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we are told the pope does not consent to their establishment in countries which are
not willing to receive them ; and we might ask where the person at the head of the
Stonyhurst establishment now is, and for what purpose he is where he is said to be.

" We have been told that in Ireland, where the Roman Catholic hierarchy exists,
they have their synods and their consistorial courts; and they are mis-represented
if they do not use their excommunications, and their refusals to give the sacrament,
for purposes which it would be difficult to consider as of a purely spiritual nature or
to reconcile to the law of the land."

After quoting Judge Blackstone and Lord Clare, he cited from a speech of Lord
Hardwicke a passage, concluding with these words:

" Even abstracted from religious considerations, the Protestant religion ought to be
held in the highest reverence, as the surest barrier of our civil constitution. Ecclesiastical
usurpation seldom fails to end in civil tyrrany. The present happy settlement of the
crown is, in truth and not in name only, the Protestant succession; and the inviolable
preservation of that wise and fundamental law, made since the revolution, whereby
every papist is absolutely excluded from inheriting the crown, will be a solid security
to our posterity against all who shall watch for the destruction of our liberties.'

"If the cries of 'hear, hear,' mean to intimate that the noble lords who are near,
deem this as Lord Hardwicke's declaration of opinion, that the happy settlement of
the crown, consisted only in excluding a papist from the throne, and in no manner
depended upon the crown's being surrounded with Protestant councils, and that that
exclusion alone, though the crown should be surrounded in all departments of offices
with Roman Catholic advisers (enemies to that Protestant religion, which is here said
to be the surest barrier of our civil constitution) would be a solid security for our
liberties, they impute to him a want of judgment, and contradictions in what he de-
clares, altogether inconsistent with his great character. May the posterity of those
noble lords find, in the preservation of our present laws, in those wise and funda-
mental laws which require the throne, the government and the church, to be unalter-
ably and for ever Protestant, that solid security for their liberties, which they can
never find in excluding a papist from the throne, but surrounding a Protestant king
with popish advisers ! "




William Scott of Newcastle-on-Tyne, Yeoman, was born in the year of our
Lord 1696 or 1697: he married firstly, May 11, 1730, Isabella Noble, and
by her had issue,

I. George Scott, baptized July 22, 1731: he died young, before his
father's second marriage, which took place August 18, 1740.

II. Anne Scrttt, baptized Aug. 17, 1732 : she married, May 18, 1752,
William Cramlington, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, and by him had issue,

I. Isabella Cramlington, born Nov. 19, 1753 : she died young, March 2,

II. Anne Cramlington, born Dec. 22, 1755: she married, Jan. 2. 1779,
John Chrichloe Turner, Esq., (afterwards Sir John Chrichloe
Turner, knighted Feb. 13, 1786,) of Newcastle-on-Tyne, and of
Great Carlton, Lincolnshire, and by him had issue,

|| I. Anne Turner.- she died an infant, and was buried Oct. 3, 1780.
Anne, Lady Turner, died Nov. 11, 1815, aged 59 years. Sir John
Chrichloe Turner died Oct. 7, 1813.

III. Elizabeth Cramlington, born Jan. 9, 1758 : she died an infant,
Jan. 18, 1758.

IV. Jane Cramlington, born Feb. 17, 1763: she died young, March 10,

V. William Cramlington, born June 17, 1761 : he died young, Dec. 28,

Anne, Mrs. Cramlington, died Jan. 1, 1764. William Cramlington died
May 12, 1810.

III. Isabella Scott : she died an infant, and was buried Jan. 4, 1734.
Isabella, Mrs. Scott, was buried Jan. 14, 1734. William Scott married se-
condly, Aug. 18, 1740, Jane, daughter of Henry Atkinson, Esq., of New-
castle-on-Tyne, and by her had issue,

I. Margaret Scott, baptized Aug. 3, 1741: she died unmarried, and was
buried March 11, 1766.

II. Jane Scott, baptized Sept. 28, 1742 : she died young, and was buried
Aug. 19, 1747.

III. Elizabeth Scott : she died an infant, and was buried Nov. 16, 1744.

IV. WILLIAM SCOTT, (afterwards Sir William Scott, knighted Sept, 3,
1788; and created LORD STOWELL, July 17, 1821 ,- also JUDGE OF
Oct. 26, 1798, to Feb. 22, 1828,) born Oct. 17, 1745, the anniversaries of



which birthday, however, were, in consequence of the change of the
style in 1752, celebrated by Lord Stowell himself on the 28th of Oc-
tober: he married firstly, April 7, 1781, Anna-Maria, daughter and
co-heir of John Bagnal, Esq., of Earley Court, Reading, Berkshire,
and by her had issue,

I. Mary-Anne Scott, born Jan. 6. 1783: she married firstly, March 16,
1809, Thomas Townsend, Esq., of Honington, Warwickshire, who
died April 26, 1820: she married secondly. July 29, 1823, Henry
Addinglon, Viscount Sidmouth, widower of Ursula-Mary, daughter
and co-heir of Leonard Hammond, Esquire. Mary-Anne, Vis-
countess Sidmouth, died without issue, April 26, 1842, aged 59
years. Henry Addington, Viscount Sidmouth, who was born
May 30. 1757, died Feb. 15. 1844, aged 86 years.

II. William Scott, born May 13, 1787^: he died an infant, April 18,

III. William Scott, (the second William Scott of the same parents,}
born March 23, 1794 : he died unmarried, Nov. 26. 1835, aged 41

IV. Frances Scott, (twin sister of William Scott,) born March 23,
1794 : she died an infant, Oct. 12, 1794.

Anna-Maria, Lady Scott, died Sept. 4, 1809, aged 54 years. Sir Wil-
liam Scott married secondly, April 10,1813, Louisa-Catherine, daughter
and co-heir of Admiral Richard Howe, Earl Howe, K. G., and widow
of John-Denis Browne, Marquess of Sligo : she died Aug. 26, 1817.
William Scott, Lord Stowell, died Jan. 28,^1836, aged 90 years.

V. Barbara Scott, (twin sister of William Scott, Lord Stowell,) born
Oct. 17, 1745: she died unmarried, May 3, 1823, aged 77 years.

VI. Henry Scott, baptized Nov. 2, 1748: he married, June 17, 1773,
Mary, daughter of John Cook, Esq., of Togston and New Hall, North-
umberland, and by her had issue,

I. Mary Scott, born Sept. 14, 1774: she married, July 8, 1794,
Joseph Forster, Esq., of Seaton-Burn, Northumberland, and by him.
has had issue,

I. Henry Forster, born April 7, 1795: he died unmarried, June 5,
1823, aged 28 years.

II. Joseph-Francis Forster, born Sept. 30, 1796: he married,
May 19, 1825, Junie Jombert; and died without issue, May 17,
1828, aged 31 years. Junie, Mrs. Forster, married secondly,
Dec. 28, 1830, the Rev. James Manisty.

III. Ellen Forster, born April 4, 1798: she died unmarried,
Dec. 12, 1841, aged 43 years.

IV. Mary- Henrietta Forster, born Nov. 13, 1799: she died
young, April 26, 1805.

V. Jane-Mary Forster, born Jan. 23, 1801 : she died young,
June 10, 1810.

VI. William-John Forster, born Aug. 22, 1805: he married,
April 20, 1829, Frances-Margaret, only daughter and heir of
Dr. Hird, of Leeds, Ybrkshire, and by her had issue,

I. Henry-Hird Forster, born June 17, 1830.
II. Mary-Anne-Sidmouth Forster, born April 18, 1832.
t * $



+ *

|[ Frances-Margaret, Mrs. Forster, died April 10, 1838.

Joseph Forster, Esq., died April 7, 1821.
II. Jane Scott, baptized Oct. 2, 1777: she died young, and was

buried March 11, 1780.

Henry Scott died Dec. 8, 1799, aged 51 years: Mary, Mrs. Scott,
died June 3, 1825.

VII. Jane Scott, (the second Jane Scott of the same parents,") baptized
May 22, 1750 : she died young, and was buried Aug. 2, 1751.

VIII. JOHN SCOTT, (afterwards Sir John Scott, knighted June 27, 1788;
and created Lord Eldon July 18, 1799, and EARL OF ELDON and
Viscount Encombe July 7. 1821; also LORD HIGH CHANCELLOR
OF GREAT BRITAIN from April 14, 1801 to Feb. 7, 1806, and
from April 1, 1807, to April 30, 1827,) born June 4, 1751 ; he married,
Nov. 19, 1772, at Blackshiels, North Britain, (and the marriage was
again solemnized, Jan. 19,1773, at the church of St. Nicholas, New-
castle-on-Tyne,) Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Aubone Surtees, Esq., of
Newcastle-on-Tyne, and by her had issue,

I. John Scott, born March 8, 1774: he married, Aug. 22, 1804,
Henrietta-Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Matthew-White Ridley,
Baronet, of Blagdon, Northumberland, and by her had issue,

I. John Scott, (who succeeded his grandfather as second Earl
of Eldon, Jan. 13, 1838,) born Dec. 10, 1805: he married,
i Oct. 1, 1831, Louisa, daughter of Charles Duncombe, Lord

Feversham, and by her has had issue,

I. A son, still-born, Aug. 16, 1832.

II. Charlotte-Elizabeth Scott, born Aug. 26, 1834.

III. Augusta-Henrietta Scott, born May 13, 1836.

IV. Katharine-Frances Scott, born Dec. 15, 1837.

V. A son, still-born, Jan. 24, 1840.

VI. Gertrude Louisa Scott, born May 6, 1841.

VII. Selina-Jane Scott, born March 22, 1843.

John Scott, (the son of Lord Chancellor Eldon,) died Dec. 24,
1805, aged 31 years. Henrietta-Elizabeth, Mrs. Scott, married
secondly, July 6, 1811, James-William Farrer, Esq., of Inglebo-
rough, Yorkshire.

II. Elizabeth Scott, born Nov. 1,1783: she married, Nov. 27, 1817,
George-Stanley Repton Esq., and by him has had issue,

[j I. George-William-John Repton, born Dec. 26, 1818.

III. Edward- William Scott, born Sept. 23, 1791: he died an infant,
April 20, 1792.

IV. Henry-John Scott, born Aug. 11, 1793: he died an infant,
Sept. 2. 1793.

V. William-Henry- Jolm Scott, born Feb. 25, 1795: he died unmar-
ried, July 6, 1832, aged 37 years.

VI. Frances-Jane Scott, born June 15, 1798: she married, April 6,
1820, the Rev. Edward Bankes, Rector of Corfe-Castle, Dorset,
and by him had issue,

II I. A son, born on or about Aug. 12, 1823, who died on the day
|| of his birth.

f *



II. John-Scott Bankes, born Jan. 11, 1826.

III. Frances Bankes, born Aug. 11, 1827.

IV. Eldon-Surtees Bankes, born Sept. 27, 1829.

V. Henry-Eldon-George Bankes, born July 2, 1836.

Lady Frances-Jane Bankes died Aug. 6. 1838, aged 40 years.

The Rev. Edward Bankes married secondly, Sept. 3, 1839, Maria,

daughter of the Hon. and Very Rev. Edward Rice, D.D., Dean of


Elizabeth, Countess of Eldon,who was born Oct. 23, 1754, died June 28,
1831, aged 76 years. John Scott, Earl of Eldon, (Lord Chancellor
Eldon,) died Jan. 13, 1838, aged 86 years.

IX. Elizabeth Scott, (the second Elizabeth Scott of the same parents, twin
sister of John Scott, Lord Chancellor Eldon,) born June 4, 1751 : she
died an infant, and was buried June 21, 1751.

X. Jane Scott, (the third Jane Scott of the same parents,') baptized May
17, 1753 : she married, Sept. 11, 1786, Thomas Burdon, Esq., of New-
castle-on-Tyne, (afterwards Sir Thomas Burdon, knighted May 14.
1816,) and by him had issue,

I. William Burdon, born June 9, 1787: he died unmarried, in
February 1823, aged 35 years.

II. Thomas Burdon, bom June 25, 1789: he married, Aug. 26, 1828,
Anne Hickman ; and died without issue, Feb. 15, 1829, aged 39

III. Richard Burdon, (afterwards Richard Burdon-Sanderson,) born
March 31, 1791 : he married, Feb. 7, 1815, Elizabeth, only daughter
and heir of Sir James Sanderson, Baronet, on which occasion he
took the name and arms of Sanderson in addition to his own, and
by her has had issue,

I. Richard Burdon-Sanderson, born June 27, 1821.

II. Elizabeth Burdon-Sanderson, born Nov. 30, 1823.

III. Mary-Elizabeth Burdon-Sanderson, born April 9, 1825.

IV. John-Scott Burdon-Sanderson, born Dec. 21, 1828.

V. Jane-Charlotte Burdon-Sanderson, born Nov. 23, 1835.
janej' Lady Burdon, died May 8, 1822: Sir Thomas Burdon died
July 26, 1826.

XI ?

yjj > A son and a daughter, twins, still-born.

XIII. A child, still-born.
William Scott, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, Hoastman, died Nov. 6, 1776, aged 79
years. Jane, Mrs. Scott, died July 16, 1800, aged 91 years.

This Genealogical Table of the Family of Lord Chancellor Eldon, son of
William Scott of Newcastle-on-Tyne, Hoastman, contains, to the best
of my knowledge information and belief, a true account of the said
William Scott of Newcastle-on-Tyne, Hoastman, and of all the de-
scendants of his body lawfully begotten, and of all marriages contracted
by them,

June 22, 1844.





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