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He spake : nor disobeyed Cerent's knight.
Then Nestor's steeds the squires received in charge,
Two valiant wights, Eurymedon to wit,
Lover of manly deeds, and Sthenelus.
But both the chiefs upon the chariot stept
Of Diomedes. Nestor in his hands
Then grasped the shining reins and lashed the steeds.
And soon to Hector they drew near. At whom,
As onward straight he pressed, Tydides hurled,
And missed the chieftain, but his charioteer
And squire, of mighty-souled Thebaeus son,
Eniopeus, who reined the steeds, he smote
Full in the front beside the breast ; who fell
From out the car : his coursers stayed their speed,
And there the warrior's strength and life were loosed.
Darkened was Hector's soul with anguish keen
For loss of charioteer : yet left he him
To lie awhile, though for his comrade grieved,
And sought another driver bold. Nor long
His horses lacked a ruler : soon he found
Bold Archeptolemus of Iphitus
The son, whom then behind his fleet-foot steeds
He set, and gave his hands the reins to wield.

And there had havoc been, and deeds been wrought
Irreparable ; and now in I lion
Had all been shut, as lambs within a pen,
Had not the sire of gods and men been quick
To mark it, who with awful thunder-clap
Launched the white-flashing bolt, that close before

G. H. 21


tcaS Be TTpocrO* iinrav AtoaijBeos rj/ce

Beivrj Be <Xof (apro Oeeiov Kaiouevoio, 135

TO> 8' LTTTTCO Seiaavre /caraTrrijTTjv VTT o^eacf>Lv.

Necrropa 8' ex ^eipwv <f>vyov rjvia cnyaXoevra'

Belcre 8' o 7' eV 0vfj,a>, A/.o/z/JSea Be TrpocreeiTreV

" TvBeiBrj, aye 8' aure <o/3oz/8' e^e /xw^u^a? ITTTTOVS.

77 01} yiyvtecr/cei? o rot, e/c A to? ou^ eTrer' aX/t?/ ; 140

varepov avre Ka rjfuv, a K
Bwcrei. dvrjp Be icev ov n Ato? voov elpvo-aairo,
ovBe fjLa)C tyQipo?, eVel 7; TTO\I) (freprepos ecrrtV."

TOI/ 8' rjpelper eTreiTa ftorjv dyaOos AiojjLTJBrjs' 145
" i^al 8/} ravrd ye Trdvra, yepov, Kara p,olpav eetTre?.
d\\d ro8' atVor a%o? KpaBlrjv /cal OvjJibv Ifcdvei'
"Et/crojp yap TTore <f>ij(Ti, evl Tpwe<ro-' dyopevcov'
' Tf BeiBrjs VTT e/jielo <j>o/3evfj,evo? li/cero vi]as'
a;? TTOT' a7reX?7o-t ' Tore /^ot yjavoi evpela yQavT 150

TOI/ 8' T/'/W/Ser' eTretra Teprjvios iTTTrdra Necrrajp*
" cw yuo/-, Tu8eo? u/e Ba'fypovos, olov eenres.
el Trep yap <r "E^Krcop ye KCLKOV Kal dvd\Ki$a <f>r)aei,
aXX' ov ireiaovrai TpcGe? Kal AapBavlayve?
Kal Tpoocov oko-ftpi /j,[email protected])V dcnria-Tawv, 155

rdcov ev KovirjGi ySaXe? 0aXeooi)?

&)9 a/^a (fxovrja'as <f>vyaBe rpdjre
avTis av Icox/jLov' eVt Be Tpooes re Kal r/
7 /%?5 Oeo-Trecrirj fte\ea arovoevra %eovTo.
TO. 8' eVt aaKpov uvae ueyas Kopv6aio\os "EtKrwp' 160
" TvBetBrj, irepl fiev ae TLOV Aavaol
eBprj re Kpeacriv re IBe 7rXaot9
vvv Be <i aTifirjcrovo-i' yvvaiKos dp* dvrl rerv^o.


The steeds of Diomedes fell to ground.

Affrighted both the coursers starting back

Crouched 'neath the car ; from Nestor's hands down slipped

The shining reins ; and sore afraid at heart

To Diomedes thus the greybeard spake:

" O son of Tydeus, haste thee, turn again

Thy firm-hoofed steeds to fly. Dost thou not know

That strength of war from Zeus attends thee not ?

For now the son of Cronos glory grants

To this our foe to-day; to us again

Hereafter, if he please, will grant the same :

And man may nowise thwart the mind of Zeus,

How strong soe'er, for Zeus is mightier far."

Then answered Diomedes good in fray :
" Yea, father, all thy words are fitly said.
Yet feel I sorrow deep in heart and soul :
For Hector mid the Trojans thus will say :
* Tydides fled before me to the ships. '
Thus will he boast anon. Then were I fain
Wide earth should gape and hide me evermore."

And answer made to him Cerent's knight :
" O me, thou son of Tydeus wise in heart,
What words are thine ! If Hector call thee weak
And coward, yet he will not win belief
From sons of Troy or Dardans, or from wives
Of high-souled Trojan shieldmen wives who mourn
Their manly husbands laid in dust by thee."

With that he turned the firm-hoofed steeds to fly
Back through the battle : but the Trojans all
With Hector showered their baleful shafts amain
Behind them with a wondrous din : and loud
Great plumed Hector at his foeman cried:
" Tydides, thee the swift-horsed Danaans once
Honoured preeminent : high seat was thine,
Choice meat, full cups : but now they'll surely stint
Such meed ; for weak as woman thou art found.

21 2

324 IAIAA02 .

eppe, Katcr) y\rjv7j, eTrel ov/c ei%avro<$ e^elo

r)p,erepwv em^aeai,, ovBe yvvaL/cas 165

ev vrjecr(ri' Trdpos roi Balfj,ova "

0)9 <f)dro,
ITTTTOVS re o-Tptyai KOL evavriftiov

rjpi^e Kara (frpeva real Kara
ap CUTT 'ISalcov opec&v icTinre yLt^rtera Zev9
t^i9 Tpcoeacri., /jid^r)^ erepa\Kea vt/crjv.
"E/croop Be Tpcoecro-iv e/ce/cXero patcpovdvcras'
"Tpa5e9 /cal AVKLOI, KOI AapSavoi,

eVre, (fri\oi y fjivr^a-aa-Oe Be OovpiSos

8* on pot, 7rp6(f)pa)v Kareveva-e Kpovlcw 175
viicrjv KOI /j,eya /cuSo9, drdp Aavaolal 76 7rrjfj,a.
vrJTTiot, 01 dpa or) rdSe rei^ea ^^CLVOWVTO

' ovSevoo-wpa' rd 8' ov /zez/o? dfjuov epvgei,
Be pea rdfypov VTrepOopeovrai opv/crrjv.
* ore tcev Brj vrjvalv 7ri <y\a<f)Vpf)(ri ryevwfjLai,, 180

fjLvr)/j,oo-vvr] rt9 e^reira irvpos Brjioio

^37a9 eviTrprjcrw, KTeiva) Be teal
Trapd vrjvaiv, cuTv^ofJuevov^ VTTO /caTrvov."

ITTTTOIO-W e/ce/cXero, <j>wvr)crev re'
11 Kavde re /cal crv UoBapye /cal AWcov Aa/x,7re re Ste, 185

VVV fJLOL T7)V KOfjilBrjV aTTOTLVeTOV, rjV /JidXa 7TO\\1JV

'AvBpo /jud^r), Bvydrrjp jj,eya~\,r)Topos 'Her/coz/09,

vjjiiv Trap Trporepoicri, fjLe\i(j)pova Trvpov eOrj/cev

olvov r ey/cepdo-ao-a Trielv, ore dvfjibs dvcayot,,

rj e/jiOi, 09 rrep ol 6a\epo$ 7roVt9 ev^ofjiai elvai. 190

aXV e(f)0{JLapreirov /cal crrrevSerov, u(f>pa \d/3a)/jiev

dcnriBa Necrroperjv, r^9 vvv Xeo9 ovpavov i/eei,

Trdaav xpvaeirjv e^evat,, Kavovas re /cal avrrjv,

avrdp a?r'


Go, puny doll ! Thou wilt not by my flight,
Or mount our towers, or bear away in ships
Our wives : myself ere that will work thy doom."

He spake : Tydides pondered much in doubt,
To turn his coursers and to face the fight.
Thrice doubtful pondered he in heart and soul ;
Thrice from the crags of Ida thundered Zeus
The counsellor, presaging thus to Troy
Balance of strength and victory in fight.
Then Hector to the Trojans shouted loud :
"Ye Trojans, Lycians, and ye Dardans good
In closest fight, quit you like men, my friends,
And of impetuous valour be your thought.
Now know I that Cronion's ready will
To me grants victory and great renown,
But to the Danaans loss. Poor fools ! who planned,
It seems, these ramparts, feeble, nothing worth,
That will not check my onset ; for my steeds
The spade-dug trench shall lightly overleap.
But soon as to the carved ships I come,
Forget not then destructive fire, that I
May set the fleet aflame, and by their ships
Slay, scared before the smoke, the Argive throng."

With that he shouted to his steeds, and spake :
" Xanthus, and thou Podargus, and withal
yEthon, and Lampus, steed divine, now pay
That careful tendance which Andromache',
High-souled Eetion's daughter, gave ; who served
You first with sweetest grain of wheat, and mixed
Wine for your drinking whenso ye might thirst ;
You before me who am her manly lord.
So follow on, and haste, that we may win
The shield of Nestor, whose renown doth reach
High heaven, that all of gold it is, both targe
Itself and rods that cross the under side :
And from steed-taming Diomedes' arms

326 IAIAAO2 .

SatSdXeov 0c0p7]/ca, rov "H^o-tcrro? icd^e review. 195

1 TOVTQ) ye \d/3oifJieV, e\7Tol/jL7JV KV '

avrovv)(l vrjtov eTTi/BrjaefAev oo/ceidcov.

ew9 e<ar' ev^o/JLevo^, ve/jLeaTjcre Be TTOTVIO, "
aeiaaro ' etVt 6povu>, eXeXtfe Se fjLaKpov "Q\v/jL7rov,
Kai pa Tlo<rei$dc0va fj,eyav 6eov awriov rjvBa'
" c5 TTOTTOI, Ivvoo-i'yaL evpvaOeves, ovBe vv croL Trep
o\\VfJLevwv Aavau,v oXofyvperai ev <f)pecrl Ovpos',
O'L Se TOL e/5 < Ei\l/cr)v re /cat Ai/ya? Sap* dvdyovcriv
TroXXa re Am ^apLevra. o~v Be G$I<TI /3ov\eo
el Trep yap K e6e\oifiev t oaoi kavaolaiv dpcoyol,
T/3ftja? aTTtocracrOai, teal epvtceiiev evpvoTra Z
avrov K ev& aKayono Kadrjpevos oto? ev

rrjv Be perf o^drjcra^ 7rpoae(f)7j tcpetcov ei
" r 'Hprj a7TT067re9, irolov TOV JJLV&OV e
ov/c av eyco <y ede\oi^L Ait- KptWam
T/yu-ea? TOI)? aXXou?, eTrel 77 TroXv fyeprepos ear/v."

to? ot /lev roiavra TT/JO? aXX^Xou? dyopevov'
rwv &\ ocrov etc VT}&V diTQ Trvpyov rd(f)pos eepyev,

T6 /Cttt CLV$pWV

e^Xet 3e ^ow araXaz/ro?

, ore ol Zei)? /cvSos

real vv K eveTTpTjo-ev Trvpl KrjKew vfjas e'i
et /i?) e?rl <f)peal Oijfc 'Aya/jue/juvovi, irorvia "
aura) TroiTTvvcravTi, ^oa>? orpvvai
/8)7 5* te^cu Trapd re /cXtcrta? /cat
7rop(f>vpeov /Jieya ^>apo9 e^a)^ e

rj 8' eV 'OSucrcr^o? fjLeya/crjrei vrfl /j.e\aivrj,
p ev /jLeaadTq) ea/ce, <yeyci)ve/j,ev dfj,(f)OTepa>(T'


That we may strip his corslet rich and rare,
Wrought by Hephaestos. If these prizes twain
We win, then may I hope this night to force
Achaia's sons aboard their flying ships."

Boastful he spake. Whereat indignant chafed
Queen Here, and upon her throne she shook,
That tall Olympus quivered. Turning then
Thus to Poseidon, mighty god, she spake :
" O wondrous shame ! Earth-shaker stout and strong,
Dost even thou no pity feel at heart
For Danaans dying thus ? They bring to thee
At Relief and yEgae gifts full fair
And frequent : wherefore wish them victory.
For should we will it, we the Danaans' friends,
To drive the Trojans back, and to restrain
Loud thundering Zeus, then might he fret and fume
Here sitting all alone on Ida's peak."

To whom in anger hot the earth-shaking king :
" O Here dauntless-tongued, what words be these ?
I ne'er can will that we the rest should fight
With Cronos' son, for he is mightier far."

Such converse they of heaven together held.
Meanwhile the space between Achaia's ships
And rampart flanked by sheltering trench was filled
With steeds alike and shielded men, close penned ;
Whom Hector Priam's son, swift Ares' peer,
Close penned, when Zeus gave glory to his arms.
And with consuming fire the balanced ships
He now had burned : but Here goddess queen
Moved Agamemnon's soul to stir himself
Amain, and swiftly rouse Achaia's host.
So through the tents and ships he took his way i

Bearing a purple robe of ample fold
In his broad hand : and by Odysseus' ship
He stood, that midmost lay, black-hulled and huge,
Whence either way his voice might well be heard,

328 IAIAA02 0.

!//* eV Ari/T09 K\icria<s
778' eV 'A^tXX?/o9, rot p' ea-^ara vf/a^ et<ras 225

eipvcrav rjvoperj rriavvoi Kal /cdprei 'xeipwv.
tjVtrev $e BiaTrpvaiov, Aavaoicri, yeytDvux?'
" at'Sft)?, 'Apyeloi, KCLK e\y^f.a, elSo? cvyrjTol.
Try e/3av ev^co\ai t ore Srj ^)d/jLev elvai apLcrroi,
09, OTTOT' eV Ar}/j,va), /ceveavxees riyopdacrOe, 230

tcpea 7ro\\d ftowv opOotcpaipawv^
/cprjr^pas eVtcrT6^)ea? OLVOIO,
avff efcarov re $ir)KO(ria)V re e/cacrros

ev TroXeyLtw' z/i)// 8' ot)S' ez/o? aftot et/xez/
"Eicropos, 09 ra%a ^^a9 eviTTpija-ei, Trvpl Kr)\eq>. 235

ZeO jrdrep, rj pa riv rj&rj vjrep/jLevewv /3a(ri\rjci)v
rfjtf drp aacras KCLI /J,LV fieja

OV fJL7)V 8/7 7TOT6 ^>7//l,t TOV

vijl TToXv/cXijiSt 7rape\0e/.iev evOd&e eppcov,

l TTCLGl (3ooi)l> &7){IOV Kal fJW)pC (IfCIja, 240

Tpolrjv evrefyeov efaXaTrafat.
a\\a Zev roSe Trep JJLOI eTTifcpiJTji'ov ee\$a)p.
avrovs ty Trep eacrov VTre/ctfrvyeeiv KCLI d\v%ai,
/J>rj& ovra) Tptoe&o-w ea SdfJLvacrOai 'A^atou9."

&J9 <f>dro, rov 8e Trarijp 6\ocf)vparo Sdfcpv ^eovra, 245
vevcre Se ol \aov croov efi/xevai ou8* d7ro\eicr0ai.
avrl/ca 8' alerov rjKe, re\eiorarov TrererjvdSv,
ve/Bpbv e^ovr ovv^eao-i^ rexos e\d(f)0io ra^elrj^'
Trap Be Ato9 /3co/j,a) 7rept,fca\\ei KaftftaXe veftpov,
ev9a 7ravo/j,(j>ai(p Ztfjvl peea-/cov 'A^atot. 250


Or to the tent of Ajax Telamon,
Or to Achilleus' tent, those twain who ranged
Last of the line their balanced ships, secure
In their bold manhood and their mighty hands.
Thence to the Danaans his shrill shout he sent :
" Shame, Argives ! cravens base ! for comely limbs
Alone admired. Where now are gone our boasts,
Who whilom claimed to be of all the best ?
Those empty vaunts that ye in Lemnos spake
While of the flesh of upright-horned kine
Ye ate your fill, and drank the bowls of wine
Crowned to the brim bragging that each would stand
Against fivescore or tenscore sons of Troy
In field of war? But now not even worth
One champion we are found, Hector to wit,
Who soon will burn our ships with wasting fire.
O Father Zeus, didst ever heretofore
Cross with such curse as mine a mighty king,
And rob him of great glory ? Yet I say
That never passed I by thy altar fair,
As hitherward I took my luckless way
In many-benched ship, but burned on all
The fat and thighs of kine, in eager hope
To waste and sack the well-walled town of Troy.
But this my prayer, O Zeus, at least fulfil ;
Grant that ourselves may flee and scape, nor thus
Achaians fall before the Trojan host."

He spake : the father pitied much his tears,
And willed to save his host and not to slay.
And straightway sent an eagle, surest bird,
Bearing a fawn, the child of fleet-foot doe,
Trussed in his talons. By the altar fair
Of Zeus he dropped it, where Achaia's sons
Gave worship to the god of oracles.


33 IAIAA02 .

A 0*^ f ^ VC* /V ff * >/ ^ * A * *'-v /t */

Ot 0>9 OIW 6LOOVV O T dp K AtO? 7)\VVV OpVL$,

/jidXXov 67rl Tpwe0-<rt Oopov, jjivrjo-avro Be ^dp/jLTj^;.

evO* ov rt9 Trporepo? Aavawv, TTO\\WP irep eovrwv,
evgaro TvBe'i'Bao Trdpos o-^e/jiev coVea? ITTTTOVS
rd(f)pov r' e'^eXacrat /cat evavripiov
r/XXa TroXu 7rp&)T05 TpcJft)v eXeu avSpa
<&pa$/j,ovl$T]v 'AyeXaov. o {iev (f>v<ya& erpairev LT
T&) 8e fj,eraarpe^6evTL fjL6Ta$>pvtp ev Bopv irrj^ev

/jieo-cnjyvs, Sia Be aTrjQecr^iv eXaacrev.

8' ef o^ewv, dpdftrja'e Be rev^e eV aurw.

Se /xer' 'ATpetBat 'Ayape/jivayv /cal

S' eV Alaz/re? dovpiv eirtet pkvoi d
eV 'ISo/x-e^ei;? /cal OTrdwv
?, araXa^TO? 'Ei/uaXiw dvBpel<j>6vTr],
rolai B* eV EypyTTfXo? Eua//Aaz/09 ayXao? wo?.
Teu/c/305 S' elWro? 77X^6, iraXivrova TO fa
O-TIJ B' dp' vir AtWro? ad/cei Te\afj,covidBao.
evff Ata9 yu-ez/ i/Tre^efyepev ad/cos' avrdp o y
TraTTTtjvas, eVel a/> rt^' Oiarevcras ev
PejS\.r)icoi, o fj,ev avOt, Treadov diro &V[JLOV
auTap o avTis Icov, Trafc co? VTTO /JLrjrepa, Bvcr/cev
t? Ata^^'* o Se /it^ (jd/ce'i KpvTrraaKe (ftaeivaj.

ev6a rivet TrpaTov Tpuxov eXe TeO/cpo? dfjLV
^OpalXo^ov pev Trpwra Kal *Qpp,evov 778* '
Aatropa re X/?o/uoz> re /cat dvrideov Av/co<j)6vTT)v 275
/cat TloXvai/jLovlBrjv ^A/jLoirdova Kal
eTraa-avrepov? TreXaae yQovi


And they, when now they saw that sent of Zeus
The bird had come, leapt on their Trojan foes
More fierce, and turned their spirit to the fight.

There of the Danaans, many though they were,
Before the son of Tydeus none could claim
That his fleet steeds he drove and from the trench
Urged forth in open fight to meet the foe.
He, far the first, a helmed Trojan slew,
The son of Phradmon, Agelaus named :
Who now had turned his steeds in act to fly,
When in his back exposed the foeman fixed
The spear between the shoulders, and right on
He drave it through the breast. From out his car
He fell, and loud his armour on him rang.

Next after him the sons of Atreus came,
With Agamemnon Menelaus : these
Ajaces twain, clothed with impetuous might,
Fast followed : these Idomeneus and his squire
Meriones, peer of Enyalios
Man-slaughtering power : and these Eurypylus
Evaemon's glorious son. Ninth Teucer came
Bending the springing bow, and took his stand
Beneath the targe of Ajax Telamon.
And there, as Ajax ever and anon
Lift up his targe, the hero peered thereout
And shot an arrow. Whomso in the throng
He smote, there fell he slain and left his life :
But back, as to a mother doth a child,
Shrank Teucer, and with Ajax shelter found,
Who hid him safe beneath his shining shield.

There whom of Troy slew noble Teucer first ?
First fell Orsilochus, and Ormenus,
And Ophelestes, Daitor, Chromius,
And godlike Lycophontes, and the son
Of Polysemon, Amopaon named,
And Melanippus : in succession swift

332 IAIAAO2 0.

TOV Be IBoov yrjdrjo-e aval; dvBptov '

TOOV UTTO Kparepov Tpcocov o\eK

arfj Be Trap" avTov lav, Kal JJLIV Trpos fjivdov eenrev' 280

" TevKpe, (f)i\r) K<f)a\r}, 'YeXa/jiwvie, Koipave Xaatv,

/3aXX' oura)9, cu KCV TL <6&)5 kavaolai, ryevrjai

Trarpi re <re3 TeXa/^cGz/t, o <re Tpefye rvrOov eovra

Kal (76 Vo9oV 7Tp eOVTO, KOfJLi(T(7aTO O) evl OlfCCt)'

TOV /cal T7j\6B' eovra e0fc\iff<l CTri/Bya-ov. 285

<rol 8' eya) e'f epeco (0s Kal TereXeo-yLteVoi/ ecrrai.
at Kev fioi 80)77 Zeu? r' aiyio%os Kal '

TOL fJ,T 6/JL6

rj TpliroS rje Bvo) ITTTTOV^ avrolviv o^ecr^iv 290

rje yvvalx, rj Kev rot 6fiov Xe^o? elaavaffaivoi"

rov 8' a7raaei/3o/^ei/o? Trpoo-efywvee TevKpo? a/jLV^wv'
" 'ATpei&rj KvSio-Te, TI fj,e aTrevSovTO, Kal avTov
OTpvveis; ov firjv rot, ocrrj Bvvafjils <ye TrapedTiv,
TravofJiai, aXX' e'f ov TrpoTl y '\\iov a>crdjjLe6' avTOvs, 295
eK TOV o*rj TO%OIO~L Beo'ey/JLevos avbpas evaipco.
OKTCO Brj irpoerjKa

Traz/re? S' eV %/3Ot 'Trtj^dev dprjiOowv
TOVTOV ' ov Bvva/jLat, /3a\eeiv Kvva \vo~o-7jTrjpa"

r] pa, Kal a\\ov olcrTov CLTTO vevprjfyiv la\\ev 300

"EtKTOpos dvTiKpvs, fta\eiv Be e tero Ovpos.
Kal TOV /jiev p d^)dfMap6\ o 8' dfjuvfjiova TopyvOlwva,
vlov evv Ilpta/ioto, KaTa (TTrjOos /3d\ev la),
TOV p e Al(rvfji7]6ev OTCVio^kvr] Texe /j,rJT7)p,
Ka\rj KacTTidveipa, SeyLta? eiKvla Qefiaiv. 305


All these he made to touch the fruitful earth.

And glad was Agamemnon king of men

To see him dealing from his mighty bow

Death to the ranks of Troy. Toward him he went,

And stood beside the chief, and thus he spake :

"Teucer, dear head, thou son of Telamon,

Prince of a people, shoot thou ever thus,

And, if thou mayst, to Danaans be a light,

And to thy father Telamon, who reared

Thy infancy, and bastard though thou wert

Fostered thee in his home. Him, though he now

Bide far away, exalt thou to renown.

And out I tell thee what shall e'en be done :

If with Athene aegis-wielding Zeus

Grant me the spoil of Ilion's well-built hold,

To thee the first next to myself will I

A special guerdon in thy hand bestow,

Or tripod, or two steeds with car complete,

Or woman captive who shall share thy bed."

And answer thus the noble Teucer made :
" Glorious Atrides, wherefore urge me thus
Who am myself right eager? Never yet,
Far as my strength doth serve me, do I cease ;
But since we drove the host to Ilion
I with my bow lie still in wait, and slay
Our foemen. Long-barbed arrows I have sped
Already eight, and all firm lodgment found
In lusty warriors' flesh. Yet one is here
A raging hound whom still I cannot strike."

He spake, and from the string another shaft
Launched full at Hector, whom he yearned to strike.
And him he missed, but hit upon the breast
Noble Gorgythion, Priam's gallant son,
Whose mother from ^Esyme came to wed
Her lord, a woman goddess-like in form,
Castianira fair, and bare a son.

334 IAIAA02 0.

&)9 erepwae Kciprj (3d\v, tf r evl
piOojjLevr) vorirjo~l re eiapivfjanv'
OK erepwa rjfJLiHre fcdprj Tr^X^/a ftapvvOev.

Tei)/e/}09 8' d\\ov olo-rov djro vevpr}(f)iv taXXez/'
E/tropo? dvTixpvs, /3a\eeiv Be e tero OV/JLOS. 310

' o 76 ^at rd^' a/jLapre' 7rape<r(f>T]\v jap *A7r6\\cov'
^eTTToXe/xo^, Opaavv r/ E/cro/305 ij
TToXefjiovSe /3d\e credos Trapd
8' ef o^ecoi^, vTrepcorjo-av 8e ot liriroi

rov S' au#t Xi;^ tjrvxr} re pevos re. 315

"EtKTOpa 8' ati/w a%o? TrvKaaev fypevas rjvicxoio.
rov /Jbev eireir eiaae /cal d^vvfievo^ irep eraipov,

8' etcekevcrev a8eX0eoi> eyyu? eovra
yvC e\elv' o 8' ap' ou/t a-jriOij<T d/covo-as.
auro? 8' eV Stypoio ^a/xal Oope TrajJLfyavcwvTos 320

<T/j,epBa\6a laywv' o 8e ^epfjid^iov \dj3e Xipl,
ftr) 8' t'^i)? Tevtcpov, /3a\eetv 8e e ^f/io? dvwyei.
7; rot o yitei/ <f>apeTpij<; e'fe/Xero Trttcpov OLO-TOV,
Orjfce 8' eVl vevpy" ruv 8' au Kopv6aio\o<s f/ Er&)/3
avepvovra Trap* W/JLOV, 06 L /cX^i? djroepyei, 325

re o~rrjd6s re, /j,dXio-Ta 8e Kaipiov e

8e ot vevprjv' vdptcrjo-e 8e
8e 7^i)f eptirwv, ro^ov 8e
Ai'as 8* oi)/e dfj,e\r)o-e Kao-iyvijroio Trecroz/ro?, 330

aXXa ^ea)y Trepl^Tj /cal ol cra/co? d^eKaXv^rev.
rov fJbev eireiO* VTroSvvre Svco epbjpe? eralpoi,

at 8to9 '


And as a poppy sideways hangs the head,
That in some garden grows, weighted with fruit
And springtide showers, so burdened by the helm
Drooped to one side the warrior's failing head.

Then Teucer from the string another shaft
Launched full at Hector, whom he yearned to strike,
And missed him yet again, for the erring bolt
Apollo turned : but Archeptolemus,
Bold charioteer of Hector, on the breast
Beside the nipple, as he sought the fray,
He smote : who headlong fell from out the car,
And from their way his fleet-foot horses swerved,
While there the hero's life and strength were loosed.
But sorrow deep enshrouded Hector's soul
For loss of charioteer : whom yet he left,
Though for a comrade grieved ; and now he bade
Cebriones his brother, who was near,
To take the reins : who heard, nor disobeyed.
Then from his glittering chariot to the ground
Out leapt himself, with shout most terrible,
And seized a boulder in his hand, and made
At Teucer, whom his spirit bade him strike.
He from the quiver even now had plucked
A bitter shaft and placed it on the string :
But plumed Hector, as he drew it back,
Close by the shoulder, where the collar-bone
Parts neck and breast the surest spot to smite
There struck his foe, as at himself he aimed,
With jagged stone ; and breaking bowstring through
Numbed hand and wrist. Down sank he to his knees
And stood, and from his fingers fell the bow.
Then Ajax of his brother fallen thus
Was not regardless : swift he ran to him
And paced him round and covered with his shield :
Till trusty comrades twain, Mecisteus son
Of Echius, and Alastor godlike wight,

336 IAIAA02 .

vfja? tTTt, y\a<f)vpd$ (fteperrjv ftapea
ai|r 8' atTt9 'Tpooeo'O'iv 'OXt/<t7riO9 ev JJLGVOS wpaev. 335
01 8' I0v$ rd(f)poio fiaOeliis wcrav 'A^atov?,
"E/cra>> 8' ey TTpcoroLcrL KL6 aOivel /3\fj,ealva)v.
aj9 8* ore 7/9 re /cua)^ <7i;o9 dyplov ije Xeoz/ro9
aTTTrjTat, KaTOTTLade, iroaiv Ta^eecrcri, fatco/cow,
Icr^la re y\ovTov$ re, eXicrao/Aevov re Sotcevei, 340

atei/ diroKTeivtov TOP OTrla-rarov' o'i Be (fre

avrap eVel Bid re oveo\07ra9 /cat rd^pov

<j)v r /ovTe<>, TroXXol 8e ^d^ev Tpo&cov VTTO

oi p.ev oij irapd vyvcrlv epijTvovro /AeVo^re9, 345

d\\r)\oi(Ti re KeK\6p.evoi, Kal iraai Oeoicriv

776 /3poro\oi<yov "

6ed \ev/tai\evos prj, 350

atya 8' *A.0ilvafo)V eVea irrepoevra TrpoarjvSa'
" co TroTroi, alyio^oio Ato9 re/co9, ov/ceri v&i
c\\vfJievwv Aavawv /ce/caBrja-ofjieB' vaTdriov irep
01 Kv or) Ka/cov olrov dvair\r)o-avTe<$ oXwvrai
dvopos ei/09 piTT??' o 8e fjiaiverai ovKer dveKTW 355

f/ E/cTO)/3 Hpiajj, 18779, /cat 8?} /ca/ca TroXXa eopyev"

rr)V 8* aure Trpoa-eeiTre Bed <y\avKa>7ri,s '
" /cat XIT;I/ ouro9 76 /JLCVOS OvfJiov T 6\ea-eiev,
^epalv VTT 'Apyetcov (f>0lpevo$ eV TrarpiSt,
aXXa irarrjp ovpos (jfpecrl naiverai ov/c dya0fj(rtv, 360


Could lift his form and to the hollow ships

Bear him away as heavily he groaned.

Now in the sons of Troy the Olympian king

New spirit roused again. To the deep trench

Right backward did they force Achaia's lines :

Hector the foremost, terrible in strength.

And as a hound on lion or on boar

With nimble foot close presses from behind,

In act to seize the haunches of his game,

And marks and foils each turn, so Hector pressed

Achaia's long-haired sons, and ever slew

His hindmost foe, as they before him fled.

But when the stakes and trench they now had passed

In flight, though many fell by Trojan hands,

Beside the ships they rallied them and stayed,

Each calling on his fellow, and raised their hands

To all the gods, as each man loudly prayed.

But Hector to and fro was turning oft

His fair-maned steeds, and in his eyes the glance

Of Gorgon or of slaughtering Ares shone.

These Herd, white-armed goddess, pitying saw,
And to Athene* cried in winged words :
" O shame ! Thou child of aegis-bearing Zeus
Shall we no more the Danaans dying thus
Regard, though idle at the last our aid?
For soon the measure of their evil doom
Fulfilling they will perish by the blast

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