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ap' ta-av ws u re B 780. (p has been lost more frequently than any
other initial consonant. See 32.)

k. a. A long final vowel or diphthong in the arsis of the foot is
generally, but not always, shortened before a following vowel :
Ar/HtSou re KCU oAA.ot liMCPty/udcs *A^atot A 17, r^i/ 8' eyo> ov Avcrw A 29.
The shortening of a long vowel is essentially the elision of half the
vowel ( 27 d).

(3. Final cu, ot, are most frequently shortened before an initial
vowel. Final ot is shortened eight times as often as final y.

y. The diphthongs ending in v seem to have been more firm in
retaining their quantity than those which end in t.

8. This shortening of diphthongs seems to indicate a tendency
of the final t or v of the diphthong to go into its cognate y (j)
or w (f) sound and disappear (cf. 23 /). In Pindar, also, a
final diphthong is shortened five times as often as a long final
vowel. Of course there was no hiatus as long as the y or w was

c. Final o> and 77 are shortened before an initial vowel more
rarely than other diphthongs. o> is seldom shortened except before
an c or (less frequently) an a.




1. Before a pause (as before the close of the verse ; see 57 &), a
short vowel may be used in place of a long vowel : eKWpo-ai Hpia-
fj.oLo TroXiv A 19- | w w | ww|^A. Not infrequently thus
the short final vowel of a vocative takes the place of a long syl-
lable, even w vie Utreuo A 338 ; in such cases the nominative form
generally could be used. The pause in the rhythm occupies the
remainder of the time which would be spent in pronouncing a long
syllable, ^M J == J J. Before a pause, also, a long final vowa
may preserve its quantity although the following word begins with
a vowel, as dAA.' OVK 'Ar/oti'Sry 'Aya/xe/xvovi A 24, just as a verse
may close with a short vowel although the next following verse
begins with a vowel, as cpto-avre | 'Arpei'S^ A 6 f .

m. A few verses seem to begin with a short syllable, as os y8r)
rd T covra A 70 (for os /retSr?, 32).


I'm: Homeric Mss. are better and more ancient than those of
any other secular Greek author. In all, more than out- hundred are
known and described. In the last century about fifty portions of
tin- /////'/ were found written on papyrus in Egypt, some of them
written before the beginning of our era, and others are found
almost every year. The most valuable of all Mss. for the Homeric
text, and far the most valuable for the old Greek Commentary
(S^oAta), is known as Venetus A, in the library of San Marco at
Venice. It contains the entire Iliad, with Introduction and Scholia,
on 325 leaves of parchment in large folio, 15 x 11 inches. It was
written not later than the eleventh century of our era.

The earliest printed edition of Homer was that of Demetrius
Chalcondylas, in two large and handsome volumes, Florence, 1488.

The text published by Henricus Stephaiius, Poetae Graeci prin-
cipe* Jit-ru'tci rill-minis, Paris, 1566, long served as the vulgate.

Tlu most important critical editions of the Iliad are those of
Bekker (1858), La Roche (1873), Nauck (1877), Christ (1884), van

ILeemven and Da Costa (1895).
Convenient text editions are those of Dindorf-Hentze (Leipzig,
1884) and Cauer (Leipzig, 1890).
The most scholarly Kn^lish edition of the Iliad is that of Leaf,
in two volumes, London. Vol. I, ed. 2, 1900; Vol. II, 1888.
The most complete exe-etieal edition of the Homeric poems is
that of Anieis-Hent/.e (K. !'. Ann-is and C.irl Hentze), published by
Teubner at Leip/i^. with (lerman notes, to which the present edi-
tion for schools is greatly indebted.

The most convenient small work treating of (a) the general
literary characteristics of the poems, (b) the Homeric world, (c)
Homer in antiquity, (d) the Homeric question, is Homer: An Intro-
(hirtinn tn thf I/in,] ,,n<l f/ir Ot/i/xsey, by Professor Jebb, Boston, 1887.
Monro's Grammar of the IIi,n>ri<> Dialect, 2d ed., Oxford, 1891,

is the best work on the subject in any language.



( after Kiepert )




>Of f ,1:1
w>*< ,


* A.\<f>a Xrrcts Xptfcrov, \oifjL6v <rr/)arou,

Alpha preces CArysae, pestn maZa, iurgia regum.

'Alpha the prayer of Chryses sings:
The army's plague: the strife of kings.'

Xot/xog. fjirjvis.
Invocation of the Muse. Theme of the Iliad.

oetSe, #ea, IT^X^taSew 'A^tXrJo?

77 pvpi* 'A^atot? aXye' 0r)Kv,
8* t($tju,ou9 i//u^a,9 *.
rjpatajv, avroug 8e eXcopta rev
5 olojvolo-i re Satra, Ato? 8' eVeXetero

POVN ^ ^ / >/


ou ir ra TrpcoTa tacrrr'^^ eptcra^re
re ai^af aj/8a^ /cai SLOS 'A

The Injured Priest. The Avenging Apollo.

iu? /cat Ato? vtd?. 6 yap /3acrtX7yt
10 vovcrov OLVOL (rrparov wpcre /ca/c^V, oXe'/co^ro 8e Xaot,

ou^e/ca roi^ Xpvcrrjv 7}rt/xacre^ dprjTrjpa

'ArpefST]*?. 6 yap 7jX$e ^00,9 eVt

Xucrd^te^dg re Ovyarpa fiepwv r* aTrepetcrt 3

crre/x/xar e^w^ eV ^epcrt^
15 ^pvcra) avoi (TKTjTTTpa), /cat eXurcrcro TrdVrag ',

*Arpe^8a 8e /xaXtcrra 8ij

" 'ArpetSat re /cat aXXot e'l

els Oeol 8oTez/ {OXvfjLTna Soj/xar'

KTTpO~aL TlpldjAOLO TrdXlZ/, CU 8' OtACttS' LK(T0ai

20 7rcu8a 8' e'/xoi ^vcrou re ^lA/qp, ra r* avowa

tO9 VloV, K7}/36\OV '

dXXoi /xez^ Tra^rec

^ ieprja Kal ayXaa
dXX* ov/c 'Arpefog ' ^^yap.ep.vo
25 dXXa K::6)s a^uei, Kparepov 8' CTTI

" ^17 cre yepov, KoiXricriv lya) Trapa vyvcrl
rj v\)v ^yOvyovT rj vcrrtpov OLVTIS IOVTGL,
p,rj vv TOL ov aLCTJir (TKTTTov KCU


8* eyaj ov Xycrco- ?r/3tV /xti/ /cal yrjpas ITT^KJI
30 (r}p,Tpa) ivl OLKCO iv 'Apyei, Tfj\60i 77^x7/3175,

\ \ >




Prayer of the Old Priest and its Answer.

c\ VI VO. O t ^ /" V 5 //}

<^S e<pa,T , eoeicrez' o o vepw^ /cat eTretc/ero

V ' / r . ,

firj 8' aLK.(i)V 7T(

35 TToXXa 8' eTTCtr'

*~" /i r ^ if' j~~* "* /!' r v

tvUG Ki^v{ rjpau o yepaios

a/cn, ro^ v/co/xp? re/ce
apyvpoTot;', 05 Xpv(rr)i> a^
, Tei^eSoio re l^

40 17 t


TTore rot Kara TTLOVOL

ravpwv ^8' alywv, rd8e //,oi Kprjrivov eV

Aaz^ao e^ita SaKpva <Totcrt

<*"/ '/ ^0,> "V"\ ' ' >fx ^ O ' -

a>5 (par eu^o/xe^o?, rov o e/cXve Ootpo?

45 rd^' a>fjLOi(TLv
i> 8*


otcrrol eV

From the statue in the V.itii.tn Museum, Koine


avrov Ktvyffevros 6 8' ^te VVKTL e'

"~5y~" S ' - T *' / ,. <- '\05tv

eer eTretr cnravevve vzuv, /xera o tor
Jteusr) Se /cXayyr; yeVer* dpyvpe'oto /3toto.
50 ovprfas p.v TrpaiTov eVar^ero /cat /cuj>as a
avrap eTretr' aurotcrt /3eXo5 l^eTrev/ce? $ptts

atet 8e Trvpal vtKvw Kaiovro 6'a/xeta.t.

Assembly of the Achaeans (53-305). Achilles calls an Assembly to
consult with Regard to the Plague.


8e/cari7 8' ayo/D^V8e AcaXecrcraro

55 TOJ ct3 e?rt

KTifSero yap Aa^awi^, ort pa OvTJo-Kovras opaTO. {

t <~ - > > \ f -^* "'/I-*' / ^

ot o eTret ouz/ rjyeputv o/x^yepee? re ye^o^ro,

- wr c ^>y- /i /o \\^v)-\>/

rotcri o a^tcrra/xei/o? /xere(p7? Trooa?

a/x/xe TraXtz^ TrXay^^eVra^ ot'w

ai/; aTro^oo-rifcret^, et Kz> Qdvarov ye (^vyoi^ev^

* s* - t - **' ^ x c - \ v y /

ei 017 o/xou 7roXe/A09 re oa/m /cat Aot/>to5 A^atovg.

aXX* aye Sr; rti^a pavriv epeto/xez/ 17 ieprja

*VSV- /\ \ / V 5 A / 5

17 /cat olsipO7ro\ov, /cat yap r ovap e/c Ato? ecrrt^,
09 /c r etTrot ort rocro-o^ e'^wcraro ( ftot/3o5 'ATroXXa^,
ei r' ap' o y' ev^wX^? eVt/ie'^^erat er ^' e/c ar o/x/^ 9,

at /ceV 7TW9 apvuv Kvia"r)<$ alywv re TeXetan> ^^

n /x V > ,-/>. V '

pouXerat avTiaaa^ rjfJLw OLTTO \oiyov

Calchas states the Cause of the Plague.

rot o y* o>9 etVco^ /car' ap' e^ero, roto-t 8* av(TTrj
a^a9 <" i )ecrropt8T79, oitovoTTO\u>v 6^ aptcrro9,

/ J S / ' 5 / / > , /

<o 09 17017 ra r eo^ra ra r ecro~o/Aei>a vrpo r eoi^ra,
/cat z^eo-o-' ^yr^crar' 'A^atai^ v lXtoz^ etcrcej

Sta jjiavToa'vv'^v, rr*v ot Trope C l>ot/3o9 'ATrdXXa;j/.


o o-fyiv lv <f)povo)v dyopij(TaTO

K Xeat ^,, Sttc^tXe,

75 jjifjviv 'ATToXXwi'os, e/caTTi^SeXeVao aVa/cros
rotyap lya)v e'pe'w, cru Se crw#eo, /cat /AOL
17 /ieV /xot 7rp6(f)pct)v tTrecnv /cat ^epcrlv OL
y yap oiOfjiaL aVSpa ^oXajo"e/>tei/, 05 /xeya Trd
'ApyetW Kpareei, /cat ot ireiOovTai *A^atot.
80 /cpetcrcra>^ ya/o ^SacrtXeu?, ore ^cucrerat
et 7Tp yap re ^oXoi' ye /cat avrrjfMap
dXXa re /cat /xero7rtcr#ei> e^et /coror, o<^>pa reXecrcrTj,
ei^ (TTijOeo'O'Lv eotcrt. cri) Se c^pctcrat et /AC craajcret?."
TO*' S* a7ra/Aet^8d)Lte^o5 Trpocre^rj vrdSa? w/cug 'A^tXXevg'
85 " ^apcnfcra? /xaXa et?re Oeotrpomov STL olcrOa
ou /ia yap 'ATroXXw^a Stt / <tXo*>, w re cru,
ev^ofjievo^ Aai^aotcrt OeoTrpoirias
ov rt9 e/xeu ^W^TO? /cat e?rt ^9
crot /cotX^9 Trap a ^77 vert jSapeta? ^etpag eVotcret
90 (rvfJiTroivTCDV Aaz^aw^, ovS* ^i/ 'Ayayxe/x^o^a etTrry
05 vvj' TroXXo^ aptarog 'A^atwz/ eu^erat etz^at."

/cat rdre 77 Odpcrrjcre /cat rjvBa jJidvTL
" ovr* ap' o y' ev^wXT}? eVt/xe/ic^erat ou^
dXX* eVe/c' ap^r^po?, 6V 777^770"' '
95 ouS* aTre'Xvo-e Ovyarpa /cat ou/c aTreSe^ar' a

TOVVGK ap' aXye' eSa)Kv K7]/36\os 7)8' ert Swo~et.
ovS* o ye 7rpti> Aat'aotcrti/ det/ce'a Xotyoi^ a
Trarpt <t'Xa> Sd/iei^at eXt/cw7rt8a
avdiroivov, ayeiv 0' ieprjv
100 e? Xpvcrrjv rdre /ceV /xtz/ tXao"O"d/xe^ot


Agamemnon is Ready to give up Chryseis, but demands Recompense

? v > c \ >\ f * vy cs '

77 TOL o y o>9 etTrajj' /car ap eeTO, Tourt o ai/earr;
eupu /cpeta>i>
Se /xeya <

ocrcre Se ot Trupt Xa/ATrerdw^n lucrr)v.
105 KaX^ai/ra TTpamcrTa KOLK

/ca/cai^, ou TTOJ TTOTC /xoi TO Kpyvov

atet roi ra /ca/c' e'art <)iXa <f>pecrl

S' OUT Tt 7TO) et7ra9 eVo? ouTC Te / Xeo"CTa9.
/cat vvv eV Aai>aotcrt Oeonpoireajp dyopeu
110 ok Sr) TouS' eVe/cct a-c^ty e/C77/3oXo9 dXyea

<Xj> / -.r / \ />

ou^e/c eyo) Kovpys Xpvcrrjioos ayAa a
ou/c 0e\ov Se'f acrOou, eVet TroXu /3ouXo/utat avrrjv
OLKOL \iv. /cat yap pa K\vTaijJiVTJa-Tp7]<;
/couptSti79 dXd^ou, eVet ou e^eV e'crTt
11") ou Se/xa9 ouSe c^ur^y, OUT* ap ^>peVa9 OUTC Tt epya.
aXXa /cat 0)9 e'^e'Xo) Sd^e^at vrdXty, et TO y*
/3ouXo/x* eyo) Xaoy crdoi/ e/x/ie^at 77

aurd/3 e/xot yepa9 aurt^' Tot/Aota'aT', o<^>/)a /XT) 0109
*Apyet'cui> dyepao~TO9 eiw, e?rt ouSe eot/cj>
120 XUO-O-T yap TO ye 7rdi^re9, o /utot yepa9 ep^eTat aXXr;.'

Immediate Recompense is Impossible.

S* rJ/xet^eT* eTretTa TroSdpKrjs 8to9 *A^tXXeu9 ' iflfe

/cu8to~Te, (^tXo/CTea^a/raTe
yap Tot Swcroucrt yepa9 fteya#tyxot '
ouSe' Tt TTOU t8/xei> ^VWJLOL /cet/ie^a vroXXd,
126 dXXa TO, /xei/ TTO\LOJV I^7rpd0op.v y ra Se'SacrTat,
Xaou9 8* ou/c eVe'ot/ce TraXtXXoya Taur* eVayetpet^.
dXXa o-u /xey yu^ T^VSe ^ew 7rppe9, aurap 'Amatol


TpurrXfj TTpair\fj T a7roTLcrop,v, at K iroOi Zev?

Agamemnon will take the Gift of Honor of one of the Achaean

130 TOV 8* a7ra/x<tj8d/jt^O9 Trpocrei^rj Kpeuajv '
" /AT) 877 oura)5, dya^ds Trep ew^, #eoeiKeV
/cXeVre j'da;, 7Tt ov TrapeXevcreat ou8e /xe
77 c^eXet?, o<^)p s aura? ex?? ? 7^ a ?5 avTap

135 dXX' et //,ei> Swcroucrt yepag fjLyd0vp,oi '

apcra^re? Kara OVJJLOV, OTTW? avrd^iov liarrat,
ci 8e /ce /XT) Swwcri^, e'yai Se fcez^ cd/ros
77 reoz^ 77 Aiai>T05 twr yepa?, 17 'OSucrr/o?
afct) eXw^ 6 8e Kei> fce^oXwcrerat, 6V /ce^

140 dXX' 77 rot /xei^ TCLVTOL /x,era^)/)acrd/xecr^a fcal
^C;^ 8* aye ^770, fjieXaivav epvcrcroptv ets aXa
e's 8* e'pera? 77177786? dyeipojite^, e s ? 8 s
@eLOp,v, dv 8* avTrjv XpucrTjtSa Ka\\L7rdpr)Qv
/^Tfjo-ofjiev. ef? Se ns dp^o? d^7)p /3ov\r)<j)6pos terra)

145 77 Ata? 77 'iSo/xe^eug 77 8105 'OSvcrcrev?
7)e cru, Il77XetS77, TTOVTMV e'/CTrayXdrar* d

ex , c v < ,

Kapyov tXacrcreat tepa pefa?.

Achilles reproaches Agamemnon with Ingratitude, and threatens to
return to Achaea.

TCW 8* dp' vir68pa tSott' TTpocre^rj TrdSa? OJKVS '
" a) juioi, d^atSet/^^ eVtet/xeVe, Kep$a\e6(f)pov,
150 TTw? rts rot 7Tp6<f)pa)v eirecriv Tret^rai '
77 680^ e'X^e/ie^at 77 av?>pa<TLv l<f)i
ou ydp eyw Tpajaiv eVe/c' ri\v6ov


8eupo /xa^Tycrd/xe^o?, eVet ou ri /zot alnoi elcriv
ov ya>p TTOJ TTOT' e^tas /3ovs TjXacrav, ovoe

155 ov8e' TTOT' eV <#t77 e'pt/3wXa/ct /BtoTiaveLprj
Kapirov 6*817 \TJo-avT\ eVet 77 /xdXa TroXXd
ovptd re (T/adez/ra OdXacrcrd re -Q^TJecrcra
d\\a (rot, c3 ^.ey* ai/atSe?, a/x* ecrTTO/xe^*, d</)/3a cru
TLjJir)i> apvvptvoi Mei^eXaw crot re, KVVWTTOL,

160 Trpos Tpa>a)v. T)V ov TL p.TaTpTTrj o

/cat ST; /AOI yepas auro? d^atpifcrecr^at a

<w ITTL TroXXa /xdyT^cra, 8do-a^ 8e ^iot v

ou /xe^ o~oi TTOTC Icro^ e^w yepa?, OTTTTOT' 'Amatol


165 dXXd TO jjitv TrXeto^ TroXudt/co?

^etpe? e'jitat SteVouo"', drdp rjv TTOTC 8ao"joto5 t/CT7Tat,
o-ot TO yepa? TroXu /xet^oi/, e'yw 8' o\iyov Te <j)L\ov TC

p^op^ e^cov CTTI ^a?, CTTCI /ce

^Gl/ 8* l/Xl 4>^177^8', CTTCt 7^ TToXv <f)pTpOV (TTLV

170 oi/ca8' ?/x,^ o'vt' vr^vcri Kopa)vi

v \ ^

/cat TT\OVTOV ac

Agamemnon does not heed Achilles' displeasure, and will take his
Prize, Briseis.

TOI> 8* rjfii/3er eVetTa dz/af d^Spw^
" (f)evy yutdX', t Tot 0vp,os e7recro"VTat, ovSe 7 o"' cycu yc
Xtcrcro/Aat etz^e/c' e/Lteto /xeVett' Trap* c/uoi ye /cat dXXot,

175 ot /ce /xe Tt/x^crovcrt, /xdXto~Ta 8e p/qrvera Zevs.
C^OLCTTO^ Se pot ICTCTL StorpC^QW j3ao-i\ij(i)v
atet yap Tot ept? Te ^1X17 TrdXe/xot Te /xd^at Te.
et /xdXa Kaprepos eVo*t, ^ed? TTOU o~ot TO y*
ot/ca8' twi/ o-uz/ VTJVCTL Te crirj? /cat o-ot?

180 Mup/xtSd^eo-o-t^ di/acro-e. <[email protected] 8* e'yct) ou/c d



rot a>



<E>ot/3os 'ATrdXXcoi/,


rrjv /iez> e'yco crvv vr\i r Ifjifj /cat e^itot? erapotcrtj
7re/^i|/co, eyco 8e /c* dyco Bptcr^tSa Ka\\L7rdprjov
185 avrog tcoi> /cXtcrt^^Se, ro cro^ ye^ag, oc/)p' e'u

oo~crov (f>pTep6<; elfja <T0ev, crrwyerj 8e /cat dXXog
e'jLtot <j)dcr0aL /cat o/xotco^jLtej/at d^r^i/."

Achilles is restrained from killing Agamemnon by the Goddess Athena,
who promises Satisfaction.

* '


17 o ye*

eV 8e ot

Xacriotcrt 8ta^8i^a (jLepfjujpL^tv,
ov e'pucrcra/xe^og Trapa
dvao'Tijo'eiev, 6 8* 'ArpetS^^
TravcreLev e^rvcrete re Ovpov.
elo? 6 TOLV0' ajpp,(uv Kara (j>peva Kal /caret
cX/cero 8* e'/c /coXeoto /xeya ft^o?, ?;X^e 8*
195 ovpavoOev irpo yap Y)K Otd, Xev/ccoXez^o?

6/>ta)9 OvfJLCp ^)tXeoucra re /c^SojuteV^ re.
8' omOev, [email protected])<; 8e /CO/XT^? eXe
otw (JHtLvofJievr), TO>V 8' aXXwz/ ou rt? oparo.

f\ ' n ^''A \ ' \^>> / / o,

uafjLprjcrev o A^tXeus, jitera o erpavrer , avrt/ca o
200 IlaXXaS' ' A0r)vai7)v - Set^ai 8e r ot oo~cre <j)dav0ei>.
/cat ju,tz> (^xy^cra? eVea TrTepoevra TTpocrrjvSa
" rtVr* aur', atyto^oto Atog re^og,
rj LVCL vfipiv t8>? 'Aya/xejit^o^o? 'ArpetSao ;
aXX'/e/c^rot eptaj, ro 8e /cat reXeecr^at ottu
^9 vTrepoTrXirjcrL rd^ av Trore Ovpov oXeVc
roz/ 8' aure TTpocreeuTre 0ed, yXau/cwTTtg '
" yXOov e'yw Travcroucra ro cro^ /xeVo?, at /ce
ovpavoOev TTpo 8e' /i* ^/ce ^ect, Xeu/cwXez/og


From the statue in thu National Museum, Nap'es


vp,(o <f)L\ovcrd re KrjoofjLevr) re.
210 dXX' aye XT})/ eptSos, /r^Se ft'(/>os eX/ceo X L P^'
aXX* 77 rot eVecrti> /xeV opeiSicrozs, 0)9 eVerat ?rep.
<58e yap e'f epe'w, TO 8e /cat rereXeo'/AeVoi' ecrrat
/cat Trore' rot rpt? rcxrcra TrapeVo'erat dyXaa Saipa

V/rj V "> \0>V //) CN>

Up/3t05 6LVKa T7](TO6' (TV O tQ-^O, 77tC7eO O

215 TT)^ 8* a7ra/xet/3o/>tet'O5 Trpocre^rj vrdSa? w/cu? '

a-(f)(tJLTep6v ye, #ea, eVo? etpvcrcracr^at,



os /ce ^eot? eVtTret^Tyrat, /AaXa r' e/cXuoi^ auroG.
r^ /cat eV dpyvperj KWTrrj cr^e'^e ^etpa
220 at// 8' e*9 /covXeo^ wo-e /xeya ft<^)O9, ou
^^at^g. 17 8' OvXu/ATTO^Se yS
' e'? atyto^oto Ato? /xera Sat/>to^a<? aXXou?.


Achilles swears that Agamemnon will repent his Action.

8' e'faGrts arapr^pots eir&.(rcriv

^ Trpoo-e'etTre, /cat ov TTW X^ye ^dXoto-
iio " oivo/3ap<;, KVVOS o/x/xar' e)(a)^, /cpaSn^ S* eXa^oto,
oure TTOT* e<? 7r6\p,ov djjia XaaJ
oure Xd^oi^S' teVat cruj^ dpicrTijecrcriv
reVX^/ca? OvfJLO) TO 8e' rot /cr)p etSerat etz^at.
77 770X1; Xajtdv eVrt /caret crrpaTov evpvv 'A^
2:50 8wp* a7roatpeto-#at, 09 rt? alOev dvr'iov etTrr?



7) yap aV, 'Arpet'S^, i/O^ uarara Xw^r^o'ato.
ctXX' e/c rot e'pe'ct), /cat eVt fjLtyav opKov 6/xoGjLtat.
at /u.a rd8e crKrJTTTpov TO /xei/ ou ?rore <f>v\\a /cat o
, eVet 8r) vrpaira ro/xr)^ eV opecrcrt Xe'XotTre^,
ou8* dva07)\ijo-i' ?rept yap pot e ^aX/co? eXe\//e^
re /cat c^XotoV ^ui^ avre' /xt^ ufes '


eV 7ra\dp,r)<; (fropeovcn St/cacrTrdXot, ol re #e//,tcrras
77/309 Atos elpvarai 6 Se' rot ju,eya? ecro~erat op/cos
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Nestor strives to reconcile the Angry Princes: Agamemnon should

not take Briseis ; Achilles should pay Honor to

the Commander- in-Chief.

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dXXot re Tpwe? ju-e'ya fcei' Ke^apoiaro
ei cr^xStz/ raSe vraz/ra TrvOoiaro
ot 7re/Di /te^ fiov\'r)v Aa^awi^, Trept 8' eVre
dXXa TTiOecrO* d/x^>cu Se vecorepa) ICTTOV e/>teto.

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avSpdcriv co/xtXT^cra, /cat ov Trore /x' ot y'
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otof UtipiOoov re Apua^ra re, Trot/xeVa
Kat^e'a r' 'EfaStoV re /cat dvriOtov


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dyTt/Str/y, eVet ov 7ro#' o/xot^? e/x/xope

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280 et 8e cru /capTepd? e'crcrt, #ed Se' ere yeivaro p,rJT7)p,

dXX' o8e c^epTepd? e'crTty, eVet TrXedyecrcrty dydcrcret.

'ATpetSry, crv Se Traue Teoy /xeVo? avrdp lya> ye

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ep/co9 A^atotcrty Tre'XeTat TroXe/xoto /ca/coto.'

Neither of the Angry Men will yield.

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dXX' 08* dvjjp e^e'Xet vrept Trdvrajv e/xjitevat
TravTuv /xey KpaTttiv e'^eXet, Trdz/reo'crt 8'
7rdo~t 8e a"T7/xatVety, a rti/ ou 7retVeo"^at 6ta>.
et 8e x /xty at^/x^T^y eOtcrav Oeol ate*> e'dz/re?,
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X P (7 ^ ptv v TOL lya> ye /xa^r^crojULaL etVe/ca
oure crot ovre TOJ dXXw, eTrei /x' d(^e / Xecr^e / ye ScWe?
300 rw^ ' a\X(ov a fjioi ecrrt ^o?} Trapa

ov/c dz/ rt (eOLS d^eXwz/ OLZKOVTOS

el 8* dye /A^ Trtiprjcrcu, Iva yvaKDcri Kal otSe
aa//d roi al/ia /ceXat^o^ Ipanjcrei Trepl Soupi."

Chryseis is dispatched to her Father. The Camp is purified.
us rw y' avTi/3LOi(TL /xa^cra/xeVo) eTreecrcrti/

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Xaovs 8* 'ArpefST^? aTroXvjJLaiveo'OaL avcoyev.
ol 8* diT\vp,aLvovTO Kal eis dXa Xv/xar* e/
315 ep8oz> 8* 'ATToXXw^t reX'rye'crcras Kar6fJi/3a^

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Kvicrr) 8* ovpavov IKZV eXtcrcro/xeVT] Trepc

Heralds of Agamemnon fetch Briseis from the Tent of Achilles.
co? ol /iei^ rd TTCVOVTO Kara (TTparov ovS ' '

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320 dXX* o ye TaX0v/3i6v re KCU EvpuySdr^z/ 7r/oocre / et7re^,


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kk ep^ecrOov /cXtcrtTji' HrjXrjid^eaj 'A^tX^o?
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et 8e' K jjiTj Saj^crti', e'yai 8e Ktv auros e'Xaj/xat,

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TOV 8* evpov trapd re /cXtcrtr^ /cat 1/77 1

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raj /xez/ TapfirjcravTt /cat atSo/xeVw
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avrdp 6 ey^w ^crti/ eVt (frpecrl <$>a)vj)crtv re-
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dXX' aye, Stoye^e? Tlar/Do/cXetg, efaye Kovprjv
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Trpo? re #eai*> p.aKdpa)v Trpos re OvrjTwv dv

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^petw e'/Aeto yevrjTOLL det/cea Xotyoz^ d/Aui/at
rotg dXXotg. 17 yap o y' oXoiycn (j>p(rl 0vL,
ov8e rt ot8e vofjo~a,L a/xa Trpocro'ct) /cat OTTt
ot Trapa vrjvo'i (TOOL

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-> O v V O T v \ j

Oa/ce o ayeti^. ra> o aurt? 1717^ trapa vrias Avata>i/,

Achilles appeals to his Mother, the Goddess Thetis.

^J7 8* cte'/coucr' d/uta rotcrt yfz/7) /ctei/. avrdp 'A;
8a/cpi;cra9 erdpw^' d(f>ap e^ero vocrfyi Xtacr^et?


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77oXXa Se jJirjTpl ^1X77 rjpjjcroiTo ^etpag opeyz'vg-

77t /A* ere/ce? ye fjLivvv0d$L6v 77ep e'dz^ra,
77ep /xot o^eXXez; 'OXu/x77to5 eyyvaXtfat,
Zev? ui//t^8pejLieT77? z'w 8* ouSe /xe rvrBov ertcrer.
355 77 yctp /x' 'Arpet'8779, evpu /c

eXwz^ yap e^et yepa?, avros
(fxiro 8a/cpu }(ea)j>) TO ^ ^' e/cXue 77orz^ta
eV f$.v0ecr<TLv aXo? 77apa 77arpt yepoz^rt.
At/Aw? 8* dz'e'Su 770X1775 01X05 77^7* 6/xi;
360 /cat pa 77apot0* auroto /ca^e^ero Sd/cpu

re /xtz^ /carepefez^, eVo? r* e<^ar' e/c r' 6z/o
rt /cXatets; Tt 8e x ere <^peVa5 uceTo
XT) KevOe voco, tVa etSo/xez' a/x<^)a)."

Achilles tells his Story.

T7)z> 8e ^8apv arez>dx<wz' irpocrtyr} 77o8a? w/cu?'
365 " olcrOa Tt 77 Tot TavTa ISvirj TTOLVT

oj^d/xe0' es 77^77^, t

TT)^ Se Ste77pa0o/x/eV Te /cat ^yo^ei* eV0dSe TroLvra.

/cat TO, /xez' eS Sdcrcraz>To /xeTa cr^iaiv vte?

e/c S' eXoz/ 'ATpetSTj Xpv^tSa
370 XDVCTTJ? S* av0


re Ovyarpa (frepwv r aTrepetcrt' airoiva
crre/x/xar* e\;w^ eV ^epcrlv e/cTyySdXov 'ATrdXXw^o?
Xpvcrea) di>a cr/CTyTrrpa), /cat eXtcrcrero vraz/ra? '
375 'ArpetSa 8e /laXtcrra 8uw /cocr/xTyrope
eV0' aXXot /ne> Tra^re? 776^77^77 cra^ '

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atoetcrf/at t7 ueprja /cat ayAaa oe^c/at a
dXX' ou/c


dXXct /ca/co>s dc^tet, /cparepoz/ 8' eVt pvOov ereXXei/.

380 ^(t)6jJLi^o<; 8* 6 y4p(t)v Trd\iv ar^ero roto 8' 'AvroXXaj^
eufa//,eVou Tj/coucrez', eVet jitdXa ot <tXo<? T^e^,
77 /ce 8' eV 'Apyetotcrt KO.KOV ySe'Xos- ot Se i/v Xaot
6vri<TKOv eVacrcrurepot, rd 8* eVw^ero /CT^Xa
TTOLVTT) OLVOL (jTpcLTov zvpvv 'A^atw^. dfjijjiL 8e

385 e5 etSw9 dydpeue ^eoTrpovrta? e/cdroto.

avTiK e'yw Trpajro? KeXofJLTjv Oeov tXdcr/cecr^at

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