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Webb) Brig.-Gbn., wounded at Gettysburg, 388.

Webb, Col., killed at Sabine Cross-roads, 540.

Wbbstbr, Col. J. D., at Pittsburg Landing, 65.

Webster, Col. D. Fletcher, of Mass., killed at
Gainesville, 189.

Weed, Gen. a H., killed at Gettysburg, 388.

Wbehawken, iron-dad, Capt John Rogers, cap-
tores the Atlanta, 472-8.

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WsrrzBL, Gbk. CtoDFRSr, with Gen. Bttti«lr*8 ez«
pedition, 88. 91, 97 ; sent to lAfbarohe, 104-4(; declines
to tsaault WihningtoB, 711; enteri Blehmood, 787.

Wbssells, Gbn., wounded at Fair Oaks, 148.

West Point, Va., Ught at, 126-7.

West Virginia, operations in, 108; 140; 598.

Wharton, Gen., raids in Middle Tenn., 433.

Wheeler, Gen., wounded at Lovergne, 271;
his attack a Mlore, 978; 980; 988; raids in Ewl Ten-
nessee, 488; at Cfafcksmanga, 41&

WmTAKER, Gen., at Chickamaugay 422.

Whttb Oak Swamp, battte of, 160-1; bridge

retaken, 170.

White, Gen. Julius, at Kartinsburg and Har-
per's Ferry, 199.

WHiTB, Oapt., at Vicksburg, 312.

WmriNQv Gbn., at MalTem Hill, 166.

WiOKLiFFB, Hon. C. A^ enlightened by Gen.
Hnnter, 615.

Wilcox, Gbn. 0. M. (Rebel), at Glendale^ 168;
at Hopewell Gap, 188.

Wild, Gbn., in North Carolina, 635.

Wilder, Col. J. T., snrreoders to Bragg ttt

ManfordsvUle, 216.

Wilderness, battle of the, 567 to 670.

Willard, Col., killed at Gettysburg, 38d.

Williams, Gen. Thomas, in first attadt on
Ticksbora. 07-8; at Fort* Jackson and Bt PhiHp, 97;
anin at Y ioksburg, 101 ; in command at Baton Booge,
102 ; death of; 108 ; Iseaes orders to drive fhim csmps
ud.garrlsons colored ftigitives, 241

Williams, Gen. A. 8., with Sherman in his
great march, 689 to 696.

Williams, Col., UL, killed at Stone Biver, 281.

WiLLUMS, Capt., at siege of Oorintb^ 227«

WiLLiAM^UBQ^ Ta., battle of, 122-6.

WiLUOB, Gbn., captured at Stone RiTer, 274.

WiLMiNCKroN, N. C, defimses (^710; Butler and
Weitzel decline to assault, 711; SehoOskl eaptorea,

Wilson, Hon. Hekbt, of Mass., ott the return
of fugitive slayes. 261 ; btU to provide for edoeating col-
ored children, 266.

Wilson, Gen. Jambs H.. raids through oeotral
Alabama, 717; captors of Selma and Montoomenr,

WiNOBBSTBB, Ta., Jaokson ctofeated «t, 136 ;
Oen. BweU takes, STL

WiNSLOw, Capt. John, of the Kearsarge, en-
gages the Alabama, and sinks her, 646-47.

Winthbop, Gbn. Frbd., kilted St Fife 9Mu» 734.

Wise, Gen. Hbnbt A., at Roanoke Island, 74^

WiSB, Capt. 0. J., killed at do, 76.

WOLFB, I/r.-CoL., killed at BfohaMnd, Kj^ 216.

Wolford, Gbn. Frank T., oproees Morgan, 404;
porsaes Pegram to Somerset, 4m ; icpela Seett^ ea^
airy, 498; is routed al Philadelphia, Tenn., 48L

Wood, Gbn. T. J., wounded at Stone River, 276;
at ChickamMiga, 416; St Misrtoa Bidg«, 44»f s* Ksah-

Wood, Maj., brings off kmr gims from Haiy-

land Height^ 980i
Wood, Brio.-Gbn. (BebelV wounded, 221.
Wood, Col. Ja&, IdOth N. T., at Wauhatchie, 436.
Woodward, Jcdob Gaa W., on the ooascrip-

tlon act, 488; beaten is csadMMe Iw fleirenMr of

Punsylvanla, 609.

Wooi^ Gbn. John BL, at Fortress ttonroe, 127;

occnples Korfolk and Portamonth, 197 ; detached from
McClellan^s command, 189; his order in relation to
eolored contrabands, 9i0.

Wordbn, Lt. John L., fights the Kerriniao^ ia

the Monitor, and Is woanded, lia
Wright, Gbn. H. G., assaults SeoesriOBTille, 461:

at the WUdemesi, 668-71; at Oold Harbor, 8664; at

PMersborg, 784.

Wright, Gbn. (Rebel), a6 Mahrem HBl, 165;

bonded at Anttotam. 2Ml
Wtman, 0€fL, J. B., kOled aear Tioksbnrg, 290.
WTTHByiLLB,ya^ fight at| 403; GUlemtakea200

men and 8 gaim Sft. 6&


Taboo Citt, fighting $^ 309-310; BIS.
Yazoo Blutfs, Sherman demonstrates on, 269.
Ybadon, RioBLABD. oWbtu $19^000 reward ftir

Gen. Bailor, 106.
Yellow Batou, La., fight of JL J. Santh, with


Yore Rivbb Railroad, burned bj Rebda, 169l
YOBXTOWN, Ya., siege o^ 120-22; eyacuasion of
hj Msgmder, 122; embarkation ot troops at, 171.

ZoLUOOiTBB^ Gbnl, kHM amm Bj^inc^ 42^

The End.

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Online LibraryHorace GreeleyThe American conflict: a history of the great rebellion in the United States of America, 1860-'64 → online text (page 113 of 113)