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his order No. 28, 100; superseded by Oen. Bank& 105;
returns to New Toric, 105 ; outlawed by Jefll Davis,
105-6; his address to people of New Orleans, 106; he
retains slaves as contraoand of war, 288; in command
ftt Fortress Monroe, 574: menaces Petersburg and
JUchmond, 575: commands the first Fort Fisher ex-
pedition, 708; declines to assault Fort Fisher, 711;
returns to the James, 711.

BUTTERITBLD, Gbn. B. C, at Gidnes*! MiU, 146 ;
at Malvern Hill, 165; at Gettysburg, 880 to 889.

' Oabell^ Gbn., repulse of; at Fayetterille, 448;
routed by Oen. Brawn at Boonevllla, 456 ; captured by
Plcasimton's force in Mitsouil, 561.

Caldwell, Bbi^.-Gen., at Antietai

Camden, Arkansas, Steele marchee

Caicbbon, Gen. SmoN, retires fr

partmMit, 81; 108; In reUitlon to Slave

Campbell's Station, East TemL,

Canby, Gen. E. B. S., organizes w

Mexico, SI; at Fort Craig, 22-8; Yali

New Mexico, 25; In command of the t

department— Banks turns over his an

alas in recovering Alabama, 716; ac

Mobile, 721 ; Dick Taylor surrenders t<

Cantwell, Col., Ohio, killed ^ Bu
Cablin, Col., at Perryville, Ky., 2S
Cabnbt's Bbidgb, La., encounter a
Carr, Gen., at Pea Bidge, 28 to

Shelby in Arkansas, and captures 200 ]
Cabboll, Gen^ severely wounded,
Cabteb, Gen., wounded at Frankli
Cabteb, Bbi&.-Gbn. H. (Union), 1:

East Tennessee, 288.
Cabteb, Gen. & P., retreats across
Casey, Gen. Silas, his division

Fair Oak^ 148 to 147: his camp catpti

mands a division at Malvern Hill, 165

Catlett's Station, Pope*s liead<

prised at, 178; Stuart surprises Warre
Cedar Cbeek, Early surprises Ci

Sheridan triumphs at, 614-15; oflScers
Cedab Mountain, battle and map <

son defeats Banks at, 177.
Centebville, Lee chases Meade u]
Chalmebs, Gen. James B., at Stoi
Chambebsbubo, Pa., scene of the 1

Stuart's dewedations, 211 ; burned bv ]
Champion Hills, Miss., battle of, :
Chanoellobsville, battle and map
Chantilly, Ya., battle near, and I
Chapin, Col., wounded at Port Hi:
Chapman, Gbn. H., his brigade at <

156; at Malvern Hill, 16&
Chableston, languid operations i

raid of Rebel iron-clads from, 465-6

Angel ^ opens on, 479 ; fkU of, 701-2-8.
Chableston Harbor, cause and c

ing boats In, 468 ; British damor, 45a
Charlestown, Va., captured by Ii
Chase, Gov. S. P., on the National 1

resigns his office as Seoretary of the Tr
Chatfield, Col., killed at Fort Wi
Chattahoochee river, Johnston n


Chattanooga, Bragg marches to
orans^s preparations for the campaign, 4
positions held by Bosecrans's and Bn
416; Sherman reenforces Grant at, 4i
Sherman's army at, 625.

Cheatham, Gen. B. F., commands
PenyviUe, 219; at Stone River, 274-&

CmcAGO Demooratio National Oi

1864, spirit of the, 666 to 660.
Chiokamauga, battle of, 415-25; ]
Churchill, Gen. T. J., surrender

man, 208; his losses, 204.
Cincinnati, g^boat, sunk, 56.
CiNOiNNATi, cutter, sunk, 314
Clarke, Gbn. Charles (RebelX kil

Clabkb, Cou, Kich., killed at Port
Clabk, Col., reports Rebel movem
Clabebtille, Tenn., t»ptured by g
Cleburne, Major-Gen. Pat. (Beb

221 ; commands division at Stone Rive

Hooker at Ringgold, 445; kiUed at Fra
Clemdenin, MajobI, captures raidei
Cldtton, 1088., captuied by MoPh

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OocKBXLLf Gnr., wounded at Frankliii, 683.
COFFXT, Obk., in Miaeouri, 36 ; at Lone Jack, 36.
Cogoih'8 Ponrr, oocapied hy McClellan, 168.
Cold Harbor, Grant's flank movement to, 579;

battle and map of^ 080; grand aaaault on, 681 ; officers

Ulled at, &6S.
CoLUNS, Capt., of the Wachusett, captures the

Florida in a BraziUan harbor, 64ft; ooort-martlaled, 646.
Colonization, President Lincohi's scheme, 267.
Colored Orphan AsrrLUH, fired by rioters, 505.
Colquitt, Briq.-Qen., at Antietam, 206.
COLUMBL^ Tenn., sacked hy ICorgan, 404.
CoLUHBLi, Ark., Marmaduke defeated at, 551.
COLUXBLA, S. C, Sherman oaptare»— pillage and

burning o(; 700; 709L
Columbus, Hiss., Qen. Buford summons, 620.
Columbus, Kj., evacuated hy Bebels, 54.
Confederate Natal Officers — Corsairs, 641.
Confederates* Opinion of Black Union soldiers,

6S8 ; imprcMment of slaves for military serrice bj, fi22 ;

resolutions of in relation to Abolition prisoners, 088-4

CONOAREE EivER, passsgo of, by Sherman, 699.
Congress, appropriation in aid of the coloniza-
tion of slaves. 807: meeting of the XXXYIIth, 207;
officers prohibited Irom returning fagitive slaves, 807;
an act against Slavery passed by, 261-8; elassiflcation
ofReprosentatl ves in, mi ; Rebel slaves freed bj act of^
. . ... ,266: '


868 ; Uavti and Liberia recognised by, 865: in relation
to rendition <tf fbgitlve slaves. 867; Lincoln proposes
Kational aid to emandpaUon, 800 ; law cf evidence In

fkvor of colored men passed by, 860 ; subjects n(
conscription, 019 ; army appropriation and denciency
bills before, 086; OranCs i4>po*i^*n^ ^ Uentenant-
Oeneral to command the armies approved by, 068;
reassembles after Presidential election, 678 ; resolves
that Slavery shall not exist in the United Stotes, 674.

Congress, frigate, destruction of, 117.
Connecticut State Elechons, 436 ; 739.
Connolly, Got. Henry, of New Mexico, 21.
Connor, Brio.-Gbn. P. K, 1st CaL Vols., his

Indian campaign, 400.
Conscription, first draft in New York, 601; riots

in New York and Brooklyn on aoconut of drafting, 006

to 000; €k>ngress declares negrotg sabject to, 019 ; Mr.

Stevens's amendment, 019; MO.

^ Conscription Acts, passage of ri^al bills in Con-
gress, 487 ; Judge Woodward's opinion oi; 48a

Convention, the Ohio Democratic, 493; of
Unionists at Baltimore, 088, 60a

Cooke, Gen., charges without orders, 157 ;
wounded at Centervllle, 896.

Cooper, Gen., defeated at Honey Springs, 449.

Corinth, Miss., besieged, 71; evacuated hy
Bebels under Breckinridge, 78; map of the siege c<
886; composition of Bosecrans^s army at, 880; its chief
worics constructed by Beauregard, 8s0; a correspond-
ent's description of the siege of, 887-8; Bosecrans^s
•ffioial report, 889-M; Van Dom repulsed at, 880 ; cap-
tures and losses, 881.

Couch, Gen. D. N., at Pair Oaks, 144 to 146;
commands a division at Malvern Hill, 160; at Freder-
icksburg, 844 ; at Chancellorsvllle, 86t

Cowles, Col. D. S^ 128th N. T., killed at Port

Hudson, 888.
Cox, Gen. J. D., ordered to rSenforoe Pope^s

army, 179 ; at South Mountain, 196; in North Carolina,

Cbampton's Gap, fight at and map of; 199-200.
Cranet Island, Ya., evacuated by Bebels, 127.
CkiAWFORO, Gen., at Cedar Mountain, 177;

at Antietam, 806; his advance at Qettysbuig, 887;

ohaiiges at Five Forks, 788.
Oreiohton, Col., 7th Ohio, wounded, 177.
Crisis, opinion of Gov. H. Seymour on. 499.
Crittenden, Ool, Gia B., treaoherr o^ 19: re-

OBoaoB, Bbio.-Gen., at Champion HHIb, 808.

Cbook, Gen., surprised at Cedar Credr, 613.

Cross, Col., 5th N. H., kOled at Gettysburg; 388.

Cross-Eetb, Ya., Fremont fights at, 138-9.

Crozton, Gen., at Chickamauga, 417.

Ceutohtield, Col., threatens M*yrd Hei^itB, 20L

Culpepper, Ya., Banks's operations near, 176,
177; Jsekson attacks Grswford^s batteries st, 177.

Cumberland Mountains, recroesed bj Bragg
and Kirby Smith, 87a

Cumberland Gap, works blown up at, 814.

Cumberland, frigate, destroction oC 116.

Cunningham, Col., killed at Stone River, 281

CuRRENGT depredation and National debt. 663.

CuRTiN, Andrew G., reelected Governor of Penn-
sylvania, 009.

CuBTis. Gen. Samuel B., pursues Price to Pij-
ettevlne,87;atPeaBidg^87to81: his report of kwses
at, 81 ; advances into Arkansas, 84 : at the Ottht, U;
retires to Helena, 80; allnsioii to, 86; flghu Priee,Sll.

Custer, Gen., raids across the Bapidan, 564-6;
victorious at Bailor^t Oreek, 741 : at Appomattox Sta-
tion, 74a


Bahlorbn, At)¥tbal Jobm A^ succeeds Dnpoot
In command of the South Atlantio Squadron, 478; Us
luckless attack on Sumter, 481.

Dahloren, Col. Ulrig, killed in a raid on Bidi-
mend, 06Qi

Dallas, Ga., captured by Shennan, 628.

Dalton, Ga^ captured by Sherman, 626.

Dana, Gen. N. J. T., at West Pomt, Ya., 126-
7: at Fair Oaks, 146; wounded at Antietam. 909: st
Morganzia, La., 846; services in Western Texs^ Ml;
his raid In North Alabama, 600.

Davidson, Gen., menaces Little Bode, 401 ; hii
raid toward Mobile, 6901

Davis, Gen. Jeff. C. (Union), captures Bebd
camp and 1,000 prisoners at Mim)rd,Mo.,86; stFtt
Bidge, 88 to 81 ; commands a diyision at Stone BtTer,
874 ; captures 141 of Wheeler's raiders, 884; with Sher-
man in his great march from Atlanta to fiavsansh,
689 to 6901

Davis, Jetfebson, Prodamation of, dedaring
Oen. Butler a felon, 10^-6; on the field at FsirOtfcs,
148; leads Bebel charge at Fair OakSj 140; on tbeim-



declares L.

fore he would succumb, 670; leaves Biehmond, TK;
sets up his Government at Danrille, 754; issoes s pre*
damation, receives news of Lee's surrender, 780: is
captured near IrwtnsvUle by Lt.-CoL Prit^sid, 794

Davis, Col., 104th Pa., killed, 144

Davis, Col., 12th Blinoia, captures trams, 20L

Davis, Com. (UnionX at Memphis, OM ; (&

Decatur, Ala., Hood's attack on, 631 ; 633.

Demooratio Press, on the Draft, 501-1

Dennis, Gen. E. a, at Port Gibson, 305; de-
fense of and loss at Mlllikea's Bend, 818» 819.

Dfvens, Gen. Charles, wounded, 145; 148.

Dister, Lt.-Col., killed near YidEsburg^ 290.

Du, MajortGbn. John A^ his prodamatioo on
occupying psrts of yhnglnla, 841.

DoBBnre, Gen., at Big creek, 664-6.

Dodge, Gen., his raid in Korth .Alabama, 286.

DoNALDSONViLLB, La., 102 ; fights at, 338.

DouBLEDAT, GiN. A^ sucoeeds General Hatch
(wounded) at South Mountain, 198 : opens his tstteilM
at Antietam, 800; at Gettysburg, 880 to 887.

Douglas, Col., kOled at Antietam, 210.

Dow, Gen. Neal, wounded at Port Hudson, 338.

Draft, the Democratic press on, 501 ; riots m
New York, because of; 608; Gov. Seymour on, Mt

Drewbt*b Bluff, attadc on batteries at, I40-I-

Dudley, Gbv., defeated at DonaldsonTiD^ 333.

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DuFiTELD, BBia.-Gizr., taken prisoner, 212.

DuKOAN, Gek. J. B., in command at Forts Jack*
son and St PhiUp, La., 87 ; 90.

DtTPONT, REAR-ADMIRAL Sahuxl F., prepara-
tions for attocklnf Fort Sumter, 466; bis iron-clads
ftsttall Fort Samter, 467 ; their advance arrested, 460 ;
Union monitors repnlsed— tbe Keokok snnk, 471 ; re-
possesses several coast defenses, 456 : his gnnbnats ad-
Tance near Charleston, 460; fUlore of his itUck on Fort
McAllister, 46&-4; his partiality to deck-lighting, 479L

BuBTEA, Gek., at South Mountain, 198.

DuvALL's Bluff, 655.

Eablt, Gen. Jxtbal A., charges at Cedar Moun-
tain—is forced to flUl bade, 177; commands Jackson's
division at Antleta^^ 806; at Gettysburg; 880 to 887;
menaces Washington— is repulsed, 605; he surprises
Crook at Cedar Creek, 618; Sheridan routs him at
Cedar Creek, 614-5; again routed at Waynesboro*, 727.

East Point, Ga., Sherman's operations at, 636.

EoTORf Briq.-Gbn., at Chickamauga, 417.

Bddt, Col., killed at luka, 224.

Edisto Island, occupied by Sherman, 460.

Edisto Riveb, Sherman's armj crosses the, 698.

Egan, Col., his gallantry, 188.

Elder's Battery, at Olustee, 531.

Eldridgb, Col., 12'7th BL, at Yicksburg, 310.

Emancipation, views of distinguished statesmen
and generals on Slavery, 282 to ^; proclamation8*of
President lincokL^M^; proclamation of Ocn. Fre-
mont in Mtssonrt, 289; Congress debating, 256.

Emubtt, Gen., killed at Hartsville, Mo., 447. .

Emort, Gen. Wil F., abandons supplies on the
Chickahominy, 160: stops the Bebels at Pleasant
Grove, 541 ; beats them at Pleasant Hill, 548; encoun-
ters a cavalry force at Mansmt^ 551.

BsTBP's Battery, at Stone River, 277.

European Mediation offered and dedmed, 484.

Everett, Edward, his speech at Boston, 256;
at Gettysburg celebration, 467.

Ewsll, Gen., checks Fremont's advance at
Cross-Keys, 188 ; moves down the left bank ot the
Chickahominy, 160: defeated by Hooker at Bristow
station, 181 ; bums bridge, destroys railroad, and Iklls
bade on Manassas, 181; severelv wounded, 182; his
division present at second Bull Bun, 189 ; commands a
division at Harper's Ferry, 200; Is engaged at Antie-
tam, 206: takes Winchester, 871; at Oet^sburg, 880 to
887 : at Manassas Gap, 888; at the Wilderness, 567 to
571; surrenders, 741.

BwiNG, Gen. Hugh S., at Tlcksburgf 311 ; his
defensa of Port Davidson, and retreat, 657-6.

Fagah. GEN^atta<to at Marks's Mill, 653.

Fair Oaks, Ya., battle of, 142 to 147.

Farnsworth, Gen., killed at-Gettysbuig, 388.

Farragut, Aduiral D. G., bombards Yicksburg,
578; at Ship Island. 88; at months of the Mlsslaaippi,
84-85: 86; his attack on and passage of defenses below
New Orleans, 88 to 04 ; his fbrces occupy the city, 95-6;
bis reply to Mayor Monroe, 06; at Baton Rouge, 101 ;
his fleet runs by Yicksburg batteriea, 101 ; 102; bom-
bards Donaldflonvllle, 102; returns to New Orleans,
102 ; at the capture of Port Hudson, 882 ; assails Forte
Morgan and Gaines, Mobile bay, 661.

Farrand, Coxb^ surrenders to Bear-Admiral

Fletcher on the Tombigbee river, 754.
Fayettevillb, N. C, taken by Sherman, 633.
Fayettbville, Ark., Cabell defeated at, 448.
Fbathbrston, Brig.-Gen. W. 8., wounded at

Glendale, 16&
Federal GovBRNiCENT^Jts right to subdue re-

sistanoe to ite authority, 282.
Ferbero, Brig.-Gen. Edward, in attack on Bo-

anoks Island, 76; defends Fort Sanders, 482.

YOL. n. — 49

Field, Brig.-Gen., at second Bull Run, 189.

FisB, Col., 16th La., killed at Stone River, 282.

Florida, contributions to the Confederate army
in, 459 ; Gen. Truman 8eymour*s expedition to, 529.

Florida, The, and the Alabama, Southern oor-
sairs, built and fitted out In England and flying British
colors, 648 ; depredations and capture of; 644-5.

Floyd, Gen. John B., 17 ; 18 ; 19 ; 47 ; would not
surrender, 60.

Foote, Coil A H., at Fort Henry, 45 ; 46-7 ; at
Fort Donelson, 4&-9; up the Cumberland, 68; at Co-
lumbus, Ky., 54; at Island Na 10, 65; bombards Fort
PUlow, 56.

Ford, Col. T. H., oa Maryland Heights, 200;
abandons them, 200.

Forrest, Gbn. N. B., escapes fh)m ^ort Donelson,
60; raids on Rosecrans^s communications, 270; routed
At Parker^s Cross-roads, 282 ; at Chickamanga, 417 : Ua
massacre at Fort Pillow, 619 ; routs Sturgls at Qob-
town, 621 ; assails JohnsonvtUe, Tenn., 679.

FoBT Db Russt, captured by A. J. Smith, 537.
Fort Donelson, Tenn., map of, 46; invested

br Grant, 47; Bebels attempt to cut their war out,
48-9; sufferings of the troop^ 49 ; Floyd and Forrest
escape, 50 ; the surrender, 60; losses sustaine^at, 5t

Fort Fisheb, N. C, Gen. Terry assaults and
captures, 718.

Fort Henrt, Tenn., defenses of, 46 ; attacked
by Oen. Grant, 46; map of, 46; captured, 46-7.

Fort Hindxan, Ark., taken by McClemand, 293.

Fort Macon, N. C, capture of; 79.

Fort McAllister, attack on, 463 ; stormed, 693.

Fort Pillow, bombarded and c^tured — ^For-
rest*s massacre at, 619.

Fort Powell, blown np by the Rebels, 663.

Fort Pulaski, siege and capture of, 455 to 468.

Fort Sanders attacked by Longstreet, 432.

Forts Jackson and St. Philbp. maps of; 86 ; 88 ;
bombardment and surrender of, 88 to 97.

Fort Smith, Ark'., Gen. Thayer leaves, 562.

Forts Morgan and Gaines, Mobile bav, Farra-
gut ssssils, 651 ; Page and Anderson surrender, 6S8L

Fort Stebdm an, Ya., Rebel attack on, 728.

Fort Sumter, iron-dads on service at, 466: Du-
pont^s Iron -dads assail, 467; adTance on arrestee, 469;
the monitors repulsed— the iron-dad Keokuk sunk
near, 471 ; Dahlgren's luckless attack on, 481 ; Swln-
ton*s account of the bombardment of; 467-S-9; eracua-
tion of, 702-8.

Fort Wagner, Gen. Strohg^s assault on, a fail-
ure, 477; Gen. Gillmore begins a regular siege ot^
478; captured by Gillmore, 4bl.

Fort Warren, K. C, assailed by Rebels, 633-4
Foster, Gen. J. G., accompanies Bumside's ex-
pedition, 78; part t^en by, in the attack on Newbem,
78; in ciHnmand ff Department of N. C.^; organises
expedition for the capture of Goldsboro'^ ; 81 ; returns
to Newbern, 81 ; repels D. H. Hill at Washington, N.
C, 488; makes a demonstration In behalf of Sherman,
096; relieved In consequence oi his wound, 696.

Foster, Col., defisats Sam. Jones at Blue Springs,
Tenn., 470.

Franklin, Gen. Wm. B.. at West Point, Va., 126;
his corps In reserve at Gaines^s Mill, 156; repulses the
enemy s attack at Golding's flirm, 160; commands a
corps at Malvern Hill, 165; ordered to r^enforce Pope,
179; commands a corps of McClellan's left wing at
Crampton^s Gap, 199: at Antietam, 807; his itilure at
Sabine Pas^ 889; at rrederioksborg, 844; wounded st
Sabine Cross-roads, 589.

Franklin, Dr. Benjamin, on Negro soldiers, 51 3.
FRAifKLiN, Teon., Hood attacks Schofield at, 681 ,*

map of batUe, 681 ; losses in the battle of; 688.
Fredericksburg, Bumside before, 343; battl*

of; 845 to 848; map oi: 848; our losses at, 847; Gens.

Lee and Bornsido near, 849.

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Fremont, Qkk. J. 0^26; appointed to oommand
of Mountain Departin«nt, 118; ordered to Intdtsept
Jackson, IM; his march across the mountains, 186-7 ;
iUls to head off JacksoiL 187; fight with Ewell at
Ooss-Key s« 188 ; recalled from porsoit of Jackson. 140 ;
refosea a command mider Qen. Pope, 178; his proc-
Umation modified bj OTder of the Preaident, 289;
nominated for President at Clevehmd, 658; withdraws
firom Presidential eanrass, 670.

^EBNOH Bmpebob proffers hia Bervioes as me-
diator between the North and South, 484.

Fbbnoh, Gbn. (BebelX commands a division at
Antletam, 907; at Frederiekabaiig, 845; la repelled
from Allatoona br Oen. Oorse, 689.

Vbont BoTiJi, Va, fight at^ 133-4.


Gaikes^s Mill, Ya.. batfle o( 154 to 168; map

of the field, 156 ; Porter^s defeat, 157 ; loMm fuatained,

157-8; MeCleIlan'8 dispatches, 15&
Gainbsvillb, battle of, 181 • retreat fVom, 183-7.
Gallatin, Tenn., Union defeat at, 213.
Galyxston, Magruder*s foraj, and our losses at,

822; 888; 825; naval enoonntcrs at, 828 to 887.
Gang, Gen., surprises a Union outpost, 555.
Gardner, Gin., bis defense and sunender of

Port Hndaon, 818; 881 to 887.
#arfibld, Gkn. James A» drives Marshall from

Kentnokf, 42; at battle of Mill Spring, 42; 48; 44; at

Chiokamann, ^2.
Garland, Brio^-Gbn., his brigade cat up at

Booth MoantaiB, and himself killed, 60«L
Garnbtt, Brio.-Gsn., killed at Gettysburg, 389.
Garrard, Gen., cooperates at Mobik, 723.
Geary, Gbn. John W., his charge at Cedar

Mountain, 177; triumphs at Wauhatchie, 48&
Gboroia, British-Ck>nfedeiate cruiser, captured

by the Niagara, 64&
Gbrmantown, Ya., skirmish at, 188.
GBirrsBiTRO, 367 : battle and map o^ 3*78 ; Gens.

Hancock and Sickles arrive at, 879 : prepariniir for the

deeitive diarge at, 888; second battle and map o^ 884 ;

theBebel grand charge at, 886^
Gbttt'b Division at the bataea of the Wilder-

neas, 568 to 571.

Gholson, Gen., of Miss., killed at Egypt, 696.

Gibbon, BRia.-GBN., at South Mountain. 198;
wounded atYloksburg, 847; at Chancellorsvllle, 862 ;
at Oettyaburg, 886 to 887; at the Wlldemeaa, 567 to
671; at Cold Harbor, 58L

GiDDiNQS, Hon. J. B., cm the Slare-Trade, 237.

Gilbert, Gbn., in battle of Perryrille, 220.

Gillem, Gbn., captures 300 prisoners from Duke
at Kingaport, Tenn, 688; eapturea 200 men and 8 guns
from ^loghaa at WytheTlUe, Ya^ 688.

GiLLMORB, Gbn. Quinct A., routs Pegram near
Somerset, 427 ; his plan for bombarding Fort Puiaski
adopted, 456; 457; fidl of Fort Pulaakl due to, 456;
saooeeds Oen. Hunter in oommand of the Department
of the South, 478 ; condition of his arror and phm of
operattona, 478-4: eetabtishea the marsh battery, which
opena on Charieaton, 478-8 : eapturea Fort Wagner, 4S1 ;
Btopa blockade-running at Cbarleaton, 482; occupies
JacksonTlIle unresisted, 588; 680.

Gist, Gen., at Ohidramauga, 417 ; killed at Frank-
lin, Tenn., 688^

Gladding, BRia.-GEN.f killed at Shiloh, 70.

Glbndalb, Ya., battle o^ 161 to 163 : extracts
from various reports ot, 162-8; Bam. Wilkeson*! ac-
count of retreat irom, 161

Goldino^s Farm, fight at, 160.

Goldsboro', N. 0., Schofldd enters, 716; Ger-
man arrlvea, 70&

Goldsbobouoh, Coil L. M., with Bumside's
expedition, 78; relieved from command, 76; 121.

Goodino, Ool. O. p., encounters a Rebel f^ce
sear Bed river, 689.

Goodino, Gbn., taken prisoner, 220.

Gordon, Gen. J. B., mortally wounded near

Bichmond, 574.
Gordon, Gen. G. H., extract fhnn his report of

attack on Banks^s rear-suard at Winchester, li»; con-

mands a brigade at Annetam, 206.

GoRDONSYiLLE, Ya., 173 ; Jackson at, 176.

Gorman, Gbn. W. A., at South Mountain, 198.

Gov AN, Gen., at Chidcamauga, 417 ; cuitnredi
with most of hia brigade, at Jooesbotx>\ Oa. 6ML

Gove, Col., Mass., killed at Gahie^s Mill, 157.

GRAHAif, Major, his train recaptured at Phila-
delphia, Tenn., 481.

Granburt, Brio.-Gbn., kOled at Franklin, 683.

Grand Eoore, La., Rebels beaten near, 545.

Grand Gulf, Miss., burned hy Gen. WiUiams^
101; attack on, 808.

Gbangbb, Gen. Gordon, at Ohkdcamauga, 421 ;
oaptiree Fort Moigaa, 668; in attack on MobUe, TSL

Grant, Gbn. TJ. S., o^itures Fort Henir, 45-6;
investa and oupturea Fort Doaelaoii, 47 to 51; morm
his army to PitUburg Landing. 58-8; arrives on th*
battle-field, 68 ; his remarka on the line of retreat, 65;
66; 68; his report of loeses at Pittsburg Landiac, 76;
In oommand of the distilet of West IVBBneeeee— informs
Boeecrans of the movementa of a large Bobel force, iSt;
orders Bosecrana to attack luka, and sends him r6eB-
forcementa, 228; he r6enforcea Corinth so as to reeiat
the besieging army under Van Darn, 280; his attempta
to flank dMMississippi, 895; he creases the Big Black,
808; changea hia point of attack on Yioksbnri^SM:
directs a naval attack on the batteries oi erand
Ouli; 802; crosses his army near Pert Qibson, 808;
his attack, 804 ; his captures and toss, 804; changea hia
base of supplies, 804; wins the battle of CSwmpton
HUla. 807 ; hU eapturea and loa•B^ 808-9 ; lUl of Haines^
Bluff and Yaioo Clly, 810; his grand asaanlt on Yleka-
burg a fldlure^he begina a reffiuar aiege— «eeotiatkna
ibr surrender, captures and loasea, 2a, 810 to 816;
selected for chief eoDunand la Tenneeaee, 488; la r»-
enforoed by Sherman at Chattanooga, 487; drives
Bran from Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga Taller,
andMission Bi^ 488 to 445; hia olBdal renort, 442;
lossea on both sides, 446; is Mpolnted Lieut-General—
his advance on Bichmood, 568; his qnaliAcatlona and
ideas, 568-4; he eroeses the Bapidan, 567; 6ghta Lee
at the Wlldemesa, 567 to 570; advances to the North
Anna river, 577; his flank movement to Cold Harbor,
579; his grand assault at Cold Harbor, 581 ; be crosaea
the James river, 588; end of hia campaign of 1864 and
losses, 507; remarks on the reaulu of the campaign,
608 ; letter to Butler regardinff the capture of WUmlag-
ton, 712; before Petersboig, i^; 780; compels Lee to
surrender, 748-4 ; visiU Sherman at Raleigh, 758 ; Isaoea
general order eongntulattng tha troopa on the and of

Great Run, Va., Sgel fights Rebeta at, 179.

Greathouse, Bri6.-Gbv. LuGiBN, killed near
Atlanta, 681.

Grbelbt, Horace, writes to the President ca
Slavery in the War, S51 ; at Hlagara Falla, 664-6.

Green Riybr, Kj., railroad oommunioaftion i^
opened to, 27a

Green, Col., wounded at ^ari Wagner, 477.

Green, Gen., wounded at Wauhatchie, i36.

Green, Gen. Ton, killed on Red river, 548.

Gregg, Gbn., taken prisoner at Faimville, 741

Grbgo, Gbn. (Union), attadced, and 600 mm
c^itnred trxaa him near Jefferson, va. 896.

Gregg, Brig.-Gbn. (Rebel), wounded at Antie-

tam, 210; at Oett^sburg, 886.
Grenada, Miss., cavaliy rslds to, 615.
Gribrson, Ool. B. H. (since Gen.), raids ttoat

Lagrange to Baton Bonge, 801 ; rtMA toward Mobile, 681
GRiniN, Gbn., at Gaines's Mill, 156; at Malrecn

Hill, 160; oaptores 1,600 Bebeb at Five l\>r1tB, 781
GBiFnTH, Sbrobant, 22d Iowbi captures IS

prisoners, 812.

Grixes, Senator James W., of Iowa, his bill for
the edoeatioB of ootoml ohUdmi, MflL

Digitized by



Groybb, Gbn. G., reoocopies Baton Bouge, 827.
Gboteion, Ya., battle o( 183.
GuvBOATS, captured and destroyed by the ene-
my on fied rirer, OM.
GuHTOWK, Miss., Sttuyis routed at» 62L

Habeas Cobpus, Yallandigham^s case, 489;
PrMident Ltnooln on, 401.

HAGEBStowN, Md., Longstreet adyanoes to, 196.

Haikbs's BLurr, Miss., Bhennan*s feint on, 303 ;
capture of, 310L

Hall, Col. A. S., 106th Ohio, defeats Morgan

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