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Pelops, and king of Troezen.

F 144.

Mysian town on the Ilcllrs-
B 829.
iriwv, -ovos : fat, fertile, rich.

: aor. pass, partic. of

>, aor. pass, partic. TrXay^cvras

drirc. A 59.

a mountain in Mysia. at
the foot of which lay Theba.
'/ 899, li'-"'.

: Platea, a Boeotian town

(field of the battle of 479 B.C.),
on the Asopus. B ">< > 1 .
irXaToLvto-Tos : plane tree. B 3()7.
ir\aTvs, -ad, -v : broad, wide feeding
(of goats). B 171.

(p 1 e n u s) 3 : full. A 262 .

3 : most, very many. Superl.
of 7ToA.vs, inni'h. TrX&CTTov, adv.:
the most. B 580.

, TrAetov, or irXewv, TrXtov, dat.
pi. TrXedvecro-t [TrXeuxriv, 36 />],
nom. TrAe'es, ace. TrXeas : more.
Comp. of TroAvs, much. TO TrXtlov
Tro\fjLOv : /^e greater part of the war.
roil/ TrAcww AVKI'O)!/ : (the majority)
the great mass of the Lycians.
irXvpa, pi. : ribs, side. A 468.
IlXtvpwv, -oii/os: Aetolian town.
B 639.

, iinpf. 7rAeov: sail. F 444.

Tjo-o-w, plague) : blow, stroke.

irXT]0t>s, -vos (?roA.V9, plebs): cnm-d,
n t nit it IK Je, the rank and Jile, oi
-n-oXXoi. B 278.
irXr|9w: am full. Cf. wffurXajfU.
Tr\r\\LVT\ (TrXrjOa)) : nave of a wheel.

: (driver of
f, Imrseman. B !<!.
a^cu) 3 : nearby; assubst.
/// 'njhbnr. 7r\rj<rLov, adv. : near.
irX^o-o-w, aor. 7rX^(v) and
yoi/ ( 43 e), pcrf. part ic.
(Tr\rjYfj): strike, beat. //</, n
irXovros (*)(JJ$OS): riches, ireallh.

A 171.

irvCw [ 47 g] or irW, perf. partic.
TrcTTKv/xeVos : breathe ; perf. mid
a/// disrrnt. i'1-ndent, F 148,



, -ovos (pulmo, Trve'w, pneu-
monia) : lung. A 528.

irvoiTJ (Trvew) : gust, blast of wind.

IloSaXetpios: son of Asclepius (Ae-
sculapius), brother of Machaon. .

IIoSdpKT]s, -eos: son of Iphiclus,
brother of Protesilaus. B 704.

iroS-dpKTjs, -es : swift-footed, epithet
of Achilles. A 121, Z 423.

iro8-T|V6^os : wind-footed, swift.

iroS-<oKcia (d)/cvs) : swiftness of foot,
fleetness. B 792.

iro8-wKTjs, -es : swift-footed, fleet.

iro0&o, iterative impf. 7ro0e'c<rK : yearn
for, miss, i.e. not hearing (E 234).

iro0^ : yearning, ot e/xeib TroOrjv c^ov-
<TLV : who miss me. Z 362.

iro0, enclitic : at some time, ever.

iroi&o, aor. 7ronyo-i/, perf . -TTCTTO^TOI :
make, build, fashion, do. A 608.

iroi^-is, -evTO5 (TTOIT;) : grassy.

irou]T6s 3 (7roio>) : made, well made .

iroiKiXfia, -arcs : variegated work, as
decoration on the border of a
garment. Z 294.

irouctXos 3: many colored, variegated,
artistically wrought. F 327.

iroifiatvo) : am a shepherd. Z 25.

iroin^v, -evos : shepherd. Trot/xei/a
Aaaiv : shepherd of the people, an
epithet of commanders. B 85.

7roifjLVT|ios : belonging to the flock. crraO-
p,bv TroifJLvrjiov : sheepcote. B 470.

iroiWj (poena) : atonement, recom-

irotos 3: what sort of, what. A 552.
(TrveV) : puff, bustle. A 600.

iroX&s [TroAAoi'j nom., iroXeas [

ace.: many; pi. of TroAu's, much.

: of war. B 338.
: wage war, fight. B 452.
iroXejuo-His : fighter, warrior. E 289.
iroXe|jk<5v-Sc : to battle, to the war.
ir(T)6X|xos ' war, battle. Often in
Homer synonymous with fJLd\r).

[TroAAoii/] : many; gen. pi. of
us, much. E 691.
: nom. pi. of TrdAis, city.
iroXiTJTT]s [TroAtTiys] : citizen, man of

(his) city. B 806.
ir<SXiv-8 : to the city. Z 86.
iroXios 3 : gray. A 350.
iroXis, -109, dat. TroAct or TroXrji, nom.
pi. TroA^es, gen. 7roAoi/, ace. TTO-
Atas : city. aKprj TrdAt? : citadel,
acropolis. Z 364.
IIoXfTT]s: son of Priam. B 791.
iroXXdia : of ten, frequently . A 396.
iroXX6v [TroAv, 38 c], adv.: much,

iro\v-aig, -IKOS (dwro'a)) : with many

onslaughts, stormy. A 165.
iroXv-apvi, dat. (apve?) : rich in she
rich in flocks. B 106.

es (flaOvs) : very deep.
(fiovXri) : (rich in
vice), very prudent. E 260.
iroXu-8a(8aXos (Daedalus) : artistically

worked, cunningly wrought.
iroXv-Saicpvs, -v (Sdnpv) : tearful, caus-
ing many tears. F 132.
iroXv-Seipds, -a8os (Seipiy ) : with many

(necks) ridges, many ridged.
IIoXvS6VKT]s, -eos: Poly deuces, Pol-
lux, son of Zeus and Leda,



brother of Castor and Helen,
and a famous boxer. F 237,

iroXv-SuJHos (Si'^a) : thirsty, dry, arid.

A 171. Epithet of Argos, which

is ' thirsty ' except for irrigation.
n-oXv-Swpos : rich in gifts, richly

dowered. Z 394.
iroXv-vyos (vyoi/) : with many ' yoke

timbers,' strong, frmly built. B 293.
iroXv-tjx^ -s (^X 7 /) loud-sounding,

resoniuling. A \'2'2.
IIoXviSos (iroXv-fTLOpo^) : a Trojan,

son of Eurydamas. E 148.
iroXv-KWTos (KCT<O) : richly em-
broidered (or marked}. F 371.

Cf. the cestus of Aphrodite.
iroXv-KXtjCs, -t8os : with many rowlocks.
iroXv-KXiiTos (KoAe'w): summoned from

many places. A 438.
iroXv-KfiT]Tos (KCI/XI/W) : wrought >ri(h

much toil. Z 48.
iroXv-KVT]fjios : with muni/ foothills.
iroXv-Koipavit] (/ccHJoavos) : rule of

many. B 204.
iroXu-KT^jiwv, -ovo? (Krrjfja.): rich in

\erdt. E 613.
iroXv-XT|ios (\r)iov) :' rich in field* <>/

grain. E Ul ''.
iroXv-p.TjXos C/M^Xoi/) : rich in flocks of

sheep. B 605, 705.
iroXv-fiT)Tis : finident, wise. A 311.

(M^X" 10 ?) f '""".'/
ingt-n'mns. crafty, resource-
ful. Epithet of Odysseus. B 173.
iroXv-p.v0os : of /nan// tmnls. F L'l 1.
IIoXvv(K7is, -to?: I'o/i/mces, son of
Oedipus. The expedition of the
* Seven against Thebes ' was to

recover the kingdom for Polynices
from his brother Eteocles. A 377.

noXveivos: son of Agasthenes,
leader of the Epeans. B G23.

iroXu-irdfiwv, -ovos (7T7ra/Acu) : rich,
har'mg many gotnix. A 433.

IIoXviroiT7]s : son of Feirithoiis and
Hippodamia, one of the Lapi-
thae. B 740, Z 29.

iroXvs or irovXvs, TroAAiy, TTO\V, gen.
TToAeos, pi. nom. TroAecs [TroAAot],
gen. TToXe'cov, ace. voXeos (7rt/x7rA7//xt,
plus) : much,large, long ; pi. many.
TroXv, TroAAdv, TToAAti, adv. : much,
often, by far, far. -rroXXa ^paro :
prayed earnestly. TTO\V fiel^ov : far
greater. TTO\V <^pTaros : by far the
best. 38 c. Comp. irAaW, superl.

: agile. B 814.
iroXv-<rirp^s, -es (cnrec/Ki)) : wide-

spread, far-scattered. B 804.
iroXv-<TTa4>vXos ((TTa<uA.7y) : rich in

(clusters of grapes} vines. B 507.
iroXv-orovos ((TTO/a)) : causing many

groans. A 445.

iroXv-Tp^pwv, -tovo5 : rich in doves.
IIoXvi4>T](ios : Polyphemus, one of the

Lapithue. A 264.
iroXv-<j>Xoio-pos : l<i<l-r<>aring, epithet

of the sea. A 31.
noXv4>6vTT]s : son of Autophonus,

> lain by Tydeus. A 3!).~>.
iroXv-xoXicos : rii'h in bmnze. E 504.
iro\Lirf\ (TTC/XTTW) : escort, safe guidance.
rroveojiai (TTOVOS) : toil, am busy, am

in the conflict. Cf. Trevo/uxu.
ir6vos : toil, labor, toil of battle, (in

B 291) trouble. Z 77.



irovTo-iropos (Treipu)): sea-going, sea-
traversing. A 439.

ITOVTOS : sea, high sea. B 210.

iroiroi : is it possible I can I believe
it ! exclamation either of sorrow,
alas! or of joyful surprise, ah!
according to the tone and connec-
tion. Cf. Attic TTttTrat, (3a.(3a.L.

irop0e' : destroy. Cf. TrepBu. A 308.

iropKTjs : ferule, ring which held the
spear point to the shaft.

ir6pov aor., irirp|uvov perf., from
root Trop-: gave, furnished; perf.
pass, is fated. T 309, Z 218.

iropos (ferry*) : ford, passage.

iropcrtivw, fut. partic. 7ropo~vvov<ra :
prepare, share. T 411.

ITO'PTIS, -109 : heifer. E 162.

irop<j>vpos 3 : foaming, dark, purple.

IIocrei5acov. -toi/os : Poseidon, Nep-
tunus, brother of Zeus, and god
of the sea. A 400.

IIocri&TJios : of Poseidon. B 506.

jrocris, -los (TrtW, potio) : drink.

iroo-is, -IDS, dat. 7rd<7i, ace. pi. TroVias :
husband. Cf. TTOTI/WX. F 163.

iroo-o-C [TTOO-I', 30 a,/]: dat. of TTOVS.

irorap-o's : river. T 278.

7roTdo|Acu. perf. TreTroTTJarai (irero/uat) :
fly: perf. /if, hover. B 462.

ITOTC, ITOT' or iro0' : at one time, once,
at some time. etTrorc: if ever, ov
Trore or /xrj TTOTC: never, ov TTW
TTOTC: never yet, never before.
A 39, 40.

iron-epos: which of the two. E 85.

irorC : preposition. See Trpds. A 245.
: aor. partic. ( 53) of
wail for. B 137.

: fate, death. B 359.

iroTvia (pot -ens): mistress, honored,
Title of respect, esp. of Hera.

ITOTOV (TUVW, TroVis) : drink, draught.

irov : where ? E 171, Z 330.

irov : anywhere, in any way, perhaps.

irovXo-poreipa (/Soovcw) : feeding many,
fruitful. T 89, Z 213.

irovXvs [TTOA.VS]: much. E 776.

irovs, gen. TroSos, dat. pi. 7roo-(o-)t and
TroSeo-o-i (pes): foot. T 13, 407.

IIpdKTios : a stream in the Troad
which empties into the Helles-
pont. B 835.

irpairiSes, f. pi. : (diaphragm), mind.

irp&rpvs, Trpea^a (prise us, presby-
ter) : old, reverend. Superl. Trpco -
ySvraros. A 59, E 721.
), aor. 7rp^(Tv : blow, burn.

-es (pronus) : prone, on one's
face, headlong. B 414, 418.

aor. inf. irprj^ai [7rpao-(ra>]
do, accomplish, achieve.

IIpiajiC8T]s : son of Priam, Hector.
B 817, E 684.

nptajjtos : Priam, son of Laomedon.
King of Troy. A 19, 255, B 37,
160, 304, 332, 414, 788 if., T 105,
117, 146 if., 261, 288, 303 if., 314,
A 165, Z 242 if., Y 237, X 27 ff.,
Q 160 if.

irpCv (irpo, prius), (1) adv.: before,
sooner, formerly ; (2)conj.: before.
Sometimes doubled, Tr/atV (adv.)
. . . irpiv (conj.) with inf., as A 98.
ov irplv ciTrwo-et Trplv 8d/u,evat: he
will not (sooner) thrust off before
you give.

irptf (pro, forth), adv. and prep.;



before, forward. With gen. be-
fore, in front of. TroAv Trpo <f>i\u)v
/la^ecrftii : fyht fur in advance of
(Ins) frir nils. Adoy cpt'KoxcTe Trpo
TnAdcuv: c/tcc^ *Ae people before
the gate.

Adv. before, forth. Trpo // eTre/xi/'c :
senf me yJ;r//< . TO, Trpo edvra : f/<e
Aa MKM before.
. perf. TrpoySe/fycas : #0 &e-
/o/v, surpass. Z 125.

irpo-f3aXX<i>, aor. irpo(3d\ovro : strew
before me, scatter. A 458.

irpo-plfiovXa : perf. of irpoftov Ao/xat,
/>/v/er. A 113.

irpo-p\'f|s, -777-09 (Trpo/3aAAa>) : project-
ing. B 896.

irpo - yvrTpos : older; comp. of TT/OO-
yew;s. B 555.

irpo-8oK-/j (TrpoSe^ojjuai) : watch, catch,
place where the hunter lay in
wait for game. A 107.

irpo^Ki : aor. of Trpofy/u, sene? /or/A,
/e/ ^ro, /e/y?y a missile. 43 </.

irpo-p&r<r. aor. Trpocptorcrav ( epcr/xo?,
remus, oar) : m<r fnnnml. A 435.

irpo-pv, aor. irpotpvavcv: draw forth,
dnur dun'n, launch (of ships).
A 308.

irp6-s : aor. imv. of irpotrjfu, send
forth, let go. A 127.

irpo-0&>uo-u [7rpOTi6faL(Ti~] : 3d pi. pres.
ind. of TrpoTi&y/Ai, grant, allow.
A 291.

Ilpo-eo^jvwp, -opos: BMM)ti:in leader.
H 195.

Ilpdfloos: leader of the Magnetes.
B ::>G ff.

s : zeal. B 588.

irpo-idirra), fut. Tr/aoia^a, aor. -rrpo-
iaif/tv (projecit) : send forth, send


irpo-ttini, 3d sing. irpo'Ui, impf. irpo-

ict. aor. TrpotrjKt ( 43 d), aor. imv.

7rpo5 : .s-t-W forth, discharge, dis-

patch, let go, let fly a missile. A 127.
irpo-krTqfii, aor. partic. Trpocrrtycras :

set forth, place before the rest.
npoiros: son of Abas, king of Ti-

ryns. Z 157 ff.

irpo-Ka0-(tw : settle (forward). B 463.
n-po-KoAt'cj and irpo-KoX(o|i<u, aor.

imv. Tr/ao-KoAecra'at : ca// forth,

challenge. T 19, 432.
irpo-naxttw (TTpd/xa^os) : am champion,

fight in the front rank. F 16.
irpo-fiaxos (fjjd^rj) : foremost fighter.
irpojios : c/t'i inj>ion, foremost Jighter.
irpoirdpoi0(v), adv. with gen. : before,

in front of. B 92, T 22.
irpo-iras, -rracra, -TTO.V : all. Cf. aTras.
irpo-irpT]vs, adv. : forwards. F 218.

irpo-pft) : Jloir on. E 598.

irpos. irport, or irori, adv. and prep. :

to, toward, on, in addition, besides,


(1) With ace. to, toward. Trpos

Tpuias TCT/Da/x/xeVot : turned Inward

the Trojans, efyu Trpbs

/ 'rill go to Olympus.

Trpos OTiftfof: //'^/ /^V on the breast.

Trpos KoATTov CK\ivOr) : leant d against

tin- finsom. irpo? Aioyutr;8ca d/aet^ev :

exchanged ////// l)i<nn<^l. rotavra

tilings to one anotlu r.

(L') With -vn. _/',///.



satisfaction from the Trojans.
aAArys v^atVot?: weave (before the
eyes) at the bidding of another,
cipvarai OtfMUTTas TT/SOS Aids : defend
the laws (before the eyes of, at the
bidding of) in the name of Zeus.
fjidprvpoi tcrrtDv Trpos re Oe&v Trpos
re avOpiaTTMv : be witnesses in the
sight of (before) both gods and men.
(3) With dat. on, at. TTOTI ycuiy
dy/cAi'vcts: resting (it) upon the
ground. TTOTI yovva.cn : by his knees.

irpoo - ajicva> : help, am of use. ov
Trpoaa/xwct : makes no defense.

irpo<r-apt]ps : close-fitting ; perf . par-
tic, of TrpocrapapicrKij), fit. E 725.

irpo<r-av8dw, impf . TrpocrrjvSa : address,
say to. A 201, 539.

irpo<r-pava>, aor. irpocrfids, Tjyxxre/Srj-
o-ero : go to, step upon. B 48.

irp6<r-eijii (el/u) : come on. E 515.

irpo<r-iirov or irpocr&iirov : aor. of
7rpoo - <?7/u, address, say to. B 59.

irp6o-0e(v), adv. with gen. : before,
in front of. B 359, E 56.

irpoo-o-cD (TrpoTi): fonoards. A 343.

Trp6<r-4>Tip.i, impf. 7rpocr(f>r), aor. Trpocr-
ei7rov or irpocrceurov : address, say to.

irpoo - <j>wv : speak to, address.

-TTporepos (-rrpo, prior) 3, comp. : be-
fore, (born before), older, the first
of two, former, ol TrportpoL : the
men of former days. F 299.

irpoT^pw, adv. : farther, forward.

irpOTi-pdXXojJtat [717300 - ] : punish.

7rpo-Ti0T]}ii, 3d pi. TTpoOiovcrLv : grant,
allow. A 291.

irpo-Tovos: forestay of a ship, lead-
ing from the mast to the prow.

Two of them held the mast in

irpo-Tpeirofiai, aor. inf. TrporpaTrecrOcu :
turn toward, give myself up to.

irpo-<f>^p<i> : carry off, bring forward,
offer, cast in (his) teeth. T 64.

arpo-^ctrytt; aor. partic. 7rpo<f>vy6vTa :
escape. Z 502.

irpo-c}>pv, -ovos ((ftprjv) : with ready
heart, zealously, freely. Adv. Trpo-
</>poW(os : readily, graciously, zeal-
ously. 56 a. A 77, 150.

irpo-x&o : pour forth. B 465.

pi. : foot soldiers. E 744.
: stern of a ship. E 292.

irpvjjivTJo-ios 3 : of the stern. Trpv/xv^-
crua. : stern hawsers. A 476.

3 : last, lowest part. yXwcr-
root of the tongue.
Oevapos : wrist. E 339.

npvravis, -to?: a Lycian. E 678.

irpip'-qv : a little while ago, ( just now.'

irpoud : day before yesterday. B 303.

npomo-CXaos : son of Iphiclus, a
Thessalian leader, the first to fall
in the Trojan War. B 698 ff.

irpwTto-TOs (TT/OCOTOS) 3 : first of all,
the very first. For the double
superlative, cf. English chiefest.
TT/oomoTa, adv.

irpwTo-'yovos (yev-) : first-born. A 102.

irpttTO-ira-y^js, -e's (TTTJyvv/xt) : just built,
new. E 194.

irpwTos 3 (TT/JO), superl. : first, fore-
most. TiyxuTov, TrpcoTa, adv. with or
without the article : first, at first,
once. lv TT/XJOTO) pv/A<3 : at the tip
end of the pole. Z 40.

aor. partic. of TreVo/xat, fly.



elm. Z 419.

: (1) town in Thessaly.
B 697. (2) Colony of the former,
in Elis. B 594.
p<5-is, -torero. (TTTC/JOI/) : winged.

-vyos, f. : n-ing. ([f. WTO/ACU.
n-roXtficuos : son of Peiraeus, father
of Eurymedon. A 228.

[7roX/>ua>, 30 t], fut.
[TToXe/uov/Atv, 48 j"] :
n-d(/< inn\ fight. B 328.
irr6\fJLOs [7rdXe/AO9] : war, battle.
irroXk0pov (770X19, 30 i) : city, town.
irroXi-TTopOos (7T/3$to) : sacker of cities.
irroXis, -109 [770X19, 30 i~\ : city.
irrv'YH La > ^TOS (TTTuoxno) : fold.
irrvKT6s (7TTixro*a)) : folded. Z 169.
: skulk. A 372.
ewer, skulk. A 371.
n\ryjiaioi, pi. (TTV

/ance ^/rowi e/iow to
Pygmies (fistlings), the Lilliputians
of epic times. F 6.
irv0'<r0cu inf., irvO^ai [TT%, 44 A]
sulijv. : learn ; aor. of TrwdavofjuaLj
im/uire. B 119.

, fut. TTVO-CI : rot, cause to rot.
, ace. -wm, f. : /y/<o, the later
Delphi (AeX<#>ot), seat of the
Pythian oracle (which is not
mentioned in the Ili<i<l). B 519.
: awfully. E 70.

j'rf. partio. TrtTruKaa/xeva :
cover. B 777.

K(I)V<SS > : thirk. <!< /<>-. xfront/. />ru-
tleut, cunning. A M!''J.

of the Paphlagonians, an ally of
the Trojans. B 851, E 576.

IIviXcuos : son of Lethus, a Pelasgian

leader. B 842.
irvXi) : (wing of a double gate), pi.

gate. Always pi. in Homer.

T 145.

IIuXT|vti: Aetolian town. B 639.
IIvXios : from Pylus, Pylian. A 248,

A 293, E 545.
nvXoi-ycv^js, -? : Pylus born, native of

Pylus. Epithet of Nestor. B 54.
IIvXos : Pylus, city on the west coast

of Peloponnesus, home of Nestor.

A 252, 269, B 77, 591, y 4 ff.

Before its bay lay the island

Sphacteria, and in its bay was

fought the battle of Navarino

(Oct. 20, 1827).
irvXos : gate (of Hades). E 397.
: last, outermost, hindmost.
, aor. cirvOovro, redupl.

aor. 7re7rv#oiTo : (ascertain), learn.
irv : ////// the Jist, in boxing. See on


irvp, gen. Trv/ad? (fire) : fire. E 7.
IIxipcUxFls : a Trojan ally, leader of

the Paeonians. B 848.
IWpcuros : a Thessalian town. B 695.
irwp-yos : tower, column, troop. F 154.
irvprj : funeral pyre. A 99.
irw, enclitic : ever, yet, in any way.

Of. TTws. A 108, 262.

iterative impf. 7ro>X7KCTo
: go often, resort. A 490.
cover. A 116.
irws : how f It often introduces a

4 rhetorical question.' A 123.
irw($), enclitic : in am/ m, if, perchance.

Cf. irrj, -rroOi, TTOV. A 66. 30 I.
-o? : flock of sheep. F 198.



pd : enclitic form of apa. Most freq.

used after monosyllables.
pea or pta: easily, at ease. B 475.
p&Opov (pt'w) : stream. B 461.
pc'^w, fut. peeiv, aor. pec (/repyov,

cf. work and wrought) : work,

do, offer (sacrifice). /caKa <re

peov<Ttv : worfc z7 to you.
pia: ea.s%. Z 138.
p&o, impf . tppeev or pe'ev : flow.

, -tvos (p)7yw/u), f. : beach.

A 437,

fut. Tcu/, aor.

(fpay-, frango,
break, break through. Cf.
T 348, Z 6.

eastYy. C/. pea. A 390.
: mother of Medon (an ille-
gitimate son of O'ileus). B 728.
, fut. pty?7<7iv, aor. ptyryo-c, perf .
subjv. eppty^o-i (f rigus) : shudder,
pi-yiov, comp. : more terrible. Superl.

ptywrra : mosi terribly. A 325.
pp.<t>a: szm/%. Z 511.
plvos, f. : ^^e, s&in, sAieW of oxhide.
'Piini: Arcadian town. B 606.
pfirro), aor. pi^e : hurl. T 378.
pfs, gen. plvos, f. : nose. E 291.
ToSios : Rhodian. B 654.
poSo-SdKTvXos : rosy-fingered, epithet
of Dawn ('Hws). A 477, Z 175.
'P68os, f . : Rhodes, an island off the
southwest coast of Asia Minor.
B 654 if.

po^j (pew) : stream. T 5, Z 4.
(epixo) : jw/e of a chariot.

pwr-irTO\is (epvopxu) : defender of

the city. Z 305.
'PVTIOV : Cretan town. B 648.
poryoXe'os (pryyvv/xt) 3 : torn. B 417.

Sayydpios : the largest river in Asia
Minor, except the Halys. It rises
in Galatia and empties into the
Black Sea in Bithynia. T 187.

o-aKe'cr-iroXos (TraAAw) : brandisher of
the shield, shield- wielding. E 126.

O-O.KOS, -eos : shield. It was very
heavy, and to manage it required
great dexterity and strength.
(H 238.) See doWs. E 619.


SoXajus, -tvo? (Salem, of peace), fern. :
Salamis. An island near the har-
bor of Athens. B 557.

SdpLos : island near Ithaca. B 634.

crdos [<rws] (sanus) : safe, sound.
Comp. <rau)Tpos. A 32, 117.

o-aow, fut. <raw<ras, aor. (raoxre : save,
rescue, bring off safe. Cf. <ra><o.

Dapirq8<ov, -oVos : Sarpedon, leader of
the southern Lyciaris, bravest of
the Trojan allies, slain by Patro-
clus. B 876, E 471, 493, 629 ff.,
655 ff., 683, Z 199. See on B 876.



Earviois, -evros : a mountain stream

in Mysia. Z 34.

<rd<f>a : clearly, exactly, hence truly.
a-awTcpos, comp. : more safely. A 32.
v4 ace., <r0v. o-tto, <r&>, or <rev

gen. : of 2d pers. pron. <rv, <Aou.

42 a.
<rcf3dofxcu, aor. <7/?acro-aTO : ./ear

reverently. Z 167, 417.
o-t'pojjLai : a?n ashamed, abashed.

A 242.

<ra> : brandish. E 563.
2&.<ryo: father of Amphius. E 612.
Zc\T]iridST]s : son of Selepius, Euenus.

B 693.

<r&lvov : parsley, celery. B 776.
S\\T|IS, -vro5 : (1) river in Elis.

B 659. (2) River in the Troad.

B 839.

<r&>, o-ev : gen. of <rv. 42 a.
<rcv(i>, aor. (7<rua, <TCV or (Tf.va.ro,

perf. fcrcrvfjuu, o~crv/Avoi> ( 43 A),

plpf. as aor. tWvro : drive, pursue,

start; pass, hasten, hurry, rush.

CU/MO, eoxreua : drew blood.
<rr\\i.a., -aros : *////<, token, character,

iHnnniitcnt, mound, portent. B 814.
<rqfiaCvw (tr^/Lia) : ^nVe orders. A 289.
o-TjtidvTwp, -a/309 : commander. A 431.
<Hjir, perf. (jtvrprf. : rot ; perf. is

rotten. B 135.

: Paphlagonian town. B Xf>:i.
town on the Thracian Chej-

sonese, opposite Abydus. B 836.
26t'viXos : Sthenelus, son of Capaiu-us,

one of the ' Epigoni ' ; lieutenant,

^C/XXTTWV, and charioteer of Dio-

med. B 564, A 367, E 111, 241,

835, I 48, n 586, * 511. The

name is a short form of
and thus corresponds to

o-0vos, -05: strength. B 451.

o-i-ya\6-is, -evros : shining. E 226.

o-i-y^i : silence, vlyrj : silently. F 8.

<ri8^pcos 3 : of iron, iron. E 723.

o-CSrjpos : iron, of an arrow point.
Iron was little used in the Homeric
times; see ^oA/cos. A 123.

ZiSovbi-Ocv : /rom Sidon. Z 291.

SiSovios 3 : Sidonian. Z 290.

SIKVWV, -oivos : Sicyon, not far from
Corinth, to the west. B 572.

2ifjt6is, -CITOS : stream rising on
Mt. Ida and uniting on the plain
of Troy with the Scamander.
A 475, E 774, Z 4.

Sinocurios : a Trojan, slain by Ajax.
A 474 ff.

Sivms, pi. : Sintians, the earliest
inhabitants of Lemnos. A 594.

Ef<rv<f>os : son of Aeolus, father of
Glaucus. (Z 153 ff.) (Compelled
in Hades to roll uphill a stone,
which continually rolled back.
X 593.)

o-iros : wheat bread. E 341.

<rui>ircui> : am silent. Cf. <riyTj.

: in silence, silently. F 95.

pi.: with or without TrvAcu,
the Scaean Gate of Troy on the
side toward the Greek camp.
F 145, 263, Z 237, 307, 393.

(scaevus) : with the left hand.
, adj. : of the Scamander.
B 465 ff.

cafiavSpios : Scamandrius. (1) Hec-
tor's son, whom the people called



Astyanax. Z402. (2) A Trojan,
son of Strophius. E 49 ff.

ZicdpavSpos : Scamander. (1) A
Trojan river, uniting with the
Simois (E 36, 774), which is called
Xanthus by the gods. (2) The
god of the river. E 77.

2Kdp4>T] : small Locrian town near
Thermopylae. B 532.

<TKSdvvu|u : see KeSavvv/xt and CTKL&-

CTKTJTTTOVXOS (crKrJTrTpov, ^o)) : scepter-
bearing. Epithet of kings. See
011 A 15.

0-KT)irrpOV (<7K^7TTO/ACU, T6St Oil) I SCCp-

ter, staff. From representations
on ancient monuments, this ap-
pears to have been longer than a
cane. Princes, judges, priests, and
heralds carried ovd/Trr/m as sym-
bols of authority. See on A 15.

o-KlSvapai, impf. eoxt'Svavro ((TKeSav-
i/v/u) : scatter, disperse. A 487.

o-Ki6-is. -O/TOS (o-Kta) : full of shadows,
shadowy (or shadow-casting}. Cf.
dum montibus umbrae | lus-
trabunt convexa Verg. Aen.
i. 607.

<TK6ir\os (o-KCTTTo/xat?) : cliff. B 396.

o-Koiri-fj (O-KCTT-) : cliff, height from
which an extended view can be
obtained. A 275, E 771.

<TKOir6s (<7K7TTo/Aat) : spy, watcher.

o-Kirios (O-KOTOS), adj. : in secret, so
that a child's father is unknown,
by a secret amour. Z 24.

O-KOTOS (shadow*): darkness. Z 11.

<rKvojj.ai : am angry. A 23.

: Boeotian village. B 497.

: resound, crash, thunder.

o-|Ap8aXe'os : frightful, terrible. <T//,ep-
SaAeov, (TfJL6p8a\a, adv. : terribly.

o-jip8vos (smart) 3 : horrible. E 742.

HfuvOcvs, -fjos : Smintheus, short form
for 2,fuv6o<f>06po<;, Mice destroyer.
Epithet of Apollo as the averter
of the plague of field mice. A 39.
(This office does not seem exalted,
but the field mice at times became
a pest. Strabo says that on Ten-
edos in his time stood a temple
of Apollo Smintheus, and the
sculptor Scopas made for Chrysa
a statue of Apollo with a mouse
under his foot.)

<r|it06ig, -tyyos, f . : weal. B 267.

<roi : dat. of 2d pers. pron. 42 a.

SoXvpoi, pi. : warlike people, ancient
inhabitants of Lycia. Z 184, 204.

0-605 or o-dos [crws] : safe. A 117.

o-6s ((TV, tuus) : thine, thy. 42 b.

o-irdpra, pi. : ropes, cables of reeds
or rushes. B 145.

S-rrdpTT] : Sparta, capital of Lacedae-
mon, home of Menelaus. B 582,
A 52.

o-irdw, aor. (nrdorev, eoTracraro : draw,
draw out. E 859.

o"rr^v8w, aor. subjv. oTrcun^ (spon-
deo) : pour a libation (cnrovSir)).

o-ireos, gen. (TTretov? or (TTreeos
(spelunca) : cave. A 279.

o"jr&r6(u : aor. inf. of 7ro/xat, follow.

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