0ea>, <vAAov) :
leaf-shaking, leafy. B 632.

eto [or], gen. of 3d pers. pron. : 7w-
?(/: 42 a. A 400.

elos, ia>s [s] : ivhile, until, (7705 is
prob. the better form.) T 291.

et ircp: if really, if indeed. A 81.

cl'ircro : impf. of 7ro/xat, follow.

etirov or &IITOV and etirets (aor. ind.),
3d sing, subjv. airgfaiv), partic.
CITTWV, eiTrowra, iterative aor. eantr-
KCV (/rros) : sa/d, toW, #poe. ws
etTTwi/ : /^MS speaking, with these
words. Cf. <>7/At', eipoo.

el! iroT : {/" eyer. ct TTOTC (T^OMXTO : if
ever they would stop. B 97.

* irov, ? irws : i/ perchance, in the
hope that. T 450, A 88.

EtpcVpia: Eretria, in Euboea. B 537.

etpTJvtj : peace. CTT' ei/ar/viys : in <i
of peace. B 797.

el'piov : wool. T 388.

tipo-KOfios : wool-carder. T 387.

ctpopai, subjv. epei'o/xev

impf. epeovTo: ask, inquire about.
Cf. ei/oo). A 62.

clpo-iroKos : woolly-fleeced, woolly.

elpvarai pres. mid., ipvo~(racr6(u aor.
mid. : of cpvofjuu, guard. A 239.

elpvaTcu : perf. pass, of e'pvw, draw up.

[el'pw], fut. epe'oo, perf. pass. elpYjTai,
(/rep-, verbum, ivord) : say, tell,
announce. Cf. </>77/M, UTTOV.

ei'pw, perf. pass, partic. eep/xeVai
(sero) : join, unite well. E 89.

els, $, adv. and prep, with ace. :
into, to, until. It sometimes is
followed by a gen., which has
been explained by an ellipsis, e.g.
es 'A.6r)vair)<s : to Athena's temple ;
es yoAdwv : to the homes of her hus-
band's sisters. Z 378 f. It rarely
follows its noun.

els, [Jua, eV, gen. eVos, /xias, tvos '. one.
Cf. tos.

el<ra : seated, aor. of eo/uu, sit .
A 311.

el'o-airo, aor. of etSco : seemed. B 215.

el<r-ava-(3aiva>, aor. ei(7ai/y87;(rav : go
up into. Z 74.

el'o-aro, aor. of ci8o> : took the form of.

eto-aro : aor. of Te/xat, press forward
eagerly. A 138.

eio - e'pxoficu, fut. e<reAvo-o/>uxi, aor.
.la-)j\vOov or c.l<rfi\0ov, aor. imv.
eureA$e : come in, enter. Z 354.

eio-erai : fut. of otSa, know. A 548.

eto-t] (/ricro?) : equal, icell-balanced,
shapely (of ships) ; fair (of a
feast where each has a portion



suited to his rank). TTCLVTCKT L(rrj:

cifiKtl on cr,ff/ titli . prol). .v///// ///</-

ricnl, weU-balonced, of a shield
(do?). A 468.
Ur-fj\6ov or Urt|Xv6ov : aor. of tUnp-

come in. B 321, 798.
(/re/r7Kw, ft*c-) : t It ink (him)
like. F197, El 81.
els o KC(V) : 'until. (For cis TOVTO v

$ K.) T 409.
cl<r-opdu>, pres. partic. eio-opotov, fut.

eto-w (eis), adv.: /////<///, //i/o. Freq.
with a preceding ace. ('limit of
motion'), as"IAiov ettrw : /o 7Vo// ;
otrreW euro) : //< /<> f//e bone; "At'Sos
eurto (.ST. So/xoi/) : info the home of

t TC, ef re : irhether, or.
tt\ov : impf. of ^o>, /tare, /told.
tw, elwo-i: pres. iud. of caw, allo/r.

]>crf. of l^w, r//;/ trout.
[ea>s] : for eto?, until. T 291.

(before vowels), adv. and
prep, with gen.: nut, forth, from.
CK TOLO: from flint time. * ov :
IK AIDS: rer< /'////
A//-/- ,,f '/,, /., ?rere /ort?'/ ////
aKrvyos: (bound) from
the rim, i.'. (<> tin rim. In com-

P position CK denotes wjmnilion or
rum fill tioi, ('///'/'///).

'EKdpT] : J/K-iibii. \\iffof King Priam
of Troy. X -jr.l ff.

pipyov): fttMDOrker

(or <A /; ///A /). Kpitln-t of Apollo.
A 479, E l: % .!. Qf. e^oXos,
;. c/caros.


: aor. of KoAeo), call.
: aor. of KGL/XVOJ, become weary.

K<xs (/T/ca-), adv\ : y'w; with genitive.

tKcwTos o (f /c-) : eacA . It is freq.
added in apposition with the sub-
ject of the principal verb, in the
sing, when the individual is to
be made prominent, in the pi.
when separate divisions or squads
are in mind. Cf. F 1.

K<xTp0v, adv. with gen. : on either
side. T 340.

Kart]-p\TT]s, -ao (A 75) and CKarr]-
poXos (/re/cas, ySaXXtu) : far-darter,
far-shooter. Epithet of Apollo as
(the sun god) the god of the
bow. Cf. e/cae/ayo?, e/c?7/?oA.os.

KaT6-y-x l Ps (x ct p) : hundred-armed.
Epithet of Briareos. A 402.

tKaro^-pTj (/?oOs) : hecatomb ; strictly
a sacrifice of a hundred cattle, but
the poet is not exact as to num-
ber or class of the victims, hence
sacrifice. (A < hecatomb ' of
twelve heifers is mentioned in
Z Do, and one of rams in A 102.)

KaTojjt-poios (/?ovs) : trnrlh <i h undred
raffle. B 449, Z 236.

KaTO(i-iro\is : Inirint/ <i //undred cities,
/iund,;-d-riti,d, of Crete. B 649.

Kar6v (centum): indecl. one
Itnnilrxl .

: short form of /ca-
, far-dnr/t r. A 385.

t K-(3a tvu> : ijo fortli . > -nine forth .

K-pdXXw, aor. K/3oA.c : cast out, t/iro/r
out. E 39.

tK-Ytyvoncu. aor. J^cycporro, perf.
inf. eVyeyci/xcv, perf. partic. fem.



e/cycyawd [e/cyeyowia, 49 g~\ : am
born from, perf. am sprung from.

K - yovos : descendant, offspring.

K-Sr|Xos (SrjXov) : conspicuous. E 2.

K-88ju, aor. imv. exSorc: ^zye up.

IK-SVW : jw* off, doff. T 114.

CKtScuro-e : aor. of (o-)KeSavw/Ai,
shatter. E 88.

IKCKCUTTO: plpf. of jcatvufuu, excel.

KK\TO : aor. of /ce'Ao/wu, ca/, order.

: plpf. of KXiVM, /eaw, res.
( 48 A) : aor. of Katoo, own.

as, /3aAAa>) z distant
shooting, i.e. skill in archery.

KT)-|36\os: far-shooter. See eKae/ayos.

KT}\os (/: K-) : o,m'e, peaceful, undis-
turbed, at ease. E 805.

K-K<x0cupa>: c/ean ow. B 153.

K-Ka9-opdw, aor. partic. e/cKartSoav:
^ (owf!) down from. A 508.

: sixteen handbreadths
in length. A 109.

K-Kar-i8<ov i aor. of eKKaOopdo).

K-KXirrw, aor. e^eVAe^ei/ : s^ea/ away.

4K-Kv\v8w, aor. pass. ^eKv\L(rOr) (cyl-
inder) : roll out. Z 42.

K-\avddv<i>, aor. trans. e/cAeAa0ov,
mid. e/cA.Aa0r0ai : mid. forget;
trans, aor. caused to forget.

K\vov : impf . of /cXvtu, h ear, give ear.

K-nvtdw, aor. partic. e/c/W^'o-as :
squeeze or swc& owi (poisoned
blood or extraneous matter).
A 218.

K-vo<rTto, aor. partic. CKvoo-nfo-avre

(VOO-TOS) : return from. E 157.

p'a : impf. of KoXaxxo), brawl.

K6(jLi<r(T : aor. of

eKira-yXos: terrible. Superl. t

Taro?. Adv. eKTrayXws or e/<7rayXa :
terribly, mightily, furiously. A 146.

eK-TT-auJxxo-o-w : (shine forth), am promi-
nent. E 803.

K-irp9w, fut. e/cTrepo-ovo-t, aor. subjv.
eKTreptrtocrt, aor. e^eTrpa^o/xe
utterly, destroy, ra TroAtoJv
Oofjitv : wAa^ we sacked out of the
cities, i.e. took from the cities. A 125.

K-irirTa>, aor. eKTretre : /a^/ from.

K-irpirrjs, -co? (7rpe7rw) : distinguished.

tKpaiaivev : impf. of KpaiaiVa), fulfil.

K-<ra6a), aor. ee(racocrev : safe, rescue.

cK-o-eva), aor. pass. t^ta-vOrj : send
forth; pass, rush forth. E 293.

cK-o-irdw, aor. e^eWcure : draw fortl.

CKTCI, Krav : aor. of Kreu/w, A;<7/.

eK-rdftvb), aor. e^erayaoi/ : cut out, cat,
heiv out. A 460.

K-Tc\c'a> (reXos): accomplish, perform.

: o/* Hector, Hector's. II
: sow o/ Hector. Z 401 .
: srfA. B 407.

IKTOS (e/c), adv. : outside. A 151.

"EKTa>p, -o/oos (c/. the English verb
to hector) : Hector, the mightiest
and dearest-beloved of Priam's
fifty sons. O 495 ff. In Z is
an account of an affectionate
meeting of Hector and his wife
Andromache ; in H, Hector fights
in single combat with Telamo-
nian Ajax; he breaks his way
through the gates of the Greek
camp (M445 ff.) ; he is grievously



wounded by Ajax (E 402 ff.), but
Apollo restores his strength, and
he returns to the conflict (O246 ff.),
and advances to the very ships
of the Achaeans (H 414 ff.) ; he
slays Patroclus, the friend of
Achilles (H 818 ff.) ; he is himself
slain by Achilles (X 330). The
Twenty-fourth Book of the Iliad
tells the story of Priam's visit
to the Achaean camp to ransom
Hector's body. The last verse
of the Iliad is <os o* y d/x<^>t7rov
is called Kopv6aio\os, with waring
plume, fiarjv ayaQ&i, good at the
war cry, valiant, //.eya$v/u,09, great-
hearted, <ai'8i/A09, glorious, av&po-
; man-slaying.

CK-, s o c e r) : h usband's
father. F 172.

vw, aor. pass. fe<f>adv6r) : show
forth : pass, appear. A 468.
: carry forth, bear out of.

aor. oc<vye: escape.
: pour out. F 296.
<KV, -ovT09 (/:*) : trilling, of (his)
/////, at /tlt-asure. F 66.
[cAen/]: pres. inf. of e'Aatu,
drive. E 366.

: aor. of Aa/A/?avo>, take, seize.

: irnpf. of Aao/>uu, take.
eXcuov (o 1 e u m, oil) : olive oil. B 754.
tXdo-ao-Kc : iterative aor. of AaiW.
tXdn] : pine tree. E 560.
&a-rf|p, -^pos (eAaaj) : driver. All."..
"EXaros: Trojan ally, slain by Aga-
memnon. Z 3o.

or IXdw. i>rt's. inf. e'Aottj/ [c'Aav,








47 c], aor. cXao-(o-)c(v) or rjAcurc,
iterative aor. eXao-ao-Ktv, plpf . ^A.iJ-
Aaro or IXyXaro : drire, strike.
KoXwov eAavvoo: carry on a brawl.
A 575.

I\a4>os : rfeer. F 24.

&a<|>p<Ss 3 : light. E 122.

eXSojjtai (will) : desire, long for. E 481.

IXeatpw (cAeos) : p%. B 27.

, -tos : shameful. A 242.

: disgraced. B 285.
-os : shame, pi. (shameful
things), caitiffs. B 235.

(eAcos) : pitiable. B 314.
, aor. cAei^rc (eAeos) : J9%, ?a^
. Z 484.

, aor. eXcXicr, aor. pass.
cAeA/x^crav or eAcAi^^ev : (/wrn),
act. shake; mid. coiV; pass, turn
about, rally. A 530, B 316, Z 109.

2Xe(v) [cTAc] : aor. of atpccu, <aA;e, s/ay.

'EXoaj : Helen, daughter of Zeus,
sister of Castor and Polydeuces,
wife of Menelaus, mother of Her-
mione. Famed for her beauty.
Carried off by Paris, son of Priam,
to Troy, and thus the occasion of
the Trojan War. After the cap-
ture of Ilios she returned to
Sparta with Menelaus. F 121 ff.,
Z 323 ff., 8 121 ff.

"EXevos : H'lenus. (l)Son of Priam; a
eer. Z76. (2) A Greek. E 707.

&66pirros (c\os, Tp^>oj) : marsh"
MOUTtffc '/, (/rntrn nn innist meadows.

IXo-0. tXti-qv: aor. of aiptw, tula .

(liber): free. e'Ac^cpov
( 16 d) : day of fr<-lin,



freedom. Kprrnjp cAevflcpos : bowl
of freedom, i.e. in celebration of
freedom. Z 455, 528.

e\ticro|iai : fut. of Ip^o/xm, come.

A6J>as, -ai/ros : ivory. A 141. The
elephant himself is not men-
tioned by Homer.

'EXe^vwp, -opos : leader of Abantes.
B 540, A 463.

\\|KV : aor. of AeVw, strip off. A 236.

*E\(6v,-wi/os: Boeotian town. B500.

4\T|\aTo : plpf. of cAaww, drive.

IXte imv., \0iv or \0>v(at) inf.,
\0T](ri subjv., \0oi opt., eX0wv
partic. : aor. of ep^o/xai, come.
A 70, 247.

'E\iKaa>v, -ovos : Helicaon, son of
Antenor, and son-in-law of Priam.

'EXCKTj : principal town in the dis-
trict on the north coast of Pelo-
ponnesus. Poseidon received spe-
cial honor there. B 575.

iXiKwiris, -iSos, . and I\(K-W\|/, -WTTO?
(f eAt, aty) : quick-eyed, bright-
eyed. A 98, 389, T 190.

eXtirov: aor. of AeiVw, leave. E 480.

IXio-o-w (/:eAi) : curl. A 317.

\Ke<rC-irirXos : with trailing robe.
Epithet of Trojan matrons.

e\KT]0|i6s (eAKco) : dragging, seizure.

\KOS, -cos (ulcu s) : wound, sore.

\KW: draw, drag. A 194.

i'XXafc [eAa/?e, 30 6] : aor. of Aa/x-
(3dv>, take. E 83.

'EXXds, -aSo?: Hellas, the country
under the rule of Peleus, in
Thessaly. B 683. Thence the
name was extended to all Greece.

"E\\Tjvs : Hellenes, the inhabitant
of Hellas, which did not yet
include all Greece. B 684.
'E\\T|<r-irovTos : (sea of Helle}, the
Hellespont. B 845. The Homeric
use includes the neighboring

\Xi<ro-TO : impf . of AiVo-o/xat. 30 b.
\oi, KXov [etAoi/], IXovres, cXovro
[etAorro] : aor. of cupe'w, take,
seize, slay. B 29, 399.
"EXos, -cos: Helos. (1) Lacedaemo-
nian town. B 584. Cf. Helot.
(2) Town near Elis. B 594.
'eXos, -co? (p cA-) : marsh, meadow.
Xiro|Mu (/rcATT-, voluptas, will):

hope. T 112.
e'Xcrcu: aor. inf. of ctAco, crowd to-

gether. A 409.

eXwp and cXcopiov (/rcA-, eAcii/) : booty,
prey. A 4, E 488.

perf. partic. e'/z/Je/fowra,
e/jifitftaa-av : come into, em-
perf. stand in. E 199.
), aor. e/xy8aAe: throw in,
T 139, A 444.

c'|i-f3euri\c6<0 : rule among. B 572.
fji acc., IjUOcv, |iio gen.: of cyw, 7.
fxeivas : aor. of /xeVco, await. Z 126.
fjLp.iKTo : plpf. of
e'(jLvai [eu/ai] : inf. of
ftv [C/AOV]: gen. of e'yoo, /. 42 o.
p.ix0v [cfuxfrqarav], and
: a o r ' pass, of /tturyo^ w/^Ve,
T 209, 445, E 134.

adv. : quickly, at once.
p.|i|icuas, -via : eager, impetuously.
(x|ievai [cTvat] : inf. of ei/>u, am.
30 e.




perf. of /u.et'po//cu, re a
mi/ i>ortion. 43 //. A 278.

cjivwovro \_/jufj.vrj(TKovTo] : impf. of
fHfOOfUU, am mindfnl. B 686.

c'fjios 3: /////. Strengthened by the
gen. of ttvrd? in e/xov avrov
since e/ady is equiv. to /xov.

fjL-7r<x<r<ra>, impf. cverrav&t: (sprinkle
in), weave in. F 126.

fJL-ir8ov, adv. : immorahle. E 527.
cfi-TrcSos : Jirm, nnsltaken. Z 352.
;: aor. of euTriTTTu), fall in.

|A-ir4>vvia : close/// clinging to, perf.
of /A</>VCD, y/vvr ////o. A 513.

ji-mis : in suite of all, nevertheless,
like o//.a>9, which is found but
once in Homer. A 562.

cVirXTjv, local adv. : next. B 526.

|i-4>voj. perf. partic. e/XTre^vvta : grow
in/o : }terf . cling close/// to. A 513.

tv. civ. or ev, adv. and prep.: in,
thi n in. among. ovpt<nv cV KOpv<j>rjs :
on tin mountain summits, ev 6<f>8a\-
fiolcnv opa([email protected] : see before (/////)
<>/<s. -rrarpl cV X P"^ rt^et : /ml in
her fat In r's arms. eV \\iththedat.
is fre<|. usel \vitli verbs of motion,
because of the state of rest that
follows the motion; as KaTTTrecroi/
V A.rjfj.v<i) : I fi II doirn on l.rmnos.
v sonietinies seems to be con-
strued \\ith a - en. .and an ellipsis
has been assumed, as eV a<f>vtiov
Trarpd? (xr. 8oj/xari) : /// tin- /<oxs>:
nf my inaltli;/ J'atln r. f 'f. ct.

S(va: acc. masc. of ci?, one. B 2!2.

evaipu), aor. Ivyjparo (evapa) : sla;/.

tv-aio-ijtov, adv. : at jilting time.

v-ai(rifjios (atcrtt) : favorable, rea-
son <il ill : the contrary of Tra/Wcna.

v-a\-yKios : ///v-, rr.sv inhlin (/. E 5.

tv-avriov, adv.: af/ainst, to meet.

4v-avTios 3 : oj>j>osif< , to meet. Z 106.

evapa. pi. : n/toils, an/tor taken from
a slain foe. Z 480.

vapiw (Ivapa) : strip of (/'.s-) armor,
xlay, since this precedes the spoil-
ing. E 151. Cf. fvaipu.

cv-api6|uos (dpt^/xds) : counted, of ac-
count. B 202.

evaros (eWa) : ninth. B 313.

v8Ka, indecl. : eleven. B 713.

-v : eleven cubits long.
adv. : from left to rig Jit.

ev-Se'u, aor. ev&rjo-e : bind in, entangle.

v8o-6v, 2v8o-0i, cvSov (eV SO/AW), adv. :
in'tlu'n, at home. A 2 13, Z 247, 374.

4v-8vvw and v-8vw, aor. partic. ev
8vo-a: (dip into), put on. E 73U.

tveiKto-as : aor. of veiKtu), upbraid,
rebuke. T 59.

veyKw] : aor. subjv. of ^>ptu.
1st pi. erci/xev, opt. cvtirf,
inipf. ivrffv and ev(rav (ei/xt), m
M- /////. E 477.

2vKa, VKV, OF 6lVKa (eKWv), prep.

with gen.: on account of, for tl:
sake, of, became of. A 94, F r7.

vVT|KovTa, indecl. : ninety. B 602.

cv-tirao-o-ev : inipf. of cfji7rdcr(Tta.

cvcprepos : Inn-cr, beneath. E 898.

v-<rav : inijif. of Ivet/xi, am irithin.

*EVCTO. pi. : Venetijn Paphlagonia.
B 8.VJ.

cv-r^tv : inqif. of ei/ci/xi, am iritliin.

f vT|paTO : aor. of cVatpw, slai/. E 43.

ev6a: ////, lure, >rh<re, then. evOa



Kal ei/0a : in this direction and in

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