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Daughter of mighty-souled Arsinoiis

Was she, and her Achaia's sons chose out

His worthy meed for counsels passing wise

She first toward them moved a table fair

Footed with dark-blue metal, polished clear,

Whereon a brazen tray she set, and there

An onion to lend flavour to the draught,

With honey pale and flour of sacred meal.

And by them was a bowl exceeding fair

Brought by the greybeard from his home, set o'er

488 1AIAAO2 A.

TJ\oi(ri rcertappevov' ovara 8' avrov
rea-a-ap* e&av, Bo Lai be 7reXea8e? dfi^l e/cacrrov
Xpvo-eiai, ve/jL60ovTO, Svo) 8' VTTO TrvO/jLeves r)aav. 635

aXXo? /J,V /Jioyecov aTTOKivrjaaa/ce rpaTrety]?
7r\elov eov, NecrTft)/3 S* o yepcov d^oyrjrl deupev.
ev To5 pd a<f)i, /cv/crjae yvvrj eltcvla Oefjcriv
dtvto Tlpa/jLvela, eVt 8' aiyeiov KVYJ rvpov

^aX/celrj, eVl &' aX^cra \ev/cd iraXwev* 640

8' e/ce\6v<rev, eirel p w

TOJ S* 7rel ovv Trivovr d^erijv 7ro\vKay/cea
fjLV0oi(riv repTTOvro Trpo? aXXT/Xou? eve

TOI/ 8e Z8a)Z/ 6 yepcubs CLTTO Opovov capro cfraewov, 645

6? 8' 7e %t/30? e\u>v, Kara 8' e^pLaaaOai dvcoyev.
Harpo^Xo? 8' erepwOev dvaivero, el-ire re fjuvOov.
e8o? ecrrt, yepaie 8torp6^>e5,
efJLea-7)rbs o fj,e Trpoerj/ce T
ov nva rovrov dyeis /Beft\rnievov. aXXa /cat avros 650
yisyvaxTKO) opoco 8e Ma^aoj/a rcoi^kva \ad)v.
vvv 8e eTro? epeatv rcoiXiv dyye\o$ elfjb '
eu 8e o^i) olo-0a, yepaie Siorpecfres, olo? efcei
Sewos dvijp' rd%a Kev /cal avalriov alrioaro"

rov 8' tjfjLi/3er eireura Teprjvios Ircrrora Nearcop' 655
" Tiirre r ap* c28' 'A^iXei)? 6\o(j)vperai vlas '

ocraov opcope /card arparov' ol yap dptaroi

ev vrjvo-lv /cearai, ySe/SXTy/xei/ot ovrdpevol re.

/3ep\r]rai, fj,ev o TvSeffiTjs icparepos AiofjMjSrjs, 660

ovraorrai 8' 'OSucrei)? Sovpi/c\vrbs 778' '


With golden studs. Four ears it had : two doves

On either side each ear bent down to feed :

Two bases underneath upheld its weight.

When filled, to move it from the board was toil

To other hand, but, as he lift it up,

To Nestor, tho' a greybeard, toil was none.

In this the godlike dame their posset mixed

Of Pramnian wine, and goat cheese grated in

With brazen grating-knife, white barley meal

Sprinkling upon the surface : this to drink

She bade them, when the posset was prepared.

But when by drink their burning thirst was stayed,

With interchange of words their hearts they cheered.

And now Patroclus in the tent-door stood,

That godlike wight; whom when the greybeard saw,

From his bright chair he rose, and took his hand,

And led him in, and bade him sit. The seat

Refusing thus in turn Patroclus spake :

" No seat, O Zeus-born greybeard, is for me :

Thou'lt not persuade me. Awe and fear he claims

Who sent me forth to ask thee whom thou bring'st

Thus wounded back. But of myself I know

And see Machaon, shepherd of his folk :

So now will hie me back again with word

Of message to Achilleus. Well thou know'st

O Zeus-born greybeard, what he is, a man

Of dread, who might perchance the blameless blame. ' r

To whom made answer thus Gerene's knight :
"And wherefore doth Achilleus make this moan
Over Achaia's sons, such as by shafts
Have gotten wounds? He knoweth not how great
The mourning through our host aroused. Our best
Lie at the ships, sore hurt by throw or thrust.
By shaft stout Diomedes Tydeus' son,
By thrust spear-famed Odysseus hath his hurt,
And Agamemnon : then Eurypylus

490 IAIAAO2 A.

Be teal Eu'puTruXo? Kara fj^rjpov olcrr>.
rovrov 8' d\\ov eyco veov rjyayov IK
to> drrb vevprjs /3/3\7)iJ,evov. at/rap '
<7#Xo9 ecav Aava&v ov /crjBerai, ovB* e\ealpei. 665

77 fjuevei, et9 o tee Sij vfjes 6oal dy^t Oa\dcro-7}(f,
'Apycfow deKTjri,, Trvpos Sijloio Oepwvrai,,
avroL re KTiva>fj,[email protected]' I'mo-'^epw ; ov yap /JLT) t?
ecrd* oirj Trdpos ea/cev evl yva^irrolcn fjuekeacnv.
i& c5? r)/3(0oi/Jbi,, /3irj Se fJboi eyu-TreSo? et^, 670

o5? OTTOT 'HXetoto-t KOI rjiilv vLfcos erv^drj
dfji<f>i porjXacrirj, or eyv icravov 'Irv/j,ovrja
cr0\ov 'TTreipoxi&rjv, 09 ev "HXiSi vaierdaa-tcev,
pvo~C e\avv6fj,evo<>. o & dftvvcov rjo'L (Bbeao-iv
/3\r)r* ev rrptoroicriv e/^^9 drro ^eipo^ dicovn, 675

/cd8 S' errecrev, \aol Se irepirpeorav dypoiwrai.
\7]i8a S' etc TreSiov <rvve\do-craiJ,ev rfK
rrevrr]K.ovrcL (3ou>v dye\a<> y rocra, rrwea
rocrcra avoov Gvftbcria,, rod alrcb\ia rr\are alyutv,
LTTTTOVS be %av6a<$ e/carov teal Trevrr/ /covra, 680

Trdcras Or}\elcv>j 7ro\\fj<ri Be TrwXoi vTrfjcrav.
teal rd fiev y\acrd/jLecr0a Hv\ov NTJ^TJIOV eicrco
evvvyj.oi irporl acrru, yeyr/dei, 8e (frpeva Nr)\ev<;
ovve/cd fjuou rv%e 7ro\\d veto 7ro\eyu,6i/8e Kibvn'
Kijpv/ces S' e\Lyaivov ap rjol <paivofjievr)<piv 685

TOU9 iftev olaiv %pelo<$ o<f>eC\T > ev "HXtSt 8177.
OL Be avvaypofjiei'oi, YLvXlcov rjyrjropes dvBpes
Sairpevov, 7ro\eo-iv yap 'E-Tretot ^pelos o<f>ei,\ov,
c59 fj^efc rcavpoi KeKafca)/j,evoi, ev IluXft) tffjbev.
e\,6(i)v yap p e/cdfccocre @lr) f HpaK\ijeirj 690

rwv TTporepajv erewv, /card & e/craOev o(rcroi,


By arrow in the thigh. And late I bring

This other from the field, stricken by shaft

From bowstring. But Achilleus, warrior brave,

For Danaans' loss no care nor pity feels.

What ! waits he till our swift ships by the sea,

Despite the Argives, glow with foeman's fire,

And one upon another we be slain.

For truly now no more that force is mine

That was of old in supple-jointed limbs.

Ah ! could I but be young, with strength as firm,

As when with men of Elis once we strove

About a cattle-raid : what time I slew

Hypeirochus' brave son Itymoneus,

Who dwelt in Elis. As reprisals I

Drove off his herds, he in his kine's defence

Struck 'mid the first by javelin from my hand

Fell prone, and all his farmer people fled.

Then from the plain we drove together spoil

In store unstinted : fifty herds of kine,

As many flocks of sheep, of swine no less,

As many of goats wide-spreading, steeds withal

One hundred and two-score and ten, in hue

Chestnut, all mares, and many suckling foals.

All these we drove to Pylos, Neleus' home,

Entering by night the town : and glad at heart

Was Neleus at my happy chance who went

So young to war and yet so much had won.

With beam of dawn shrill proclamation made

The heralds, that in Elis' land divine

Those should come forward who a debt could claim :

And so the Pylian chieftains gathered them

And made division, for the Epeans owed

Debts to full many, since in Pylos we

Were few in number and in evil plight.

For years before came Hercules the strong

And wrought us evil, and our best were slain :

492 IAJAA02 A.

ScoSe/ca yap N^X^o? dfjuv/jLovos vtee? rjf

T(v oto? \t,7r6/j,7jv, ol &' aXXot Trdvres o\ovro.

TCLV& VTreprj^aveovres 'E-Tretot ^aX/co^trwi/e?,

77/Lte'a? v/3plovTe$, drda6a\a w%av6(DVTO. 695

e/t S' o ryepcov wyeXijv re /3oa)V /cal TTGOV fjuey 1 olu>v

/cal yap ro5 ^peto? ^67' o^e/Xer' eV "HXtS^ Sip,
recrcrape? dd\o<f>6poi, ITTTTOI avTolaiv o%e(T<j)i,v,
e\Q6vT6$ jjuer ae&Xa. Trepl rptVoSo? ydp /j,e\\oi> 700
Oeuo-ecrdat,' TOI)? S' au^t az/af dvSp&v Airyeta?
Kao-^eOe, rov 8' eXarrjp* d(f>lij d/ca%rj pevov ITTTTCOV.
TWV 6 ryepcov eTTeaiv ice%o\cofJLevos ^Se /cat epywv
%e\6T* aaTrera 7ro\\d' rd 5' aXA,' e? $f)fj,ov eBco/cev
Sairpeveiv, fjiij rk ol dT/JL/36fievos KIQI icrrj?. 705

?7/>tet9 /ie^ ra e/caara Sieiiroiiev, dfi^L re darv
epSofjLev Ipd 6eol<$' ol Se rpiry rj/JLart Traz^re?
rj\6ov oyLtft)? avrol re TroXet? /cat fj,Q}vv%<i ITTTTOI,

ty' fjuerd Se 0-(t MoXtoz/e Owprjo-aovro
lft er eovT\ ov TTCO /zaXa etSore Oovpioos d\/cfj<>. 710
eo-rt 8e rt9 puoecrcra TroXt?, alirela
rrj\ov eV 'AX^etoS, vedrr) Tlv\ov
rrjv d/jLfao-TpaTOWVTO Siappaicrai,
aXX' ore ?ra^ TreSlov fiere/claOov, a//,/u 8' '
dyye\o$ tf\6e 6 cover air 'OXiy/ATrou Owprjcrcrea-Oai 715
vvv%o$, ovS* deKovra TlvXov Kara \abv dyeipev
aXXa /^aX' eacrv^evov^ 7roXe/ufe//.ez>. ouSe
ta 6a)pr}<To-e(70ai, dTreKpv^ev Se JJLOI, IT
ov ydp TTCO rt /i* (77 fS/iei^ TroXeyitT/ta
aXXa /cat eo? iTTTrevo-i fiereTrpeTrov tf/jLerepotcriv, 720


Twelve sons of blameless Neleus we had been,

But only I was left, the rest were slain.

Wherefore the mailed Epeans in contempt

Outraging us devised presumptuous deeds.

And now the greybeard for himself chose out

A herd of kine and ample flock of sheep,

Three hundred set apart, with men to tend.

For a great debt in Elis' land divine

Was owed to him four steeds, prize-bearers they,

With cars complete, which for a tripod urn

To run were destined, but the king of men

Augeias kept them in his land, and sent

Their driver back sad for his horses lost.

But at such words and deeds the greybeard wroth

Took payment full and large : the rest he gave

For fair division to the common crowd,

That none might go defrauded of his right.

Such settlement we made, and through the town

To gods paid sacrifice ; but they, our foes,

On the third day came all, a numerous host,

Of men and firm-hoofed steeds, in hottest haste.

And with them armed were two from Molus sprung,

Mere boys, unskilled as yet in furious war.

There is a city, Thryoessa named,

On a steep hill, beside Alpheus' stream,

Afar on sandy Pylos' utmost verge.

This camped they round right eager to destroy.

But when the wide plain they had crossed, then came

Athene* from Olympus speeding fast,

A nightly messenger to bid us arm,

Gathering in Pylos no unwilling host,

But men full keen for war. Yet me to arm

Neleus forbade, and hid my steeds away :

Not yet, he said, knew I the works of war.

Yet even thus I shone conspicuous forth

Among our horsemen, tho' myself afoot,

494 IAIAAO2 A.

/cai 7re?09 Trep ewv, eVet 0)9 aye vet/cos ^
eari Se rt? Trora/jLos Mivvrfios et? aXa (Sd\\wv
^Aprjvrjs, 06 k fteivapeif TIW Slav
Tlv\la)v, rd 8' ejreppee eOvea ire^tov.
ev6ev 7ra(7(Tv$lr) avv Tev-^ecrt, dcoprj^devre^ 725

evSioi l/co/Aeo-tf lepov poov 'AX^etoto.
evOa Att pe^avre? VTrepjAevel lepd fca\d,
ravpov 8' 'AX^>eic5, ravpov Se IIo(7et8aQ)^t,
avrdp * A.6r)vair) y'X.av/cwTnSi, ftovv d<ye\alr)v,
SopTrov ireid^ e\6^ec6a Kara crrparov ev reXeecrcrt^ 730
teal KaTeKOLfjLrjdrj/juev ev evrecri olcrt,
d/j,<f>l pods Trora/jLolo. drdp
d/JL<f>eo-Tav 5?) darv SiaTTpaOeeiv
d\\d o~(j)iv 7rp07rdpOL06 <f)dv7] fjieja epyov
evre yap 7;eXt09 fyaeO&v VTrepecr^eOe yairjs, 735

c-vfJL^epo^eaOa /^d^rj, Ait T ev^ofjuevoi ical ' A0t]vr}.
ore 8?) TlfX/cB^ /cal 'ETretcGz^ eVXero vei/cos,

700^ eXoj; dvSpa, Kopiacra Se fjLwvv^a^ fanrovs,

TJV Avyelao,

Se Ovyarp* el^e %av6rjv 'AyafjiijSijv, 740

^ Tocra tfrdpfiafca fjSrj oaa rpecfret, evpela ^6oov.
rov fjiev eyco Trpocriovra /3d\ov %a\/ci]pi Sovpi,
rjpiTre S' eV KovirjcrW eyco 8' e? Sicfrpov opovcras
<TTrjv pa perd irpopd^oKJiv. drdp jjueyddvfioi ^TTCIOL
G-rpecrav a'XXfSt? aXXo?, eVet tSoz^ dvSpa TrscrovTa 745
tfye/Jbov* iTTTnjtoV, 09 dpio-revecnce p^d^eaOai.
avrdp eywv eTropovo-a K6\aivfj XatXaTrt 2<ro9,


icai vv icev 'Afcroptcove MoXtoi/e TratS' aXrivrafa, 750


For so Athene* ruled the chance of strife.

A river Minyeius meets the sea

Near to Arene ; there we Pylian horse

Waited the dawn divine, and to us flowed

The tribes of footmen. Thence in hottest haste

Harnessed in arms we journeyed on, and came

By noontide to Alpheus' holy flood.

There goodly victims to almighty Zeus

We slew ; a bull Alpheus claimed, a bull

Poseidon ; and Athene, stern-eyed power,

A heifer of the herd : then supped we, ranged

Throughout our army by our companies,

And laid us down to rest, each with his arms,

Beside the river stream. But now our foes,

High-souled Epeans, stood around the town

Eager to sack it : but, ere that might be,

A mighty work of warfare they beheld.

For as the sun rose bright above the earth

We closed in battle, uttering prayers to Zeus

And to Athene. Then, as rose the strife

'Twixt Pylians and Epeans, I the first

A warrior slew, and won his firm-hoofed steeds

The spearman Mulius. Of Augeias he

Was son-in-law, his eldest daughter's lord,

Fair Agamede' of the yellow hair,

Who knew all herbs that earth's broad bosom bears.

Him, as he onwards came, with brass-tipped spear

I smote, that in the dust he fell, but I

Leapt on his car, and with the vanguard stood.

Then the high-souled Epeans broke and fled,

Seeing him fall, the leader of their horse,

Their bravest in the fight : but I rushed in

Like a black storm-wind ; chariots there I took

Two-score and ten, and warriors twain by each

Vanquished beneath my spear bit hard the ground.

And now those children twain from Molus sprung,

496 IAIAAO2 A.

el /jLij arcjxve Trarrjp evpvfcpetcov e

e/c TToXepov ecrdcocre, tcaXvifras ijepi,

ev6a Zei)? Tlv\loi(ri, fieya /cpdros

To<f>pa <ydp ovv eTro/jLeo-Qa Sid

/crelvovres r avrovs dvd r evrea Kakd Xeyovres,

al 'AXetcrtou evda Ko\wvrj
' Wev avris direr paTre \aov 'A #771/77.
dvSpa tcreivas TTV/JLCITOV \LTTOV' avrdp '
djro BovTTpaaloio ITuXoi/S' ^X ov ^ K ^ a ^ &TW0W9, 760

' ev^erocovro Oewv Att Necrro^t r* d
o)9 eoz/, et TTOT' eov ye, //.ex' dvbpdcriv. avrdp '
olo9 T?79 dperfjs dTrovrjcrerai' 7; re /uz/ ol'a)
TroXXa iLeTcuc\aiHTecr6at,, eirel K djro Xao?
w TreTTOV, 77 /IT)J/ o-ot 76 MezWrto? coS' eVereXXei/ 765

rj/juart ro5 ore <r' e/c <&0i7js 'Ayape/jLvovi TrefJUTreV
VWL Be r evSov eoi/re?, 70; /cat Sto? 'OSfcrcrei;?,
'jrdvra //.aX* ez/ fteydpOLS rjKovopev W9 eVereXXei/.
1177X7709 S' iKOfjiea-Oa Soyu,ou9 u vaierdovras
\aov dyeipovres /car 9 Aail8a KaXhiyvvaiKa. 770

r)$e ere, Trap 8' 'A^tXrya* yepwv
7rtoi/a fM7/or e/cate 009 Att repTTi/cepavvw
ev ^opra), e^e Se xpvaeiov aXet<7oi^,

aWoTra olvov eV aWofievoi^ lepolaw. 775

<7^>a5t ftef/ a/i<^)l /3oo9 eirerov /cpea, van, 8* eTreira
<TTrjfJiev evl TrpoOvpoicri' ra(f)(av S' dvopovcrev '
9 8' 7e %i/309 eXcoz/, /cara 8'


Deemed sons of Actor, I had reft of life,
Had not their truer sire, th' Earth-shaking king,
Veiled in thick mist and saved them from the war.
There Zeus vouchsafed a mighty victory
To us of Pylos : for we followed on
Through the broad plain, slaying and gathering spoil
Of goodly arms, till on Buprasium's lands
Wheat- laden trode our steeds, and reached the rock
Olenian, and the hill that bears a name
Drawn from Aleisius. There Athene turned
Our people back : there left I him whom last
I slew : and from Buprasium all drove back
To Pylos their swift steeds, and prayerful owned
Zeus was the god who saved, Nestor the man.
Such was I once, if e'er indeed I was,
'Mid fellow warriors. But himself alone
Achilleus' might will profit : yet, I ween,
The host once lost with many tears he'll rue.
Dear friend, to thee Menoetius surely gave
This charge, on that day when he sent thee forth
From Phthian land to Agamemnon's aid
For we were in the hall and heard each word,
Godlike Odysseus and myself, how then
He gave thee charge. To Peleus' well-built house
We twain had come, as gathering troops we ranged
Achaia's fruitful land: and there within
Menoetius we found, thy hero sire,
With thee and with Achilleus, while the knight
Old Peleus in the courtyard burned to Zeus
The lightning-lord the fat thighs of an ox,
Holding a golden beaker, whence he poured
The bright wine on the flaming sacrifice.
To the ox-flesh ye both gave heed, when we
Stood in the entrance. Up Achilleus leapt
Amazed, and took our hands, and led us in,
And bade be seated, hospitable cheer
G. H. 32

49 8 IAIAAO2 A.

fetWa T' ev TrapedijKev, a re ^elvois $e'yiu9
avrap eVet rdpTTrjfJLev eBrjrvos TJBe Trorrjros,

7* PvOoio, K6\i>(i)v vfifj? dfji eireaOai
) Be /jLaX? ?7$eXeToi>, TW B* a/j.(j)c

/J,ev u> TrcuSI yepcov eVe'reXX' '

aiev apio-reveiv icai VTreipo^op

VOL B* add* wo* eVereXXe Mez/otVi09 "A^KTopos vios'

<yevej p,ev

TTpecr/BvTepos Be crv ecrai' /Birj ' o 76 vroXXoi/ d
d\~>C ev ol (f)d(70ai TTVKIVQV e?ro9 tf& V7ro0ecr0ai,
Kal ol G-rjfLaiveiv' o $e Treiaerai et? dyaflov irep.'
w? eTrereXX* o ryepccv, <TV Se \ij0eai,. aXX' en, Kal vvv
rd ei7roi9 'A^tX^t $ai<ppovi, al tee iriO^rai.
r/9 oZ8' et /cei/ ol avv Saifjiovi Ovfiov oplvais
TrapeiTTOtv ; dyaOrj $e Trapaltyacris ecrTiv eraipov.
el Be Tiva fypecrl yen OeoTrpoTrlrjv d\eeivei
Kal rii'd ol Trap Zrjvos eTrefypdoe Trorvia
aXXa ere Trep Trpoerco, a pa S' aXXo? Xao9 e
^Ivp/jLiBovctiv, ei Kev ri 0o<w9 kavaolcri
Kal TOL rev^ea Ka\d Bora) 7r6\e/jLovBe
at Ke <7 ra> 'laKovres diroa-^wvrai
Tpa)e9, dvairvevcrwaL S' dpjjioi vies '
reipofievoi' 0X^777 Se T* dvaTrvevcris iro\efioio.
pela Be K a:yLt?/T69 KeK/jLijoras avBpas dtrfj
wo-aicrBe Trporl acnv ve&v CLTTO KOI KKicridtov"

W9 (frdro, ra> 8' apa 6v/Jibv evl crTijOeo-criv opivev
j3rj Be 6eeiv Trapd vrja<$ eV


Setting before us such as guests may claim.

But when of meat and drink we had our fill,

I first began the word, bidding you both

To follow with us. Ye right willing were ;

And both your sires then gave you fullest charge.

His son Achilleus greybeard Peleus charged

Eyer^to_be__the best, excelling all : $ */** K, |!*vf ul

But thee thus charged Menoetius, Actor's son ; ** - *1 &>>+**

'My child, of nobler birth Achilleus is, fljU,, VJ

But thou art elder. He again in strength
Excels thee far ; but be it thine to speak
Shrewd word suggesting, and to warn him well ;
And for his good he surely will obey.'
Such charge the greybeard gave, but thou forgetst.
Yet even now this counsel thou may'st tell
The warlike prince, if haply he will hear.
Who knows but, with a god to help, thou may'st
Stir and persuade his soul? for alway good
Persuasion is that cometh from a friend.
But if some god-sent warning in his mind
He shuns to slight, and if some words from Zeus
His queenly mother spake, yet let him send
Thee forth, with all the Myrmidonian host
Following behind, if haply thou may'st dawn
To Danaan ranks a light. His goodly arms
Let him but give thee to the field to bear ;
The Trojans may in thee his image see
And slack their battle; and some breathing-space
Achaia's warlike sons now sore distrest
May find. Short breathing-space doth war allow.
But ye thus fresh and whole the weary-worn
Charging with battle-cry may lightly drive
Back from our ships and tents to yonder town."
So spake he; but the other's soul was stirred
Within his breast. Along the ships he ran
To seek Achilleus son of ^Eacus.


500 IAIAAO2 A.

aXX' ore Srj Kara vfjas 'OSucrcr^o? Oeioio
ife Oecov Hdrpo/c\o<z, f iva a<f> y dyopij re #e/u? re
rjrjv, rfj or) /cai o$i 6eu>v ererev^aro fta)/jLoi,
evOa ol Ei^i/TTfXo? pepXijuevos dvrej3o\r]a-ev,
Sioyevrjs 'EivaifiovlSrjs, /card f^rjpbv otcrrw,

v e/c TToXe/xou* Kara Be vonos peev iSpax;
/cal /ce^>aX^?, a?ro & eX/ceo? dpya\eoio
al/jia /j,e\av ice\dpv& voos ye /Jiev e/^TreSo? rjev.
rov Be I8o)v (picreipe Mevotrlov aX/a/^o? uto?,
teal p o\o<f>vp6fjivo<; eVea rrrepoevra TrpocrrjvSa'
tl a Sei\ol Aavawv ijyrjrope? i]Se /AeSoz/re?,
W9 ap e/ieXXere, T?)Xe (f>i\a)v /cal rrarpico^ at?;?,
aaeiv ev Tpolrj ra^ea? ICUVOQ dpyen br^co.
aXX' aye /^ot roSe etVe, Storpecfres l&vpvirv'X?
7; p' eri TTOV cr^ijaovcn rre\wpLOv f/ E/crop' '
97 ^ST; <j)0i(rovrai, VTT* avrov Sovpl SayLteVre?."
TW 8' ai^r' Etvpv7rv\os TreTTw/jLevos dvrlov
" ovfceri, Sioye^e? ITaT/?o/cXee9, a\/cap ^A^aiwv
ecrcrerai, aXX* eV vr)v<j\ fJLe\alvrjcnv Treaeovrat'
O'L fj,ev yap Srj Trdvres, oaoi Trdpos ^aav dpLcrroi,
ev vr]V(j\v /cearat, /3/3\?jp,evoi, ovrdpevot re
%epo-lv VTTO Tpcocov, rcov Se aQevos opvvrai ate/.
aXX* epe fiev crv adaxrov aywv eVl vr\a [lekaivav,
fjLTjpov S' e/crayLt' oicrrov, arc avrov 8* alua /ceXaivov
viQ vBart \Lapq), eirl S' ijma (frdpfut/ca rcdacre
eV$Xa, rd ae Trporl fyacriv 'A^tXX^/o?
ov Xelpwv e&iSage, St/catoraro?
iTjrpol uev yap IToSaXetpto? ?}Se
TOP /JLev evl /cXicrigaiv otbfuu eX/co? e%ovra,
/cal avrov


But in his running when Patroclus reached
The vessels of Odysseus godlike chief
Where was the place of gathering and of law,
And where were built the altars of the gods
Wounded Eurypylus there crossed his way,
Zeus-born Evaemon's son, whose thigh the shaft
Had pierced. And he was limping from the war,
With sweat from head and shoulders streaming down,
While from the painful wound the black blood came
Forth trickling, but his senses still were firm.
Whom as he saw, Menoetius' valiant son
Much pitied, and in lamentation loud
Out-breaking thus with winged words addressed :
"Ah ! wretched wights, ye captains and ye kings
Of Danaans ! was it then your foredoomed fate
Far far away from friends and fatherland
To glut with rich white fat swift dogs of Troy?
But prithee tell me this, Eurypylus
Thou Zeus-born hero : will Achaia's sons
Yet stay perchance the giant Hector's force,
Or perish all subdued beneath his spear?"

And wise Eurypylus thus made reply :
"Zeus-born Patroclus, of defence no more
Achaia's sons will show, but headlong fall
On their black ships : for all who once were best
Lie at the ships sore hurt by throw or thrust
From Trojan hands, whose strength is rising still.
But save thou me, and to my black ship lead,
And from my thigh cut out the arrow, and wash
Therefrom with water warm the purple blood,
And spread thereon those soothing wholesome salves
By thee so say they from Achilleus learnt,
Whom Chiron, justest of the centaurs, taught.
For Podalirius and Machaon both
Our leeches are away : one in his tent
Lies wounded sore, and needs himself, I ween,

502 IAIAAO2 A.

o 8' ev veBqp Tpwcov fjuevei o%vv "Aprja"

TOV S' avre TTpoaeeiTre Mevotriov aX/ci/ios vios'
" 7TOJ9 /cev eot, TciSe epja ; TI pe^ofAev, EupuV^A,'

ov NeVrajp eVereXXe Tepyvios, ovpos 'A^cuwv. 840

tf, KOI VTTO arepvoio \a/3(av aye Troi^eva \awv
eV K\L(7LT]v' Oepdirwv Be ISwv V7re%eve fioeias.
ev6a /JLIV KTavvcra$ e/c pripov rd^ve ^a^aipr)
o^v ySe\09 Tre/MTrewce?, CLIT avrov 8' alfia Ke\aivov 845
vl* vSari, \iap, ejrl Be pi^a
'X^pcrl Starptyas, oBvvityaTOv, ?; 01
e<r% oBvvas. TO /j,ev eX/eo? erepaero, TrdvcraTO 8' alpa.


A blameless leech ; the other on the plain
Abides the furious brunt of Trojan war."

To whom Menoetius' valiant son replied :
" O how shall these works end ? what may we do,
Hero Eurypylus? My errand is
Warlike Achilleus to inform of words
That Nestor of Gerene charged me with,
Achaia's bulwark. Yet not even thus
Will I desert thee in thy sore distress."

He spake, and 'neath the breast supporting led
To his own tent the shepherd of his folk.
At sight of whom th' esquire with ox-hides strewed
The floor ; and there Patroclus laid at length
The wounded chief, and with a knife cut out
The sharp and biting arrow from the thigh,
Washed off with water warm the purple blood,
And, powdered 'twixt his palms, a bitter root
Laid on, pain-killing, which his every ache
Assuaged. So dried the wound and ceased the blood.


ev K\io-lr)cri Me*>omoi> aX/a/i09 via?
ICLT ILvpvTrvKov /3e/3\rijJLevov' O'L Be fj,d%ovTO

/cal T/?a)69 6/j,i,\aB6v. ouS' ap epe\\6v
en, <r%r)(7eiv k.avau>v KOI ret^o? vjrepOev
vpv, TO TroitjcravTo vetov vvrep, d/j,<f)l Be rafypov 5

i'fKaaav. oi)Se Oeolcn S6(rav /cXetra? e/eaTo/t/3a?,
6(f>pa <T(f)i,v vfjds re 6od<$ /cal \iji8a 7ro\\r}V
eVro9 ^oz> pvoiro, Oe&v 8' de/crjTi rervfcro
tlOavdrcov' TO Kal ov TL 7ro\vv %pbvov ejJLTreSov rjev.
o<j)pa fiev r/ E/cra>/> J'ajo? eyv Kal (Jirjvi *A^fcXXeu? 10

Kal Hpid/Jioio avaKTO<s d7rop6r)TOS TroXi? eifXev,
T0(f>pa Be Kal fieya ret^o? 'A^atoo^ e^TreBov rjev.
avTap eVel /eara p,ev Tpcocov Odvov oao-oi apiaToi,
7ro\\ol 8' *Ap<yel(ov 01 {lev Bdpev ot Be \LTTOVTO,
jrepOeTo Be Uptd/Aoio TroXt? BeKaTp e'waimS, 15

'Apyelot, 8' ev vrjval (f)i\r)v e? TraTpiB* e/3r)(rav,
Brj TOTe fjLTjTiocovTO Ho(7eiBd(t)is /cal 'A7roXXa)z>
ret^o9 d/jLa\Bvvai, 7TOTap,wv /j,evos eio-ayayovTes
o(T<roi CLTT 'iBatcov opecov a\aBe Trpopeovo-w,
P?;cro9 E7TTa7ropo9 re Kdpiyo'os re f PoSto9 re 20


The storming of the Danaan wall.

THUS in the tent Menoetius' valiant son
Succoured Eurypylus the wounded chief:
The rest meanwhile, Argives and Trojans both,
Fought in dense throngs ; nor now the Danaans' trench
Should serve to check the foe, nor should the wall
That broad above it rose ; which they had made
To shield their ships, and girdled with a trench,
But gave the gods no glorious hecatombs.
Swift ships and plenteous spoil to enclose and save
'Twas built, but built in despite of the gods

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