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Theba. Z 396 ff. Another,

Mynes, at Lyrnessus. B 690 ff.
KtXXa : Cilia, small town near Troy.

A 38.

aor. subjv. Klvy<ry, aor. pass.
(KI'G)) : move, drive ; pass.

move (him)self, go. B 144, T 71.
Ktwjiai : intrans. move. A 281 .
K(OV : impf . of KLO>, go. Z 422.
Kurcrr]s, -t'Sos ( 39 g) : daughter of

Cisses (a Thracian), Theano, wife

of the Trojan Antenor. Z 299.
fut. Kttreo-^at, aor.

<ra.ro, aor. subjv.

, aor




partic. KL^rjfj^vov : Jtnd, come to,

overtake. A 26, K 187, Z oil.
xiu, }artic. KUOV, ini]>f. K''e(i/) : #0.
KXa-yyrj : clntu/. tirniuj.
KXayyTj-Sov, adv.: //////

B -ill:;.

aor. e*cAayai/, perf. partic.
pres. K(.K\rjy<j)<; (clangor):

xhrii k, fi/itnif, yell, riiuj. E591.
(hwl): weep, wn'd. B 263.
K\iTos (/cAeos) 3: fmnl, renowned,

illustrious. Z 227.
K\OS, -cos (clepo): fame,


KXirn]s (I Iff): tltitf. r 11.
KXeTTTw, aor. IK/XCI//C

.<tttil'/i. (i/ii xlKtlthy, am <lt<-<itfnl.
KXcwvcU, pi. : Cleonae, in Argolis,

not far from Corinth. B 570.
K\Tjis. -t8os (c 1 a v i s) : key, collar b<>n> .


ripos: Int. r:J2r.

tvw. aor. IKA.II/UV, perf. partic. KC-

KAx/xtVo?, aor. pass. fnXivOr) (clino,

/r/f/< ) : A '///, turn naith . />/// tnjliyhl :

|-a<s. /y /i// a.v/V//' (or back).

KexAt/xevo? Xip-vrj: 1 1 ring next ("//)

///r A//V-. acTTrto-i KtKXi/xevot: Irnnimj

on t!,<ir .S-///V/I/X. E 709.
K\urT) (KXtVa)) : //"', liarnn-l\ tent.
: /'/'o//^ ///< /r///. A o!l.
: //; //M //;//. A 186.
KXovc'u) : J/-//-/- /// tumult. E 8.
KXovtos: a P>o-otiaii l.-a.lt-r. 1? i'.t."..

O 3-ln.

KXovos : tumult, confusion. E 107.
KXv6i : aor. imv. of K\I*O, litur. A ".7.
: att.Mi.lant of H-lMi. Fill.

non. A 113. According to the
later story. >li- was daughter of
Tyndannis and Leda, and sister
of Helen. During A^ann'innon's
absence she proved unfaithful to
him, and (with his cousin, her
paramour, Aegisthus) slew him
on his return to Greece. (KXvrai-
fjiyo-Tprj, without v, seems to have
been the original form of the
KXvrCos : Clytius, brother of Priam.


KXvTo-irwXos : with famed horses.

Epithet of Hades. E 654.
tcXvros (inclutus, K\VW,

: of ylorious art. A 571.
KXvr6-Toos : of renowned bow .
icXvco, aor. /cAv, imv. nXxdi, K\vre,
and KK\VT (icXcos) : hear, give ear
to my request. A 37, B 56.
icXb>}j.aK6c<r<ra : rocky. B 729.
KW<j>as, -aos : darkness of evening.
: shin bone. T 330.

-tSos : greave, shin guard, a
bent thin plate of metal (or a

\vif- of

wrapping of leather) which pro-
tected the lower part of the leg
from the bump of the shield a*
well as from missiles. It wa<
t'aMfiifd at tin- ankle by hooks or
buckles (cTTur^vpiu). The greave



seems to be one of the most char-
acteristic parts of the armor of
the Achaeans, for they are called
^atoi'. See Owprjt;.
: foothill. B 821 .
savor of burnt offerings, fat .

Kvaxros : Cnosus, chief city of Crete.
B 646, 5 591.

KoiXos or KoiXos (cavus) 3: hollow.

Koi|A(xa>, aor. KOL/JL^O-OLVTO (KCI/LUU) : lay
to rest ; mid. lie ; aor. lay down to
rest. A 476.

Koipavc'co : command, rule. B

KoCpavos : a Lycian. E 677.

Koipavos: lord, ruler. B 487.

tcoXeov : for /covAew, sheath.
A 194.

KoX\T]T6s (glue) : well joined,
well built.

KoXiros (gulf) : bosom, gulf. Z 400.

KoXwdw: scold, brawl. B 212.

KO\WVTJ (collis): hill, height. B 811.

KoXwos : braioling, quarrel. A 575.

Kop.d<o (KG/AT;, comet) : have long hair.
Kapr) KO/xowi/res : long-haired. OTTL-
6cv Ko/xdwvres : with long back hair
(the front hair being cut short).
See on B 11.

K6|iTj (coma) : hair. T 55.

aor. (e)Ko/u<ro-, aor. imv.
KOfU(rai : attend to, care for, take
up. A 594, T 378.
vape'w and Kovapitw, aor. Kovd(3rf-
<rav : resound, ring. B 334.
(c i n i s) : dust. B 150.

Kovi<roX.os : cloud of dust, eddy of dust.

K6piv0os: Corinth. B 570. The
old name of Corinth was Ephyra.

(Kaprj) : temple of the
KopvO-cuoXos : crest-waving, gleaming-
crested. Epithet of Hector. T 83.
-vOos, fern. : helmet. It has a
plume of horse hair, and is thus
called iTTTTOvpts. Cf. LTTTTLo^air^,
Prob. it did not f ur-



nish the protection for the nose
and cheeks which the later Greek
(so-called Corinthian) helmet
gave. See faaprtf.

Kopv<r<rci>, perf . partic. KCKO/OV^/XO/OS :
equip with helmet, equip, rouse to
conflict; mid. equip myself, rouse my-
self. KCKopv^/xej/os XO.AKO) : equipped
with bronze, bronze-he Imeted, bronze-
pointed. A 495.

: helmeted, armed. A 457.
(/cdpv?) : summit, crest. A 499.

Kopx)(f)6o|xai : am crested, tower. A 426.

Kopwveia : Coronea, a Boeotian town,
southwest of Lake Copais. B 503.

KopwvT] (corona) : hook, at the end
of the bow, for the bowstring.
A 111.

-tSos (curvus) : curved, of



the ships with curving bow and
stern. (See d//.<ieAnra.) B 771.
Kopwvos : a Lapith. B 7 in.
, aor.

(KO<T/U,OS) :

arrange in onl, r, dran- up (in line),

inafshal. Attic rtt(rcra>. 17.
Ko<r|iTJT<i>p, -0/30? (Kooyxeo)) : marshal,

command*,: A 16, T 2:)i.
Kocrjios : order, orderly arfangement,

decoration. Kara Kooytov : ./?////.
KOTt'w, aor. siiljv. Koreo-o-CTcu [KOT-

<rrrrai, 30 a] : am angry, fed sul-

len anger. A 181.
KOTTJ-IS, -eo-0-a: angry. E 191.
KOTOS: a/ig'-r. grudgrshate. On A 81.
KorvXi] : (cup), kip joint. E 306.
KovXcov or KO\COV : sheath. A 220.
Kovpt] [*dpr/] : maiden, girl, daughter.
KoupiSios 3 : iredih'd. A 1 14.
Kovpos [Kopos] : male chili/, i/nuth,

i/oiint/ man. With Kovpoi 'A^aiwv :

youths of the Ar/mtns; cf. vie?

'A^aioii/. A 470.
Kovporepos : ijoniKji r, stronger.
Kows: sec Kas, Co.v.
KpaSit] : see /capSo;, //c r/r/. A 395.
Kpaiaivw [KpatVa>], aor. iniv. Kprjrjvov:

<n-fi>in/i/ixlt. i>< r l'nrn>, fulfill. A 41.
Kpaiirvd. an-. alv. : ttriftlt/. E L'L'-'J.
Kpaiirvos "> : >'///>. Z .'>(.">.
Kpavdr] : an islainl to \\liicli Paris

took Ilrl.-ti from Sjiarta. F 1 1">.
Kpavoos ^) : /'///.'/" /. /v;r/y/. TL'Ol.
KpdiraOos: f 'iir/mtfins, an island

In-tween Crete and Rhodes.

B 67J.

Kparaios (Kparo?) 3 : mighty. E 83.
Kparepos or KapTpos ( >J :> > 1 ) :> : at rung.

mighty, stern, grievous. Comp.

Kp(.Lor<r<Dv, superl. Kaprto-ros. A 90.
Kpa,Tp-u>w, -v^os (OKU^-, onyx) :

atromj-hoofed. E :5lM).
Kparew (hard) : hold stray, rule. E 175.
Kpdros, -cos : strength, might, victory.
Kparos : gen. of Kiip-q, head. E 7.
Kpas, -aro9, pi. Kpea (cruor, ran*):

meat, flesh. A :U5.
Kpcio-o-cuv, -ov (/cparepos) : stronger,

more mighty, superior. A 80.
Kpcuov, -ovros : ruler, prince, king.
Kprpyvos : good, favorable. A 106.
Kpt|T]vov : aor. imv. of KpaicuW.

, -OH/OS: a Messenian. E 542.
: spring, fountain. Cf. Kpowds.
Kpf)Ts, pi. : Cretans. B 645.
: Crete. B 649.

: from Crete. T 233.
-^pos (Kepai/vu/xi) : mixing

f>trl, bowl, in which the wine was

mixed with water, before it was

served. A 470, Z 528.
Kpi [KP^TJ], imlecl. : barley. E 196.
Kptvw. aor. tKplvev (/cpiri}?, c e r n o) :

separate, set apart, select, arrange,

interpret; mid. measure strength.

Z 188.
Kpura : ancient town in Thocis, near

D.-lphi. B ")_>(.
KpoaCvw : r/a//f r. Z 507.
KpoicvXeia, pi. : on Ithaca. B <i:;: 1 ..
KpoviStjs and Kpovfwv, -tovo? : ,sv//< /*/

(' fun us, Zeus. A ">_'>. .").")_'.
Kp<Svos: Cronus, Saturnus; iath.-r

of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and

II. ,a. Z 139.

Kp6ra4>os : ft m pie of the head.
Kpowos (Kpyvrj) : xjiring, irater source.



Kpv6-is, r <-(.<T<ra, -ev : chilling. E 740.

tcpvirrdSios (/cpvTrrco) 3 : secret. Kpv-
TrraSta : secret plans. A 542.

Kpcopva : Paphlagonian town. B 855.

KroLficvai inf., Krdve ind., Kraficvos
pass, partic. : aor. of KTCLVW, slay.

Kreap, dat. pi. KTar<ro-iv : pi. prop-
erty, possessions. E 154.

KWaros: an Epean. B 621, A 709.

KTivw, aor. subjv. jcretVi??, aor.
(e)KTave(v) and 6/cra, aor. mid. as
pass. Kxa/xevos : slay, kill. Rarely
used of killing beasts. E 28.

KT-qpia, -arc? (Kraeyim) : possession,
treasure. Cf. KTQX/O, KT^CTIS.

Krqo-ts, -tos : property. E 158.

KT&OS : ram. F 196.

idjdvos: dark blue, dark. A 528.

KvSaiva) (KvSos) : glorify, make magnifi-
cent, strengthen. E 448.

KvSdXifios : renowned, glorious.

KvSi-dveipa (dvTJ/o) : man-ennobling.

KvSidw : glory, boast. Z 509.

Kt8io-Tos (/cvSos) 3 : mos* glorious.

KvSoifxos : tumult. E 593.

Kv8os, -eos: glory, splendor. A 279.

KVKa&> : stir, wzur. E 903.

Kt>K\a, pi. (/cwXos, wheel, cycle) :
wheels. E 722.

KVK\6-<r : round about. A 212.

KVK\o-TpT|s, -es : circular. KVKXorepes
TO^OV crai/ev : 7*e stretched the bow
until it became round. A 124.

KVKVOS (cygnus) : m-an. B 460.

KVKOWVTI: partic. of /cv/caco, stir, mix.

Kv\XVjvi : Cyllene, a lofty mountain
in northern Arcadia. B 603.
-O.TOS : wave, billow. A 483.
, adj. : headforemost.

: dogskin (cap), cop,
helmet. Cf. /focu;, TrapSaXerj.

Kvvo-o-iv: dat. pi. of KVCOI/, rfo^.

Kuvt'cD, aor. KVCTC: ^i'ss. Z 474.

Kvvos : the harbor of Opus. B 531.

Kvv-wira (voc. A 159) and KVVWITIS,
-iSos, fern. (w//) : dog-faced, shame-
less. T 180.

Kvirapio-o-^eis, -evros : town under
Nestor's rule. B 593.

Kvirdpio-o-os : Phocian town. B 519.

KvireXXov : beaker, cup, goblet. Cf.
ScTras. A 596.

Kvirpis, -180? : Cypris, of Cyprus.
By-name of Aphrodite. E 422.
), aor. partic. KVIJ/CLVTI : stoop.

-aros : prey, booty, spoil. Cf.
the use of Kvpaus in F 23, and eAw/o.

Kvpros : rounded, bending. B 218.

id)ptt, aor. partic. Kv/ocras : chance
upon, fall in with, find. F 23.

KVO- : aor. of KWO, Hfs. Z 474.

KVO-TIS, -tos : bladder. E 67.

Kvrwpos : a Paphlagonian town.

Kv<|>os: city in northern Thessaly.

Kvtov, gen. fcwos, dat. pi. Kworoiy
(c a n i s, hound ) : c?o</, hound. Dogs
were the scavengers of the camp
and the city, and often preyed on
the bodies of the slain. They
were to the oriental mind the per-
sonification of shamelessness.

Kwirai, pi.: town on the north of
Lake Copais in Boeotia. B 502.

Kwirrj : ///'// of a sword. A 219.

Ks or Kows : Cos, an island in the
Icarian Sea, near Caria. B 677.



Adas : an old city in Laconia. B 585.
Xdas. dat. pi. Aaeoxri : stone. F 80.
Xd|k [tXtt/Je], Xaperqv: aor. of Aa/x,-

/3dVw, take, seize. A 387.
XdfBpos (Aa//./3ai/eo) : violent, impetuous.

c< me /'// lot, receive as my portion.

AcUpTidSris : son of Laertes, Odysseus.
T 200.

Xdop.<u (Aa//./?dva>) : seize, take, clusji.
TraAu' Aaero : took Ixirk. A 357.

XdOp-g (Aav$aVu)): secretly. B 515.

Xd0co[iai. aor. subjv. of XavOdva) :
forget. Z 265.

XcuXtuJ/, -a??, fern. : tempest. A 278.

Xdivos (Aoas) : of stone. T 57.

Xaurijiov: tun/ft, fig/if shield. It is
called TTTcpoev, winged, as lighter
than the do-Tri's. Prob. it had no
outer layer of metal, but was of
rough un tanned leather. Often
it may have been only a skin
thrown over the left arm. E I .">:>.
See the cut of the aegis (cuyi's).

AcuccSa(}Ui>v, -ovos : Lu<-< thi< num. It
U called KOL\rj. hnllmr. as forming
a basin l)-t\\f-ii Mt. Taygctus on
the west and Mt. Parnon on the
east by north. B 581.

, aor. l(X)Xa/? and
acce/>f, /'// ' . A KB . Cf.
fiircTaw. partic:. Xa/X7rcroo)vri (Xa/x-
7ra>) : >7//m . i/l'd/n. A lol.

: brotln-r of I'riani. F 1 IT.

\afj.7Tp()v : hrit/litti/: neut. adverb.
Xd|i7rw (l<tinj>): shine, gleam, flash.

XavOdvw, aor. Xa^ev, redupl. aor. XcXct-
Oovro, perf . XeXao-rat (lat e o, X^'flr;) :
escape notice ; mid. forget. E 834.
Cf. A^<o.

Xdg (leg), adv. : with the foot. Cf.

: daughter of Bellerophon;

slain by Artemis. Z 197 ff.
AaoSiKT] : Laodice, daughter of

Priam. T 124, Z 252.
AaoSoKos : son of Antenor. A 87.
Aaofi8ovTid8T)s ( 39 /) : son of

Laomcdnn, Priam. F 250.
Ado(U8o>v, -orros : Laomedon, king of

Troy, father of Priam. E 269.
Xoos [Acok, 23 c] : people, folk, esp.

fighting men, soldiery. The pi. is

used like the singular.
XairdpTj: flank (below the ribs).
Aapio-a: Pelasgian town in Aeolis

near Cyme. B 841.
Xcurios'i: shaggy. B 851.
Xd\vT] : wool, woolly hair, of the hair

of Thersites. B 219.

: aor. of Xay^avw, receive as
iin/ portion. A 49.
Xc-yojiai, aor. Xt^erai (A.ep(os) : Iny
w///.xv //' to rest, lie . A 1 3 1 .

aor. inf. Ae^cur&u, aor. pass.
(lego): collect, count, re-
count, r< h< <ir*< .
Xeiatvo), aor. partic. Xurfvas (Xetos) :

smooth, polish. A 111.
XcCpw (libo) : fHHirnlilitififin (\oij3y).
XtijjLwv, -ai/os : meadow, mead.
Xcios ( 1 T- v i s) 3 : smooth. A 484.
XIO\KTI : dat. pi. of AcW, linn.

, aor. ()Xi7roi/, perf. Xc'XoiTrcv,



plpf. eXe'XciTTTO (1 in quo, leave):
leave, depart from, leave behind ;
mid. remain behind, am left.

Xeipui-eis, -etro-a (Aetptov, lily) ' lily-like,
lily (i.e. delicate as the color of
the lily). T 152.

XcXdOovro aor., XeXao-rai perf. : forget;
mid. of \avOdva>, escape notice.

XeXCijtiai : am eager. XeXoy/aeVos :
eagerly, impetuously. A 465.

X&oiircv : perf. of Xcnrw, leave.

AcovTvs, -vjo<s : one of the Lapithae ;
a Thessalian leader. B 745.

Xe'iraSva, pi.: broad straps which
passed under the necks of the
horses and held fast the yoke.

Xc'irw, aor. eXei/fe: (peel), strip.

ACVKOS : companion of Odysseus.
A 491.

XVKOS (lux, look) 3 : white, bright,
gleaming. T 103, E 503.

XevK-coXevos (ojAeny, ulna, ell) : white-
armed. Epithet of Hera. (In the
Homeric dress the woman's arms
were bare.) Cf. /^OWTTIS.

Xevcro-w (Xev/cos) : see, look, behold.

\t\t-iroir\v, acc - : grass-bedded, grassy,
in the midst of meadows. B 697.

\i\o<s, dat. pi. Ac^eeo-o-tv (lectus, toe) :
couch, bed. A 31.

X* x <xr-8 : to the bed. T 447.

-OVTOS, dat. pi. Aeiovow : lion.

or. Xf)av: cease, cease from,
give up. Freq. with ablatival

(Lethe): forgetfulness. B 33 .

Af\0os : a Pelasgian. B 843.

Xrj0w (XrjOr)) : equiv. to XavOdv<o, es-
cape notice ; mid. forget. A 495.

X4j'Cov: standing grain. B 147.
A4jiTos : Boeotian leader. B 494.
AT}P,VOS : island in northern part of

the Aegaean Sea. A 593, B 722.
Afjfjav : aor. of X-tjyo), cease. Z 107.
ATJTW, Aryrov?: Leto, Latona, mother

of Apollo and Artemis. A 9, E 447.
Xid^ojicu, aor. partic. Atoo-0cts : turn

aside, withdraw one's self. A 349.
Xi-yt'os (Atyvs), adv. : clearly. T 214.
Xi-yie, aor. : sung, of a bow. A 125.
Xi-yvpos 3 : shrill, piping. E 526.
Xi-yvs, -eia, -v: clear-voiced. A 248.
Xi-yv-^Oo-yyos ' clear-voiced. B 50.
Xft]v, adv. : exceedingly, excessively.

Kal \irjv : assuredly and verily.
XC0os : stone. Cf. Aoas. Z 244.
winnow. E 500.

uncle of Heracles, slain

by Tlepolemus. B 663.
AiXaia : town in Phocis, at the source

of the Cephisus. B 523.
XiXaCojiai (list) : desire, am eager for.
Xi|XT|v, -evos : harbor. A 432.
XIUVT] : lake. B 865.
ACvSos : town on Rhodes. B 656.
Xivo-0wpTj, -rjKos : with linen doublet.
Xtvov (linen) : (Jlax, thread), net.
\nrapos 3 : (oily), shiny, bright, beau-
tiful. B 44.

Xir(v), Xiirco-Oai : aor. of XetVo).
Xicrtrofiai. impf. (eX)XtV(TTO ( 30 b),

aor. imv. Auroi (litany) : entreat,

beseech. A 15, 394.
Aoip'fj (Act/fro) : libation, drink offering.

Cf. cnrov&f. A 49.
Xofyios : dreadful, hurtful. A 518.
Xoi-yos : destruction, ruin, death.
Xoiji6s : pestilence, plague. A 61.



pi. : Locrians. B 527.
Xovw, aor. \ov<rev or Aoo*ev, perf.

mid. AcAov/xevos (1 u o) : wash, bathe;

mid. bathe (one's self). E 6, 905.
X6<J>os : crest of helmet ; generally

made of horse-hair. See 0<aprj.
X6xov-8 : to an ambuscade. A 227.
X6\os (Ae'xos) : place of ambush, am-
bush. Z 189.
Xvypos (lugeo): miserable, dreary,

d nth-bringing. F 416, E 153.
Xv-ypws : gricrously. E 763.
Xv0rj : aor. pass, of Avo>, loose.
XvOpov : gore, defilement. Cf. Xvpja.
AVKCUTTOS : Cretan town. B 647.
AvKfltav : Lycaon. (1) Son of Priam.

F :>3:J. (2) A Lycian, father of

Pandarus. B 826.
XVKT]- < YVT|S, -cos : epithet of Apollo,

prob. * child of the light' (lux).

A 101.

Lycia. (1) On the south

coast of Asia Minor, between

Caria and Pamphylia. B 877.

(2) A district near Troy. E 173.
: from Lycia. E 105.
: to Lycia. Z 168.
AVKIOI, pi. : Li/finm*, commanded by

Sarpedon. B 876.
AvKoop-yos : Lycwyw,

Thracian Edonians.
XVKOS (lupus) : iriilf.
AUKTOS : Cretan to\\n.
Xu^a. -aro? (\v6pov) :

///' nt.
AvpvT]<r<rds : town in the Troad, not

far from Theba. B (>!<>.
X*w, fut. Avo-w, aor. (c)Avo-a, perf.
aor. pass. AV#T; (loose) :

king of the
Z 130 ff.

A 171.
B '517.

Jilth, tkJUe-

loose, free, dismiss ; mid. loose for
/n?/xelf, ransom. A 13, 20.
Xu>(3dop,cu. aor. opt. Xttft^tnuo : in-
anlt, am insolent. A 232.

: shame, disgrace. F 42.
-rjpos : insolent fellow.

, -ov : more desirable, more profit-
able, better; comp. of dya#6s.

: clover, food for horses, not
to be confounded with the food
of the lotus eaters. B 776.


|id (/nav, furfv) ' particle of assevera-
tion, with the ace., which prob.
depends on a verb of swearing
implied. In affirmative assevera-
tions vat fjua. is used, ov /JLO. yap
'ATToXAtova : no, by Apollo ! val /xa
roSe crKrJTrTpov : yes ! by this scepter.
A 86, 234.

Md-yvi]Ts, pi. : Thessalians dwelling
near Mt, Pelion. B 756.

p.a6s : )i!j>ple, breast. A 123.

(idOov : aor. of fjuav6dvo), learn. Z 444.

Ma(av8pos: Meander, river near
Miletus. B 869.

p.aip.o.0), aor. [ta.Lfjirjo'c. : am eager, am

, rage. E 670.
,vo?, mania, maenad) : rave,
rage, am frantic. Z 132.

MaCwv : a Theban, son of Haemon.
A 394 if.

, -apos (macte) : blessed, hu />/>>/.

3 : long, high, tail.
and fjuiKpov : adv. fjuiKpa
.///// lung sfrif/ts. fja.Kpov avcrev :
shouted afar, i.e. shouted aloud.



Xa, adv. (/AeAa, melior): exceed-
iiiijly, very, readily, thoroughly, by
all means, altogether. oAAa /xaXa :
but surely.

XaKos (mul ceo) 3: soft, gentle.
A 582.

perl. : especially, most of all.
. comp. : more, rather.

(jtSv [fj.rjv'] : in truth, indeed. B 370.

fiavOavw, aor. fjuaBov: learn. Z 444.

(jLavTvo(xai (/xai/rt?) : am a seer, proph-
esy, predict. B 300.

MavTivtj : Arcadian town. B 607.

ftavTis : seer, soothsayer, augur, who
foretold the future chiefly from the
flight of birds.

jiavToo-vvrj : gift of prophecy. A 72.

jxap-yaivw: rage, am furious. E 882.

(xapp-aipw : gleam, shine, sparkle.

fAa.pvap.ai. : fight, contend. Z 256.

(xdprvpos (inartyr) : witness. A 338,

Mao-rjs, -r)To<s : town in Argolis.
B 562.

[AcurTiJX aor. fjid(TT^v : lash, whip.

poo-Tig, -Zyos, fern. : lash, whip. E 226.
D, aor. subjv. fjuarrfatTov : hold
hnck, delay. E 233.
xaipa Oax>7?): dagger, large knife,
used in sacrifice. T 271.

: son of Asclepius (Aescu-
lapius); a surgeon from Thes-
saly. B 732, A 193 ff., A 506 ff.

|xaxeop.ai : see /xa^o/xat.

\LO.\T] : battle, conflict; field of battle.
E 355. pa-xii'- in battle.

\i.a\i\TT\<$ : warrior, soldier, fighter.

|id\0(JLai or fiaxtojiai, fut. fju

aor. /xa^cra/xe^a and

fight, contend. T 433, Z 329.
nd^, adv. : thoughtlessly, vainly, to

no purpose. B 120, E 759.
fiaxf/iSius : foolishly, thoughtlessly.
ji^ : ace. of cyw, /. 42 a.
iw'-ya, adv. qualifying all degrees of

comparison : greatly, mightily, very,

far. A 158.
|i*yd-6v(i,os : great-souled, high-minded.

Epithet of men and peoples.

(/xeyas?): grudge. A 54.
adv. : greatly.

loudly prayed. A 450, 482.
(x-ya\-TJTwp, -opos : great-hearted,

courageous. Z 283, 395.
|i-yapov: large room, main hall (in

the center) of the house ; pi. dwell-

ing, house, palace. Z 377. See the

plate opposite page 43 of Text.
H-fyas, /xeyaAr;, /xe'ya (m a g n u s, w/ wA) :

great, large, tall, mighty. Comp.

/xet^wv, superl. /xeywrros. A short

vowel is sometimes lengthened

before this stem. 59 h.
fjL-y0os, -eo? : size, height. B 627.
Mc'yris, - ^ros : son of Phyleus, leader

of the Dulichians. B 627, E 69.
McSewv, -wvos : town in Boeotia.

B 501.
pieS&ov, -OJ/TOS (/xe'Swi/) : ruler, ruling,

only of Zeus. T 276.
fi'8o(j.ai (m edit or) : care fnr, give

heed to (with gen.), contrive. Cf.

-ovros : son of Oileus, half-
brother of Ajax, slain by Aeneas.
B 727, N 693 if., O 332 ff.
: counselor, leader, captain,



i. ;u>r. partic. /MCTct
s/irin(/ after, l< no n /KH,. E 336.

fu6-Utf [/A#UJ, .VJ f] SllbjV.,

[/n0u>ai] inf. : aor. of /xe^i'v
</0, ///'' '///, .NV//-/V nder.
ji8-ira>: '////-, ///5v/-: with two accu-

fi0T|(jiwv, -ovos: dark, i/ii Iding.
|ic6-(T||u. aor. siibjv. peOtiw. aor. inf.
/x#/Av: /'/ //", ///'>' "/>, surrender;
int runs, ///v//r Am-/.-, ^///-c //v/y.
fi0-io-TT)jii. iinj>f. /xe^urraTO : mid.
o// 'x yy/ar^ (//until/. E ."] |.
ii.WH-iiiff n-ith. A _M!!.
. nor. fjLf.i&rj<T(. (xin'ili ) : smili'.
fici^wv : comji. of /otc'yas, (Jt'cdf, lur<j<\

tall, ml ///////. A 1*!7.
[utXivos (/xeAivos, /AcAtT?) 3: a*Aen,

of' nfi/i. E fJ.V).

fwi\i\ios (/xe'Xi) 3: //;///, friendly.
(iciva: aor. of /xeVon r< mnin, (limit.
^ipoptau. IMT.!'. /x/^ope ($ 13 /i) (/aepo?):

/v (< //v ,/.< ^/ fKirtion.
(maw. -0^09 (minor): /cxx, xhrf<-/\
coin].. .f /utiKpos, I ill! < .short. B528.
[itXaOpov : r/ ///////. />/'//; house. Cf.
tectum. Bill.

C/xe'Axz? ) : l>l<irh-< n. xt<iin <t ilark
: in E :>.")!, >/'//// /A//7.- rer/.

: a Trojan. Z :;;.
p.\as, /xcAaim, fteAav : /y/ar/ ,
Conijt. /xcAarrcpr>?. A 'J77.
MeXca-ypos : M< /<n</> r. son of

l.-adcr of tli<> Caledonian hunt.
B <JlL'. I :.I3 IT.

-ITCK (iin-1): /mm >/. A'_M!i.

: a Tln-ssalian town in
uesia. B 717.

-e's : //on<//-s/r,<f. A ')!(!.
H'Xio-(ra (fji\L) : IK c. 15 ^7 .
(ieXC-<j>pu>v, -oi/os : keart-rejoicinff, of

wine (Z 264) (r/. ev%><ov F L' !; ) ;

refreshing, of sleep (B 3 1 ).

(/xc'Aos) : s/w/ (the praises of).
, fut. p.(Xr)cru and /xeA^orcrai,
perf. fj.fjir]\ : <nn core, '//// "//
object of concern. (1) The object
of concern is put in the noni. and
the person who feels the concern
in the dat. (2) The verl. is
impers. and takes the object of
concern in the gen. B _?."">.

perf. : am eager, rush on im-
l't non*l if. /xe/Mttdres: eager.

tupaKvia, p'rf. purtic. of ^Kaofjucu :
bleating. A 435.

|w'|jLvii(j.ai (in e m i n i) : remember; perf.
of lu/xv^crKO), remind. E 263.

fitfiova. i>t-rf. (/xeVo?) : strice, am eager.

Hv. a weaker form of ti?yv : (1) in-
deed, in truth. (2) Correlative
with 8c, helping to mark the con-
trast between two clauses. Cf.


Hvcuvo> (/xe'vos) : nm eagerly </> s//v*/x.
-thirst.- F 37!.

MvXoos: Mduldii*. king of Sj.arta,
son of Atreus, brother of
mennion, and hiisl.and of Helen.
B408, 586 ff., T 21 ff.. L'IM; ti.,
A !U tf..Z H tT.. II 311 if.. 1> !:, ff.
He is called u/jT/tyiAos, ySo^i/ dya-
^OS, ^av^OS (f<nrni/-htu'rt d). lie
\\andered tor i-i - ht years at't<-r
the caj.tiire of Troy before re-
turning with Helen to his hnn.\



y 276 ff., 8 351 ff. The Fourth

Book of the Odyssey gives an

account of the visit paid by

Odysseus' son Telemachus to

Menelaus at Sparta.
HV-irT<S\6n.os : standing Jinn in battle,

brave. B 740, Z 29.
Meveo-Oevs, -fjos: son of Peteos, and

leader of the Athenians. B 552.
Mv6r9i|s : a Greek. E 609.
MevoiTidS-qs : son of Menoetius, Pa-

troclus. A 307.
|ivos, -cos : might, courage, prowess,

spirit, fury. A 207, 282.

aor. (e)fjiava (maneo) : remain,

await. A 535.

pp.TipCb>, aor. /xep/xr/pi^e : am un-
decided, am in perplexity, ponder.

A 189, E 671.

pi. : mortal, mortals. A 250.
) -OTTOS : a seer of Percote.

B 831.
M6<r0\T)s : leader of Maeonians.


|i<ros : see /znros, middle. A 481 .
M6nn| : town in Laconia. B 582.

[/UTOV], adv. : between.
, -t'Sos (sc. KprjvTj) : a spring

in Thessaly. Z 457.
|Uor(<r)os (medius) 3 : middle, in

the midst. TO fico-ov: the middle,


(midst, Germ, mit), adv. and

prep. : among, after.

(1) With dat. in the midst of.

(2) With ace. into the midst of,
among (as with dat., B 143), after.

It sometimes implies change,
/xcra 8' cT/oaTrero : he turned around.

|ATa-Spo|jLdST]v (Spo/xos), adv. : pur-

suing, running after. E 80.

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