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that. B 462, E 223.
v0d-8e : thither, there. A 367.
ev0v : thence, from that source.
v-0o [eve0ov] : aor. of IvTtOrjfu.
evC : see ev, in. The accent is drawn

back upon the first syllable when

the prep, follows its noun. 55 c.
4vi : dat. of els, one.
eviavrds: year, anniversary. Cf.

eros. B134.

'Evifjves : a Thessalian tribe. B 749.
tviiH] (evnrno) : rebuke, blame.
virro>, aor. ^i/tTrcwre ( 43/ 1 ) : rebuke,

reproach. B 245, T 427.
vwrir : aor. of ewe/rtu, tell, say.

Arcadian town. B 606.
(novem, nine), indecl. : nine.
fcvvd-{3oios (/3or)s) : worth nine cattle.
ewcd-xtXoi : nine thousand.
wiro>, aor. evwrTrc (ei/ovny, inseco):

tell, say.

VVO-TJ (evi?7/u) : suggestion, advice.
adv. : for nine days.
: a Mysian seer. B 858.
evvvju, aor. eo-o-e, perf. partic. pass.

et/utei/oi, plpf. ro-o (/rei/j/v/u, /recr-,

V3stis) : clothe, put on. TO. et/xe-

vot : clad in which. XOLLVOV ecroro ^L-

Toiva : put on a stone tunic, i.e. be

stoned. T 57.

cvoTjrc : aor. of void), perceive. F 21.
e'voirij (eweVw) : outcry, cry. F 2.
v-6pwfjii, aor. act. eVo>p<rev, aor. mid.
arouse among ; mid.
A 599, Z 499.
v-<rrp&|>o}iai : ^wrn within.
vra, dat. evrecri, pi. :

armor. T 339.

E 306.

tv-retvw, perf. mid. ci/Terarat : stretch

within, string. E 728.
ev-T0i]jii, aor. ev^co : place in, set in.
2vro : aor. mid. of 177/011, send, cast.
evrds, 6vro<r0(v) (eV), adv. : within;

with genitive. A 432. C/.


ev-Tpoiro\io|xai : turn around often.
cvrvtt : ma^e ready. ((T/*. lirea?)
'EvvdXios ('Evvw) : Enyalius, strictly

an epithet of Ares, god of war ;

but used as his name, esp. in the

verse-close EvvoAtiw av$pe'i<f>6vTY),

where <u and d are pronounced

together, by 'synizesis' ( 25).


cv-virviov, adv. : in (my) sleep. B 56.
'Evvw : Enyo, B e 1 1 o n a, goddess of

war, companion of Ares. E 333,


impf. of vayxaw, move.


, adv. : openly. E 374.
ev-a>p<rev, evwpro : aor. of evopvvfu,

arouse in; mid. arise in. A 599.
e : see e/c, out of.

sex, six), indecl.: six.
, aor. e^yyetXev : &n'n<7

news ow^, <e^ a secret. E 390.
cl-dyo), aor. e?/yaye : lead forth.
*E|d8ios: Exadius, a Lapith.

A 264.
c|-aivv)i,i : ta&e awa</ ; with two

accusatives. E 155.
c-a(pTOs (atptco) : selected. B 227.
c-aip&i>, aor. t^et'Aero or e^eXcro : ta&e

out of, take from. B 690.
5-aKop.ai, aor. opt. e'a.Krcuo

(OLKOS) : cwre, appease. A 36.




Z 60.


B 273.
A 363.

aor. e^oXaTro^e : sack,

ntt'-rly dt-strni/. E 6-12.
^-dXXoficu: Imp forth. E 142.
l|-airvT)s [e<u'<n^J, adv. : suddenly.
cg-airo-Siopou : drive away out of.

E 763.
-air-6\Xv|u, aor. opt.

mid. perish utterly from.
e-apirdi;a>, aor. I&jp7ra(.

<m'ay. r 380.
'-dpx : begin, propose frst.
c^-avSouD (av&y): speak out.
-avris : a#am, anew. A 223, T 433.
2$fb|s [}]: in order, one after the

other. A 448, Z 241.
e-XTo ; aor. of e'<upeco, ta&e 0u o/".
c-<i|u, inf. e^tfjLfjicviu (et/it) : am

sprung from, am the son of.

Z 100.
cclvuro-a : aor. of ano>, receive as

guest. r 207.

c(-c(po|uu: question, ask. E 756.
[e-tp], fut. c^epe'o) : speak out, speak

plainly. A 212.
cg-cicdOaipov: impf. of eKKa&upw, c/ean

ou*. B 153.
cg-^cXci|/v : aor. of CKKXCTTTW, s/ea/

av/y. E 390.
c-Kv\wr(b] : aor. pass, of c*KKvA/v8o>,

ro// o'//, ///r//? out. Z 42.
c'g-cXdu, aor. c^eXao-c : rfn're

<//// away. E25, :',_'!.

aor. of laipt<o, take
: r/raz<? ou/. A 214.
[e^iv]: fut. inf. of ? X a>,
, protect, defend. E 473.
: inf. of e^et/xt, am /Ae son of.
aor. ^va/3t^e(i/) (tvapa) :

despoil, strip of armor, slay. Z 2Q.


|-irpd9ofjtv : aor. of e'/cTrep&o, A'
e'|-epcta : fut. of e'eipa>, sjtcak out.
4-pv<D, aor. e^epvtrc : f//-^//- o///.
2|<r : aor. of o, Aew, cu/. E 81.
cg-cVircurc : aor. of eKOTTraco, draw forth.
-o-v0rj : rushed forth; aor. pass, as

mid. of cKo-evw. E 293.
|-Ta|iov : aor. of CKra/xvco, CM ou<,

*CMJ. A 460, B 423.
e-<|>adv0Ti : appeared ; aor. pass, of

show forth. A 468.
: aor. of c'ayo>, lead forth.
: aor. of e^ayyeAAw, tett *Ae
E 390.

: lead forth. B 806.
Ifj-TJKovra (e), indecl. : .siar^y.
c'(-^pira|c : aor. of e'ap7ro(o, snatch

away. T 380.

6|-fjpxev: impf. of e^ap^to,

: am <70ne. Z 379.

aor. subjv. e
rail by name, name. T 166.
t'-6iri6c : behind, in the rear. A 298.
^X S (^^X* ) : prominent, preemi-
nent, chief. e^o X a, adv. : chiefly.
c|-vir-av-(<rrt]fjti, aor. e^vTravetTTry : rose
(dveoTi;), OM< of the back (e^),
unrfer (VTTO) the blow. B 267.
&> [ov] : gen. of 3d pers. pron., hhn-
sdf, herself, him, her. 42 a.

COIKO, fern, partic. c'ocvtd ( 49 g),
plpf. cwKciv, plpf. dual eucTiyv
(/rc/rotAca, /rtK-), perf. as pres.: am
//Av, resemble ; impers. it is fitting,
suitable. A 47, 104, 119.
cdvrcs : partic. of dpi, am. A 290.
: perf, of ep&o, do, work. T 57,



tos (ov, suns, his) 3, possessive

pron. : own, Jtis oivn, her own, his,

her. 42 b.

6ir-a-yeipb> : collect. A 126.
ir-avyici> : dash upon. B 148.
eir-aivco), aor. partic. CTrati/TycravTes

(aii/os) : praise, commend. B 335.
ir-ai<r<ra>, aor. inf. eVdiai : rush

upon, hasten to. B 146, T 369.
: blameworthy, to blame.
), aor. eVaKOv<rav : hear.

L. aor. subjv. 7ra/Ati//o/Ai/ :

act. exchange ; mid. change. VLK-TJ

7ra/u.ei/3eT(u avSpas : victory comes

now to one, now to another.
eir-afitjvw, aor. imv. eVa/xvvov : orw<7

aid to, protect, defend. E 685.
ir-av-crrr][u, 2d aor. eVai/e'oT^craj' :

aor. rose thereupon. B 85.

aor. eVr/TreiA^o-e : threaten.
aor. eV^p/cecre : (avail),

ward off; with ace. and dat. of

interest. B 873.
eir-dpx, aor. partic. eVapa/u,evoi :

begin, vw/xryo-av eVap^a/zevoc, equiv.

to ypavro eVii/e/xoi/Tes : began dis-
tributing. A 471.
ir-eur<rvTpos (cV ai/a, (revto) 3 : in

close succession, one soon after the

cir-avp(TKCD, fut. inf. Travprj<TC<TOai,

aor. subjv. eTrav/owvTat : enjoy, reap

the fruits of. Freq. ironical,
eir-e'-yvafixj/ev : aor. of CTrtyva/xTrrco,

bend, bring over. B 14, 31, 68.
eir-c'8pa|x : aor. of eTrtrpe^w, run upon.
ir&<r<ri(v) [eTTCO'ii', 36 &] : dat. pi.

of 7TO5, word.

: aor. of lrt7*tS^u, place upon.

ire, temporal and causal conj. : when,
since, for. It generally stands at
the head of its clause, but some-
times follows one or more words,
as Z 474.

eim-yw : hurry, urge ; mid. hasten, in
haste, eagerly. B 354.

eirel 8-/J : since once, since, wlien.

c'ral rj : since in truth; always causal.

Tr-ifu, opt. CTretry, impf. eTn/ev (ei/xi) :
am w/>on, am wer.

ir-i|ii, 3d sing. cTrewriv, partic. eVt-
dvra (e*/xt) : come on; pres. hid.
shall come on. E 238.

'Eimoi: Epeans, early inhabitants
of northern Elis. B 619.

e'ireipav : aor. of 7Tijoo>, pierce, spit.

eimpaTo impf., 7ripi|oravTO aor. : of
Trapdo/xat, try, attempt.

ir-riv : 3d sing, of ?ra/xt, come on^

4'ir-eira, adv.: then, after that, next,
hereafter. Freq. in apodosis, giv-
ing it independence and promi-

eir-\0cov : aor. partic. of
come on. A 334.

ir-}iTJvaTo : aor. of cTri/xcuVo/xai, rar
for, desire madly. Z 1 60.

ir-jtv|av : aor. of eTri/x^co, mutter over.
A 20.

ir-6v-T|vo06, 3d sing, of an old perf.,
as (pres. or) impf. : grew on it.

ir-oiK, impers.: it is fitting.

ir-irei0TO : impf. of eTriTreifto/xai, obey,
yield obedience.

iriri0p.v [e7re7roi$i/jiev, 49 c] :
trusted; plpf. of 7reii9a>, persuade.

: aor. of 7rA^o-o-o>, strike.



4ir-pi8, aor.

: (rent upon),

cirt'ptjo-ev : aor. of Trepcuo, pass through.
ir-ppu>cravro : aor. of tTrippwoyuat,

mil <loim (it (the nod). A 529.
c'ir-lpxo|i<u, aor. partic. eVeAfluiv:
conic on, ml mure, alt tick.

/?oAAw): (trord-
bondying\ babbling, blatant.
: aor. of mm*, ,/''//.

/;rm, r//// < n>j< r; perf.

Of cVlCTO-eva), M/v/r '//>"//.

ir-o-Tevdxovro : iinpf. of

fjrofin at. A l.'il.
ir-o-T\J/avTO : aor. of

crotrn. A 470.

ir-Ti\as : aor. of eVire'AAo), enjoin.
tir-v4>T]fia>, aor. eTrcv^/Aiyo-ttv : (speak

in II nt), apprnrr. < 7*. c
is cquiv.

r< /, /> nee. A L'L'.
cir-v\op.ai, aor. ]>artic.

ETT<}>VOV, illf.

aor.: sl> H-. 7r<arreu is perf.

ir-4>pd<raTo : aor. of eVi</3ao/>tcu,

nt>tin , lit ink of.

tir-fjv : iinpf. of ITTCI/XI. am upon.
firr\v : ora av, irhcn, with sub-

junct ivf.
ir-T]'vOv : iinpf. of Irraivtw. co/mitf no 1 ,

ttrr\%i: aor. of m/yvr/u. l/uild.
iir - r\tTt\Xi]<ri : aor. of eT

//m/// Pi. A :'>!!>.

tir-T|pK(r : aor. ot 7r(ipKo>. n-nr<l nfj'.
tir, adv. and prep. :

, a/, against, after ; with dat.,
ace., and genitive.

(1) Adv. eVt Ki/e'<as 5^-^
nes cawe o/i ; CTTI o*i/ov
poured a libation of wine over (the
offering) ; em /xvflov IreXAcv : laid
upon him his command.

(2) With dat. x^P* *
arm at the wrist ; eV' avrw ye
laughed (over) at him; eVi

upon the earth, upon the ground ; CTTI
7Tvpyu : on the tower ; eVt irvXya-iv :
% ( a O tf ie ff a * e ) o^<? ^Trt : on the road,
l>ij the wayside: Eav#a> ITTI: on the
banks of the Xanthnx; eVt vrjwiv:
at (near) //^e shij>s ; TTOI/X^V evr' otiE(r-
cr/ : shepherd keeping watch oor
///N .N'/iee/) ; ^ai/ai CTTI yowao-tv : place
upon the knees ; CTT' aAAT/Aoto-iv lov-
TC?: </"if/ n/ion ((tf/diiixt) each other;
rjK 8* TT' 'ApyetbuFl : e/i< against
the A r gives ; fjXOt 8' ?ri KpryTe<r<rt :
cawze /o ^e Cretans.

(:',) With ace. eVt x^va : to tTie
ground ; feKV\i([email protected]) TTI ord/xa : n-as
tltroini (rolltf/) out upon his face ;
v8a>p CTTI ^ct/aa? l^ctxxi/ : poured water
over the Aam/.sy eTriySw/xovayojv: /earf-
tn^r ^o //e altar ; CTTI irvpyov lova-av :
to the tower; Ka.ra.yuv CTTC
: lead lack (ifo/rn) to the camp
(s/i //>.<) ; eVt o-Tt^a? ^yc'o/xai : /earf
////o rank*, to as to form ranks; firf
ITT 'Arpt(Sr;v : wv/j/ /o the son of
. 1 tr< us : l-rrl vwra OaXdvcrff; : over
the back of the sea ; /txct'mr' eVi ^po-
vov: trait for a whi/>.

(4) With gen. eV ayuoi/ : on Me
shoulff* rs; eVi ^oi/(k : on the ground;




CTTI Opovov : sat upon a

throne ; vrja eV -rjirupoio Zpv<T<rav :
ship upon the shore; eV
in ^ime of peace ; eVt Trpo-

repwv avOp(j)7r(Dv : in the time of

former generations.

ITTI draws its accent back upon

the first syllable when it follows its

noun, unless either some word in-

tervenes or the final vowel of the

preposition is elided. 55 c.
2m : equiv. to TTOTI, " is thine."
shout (eTri, in thejight).
, aor. imv. eVt^o-co, aor.

opt. linftaaftf, aor. partic. eVtySas :

go upon, mount.
tiri-pd\Xa) : mid. lay hands upon,

strive for.
eiri-pdo-KO) (/3atva>) : bring to (upon).

KO.KIOV cVt/?a(7K/xei/ : bring into

(evils) misfortune. B 234.
e'm-pfyreo imv., 4irtpTior6|Wvov partic. :

aor. of eVi/3aiVo>, mount. E 46.
ciri-ppf6a>, aor. subjv. 7nj3pi<rr) : press

heavily, fall heavily, of rain.
-iri - yt-y vo F iai : come on > come. Z 148.
6iri- i yvdjjLirTw, aor. eTreyi/a/xi/'ei/ : bend,

curb, win over to one's side.
iri - ypd<j>ft>, aor. eVcypcu/rc : scratch.
'EirCSavpos: Epidaurus, town in

Argolis on the Saronic Gulf.

B 561.
cm-Slgia, adv. ace. : on the right,

toward the right. Cf. eVSe^ta.
iri-8e\rqs, -es : in want, lacking.
c-iri-Sevofiai : am in want, am inferior;
. with genitive.
eiri-Sivccd, aor. cViSlv^cras : swing,

whirl T 378.


eiri-Spo(Aos (Spa/jielv) : approachable,

be scaled. Z 434.
iri-iK\os : like.
iri-eiKTJs, -es : Jitting, suitable.
iri-iKT6s (etKO)) : yielding.
Tri-\irofjLcu : hope (for).
eirt-vvv}u, perf. partic. pass.

1/05: clothe; pass, clad in;

eir(-T)pa: see rjpa.
ciri-0ap<rt>va> : cheer, encourage.
iri-0ivcu aor. inf., ciri0TJo-i fut. : of

7nTL0rjfJii, lay upon, put to (i.e.

close) .

emOovro: obeyed; aor. of 7ri'0a>, per-
eiri-0pwo-Ko> : leap upon, leap for

iri-Ktp,ai, fut. CTrtKetVo/xat : lie u

rest upon.
ciri-Kv6a>, fut. eTTt/cevcra) : cover up,

conceal, hide ; with negative,
mid. : spread over.
fut. 7riKovpy<7a) : help,

serve as ally.
cirt-Kovpos : helper, ally. Esp. in pi.

of the allies of the Trojans.
iri-Kpcuava>, aor. imv. firiKprjrjvov :

fulfill, accomplish, grant.
iri-\v<r<ra> : see before me, see. F 12.
eiri-|iavo|x(u, aor. eTre^i/aTO : rave for,

desire madly.
eiri-p.a{o(jLai, fut. eTTi/xacrcreTat : (feel),

examine or probe a wound, strike


aor. partic.
(smile) : smile (at).
-^n4>ofj.ai : blame; with gen.



aor. imv. ^TTL^UVOV : wait,

cm-fikryo) : mingle. auf/ CTri/ucryo/ac-

i/<ui/ (sc. Tpa>a>i/) : -joined battle

again with the Achaeans.
iri-|iv<i>, aor. 7T/Auav : mutter at.
tir-iovra : partic. of CTTCI/W, come on.
cirC-opKov : false oath. T 279.
tiri - rri0o(iai : am obedient, render

iri-irro}i<u, aor. inf. 7ri7rTr#cu :

fly forward (upon), of an arrow.
cm-irXt'w and tmirXww, aor. partic.

c7n7rA.<o<ras an<l 7ri7rA.u>s : 5fli7 over.
irt-irvi<i) (TTVCOJ) : breathe (blow)

iri-irpo-tT]p.i, aor. inf. 7rt7rpO/MCi/ :

send forth against. A 94.
ciri-irwXwjicu : come up to the ranks,

in order to review them,
t'm-ppt'w : flow over. B 754.
cirC-ppo0os : helper, only as feminine.
m-ppoop.ai, aor. tVcppoicrarro : roll

don-n at (the nod).

: aor. of <^)7ro>, meet.

: xhake at, brandish at.
<iri-o-<rvo), plpf. as aor. orcVoirro,

perf. cir&rovrai : mid. hasten on,

irC-<ro-<tfrpov : tire of a wheel.
mCcrrafiai : <nn skilled, understand.
iri-o-Tvdxonai : groan meanwhile.

A 154.
iri-<TT^4>ci, aor. CTTCO-Tt^avro : crown,

flll to the brim. A 470.

i-cTp&fxD, aor. partic. TrurrpGJ/a.<; :

turn about. F 370.

iirUrrpo^os : (1) Phocian leader.

B017. (2) Slain by Achilles at

the sack of Lyrnessus. B 692.

(3) Leader of Trojan allies. B 856.
eiri-<r4>vpia (cr</>vpw), pi. : protections

for the ankle, ankle-guards.
em-rappoeos : helper, defense. E 808.
cm-T&Xtt, aor. inf. eViretAcu : enjoin

upon, command.
eiri-TTpairrai, pi. CTrtTerpa^arat : perf.

pass, of C7rtTp7ro>, intrust.
cmni&s, adv. : sufficiently, as are

needed. A 142.
eiri-Ti0Ti|it, fut. eTriOrja-ti, aor. cirfQrjKe,

aor. inf. CTTI&U/CU: place upon, set

upon, put to (i.e. close).
ciri-Todoti<u : bend the bow at, shoot

at; with dat. T 79.
eiri-Tpjr<o, perf. pass. C7riTTpa7TTcu,

perf. pass. pi. 7riTeTpa<^>aTat [eTrire-

rpafjifjievoi eicriv] : commit, intrust to.
c'iri-Tp'xa>, aor. 7r'8/xi/Ac(v) : run up,

iri-Tpoxd-8i]v (rpe^to) : trippingly,

fluently. T 213.

iri-<|>p(i>, fut. CTrotcrci : bear upon.
cTTOtcrci : shall lay hands on.
: blaze upon, burn, consume.
aor. V^>pd<raTo, aor.
opt. fTri<j>pa<T<raia.TO : consider,
I I/ink.

cm-x06vios (\0<av) : upon the earth,
earthly. Epithet of men, con-

trasted With TTOVpa.VLOL. A L'TL'.

irXo, ir\To : thou art, is; aor. of

TreA.0), move, become.
ir\T]vTo : aor. of 7reAoa>, approach,

meet. A 449.
c'ir-obrci : lay upon; fut. of cVi<^epa>,

bear upon.

i. impf . CTTW^CTO : go to,


attack, follow, epyov iTrot
go to tvork. icrrov
going to and fro before the loom,
plying the loom. e7rot^o/xo/ry : bus-
ily, going to work.

<hrop.ai, impf . etTTOVTO or ITTOI/TO, fut.
i//erai, aor. (.cnrero (sequor) :
follow, accompany, attend. Cf.


cir-ope-yco, aor. e7ropea/xevos : reach
out after (in attack), lunge at.

-ir-6pvv[u, aor. imv. CTTO/DCTOV : arouse
upon, send 'against.

eir-opovw, aor. 7rdpov(re : hasten to,
rush upon (generally in hostile
sense). T 379.

eiros, -co?, dat. pi. e7re(o-)<rii/ or ore-
ccro-t(v) (/reVo?, cty, vox):
speech. Cf. p.v6o<s.

4ir-oTpt>v, aor. subjv. 7
rouse, urge on, impel.

eir-oupdvios (oupavo?) : of heaven,
heavenly. Epithet of the gods.

rrd (septem, seven), indecl. : seven.

rrd-irv\os (jrvX-rf) : seven-gated. Epi-
thet of Boeotian Thebes. A 406.

cViiOovTO : aor. of TTwOdvopai, learn.

2iro) : am busy with.

6-ir-ipxeTO : impf. of eTrot^o/xai, attack.

fpap.on. (epws) : love, am enamored.

cparcivos 3 and pares (epa/xai) :
lovely, charming.

p-ya6ci), impf. eepya#ev (f epy-) :
separate. Cf. epyw.

ep-yov (^repyov, work") : work, labor,
deed, matter, thing; esp. of war,
conflict, epyo. dvSpwv : labors of
men, tilled fields, hence epya alone
farm, fields.


c'p-yw or cp-y<i> (yrepy-) : separate, keep
off. eyres eepyet : incloses, shuts in.

4'pSci), aor. subjv. ep^s, aor. imv.
ep^ov, perf . eopye (^rcpy-) : <Zo, work,
freq. with two aces. epSo/xev
Karo/i,/?as : w?e t^ere offering (Jieca-
tombs) sacrifices. Cf. pe'^w.

eppvvos (epe/?os) 3 : rfarl', gloomy.

epcEivco (etpo/>uxi) : as^, question, in-
quire. 7t 145.

fcpe0iw and epeOo) : excite, vex, tease.

pi8, aor. epeteraro, plpf . rjfnjpeurro :
thrust, press; aor. mid. /en, re.s^;
plpf. was /Arus/. T 358.

peio(xev : aor. subjv. of apo/xoi, as^.

f peiirw. aor. fjpnrt or C/OITTC : ^ear
rfown ; aor. y*aZ/. A 462.

p|iv6s (l/je/fo?, epefitvvos) 3 : gloomy.
: wrought ; aor. of pc^co, rfo.
: impf. of eipo/xcu, question.

cpirTop.ai : champ, munch, of horses.
(epro-<o) : oarsman, sailor.
v (remus, oar) : oar.

-wvos: an Arcadian
cliampion, slain by Nestor. A 319.

p<j>w, aor. tptij/a: roof. CTTI cpei/^a:
roofed over, built. A 39.

'Ep\0vs, -^os: Erechtheus, an old
hero of Athens, of whose cult
Athena herself is made the
founder, in B 547. Under his
rule (according to Hdt. viii. 44)
the people were first called Athe-
nians. 8^/xos 'Epe^^os : land of
Erechtheus, i.e. Attica.

p : fut. of etpw, say, tell.

(hermify 3 : left alone, deserted.
, aor. opt. fprjTva-ut, iterative
aor. cpr)Tv&a.(rK, aor. pass,



Qfv [^pfjTvBrja-a.v~\ : restrain, check,

control, kt-tp in <>,</< ,-.
tpi- : strengthening prefix ; cf. api-.
{pi-f3<I>Xa|, -UKO<J : lar(/'-<'ldd< d. n'rh-

anilfd. A 1 ">.".
tpi-'ySoviros : loud-sound in y, heacy-

tliniid' rhiif. Epithet of Zeus.

and cpib>, aor. opt. epwr-
aor. partic. e/otcravre (epts) :

cox/i n<!, Kfrf rf-. rir, am a match

for. Cf. epc0t(o.

hipos, pi. eptqpc?: faithful, trust)/.

37 b. Epithet of eraipo?.

i-6T)X^s. -s ($aAAw) : luxuriant.

fn sli-i/

cpivcos : irifd /it/ tree.

tpiir : fall ; aor. of epetTro), tear

"Epis. -1809 : Eris, goddess of strife,
a companion of Ares. A 4 1<>.

tpiS, -toY> : *////''. coiiti ntioii, ronjlict.
^pwravre partic., tpuro-tu opt.: aor.

of e/3io>, ftin/f //'/, rii .
cpio-fia, -aros (pts) : matter of >////<,

Of COli /> n t (on.

: hir/hltf hoiinn d. aiif/nxt.

KOS. -co?: hedge, //////. defense.

aKOVT(j)V : difi //>' aijaiiifit darts, tp-

KOS Tro\fjLOio : linl Ira rk of protection

a i/a i nst tin n-ar. epKO<; 'A^aiaii/ :/>'//-
irark of th< .\i'ha> an*. cpKO? 68oV-

//// /^///. ry; sputtering thn.' tin-
hedge of splint-r'd teeth,' Tunny-
son I. ust 'I'nurna/in nf .

These \vi-n- used in order to keep

the ships upright when dniwn
up on shore.

ji' oSvvdtav: chain of jxiinx, xtri/t</
) of si(ff< -r'nnjx.
or 'Ep^as : Hermes, Mer-
curius, son of Zeus, and messen-
ger of the gods, in matters of
peace. B 104, E 390. Cf. Iris.
'EpfudvT] : town in Argolis. B 560.
epf-avra, tp^QS, epov : aor. of Ip8o>, do,


epos [epws] (erotic) : lore, desire.
: impf. of pea), flow.
: aor. of prjywjjLi, break, rend.
: perf. subjv. of ptye'oo, ahml-
<1< r. <lri<l. Used as present.
*Epv0voi, pi.: Paphlagonian town,
with two red cliffs (e/ovfl/oos, ruddy) .

i, pi. : Boeotian town. B 499.
aor. Ipv^av, rfpvKaKf. or tpv-
: check; detain, hold, keep.
-arcs : protection, defense.

clpvop.ai, tpu^ai. or ctpvpiai,
impf. Zpvro, aor. (.lpwra.ro and
aor. inf. cipwrcracr^ai
protect, preserve, >v/v .
defend, observe, ward off. See

4pvo-i-irro\is : see pvcrtWoXi?.
vw, aor. eipv(rcrev or cpv(ra>, perf.
(/rep-): <!ra//\ drat/: mid.
sat'e, draw. See epvofuu.
cp\op.ai. fut. eAcixro/xai or e?/xi, aor.
^A.^ov or TjAuflov, aor. subjv. lA^cri,
aor. iniv. c'A^c, aor. inf. 'A^/xcv(ai)
or A^dv, jM'rf. etAT/Aov^a : ro///r,
y. The direction of the motion
is made distinct by the connection.



Ipwe'w, flit, epwrycret (Germ. Ruhe ?) :
flow, draw back. /x^Se r epoiet :
draw not back, do not rest.

pc^ : force, throng.

Is: see as, into.

!<r-<rya> : lead in.

co - a0p<o, aor. opt. e<ra0pr](ric.v : catch
sight of.

rav [^crav] impf., eorcai [ny], r-
<r0cu, and lo-crai [co-rat] f ut. : of
ei/u, am.

<r-\t>o-o[jicu : f ut. of eio-ep^o/wxi, come
in, enter.

r0i, aor. <aye : eat.

r0\6s 3 : noble, excellent, good.

rK: impf. of fifAi, am. Cf. j3d<TK(a.

<TKC8vavro: impf. of <r/a'8i/a/>uu, scat-
ter, disperse.

lcr-6\|/0(j.ai : fut. of dcropdw, behold.

eo-irdo-aro : aor. of cnrana, draw.

c<rirl<r8T)v, Io"jr6(i0a : aor. of
follow, accompany.

rirT6, aor. imv. : teM. Cf.

fer<r(v), <(<r<ro: aor. of 4Wv/u, clothe.
Construed with two accusatives.

orcreirai [cforai], rcro|iai fut., r<ri
[ct], 2d sing. pres. : of ct/xi", am.
G.777, 6; H. 426.

r<rva ao^., eo-o-cvovro impf., cr<rv-
jivov perf. partic., <r<n)TO plpf. as
aor.: of (revw, drive ; mid. hasten.

eo-o-v^vws, adv. : quickly, eagerly, adv.
from the adjectival ecr(rv/x,evos.

lo-rdjiev perf. inf. stand, 2d aor. eo-rav
[&mytrav], sfooc? M/>, rose, perf. par-
tic. TTaoTS, standing, plpf. rra-
<rav, we?'e standing : of tc

pi., IOTTOV dual, CO-TW
jniv. : of a/At', am,

Dartic. of

standing, perf. partic

o-Tt]K6 perf. stands; 1st aor. rrrjo-,
rTT];rav, stationed; 'i<rTr\Tf. \_f.crrrj-
(A 246) perf. stand: of

TTix6vTo ( 47 c) : impf. of o-rt^-
o/xat, ^o in Zine, </o. B 92, T 266.
ItrcXa: impf. of trvXaa), s/rzp o/f.
r<J>aav: aor. of cr</)a^a), cwi the

throat. A 459, B 422.
<rxa-T6axra : at the extremity (eo-^a-

ros) of the land, on the frontier.
rxe (took), held, rxovro, held them-
selves (refrained) from: aor. of
e x <o, hold. B 275, T 84.
Iraipos: comrade, companion.
Irdpi], fern. : companion. A 441.
crapes: comrade, companion.
eT6K(v) : aor. of TIKTW, bear, bring

forth. B 728.

T\Uro [ereXeiro, 47 g~\ impf.,
T\<r<rv aor. : of rcXet'w, bring to
pass, accomplish.

, adj. : of Eteocles. fify
the mighty Eteocles.
See 0fy, 16 f/. A 386.
Iredv, adv.: m truth. B 300, E 104.
ih-cpos 3 : o/Aer, /Ae other of two, one
or other. ^wXos trepov 7rd8a : /ame
m 07ie/oo<. C/ 5AAos. B 217.
Tpw-8v, adv. : on the other side.

adv. : elsewhere. E 351.
, adv. : to the other side. 33 d,
(|)TTJJL(V), aor. : found, fell in with.
TVvKTo : loos ; plpf. of rev^w, make.
'ETwv6s: Boeotian town. B 497,
TT)S (^rerrys) : connection, friend.
ITTJTVJIOV (erv^tos), adv. ace. : truly,



Jfn, adv.: stilly yet, again. OVK ert:

no longer. A 96, 296.
crCva^c : plucked; aor. of TO'cunra),

shake. T 385.
trtofuv impf ., TTv aor. : of TWO,

Aonor. A 412, E 467.
crto-aro : aor. of TtVo>, punish. B 743.
Sh-Xt), aor. : foo courage, took heart,

dared. See rXrjcrofjjcu. A 534.
(T0i|iac0, aor. imv. eVot/zcuraTC (eYoi-

fios) : 771 a e ready. A 118.
eros, -co? (/TC'TOS, vetus): year.
6Tpairv: aor. of Tpro>, tarn. E 187.
Tpo4>'TT]v : yrew up; intrans. aor. of

rpe'^xi), nourish, bring up.
Tp\J/ : aor. of Tp7To>, /urn. A 381.
;: aor. of -nryxdvo), hit. E 287.
|: aor. pass, of rey^w, ir///// t<>

B 155, 320, A 470.
Tw<rios (/rcr-) : in yam. T 368.
v or cv, adv. : irrll, h<i/i/>ily, carefully.

cv cp^avra: (owe ?t'Ao did well),

a welldoer, benefactor, cv iravra :

a/I (<></> tin r.
IvaifiovCSrjs : son ofEuaemon, Eurypy-

lus. K 7(i.
'Eua.ip.wv. -ovo?: Euaemon. B 7;>'!.
,: l-lnhn.a. \\ W*.

: sleep. B 24.
tu-i5T|s, -ox : binutifnl, comely. T 48.
-cos (epyov): welfaorougkt,

ul, . !: 586,

(^wny) : well-girdled, n-< II-

Evr)v6s : a Lyrnessian. B 6JK5.

: //< Y""'' undisturbed. Cf.

A .").") 1 .
-iSos : iri-ll-y/'ftiri-d. Kj-i-

thet of 'A^aiot' nom. or ace. pi.

See KIWI'S. A 17, B 331, T 156.

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