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pass. 0(DpTjx6ir)(Ta.v : arm, equip with
cuirass. B 72.

I'a [/xta.] : fern, of tos [els], one.

Boeotian leader. B 512.
cu, aor. Irjcraro'. heal, cure.
la\TJ (^ria^-) : shriek, loud cry.
lax (fia^-) : shout, xl/rir/c, yell.
'Iaw\K6s [*IoAxos]: lolcus, on the
Pagasaean Gulf. B 712.



-IScuos: If him*. (1) The most hou-
ored of 1'riam's heralds and His
personal attendant. T 248. (2)
A Trojan \\arrior. E 11 if.

l&, conj.: and. Cf. -ySe. T l!l.

IStciv inf., CS(v) ind., tS-qai [187;]
sultjv. mid., (/rcS-) aor. : see et8op,

7f/, a lofty mountain chain in
the Troad, stretching from north-
\\est to southeast, with many pro-
jecting shoulders. Its highest
peak is more than 5000 feet above
th- sea. B 821.

: frn.n Mt. Ida. F27I5.

t8juv [to-fLey, 30 rf] : 1st pi. of ot&x.

I8v6w, ]>ass. dep. I8v<it6rj: l ml over*

tSoi|u : opt. of e!8oi/, saw. Z 284.

~I8o[jLVvs, -7709 : l<hnneneus, leader of
tlir Cretans (B 1515), son of Deu-
calion, grandson of Minos, and
great-grandson of Zeus and Euro-
pa (N 449 if.); highly esteemed
l>y Agamemnon (A 145, B 405,
A 257 if.), ami by Mm.'laus (T
J:;o if.). He was one of the older
leaders ; cf. /u.rai7roA.i09 N 361
yrizzled. !!' r.-adit-d home in
>atVty aftrr the war (y 191).

t8ov : cjiic for eTSov, mur. A L'ti'J.

I8pou>, fnt. iSpoJcret, aor.

-turos, acc. iSpoi [i8/ja>ra]

(slid or, >'// '//) : >/// a/.
ISvia: ft'in. j.artic. of o*&i. $ l! //.

subjv. mid. "of ei8m>, xair.
impf., Uuriv )3d pi.: of irjfu, m ml.

aor. ettraro (^rte/xxu) : desire,

(, strir< .

fc(v) impf., U'vai inf. : of a/u, ///>.

Uvres: partic. of 07/01, /////. B 771.

: i>r' >Vf NX. Z 300.
vs or ipcvs, -^os : priest. He was
attached to a definite divinity
and sanctuary; hence no priests
are mentioned in the Achaean

), fut. inf. tepcv(7/aev, aor. upev-
<7o/ : sacrifice, offer in sacrifice ;
daughter) since most of the flesh
of the victims was eaten, and on
the other hand no flesh was eaten
until a part had been sacrificed
to the gods. B 402, Z 94, 174.

Up<5v and pi. ipd: offering', sacrifice,
rlrfim for sacrifice. A 147, B 420.

Upos :J : //o///, sacred. B 305, Z 89.

I'tw, imv. mid. T^v, impf. mid. IOVTO
(eSos) : w/, .svV, re.s/. T 326.

'Ii1\v<r6s : Idli/sus, one of the chief
cities of Rhodes. B 656.

I'TIIU. :!d jl. tarn, partic. te'vres, impf.
to, pass, itvrcu, impf. mid. Zero,
aor. rjxa or c^xa ( 43 rf), aor. opt.
CIT;, aor. mid. cvro: .sv ////. // ////, <v/.s7,
>7/oo/, throw, drujt, /nit.

irjo-oo-eat : inf. of tao^zt, In-nJ. E 899.

iTiTT|p, -fjpos (atrpos, tao/xat) : hi ah r.
mir'/mii. J? 7: > .L ) , A 190.

'I6oiKT] : Ilhai'd, a small rocky and
mountainous island of the Ionian
Sea: the home of Odysseus.
B i:J2, T201.

'I0aKT|o-ios : llliacan. B 1*1.

tOi: //o, /" "//'; imv. of ?/xt, come, go.
interjection; r/I dye.



-arcs CCI/AI; : walk, gait, step.

impf. lOvvev (i0vs) : send

straight at, direct, guide. A 132.
I0vs [ev0vs], adv., with gen. : straight,

straight at. E 506.
10 vs, -ws, f. : enterprise, undertaking.

106, aor. Wva-e (i#vs) : joress forward,

charge. Cf. iOvvu. B 729.
'lOwjjiT] : Ithome, in western Thessaly,

on the slopes of Mt. Pindus.

iKavb) : come, reach, freq. with ace.

of ' limit of motion/ Cf. cweo/im,


-Iicdpios : Icarian. The Icarian Sea
was part of the Aegean Sea, near
the southwest part of Asia Minor.
B 145.

(ft*-) 3 : like, resembling.

-oi/os: son of Laomedon
and so brother of Priam. F 147.

fc|icvos (IKW) : favoring, favorable,
secundus; const, with ovpos.

'iKveojiai and IKW, fut. t^o/xcu, aor.
l/cero and Te(v), aor. subjv. IKCD-
fjuoiL and 110701: come, arrive at,
reach; freq. with ace. of 'limit
of motion.' Cf. iKavw.

lXa66v (1X77), ac * v> : l ' n troops, ^ n oat -
talions. B 93.

lXdo|iai : propitiate, worship. B 550.

'iXaos : propitious, kind, gentle.

iXdo-KOjtai, aor. subjv. iXao-o-ecu
[tA.aa'w] and IX.a.o'Ofjif.crBa [tAxicro)-
fjif.Ba] : propitiate, appease. A 147,

(/riX-), fern., not neuter as in'

Latin : Ilios, capital of the
named from its founder Ilus, son
of Tros and grandfather of Priam
(Y 231 -ff.). It is called wind-
swept (^ve/x6eo*cra) and prosperous
(eu vaiofjicvov TrroXieOpov). "IXios
is used for the Troad in A 71.

l|xas, -ai/ros : leather strap. F 375.

lp.d<r<rco. aor. i/Mcre, aor. subjv. t/xao*-
<TYJ: lash, beat. B 782, E 589.

'I|A{3pao-(8T]s : son of Imbrasus, Pei-
rotis, a Thracian leader. A 520.

tjxev [uVai] : inf. of et/zi, go. 44 f.

i[iepo-is, -eo-o-a : lovely, charming.

l|ipos : longing, desire. F 446.

ifiepTos : lovely, beautiful. B 751.

V'va, adv. : where. Conj. : in order
that, that, with subjv. or optative.

tva : ace. of is, strength, might. E 245.

ivfov : nape of the neck, neck sinew.

toXos : bounding, leaping. A 105.

!e(v), !ov: aor. of IKW, come.

i'<r0ai : fut. of ucveofuu, come.

io}xcv subjv., tovTs partic. : of

t6-|ib)pos (/: to-) : shrieker, boaster.

16s : arrow. Cf. oio-ros. A 48.

I'os, la, dat. iw : one. Cf. els.

IOTT)S, -T;TOS: will. dXAi'

"each because of the other."

lo-x.cupa (tos, X^ w ) ' ( 5 ^ e who show-
ers arrows), the archer goddess.
Epithet of Artemis. E 53, Z 428.

iirireios: of the horses. E 799.

-T;OS : horseman, knight. (The
Homeric heroes, however, did not
ride, but drove in chariots.) Cf.
'nnroTa, iTTTT^Xara. See


(eAauvto) : Aeolic for i-rnnrj-
(home-driver)^ knight. '> 1 l>.
of horst-ha/r.

(/?(X7Ko>) : horse-fee ding.
Epithet of Argos, as suited to the
rearing of horses. B 287, F 75.

'IiriroSdfma : J/ippodainin, wife of
tin- Lapith Pirithoiis. B 742.

liriro-Sajios (Sa/xaw) : (horse-tamer
gives a false tone), master of
hor.^s. k-night. B 230.

linro-8d<rta (Sacrvs) : with thick crest
of how-It nir. F 369, A 459, Z 9.

'IinroOoos : IVlasgian leader. B 840 ft'.

l-inro - Kopwrrjs : horse -equipped,
e(juin/t,d iritJt chariots. B 1.

'IinroXoxos : son of Bellerophon and
father of Glaucus. Z 119, 197.

Sinros (equus): horse: freq. fern.
even when no attention is called
to the sex. Horses drew by the
yoke, without traces. Dual and
pi., horse*, horses and chariot, chariot
(</. the New Kn^land use of
* team ' for ' wagon '), even nn n mi
chariots (B 554). The HMIIMM-'U:
heroes did not ride on horseback.
KaO* tTTTTOJi/ aiavTC. : leujiiny hastily
fruni their c/Kirinfx.

iiriroo-vvri : Imrsi nians/u'/i, skill in the.
>/.sv oj' the charinf in badle.

lirirora [ITTTTO'TT^] : ftorsumin, k/i!</ht,
lut not mounted. Cf. ITTTTO;'?,
i7T7r^A.ara. >; > 1 ft.

tirir-oupis (orpa, tail) : trit/t linrm-hair

.xv, cretted. F :>:;7. / in:..

fut. liberal, aor. TJ//UO : /in .is
hard, afflict, punish. A 4.') I. B l!:j.

ipol : sec icpov, sacrifice. B 420.

ipts : see itptvs, priest. E 10.

"TEpis : Iris, the messenger of the
gods in all matters pertaining to
war. B 786, F 121.

Ipos 3 : see Upos, sacred. A 46.

is, ace. Iva. (/rt's, vis), f . : strength,

lo-av [Tjtrav] : impf. of eiyu,i, go. A 494.

-LravSpos : son of Bellerophon. Z 197.

l<reUriv: 3d ]>1. of oISu, knoit: Z 151.

i<r6-0os : equal to the gods, god-like.
Cf. 0oeoAos, deoei&fs. F 310.

l<ros [10-09] (/rto - ) 3 : equal. Ivov and
tcra, cognate ace., adv. : equally.

uro-<f>api;a> (<#>f>o>) : equal, vie with.

Icrrc : 2d pi. of oTSa, know. B 485.

EOTT||U, aor. (c)<TTr)(ra., 2d aor. (t)crrr;
and a-rdv [eo-rr^rav], 2d an.
subjv. o-Tijrj [ory], aor. partic.
o-Ta?, iterative aor. araovcev, ]T|'.
lo-rr//cas, pi. perf. Itm/raum* or
eoTacri, perf. inf. CCTTCI/MCI/, perf.
partic. (TTaoTa or lare&Ta, plpf.
CO-TT/ACCI and eo-Tacrav (sto, stand") :
pres. and 1st aor. act. transitive,
rv///>r M stand, station, set, s//> :
other tenses and mid. intransi-
tive, tafce (/////) pnsiliini. stand. sf<>/>.
i(TTov <TTr)<TavTO : hoist* d tin mast.
Kprrrfjpa o-njo-acrOai : (set r//>), offer
<i hoifl. dvTt'ot ZO-TO.V : th<// stood
(rave) to meet him. ava. CCTTT; :
stood n/>, rose, (rrf) OTriOtv : came
n/> hi hind.

'lo-riaia: on the northwest coast of
Kuhoea. B 537. (Trisyllal.i.-
by 'syni/.-sis ' : ^j L'.".)



Urrfov, pi. as sing, lorta (IOTOS) : sail.
A 433.


(Se^o/xat): mast-receiver, a
rest for the mast when the latter
was lowered. A 434.

weave.) (3) Web. The Homeric
loom was upright, not horizontal,
and consisted of two perpendicu-
lar posts, united at the top by a
crossbar. From this crossbar the
threads of the warp were attached
by weights (see cut). For con-
venience in handling these threads
they were attached, alternately by
means of loops, to two rods (xavo-
ves), the even threads to one
rod, the odd threads to the other.
The thread for the woof was
wrapped around a spool, which
may have been held at the end of
a slender stick. The weaver first
grasped one of the rods and drew
it toward her breast, thus separat-
ing the odd from the even threads
of the warp. Through the open-
ing thus made, she drew the spool

IOTOS (ibriflu) : (1) mast (held in
place by forestays, irporovoC).
(2) Loom. IOTOV 7rot;(o-0ai : f/o
to and fro before the loom, ply the
loom. (The women stood to

with the thread of the woof, with
her other hand. After pushing
the woof thread (thus interwoven)
snugly to its place, she next
grasped the other rod, drawing



toward her the other set of
threads, and so sent the spool
back. (Perrin on c 62, Clapp on
^ 701.)

l<rxavd (urxto) : hold, check. E 89.
joint, E -><).).

thysdf. n strain thyself, halt! hold!
tre iinv., trqv impf. : of c7/xt, </o.
trvs, -vos (/TIT-, w it hi/), fern.: felloe of
a whri-1.

, -coi/os : in Phthiotis. B 696.

: > : stron;/. mit/hly. A 3, E 415.
t-4>i (/rui, is), adv. : wvVA might,

strongly. 33 a. A 38, 151.
-I4>iK\os: father of Protesilaiis.

B 7(>.").
"ujuos (fi<-) : strong, goodly (of

E 556.

s: Phocian Argonaut. B518.
ace. i^to : ichor, \vhirh served
the gods as blood. E 340, 416.

: aor. of ITTTO/OUU, a //I let. A 454.
larfj (aiy/u) : ///'"////, A/ax/. A L>7i;.
la>KT| (SiwKoj?) : attdck, rout, confnxion

oflatth .
lav. partic. of ei/u, //o. A 138, 179.

T. of KaTa/3oAXo). I'D /,.
Inmjli aloud, in exulta-
tion or in mockery. T 43, 7 ."! 1.

K<i8 : for KUTU, dmrn, by 'apocope 'and

-iinilatinn ' bi-fon- 8. ^ *JI 1>.
KaSfuios and KaSftcCwv, -toi/o? : Cad-

ini'an, f ( 'ad in HX : ]>1. Tfti/Hins.

Kouipa, feni. : Cariun in/man. A 1 1'J.

: aor. pass, of

Ka6-d-irTO(Aai : // J///v .<.?, approach.

Ka0-^o)iai. aor. /ca^-eto-ev : .s/V dutm,
Kit : aor. act. seated. Cf. Ka$tu>.

Ka0-ev8: x/ee/>. A 611.

Ka0-T]jjLai. iniv. KttBifTO'. .s//, am seated^

KaB-i^w. aor. iniv. Ka.Bi(rov'. canst to
tit down, seat; intrans. s#. F 68.
, adv.: rfown /row a&o?-e,
B 754, F 337.

Ka(, copulative conj. : and, a&o, ^oo,
ewn. K<U et : ei'en i/. KOI is freq.
joined with other particles, and is
freq. correlative with TC, 6o/A . . .
and. It sometimes marks the
agreement of a specification with
a foregoing general remark. It
may be used where the Eng. idiom
has or, as ci/a KCU 8w : one or two ;
TpL\Od re Kai T^Tpa^Od : in three or
four pieces. It is used freq. in
the apodosis of conditional and
temporal sentences.

KaivctSrjs : son of Caeneus. B 746.

Kaivevs, -1709: Caeneus, king of the
Lapithae. A 264.

Kaiwjicu, perf. partic. KCKao-/xei/, plpf .
as inipf . (e)KeKcurTO : excel. A 339.

Kcupiov (Katpds) : (right njwt), fatal,
dead///, rital spot. A 185.

aor. IKT/U ( 48 A) ; aor. pass.
Kay (caustic) : burn, consume by
fire. Cf. Kav/xa.

: fut. partic. of Kard-
, He doicn. 48 g. A 606.

( >//, fa rule!,, UK. Z 344.

and }>1. KaKd : ///. //ar/n. cala/iii/i/.
:> > : fiaa 1 . < ///, icnrth/i ss, niisi-rahfc,
cowanlly, destructive. Opp. to dya0o.



-77x0? : worthlessness, coward-
ice, wickedness. B 368.
-KTave [/axraKTai/e, 29 &] : aor.
imv. of KaTa/creiW, kill, slay.
Z 164.

adv. : ill, miserably, harshly.
, iterative impf. KoAe'eo-Ke, fut.
partic. KoAeovo-a, aor. subjv. K.O.-
Aro-<o, aor. partic. /coAe'craou, aor.
mid. (e)KaAe'cr<raTO and KaArai/ro,
perf . KK\r)fjjab, fut. perf . KtK\tj<rr) :
ca/Z, summon, name. KC.K\yo-rj a/coi-
TIS : ZAow s&aft &e (called) wife.

KaXrjo-ios : Thracian from Arisbe.
Z 18.

KaXXiapos : town in eastern Locris.

KoXXi-YvvaiKa, ace. : abounding in
beautiful women. F 75. The in-
flection is attracted to that of the
noun, ywjy.

KoXX(-6pi, -T/at^o? : fair-maned, of
horses. E 323.

rapeia) : fair-cheeked.
[KureAiTre, 29 6] : aor. of
KaraAetTrco, /ecwe behind. Z 223.

Ka\Xi-ppoos (pew) : fair-Jlowino.

KaXXio-ros : superl. of /caAds, beautiful.

KaXXos, -eos : beauty. Z 156.

KaXov and pi. KdXd, cognate ace.,
adv. : well. A 473, Z 326.

KaXos 3 : beautiful, fair, noble.

KoXvSvcu : islands near Cos. B 677.

KoXvSuSv, -oivo? : Calydon, ancient
Aetolian town, famed for the
Calydonian boar hunt. B 640,
I 531.

KoXvirro), aor. (e)/coAv/'(i/) : cover,
wrap. OL TrcTrAoio Trrvyyu,

held a fold of her robe as a covering
(protection) for him. A 503.
oLXxas, -avro? : Calchas, renowned
seer of the Achaeans, who guided
their ships to Ilios. A 69-100,
B 300, 322-330. He was warrior
as well as seer.

(/<a/u,va>) : weariness.
[Kare^aAe, 30 A] : aor.
o), throw down, let fall.
aor. of Ka/xvw, am weary, work.

Kclficipos : one of the three chief
cities of Rhodes. B 656.

Ka.|jLVft>, fut. Ka/xetrat, aor. (e)ica/>tov,
perf. KK/x,7yKa5, perf. partic. KC-
KfjiTf]a)TL ( 49 a) : labor, am weary
(freq. with ace. of the wearied
part, and often with partic.),
make with toil. Ka/xdi/res : who
became weary; euphemism for
Oavovres, the dead.

K&|iirrt, aor. subjv. Kdfj&frrj : bend.

Ktt|xirvXos (hump) : bent, curved, of a
chariot. E 231. Cf. ayKvXov.

KOLIT : for Kara, down, along, by ' apoc-
ope' and ' assimilation.' 29 b.

Kairavevs, -1709: Capaneus, the most
insolent of the 'Seven against
Thebes.' B 564, A 404 ff. Father
of Sthenelus. He boasted that
he would take Thebes, even
though opposed by the thunder-
bolt of Zeus.

Kairavt]ia.8i]s and Kairavrjios mos :
son of Capaneus, Sthenelus. A 367,
E 108 f.

Kairv, aor. Ka7rvr(ra
kindle fires. B 399.

Kairv6s : smoke. A 317.



Kdir-ireo-ov [KaTeVeow, 29 6] : aor.

of KUTU7ri7TTa>, full doii'n. A 593.
Kdirpos : lir. n-Hd Innr. E 783.
Kap. gen. Kapo?: < 'nrinn. B 867.
Kap8iT] or KpaSiTj ( 31) (cor) : heart,

as scat of will, affections, and

1 missions. B 452, T 60.

gen. KpdYos, dat. KparL: head.
KopouvTcs : lonij-huired. Freq.

epithet of Achaeans. See on

B 11.

pi. : head*, su//niiits. citadels.
adv. : i/iu'cMy, in haste.
Kapiros (/mrrisf) -.fruit, crop, (jruin.
Kap-rros : trri.xl. E 158.
Kap-p'ov<ra : partic. of Karape^w,

cams, E -12 1.

Kaprtpo-Ovjios : stiint-heartftl. E 277.
KapTp<Ss (/capro?, Kparos, liard) :

xtru/tf/. //i it/lit i/. See Kparepos. 31.

A 17-.
KO.PTUTTOS: nioxt ///////////, xdmtrxt, hnnl-

99L A 266, / 185.
Kdpvo-Tos : f 'ur i/stun, town on the

south coast of Kuhoea. B 5o!>.
Kcwri.- < Yvnf|T^ : o//v< ./> A /-. A 155.
Kao-t - yvT]Tos : (KCUTI?) : o//-// In-other.
Kdo-os : one of the Sporades, near

B r,7 !.
Koxrrwp, -opo? : Cmttnr, son of Leda

au.i i.rotii.-i- of iirini. r -j;;:.

Kara, adv. and pivp. : i/mrn, with
acc. and geniti\f.

(1) As adv. Kara Saxpv ^covou :
(/touri/ttj I/IH/-/I) ft/ifi/diiif/ a tinr:
Kara 8* opKta Trar^crav : frum/>/> <l
(<ltnrn) Hjinn f/i,' oat/is : KaB S tOopc. :
lffi/t, </ i/nirn : Kara fj.rjpC e/crya :
hurn>'l (<l<cn, Eng. up) the tli'ujh

pieces; Ka8 8c Xarotrc: ye u- null I

li (!<< Ill-It till I.

(2) With acc.

: lov Kara TTOVTOV: a > mini/
the sea : &UKU/AO/OUS Kara
through the linns, ;
Wi Kara Xaov : go through the army :
Kara crrparov : dmrn tlirmnjh the
, in the camp, oj>/>vxite the
: Kara /xotpav: in. fine Hicfisurf,
.filly; KOLTOL <peva : in mind: vvf.
KO.TO. WJJLOV : wounded him on tic
sho nidi /'.

(3) With gen. KO.T

or, r ///x eyes; Kara
low ; KaO'

from his rhnriot. ; Kara

Kapr)vo)v : dmni from the summits.

aor. Kartflrj&ero, iniv.
48 i), aor. inf. *cara-

fifjvcu: conic don-,,, dt scend.

ra-paXXw, aor. Ka/x^oAe ( 30 /<) :

r//>7 d,,irn, It-tfidt. E 3 1 3.
Kar-d-yw, aor. inf. Karo^e/xcv ( 44 /,

48 t) : /earf (do/rn) lack to the

Kara-Soa), aor. KareSuo-eTo or KareSv,

aor. partic. KaraSuvra : //o dntrn,

set (of the sun), e/i/er, put on


KaTa-0vrjTos : mnrlnl. Z 12-".
Kara-Kaiw, aor. KartKrp ( 48 A):

A///-/* (///>;///), consume //// ///v.


fut. ]>:irtic.
//V down. A i;m.
Ta-Koijida). aor. inf.
vai (Kt/xat) : puss. //V ^/o//-// /o re*/.



Kara-KO<r}j.t<i> : arrange (lay down)

properly. A 118.
Kara-KTcivo), fut. Kara/era veoucriv, aor.

/care/crave and /care/era, aor. inf.

/caraKTa^ievai, aor. imv. /ca/<Taj/e

[Kara/crave, 29 6], aor. pass.

, aor. KaAAiTre

29 6] : /eaw? SeAmrf. Z 223.
Kara-X^w, aor. KareAvo-e : overthrow,

destroy. B 117.
KaTa-[i(xpirrci>, aor. subjv. KaTapdpif/r) :

overtake. Z 364.
Kar-anvoxrw, aor. Kara/xv^aro : scratch,

tear. E 425.
Kara-vevo), fut. Karavev<ro/x,ai, aor.

imv. Karavevo-ov : nod assent, esp.

in confirmation of a promise.

Opp. to dvavevo>. See on A 514.
KaTa-ir&rcroD, aor. subjv. Ka.Ta,7r&f/r) :

digest, suppress. A 81.
KaTa-irj>vT| : subjv. of Ka.T.7T<f>vov,

slay, kill. F281.

aor. Ka.TTrr]tv : fix,

stick. Z 213.

Ta-iriirrw, aor. KOLTnreo-ov [KareVecrov,

29 6] : fall down. A 593.

Ta-irX^cnra), aor. pass. KareTrAr/yr; :

(strike down"), Jill with dismay; with

ace. of specification. F 31.

: crouch down, cower.
or Kappea>, aor. Kare/ae^ei/ :

caress, s/ro&e. A 361, E 424.

29 b.

Kara-pp(b) : flow down. A 149.
KaTa-<rx<>p.'vn ' wrapping herself,

wrapped; aor. par tic. of

hold down, envelop. Cf.


KaTa-T(0T](xt, aor. KartOrjKe and Kare-

^vro : lay down, set down. F 293.

KaTa-<f>v\.aS6v (09Aov) : by tribes.

KaTa-xw, aor. Kare^evav ( 48 h) :

pour down, shower, let fall. Z 134.

KaT-p^o-TO ( 48 i, 50 ft) : went

back; aor. of Ka.Taj3a.wo), go dow


Kar-eSv and KareSoo-cTo ( 48 i, 50 b

aor. of KaraSixo, go down, enter.
Kar-cSco : eat up, consume, gnaw.

and Kar^0TjK(v) : aor. of

, lay down. F 114.
i, partic. Kartovcra : come down.
Ka.T-KT] : aor. of Maroiaua),

48 A.

Kar-KTa and KarcKrave act., K<X

KTaOev [KareKra^7/o-av] pass. : aor.

of /cara/craW, s/ay. B 662, E 558.

KaT-\0(j.v \_Ko.TfX0uv'] '. aor. inf. of

come down. Z 109.
: aor. of Karaveva), nod.
KaT-ire<l>vov, subjv. KaraTrecfivr) : aor.

slew. T 281, Z 186.
KaT-6-rrrj^v : aor. of KaraTnyyi/v/u,
Z 213.

aor. pass, of Ka.ro.-
7r\Tjo-o-(a, Jill with dismay. T 31.
T-epeiTrcD, aor. KarTypiTre : tear down;
aor. intrans. /e#. E 92.

: aor. of Karape^a), caress.
: /:eejo 6ac^, detain. Z 518.
KaT-6'pxop.cu. aor. inf. KaryXvOov,
Ka.T\@[jLev \_Ka,TfX6uv~\ '. come down.
KaT-<r0iw : devour, eat up. F 25.

aor. pass. Ka.Tvva.<r6(V

: pass, lie down.
KaT-\vav : aor. of Kara^eo), pour
down. 48 h. Z 134.





Kar-^xw, aor. partic.

hold down. {><>**> xx ; mid. partic.
u-rapping herself, wrapped. F 419.

KaT-T|\v6ov : aor. of Kartp^o/xat.

KaT-T]iridu). impf. Ka.rrrn'iowvTO (jj'n'L-
09) : soothe, still, quiet. E 417.

KaT-T)piir :fell; aor. of Kare/xiTru).

Kar-Tja-Ow : aor. of KaTe<r#i'<o, decour.

Ka.TTi<J>iT] : x/nii/ir, humiliation.

Kar-iovo-a : fem. partic. of /caret/xi.

KaT-Urx : mid. keep for (thy}*' If.

Kavfia, -aro? (KCU'O>, caustic} : burn in;/
heat. Kav/Aaros 2 : out of (in con-
sequence of) the heat. E 865.

Kavo-rcipa (KCU'<O), fem. adj.: burning,
scorching. A 342.

Kavorpios : Caystriwt, a river in Asia
Minor which empties into the sea
near Kpht-sus. B 461.

KdvmSs : by crasis (rare in Homer)
for KCU avros (thyself, too. 26.

[ca<J>- or KOIT-], perf. partic. KtKa-
(fr-rjoTa: brent he out, gasp. E 698.

K^(V) : enclitic particle, modal adv. ;
essentially equiv. to av, indicating
a condition. KCV is about four
times as freq. as dv, and is pre-
ferred esp. in affirinativt-sfiitences.
See 5. v .

Ktd5T]s : son of Ceas, Troezenus, a
Thracian. B 847.

(o-)K<8dwvni. aor. eVe'Sacro-e, aor.
I. partic. Kf&jLvdivTzs : scatter,
shatter. B 398, E 88.

Kii-01, adv.: there. Cf. V. T !'_>.

Kcifiau, impf. (l)K4To: lie. F l!'").

Ki^Xiov (Kct/xat) : treasure stored up.
Z47. .

KCIVOS [eVeivo?] 3 : that one, that, he.

Ktivos [KCI/OS] 3 : empty. A 181.

Ki-o- (CKCI), a<lv. : thither. F 410.

KK0.5ovTO : aor. of ^a^opjat, drtin<
Ixx-k. 43 e. A 497.

KKo<rji'v : excellent ; perf. partic. of
KcuVu/xcu, excel. A ;>:>!).

KKou|>T]6Ta, perf. partic. : breathing out,
gasping. E 698.

: aor. of KeXo/xoi, call, bid.
ws : perf. partic. as pres. of
$hr'n-ki i/'/f, shout. E 591.
perf., KK\^<rr) fut. perf.:
pass, of KoAo, call. F 138, A 61.

KK\VT : aor. of /cAvw, hear. 43 e.

KtKji^Kas ind., KKjiTiTi ( 49 a) par-
tic.: perf. of KafjLvo), am weary.

KCKopvOfie'vos : helmeted, pointed ; perf.
partic. of Kopwro-w, equip with hel-
met. E 562.

K\ai-vt4>T|s, -e's (KeAaivo?, ve'<^os) : in
rfarJt clouds, cloud-wrapped (of
Zeus), dar*. B 412, A 140.

K\aiv6s :> : dark, black. A 303.

. pi. Kc'Aev&i : iray, jmfh.
, fut. KcXcwrw, aor. tKeXcvcra :
A/J. cn/Ki/Kind, direct, order; with
<l;it. or accusative. B 28.

K&OIUU, aor. (^/cc'/cAerc (43 c) : 6W,
orc/er, urge ; freq. with dative.

KCVCO'S : <-in/>(i/('/t<inded). See

KCVCWV. -o>vos: Jlank. E 284.

KVTp-T]VKT|S, -S I f/O<l<// Oil.

on. E 7."2.
Kc'vrup, -opo^ (Kevrpoi', center):

(ijoddi-r), drii-cr of horses. C/*.

TrX^iTTTros, i7T7T7;Xara, tTTTrdSa/xo?.

A :;!!.

Kcpat^w : lay watte) day . E ;")."> 7.
Kepajios (i:. ramie): earthenware, jar.



[Kcpavvvju], pres. subjv. mid. Ke

Tai: mix. A 260.
Kpao-goos ( ew ) : (horn-polishing),

bow-maker. A 110.
Kepao's : horned. T 24.
KEpas, -aos, pi. Kepa (c or nu): horn.
KpSaXco'-<f>p<ov (WpSos, <^prjv): cunning-
minded, crafty. A 149.
KEpSiov : better, more advantageous.
: craftiest, shrewdest.
: mock, revile. B 256.
Kcpro(uos : mocking, cutting; as pi.

subst., reviling words. See on A 54.
KcvOdvo) and K6v0w (hide) : conceal.
KE<f>aX.T) : head, stature. avv /ce<a-

Xrja-L : " with their lives." A 162.
Kc<|>aXX.T]ves, pi. : CepJiallenians, the

subjects of Odysseus. B 631,

A 329 ff.
Kx a P' aTO : aor - opt. of xatpa>, rejoice.

43 e, 44 I. A 256.
Kxo\worT<u : will be angry; fut. perf.

pass, of ^0X00), anger. A 139.
K\VTO : plpf. of xo, pour. B 19.
Krfios, -co? : grief, sorrow, woe. B 15.
KT|8o) (hate) : distress, cause grief to ;

mid. grieve, care for, with gen. A

196, B 27.

KT]\OV : arrow. A 53, 383.
icfjp, gen. 107/009, f.: fate, death. A 228.
Kfjp, gen. KT/pos (KapSirj, cor, heart), n. :

foarZ, as seat of emotions. For

the periphrasis IlvXat/xeVeo? Aatrtoi/

K^/D, " the shaggy-hearted Pylaeme-

nes," see 16 jl.
K^pivOos: on tl^^coast of Euboea.


-VKOS : herald, the only official

attendant of the king. A 391.

: proclaim, call by

lion. B 51, 443.
KT)TW<r(ra : abounding in ravines.

Epithet of Lacedaemon. B 581.
KT)<J>UTIS, -t'Sos : Cephisian. K^^tcri?

Xifjivr): the later Lake Copals, in

Boeotia. E 709.
Kt](j>L<ro's : Phocian river which

empties into Lake Copa'is. B 522.
KT]u>5T]s. -es : fragrant. Z 483.
Ktfw-is, -ecr(7a, -ei/ : sweet-smelling.
Ki0apis, -to? : cithara, lyre. Cf. <f>6p-

/xty^. (Av/oa is not Homeric.)
KiOapwrrvs, -vos, fern. : playing on the

lyre, skill with the lyre. B 600.
KiK\'fj<rKa)(KaX<o): call, summon, name.

K'.Koves, pi. : a people on the south

coast of Thrace. B 446, t 39 ff.
KtXiKcs, pi. : Cilicians, but not the

historical nation of that name.

In Homer's time they lived in

Greater Phrygia near Troy, in twc

nations. One king, Ee'tion, An-

dromache's father, reigned at

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