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o-ircvSw (studium?) : am in eager

o-iriv0TJp, -Typos : spark. A 77.

o-irXd-yxva, pi. (spleen) : vitals, i.e.
lung, heart, and liver. A 464.



<nrov8^| ((TTreVSw) : libation, drink

offering. Ji 'Ml, A 159.
o-irov8'Q (cnrcv&u) : with difficulty.
o-raOnos : * table, stall, farm building.
<rToo-Kv iterative aor., o-rds, ordvTwv,

aor. partic. : used to stand, took

stand ; from urrrjfju., place, cause to

O-TCITOS (urrrifu) : stalled, i.e. fed in a

stall. Z 506.

O-TCU^XTJ : /dumb line. B 765.
ortiXav : aor. of oreAAto, send, place.
o-Tcipa : cutwater, stem. A 482.
o-reixo) : go, come. B 287.
<TT&Xa>, aor. oTeiAav : arrange, put in

readiness, send, iaria. oret Aairo :

took in (furled) their sails. A 433.
o-Ttp.ua. -arcs (orc^v) : chaplet, fillet.
o-Tvax^w : gruan. B 95.
o-Tva\w : (/roan. Cf. o-rovos.
ST^VTWP, -o/oos : a Greek before Troy

with a voice as loud as fifty.

E 785.

breast. A 106.
impf . oTvro : assert by

word or manner, boast, OTCVTCU

TI tTros eptW "E/cTtop i Hector arts

as if he was going to say so/nt/l/ina.

B 597, F 83, E 83
<TT<|>av6a>, perf. eore^aytoTcu (are-

tfxivos) : rrtnrn : perf. pass, ^av

been laid on as a croirn, crowns.
(rrfj [0"Tr;] : look (his) stand, came up;

aor. of r<7T77/u, />/ce, cat/,s'c to stand.
[o-rij, 52 c] : aor. subjv. of

-co?, locat. as gen.
a): l.r.ast. A 83, Ell.
w, aor. eo-TT/pt^e: /eart against.

<rri]<racra, <TTTJ<ravro : aor. of
place, cause to stand. E 755.
stout, strong. F 335.
: shine. F 3i'J.

impf. ecTTt^dtovro

: yo u ///<^, <yo, inarch. \\ DL J .
, f. pi. : ro?r.s, ranks. CTTI crTi^a?:
fn/o ranks, so as to form ranks.
T 196.

, -aros : mouth, face. Z 43.
(sto/nach') : throat. F 292.
(TTcva^w) : groan. B 39.
O-TOVOS ; groaning, groan. A 445.
HrparCT] : Arcadian town. B 606.
o-Tparoojiai, impf. IcrTparowvro : am

encamped, am on an expedition.
oTTparos (oTopw/xi) : camp, army.
<TTpirr6s (o-Tpc^xo) 3 : (twisted),

well spun. E 113.
o-Tp'4>, fut. (TTpaf/to-Oe, aor. partic.
(TTpt<J>OcvTL: turn; mid. and pass.
turn myself, turn around. E 40.
o-Tpou06s (thrush) : sparrow. B 311.
2rp64>ios : father of Scamandrius.
E 49.

(orvye'to) : hateful. B 385.
(Styx) : hate, dislike, loathe.
A 186.

STVJX<|>T]\OS : town in Arcadia.
B 608.

gen. Srvyos (orvye'o)) f. : ,SV//./-,
a stream of the lower world.
B 755, H 271.

pi. : town in Euboea. B 539.
o-Tv4>\tt;. aor. o-Tv<c\ie (tun do):

.f/n/v, ///ri/.s-/. E 437.
<rv or Tvvt], gen. auo, <rm, aev, (re^ev,
dat. <roi, rot", ace. ere (tu, thon), '-M
pers. pron. : thou. 42 a.



aor. partic. crvy/caAecras :

call together, assemble. B 55.
<rv\eijw or <rv\dw, impf. avXa, fut.

avXrjaere, aor. opt. avXijaeie. (asy-

lum} : take off, spoil, strip. Z 71.
<rup.pdX.\o>, aor. imv. av^aXert'.

ftn'm/ together, pour together, unite.

T 70, A 453.
!M|jLT|-Ocv : /row %me, a small island

to the north of Rhodes. B 671.
o"v(j.-|iio"Yop,ai. [crvya^ityvv/xi] : mix,

mingle, of waters. B 753.
<rvn-iras, avfJi-Trdaa, avfJi-irav, pi. :

together. A 90, B 567.
<ru|&-irlj^viu|ii, aor.

curdle. E 902.
<ru}j.-<f>pdSfi<i>v, -ovos


: thicken,


se/or. B 372. Equiv. to

crv[jL-<j>pdofiai, aor.
form plans with. A 537.

<rvv, adv. and prep, with dat. : with,
together with, together, aw p' /3a-
Xov pivovs : dashed shields together.
f\6(i)V avv TrXf.6vf.aaLV : coming with
more. tviKrjatv avv 'AOrjvy ' con-
quered with Athena's help, avv vrjl
l/j,fj TrefjuJ/a) : will send with my ship.
rjXOe avv ayyeAoy : came with tidings.
Cf. vv.

o-vv-d-ya) : bring together, assemble.
, o-vv-eipu, impf. dual avvirrjv
go (or come) together. Z 120.

<rvv-irri! : aor. of
thicken, curdle. E 902.

impf. avvt^ov, perf. partic.
awo\(*)KOTc. : join, come together.
TO) O>/AO> O-WO^WKOTC : the shoulders
drawn together. B 218, A 133.

[awOrjKrf] : compact, inji

truv-opivop,ai : set (myself) in motion.
o-w-Ti0jiai, aor. irnv. avvOeo : give

heed, attend. A 76.
<rvs, gen. <TVO? (v<s, sus, soiv): hog,

boar. E 783.

the throat, slaughter by opening the

large artery of the neck.
cr4>o>v gen., <r<j>wri(v) or <r<}>((v) dat.^

<r<f>'as ace. : pi. 3d pers. pron.,

them. 42 a. A 535.
cr<j)6'Tpos (<7<e?9) i their. 42

A 409.

<r<j>6s O<is) : their. 42 b. A 1
<r<j>vpov : ankle.
cr<f>a> nom., ace., o-<f>a)Cv gen., dat.:

enclitic, dual 3d pers. pron., they

two. 42 a. A 8, 338.
o-<J>a>i, o-(|>w nom., ace., <r<j>o>iv gen.,

dat. : dual 2d pers. pron., ye two.

42 a.

<r<}>coiTpos : of you two. 42 b. A 21
at close quarters. E 830.
son of Iphitus, a Phocian

leader. B 517.

o-xcSov, adv. : near, at close quarters.
o-x^'Oov, <rx0 : aor. of ^a>, have, hold,

check. A 219, A 113.
crxT\ios (X W ) ^ : ^rriUe, cruel.
<r\ili\ (a^i^, schism) : cleft ivood.

refrain (cease) from; aor.

opt. mid. of e^w, hold, check.
: Boeotian town. B 497.
-arc?: dead body, carcass.

This is not used as in Attic for

the living body, which i

or YOWS. 17.



rat : for at, the, these, they. See 6.

TaXai^viis, -09 : a Maeonian. B865.

ToXalovCS-qs ( 39 y) : son of Talaiis,
Mecisteus. B 566.

ToXao-(-4>p<i>v, -ovo5 (<j>prjv): steadfast.
A 421.

raXa-vpivos (fptvos) : shield-bearing.
Cf. cra.KT7raAo9.

TaXOvipios : Ta/tlii/biux, principal her-
ald of Agamemnon. A 320,
T 118, A 192. According to
Herodotus (vii. 134), he had a
sanctuary at Sparta, and his
family lived there long as her-

rdXXa: by crasis ' for TO. aXXa, the
rest. 26. A 465, B 428.

Ta|u<r-xpws, -oos (Ta/xvo>) : flesh-cut-
ting, jit -sh-vlcaring. A 511.

TO|ITJ : hnnvwife. Z 381, 390.

Tap.iTjs (ra/xva>) : steward, master.

rap. va>, nor. rdfjif. [re/mo] : cut. Vic-
tims were slain in confirmation of a
solemn oath, hence opKio. ra/xorrc? :
concluding a solemn treaty. Cf.
foedus icere, ferire foe-
dus. . <////> a treaty.' F 105.

Tavv-irt-irXos : with (rail ing robes.

Tavvcu, aor. Tanxra'av : stretch, place

Inlwig. A 486.
rapcuro-w, aor. suhjv. Tapdy, plpf.
rtrpr)\f.i: disturb (with (TIT); pl]f.
rrax in cuiiiinntioti. A 579.
rapp'a). aor. Tapft-yTev (torvus): am
frightened, fear. B 268.
Topvri : Lydian town, at the foot of
Mt. Tmolus. EH.

: Locrian town, near Ther-
mopylae. B 5:j:.
T<xp4>os, -co? : thicket. E 555.
ravpos (taurus) : bull. B 481.

: soon, i/nickly, presently. A 205.
adv. superl. of ra^v: most
quickly, very quickly. OTTL Ta^tora:
as quickly as possible, quam
celerrime. F 102, A 193.

: tritJi >////? horses. A 232.
-iia, -v : swift, fleet. B 527.
T^ (-que), enclitic conj. : and. re' ...
re, re' . . . Kat are correlated, both
. . . and. re is appended to con-
junctions, relative pronouns, and
adverbs of time and cause in
order to connect the clause closely
with its antecedent. Cf. 09 re:
jiifii who. TC . . . re are sometimes
combined with other con junctions,

aS fJLV T . . . & T, fJifV T . . . oAAtt

re, to show close correlation.

Sometimes the exact force of TC' is

Try&i : Arcadian town, one of the

most important in Peloponnesus

before the Dorian invasion.


rfycos (tego) : covered, roofed. Z 248.
T6irrroTs (Ta<o)v) : perf . partic.

from the root OO.TT, astonied, dazed,

with frig/it. A 243.
o]>t., TtOvTiwra partic. : perf.

of 0v7/<rKa>, die. F 102.
TCIVW. aor. ()reti'e, plpf. rfra.ro, T-

rajcrOrjv ( t e n d o ?) : dra w t igh t,

atntch, stretch out. F 372, A 536.
rcCpw : ti/i/trtxs. /y/v.s-s hard, weigh

heavily upon, distress. Z 85.



: stormer of walls.
Epithet of Ares (Mars). E 31.
Tixi6-is, -eo-ou: well walled. B 559.

, -eos : wall of a city. Z 388.
K6 : aor. of TLKTW, bring forth, bear,
beget. A 36, B 313.

aor. Te.K/ArjpavTO : ordain.
: surety, pledge. A 526.
T^KVOV : child, offspring, young.
-cos (TIKTW) : child, young.

i, aor. reKT^varo : build.
, -ovos : (Carpenter), Tecton, a
Trojan shipbuilder. E 59.

-ovos (re^yrj, texo): artisan,
carpenter. A 110.
T\anwv, -covos: broad strap support-

ing the shield or sword. B 388.
TcXafuovios : of Telamon. AUXS Te-

Xa/zwvtos : Ajax, son of Telamon.
T&CIOS: (complete), unblemished, full


reXeCo) [ 47 g~\ or rc\ea>, fut. TeXeeaftu,
aor. TeXeo-o-as, eTeAcacrev, perf.
partic. TCTeXeoyxevos (reXo?) : com-
plete, fulfill, accomplish. A 388.
, -eo-o-o. : perfect, unblemished.
plpf. ereraXro: with em,
enjoin upon, command, intrust.
T&.OS, -eos : end, accomplishment.
reeves (T/AV<O, tern pi um): (ground
set apart), consecrated ground, con-
secrated Jield, royal domain. Cf.

Tenedos, an island in the
Aegean Sea near the coast of the
Troad. A 38, 452..

TevepTjSwv, -ovos : father of Prothoos,
a Magnesian. B 756.

Wvwv, -OVTOS '. tendon, sinew. A 521.

TO [rtvos] : gen. of Tts, who ? 42 c.
T6os [o-ds] (tuus) 3 : thine, thy. 42 b.
Tpas, -arcs : sign, portent. A 76.
re'pTjv, -ava : soft, delicate. F 142.
repiri-Ke'pavvos (rpeTrco) : wielder of

the thunderbolt. Epithet of Zeus.
rcpirofiai, aor. pass, subjv. Tpa.Tre.io-

fjLtv ( 45 a): take delight, enjoy

myself. T 441.
Tr<rapaKovTa : forty. B 524.
To-(raps, ace. recrcrapas : four. B 618.
TTa-yv : redupl. aor. partic. from

the root ray (tangere), seize.

43 e.

(reo'O'apes) 3 : fourth. TO
, adv. : the fourth time.

TTCUr0T)V, T^TttVTO '. plpf of TtV(O,

stretch. A 536.

TTTjKa : perf. of T^'/CCD, melt away.

rrXT]Ka, imv. rerXaOi, partic.

TCS : bear, endure, suffer ; have the
heart. See rXtjaofJun. A 228, 586.

TTfj.v, aor. : found, came upon.

Tcrpa(ji|jLevoi : perf. pass, partic.
TptTToo, turn. E 605.

TTpa-irXfj : fourfold. A 128.

TTpa-<|>aXT]pos : with four knobs (or
protuberances), which seem to have
been used to strengthen the hel-
met, and perhaps to catch the
blow of a sword. E 743.

T6Tpax0d : into four pieces. F 363.

rcrp'fjxa : was in commotion ; plpf. of
Tapcurcra), disturb. B 95.

TTpi-ywTas : with cXecii/a, uttering
piteous cries ; perf. partic. of T/oia>,
make a shrill noise. B 314.

Terra : old fellow, informal address
to an elder. A 412.




TTTI|, -Zyo?: cicada, locust. T 151.

T'TUKTCU j)'rf..TTvy|ivov pcrf. partic.,
TCTVKOVTO redupl. aor.: of rev^u,
build, make ready. rcTUKTVu: i*pr>-
jiand. appnhttitl. reVvKTo: was.
A 467, T 101, Z 7.

rev [TO/OS] : enclitic gen. of res, a/?//
one, many a one. 42 c. B 388.

TevOpavCSrjs : .von of Teuthranus,
Axylns. Z 13. C/. Tci^pas.

Tv0pas, -avros : a Greek. E 705.

Ttvicpos : Teucer, son of Telamon,
lialf -brother of Ajax, best bow man
in the Greek army. Z 31.

TeurajiiS-qs : son of Teutamus, Lethus.

rtvxos, -co?, pi. : arms, armor. Z 28.

TV>X<>, fut. inf. as pass. Tcua0ai,


perf. TCTVKTCU : make, 'mild, make
read if, a/>/>oinf, cause ; pass, is built,
is appointed, occur*, is. A 4, B 101.

TC'XVT] : art, skill. Cf. TIKTUV.

TTJ. adv.: ///>/>, //</////r. E 858.

T/JKCD, perf. TfTrjKa (//ir/?r) : w// <t'i'di/,
waste aicay. F 170.

) : far. far away. Cf.
i, Tr)X.av.

TriXc06w-<ra : jlmirix/i in;/: fcin. partic.
of T7/A.c^a<o. 47 f. Z 148.

Tti\-K\iTos : fnr-f<iiiil. Z 111.

T^X^axos: Trlrmiiclius, only child
of Odysseus and IN-m-lope. B 2GO,
A-"'l. II.- was an infant when
his failii-r Mnliarked for Troy.

TT]X6-6v : j'rnni fur <nr,ii/. A 270.

Tt)X6-6i, with MI.: far f mm. A 30.

niX6-<r : in a distanc, .far a>cay.

rqXov: far a>ra//. E 17!'.

3 : Inat-lnrit, tlt-arly beloved.
(Of doubtful nieaniiii;-.)

: a high mountain in Mysia.
B 82!).

Tt<rK6To: iterative impf. of TU, jtrizf,
honor. .">!. A ID.

T(6tijit, fut. 6r'](TLv, aor. ()OrjKC, (!)0e-
<rav, aor. subjv. Orjgs [Ofjs, 52 c],
aor. opt. Oeirjv, aor. imv. ^t'?, aor.
inf. Oeivai, dtpf-van. (do) : place, put,
cause, make, nut in order (with ev).
A 433, B 285, Z 27:5.

Ti9T|VTi : nurse, attendant. Z 132.

T(KTO), aor. TCKOV, ITCKC? : or///^/ forth,
bear, beget, am father of. Cf. re-

ri|ido>, fut. rt/AT/orovat, aor. Tt/iT/cra? :
/tonor, (/<iin Jtonor for. A 505.

: recompense, retribution, satisfac-
tion, honor. Cf. Trotvrj. A 159.
D, aor. crim^e : />//</, tic itch.
: /mnish. Y

rtvw, fut. Tt&e&Oai, aor. rfVeiar. ert'-
aaro (TI/U.^) : y>rt# tX&penalty,*atoM
for ; mid. ea:ac/ satisfaction. />nnis/t.
A 42, F 366.

rdrre. T(TTT' or Ti<J>0' (rt TTOTC) : /r/< // /
irhji prnu? A 20L'. A 213.

Tipvvs, -^os, f.: town in Argolis, fa-
mous for its Cyclopean walls.

rfe, rt', gen. TCO (quis), interrog.
pron. : who? ichat? t? TI: //""
///// ? rt (ace.) : tt'/i// ? wherefore f

rls, ri, gen. TO), enclitic indef. pron. :
an >/ one, some one, many a one. TI:
a////, /// mil/ iraij. at all. 42 c.

riraivw (TCU/CO) : dratr, stnfc/,. \



T\atT)s aor.

Tfrravos : mountain of Thessaly. T\TJ<rofiai fut., C)T\T] aor.,

B 735. opt., T^rXTjKas perf., Ter\a0i imv.,

TiTap-fjouos : river in Thessaly which TT\t]6Ts partic. (from root ra\-,

flows into the Pencils. B 751. cf. tuli) : bear, endure, suffer,

TiTvoTKOjiat : make ready, aim. F 80. have the heart. B 299.

From the East Pediment of the Temple at Aegina

riot, iterative impf. Tie'cr/cero, aor.
erZous (TI/ATJ) : prize, honor. A 46.

rX^ncov, -oi/os : enduring. E 670.

TXivn-6\p.os : Tlepolemus, son of
Heracles (Hercules), leader of
the Rhodians. B 653, E 656.

TjiwXos : a mountain in Lydia, near

Sardis. B 866.

TO : therefore. Adv. ace. of 6, 17, TO.
ToC [<rot] (tibi), dat. of 2d pers.

pron. (TV : thou. 42 a.
ToC, asseverative particle : indeed, of



a truth, you may know, I assure you.
(Originally the preceding, as an
ethical dative.) Enclitic.

roC, for 01 : the, these; or for ot: irho.

roifdp : therefore, and so. A 76.

roios ; > : such. F 46.

Toioo-Sc, -7J&, -oVfe: such, such as this,
such as that. With inf. such as
to. -& is 'deictic.' 42 c. B 129.

TOIOVTOS, rouivTr), TOWVTO : such.

TOKfics. pi. (TI'KTW): parents. F 140.

ro|i^ (TC/AVCO) : (cutting), stnwji.
A 235.

r6ov : fow, often pi., referring to the
three parts of one bow, the two
ends being made of horn, and the
connecting piece

("WO ^"S of
wood. Its manu-
facture from goat
bornfl is described

in A 105 ff., where
the bow of Pan-
darus seems to
be about six feet
in length (some-
what longer than

the old English lx>\\). Horn is
the material also of Odysseus'
bow (v 395), but it has so little
elasticity that the wooden part of
the bow would seem the most im-
portant. The bowman generally
shot from a kneeling posture.

T<xr6<r8, TOOT7&, rotrovSt : equiv. to
TOO-OS. -& is 'deictic,' so great as t hut.

T6<r(o-)os 3 : so nrt'nt, so much, an fur.
so long; pi. often so many, rwr-
(<r)ov: adverb.

TOO-O-OVTOS, TO<r<ra.vTr), Tocrcrovro: equiv.

to roVos. 42 c. B 328.
rdre: then. A 92.
TovvKa (TOV evexa, 26): therefore,

on that (iccounl. A 291.
r6(f>pa : .sv> I out/. A 509.
Tpaimo|iv [rapTrw/xevJ : aor. pass.

subjv. of rcpTTOfMU, enjoy myself.

31, 51rf. F441.
Tpd<|>v [eVpa^T^rav, 44 m]: aor. pass.

of rpc^MO, nurture, bring up.
rpoL4>ov : grew up ; aor. of rp<fxD.
rpis, Tpia (tre s, three) : three. B 671.
rp^iro), aor. expose, ()rpa7re, perf.

partic. rf.rpa.fjip.ivot. : turn, turn
from (my) purpose ; mid. turn

myself, turn. E 605.
rp'4>w, aor. Opeif/f and lrpa.<^irr]v, aor.

pass. Tpdffrr], Tpa<f>tv [er/aa^T^rav] :

nourish, nurture, rear. The 2d aor.

is intrans., grew up. A 251.
rpfyw, aor. !8pa/A : run. E 599.
rp&> (terror): flee in fright. E 256.
TpT|pv, -oovos (rpew) : timid. E 778.
: of uncertain meaning ; per-

haps inlaid, with reference to

decorations ; perhaps pierced, \vith

reference to the holes in the frame-

work of the bedstead for the straps

which supported the mattress.


fros : Trachis, a Thessalian

town near Thermopylae. B 682.
: an Aetolian. E 706.
- -MJt : rnunh, unrrr-n. jnnnnl.

(three -edged},
three - larbed.
E 393.



perf . partic. Terplyuras : make
a shrill noise . rerplywra.*; eAcetra :
uttering piteous cries. B 3 14.
: thirty. B 516.

TPIK(K)TJ: Tricca, Thessalian town.
B 729, A 202.

T pi-ir\TJ (triplex): threefold. A 128.

rpis : three times, thrice. A 213.

Tpwr-Kai-8eKa : thirteen. E 387.

Tpiraros (r/otVos) 3 : third. Tpi.ra.roi:
those of the third generation. A 252.

TpiTo-yc'veia : Trito-born. Epithet of
Athena (Minerva). A 515. It
is perhaps best treated as a proper

Tpfrrov, with TO : third, for the third
time. T 225, Z 186.

Tp\a (T^K'S) : in three parts. Cf.TpL^Od.
: nom. pi. of Op%, hair. T 273.
ixa, 30 i) : in three parts,
into three pieces. F 363.
oiJ^jv, -^vos : Troezen, town in
Argolis, near the coast. B 561.

: son of Ceas, father of
Euphemus. B 847.

Tpohj : (1) sc. yrj, the Troad, in the
northwest corner of Asia Minor,
with Ilios as its capital. B 162, 237,
T 74, 257, A 175, Z 315. (2) Sc.
TroAi?, Ilios, Troy itself. A 129,

rpofios (rpe/xw) : trembling. F 34.

Tpo\os (rpe'^w) : wheel. Z 42.

Tpv-4><x\6ia (<aAo5) : helmet. T 376.

Tpuai or TpwdScs, pi. : Trojan women.

Tps, -<ov, pi. : Trojans. A 256.

Tpwtos: of Tros. E 222. T/oaitot
ITTTTOI : horses which Zeus gave to
Tros in exchange for Ganymed.

: Trojan. (Or,

T P (6 S , gen. Tpwos: Tros, king of
Troy, son of Erichthonius, father
of Ilus, Assaracus, and Ganymed.
E 265. See 7 e.

, aor. partic. rvx^o-a?, 2d aor.
rvxrj): hit, hit upon. plv
ovra rv^tv : hit and wounded him.
rv^e dfjidOoto ftaOtLrjs : struck in
deep sand. A 106, E 587.

TvSttSrjs : son of Tydeus, Diomed.
E 1, 281.

TvScvs : Tydeus, son of Oeneus of
Calydon, brother of Meleager
(B 642), father of Diomed. Hav-
ing slain some kinsman, he fled
to Argos, where he married a
daughter of King Adrastus. He
was one of the l Seven against
Thebes.' B 406, A 365 ff., E 126,
800 ff., Z 222.

TVKTOS (rev^o) 3 : well made. TVKTOV
KO.KOV : a thorough evil. E 831.

rv|i(3os (tomb} : burial mound.
[<nT], 2d pers. pron. : thou.
(TVTTTW): Mow. E 887.

TVTTTW, aor. rfye: smite, strike.

Tin-Bos : little, young. rvrOov : a little.
ov$ rvrOov : not even a little.

Tv<t>\6s (deaf, dumb): blind. Z 139.

Tv<j>6xis, -eos : Typhoeus, a giant
buried by Zeus beneath a moun-
tain. His efforts to rise cause
earthquakes. B 782 ff.

TV\<E, rvx^o-as : aor. of rvy^avco, hit.
A 106, E 587.

ra>or TW, adv.: then, therefore.

TWS, adv. : thus, rois is related to
o>s as rot to the article 01. F 415.



town in Phocis. B .VJ1.
-109 : insultiny conduct, inso-

lence. A 203.
\ryp6s (hyyronit-ter) o : tratery, liquid.

A 312, E 903.

v5pos (otter) : trater snake. B 723.
vSo>p, gen. V&XTO9 (wet) : water.
vufc, gen. vtos, dat. vu, vict, ace. vloV,

voc. vu, dual vie, nom. pi. vie?,

vices, uiefc, dat. uuun, ace. viexs,

vlas : son. See 37 c. A 21, 162,


vlwvds (vids) : son's son. E 631.
"YXtj and "YXr) : //yte, town on a

height near Lake Copais. B 500,


5Xt| ( s i 1 v a) : wood, forest. T 1 51 .
i>XT|-is, -co-o-a : woody. Z 396.

or vjifis. gen. v/AW, dat.
, vfj.fu(v), pi. 2d pers. pron. :

you, ye. 42 a. A 274, A 348.
Crepes or iijios (v/ms) 3 : your.
virat : for VTTO, under. 55 rf.
vir-ato-o-w, aor. partic. v

/'/V>/// U////r/'. B 310.

vir-avruxo), aor. partic.

/;/' v , 7/ieef. Z 17.
viraros (suinmus) 3: mew<

E 7-'i.
vir-c'Stwrav : aor. of vTroSeiScj, ,/ear a

superior power. A 406.
vir-iKw, fut. V7Tt^o/ouu, aor. subjv.

vTroci^o/xtv : concede, yield, give way.

A 294, A I;L>.

uirtp-'xw : for VTrepe^w, /)/// oi'er,
H lL''. F L'l.

: ]>r< i'mimnt. Z J08.

'Yiretpwv, -ovo?: a Trojan, slain by
Diomed. E 144.

VTT-^K : out fro/it nnd< /\ turiii/ from.

vir-K-<j>pa), impf . v7re^</>/3Ov : bear
out of, carry atray from. E 318.

{nr-K-4>v-yci), aor. frrac^uyc : escape.
E 22, Z 57.

vir-'v6p66(v), adv. : beneath, from
under. With gen. B 150.

VHT^P (super, oi-er), prep, with ace.
and gen. : orer, a/wve, beyond, con-
trary to.

(1) With ace. inrcp o>/w>v ^A.v^c
aK(DKr) ly^eos : fAe spear point came
above (over) the shoulder; vrrep
awrai/ : beyond what is fating : inrep
opKia : contrary to the comjiactx.

(2) With gen. arq vrrcp Kifa.-
A^s : took his stand above (Ais)
head ; artpvov vrrtp /xa^oto : breast
above the nipple; ittarfyfirp pe^ou
VTrep Aavawv : sacrifice a hecotomh
in behalf of the Greeks ; vrrep criBcv
al(T^i OKOWD : 1 hear reproaches on
thy account (about thee).

inrep : for vTrcp, when it follows its

case. 55 c. E 339.
vnrcp-aXXopai, aor. partic. vrrepoA-

/ACVOS : leap over. E 138.
Virep-Peuru] (vTrcpySatVto) : transf/n sxion.

r in:.

'Yirpia : Hyperea, spring at Pin-rat'
in Tlu-ssaly. H ~:\\. 7. i:7.

virp-'xw or virnpt'xw. anr. stiljv.
VTTtpffxr) : hold or, /. /,/> r above.
ot \iipas vTretpe^e : ///A/ /r/x hands
or, r liiin, i., . il< f< nil, d //t/n. E 433.

virtp-iivop&rtv, -OVTO?
liani/hty. A 176.



'YirpTi<rtT] : an Achaean town on the
Corinthian Gulf. B 573.

virp0(v): above, on top. B 218.

vire'p-Ovjios : high-spirited. B 746.

(nrp-Kt8avTs : glorying overmuch, ex-
ulting ; pi. of VTre/3Kv8as (/<{)8os).

viTp-fjiVT|s, -es (^aei/os) : all powerful.
Epithet of Zeus. B 116.

v-irep-p-opa : beyond what is fated.

virepoirXfTj : arrogance ; pi. arrogant
acts. A 205.

vir^p-<rxt|: aor. subjv. of vTrcpe^w,
hold over. A 249.

vnrp<j>(a\os : insolent, man of violence.

iircpwiov (vTTtp) : upper chamber.

vir-<rrqv, vir&rrav [vTrecrr^o-av] : aor.
of v<f)icrTr)fu, promise. B 286.

VH-^XCD, aor. partic. VTTOO-^WV : hold
\under, put mares to the stallion.

vir - fjviKav : aor. of i>7ro<epo>, bear
away from danger. E 885.

vir-urxv&>n<u, aor. imv. V7rd(r^eo, aor.
inf. vTroa-x^crOaL : promise. A 514.

VTTVO (somnus) : sleep. B 19.

viro and virat ( 55 d) (sub), adv.
and prep. : under, beneath. VTTO
flpeov e/o/xara vrywv : took props from
under the ships. VTTO 8' ep/xara
TavvT<rav : (stretched) placed props
beneath. vjral iSecrxe : always
looked down. VTTO rpd/xos etXev
'A^atovs : trembling seized the
Greeks beneath (i.e. in their knees).
VTTO x^wv Kova/3t^e : the earth rum-
bled beneath. VTTO Tpoies KKa-
8ovro : the Trojans withdrew before

(1) With ace. VTTO O-TTCOS TjAcure
(A,rj\a : drove his flock under (the

shelter of ) a cave ; VTTO vyov rjyayt :
led under the yoke ; v-rro'IXiov rj\0c. :
came under the walls of (i.e. to)
llios ; VTTO rei^o? dyaydvra : leading
under the wall; VTT oo-reov ^Xv^'
a.KO)Kir] : the point penetrated to the
bone ; VTTO Kv\\-r)vr)<; 6po<s : at the
foot of Mt. Cyllene ; viral 7rd8a
V l8rys: at the foot of Mt. Ida.

(2) With dat. VTTO TrAaravta-TO) :
under a plane tree ; VTT ovpavw :
beneath the heavens ; VTTO T/xa>Aa> :
at the foot of Mt. Tmolus; eurai/
VTTO 4 > 'T/ < ? ' placed under an oak;
VTTO X 6 / 30 " 1 '' 1 ^ 7r ^ Sovpi: under (i.e.
by) hands, spear; VTTO TvSciSi; K\O-
vtovro ^>aAayyes : the ranks were
driven before the son of Tydeus ;
0ewi/ VTTO TTO/XTTT;: conducted by the
gods; Ev/xy/Xos, TOV VTT' 'AS/AiJTO)
TK *AX.KyrTi$ : Eumelus, whom
Alcestis bore to Admetus.

(3) With gen. under, by. wo
reXa/xoii/os : under the strap ; Ovrj-
(TKOVTCS v(f> "E/cropos : slain at the
hands of Hector; vfjts Kovdflrjaav
avcravTOiv VTT 'A^ataiv : the ships
resounded as the Greeks shouted
(as a result of their shouting)',
Oc.iv6fj.tvai V7TO AvKovpyov: smitten
by Lycurgus; TrcAe/cvs eiorti/ 8ta
8ovpo5 vrf dvepos: the axe (goes)
is driven through a beam by a man.

vrro : for VTTO in some instances
when it follows its case. 55 c.

viro-p\^8Tjv : interrupting. A 292.

viiro-8ei8, aor. V7re'8ei<jav, plpf. vrre-
8et8to-av : fear, shrink before.

aor. {>7re8e'aTO : receive..



vir6-8pa (otpKOfJuai) : nskam;-, darkly.

A 148, B 245, A 349.

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