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Lawrence, Kansas.

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The correspondence, family records, etc., will be deposited with
the Kansas State Historical Society for the use of the future
genealogist of the family.



The following numbers should have been preceded by a star (*):
32, 1672, 2348, 3055, 3056.

A. D. Rogers, p. 41, should be Ada Rogers.

Irwin Levi Gunnison, No. 2660, p. 250, should be Irvin.

Edna I. Belden's name, p. 168, is omitted from the index.

In family 2077, Wilbert Clement should read Wilbert Clement

Names preceded by a star (*) re-appear as the head of a family.


In 1900, I printed a pamphlet giving the record of three
generations of the descendants of Andrew Moore of Poquonock,
Conn. In that publication I promised to print the records of his
descendants if it proved possible to obtain them. This book is
published in fulfillment of that promise.

I have not accomplished all that I hoped, but I comfort myself
with the reflection that the fault is not all mine. Of some of the
families it was impossible to get a traice. In some members of the
family it was not possible to awake sufficient interest in the work
to induce them to furnish their records.

It is very probable that mistakes will be found, but the records
of the later generations are in writing furnished by the several
families and ought to be accurate.

It is hoped that those who are interested will save all new
matter which they are able to obtain, that some later genealogist
will be able to make a complete record of the family.

It remains to express my obligations, which are infinite, to
the people who have assisted in procuring the records for this
work, together with some of the Genealogies drawn upon. Stiles'
Ancient Windsor, Connecticut, has been indispensable. The
Goodwins of Hartford, Corui. ; George Hayes of Windsor and His
Descendants, and The Higleys and Their Ancestry, are here credited
with much valuable matter. The Leonard and Cushman Gene-
alogies have furnished the records of those families.

Mrs. O. A. Moore, of Westfield, Mass., and Comodore John W.
Moore, of Brooklyn, N. Y. , have been indefatigable in their search
for records. V. D. Allen, of Columbus, Ohio, and Mrs. H. O.
Moore, of Rutland, Vt., Wm. A. Moore, of Hartford, Conn., and
many others, should be remembered by the family for the work
they have done in preserving its records. Miss Mary L. Whitman,
genealogist, of Hartford, Conn., is painstaking and reliable in all
that she does.

"So! now 'tis ended, like an old wife's story."

I hope the family will take as much pleasure in completing the
records as I have in gathering those contained in this book.

H. L. Moore.

Lawrence, Kan., July 23, 1903.

Andrew Moore and his Descendants.


1, The first mention, yet discovered, of Andrew Moore, /\
of Poquonnock, Conn., is the record of his marriage, which is as
follows: "Andrew Moore & fara Phelpes yt was Dafter of
famuell Phelpes ware married by capten Newberry, february. 15,
1671."' Samuel Phelps was the son of William, the immigrant,
who came to Dorchester, Mass., in 1630, and thence to Windsor,
Conn., in 1636. He married Sarah (dau. of Edward) Griswold
Nov. 10, 1650, and "Sarah Phelps was born in March, the latter
end of 1653." (JV/ndsor Tcnun Record.') The Phelps family came
from Tewkesbury, England, on the ship Mary and John. Sarah
Griswold, b. Kenilworth, England, in 1628, came to America with
her father in 1639. The)' settled in Windsor, Conn.

In 1673, 34 members of the church of Windsor, called the new
church, signed a paper which Gov. Winthrop endorsed, "Windsor
men of the new church, complaint in Winter, 1673." (See Stiles'
Ancient JVindsor, Vol. I, p. 206.) In 1675 Matthew Grant paid
Andrew Moore ;^i, 17s , on "warr account." This must have been
for services during the destruction of Simsbury by the Indians.
Jan. 23, 1674, the town, by Matthew Grant, paid Andrew Moore,
Nathaniel Pinney and Joseph Griswold for making a new ferry
boat. They were paid ^3, 6s., 8d., in barter, and it seems, too,
that the tax levy was assigned before collection in the payment of
debts, "In the good old colony times." Here is Andrew's share
in payment of the ferry boat account:

2 bushels wheat, £0 — 8 — o Set off with Jeremy

2 bushels of Indan 5 — o Jillets that he owed him £0 — 7—0

Danels Haydns rate 10 — o Had of Math.

Abram Randel and Grant 2 boshel of Indan 5 — o

Abram Phelps rate 9—7 and 2lb 3 of flax 2 — 9

Job Drakes rate 9 — 7 and benaja Holcoms rate i — 2

rate 6—2

2-5 ;f3-6-8.

August 24, 1678, Andrew Moore and 34 others were sued by
James Cornish for a school bill of £0 — 5 — 2. His oldest child,

1 Note.— Savage says "married Sarah Phelps, perhaps dau. of William," and he
naarried Sarah the dau. of Samuel to John Mansfield. Stiles had discovered the record
of Andrew's marriase to Sarah the dau. of Samuel, and then deliberately assassinated
Andrew in 1680, and married his widow to John Mansfield in 1683. We object;— still
John Mansfield married Sarah Phelps It is sugfcested that the Sarah he married was
Sarah dau. of Humphrey and Mary (Hull) Pinney, born, Windsor. Conn., Nov. 19, and
baptized Dec. 3. 1648. who married William Phelps Dec. 20, 1676. He died Feb. 17, 1681,
leaving his widow Sarah Phelps, then 33 years of a-re. Here is a Sarah Phelps who per-
haps married John Mansfield in 1683, The record of the marriage is as follows: '"John
Mansfield and Sarah Phelps were marired Dec. 13th — ." The date preceding this entry is
Apr. 14, 1668, and the first date following is April 5, 1678. (Windsor Records, Vols. I and II )


Sarah, was then but 6 years of age. It would seem that Andrew
was a little slack in educational matters. Dec. 20, 1680, he was
paid by the town for labor on the church. He had a grant of land
at Salmon Brook, now Granby, Conn., in 1680, in which he is
called "Andrew Moore the carpenter, of Windsor, Conn."

Major John Talcott, who had agreed to extinguish the Indian
title to Simsbury for 300 acres of land, gives a gloomy account of
this, at that time, western country. He says that he "can find no
place where any thing considerable can be taken up, the most of
that which some call meadow is full of small brush and vines
through which is no passing, or full of trees great and small, and
in ye place where the best land of that sort is, there is no accom-
odation of upland to it saving only mighty tall mountaynes and
Rockes and the way bad to it, and a great way to all of it, and
will be dismally obscure and solitary to any that shall live upon it,
and very hard coming at the market, not only because of the re-
moteness but badness of the passage, and the society of the neigh-
borhood will be very thin, all which will be discouraging."

At a later date Andrew bought land of John Gozard on the
"east side of the mountains bounded easterly by Simsbury easterly
bounds, southerly by John Pettybone, his lot, (allias Jonathan
Moore, his lot) the bredth of s'd lot westerly by the commons is
fifty rods." March 29, 1715, Andrew Moore of Windsor, deeded
to his son Benjamin Moore "for divers good causes and consider-
ations me thereunto moving, but especially in consideration of my
fatherly love and affection I have to my son Benjamin Moore,"
fifty acres of land in Turkey Hills, now East Granby. In the
description of this land Andrew mentions his son William.

Andrew Moore lived in Windsor, where the birth of all his
children is recorded except that of William, and died Nov. 29,
1719. The inventory of his estate was made on the 17th of
December following, amounting to /320, and his widow, Sarah,
was appointed administratrix. He had 15 acres of land in Wind-
sor with house and barn, carpenter's tools, with farming imple-
ments, a cider mill, loom, spinning wheel, sword and belt and a
library "prised at 8 shillings," besides two pieces of land in Sims-
bury. The distribution of the estate took place April 5, 1720, and
each of his nine children took his share of the property after the
widow's portion had been set off to her.


2. I. * Sarah Moore, b. Dec. 6, 1672

3. II. * Andrew Moore, b. Feb. 15, 1674.

4. III. * Deborah Moore, b May 31, 1677.

5. IV. * Jonathan Moore, b. Feb. 26, 1679-80.

6. V. * Abigail Moore, b. Sept. 12, 1682.

7. VI. * William Moore, b. 1684.

8. VII. * Rachel Moore, b. Feb. 6, 1690-1.

9. VIII. * Benjamin Moore, b. Dec. 5, 1693.
10. IX. * Amos Moore, b. Oct. 19, 1698.

Parents Second Generation,

Children Third.

2. Sarah Moore, b. December 6, 1672, married Thomas
Winchell April 26, 1690, at Windsor. He was the grandson of
Robert Winchell the immigrant, and died in August 1697. His
widow was appointed administratrix of the estate. July i8, 1700,
Benjamin Winchell of Suffield, Conn., married Widow Sarah
Winchell. It is probable that this was the widow of Thomas.
The will of Nathaniel Winchell, father of Thomas, says Thomas
left four children, and the distribution of Nathaniel's estate, July
12, 1701, gives to the children of Thomas, land, and "an oald
sword," value £•], 8s., 7d. February 6, 1724, Sarah Winchell "of
the town of Hanover and county of Huntington and Colony of
New York," sold her share in her father's estate to her brother
Benjamin Moore.

Sarah (Moore) Winchell had ten children.

Children by first marriage:

Samuel Winchell, b. Jan. 5, 1690,

Hannah Winchell, b. May 18, 1693; m. Ebenezer Hurlbut May 11,
1710. {Windsor Tozvn Record.)

Sarah Winchell, b. 1695.

Infant, b. ,



















Children by second marriage:

Benjamin Winchell, b. Feb. 23, 1701.
Thomas Winchell, b, Windsor, Dec. 16, 1702.
Samuel Winchell, b. Nov. 20, 1704.
Isaac Winchell, b. Suffield, Conn,, Dec. 22, 1706.
AzARiAH Winchell, b. Suffield, Conn., April 5, 1710.
20. X. Jonah Winchell, b. Suffield, Conn. , March 12, 1713; d. May 20, 1718.

3. Andrew Moore, b. Feb. 15, 1674, m. Mary, the dau.
of George 5anders, (Ens.) the immigrant. George Sanders was
married three times. The name of the first wife is not known.
He m. 2d Mehitable, dau. of John Bartlett of Windsor, and
3d Abigail, dau. of Dea. John Moore and widow of Thomas
Bissell. It IS probable that W^xy was the dau. of the first wife.
May 20, 1736, Andrew and Mary Moore sold to George Cradock
of Boston, for iii, lo s., all their land at Copper Hill, "especially
that right that descended to us from our father, George Sanders,
long since deceased." He d. Dec. 5, 1697.

Andrew Moore was made freeman of Simsbury Feb. 7, 1703.
Vol, 4, p. 162, Siinsbwy Land Records, has the following entry:
"23d day of Dec, 1720, Whereas Andrew Moore of Simsbury,


since Sept. lo, 1717, hath entered and well improved two Intire
parcels of Town Common in Simsbury on the east side of the river
* * * by virtue of a town Grant, therefore we, Lieut. John
petty: bone, Joseph Case Sen. and Samuel Humphries being
comitte have for euer Quitt claimed the title the town had to
these lands to the said Andrew." Jan. 17, 1720, he sold land to
Jonathan Moore.

Andrew Moore made his will May 7, 1752, died May 18, 1752,
in Wintonbury, at the home of his dau. Lois, and the property
was distributed Aug. 28, 1752. In his will he speaks of himself
as of Simsbury, residing now in Wintonbury, and of "having
arrived at a great age." The appraisers say he has "In proclama-
tion money as followith," £5, i6s. He had a house and barn,
orchard, one piece of land in the Marsh of 20 acres and one on
the Hill of 5 acres besides household goods, clothing, etc. The
estate amounted to about /120, and was given to his dau.
Lois Hoskins, dau. Sarah and the heirs of his son Sanders of
whom he mentions Sanders and Andrew. He had 6 children,
b. Simsbury, Conn.

* Lois Moore, b. Nov. 16, 1704.
Mary Moore, b. Sept. 30, 1707; d. Jan. 9, 1713.

* Sanders Moore, bap. Nov. 17, 1709.
Sarah Moore, b . Unmarried. Her estate was settled Jan.

Mary Moore 4th dau., b. Nov. 20, 1713.
Abiah Moore, 5th dau., b. Aug. 5, 1717.

Mary and Abiah had probably died without issue as they are not

mentioned in their father's will.

4. Deborah Moore, b. May 31, 1677, d. Aug. 27, 1734, m.
Samuel Forward, b. Windsor, Conn., July 23, 1671; d. May 3,
1738. He was son of Samuel and Jane Forward who d. Sept. 16,
1684, and his widow d. June 22, 1685. July 15, 1735, Samuel
Forward signed a pre-nuptial contract with widow Martha Winchell
of Windsor, giving her certain property in case they should marry.
Extract from will of "Samuel Forward of Simsbury," signed
April 10, 1738.

"Unto my loving wife Martha, one roome in my Dwelling house, ye use and ye
liberty to Live in it during ye time she shall continue my widow, and ye use of ray
well and seller, which roome in my house is ye outtcr north fier roome, (a room
with fire-place) but only a liberty for my eldest son samuel forward to have ye
liberty to live there with her in said roome — and bequeath unto her likewise ye
use of my little bed roome in ye northwest part of my house to own use; and
likewise I bequeath & ordain that she shall have ye use of one acree and quarter

of plowing land and one acree and quarter of land, and 1 will and ordain that

whereas there was a joynter (jointure) made with my said wife Martha and myself
before our marriage wherein I was obliged to let her have ye use of one roome in
my house and ye use of one acree of grass land and one acre of plowing land, ye
liberty pasturing for one Cow, and ye use of my sellar and well and ye apels to
fill Two barrills of cyder and apels for her own use all she shall have occasion for
during the full Terme of Two years after my deceese; and like in said Joynter
I was to give her Twenty pounds money to be hers for Ever as her own property,
1 therefore ordain that whether she lives my widow or not, she shall have ye
use of one roome in my house, and ye use of my weell and ye use of my cellar





















apels to eate winter, and summer aples, and so many apels to fill Two barrels for
ye full term of Two years after ray decess — which is included in said Joynter
made before marriage, and as according to said Joynter I was to give her ye said
twenty pounds to be her own property forever, I hereby confirm it to her and
ordain she shall have said Twenty pounds money with this addition viz: Three
of my sheep forever to her own Dispose after my decess."

This widow was Martha, dau. of John and Mary (Dibble) Eno,
b. April 6, 1685, who m. John, son of Robert Winchell, Jan. 3,
1705. Samuel Forward gave his property to sons, Samuel, Joseph,
Abel, John and dau. Rachel Hawley.

There were 6 children, all b. in Simsbury.

* Samuel Forward, b. Aug. 20, 1703.

* Joseph Forward, b. Nov. 10, 1709.

* Abel Forward, b. Nov. 4, 1710; d. 1798, aged 88.
Deborah Forward, b. April 6, 1713; m. Martin Winchell; d. Aug.

2, 1730.
Rachel Forward, b. April 3, 1715; m. — Hawley.
John Forward, b. Aug. 29, 1717.

5, Jonathan Moore, b. Feb. 26, 1679-80, m. "Widow
Hanah larg of Saybrook, January the 9th, 1705-6," in Simsbury,
Conn. (Simsbury Rec.) Hannah Large was the dau. of Thomas
and Sarah (Wilcox) Long, and m. Simon Large Jan. 24, 1699-1700.
They had child Hannah, b. Jan. 6, 1700-1, who m. Joseph Petti-
bone May II, 1726, in Simsbury. Sarah was dau. of John, son of
John and Mary Wilcox. John Wilcox, Jr., m. Sarah Wadsworth,
dau. of William, Sept. 17, 1646, and Sarah was b. Oct. 3, 1648.

At a town meeting held in Simsbury Dec. 15, 1705, it was
suggested that "there was a mine of either silver or copper found
in the town" and a committee composed of Dea. Holcomb and
John Pettibone was appointed to search for the mine. It seems
that the mine was discovered, for May 6, 1707, it was agreed that
all might mine for copper by paying the town 10 shillings per ton
royalty on tiie ore rained. Jonathan Moore subscribed to this
agreement. Some mining was done but finally the shafts and
drifts were turned into a Colonial prison named Newgate.

It seems taxation was a matter requiring some attention 200
years ago. Sept. i6, 1702, "The following named inhabitants of
the noreath part of the town of Simsbury ask to be freed from
the rates for the following reasons: Firstly, the difficulties that
attend a new place. 2l3^ It being out exposed to many diffi-
culties as enemies. 2ly, remote from meeting and mail. 3ly, the
controversies attending the place about the fee simple of the land

"(Signed) Stephen Winchell,

Jonathan Moore,
Timothy Phelps,
William Moore and
Barnard Bartlett."
March 7, 17 15- 16, the surveyor of the town reported he had laid
off lots in Turkey Hills as follows; to William and Benjamin Moore


Lot 8, 53 rods. 12 feet and 4 inches. To Jonathan Moore Lot 9,
43 rods and 2 inches. It is probable that these were the three
brothers whom tradition has brought down as having come from
England and engaged in mining at Copper Hill. On Jan. 2, 1723,
grants of land were made to Andrew and Jonathan Moore in
Simsbury, and in 1727 Jonathan signed a protest against the dis-
tribution of the common land of the town. He died in Salisbury,
Conn., Sept. 8, 1770.

The following from the Colonial Records of Connecticut. (Vol. XI,
p. 147,) proves that if Ashbel died in 1718 another son born sub-
sequent to that date was given the same name:

"Petition of Gideon and Ashbel Moore, late of Simsbury, Hart-
ford Co., Conn., now of Nine Partners in the Province of New
York, representing that their father, Jonathan Moore, of said
Simsbury, tranciently residing at Salisbury, Litchfield Co., who
now and for a long time has been under the care of the select men
of said Simsbury, together with his estate brought his action
against the petitioners and their brother Simon Moore of Sims-
bury," etc. The petition was acted on by the Assembly in 1758
and a judgment of iioo, obtained by Jonathan Moore against his
sons Gideon and Ashbel was set aside.

It is probable that Gideon, Simon and Ashbel had given a bond
in someway connected with their father's estate and that Simon
"set up a job" on the two brothers who were in New York. He
likely got his father to sue on the bond and he accepted service so
that the first notice his brothers had of the suit was the execution
levied on their land in Simsbury. It is the impression that Simon
would bear watching.

The estate of Zebulon Moore was settled in 1746 by Jonathan
Moore, administrator. The parentage of Zebulon is unknown.

Children; It is probable that all were born in Simsbury, Conn.

* Jonathan Moore, b. Nov. 11, 1706.

* Temperance Moore, b. July 19, 1708.

* Gideon Moore, b. — — .

* Simon Moore, b. .

* Roger Moore, b. .

Jedejah Moore, 5th son, b. June 21, 1716. He was in Salisbury

Ashbel Moore, 6th son, b. July 14, 1718; d. July 21, 1718.
Mary Moore, 2d dau., b. Aug. 21, 1719.

* Ashbel Moore, b. .

Zebulon Moore, b. . Conjectural. He d. N. Y. "in ye

Jerseys," 1746.

6. Abigail Moore, b. Sept. 12, 1682, m. William Stratton
Jan. 17, 1705-6, at Windsor, Conn. He was one of the unfortunate
command that set out to invade Canada in May, 1709, during the
old French war. The Connecticut troops got as far as Wood Creek,
near Albany, where they lay till fall, suffering great mortality.
The town records of Windsor have the following entry: "October,
1709, William Stratton died aboard the vessell, coming from






















The widow, Abigail Stratton, was appointed administratrix of

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