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6po - Kux>s (Kt/Aai) : dirt llinij on the
ins. mountain. A 268.

: a Greek. E 705.
opcorids, -aSos (opo?) : of the moun-
tains. Kv/x<ai opea-Ttaocs : mountain



nymphs. Z 420. Cf. oreades
Verg. A en. i. 500.

opo - <|>i : locat. used as gen. pi. of opos,
mountain. 33 a. A 452.

"Op0T] : a town in Perrhaebia. B 739.

6p06o>, aor. partic. op#a>0ei? : lift up,
set upright, e^ero opOwOtLS : sat up-
right. B 42.

opt VCD, aor. opive, opivOrj (opvtyu) :
arouse, excite, move with pity,
" touch."

opKiov : (what belongs to op/cos), oath,
pledge of an oath, victim slain in
confirmation' of an oath. Cf.


opKos : oath, that by which one swears.

oppatvo* : revolve, ponder. A 193.

opjiaw, aor. topjjirjcrf. and op^Brfrr^v :
urge on, rush, hasten. A 335.

'Opjic'vtov : Thessalian town in Mag-
nesia. B 734.

: onset, endeavor, effort, es opfjirjv
7X OS : within range of (my) spear.

-O.TOS : longing. B 356.
anchorage, roadstead.

'Opvia(, pi. : town in Argolis. B 571.

opvis, -Z0os : bird. B 459.

6'pvufu, aor. ojpcre, aJpro, and wpope
( 43/), imv. opo-eo, opcrev, opao
( 53), perf. fyeopev ( 49/), plpf .
opwpetv (opcW, opou'w) : arouse, ex-
cite, drive on; mid. and perf. arise,
raise myself, rouse, rouse (my^self,
rush, hasten.

opos, -cos, locat. as gen. pi. ope<r<i(v)
( 33 a): mountain. Z 347.

opovu, aor. opovo-cv: go hastily, rush.

6p6w : Epic for opdw, see. 47 c.

op<rco, opo-v, or 6'p<ro ( 53) :

aor. imv. of opvvju, arouse. T 250.

'Opo-iXoxos : (1) father of Diocles.
E546. (2) Son of Diocles. E542.

opvpaySos : din, confused noise . B 8 1 .

op4>aviKos : orphaned, an orphan.

opxajios (ap^oo) : leader, commander.

'Opxoji.v6s : (1) Minyan Orcho-
menus, an ancient and rich city
in Boeotia. B 511, A 284. (2)
An Arcadian town. B 605.

o'pwpg perf., opwpeiv plpf. (49 f) :
arise; from opvv/xt, arouse. T 87.

8s, ^, o, gen. oov ( 35 6) or oo : (1)
rel. who, which, what, o, adv. ace,
as conj. : in that, that; cf. quod.
(2) Dem. os and o : he, it, esp. with
ovSe, fJirjBf, KO/, and yap. /A-^Sc os
<j>vyoi : may not even he escape.

os, 7), ov, gen. oto (O-/TOS, suus), pos-
sessive pron. : own, his own, her
own, his, her. 42 b.

os irep, rj Trep, o vrep, intens. rel. : just
who, exactly who; or concessive,
who nevertheless. fj Trep : just
whither. Z 41.

cknra (CTTOS?) : rumor. B 93.

oo-o-drios (oo-<ros) : how great. E 758.

oo-a-6, dual (ocul us): eyes. A 104.

ocro-opou : look. /caV ocrcro/Aevos ' with
a look that boded ill. A 105.

oo-(o-)os 3 : how large, how much, how
far. With TOCTO-OS expressed or
implied, as large as, as much as, as
far as, as loud as ; pi. how many,
as many as. o<r((r)ov, adv. : how
greatly. 42 c. A 186, T 12.
(os) : bone, skull (Z 10).



Ss TIS or o TIS, 77 TIS, OT(T)I, neut. pi.
ao-cra, ace. pi. ovs TUXXS, indef. rel. :
wAo, whoever; in indirect ques-
tions, w7i0. on: wherefore, why.
42 ,7.

orav [ore ay]: whenever. A 519.

or: wto. A 80.

&TI or OTTV ((r/roS-Ti), conj. : thai,
because. Adv. with superl., ora
Ta^io-ra: tto quickly as possible.

OTIS : os TIS. 42 rf. T 279.

orpaXtws : nimbly, irith speed. F 260.
'Orpvs, -^09 : Phrygian king. F 186.
; 5 : ni/nb/t , />romjf, ready.
: acc. pi. of o0pi, with like

/t nir.
orpvvtt, aor. (orpvve : impel, arouse,

excite, urge on. A 268.
OTTI : see em.
ov, OVK, OVK or o\x, neg. adv. : not.

In questions, it implies the an-
swer <yes.'

ouSas, <lat. ovSi : t ^oor, ground.
ov& : /yi/ ?jo/, and not, not even,

neither, nor.
ov8v, neut. acc. of ovSet's, for ov rt :

nut at nil. A 214, 412.
oi& iroTC : wrcr tit nn>/ time. E 789.
ov8os (o8/ro?) : tlm-*l,nld. Z 375.
OviK-oXfywv, -oj/T09 (Ileed-li -NX) :
Ucaleyon, a Trojan elder. F 148.
OVK-TI : //o lunger, no more. B 379.
OVK( (ov) : ?j/, used at the end of a

srntt'tice in KU! ovct'. B 238.
ov\ap.6s (ciXw) : throng. ] xx. A 251.
ovXofitvos o : 'A sfrnctirt', df-mlli/, >iir-

tdl ; aor. jiartic. of oXAv/Ai, dt-stmif.
ouXos : <f< strut-tin , l,un>/u/, <Ii<Ifi/.

ov\6-xvrai (x't>) : (poured out barley-
mrns). barleyeonu. A 449.

Ov\v|jfir6v-5 : to Olympus. 33 e.

OvXvp-iros : Oft/m/tns. See v OXv/x?ros.

ovv, inferential particle: now, the lt ,
at all events. A 57, B 321.

ovvcKa [ei/oca] : because. A 111.

ovvo|ia, -aros [ovo/xa, no men] : name.

Ovpavuav, -ODVOS : of heaven, inhabit-
ant of heaven. A 570, E 373. In
E 898 it seems to be son of
Uranus. 39 a.

ovpavo-Ocv : from heaven. A 195.

ovpav6-6i : in the heavens. ovpavoOt,
irpo : athwart the sky. T 3.

ovpavos : heaven, the heavens, sky.

ovpvs, -1705 (ovpos) : mule. Cf.
yiuovos. A 50.

ovpos, -eos [opos] : mountain. F 34.

oupos : ivind. IK/ACVOS ovpos : favoring
breeze. A 479.

ovpos (opvo-o-w) : trench. B 153.

OVT<X, aor. ovrao-e, or ovraa>, aor.
ovTT/cre: wound with something
held in the hand. Cf. ySoLUw, lih.

ovre : and not, nor. ovrt . . . OVTC,
neither . . . nor.

ovri8av6s : n-ortfilcsn, <i nobody. A 293.

oC TIS, ov rt: no one, none, ov TI:
not at nil. A 88.

ov TOI: by no mrtin*. F 65, E 428.

OVTOS, avrry, TOVTO, cltMii. : this. OVTOS
is the ordinary demonstrative in
Greek and points to a person or
thing as present, either actually
or in thought. Its place is gener-
ally taken in Homer by the article,
o, 4, TO. 42 c, j, o.

ovr(s),adv. -.thus, so. 56 c. A 131.



&j>\(X)ov or <f6\(\)ov (aor. of
6<f>u\(i), owe) : should have, ought to
have. With aZOc. and o>s it is used
to express a wish which cannot
be realized: at0' o<f>e\ts aya/xos
a7roA.cr$(H : would that thou hadst
died unmarried. A 415.

6<j>XX&> : increase, magnify, exalt.

'O<MXTios : a Trojan. Z 20.

6<j>6a\|i6s : eye. Cf. ofjifjua, oWe.

o<j>pa, conj.: (1) of time, while, as
long as, until; (2) of purpose,
that, in order that. A 147, A 346.
6<j>pa is the most common particle
in Homer to express purpose. It
is most freq. with aor. subjunctive.

o<f>p6s, -vos (brow) : eyebrow, brow.

&\a., adv. : by far, used only with
forms of apioTos.

$Xr-<f>i(v) : locat. pi. as dat. sing, of

, chariot. 33 a. A 297.

, -7705 (X W ) : holder, fastening.

: an Aetolian. E 843.

aor. to^rjfrav cx 0? am ou ^
of temper, am vexed, am displeased.
: bank of a river. T 187, Z 34.
, -eos, dat. pi. as sing, o^cecro-i
or 6xeo-<i(v) (veho, wagon):
chariot. See apfjua. E 722, 745.

&|r, gen. OTTOS (/ro^r, vox), f. : voice.

Dilate. A 161.

o\|/cai, 6v|/(r0ai : fut. of 6paa>, see.

o\|rC - yovos : late-born. oi/'iydi/cov av-
6pii)7T(av : o/" coming generations.

o\|/i(jLos (oi/^c) : /<e. B 325.

&|HS, -ios (o^o/xat) : s^AZ, aspect.

O\|/I-T^\<TTOS : fate tn fulfillment.
B 325.

-ird-yrj [cTrayTy] : aor. pass, of ?njyi/v/xt,

/a;, make fast. A185, E616.
jra-y-XP^o'cos : a// ^roW, q/ solid gold.
< ir<vyx u [TTCIVV], adv. : altogether,

utterly, wholly. E 24.
iraOoi : aor. opt. of 7rao-;(a>, suffer.
IlaiTJttv, -ovos : physician of the gods.

E401, 900.
ircu^ttv, -ovos [Tratai/] : song of praise,

paean. A 473.
Ilcuoves, pi. : Paeonians, Trojan

allies from Macedonia. B 848.
irois or irdts ( 24), gen. TrcuSos

(puer) : child, son, daughter.

T 314.
II<u<r6s ('ATrato-os B 828): town in

Asia Minor. E 612.
irauf>ao-<r<i> : Jlash forth here and


irdXcu, adv. : long ago, long before.
iroXat-'yeWjs, -e's : old. T 386.
iraXaids 3 : of old, ancient. Z 215.
iraXd(jiT], gen. and dat. 7raXa/X7^<^>t

( 33 a) (palm) : hand. T 338.
iraXdo-o-a), perf. partic. TrcTraAay/xevov
: spatter, besmear.
(Xeyw) : collected again.
aor. partic. 7roA.i/x-
am driven back.
n-dXiv, adv. : back, backwards. 7roA.ii/

Aaero pvOov : l took back ' what he

said. A 116, 380.
iraXtv-d-ypeTOs (dypew = at/oo) : (to

be taken back), revocable. A 526.
iraXCv-opa-os : turning back, backwards.

T 33. Cf. atyo/3/oos.
HaXXas, -aoos (TraAXw) : Pallas,



{Maiden or Spear-wielding). Epi-

thet of Athena. See 9 A.Orjvrj.

aor. 7rrj\e : brandish, shake,

<-(i.<t (of lots), toss. Cf. TroAocrtra).
n-dji-irav, adv. : entirely, altogether.
Tran-irotKiXos : nll-ru negated, of many

colors ; prob. with bright border.
irdfi.-irpwTa, adv. : Jirst of all, before

nil others. 40 d. A 97.
-irafi4>aivw : shine bright, am shining.

(A reduplicated form.)
ira(ji(j>av6<i>v, -wcra, gen . -CDVTO? : all-

s/n'ning, bright. B 458.
irdv-crypos (dypcw) : catching every-

tliing, nll-i mln-n<.'huj. E 487.
irav-ao\os : all-flashing. A 215.
Ilav-axaiou pi. : the Pan-Achaeans,

Achaeans as a whole. B 404.
ITavSapos : Pandarus, son of Lycaon,

leader of the northern Lycians.

He broke the truce of F by

shooting Menelaus, and was

killed by Dioined. B 827, A 88,

E 1G8, 246.
Hav-&XT]vs, pi. : the Pan-Hellenes,

the people of northern Greece as

a whole. B 530.

irav-i]^pios 3 : all day long. 56 a.
Hdv6oos: rnnthous, a Trojan elder,

father of Euphorbus, Polydamas,

and IIy]>c>iv!i<ir. F 146.
irav-vv\ios : nil nit/fit lotifj. ">'! <i.
Ilavoircvs, -7/09 : I'a>i<>/ >i*. I'liocian

town on the Cephisus. B 520.
rrav-<rv8Cfl (crtvoo) : n'ith nil zml, in (ill

B 12, 29, <>;.
j, adv. : everywhere, on all

iravroios (TruO : > : of all sorts, -jrav-

avffjuav : winds from all

irdvroo- : in every direction, on all

nde. 33</. T 347, 356.
irairirdtw : call papa. E408. (Nau-

sicaa addresses her father, ira.Tnra.

^iXe, ^ 57.)
irairraivw, aor. partic. Trewmyvas :

look about cautiously, look about

after, scan. A 497.
irdp, irapd, or irapaC ( 55 d), adv.

and prep. : by the side of, beside,

near by.

(1) With dat. by the side of.
irapa KpoviWi KaOt^tro : sat down
by the side of the son of Cronus.
Trap Znqvl Ka.6rjp.fvoL : seated in the
home of Zeus. Trap Se ot oAAoi
vcuov BowoTot : the other Boeotians
dwelt near (beside) him. /cra/zevov
Trap o^t(7^)tv : slain beside the

(2) With ace. to the side of,
along by. tftaivf. trapal Ato/ATJSea :
went to the. side of Diomed. Xaov
aTT)(Tov Trap* cpwtov : station the
people by the wild fig tree. (3f) Trapa
&iva OaXdcTcrrfi : set out along the
seashore. /?aAc o-njOos Trapa /xa^dv :
///'/ 1h> breast In .<<</> (he nipple.
Zp&ov CKard/xySa? Trapa Oiva : were

i/i'rint/ In <'atn/n/>s alumj t/tr s/i<>/;<
an idea of motion may
be implied, stretched along the

(3) With gen. from the side of,
from. ayye\os rj\Bf. *Ipis Trap
Auk : Iris CHHK <i.< <t // ssenger from
'/,< us. Olxfi\ir)0cv LOVTO. Trap



TSivpvrov : on his way from Oechalia
from the home of Eurytus. Trapa fjirf-
pov : (drawing his sword) from his
irdpa : by anastrophe ' for Trapa,

(1) when it follows its case, and

(2) when it stands for TrapeorTi or
7rapei(7i. rw aiet Trdpa cts ye OtG>v :
one of the gods ever stands by his
side. 55 c.

irapa-pX.^8Tiv (/3aAAa>) : with a side

hit. A 6.

, perf. 7rap/A)u,/3Aa>K
.-, 30 g) : perf. stands by the

side of, helps.

irapa-Sx<>)j.ai, aor. TrapeSe^aro : re-
ceive from. Z 178.
irapai : Trapa. 56 d.
Trap-aicrios : boding ill, ominous. A 381.
irap-ai<r<ra>, aor. traprfL^fv : go past

with a bound. E 690.
irapa-KoTT]s (Kei/xai) : spouse, husband.

See aAo^o?, aVoiris. Z 430.
7rapd-KoiTi,s, -tos : spouse, wife. A 60.
irapa-\-yofj.ai, aor. TrapeA.eaTO : lie

beside, lie with. B 515, Z 198.
n-apa-ireiOo), aor. irapexucrfv : per-
suade. Z 61.
Trapa-o-rds : taking his stand near; aor.

partic. of Trapib-ra/xat. Z 75.
irapd-o-xti : aor. subjv. of Trape^w,

furnish, give. F 354.
irapa-rpe'ca, aor. TraptTpta-aav : spring

to one side, shy. E 295.
irapd-<j>T]p,i, aor. TrapUTrov : counsel,

urge, persuade. A 555.
7rap8a\T) (pard ; sc. 8opa) : panther's

skin, used as a light shield. Cf.

the lion's skin of Heracles. F 17.

irap-eo|iai : sit (down) near or
side. A 407, 557.

iraptaC, pi. : cheeks. F 35.

irdp-i(ii, 3d pi. Trapeacri, fut. 7rapr-
(rerat [Trapco-Tat] (ci/tt ) : am at
hand, stand ready, am at (your)

irap-tiirov : aor. of Trapd(f>r]fJ.L, counsel,
urge, persuade. A 555.

irap-pxo(jiai, fut. TrapeXevcreat : elude,
evade, circumvent, outwit. A 132.

irap-c'xw, aor. subjv. Trapao-^y : fur-
nish, give. F 354.

irapfyov (Trapeta) : cheek piece. A 142.

irdp-T||iai : sit beside. A 421.

IlapOlvios : river in Paphlagonia.
B 854.

irap0vos, f . : virgin, maiden, young
woman. B 514.

Ildpis, -tos : Parts, more freq. called
Alexander, son of Priam. He
carried off Helen, wife of Mene-
laus, and so brought on the Tro-
jan War. F 325, 437, Z 280, 503.
(Except F 325, the gen. and dat.
are formed from *AA.eav8pos.)

7ra.p-LcrTap.ai. aor. Trapaoras : take my
stand beside, stand near, stand by,
assist. B 189, Z 75.

irap-<rx, inf. Trapto-^ejixev (^X* ) :
hold near, hold in readiness.

irap-}j^|ifS\a>K : stand by the side of,
help ; perf. of 7rapa/?Aw(rK<o.

irdp-oi66(v) : in front, before. A 360.

irap-o(xo(x(u, impf . Trapw^ero : pass
by. A 272, 326.

irdpos, adv. (fore) : before, formerly,
at other times. TO Trapos : formerly.
With inf. (cf. irpw), before, irapos



tfpya yeveVftu : before tit esc
things occurred, before tin's lia/>-
pened. A 453, 553, 610.

Ilappcurh] : Parrhasia, a district in
southwestern Arcadia. B 608.

irds, TTttOU, Trav, gen. Travrds, irdcrrfi :
' '' ///, a//, Me whole. Cf. aTras,
TrpoTra?, <rv/>wras. Trdvra, adv. :
ir In >ll if. cf. TTtt/xTrav, Tray^u.

irdoxraXos : /"'.'/, y>//t on which to
hang objects. E 209.

ircwr-<ru8fl : see TravcruSty, in all haste.

irduro-u) : sfirinkle. A 219.

irdurx'j> (7ra^-(7^a>), aor. opt. TrdOoi,
perf. 7T7ro<7^c or TreVao-^c [TTCTTOV-
^arc] : suffer, pr) TL TrdOoi : lest he
suffer si I/IK tiling, i.e. lest some harm
In fall him.

aor. irdvavro (feed) : eat.
aor. TraLTrjva : trample. Kara
Trdrrjcrav : trd/n/>lt'd on. A 157.

iraTT|p, ^MI. Trar/309 (pater): father.

iroiTos: In at, n ]>ath. Z 202.

irdrpT] : fntln Hand. A 30.

irarpCs, -1809 : Jiif/n-rldinl, with or
without -yaw. B140, TiMI.

ndrpoKXos. voc. IlaTpdKXet^ : Pntrn-
r/ns. son of Mt-noi-tiiis, frifixl of
Achillfs, slain ly H-ctor. A :5()7.

;;:;;. 845, A ;o-j ir., n 2 ff., 787 ff.

- ii A :;uT.

(TTUTT/P) ^5: <>/* nnr's fatf r,
In ritHtari/. etVos Tra-
: frii-nd f>// a< ., /,/. fatuity
J ///////.

iravpos : ////A, x//////, m /J-/r.
Travporcpo?. C/'. oAtyos,
irav<rw\T| : o ssafinn. ft s/iitc. B 386.


iravw, fut. partic. TrauVovtra, aor.

Traixrav, perf. TreVatrrai (few) : stop,

[nit an (in! t ; mid. CgOM, 'v////r //y

an enrf. T 134, 434.
IIa4>XaY6vs, pi.: Pdplilagonians, a

people dwelling in Asia Minor on

the Pontus. B 851, E 577.
iraxvs, -eta, -v (pinguis) : thick.

aor. Trc'Sr^rc (TTOVS) : fetter.

A 517.

: sandal. B44.
y/r/m. F 14.
: to the plain.

irctos : on foot ( 56 a).

TTC^OC: infantry.

B 810.
-rretOw, fut. Treurci?, aor.

opt. 7T7ril9oi/u,ev ( 43

ireTTOLOaaLV, plpf. 7rri0/xe> (fides,

f o e d u s ) : persuade ; mid. am pe/*-

xuwliil. nlnif: ])t-rf. //v/.s-/, //are con-

fnlence. A :V_ > .'..

ireivdo) (penuria) : a/;/ hnmjry. F 25.
IIcipaiSTjs : son o/ /'' /'/v^ //>-, Ptole-

nuuMis. A 228.

ireipap, -aros : issue, end. Z 143.
iripdw. tut. Treiprja-o/juiu, aor. fTreip 1 ^-

o-avro, TrtiprjOfjvai (e x-p e r i o r) :

////, md i a fur. <ti.<ity, make trial of,

/nit to (//>' ft st.
IIcipiOoos : I'iriflniiis, king of the

Lapithw, frii-nd of Theseus.

A 263, B 7 1 1 .
TIcipoos: leader of the Thrac-ians.

BMI. A 620.

7reip<tv, ]>ci-f. )>artic. TTC-
: j>i<rcc. \ L'lt'i. Jii.").
. -oi/ros : (1) a leader of

th- 1'yliaiis. A 295. (!') A




Lycian, companion of Sarpedon.


TTe\d(rOr) : bring near, bring to, in-
volve in ; pass, approach, come near.

IleXcuryiKos or ZlcXacryds : Pelasgian.
TO IleAao-yiKoi/ *Apyos : Thessaly.

ir\ids, -aSos : dove. E 778.
-eos : axe. T 60.
aor. TreXefuxOr]: shake; pass.
tremble, shudder. A 535.

IleXhis : Pelias, king of lolcus, who
drove out his brother Neleus and
his half-brother Aeson, and sent
his nephew Jason in quest of the
golden fleece. B 715.

neXX^vti : an Achaean town. B 574.

Il\o\|;, -OTTOS : Pelops (son of Tan-
talus), who went from Lydia to
Elis, won the hand of Hippoda-
mia in a chariot race, established
his rule, and gave its name to
Peloponnesus. B 104 f.

ir& and ir&.o(i<u, aor. as pres. tTrXeo,
7rAero: (move'), am. B 480.

ireXt&pios : (gigantic), large, mighty.

ireXwpov : monster, portent. E 741.

ire'jjiirw, f ut. Tre/xi^oo, aor. 7re/x^ev :
escort, attend, send. Z 168, 207.

ir(j.ir-poXov (TreVre) : five-lined fork
used in sacrifices. A 463.

irv9p6s : father-in-law, wife's father.

irt'vOos, -eos (7rao-;(a>) : sorrow, grief.

irvo|tai (TTOVOS) : work, am busy.

(eros) : five years old.
: fifty. B 509, Z 244.

ireiraXa-y^vov : bespattered; perf. par-
tic. of TraXocro-o), spatter. Z 268.

ircirappc'vos : studded, pierced; perf.

partic. of TTCI/XO, pierce. A 246.
ir^ircur0 : perf. of iratr^, suffer.
ir&TTj-ye : perf. of 7r>yyvv/u,t, fix, make

fast. T135.
ircirWoiftev : redupl. 2d aor. opt. of

7Ti$a>, persuade. 43 e. A 100.
irirXT]'ys, -via : perf. as pres. partic.

of TrA^oxro), smite, strike.
ir^irXos : covering, robe. The princi-
pal female garment, but not made
to fit the person. It was a large
quadrangular piece of cloth, dou-
bled for the
upper part of
the body, laid
around the
person, and
fastened by
brooches (Trepo-
vai) on the
shoulders, and
down the side.
This left the
arms bare, but
reached to the
feet. It was
gathered at the
waist by a

girdle (^wvry) . A 7T7rXo? was used
also for the protection of an un-
used chariot from dust. E 194.
ireirvvfji^vos : prudent, discreet; perf.

partic. of TTVC'OO, breathe. T 148.
ireiroiOeuriv : perf. of TTCI&D, persuade.
iriro<r6 [TTf.TrovOa.ri] : perf. of ird-
suffer. T 99.

flit, hover, are in flight;
perf. of Trorao/tai, fly. Cf.



: fated; perf . partic. from
the same root as -jropov, gave, fur-
nished. F309.

ir&rravrai : an spread; perf. of TTf.ra.v-
wp.i, unfold, spread out. E 195.

: ivdupl. aor. opt. of TTVV-
learn. 43 e. Z 50.

: perf. partic. of TTUKO^W,
cover. B777.

irirwv, -ovos : my good fellow ; used in
addresses by an elder or superior,
in an affectionate, condescending,
or contemptuous tone.
ir^p (Trept), intensive particle, en-
clitic : exceedingly, very, exactly,
however murh ( with concessive par-
tic.). (TV TTtp p.LV TlOrOV : do thoU at

least honor him. A 131, 211, 241.

IIcpaif3oi. pi. : a Pelasgian tribe.

ircpdw, pres. inf. Trepoav, f ut. Trep^crav,
aor. eTrtpT^rev (fare'): traverse, cross,
go t /i /-on >///, /fierce. E 646.
^p-yajios, f. : Pergamus, the acropo-
lis of Ilios. A 508, E 446, 460,
7. 512.

IIcp-yao-tST]? : son of Pergasus, De'i-
coon. E ">:;.").

n^pTjv, adv. : apposite, over against. on
th< nth' r x'nlc <>f: with genitive.

n-tp0u>. aor. 7Tpo-v (pt'rdo) : sack,
destroy , < 'f. -rropOe w. Z 415.

ircpi, adv. and ]>n-].: nhnuf, roniul
no,, nt, rinii-trnini/. <.r<;> </i>i;//i/.

(1) With x'H. nlinnt. mnr, ruin;/,
for. Trcpi rreio fJua.^(rovTcu : n-Ul fii/li t

for tint. Tsi-d adverbially \\ith
Mi. t<i (lniote superiority, -jrf.pl
TTOVTUV /bt/atv(u i /o &e superior to all.

(2) With ace. round about,
around, -jrf.pl Ata&wvrjv OIKI" e#evro:

7rf.pl Kfivov ot^ve : endure woe about

him. TTf.pl (3wp.6v : a^o?^ Me aZ/ar.
(3) With dat. about, al/xa Trept

Soupt cpanjcrei : blood will gush forth

about the spear, ^traiva Trept crrrf-

Otwiv : chiton about the breast.
n^pi: by anastrophe ' for Trcpt, wln-n

it follows its case. 55 c. E739.
ircpi-f3aCva>, aor. inf. Trcpi^vai : r/o

a6ou^, defend. E 21.
ircpt-Spopos : (surrounding, that which,

can be run around), free-lying, ro-

tating, revolving. B 812, E 726.

aor. imv. Treptb-^eo : (hold
, defend, protect. A 393.
irepi-oTTi|u, aor. Trtpi'o-TT^rav : se< about;

aor. /"o/- (/////) stand about.
irpi-Ko\\T|s, -c? (/coAAos) : exceedingly

In dutiful, charming. F 262.
jrpi-K\vr6s : fdmoits, illustrious.
irpt-KT(vo> : s^ay round about.
irtpi-<r\to : aor. imv. of Trepi-e^co,

rfe/enrf. A 393.

irpi-T&.\ojx(u : roll around. B551.
Trcpi-Tp^4>op.ai : rurdle about.
irepi-Tpoir^w (rpeVoj) : mil, roll around.
Ilp(<}>as, -avro<?: an Actolian, son of

Ochesius. E 842 if.

irpi-<|)pa8u>s : '"' /'// run full//.
irp(-4>pa>v, -01/09 (^>pr/V) : inteUiu, nf,

prudent. E 412.
ircpi-wo-iov, adv. : too much, on- r- much.

A 869.

: of r, rcoti . B s:;i, z 30.
cpKWTT] : town in A>ia .Minor, on
the Hellespont. B ^ ',:>.



ircpovrj (Tret/octf): pin, brooch, fibula.
One or more of these held the
TrcTrXos in place, over the shoulders.

ir^pras : aor. partic. of 7re/o0a>, sack.
ir&T6(v) [7rrev], ir<riv, irco-wv: aor. of

A 482.

inf. Treao-e/xei/ (coquo) : (di-
gest), enjoy, nurse. B 237.
ireToXov (TTf.ra.wvp., petal) : leaf.
irTavvv|Ai, aor. Treraorcrav, perf . TreTrrai/-

TCU : spread, spread out, unfold.

A 480, E 195.

jrTTjv6s (TTtTOfjuu) '. flying, winged.
Il6Tv, -an/os : Boeotian village.

IlTws, -coo ( 35 b): Peteos, father

of Menestheus. B 552, A 327.
irro|tai, aor. ITTTCHTO : Jly. E 99.
irrpr| (petra) : rock. B 617.
irTpTJ-is, -eo-o-a : rocky. B 496.
irtyavrai, sing.: appears; perf. of

<cuW, show. B 122.
jT<j>avT<u -pi. perf., irc^Wfuv redupl.

aor. inf. : from root </, kill, slay.

See e7re<vov. E 531.
n-<J>piKvicu : bristling ; perf. partic. of

<fy>iWG>. A 282.
n-<f>x>a<ri : Aaye grown ; perf. of <va>,

ma^e to grow, put forth. A 484.
jr<j>vy(ivov : perf. partic. of

Jlee, escape. Z 488.
irjj : whither ? Z 377.

in], enclitic : tn any way, in any direc-
tion, perhaps. Try TroAiW: into one
of the cities. T 400.
inrYr-naX\os : thick-Jleeced. T 197
: spring, source. B 52.
aor - 7r^^e and Trdyrj, pe

^a:, waAre ya.9^, build;
pass, and perf. am fixed, made fast.
ILrjScuos : son of Antenor. E 69.

son of Bucolion. Z 21 if.
town of the Leleges, de-
stroyed by Achilles. Z 35, Y 92.
Perhaps it was the later Assos.
irfi\6 : aor. of TraAAcu, toss. Z 474.

IIl)\ctST]S, IlT)\ct(i>V, -COVOS, Or IlT)X.T|ld-

8t]s : son of Peleus, Achilles. A 1,
146, 188, 197, 277, 322, B 674, 770.

HqXevs, ->}os : Peleus, son of Aeacus,
husband of Thetis, father of
Achilles. A 489.

ILfjXiov: Mt. Pelion, in Thessaly,
south of Mt. Ossa. B 744. Cele-
brated in mythology as the home
of the centaurs, esp. of Chiron,
who trained Jason and Achilles.

irfjiia, -arcs : suffering, disaster, ban

iTT|p,cuvw, aor. opt. Tny/AT^vetav : injure,
wrong, commit a hostile act. T 299.

ITrjveios : Peneus, chief river of
Thessaly. B 752 ff. It flows into
the sea through the beautiful vale
of Tempe, between Mt. Olympus
and Mt. Ossa.

IlT]v\ca>s, -a> : Boeotian leader. B 494.

irfj|6, inf|as : aor. of mjy WJJLL, jix, make
fast, build. T 217, Z 10.

irr]6s : connection by marriage.

limped) : prob. the region of Pherae.




n-qpos (TT^/Aa) : maimed, mute, perhaps

Mind. B 599.

irfjxvs, -cos (elbow) : arm. E 314.
IItS6n]s: a Trojan from Percote,

slain by Odysseus. Z 30.
iruciv or im'juv [TTIUV] inf., iriT)<r9a

subjv.: aor. of TrtVco, drink.

aor. partic. Tnurj<Ta.<* (TTCIVOJ) :

A 398, Z 183.
: u-iis pcrsnadi-d, obeyed ; aor.

of 7m'0w, pi-rsiind'-. E 201.
irtKpos 3 : sfiar/>, bit ing. A 118.
irt|nrXT]}jLi. iinpf. irip.ir\avTO (plenus):

.A//. ('/. TrXrjBu. A 104.
ir(va|, -a/cos : tablet. Z 169.
irva>, aor. Triyo-Oa [TTO;?] : drink. Cf.

7TOO"19, 7TOTOV. Z 260.

irtirrw, aor. (f)7re(re : ^a/^, rusA into.

E 82.

irCo-o-a : pitch. A 277.
irurr6o|iai. aor. TrwrTOKrai^ro (TTWTTO?) :

^rfye. Z 2:',:;.
irio-rds (iretOio) : faithful, trusty.
iruruvos (ira9t) : relying on, (rutting.

E 2(>.">.
IIiT9vs, -^os : Pittheus, son of

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