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Ram Albbmarlb, destruction of the, 535.

Ramseub, Ool., 49th K. 0., wounded at Malvern

Ramsbub, Gsk., killed at Cedar Creek, 615.

•Randolph, Edicuni), on the Slave-Trade, 233.

Ransom'sBrigadb, at the siege ofYicksburg, 31 1.

Rakbom, Qbn., wounded at Sabine Cross-roads,


Ransom, Col., 35th N. C, wounded at Malvern

Hill, 166L

Rapedan. Rebels crossing the, 1*71 ; guarded by
Gen. Boford, 175; Union troops cross the, 804: opera-
tions on the, 608 to 402; Grant crosses the, 667.

Rappahannock, Thb, Rebel batteries across, 179;
crossed by Jackson, 180; Lee's operations on the, 844*
Busseirs sasanlt a»the station. 897 ; Gens. Moade and
Bufurd cross the, 894 ; railroad destroyed b v the Bebels
rSbollt, 898.

Raymond, Miss., MoPherson^s battle at, 305.

Reagan, John H., captured at Irwinsville, 756.

Rbams's Station, Hancodc's fight at, 593.

Rbd RrvBB. rescue of gunboats on the, 549 ; 550 ;
capture and destruction of transports on tiie, 600: suo-
oeesftd Bebel attack below Alexandria on the, 66Ql

Rsm, S. C, on- the battle of Chiokamauga, 424.

Renoher, Gov. Abraham, of New Mexico, 21.

Rbno, Gen. Jbssb L., with Bumside, 73 ; in at-
tack on Hewbem, 78 ; ezpodltfon of; to Elisabeth City,
79-80; rdenforcea Gen. rope, 178; cdoperates with
Gen. Slgel, 179 ; is present at Gainesyille. 188 ; covers
the retreat at second Boll Bon, 187; killed at Soath
Mountain, 19a

Resaoa, G&, abandoned bv Johnston, 626.

Reverb, Col., Mass., killed at GtottTsburg, 388.

Reynolds, Gen. John F., at Gaines's Mm, 156*
taken prisoner, 167; at Gainesville, 188: at second
finU BnnJlSO; at Fredericksburg, 847; killed at G«t-
tysbnrsL 877.

Rhodb Island, State Election of; 1863, 486.

Rhodes, Gen., at South Mountain, 196; is
wonnded at Antletam, 210; at GeUysborg, 880 to 887;
at the Wilderness, 608-71.

RiOE, Bbig.-Gbn. J. C, attacked bv Eirby Smith
at Jenkins's ferry, 668-4 ; killed at the Wilderness, 67L

RiOHA^a Col., 20th UL, killed at Raymond,

Richardson, Gen. Israel B^ at Malvern Hill,
166; at South Moontain, 196; at Antietam, 207; killed,

RiOHMOND, Ey., Eirby Smhli roots Mac

then Nelson aA, S1&
RiOHMOND, Ta., siege ot, raised, 168; operations
near, 178 ; deoaonstration made OB, 894; Grant adraaoea
<», 682; raid on, 666-8: Bntler menaoea, 675; Peace
OTertores at 866; lUl oC 724; naval operanone antoat,
728; cTaenated and bntned, 788; oeenpled hy xJakam

Richmond Whig^ Thi^ dtation finom, 30.

RiOKBTTfl^ Gbn^ advances to Culpepper, 175 ; is
driven back by Longstreet near HopeweU Gap, 18B; at
Booth Monntidn, 197; at AntietanB, 20ec

Rietr, Col. J. L., killed at Fair Oaks, 148.

Ring, Maj., charges at Stone River, 274.

Riots of 1863 in Nbw Tore, 603-7.

RiPLET, Bbig.-Gbn., at South Mountain, 196;
at Antletam, 206; is wonnded, 210.

RIPPBT, Col., 61st Pa., killed at Fair Oaks, 148.

Roanokb Island, Bumside's attack o^ 74-6;

Roberts, Col. B. S. [afterward Geaj, refhses
to become a traitor, 19.

RoBBRTS, Col., 42d RL, captures raiders, 2T1 :
klUed at Stone BiTer, 274

Robertson, Gbn., at (}aines*s Mill, 156.

RODGBBS, Com. John, attadcs Brewry's Blufl^
140-1 ; deals with a British blockade-nmner, 472-1

Rodman, Gen. L P., killed at Antietam, 209.

RooEBS. CoM^ Gbo. W., killed at the assault on
Fort winner, 47&

RoaiiBsviLLB, Ky., ICanson fights Eirby Smith
near, 214.

RosBORANB, Gbn. Wm. S., succeeds Buell hi «Hn-
mand of the Armv ofthe Ohio, 288; h« attacks Prict'ia
army at Inka,aaa fbrees him to retreat, 228-5: defrata
Tan Dom at Corinth, 226-0; his winter campalgB, 270;
mores against Bragg to Stone Rlrer, 278 : alter four
days' hard SghtlngrBraffg retreata, 280: tbo munbers
engaged and losses, 28(^1; oommeneea his Gbattanooga
campaign, 404 ; adrances to Bhelbyville, 409 ; eaptnrea
from BragK, 410 ; concentrates his forces, 418; <»>enlng
of the biStle of the Ohiekamanga, 416; the fight ot
Sept 19th, 417; his dispositlonslbr Hm 20th, 410 ; 485;

his order making over command to G«n. Thomaa, 487 ;
482; beyond the MlsslsslpDl in '04 688; appointed to
the conunand of the deparnnent of Mlssonn, 660 ; ar-
rests conspirators, 668 ; raises ten regiments and pots
down an outbreak, 667; his official report, 068; his ea-
timate of Price's force In Mlssonri, 66l

Ross, Bbio.-Gbn. L. F., fails to reach the Yaaoo»
9ia the Tasoo Pass and TallahaU^e, 201

Rousseau, Gbn. Lovbll BL at PerryviHe, 218;
at Stone RiTsr, 274 ; in the Atlanta campaign, 681.

Rowan, Com., suooeeds Goldshorough in com-
mand of Bornslde^ fleet, and deatrojrs Bebd woa-
boats, 76.

Rowan, Capt. p^avyX at Fort Wagner, 480.

RoTALins or '75 appealing to slaves for help,

Rotall, Caft., 5th U. S. cavalry, attadced by
Stuart, 160l

RuFFiN, Col., Ist N. C, killed at CenterviOe, 396.

Russell, Gbn. D. A., assaults and carries Rap-
pahannock station, 897; charges at the WUdonMss,
671; U killed at the OpeqvM, ma

Sabinb Cro8S-Road0, La., Unkm rout at, 539.
Sabine Pass, La., Gen. Franklin's faihire at, 339.
Salomon, Gen., 36; at Prairie Grove, 39.
Sanbobn, Briq-Gbn., at luka, 224; diases Price

in Western Mlssonri, ML
Saunbbbs, Gen. W. S^ of Ky., is IdOed at Ejiox-

Saundbbs, 0OL. H. S., in East Tennessee, 428.
Sataob's Station, Va., fight at, 160,
Savannah, Ga., abandoned by Hardee to Sher^


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SoALBB, BBio.-Qflir., woonded at Qettjrsbarg, 389.

SoA^MON, OoL., Ohio, defeated near Bull Run, 181.

SoAKHOir, Gbn., captured in "West Virginia, 599.

SoHBNOK, Maj^Gbn. Robbrt C, jolns Milroy at
McDowell, Yft., 183; at CroM•Key^ 18S; at Gainea-
yille, 188; wounded at Booond Boll Ban, 189.

SoHOnxLD, Ge5. John M., organizes Missouri
militia, 85; 86: 8T: sneoeeds Oen. Curtla, 447; In the
Atlanta campaifn. M8; flghta Hood at Franklin, Tenn.,
e81-8; at Nashville, 685; captures Wilmington, 715k

Schttbz, Gbk. Carl, at Gainesyille, 183 ; at Ohf^n-

oellorsytlle, 857 ; at Wanhatohie, 486.
Scott, Gbn. Winfibld, consulted by Pope, IT 2 ;

Mr. Potter on kls strategy, t56.
SooTT, Col. J. S., routs Union oavalrj, 213.
Sboesstonyillb, B. G., Gen. Wright repulsed in

an attack on, 46L
Sbdciwiok, Gbv. John, at Malvern Hill, 165;

atAntietam, 907; thrloe badly wounded, 807; oarries

Marrows Heights, and assails Lee^s rear at Chanoellors-

TlUe, 868; at QottTsburg, 880-7: crosses the Bapldan,

666; kiUed tn the Wilderness, 567-71.

Sblma, Ala., captured by Gen. Wilson, tl9.

SBMHE8, Gbn., killed at Gettysburg, 389.

Sbioces, Oapt. Raphael, of the Alabama, 643.

Sbten Days* Battlbs before Ricdimond, 153-^9.

Sbybn Pinbs (or Fok Oaks), battle of, 141 to
149 ; losses sustained at, 148.

Sbwabd, Hon. William H., on the SLaye-Trade,
887; mnrderonsly assaulted by Payne, 750.

Sbtmoub, Gbn. Tbuman, at Gaines's Mill, 156;
succeeds Oen. MeOall, 168 ; commands at South Moun-
tain, 198; operates In Florida, 520; defeated atOlus-
te^ 581 ; captured at the Wilderness, 569.

Sbtmoub, Hobatio, elected Gov. of New York,
254; on the crisis, 499-500; addresses New York riot-
er^ 606; urges the President to suspend drafUng, 607.

Shaoelbfobd, Gbn., routed at Jonesboro^ Tenn.,
by W. £. Jones, 480.

Shabffbr, Col., killed at Stone River, 274.

Sharpsbubo, near Antietam, fighting around, 208.

Shaw, Col. Robbbt G., 54th Mass., kiUed at Port
Wagner, 477.

Shblbt, Gbn., raids into Missouri, 453 ; Is worst-
ed by Can* near St Charles, 654; captures most of the
Mth Illinois, 555; pursues Ewing, 558.

Shblbtyillb (or Tullahoma), position of Bragg's
army, 404; Soseoians advanees to, 410.

Shbnandoah, Yalley of the, soene of operations,
176; Sigers moyements in the, 179: enemy moving
up the Yalley of the, 180; Sheridan devastates, 611.

Shbphbbd, Col., badly cut up at Stone River, 2*76.

Shephbedstown, Ya., a flgh^ at, 393.

Shbplbt, Gbn. G. F., Governor of Richmond, 738.

Shbbidan, Gbn. Philip H., at Perryville, 218;
pndies the enemy to NolensyiUe, 271 ; at Stone Birer,
274; skirmishes with Forrest and Van Dom, 284; at
Chickamaoga, 421; at Mission Bidge, 48S-442; at the
Wilderness and SpottsylvanliL 574 ; raids to Biohmood,
574; sneoeeds Gen. Hunter, 707; defeats Early at the
Opequan, 609; deyastates the Valley, 611; defeats
Early at Cedar Creek, 618-14 ; routs Early at Waynes-
boro\ 727 ; attacked by Lee at Five Forks, 781 ; relieves
Warren from oomroand, 788; routs Pickett at Five
Forks, 788 ; heads olT Lee^s army, 748 ; at New Orleans,

Bhbbhan, Gxn. T. W., issues a proclamation to
the people of South CarollBa, 240; has taken posses-
sion of Bdlsto Island, 460.

Shbbman, Gen. Wil T., 64; 68: at Pittsburg
LandinjL 61-69 ; assails the Yazoo Bluffs, near Yicks-
burg. 291 i at the capture of Fort Hlndman, 298 ; feints
on Haines's Bluff, 808 ; at the assault on Vieksburg,
810 ; drives Johnston out of Jackson, Miss., 817 ; r6en-
ibroes Qnnt at Chattanooga, 487 ; his advance checked,
441 ; edoperatesin driving Bragv from Lookout Moun-
tain, Chattanooga Tallev, and Mission Bldse. 448 ; as-
signed to the oomnaand of ths Mississippi, Ohio, fto.,

674; begins his Atlanta campaign, 625
Johnson ttom Dalton and Besaca, 626 i
Dallas and Marietta, 628; is repulsed
Mountain, 629 ; he repulses Hood's flrst
Decatur, 681 ; makes a flank movement
685; compels Hood to abandon Atlanta
the removal of the inhabitants from, 68
trates for his great march, 689 ; his march
to Savannah, 6S9 to 692; captures For
698; Savannah, 695; remains a month
696; enters South Carolina, 697; his route
nah to Ooldsboro\ 698: crosses the Edlst
ree, 699 ; fell of Columbia, Charleston, an
ter,.701 ; his order as to foraging, 706-4 ;
Favetteville, N. a, 706 ; fights Wu^ at
706; Jo. Johnston at Bentonviile, 707 ; r<
boro\ 708; advances agaihst Johnston a
751 ; arrangement with Johnston at Sm
requires and constrains a surrender, 758.

Shbbkill, Ck>L. Eliaeix, 112th N. Y

at Harper's Fenj, 200.

Shiblds, Gen. tTAincs, wounded, 114
of Kemstown, 115 ; Joins McDowell at Fn
186 ; ordered back to the Valley, 186 ; fell
Jackson, 187.

Ship Island^ oooupied by Gen. Phel]
Shbbvbpobt, La., held by 25,000 :


Siblet, Gbn., his Indian campaign, 4

Siblbt, Gbn. H. F., organiaes brigai

quest of New Mexico. 21 ; at Fort Bliss, S

22^ ; Santa F6, 24 ; abandons New Mexi(

Sickles, Gen. Daniel E., at Fred
847 ; at Chancellorsvllle, 861 ; worstod b;
881 ; at Gettysburg, 880-87.

Sibqes OF, Atlanta, 637 ; Beaufort, N.
Charleston, 465-7 ; 529 ; Corinth, 226 to 28
ling, 141; Fort Donelson, 47-50: FortFisl
Fort Gaines, 651 ; Fort Henry, 46 ; Fort H
Fort McAllister, Ga^ 698; Fort Macon, N
Morgan, 651 ; Fort Pillow, 56, 619 ; Pulas
Sanders, 482 ; Fort Sumter, 467-9 ; Fort '
81: Island Number Ten, 55; Knoxvil1e,4!
641W0; Newbem, 77; Plymouth, N. C
Hudson, 818; 881-87; Savannah, 605; Yi*
818; Yorktown, 120-2L

SiOBL, Gbn. Fbakz, retreats fnmi 1

Ark., 27-8 ; at Pea Bidse, 28-81 ; sucoe(

mont, 172; on the Bappahannock, 179 ; in

Gainesville, 188 ; is defeated at Newmark

Inridge, 699 ; is superseded by Hunter, 6(1

SiLLiMAN, OoL., killed at Bloody Brid

Sill, Gen. J. W., killed at Stone RiT

Simmons, Col., 5th Pa., mortaUy wov

SiHMSPORT, La., Banks's army march

Simpson, Col., N. J., killed at Gaines'

Sinclair, Col. Wm. T., wounded at :

burg, 847.
Skiddawat, 8. C, abandoned by the 1
Slaughter, Gen. J. E., routs CoL

Brazos, on the Bio Grande, 757.
Slavery in War, 232; Patrick H(
Adams, Edmund Bandolph, and othen
Joshua B. Glddings and Gov. Seward
Lincoln on, 287; the West Point conoe]
Gens. McDowell and MoClelhm on, 287-8 ;
declares slaves contraband of war, 283; G
Gen. Fremont, and President Lincoln on,
T. W. Sherman^s assurance, 240 ; Gen. W
band ordei\ 240 ; Gena. Diz and Halleck o
eron and Idnooln on, 248: Seward on,
Bnmside^s Boanoke Island proclamatloi
McCook, BnelLand Doubleday on slave-hi;
Gen. Thomas Williams expels all fhgltiv
Paine of Wisoonshi thereon, 246; Lt-C
thony thereon, 246: Gen. Hunter's order
by the President, 246-7 ; Gen. McClellai
Mr. Greeley^ letter to the President, and
240; Mr. Lincoln to the Emancipatlonfi
Proclamation of Freedom, 258-5; Ema
Congress, 256; army slave-catching probi
Slavery excluded from the Terrltonea, 261
bull on, 268 ; Slave-Trade suppression, 26

Digitized by VjOOQIC



ner on, 209 ; the law of ovidenoe, 260 ; Mr. Lincoln's U«t

me86ag« — Slavery abolished, 678.
Slaves, Rebel attempt to arm, 726.
SuDELL, John, allusion to, 81.
SLOOtnf, Gin. Henry W., at Antietam, 207 ; at

Chancellorsville, 856; at Gettysbori^ 880-7; with

Shertnftn in his great march from Atlanta to Savan-

Smith, Gen. Gustavus W., 81 ; at Pair Oaks,

148-0; disabled by paral]rsi^ t4&
SifiTH, Gen. Preston, killed at ChiokamaTiga,417.
Skith, Gen. E. Kirby, invades Kentackj, 213;

at Lawrenceburgh, 221 ; at Perryville, 231 ; attacks

Steele at Jenkins's ferry, 668 ; his last General Order,

767 ; surrenders, 7681

Smith, Col., 73d Ohio, at Wauhatchie, 436.
Smith, Gen. C. F., 46 ; at Fort Donelson, 49 ;

at Clarksville, 68 ; death of; 66 ; allnsion ta 60.
Smith, Gen. T. R., at Fort Hindman, 293.
Smith, Gen. Wm. Sovy, makes a failure, 617.
Smith, Gkn. T. Kilby, at Vicksburg, 311.
Smith, Gbn. Giles A., at Vicksburg, 311 j in

the Atlanta campaign, 682 ; crosses the Edisto, 619.
Smith, Gen. W, F., at Torktown, 121 ; in Penin-

snla campaign, 122; at Antietam, 207 : at Fredericks-

bnrg, 846; at 0>\d Harbor, 660-2 ; at Petersburg, 68Cc

Smith, Gen. MOBaAK L., 69; wounded at Yazoo


Smith^ W. Pbbsoott, expedites movement of

tro</|>s, 488.

Smith, Col., 27th Ga., killed at Antietam, 210.

Smith, Gen. A J., at Yazoo Bluffs, 290; at Fort
Hindman, 208; at vicksburg, 816; takes Port de Bus-
sy, 087 ; fights at Mansura, 661 ; defeats Poltgnac at
Tellow Bayou, 651 : touts Marmaduke near Columbia,
Ark., 661; ordered to 8t Louis, 667: aids to drive
Price out nf Missouri, 6A0 to 662 ; at Nashville under
Thomas, 662: helps defijat Hood, 684; rejoins Canby,
and helps reduce Mobile, 721.

Snicker's Gap, occupied by Lee'a army, 212.

Soldiers' Vote, 224; for President, 673.

Somerset, Ky., Gillmore routs Pegram, 427.

SouL^ Hon. Piebbb, 98 ; banished, 100.

South Mountain, Md., battle ot 195-7.

Spalding, Col., 12th Tenn. Cavalry, at Nash-
ville, 686.

Spanish Fort, Mobile, besieged and taken, 722.

Spinoli, Brig.-Gen. F. B., wounded at Manassas
Gap, 898; relieved trom command, 661

Spookbr, Col., 83d Ind., at Vicksburg, 310.

Spottstlvania C. H., Va., fighting at, 572-^5.

Springfield, Ark., attacked by Marmaduke, 446.

Stafford, Brig.-Gen., killed at the Wilderness,

Stahl, Gen. Julius, in fight at Cross-Keys, 138.

Stanley, Maj.-Gen. D. A, at luka, 223-4; at-
tacks Moriran, 271; chanrcs into Franklin, 272; wound-
ed at Franklin, Tenn., 6SS.

Stannard, Brig.-Gen., of Vermont, wounded at

Gettysburg, 888.
Stanton, Edwin M., appointed Secretary of "War,
81: 82; 108; 186; to McOlellan, after battle of Fair
Oaks, 149-150; to McClellan, about Jackson's move-
mentB, 161-2.

Stark, Gen., killed at Antietam, 206.
Starkweather, Gbn., at Perryville, 219.
State Authority over Militia, 488.
State Elections, 486 ; account of, 608-10; the

October, of 1864, 671-8.
St. Charles, Ark., Carr fights Shelby at, 554.
Stbedman, Capt., naval expedition, 459.
Steedman, Gen. J. B., at Chickamauga, 422 : at

Nashville, 666.

Steele, Gen. F., at Yazoo Bluffs, 289 ; at Fort

Hindman, 288; at Ticksborg, 811; captures Little
Bock, 461-2; in Arkansas in 1864, 686; advances to
Camden, 662; attacked at Jenkins's ferry, 658^;
storms Blakely, 728.

Stein, Col., Ohio, killed at Stone River, 281.

Stein, Gen., 27 ; killed at Prairie Grove, 40.

Steinwbhr's Division, at Wauhatchie, 436.

Stevens, Gen. Ibaao L, killed at Chantilly,
Va., 188-9.

Stevenson, Gen., at Port Gibson, 306.

SisvENsON, Gbn. T. G., killed at the Wildar-
nesK, 671.

Stewart, Gen., captured by Hancock, 572.

Stewart, Lt.-Col., at Van Buren, Ark., 447.

St. Louis, Boeecrans at, 566-8; Price threat-
ens, 609.

Stone, Col^ at Columbia, S. C, 700.

Stonehan, Gen. Geo. D., on the Penmsula,
122-7; 169; his orders, 868: his raid. 866; his diaaa-
trons raid to Macon. 688-4; takes Kingsport, Tena.^
and Abingdon, Ya. 688; carries Salisbury, N. C, 68i;
destrovs railroad, 751.

Stone River, or Murfreeeboro', battle of; 273-^

8tone*8 Battery, at Perryville, 219.

Strahl, Gen., killed at Frankhn, TemL, 683.

Strange, Col. J. B., on battle of Glendale, 163.

Streight, Col. A. D., 51st Ind., raids into G«orw
gia, 286; captured in the ll^t at Nashville, 686.

Strong, Gen., established on Morris Island, 4t5 ;
assaults Fort Wagner and ia killed, 477.

Stuart, Gen. David, at Pittsburg Landing, 63 ;
at Yazoo BlofTs, 289 ; at Fort Hindman, 29a

Stuart, Gen. J. K B., raids around McClellan's
army, 160; his report, 189; at South Mountain, 196;
fights Pleasanton, 869; at €kettvsbnrg, 889; at Ont«r-
ville, 896 ; at Chickamauga, 422; mortally wounded at
Tellow Tavern, Va., 674

Sturgis, I/t.-Col., at Port Gibson, Miss., 305.

Sturgis, Maj.-Gen. 8. D., reenforoes Pope, 179;
at Alexandria, 179 ; is routed at Ountown, 621-2.

Sullivan, Gen. J. C, at luka, 224; routs For-
rest, 282.

Sumner, Hon. Chas., on holdhig slaves in na-
tional vessels, and on exdnding trttnesses because of
color, 969.

Sumner, Gbn. Edwin V., 108 ; at "Williamsburg,
Vs., 122-^; at Fair Oaks, 144-7 : on the battie of Glen-
dale, 168; at Malvern Hill, 166; rSenforoes Pope,
187-190; at Antietam, 207; at Fredericksbuifr, 844.

Sumter, bombardment of Fort, 467-9; Dahl-
gren*8 attack on, 481 : restored to the Union , 747.

Swamp Angel, opens on Charleston, 479.

Swinton, William, on Dupont's attack on Fort
Sumter, 467-9.

Stkies, Gen., at Gaines's MUl, 156; at South
Mountain, 198; at ChancellorsvlUe, 856; at Gettys-
burg, 881-7; Is relieved ttom command, 664.


Talluperro, Gen., at Cedar Mountain, 1*77;
wounded, 1S2.

Taney, Roger B. (Chief-Justice), death of. 671.
Tattnall, Com., destroys the Merrimac, 128.
Tatlor, Gen. Diok, at Cross-Keys, 138; at

Port Bepublic, 189; captures Brashear City, Ijl. 887 ;

defnts Washbnme, near Opeloneas. 840-1 ; in Alabama,

721 ; sur^endors to Gen. Ganby, 751
Taylor, Gbn. Geo. W., at Gaines's Mill, 156; is

defeated by Jackson at Bull Bun, 18L
Taylor, Col., Pa. BudctaUs, killed at Grettys-

burg, 888L

Teoumseh, The, destroyed by a torpedo, 651.

Tennessee, the war in, 212; Bragg's amnr in,
221 ; Gen. Grant in command of West, 222 ; Middle
and East, 404; Buck ner abandons East, 429; Long-
street's operations against fiumside in East, 481-2;
Hood invades, 677; is drives out by Thomaa, 977-87.

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TEKMB88BB, raiD, fights and smrendera, 662-3.

Tjsrbill, GsN.f routed andkilled at PerrjvOle, 219.

Terbt, Gbn. Alfred H., menaces James I^and,
476; aaaaalts Fort Wagner, 481 ; assaolto and takes
Ffct FiBher, TIS ; helps capture Wilmington, 715l

Tbw, Gol., 2d K. 0., killed at Antietam, 210.

Tbxas, surrender of regulars in, 17; 18; ordi-
nance of Secession, 17; Gena Banks and Dana in
Western, 841 ; collapse of Bebellion in, 757.

Thateb, Gbn. John U.^ at Fort Hindman, 293.

Thoburn, Col. Jo., killed at Cedar Creek, 615.

Thomas, Col., Ga., killed at Fort Sanders, 432.

Thomas, Gbn. Gbo. H., at Mill Spring, 42-3 ; at
Cedar Mountain, 177; at Stone Biver, 978-6; at Chick-
amanga, 431; retires nnassailed, -tfS; ordered to hold
Chattanooga, 484; at Lookout Mountain, Cbattano<^a
Taller, andMission Bldge. 484-44^; his official report,
4^; in the Atlanta campaign, 026; in Tennessee, 640;
assumes diief commana in Tennessee, 677; defeats
Hood at Kashville, 685-6; results of his campaign, 669.

Thomas, Gbn. (Rebel), at second Bull Run, 189.
Thompson, Col., killed at Hartsville, 447.
Thompson, Col. N. C, killed at Centerville, 396.
Thoboughfasb Gap, operations in, 182.
Tidball, Gbn., at Gkiines's Mill, 156.
TiLOBN, Ma J., 38th N. Y., killed atChantiUy, 188.
Tilb, Gbn., wounded at Centerville, 396.
TiLOHMAN, Gen. Llotd, at Fort Henry, 45;

surrenders, 47 ; killed at Champion Hills, 809.
ToDD, Geo., operates as a guerrilla, 447.
Toombs, Gbn. Robbbt, wounded at Antietam,

Topping, Lt.-Col., 71st Indiana, killed, 315.
Towbb, Gbn., in the battle of Gainesyille, 187.
Tribxinb Qpnoi^ of Nbw Yobk, assailed by

draft rioters, 004.
Trdiblb, Bbio.-Gbn. J. R., at Malyem HUl, 166 ;

takes Manassas Junction, 180 ; at second Boll Bun, 189 ;

wounded at Gettyshurg, 880.

Tbumbull^ Hon. Ltman, on freeing the slavea

TuCEBR, Capt., raids from Charleston, 465.
Tunstall*s Staron, scene of operations, 169.
TuBNBB^s Gap, Franklin drives Cobb from, 196.
TusouMBLi, AUl, captured by Mitchel, 285.
TuTTL^ Gbn., at Yicksburg, 311.
Twioos, Gbn., treason at, 17; dismissal of; from

Confederate senice, 85.
Ttlbb, Gbn. (Rebel), killed at Fort Tyler, 720.
Ttndalb's Bbigadb, at Wauhatchie, 436.

TTndbbwood, Col., 83d Mass., wounded at Wan-

Union National Contbntion in 1864, 658.
Unionists reorganize Arkansas^ 555.

Tallandigham, Hon. C. L., arrested by Bum-
side, 480 ; public sensation and resolve^ 480 to 601 ;
defeated for Governor of Ohio, 609-510; his conversa-
tion with Onld, 666.

Talterdb, New Mexico, battle of, 22-3.
Tangb, Col. J. W., 96th Ohio, killed at Sabine

Gross-roads, 540.
Tan Oletb, Gbn., killed at Stone River, 277.
Tan Dorn, Gbn. Earl, in Texas, 18 ; commands

trans-Mississippi Department, 27 ; baffled by Slgel, 87 ;

at Pea Rldffe, 28-48; attacks Corinth and is defeated,

226-0; his tosses, 881 ; captures HoDy Springs, 287.

Tioksburo, BOss., bombarded, 57 ; first siege of
raised, 67-8; again bombarded, 101; attempt lo cut
canal across peninsula opposite, 101-8 ; siege of, again
abandoned, 102; operations asainst, 836; Sherman
again threatens, 289 ; Sherman fails to take, 291 ; Com.
Porter passes the batteries, 801 ; grand assault on, 811 :
fitilure of the assault on, 818; besieged by Orant, and
surrendered, 810-16.

TiNOENT, Col., killed at Gettysburg, 388.

YiROiNiA, Pope's operations in, 172; Banks and
McDowell assigned to Pope, 172; fight at Wythe villa
and Lewlsburg, 408.


'Waohusbtt, Capt Collins, captures the Florida
in Bahia harbor, 64fr-6.

Wadsworth, Gbn. James S., Military Governor
of Washington, 108 : on strength of Rebel army at
Manassas in Jan., 1868, 118: strength of his force for
defense of Washington, 180; at Gettysburg, 877: in
council at Williamsport, 898; killed in the WUder-

WAiNWRiaHT, Col., wounded at South Moun-
tain, 19&

Wadtwrioht, Capt., killed at Galveston, 324

Waitb, Col. C. A., captured at San Antonio, 18.

"Walkbr, Gbn. "W. H. T., at Antietam, 207 ; de-
feated at Jackson, 806; at Ghiokamauga, 416; fights
Brannan at Poootaligo, 468; retreats up Red rlyer be-
fore Gen. A. J. Smith, 687 ; killed at Decatur, 6a., 688.

"Walker, Capt. (Navy), up the Yazoo river, 318.
Wallaob, Gbn. Lew., 49 ; at Pittsburg Landing,

60-71 ; defeated at the Monocacy, 606.
Wallaob, Gbn. W. H. L., 59; 63; killed at

Pittsburg Landing, 61
Walthall, Gbn., at Chickamauga, 417.
War and its Causes, Franklin Pierce on, 497.
Ward, Gen. Hobart, at ChanceUorsville, 360;

at Manassas Gap fight, 808L
Warino, Col. Geo. E., defeats Marmaduke at

Batesyiile, 447 ; at Quntown, Miss., 681.
Warner, Gbn., fights at Henderson's Hill, La.,


Warren, Gbn. Fitz Henrt, r§enforoes Banks
on Bod river, 660.

Warren, Gen. George S., atGunes's Mill, 156;
Malvern HilL 165: Antietam, 208; ChanceUorsville,
866; Centerville, 806; commands the 6th corps, 664;
at ^ the Wilderness,'^ 567 to 671 ; charges at Spottsyl-
vaniA. 672 ; at Cold Harbor, 680 to 682 ; destroys Wel-
don Kaik-oad, 726; defeats Pegram at Dabney's mill,
726: flghu on Rowanty creek, 780 ; in Dght at Five
Porksr781-2 ; relieved by Shertdan, 788.

Warrbnton Junction, operations at^ 181 ; 395.

Warrenton Springs, Va., operations at, 182.

Washburnb, Gen. C. C, 84; at Helena, 35; at
Yicksburg, 814; defeated near Opelousas, 840; on
Bebel conspiraey, 657.

Washington Citt, force left for defense of,
180-1: McDoweirs corps retained for defense of^l81:
Gen. Banks in command at, 194; Early menaces ana
is repulsed from, 606.

Washington, Capt., killed at Yicksburg, 310.

Washington, N. C, Foster repels Hill at, 483.

Wauhatohib, Gen. Gtoarj yictorious at, 435.

Waynesboro*, V A., Sheridan routs Early at, 727.

Watnbsboro', Ga., Eilpatrick at, 691 ; 692.

Wead, Gbn. F. F., killed at Cold Harbor, 582.

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