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cu-KrCftcvos 3 and {VKTITOS (KTI^O>) :

well-built. B 501, r>!>-J.
CU-KVK\OS : iv ell-rimmed, of shields.
Ev|iTj\os: Eumelus, son of Admetus

and Alcestis. B 714.
CV-(JL(U\(TIS, gen. cu/x/xeAtw ( 34 c) :

trith good ashen spear. A 165,

cvvciw, aor. pass, partic.

and tvvrjOtla-a (evvif) : pass,

on /Ac cowcA. B 821, T 441.
vv^ : ier/, couch, e/xtyjy

KOL cvvrj : " enjoyed (her) love and

couch.'' T 445, Z 25.
cvvat, pi. : anchor stones. A 436.
cvavro : aor. of ev^o/ouu, pray.

CV-|OOS (^0)) : H'cll-pnlis/ird. B 390.

cv-irarc'pcia (7rari;p): daughter of a
//o///V father, = Aio? cVycyavux.

c'v-ircirXos : well-robed. Z -57 -.

cv-irrjKTos (TTT^-yvv/u) : well-}>uilt.

cu-irXcKTJs, -cos : ir<-//-/>/ai/<d. B 449.

v-ir\6Kap.os (vXeM) : fair-tressed, trith
bui ut if nf tn **<'*. Z 380.

v-iro(t]TOS (TTOIC'W) : in-lf-inndi .

ev-irpvfjivos (Trpvp.vrf) : with beautiful
sti rns, of tin 1 (Jrcck ships. A 248.

cv-irwXos : f/v'/// f/no</ (or man//') horses.

vp"a : from erpv?.

aor. cvpov and eu/o^/xevcu

/' /J ' / - A :>) - l) ' B :}4;; -
Evpos : Kill' us, Hi ist tn'nd. B 145.
cu-ppcris and cvpp(TTis, p-n. (con-
1r.irt.Ml fr, m cvppcco?) fvpptlos
[cvppcovs] ( pc'cu) : strong-jlowina.
cvpu-d-yvia : vV// l>mnd stn ts.

Xinc times of Troy.



EvpvoXos : an Argive. B 565, Z 20.
Evpvpa.TT]s: Eurybates. (1) Herald

of Agamemnon, only in A 320.

(2) Herald of Odysseus. B 184.
EvpvSdjjias, -avros : an old Trojan

seer. E 149.
evpv xpcCcuv : wide ruling, late rex.

Epithet of Agamemnon.
Evpu|u'S<i>v : squire of Agamemnon.

A 228.

evpv-oira (nom. and ace.) (oifs) : far-
sounding, far-thundering. Epithet

of Zeus. A 498, E 265.
EvpvirvXos: Eurypylus. (1) Son of

Euaemon. B 736. (2) Ancient

king of Cos. B 677.
vpv-p(ov : broad-flowing. B 849.
tupvs, f.vpua., evpv, ace. masc. tvpvv,

evpea, neut. pi. ace. evp&j.: broad,

wide, spacious. Comp. tvpvrepos:

Evpvros : (1) a famous bowman.

B 596. (2) Son of Actor. B 621.
cvpv-xopos : (with broad squares for

the choral dance), spacious. Epithet

of districts and of cities. B 498.
Ivs, ev, and T|VS, gen. 070?: noble,

valiant, good. Cf. ev. A 393.
ev-<ro-6\n.os : well-decked. B 613.
'Evoxrwpos : a Thracian. Z 8.
vT, conj. : when ; as, in T 10. See
A 242, B 34, 228.
: well-walled^ A 129.
: Boeotian town. B 502.
OI-TVKTOS (rcv^w) : well-made.
Ei5<f>Ti[Aos : leader of the Cicones.

B 846.
xi-<j>paivo). fut. inf. ev<pave'av (<f>prjv) :

cheer, delight. E 688.

vow. A 65,
fragrant, per-

x> <|>pove'a)v : well disposed, wit)

heart. A 73, 253, B 78.
evi-<j>pa>v, -oi/os : kindly, heart-cheering.
ev-<}>vT]s, -es (^>vo)) : shapely, well-

formed. A 147.

inf. CL^eraa(r^at (e^X "
: pray. Z 268.
aor - ev|avTo: profess, boast,

exult, vow, pray. eu^d/xei/os : in


-cos : glory. E 654.

exultation, boast, triumph,

shout of triumph,

6u-wSi]s, -es (odor)

fumed. T 382.
<{)-aXos (aAs): on the sea.

of coast towns. Cf.
e<j>dp.T)v, |>av [t^atrav], <|>afo, e^Tj :

impf. of tfafu, say, speak. F 161.
<|>dvT] : appeared; aor. pass. of </>a/co,

show. B 308, Z 175.
t<|)-dirTw, perf . pass, c^irrou : fasten

upon ; pass, impend, hang over.
<J>-t<>ncu : sit upon. F 152.
4>-tw [<^o>, 52 c] subjv., <|>s imv. :

of tytriiu, lay upon, shoot at. A 567.
e<})-irw, aor. subjv. cirunrr) : meet.

TroTfJiov fTTio-Trtiv: meet (his) fate

(death), fulfill his destiny. B 359.
<J>-<rTO<rav, stood opposite, tyta-r^Kei,

stood upon : plpf. of e^tW^jLU, set

upon. E 624, Z 373.
<J>-6rrios (eo-rta), adj. : (on his own

hearth), at home, native. B 125.
4<}>-T[j^| (ty-fyfu) : behest, command,

injunction. A 495.
!<j>-eupo-K, aor. opt. e^evpot: find,

catch sight of B 198.



4<f>-fjK(v) : aor. of c^u//u, fend n/nn,

sit i H>t nt. A 1 I."), A :>!);.
<f>7]vtv : aor. of <aiV<o, .x7/o/r. B 318.
<|>-fiirTai : /////" //>/, Ar//<// o/vr ; perf. of

^>a7TT(i>, fusfi n a jinn. B 15.

<|>-T|CrlS : flit, of (J3LrjfJLL. /(/> 011.

<j>ilo-9a [e<#nys]: impf. of </;/AI', w//.
<J>6ia.TO [tffrOtfJLevai rjcrav, 44 Z],

plpf. of <f>6iv(D : tcast ed away, passed

1 1 in if/. A 2.~>1 .
'E<J>idXTi]s : a giant. E 385.
<f>-iT]fu, fut. c^>7/o-t5, aor. f(f>f)Ka, aor.

subjv. c<ciw [<u>, 52 c], aor.

iniv. e<es: win! upon. A 567,

E 171.
tyiXaro and <j>uXiio- : aor. of ^tAcco,

fere. E 01, T U5.

<j>-WTTT]|JLl, plpf. ^)C(TT>/KCt ail(I ^)-

orcurai/: place nj>on ; pl}>f. *'/oo^/
. E 624, Z :J7:J.

[f(f>oj3r]0r)<rav] : aor. pass.
of <t>oftiu>. />nl tojin/ltL E 498.
4>oiTa : ini j f. of <^otTaoj, ^ro /o a/K/

fro. E 528.

4<j>-oir\itw : /-/'//' /' mil/, prepare.
4>-opa,a> : lonk a/Km, bc/toltl.
t4>6piv : i in] if. of <J)Ofjtt. wear.
<|>-opfidw. aor. ^jop/x>y(rav, aor. ]>;i^>.
partic. <^op/XT/^cKrc? : '////' a/inn:
jiass. ///>// ///i//. iiffiii-/.: Z 410.
'E4>vpii : Jt/ilii/ru. (1) Old name of
Corinth. Z l.VJ. 2K. (-J) II,,,, M .
of Kin.Li Au^r-a>. in Klis. B U.")!i.
' a()I '- of ^ai/8avo>, contitin.
' aor. pass, of ^atpM. r< j<n>-< .
\v: aor. of ^w. /*//. limp.
'Exlfipwv, -oi/o : son of Triani.

. -5 : f>ttin</, sftarp. A 51.

: a Trojan. A 458.
< 1 fytvaro ( 48 /<) : aor.
of x* w pour, throw around. <rvv
e^cvav: confused, broke. T 270,

tX^wTTos (l^os), superl. : mos< hateful.
aor. inf. ^ooW^o"ai :
r/ </ 4 Instil it i/. A 518.

- c s : hatred, hate. T 416.

pi. : the later Echinades, a
group of small islands in the
Ionian Sea, near the mouth of
the Acheloiis. B 625.

iterative impf. I^O-K(V), fut.
inf. ^e/xcv, aor. eo-^c, aor. opt.
o-^otaTO, aor. (r^lOov: hare, hold,
in/idfiit. </uid<', drire, keep, protect,
check. Trjv 'Avrr/vopt87y5 cT^e :
whom the son of Anterior had to
wife. va>Ae/xc<i>? e^e/xev : stand
Jinn. Za"xpvTO pa-XT* ' ^ ie y cease d
//(/}</ in f/.

c^crai: fut. of eiroftan^ follow.
4wKiv: plpf. of perf. ZOLKOL, am like.
wjiv: pres. subjv. of caa>, allow.
4wv [wv] : partic. of ei/xt, a in.
uvox6ti : iinj)f. of oivo^oew, pour out
////// . pour <>nt. (Better, eWo^dci.)
[2s: see etos, while, until. A !!>:>.]

Ja- (8ta?), iiisi-parabli- particle: very,

i .rr< , dini/li/. 4<) d.

^d-6os : : ''/'.'/ Sam d. /to///. 10 '/.

t<x-KOTOs (KOTOS) : sullen. T 22o.

ZdKvvflos, f-in. : Z<i<-//nr/ins (Zante),
island in tin- Ionian Sea, under
the rule of Odysseus. (A short



open final syllable retains its
quantity before Z in this word
as before Z^Xeca. B 634, 824.
59 g y.)

a-xpi^js, -e's (xpavo>) : ferce-llowing,
furious. E 525.

e(-Sa>pos (eu) : grain-giving, fruit-
ful. B 548.

ZeXeia : town in northern Lycia,
home of Pandarus. B 824, A 103,
121. (A short open final syllable
is not lengthened before this
word. Cf. ZaKwflos. 59 g y.)
(vyov, i ugum, yoke) : yoke.
gen. Atos or Zyvos : Zeus,
Jupiter, son of Cronus (KpovL-
8175), and both husband and
brother of Hera. The wisest and
mightiest of the gods, father of
both men and gods (jraryp avSpwv
re 0<ov re). He is -enthroned on
high (vi^tvyos aiOepi i/aiW) and
controls the elements, sending
lightning (repTri/cepawos, dcrrepo-
Tnpnjs, inl/ij3pfj.Trjs) and gather-
ing the clouds (ve^eA-T/yepera).

Ztyvpos (o'<os): Zephyrus, West
wind, one of the four chief winds
mentioned by Homer. It is not
a zephyr,' but a cold, blustering
wind, blowing from Thrace.

(iugum, yoke) : yoke.
(wos, dype'w) : take alive.
(0017, eyei/)a>). : revive, give life.

(u)vi>v/Ai) : loin cloth. A 187.

vt] (zone) : woman's girdle ; waist.


iterative impf.


o><rr/jp, -i}pos (wwy) : man's girdle,
belt; prob. made of leather,
partic. O>VTOS and

tj or r\4: particle, (1) disjunctive,

either, or; (2) interrogative,

whether; or (3) comparative, than.

In a double question r/ (^e) . . .

rj (rje = rj pt [ve]) is used for

Attic TTorepov . . . ^.
q : fern, of demonstrative, relative,

or possessive pronoun.
fj : truly, surely, indeed. This often

introduces a direct question, but

always expresses feeling, and

never is a mere interrogation

point, as it often is in Attic.
i] : (he) spake, quoth (which, like r),

is now familiar only in one form) ;

impf. of fjfjii, say.
, adv. : where, whither. Z 41.
qa (eram) \r)v~\ : impf. of ci/xt', am.
Tjpcuov, adv. : little. o8' rjfiaiov : not

even in the least. B 380.

aor. partic. ^>Jo-avrc (fj(3rj) :

am a youth ; aor. came to manhood.
Hele, daughter of Zeus and

Hera, cupbearer of the gods. A 2,

E 722, 905.

TJ-ya-ye(v) : aor. of ayo>, lead. Z 291.
TpyaOeos 3 : very sacred. A 252.
T|'Y& "< raTO : aor. of aya/iat, admire.
TJ-yc: impf. of aya>, lead. B 631.
ij-ycipa : aor. of eyet/oo), rouse.



inipf. of dyapw, assemble.

: am

T)-yc}iwv, -ovos: leader, chief. B 487.
Tj-ycoficu. aor. r/yr/VaTO (ayw) : lead,

f/uidf. A 71, B731.
T|-yp0op,cu (dyi'/ow) : assemble, collect

(iMemteloet). B 304, T 231.

[rjypOr}(Tav, 44 ?] : aor.

pass. of a.ya'p<o, assemble. A 57.

-0/309 (T/yeo/zcu) : leader.
T|-yvoiT]o-v : aor. of dyvotew, fail to

kninr, fail to perceive. A 537.
TpyopowvTO ( 47 c) : impf. of dyo-

pdofJM. in// in asstmbhj. A 1.
T|&: ami. Sometimes correl. with

rifjicv. A 41, 96, 251, 316, 334.
TJ8 or 1381], impf. of ot&z :
TJSTj. temporal adv. : wo/r,

before now. vvv 77817 : m>/r a once.
rjSos, -eos (^Sony, r)8i;s) : pleasure.
T]8v-irT)s, -? : street-voiced. A 248.
iftvuos : .s-/rcc. (B 2 ?)
T]8vs, -ctd, -v(avbdv(a, suavis, sweet):

.N-//V ^ /. i>lfn.ii,ij, jifrnaant. 1781;

yeA.uo-(7tti/ : /////>/ /;;/o a ///^ ////
I? 27(1.

'HeXios ["HA.to9] : II< I ins, sun god.


r^Xios [r;Xto9] : the sun. A 475, T 104.
TJev [5^] : impf. of ctyu, /. A 381.
dct)ao)) : //'//<//, //v//v, /fuft< /;
at. of ui)p. f//V. ////.s7. r 381.

/;////< a. K 389.
;> >, adj.: >arlf/ in the mornituj.
Always pn><!.. as adv. j; .")' //.
T|cpo-ei8r|9. -9 : in is ft/, oaaov 8' r)epo-
ei89t8v: nsfnr as 1 feel into the
misty distant . E 770.

'Htriwv, -toi/09 : Kdion, king of Hy-
poplacian Theba near Troy, fat her
of Hector's wife Andromache;
slain by Achilles on the capture
of Theba. A 366, Z 396, 4ir> ff.

T|0ios : honored, dear. Applied by a
younger to an elder brother.

t]0os, pi. TjOca (suesco) : home, haunt
(of horses). Z 511.

TJU [rja] : impf. of ei/u, go. A 47.

t|i0os: youth, young man not yet
married. A 171.

T]iev, Tjix^ 1 ! : aor - f oMrato, dart, rush.

T|i6-is, -CVTO9 : high-banked. E 36.

'Hums, pi. : town in Argolis. B 561.

Tjitiv, -oVo9, f. : beach, seashore. B 92.

TJica (soft), adv. : softly, (jently. F 155.

^Ka: aor. of irjfu, send, cast. E 125.

T|KraTo : aor. of dicco/un, heal, cure.

TJK<rros (Kerrtw) . 3 : unyoaded, of
cattle not broken for service.

t]Kw : am come. E 478.

T|\aKarr] : spindle. Z 491.

qXacrcv : aor. of eAawto, drirt .

T|\da-Ka) (aXdofjucu) : hover. B 470.

T|\KTWp, -0/309: //"" /"(t/in'n;/ sun.

TjXevaTo : aor. of dXeo/xai, r;/v^V/.
48 h.

T|\T|XaTo : plpf. pass, of c'Axxwto, r//-/'v.

TJ\0ov : aor. of cp^ofiat, come.

TIXis. -c8o9 : AV/.v, the western coun-
try of Peloponnesus. B 615, CL'I;.
Northern El is belonged to the
Epeans, southern Elis to Nestor.

^jXos: nail, .fml. used as an ornament
for staif, hilt of sword, or goblet.
A 246.

T]Xv0ov [r^A^oj'] : aor. of ep^o/xat, come.



'HXwvrj : Thessalian town. B 739.

T|fia06-is (a/xa^os) : sandy. B 77.

TJ(iai, 2d sing, rjcrai, 3d pi. etarat or
carat [^vrai], imv. 770-0, inf. r}<[email protected],
partic. Tjj/xei/o?, impf. TJfArjv, 3d pi.
impf . CUITO : sz/. This verb with
a partic. often marks the con-
tinuance of a state, esp. where a
person is given up to grief or

ijjiap, -arcs (iJ/Aepa) : day.
rjfJiap ' day of slavery,
( 16 ^7). vu/cras re Kat r
(through) night and day.
Z 448.

30 g~\ : aor. of
miss. E 287.

T||iif3TO : impf. of d/>tet/3o/Aat, answer.

T)|iis, gen. fffjittov or iJ/xeiW, dat. TJIMV
or d/A/xt, ace. a/A/xe : we, ws; pi. of
eyo>. 42 a.

TIUC'V, particle, generally correlative
with^oe: loth . . . and. Cf.piv



p '. by

A 592,

3 : our. 42 b.
TJH(, impf. rj : say, speak, rj KOLL is

used after a speech that is re-

ported, where the same subject is

continued for the following verb.
f)p.(-ovos (wos) : (half-ass), mule.
qiuo-vs, -CM, -v : /m^/ 1 . ^/AMTU TI/X^S :

half of the honor. Z 193.
T||U-T\T|S, -es (rcAos) : half-Jinished,

uncompleted. B 701.
rj^os : when. A 475, 477.
T)|i6a>, aor. opt. ^/u,v<reie : droop its

head, bow. B 373, A 290.
TJV : et av, if, with subjv. (Perhaps

at or ei should be read.)

T]v8av : impf. of

Save is a better reading.) A 24.

T|vji6-is, -co-era, -ev (ave/xos) : windy,
wind-swept. Epithet of high-
situated towns, esp. of Ilios. This
is accepted by Tennyson, in
< windy Troy.'

TJvov : impf. of aivew, praise, com-
mend. T 461.

Tjvia, pi. : reins, of the chariot horses ;
freq. adorned with thin plates of
ivory or metal. T 261, 311.

f)vi-oxvs, -7705, and f)v-ox<>s (lyna,
x<o) : charioteer. E 505, 580.

T|vfirair : aor. of ei/wrra), rebuke. 43/.

^vis, -tos, ace. pi. -^vts : sleek, shining
(of cattle). Z 94, 275, 309.

tjvop&i, locat. as dat. fjvoptr)<t>L ( 33 a)
(dv^/3, dvSpeta) : manliness, bravery
A 303, Z 156.

4]VTTO : impf. of di/ro/xat, ??zee^.

aor. of dvrdw, mee/. Z 399.
: impf. of dVwya, bid. Z 170.

qos: see etos, w^z'/e, wn/iY.

T(Tri\T]<rv : aor. of aTretXew, threaten.
f. : mainland, land. A 485.
deceiver. T 39.

f|irpoirv<> : deceive, trick. T 399.

T)iri6-S(opos : kindly-giving, kindly, gen-
Z 251.
: kindly, soothing. A 218.

qpa (ffjpa), ace.: pleasure; always
obj. of <j>ipeiv. fjirjrpl CTTI rjpa
<f>tp(DV : doing service of love to
his mother. Equivalent to x^P LV '
A 572.

'HpaKXctSrjs : son of Heracles. B 653,

'HpaK\VJios 3 : of Heracles. /3t7/



HpaK\r)tirj : the might of Heracles,
tin nth/lit;/ Heracles. 10 d.

Tipo.pt : aor. of dpapio-KO), jit, join.

tjpaTo : aor. of upw/Acu, gain.

Tipdro : iinpf. of dpdo/xui, jirai/.

f)'piv : iinpf. of uipao, .se/ze. A 2:>.

: Hera, Juno, daughter of
Cronus, both wife and sister of
Zeus. Argos, Mycenae, and Sparta
are her favorite cities. She hates
the Trojans and strongly favors
the (Jreeks. She is called large-
eyed (ySowTrts), revered (TTOTVUO.),
XcvKtuAevos) . She is
'77, since her earliest great
.e was near Argos. A .Vj.

Tiprjptio-To : plpf. pass., used much
like an aorist of epei'&o, thrust.

T|pT|<raTO : aor. of dpdo/xcu, p>'<n/.

T|pi - yvia : ctirl//-oorn, child of the
morning. Epithet of 'Ha>5, Daicn.

f]piir : fi-ll : aor. of epet7ro>, tear doirn.

7]pK<rc : aor. of apKtd). nniil, irnrd (}'.

T]ppLO<r : aor. of dp/xo^w, Jit. F '-\'-\'-\.

TjpftKaKc: aor. of epiVo), rh, ,-k. 1 ; ) f.

qpcos, -<')o^, dat. pi. fipii)(.(T(Tiv: trur-
rior, hint. Not y't in the specific
modern sense of hero. 17.

TJcrai I'd sin-., fj<r6ai inf., r\<rQ^]v dual,
TJO-O iniv. : of T//AUI. sit. li 2 .".").

il<TKiv: iinpf. of doWw, prepare.

r\<TTT\v : dual iinpf. of c/xt', am. E 10.

fire* : iinpf. of CUTC'O, sv. Z 17i.

T|T{fjtcurtv : aor. (,f dri/xtt^o>. slight.

T|TtpLT]<r(v) : aor. of UTI/AUO), slight.

r\ TOI. assrvrralive particle: ///////
m, /// //,//,. wufoerf, A 68, 101.
op, -opos : luiirt, as ]>art of the
human body, and the seat of

life, joy, grief, etc., mind; lunys.

: iinpf. of av&xto, xpt ak. A 92.

rjv-KOfios : fo !/-//( ti //</. A oii.

T|VS. TJV : see cvs, nobl< , raliant. F 167.

TJvo- : aor. of avw, /*OM/. E 784.

T|VT: <is, than. /xeAai/repov ^vrc irL<r<ra
^atvcTcu: appears blacker than pitch.
A 277.

"H<|>ai<rTos : //' phai-stns, V u 1 c a n u s,
son of Zens and Hera, god of fire
and of metal work (done by the
aid of fire), the Tubal Cain of
the Greeks. His home was on
Olympus. He favored the Greeks
against the Trojans. His name
is used for his element, fire (B426).
A G71 if., B 101 f., 426.

TIX^J (echo) : roar, great din. B 209.

T|x.Tj-is, -ecrcra : resounding, roarhnj.

TJ-XI [J], locat. adv. : where. A 607.

f]j/aTO : aor. of aTrro/uuu, touch, lay
hold of, clasp. A 512, E 799.

'Hs, gen. 'Hoos: Eos, Daicn, Au<
rora, goddess of the morning.
She is called rarlt/ horn (rjpiy evf.ua.) ,
msy ftn<j< r! (poSo&xKrvAos), and
stijf'ro/t-ru/,, ,1 (Kpo/coTTCTrAos). A 177,

T)US. -vii. 7/<x)9 or ^ovs, ace. TJOO. or r/oi,
fern. : morning, dawn. A ln:>.

(i/>ur/ni( nf, c/i/n!n r
(op. of married p-oplc), >7o/v-
room (A 11:',, Z 288).

OaXcuro-a : s, .,. A 157, B2!l.
0aXd<r<rios : of (he sea. B <>! 1.



0oXcp6s (0oAAo>) 3 : blooming, vigorous,

swelling. B 266, Z 496.
0d\irios : Epean leader. B 620.
0oXira>pTJ : comfort, joy. Z 412.
0a\v<ridST]s : son of Thalysius. A 458.
6afjLpa>, aor. Od/jifirjo-ev (ra^os) : aor.

wonder came over (kirn). A 199.
0d}if3os, -eos : wonder, amazement.
OajwiaC or Oajwieu, fern. pi. (0a/xa),

adj.: thick, close. A 52.
djivpis : Thamyris, a mythical Thra-

cian bard. B 595.
edvaros (flnjo-Kco) : death. A 60, T 101 .
0dv aor., 0ave'6<r0<H fut. inf. : of

fli^Wo, die. B 642, A 12.
0air- : see re^Trdres, dazed. A 243.
QapcraXtos (0a/D<n>s) 3 : bold, coura-
geous. E 602.
0ap<re'w, aor. 0dp(rr)<re (dare) : am bold,

dare ; aor. took courage. A 85.
0dpcros, -co? : courage, daring. E 2.
0apo-t>vu>, iterative impf . OapwvecrKt :

cheer, encourage. A 233.
Odoxrov, adv., comp. of rayy'- the

quicker, the sooner, at once. B 440.
0av|xa, -arcs : a wonder, marvel.

wonder, admire. B 320.
: a Magnesian town under

the rule of Philoctetes. B 716.
Oca: goddess. A 1.
0avw : Theano, wife of Antenor, and

priestess of Athena in Ilios. E 70,

Z 298 if., A 223 f.
0&v, 0&>v: impf. of 0o, run. Z 118.
0eivcu inf., 0io(Xv [^oi/xev, 45 a]

sub j v . : aor. of rt&y/u, place . A 1 43 .
Qtlvopai: am struck. A 588.
0ios or fc ios (0eos) : of the gods, di-
vine, sacred, god-like. B 22.

0io> : see 0o, run. Z 507.
0\w : wish, desire. See 0eA.a>.
0e'|j.cvai [$ewu] : aor. inf. of
place, make. B 285.

0('}US, -l(7TO?, pi. 0[U(TTt<; (r

(what is laid down), natural law,
what is fating, right sanctioned by
custom (often used in Homer like
81/07, Kar <*- fioipav) ; pi. /aw,s, decrees,
rj OejJiis <TTi : as is right, as is lawful.

-06v : inseparable suffix, forming an
ablatival gen. 33 c.

0e'vap, -apos : hollow of the hand. E339.

0o-i8rjs, -es (eTSo?) and 0eo-etKe>,os :
god-like. Of beauty of person,
without reference to moral quali-
ties. Cf. to-o&os. r 16, 30, 37.

0o-irpoirwv (p r e c o r) , partic. : prophe-
sying, declaring the divine will.

0o-irpo-irTj and 0oirp6in.ov : oracle,
prophecy, will of the gods. A 85.

0os : god, divinity. Cf. SOU/AW.

0pdirci>v, -ovros : attendant, squire ,
comrade. A servant, but free and
doing voluntary service. A 227.

cporf-rqs (#ttpcros) : Thersltes, the
ugliest and most insolent of the
Greeks. B 212-271.

0*pa> : ivarm, with gen. Z 331.

0s imv., 0crav [Z0ecrav~\ ind. : aor. of
Tt'^/xt, place, make. A 433.

0(TKc\os : wondrous, strange.

c'o-ircia [eo-Tnm, 37 rf] : Thespiae,
in Boeotia, at the foot of Mt.
Helicon. B 498.

0<rir^crios 3 : divine, marvelous, beau-
tiful. Ot<nre<TLr) : by decree of the
gods. A 591, B 367, 457.

0<ro-o\6s : a son of Heracles. B 679.



0<rropC8iis : son of Thi-xtnr, Calchas.
A >!,'.

0<r-<f>aTov : oracle. E 64.

ens, -1809: Thetis, a sea goddess,
wife of Peleus, and mother of
Achillas. A 351 ff., 495 ff.,
2 35 ff., 369 ff., O 74 ff. She is
called si/nr-footed (dpyvpo-7rca)
and Ovydrrjp dAt'oio yepovros.

0ro: aor. of TiOrjfJu, place. F 310.

6co or 0i : run. A 214, Z 507.

0ijp<u or 0T)PT] : Thebes, the principal
town of Boeotia. It had been
destroyed by the 'Epigoni' and
does not seem to have been in-
habited at the time of the Trojan
War ; cf. VTroQrjfiai B 505. It was
seven-gated (eTrraTrvXos). A 406.

0T|pTV- T/n-fia, a Cilician town in the
Troad (at the foot of Mt. Placus,
an eastern spur of Mt. Ida), under
the rule of Andromache's father
Ki'-tiiMi; it was sacked by Achilles.
A :5<;i;, B Ju. Z :'>!>7. 416.

Orj-yw, aor. imv. Orjd(r6u (dagger):
sharp* n, tr/K f. B 382.

fas [%s]: aor. subjv. of TiOrjfU.

0fjK(v): aor. of TtOrjfJu, />ltic> , //////>.

0fj\vs. 6ri\(.ui: f i- imilf. ^A.vs also is
used as feminine. E 269.

0V)v, em-lit i<- jiarticl<-: ilnnlth-sn. ov
Orjv: "I <lon't think." B 275.

0^IP, p-n. Orjpos: in'ld least. F 111).

0t|pil (&/'p) : Iinntinij, chase. E l!.

Qi]pT]-rr]p, -fjpos: hunter. E 51.

0t]<rtvs, -^os : Tin si us, mythical kinsj
of Atht-ns ami national hero of
Attica, most noted ally of the
Lapitha.-. A 'Jii:,.

-0i : inseparable local suffix. 33 b.
0ts, dat. Blvi : l>< a<-h, strand. A 34.
Co-p^: Tli idie, between Mt. Helicon
and the Corinthian Gulf, not far
from the coast. B 502.
0\d(i>, aor. 0\d(T<Te: crush. E 307.
0vT|<rKa), fut. 0UVCCO-&U, aor. Odvt, perf.
opt. TfBvaLir), perf. partic. TeOvrfira
(0ai/aros) : die ; perf. am dead.
0vr]Tos 3: mortal A 339, 574.
06as, -avros : Thoas, Aetolian leader.

B 638, N 216 ff., O 281 ff.
0o6s (^to)) 3: swift, rapid, quick.
0opwv: aor. partic. of #paxrKo>, leap.
0oOpos, fern. Oovpis, -1809: impetuous,
raffing. Epithet of "Ap-y; and of
<U/oy. A 234, E 30.
06v, -wvos: a Trojan. E 152.
0oo>s (^oos), adv.: </u!rU>/, swiftly.
0pa<ru-p.lfiv<i>v, -ovo?: brace-hearted, of

Heracles. E 639.
0pcurvs, -eux, -v (^aptros) : />oW.
0pirrpa, pi. (rpe^o)): r///?.s m re/wrn
/o/- nurture. ovSt TOKCVO-I Opiirrpa
cbreSoj/ce : /te r/iV/ /^>< return his par-
<></*' care. (Attic Tpo^eux.)
0p\|/: aor. of rpe'<w, nourish, rear.

-IKOS, or 0pfj : Thra,-i<m. The
Thracians were allies of the
Trojans. Z 7.

0p. ff<n. rpixo?, fern.:
7ff//>, woo/ (of lambs).
F 273.

poviov: Locrian
town. B 533.

sea/, chair, esp.
a lii-'h armchair, with back and
footstool, throne. A .V,i;.



0p6os: shout, cry. A 437.
pvov: a Pylian town, on the banks
of the Alpheiis, near the frontier
of Elis. B 592.

aor. eOopf. : leap, rush.

ace. Ovyarpa or 6vya.Tf.pa
(daughter) : daughter. A 538,
T 124.

ev&oxriv ( 36 b) : dat. pi. of Ovos.
0v\\a: blast. Z 346.
0v(rTi]s or @u<rTa: Thyestes, grand-
son of Tantalus, son of Pelops,
brother of Atreus, father of Aegis-
thus (Clytaemnestra's paramour).
B 106 f. 34 b.

-*? : heart-grieving. A 513.
an aged Trojan. P 146.
0uno-\o>v, -ovro?: lion-hearted. E 639.
(f urn us): heart, soul, spirit, as
the seat of life, and of the desires,
passions, reason, and will, courage,
in heart, ivithin. opivw
touch the heart ; move to
fear, anger, or pity. Cf. KapBtrj
and Krjp.

0ujjio-<j>06pos (<$eipu>) : life-destroying.
06vtt, impf. Qvve (Ov<): rush madly,

surge, dash, hasten.
0vos, -eos: burnt offering; prob.
not always animal sacrifices, but
some kind of incense. Z 270.
adv.: (out of the door), out.

pi. : door, of Priam's palace.
Ovprj (fores, door): door. CTTI Hpid-
/xoto Ovprj(nv: "before Priam's pal-
ace." B 788.

0Uo-av6-is, -cr(ra : tassel ed, fringed.
0v<ravos: tuft, tassel, fringe. B 448.
0v<r0Xa, pi. (&V<D) : thyrsi, wands used

in the worship of Dionysus,
a pine cone at one end and wound
about with ivy. Z 134.
w: rage. Cf. Ovva>. A 342.

r^KO?: armor, breastplate, cui-
ms-.s'. Armor for the protection
of the upper part of the body.
This is not described by the poet,
and the Homeric warriors seldom
seem to wear the cuirass of later

times. Perhaps plates of metal
were attached to a garment of
linen or leather, but the chief
arm of defense was the shield.
0wpY|or<rw, aor. subjv. Owp^o^ev, aor.

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