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This Publication is Officially

Authorized by the Hudson-Fulton

Celebration Commission

/7 President


Official Program


Discovery of tKe
Hxidson River \yy
Henry Hudson. 1609


Inaii^ura"tion o-Fj
Steam Navigation hy=
Robert Fufion. 18071

September S,3 to OctoLer 9» 19^9

Printed tbr

The Hudson -Fulton CeleLration Comrriission

by Redfield Brothers, Inc., Authorized PubHshers rsw

311-319 West Forty-third Street, New York

Officers of Tke Hudson-Fulton Celeoration Commission Q

Headquarters: Tribune Building, New York

Mr. Andrew Carnegie
Hon. Joseph H. Choate
Maj.-Gen. F. D. Grant, U.S..^.


Mr. Isaac- N. Selic


MR. HERM.VN' RIDDER, Presiding \ice-Pn

Hon. Seth Low


Hon. Levi P. Morton
Hon. Alton B. Parker

Mr. John E. Parsons
Gen. Horape Porter
Hon. Frederick W. Seward
Mr. Francis Lynde Stetso.v


Henry \V. Sackett

Hon. Oscar S. Straus

Mr. Wm. B. Van Rensselabr

Gen. Jas. Grant Wilson

Assistant Secretary
Dr. Edward Hag vman Hai

Hon. James M. Beck

Mr. Tcnis G. Bergen

Hon. William Herri

Mr. Andrew Carnegie

Hon. Joseph H. Choate

Sir Caspar Pi'Rdon Clarke

Mr. William J. Curtis

Mr. Theodore Fitch

Me. Austen G. Fo.x

Maj.-Gen. Frederick D. Grant

Executive Committee

Gen. Stewart L. Woodford, Chairn

Dr. Jo

Hagaman Hal

« Jay

\ Farce
Hon. Seth Low
Hon. William McCarboll
Capt. Jacob W. Miller
Mr. Frank D. Millet
Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan
Hon. Levi P. Morton

Ns, Vice-Chairman

Gen. J.AMES Grant Wilson

Hon. Morgan J. O'Brien
Col. Willis L. Ogden
Mr. Eben E. Olcott
Hon. Alton B. Parker
Hon. George W. Perkins
Hon. N. Taylor Phillips
Gen. Horace Porter
Mr. Louis C. Raegener
Mr. Herman Ridder


Mr. L->a.\c S. Selicuan*
Hon. Frederick W. Seward
Mr. J. Edward Simmons
Mr. FBA.NCIS Lynde Stetson
Hon. Oscar S. Straus
Hon. Spencer Trask
Mr. Wm. B. Van Rensselaer
Lt. Com. .\aron Vanderbilt
Dr. Samuel B. Ward
Hon. Wm. R. Wiilcox

Ckairmen of Committees

Aeronautics Committee

Hon. James M. Beck, Chairman

Aldermanic Committee

Hon. Timothy P. Sullivan, Chairman

Aquatic Sports Committee

Capt. A. B, Fry, Chairman

Art and Historical Exhibits

Mr. J. Pierpont Morga

Sub-CommilUe on Arl Exhibit:
Hon. Robert W. de Forest, Chairman
Sub-Committee on Historical Exhibits
Dr. George F. Kunz,

Auditing Committee

Hon. N. Taylor Phillips, Chairman

Badges, Flag and Poster

Banquet Committee

Mr. Francis Lynde Stetson, Ch,

Bronx Committee

Hon. John J. Brady, Chairman

Brooklyn Committee Willis L. Ogden, Chairman
Col. Wilham Hester, Vice-Chairman

Carnival and Historical
Parades Committee

-Mr. Herman Ridder, Chairman

Children's Festivals Committee

Hon. Samuel Parsons, Chairman

Clermont Committee

Mr. Eben E. < ikolt. Chairman

Cornwall Committee

Hon. J. H. Clarkson, Chairman

Contracts Committee


M. Lir


, rha

Mr. John J. McKelvey, Vice Chairman

Decorations and Reviewing
^ Stands Committee

Mr. Charles R. Lamb. Chairm.m

Dedications Committee

Hon, Warren Higlcy, Chairm.m

Executive Committee

Gen Stewart L, Woodford, Chairman
Mr. John E. Parsons, \'ice-Chairman

General Commemorative Exer-
cises Committee

.LLD. Chairman


Hon. .\ndrew S. Draper, \'i

Half Moon Committee

Col. Herbert L. Satterlee, Chairman

Historical Committee

Mr. Samuel \'. Hoffman, Chairman
Hudson Monument Committee

I>r James DougUis, Chairman

Hudson River Scenery

Hon. .\lton B. Parker, Chairman

Illuminations Committee

Hon. William Berri, Chairm.m

Invitations Committee

Hon. Joseph H. Choate, Ch.iirman

Inwood Park Committee

Mr. John E. Parsons, Chairman

Law and Legislation

Mr. Francis Lynde Stetson, Chairman

Lectures Committee

Mr. Henry M. Leipziger, Ph D., Chairma

Legislative Entertainment

Mr. Francis LvTidc Stetson, Chairman

Lower Hudson Committee

Hon. Xathan A. Warren (Mayor). Chma

Manhattan Committee

Hon. Joseph H. Choate, Chairman

Medal Committee

Memorials Committee

Military Parade Committee

Maj. Gen- Charles F, Roe, Chairman

Music Festivals Committee

Hon. Gustav Lindenlhal, Chairman

Naval Parade Committee

Capt. Jacob W. MiUer, Chairman

New Jersey Committee

Hon. Edward C. Stokes, Chairman

Nominations Committee

Mr. Theodore Fitch Chairman

Assistants to the Secretary of the Commission

Captain of Pageantry

Mr. A. H. StiKidard

Official Literary Exercises

Gen. James Grant Wil-.on. Chairman

Patriotic Societies Committee

Mr. The.Kdore Fitch. Chairman

Plan and Scope Committee

Hon. Frederick W. .Seward. Chaiiman

Public Health and Convenience

Dr. Eugene H. l>.,r!ir. Chairman

Public Safety Committee

Hon, William McCarroU, Chairm.m

Queens Committee

Mr. Louis Windmuller, Chairman

Reception Committee

Hon. Seth Low. Chairman

Dr. George C. Batcheller. Vice-Cliairman

. Religious Services Committee

Hon. John 1.',. .\gar. Chairman

Richmond Committee

Mr. Eugene Lamb Richards, Jr., Ch
Stony Point Committee

Mr. Gordon H. Peck. Chairman

Transportation Committee

C.i-n, H,)war.] C.irroll, Chairman

Upper Hudson Committee

Hon. .\rlhur Mac.\rlhur, Chairman

Verplanck's Point Park

Hon. C. A. Pugsley, Chauman

Ways and Means Committee

Mr. Herman Ridder, Chairman

For list of The Hudson-Fulton Celebration C

see pages 31 and 32

n 4 ^' •^ ' fi 8 6
SEP 27 1909

Official Program


TION will take place along the Hudson
River and throughout the State of New
York from Saturday, September 25, to
Saturday, October g, 1909. The Cele-
bration, with respect to the ceremonies
and the magnitude of the population in
whose presence they will be enacted, will be the most
brilliant of its kind that has ever been held in America.

SION. — The Celebration has been ])lanned by and is in
charge of the Hudson-Fulton Celebration Commission,
consisting of seven hundred and fifty prominent citizens ap-
pointed by the Governor of the State of New York and the
Mayor of the City of New York, and incorporated by iha]>
ter 325 of the laws of 1906 of the State of New York.
Its membership includes the Mayors of all the forty-seven
cities of the State and the Presidents of thirty-eight incor-
porated villages along the Hudson River. Its alTairs are
conducted by a Board of Trustees, consisting of the
Mayors of the forty-seven cities and two hundred other
members, and more than forty committees embracing
the entire membership of the Commission.

CITIZENS' COMMITTEES.— Cooperating with the
official Commission in the City of New York are five large
Citizens' Committees, one for each Borough, and in the
cities and villages along the Hudson north of New York
are similar Citizens' Committees. These Citizens' Com-
mittees enlist the cooperation of about five thousand
prominent citizens of the State.

tlie Hudson-Fulton Celebration is to commemorate the
three-hundredth anniversary of the discovery of the Hud-
son River by Henry Hudson in the Dutch ship Half Moon
in 1609, and the one-hundredth anniversary of the first
successful application of steam to the navigation of the
river by Robert Fulton with the Clermont in 1807. The

postponement of the celebration of the centenary of steam
navigation from 1907 to 1909, in order that it might be
combined with the celebration of the tercentenary of
Hudson's vovage, was deemed advisable for the reason
that the two historic events occurred on the same river,
and their anniversaries come so close together as to
make separate commemorations upon any large scale

SIGNIFICANCE.— The discovery of the Hudson
River and the successful application of steam to navigation
were events of State, National and International impor-
tance. The former brought to the knowledge of Europe
and opened up to ci\ihzation the great river to which, more
than any other single natural factor, is due the greatness of
New York as the Empire State and New York City as the
Metropolis of the New World. The other has given to all
the navigable waters of the earth a value which they did not
previously possess, has reduced the width of the ocean, in
point of time, to one-si.xth its former distance, and has pro-
moted the neighborliness of nations to a degree that cannot
be estimated.

SCOPE.— The plans for the Celcbiation of the notable
historical events to be commemorated have been formu-
lated with a view to their International, National, State and
local significance.

INTERNATIONAL. — Every nation which is ac-
credited to the United States Government has been in-
vited to send a special delegate to the Celebration in
addition to its diplomatic representative at Washington,
and every maritime power has been invited, in addition,
to send naval vessels. The result will be the greatest
convention of the navies of the world ever seen in Ameri-
can waters. (Sec also Halj Moon.)

NATIONAL. — The presence of Federal troops, of
vessels from the United States Navy and of distinguished
Civil Officers will mark the Nation's part in the Cele-

INTERSTATE.— New Jersey and New York have
much in common in their geographical, historical, social
and commercial relations. Fifteen prominent citizens of
New Jersey were appointed members of the Commission by
Governor Hughes on nomination of Governor Stokes, and
the citizens of the New Jersey cities and towns along the
Hudson River have formulated plans for taking part in
and enhancing tlie effect of the New York Celebration by
a])propriate illuminations and displaj's.

STATE. — Commemorative exercises will be held in all
the universities, colleges, schools, and by learned societies
throughout the State, to make due observance of the events
and thus to emphasize the State phase of the Celebration.

HUDSON VALLEY. — At every principal commu-
nity in the Hudson Riyer Valley, from New York to the
head of navigation, there will be local celebrations of
great beauty and interest, beginning on Friday, October i,
at Newburgh, and continuing successively at different
places until Saturday, October 9. The celebration at
Cohoes on October lo-ii is also officially recognized.

NEW YORK CITY.— In New York City the Cele-
bration will be continuous from Saturday, September 25,
to Saturday, October 2, and some events have been
crowded over into the following week. The features ar-
ranged for and described in the detailed program are
designed not only to be of unique attractiveness but also
to have a lasting educational value.


For the purposes of the Celebration the State of
New York has appropriated $475,000 and the City
of New York $250,000. In addition to these public
funds, about $500,000 additional has been subscribed
in New York City and the cities and villages north-

FREE TO THE PUBLIC— The Celebration will,
above all, be a People's Celebration, and has been so
planned that all may enjoy and take part in it without pay-
ment of fee or charge for admission to any feature pro-
duced with public funds.


AERONAUTICS.— An aeronautical display will be
held in which many inventors of airships will take part.
One feature will be a contest for a prize of $10,000 offered
by the New York World for the aeronaut who, in a me-
chanically propelled airship, sails over the course from
New York to Afcany traversed by Fulton's first steam-
boat in 1807.

AQUATIC SPORTS.— A(|uatic sports on the Hudson
River will be features on several days — opposite New
York, Yonkers, and at Newburgh — and will include
friendly competition between the crews of American and
foreign naval vessels, motor-boat races and other appro-
priate water games and amusements.


tions will be held during the entire time of the Celebration
by all the prominent museums, and by many historical,
scientific, literary and similar societies. Admission to all
will be free.

BANQUET. — On Wednesday, September 29, a great
banquet will be given in honor of the distinguished visit-
ing guests of the Commission at the Hotel Astor.


Tuesday, September 28, in .Manhattan Borough ; on Wed-
nesday, September 29, in Bron.x Borough ; on Friday,
October i, in Brooklyn Borough, and on Saturday,
October 2, in Richmond Borough, there will be superb
Historical Parades, consisting of floats bearing tableaux
representing important events in the history of the City
and State. They will be escorted by marching organiza-
tions of all nationalities. On Saturday evening, October
2, in Manhattan Borough, and on Saturday evening,
October 9, in Brooklyn Borough, there will be brilliant

Carnival Parades, consisting of floats bearing allegorical
tableaux. The chief participants in the Carnival Parades
will be the German, Austrian and Swiss societies.
During the week beginning Monday, October 4, tlie
Historical Floats will be used in similar parades in the
cities north of New York. The Carnival and Historical
Parades in New York City have been designed to exceed
in beauty and interest the most famous parades of the
kind in Europe or America.

CHILDREN'S FESTIVALS.— Children will take an
important part in the Celebration on two days in New
York City. Wednesday, September 29, will be devoted
to indoor exercises, and Saturday, October 2, will be de-
voted to outdoor festivals, games and a Carnival of Play
in public and private parks and playgrounds.

CLERMONT. — An exact reproduction of the Clermont,
the steamboat with which Robert Fulton first successfully
navigated the Hudson River, has been made and will be
an object of great popular interest and educational value
in the Water Parade from New York to the head of
na\ igalion.


The tlecoration of public and private buildings in New
York and other cities along the Hudson River will exceed
in beauty anything ever attempted before. (See Illumi-
nations.) The Official Reviewing Stands will be located
as follows: For the Hudson-Fulton Celebration Commis-
sion, on Fifth Avenue, between 40th and 42d streets; for
the Legislature, on 59th Street, between Seventh and
Eighth a\-enues; for the Aldermen, on Madison Squcre
and also on Central Park West, between 63d and 66th
streets; for Contributors, on Central Park West, between
6oth and 63d streets.

DEDICATIONS. -Monuments, tablets and other
memorials of historical interest will be dedicated on
Wednesday, September 29.


Under the direction of the Celebration Commission and
with the cooperation of the State Commissioner of Educa-
tion General Commemorative Exercises will be held
throughout the State on Wednesday, September ^g
Prizes will be gi^•en to students for competitive essays in
regard to Hudson and Fulton.

HALF MOON.-The people of Holland, under ro^•al
auspices, hixxc built an exact reproduction of the little
ship Half Moon in which Henry Hudson made his vovage
m 1609^ and have presented it to the Hudson-Fulton
Celebration Commission. It will be manned by a crew
wearing costumes of Hudson's period, and will take a
prominent part in the naval ceremonies.

ILLUMINATIONS.-On the evenings of two weeks
beginning Saturday, September 2s, New York City will
be a blaze of light. The City Hall, the four Borough
Halls, the East River bridges, the Washington Arch, the
Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument in Riverside Park 'and
the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument in Brookl_yn and
other prominent structures will be brilliantly outlined in
electric lights and the Mausoleum of General Grant will
be the focus of a battery of searchlights. Fifth Avenue
from the Washington Arch to the Sherman Statue at Cen-
tral Park will be festooned with electric lights, which will
be continued along Central Park South to the Columbus
Monument, and thence along Central Park West to iioth
Street, marking the line of march of the various land
parades. On the evening of the Illumination of the
Fleet, Saturday, September 2^, and on the night of the
Carnival Parade, Saturday, October 2, brilliant displays
of fireworks will be given at various points, surpassing
any former pyrotechnic exhibition ever seen in New York
City. On Saturday night, October 9, the celebration will
close with an extraordinary chain of signal fires, which
will bum from nine o'clock until midnight on the moun-
tain tops and other eligible points along the whole Hudson

LECTURES.— Free public lectures bearing on the his-
tory of the Hudson River will be delivered during the
Celebration under the auspices of the Celebration Com-
mission with the cooperation of the Board of Education
of the City of New York.

LINE OF MARCH.-The line of march for the three
great Land Parades in Manhattan Borough- the Historical
Parade on Tuesday, September 28, the Military Parade
on Thursday, September 30, and the Carnival Parade
on Saturday night, October 2— will be from Central Park
West and iioth Street, down Central Park West to 59th
Street, through 59th Street (or Central Park South) to
Fifth Avenue, and down Fifth Avenue to Washington

CISES.— The Ofiicial Reception and Literary Exer-
cises will take place in New York City on Mondav Sep-
tember 27, in the Metroiwlitan Opera House.

MILITARY PARADE.-On Thursday, September
30, tiierc will be a splendid military parade in the City of
New \ork, m which contingents from the United States
Army, the United States Navy, the United States Marine
Corps, the Foreign Navies, the American Veteran Organi-
zations, the National Guard and the Naval Militia will
take pari.

MUSIC FESTIVALS.-Music Festivals will be held
m dUferent parts of Greater New York on Sunday
September 20, Mondav, September 27, Tuesday Sep'
tember 28, and on Sunday, October 3, and Sunday,
October 10.

NAVAL PARADES.-The naval rendezvous in the
waters of New York City on Saturday, September 25 will
be characterized by an afternoon parade and an illumi-
nated night parade of mercantile and pleasure craft, en-
circling the great international fleet which will lie in the
Hudson River opposite Riverside Park. This gatherincr of
the warships of all nations will be one that has had ''no
e |ual m numbers and importance in American waters
On Friday, October i, naval parades will start from Albany
and New York and meet at Newburgh, where important
ceremonies will take place. Several war vessels and the
Halj Moon and Clermont will accompany the southern
division to Newburgh. Following this date the Cler-
mont and Halj Moon will be taken to places north of

safety and convenience of the vast crowds of visitors to
New York will be carefully looked after. Ample provision
has been made for public comfort stations; bureaus of
information and registration have been established, medi-
cal emergency stations have been erected at important
points, and ambulance launches will patrol the Hudson

RECEPTIONS.-The Naval Reception will take place
at Riverside Park and iioth Street, New York, Saturday
afternoon, September 25. The other official representa-
tives will be received on arrival and entertained as the
guests of the Commission. They will be given an
Official Reception in the Metropolitan Opera House
Monday, September 27. Besides the functions already
mentioned the Official Guests will be given public recep-
tions at the United States Military Headquarters on
Governors Island and at the West Point Military
Academy, and will receive many other attentions, public
and private.

RELIGIOUS EXERCISES.-Divine guidance in the
events commemorated will be recognized in the services of
all denominations on the Saturdays and Sundays during
the Celebration.


BADGE.— The Official Badge of the Commission will be
worn only by members of the Commission, their Official
Guests, their Official Aides, and the officially appointed Citi-
zens' Committees. No replica oj it in any size or metal will
he sold to the public and infringements will
I c prosecuted at law.

The Commissioner's Badge consists
.li a horizontal bar bearing the word
■■Commissioner," a ribbon of three col-
ors — orange, white and blue — attached
to the bar, a medallion suspended from
the ribbon, and back of all a broad blue
ribbon. Officers will be distinguished by
gold fringe on the bottom of the back rib-
bon. When a committeeman is in action
the blue ribbon will be replaced by a
white ribbon.

Official Guests wilVwear the same badge
as Commissioners, except that the bar will
bear the word "Guest" and the back rib-
bon will be gold colored. The badge of the
Official Aides will bear the word "Aide"
on the bar and will have no back ribbon.
The badge of the Citizens' Committees will
have the°words "Citizens' Committee" on
the bar and will have no back ribbon.
The design of the badge medallion, which
was modeled by Chester Beach, is as follows:

Obverse, portrait heads of Hudson and Fulton; m the
margin the legends: "Henry Hudson, 1609," "Robert Fulton
1807." Under the portraits: "1909." Reverse, the draped
standing classical figure of a woman representing "Progress,"
holding in her right hand a model of the Halj Moon and m
her left a model of the Clermont, in the margin the legend:
"Hudson-Fulton Celebration."

FLAG.— The official flag consists of a horizontal tri-
color of orange, white and light blue, reading from top
to bottom. In the mid-
dle of the white stripe,
within a green wreath, are
the initials "HF" in red.
The orange, white and
blue are the Dutch colors
under which Hudson
sailed in 1609. The pub-
lic is permitted to use the
official flag, and can
purchase it from any

authorized manufacturer or dealer.

MEDAL.— For its commemorative medal the Commis-
sion with the cooperation of the American Numismatic
Society, adopted the design of Mr. Emil Fuchs, the eminent
medalist, sculptor and painter. The obverse of the medal
is devoted to the Hudson Commemoration. The central and
main design represents, inboard of the Halj Moon, Henry
Hudson and a group of six sailors watching the heaving of
the lead. In the background is a suggestion of the scenery
of the Hudson River. In the margin are the legends:
"Discovery of the Hudson River by Henry Hudson, A.D.,
MDCIX," "The American Numismatic Society," and "Hud-
son-Fulton Celebration Commission," divided by a small
representation of the Halj Moon, the seal of the American
Numismatic Society, the seal of the Hudson-Fulton Celebration
Commission, an astrolabe, a jackstaff and a sextant.

Upon the reverse the Fulton idea is treated with a classical
design, consisting of three seated, draped female figures. The
central figure holds in her lap a model
of the Clermont, and represents the
Genius of Steam Navigation. The fig-
ure at her right rests one hand on an
anchor and represents Commerce, while
the figiire at her left holds a pen and
scroll, representing History. Upon a
tablet in the central background, be-
tween two col-
umns, is a por-
OBVERSi; j^^jj pf p^jton,

made after West's painting, surrounded
by a wreath. Under the portrait are
the name and dates: "Robert Fulton,
1 765-1815." In the de.xter background
is a view of New York from the Hudson
River in 1807, and in the sinister back-
ground a recent view of the same. At KbvtKsn.
the bottom of the design is the legend:

" First Use of Steam in Navigation on the Hudson River, 1807."

Replicas oj the official medal, in a size and metal different jrom

those oj the medals oj the Commissioners, will he sold to the public.

POSTER.— The Official Poster, designed by E. H.
BlashUeld, represents a standing figure draped in white and
wearing a winged hat, personi-
fying the Spirit of Progress.
In her right hand she holds a
model of the Halj Moon and
in her left a model of the
Clermont. In the background
at her right, under the date
1609, stands a figure repre-
senting Hudson, and in a cor-
responding position at her left,
under the date 1807, stands
a figure representing Fulton.
At the top are the words:
"Hudson-Fulton Celebration,"

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Online LibraryHudson-Fulton Celebration CommissionOfficial program, Hudson-Fulton Celebration : discovery of the Hudson River by Henry Hudson, 1609 : inauguration of steam navigation by Robert Fulton, 1807 : September 25 to October 9, 1909 → online text (page 1 of 7)