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First Published in igo^



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Preface p^^g^ ix-x

Tabls or Cases xi-xxii


COMTRABAKD : Definition— TheoFf— Doctrine of neotxality— Bynkershoek's defi-
nition — Sale of armed ships by neutrals — ^Foreign enlistment acts — ^View of
Wolfios — Immmiity from visit and search— Grotius's three classes of contraband
— Modem classification — Qualified capture— Gentilis's distinction — Imperial or-
dinances— Lateran Council — Early treaties— England, Spain, and Burgundy-
England and Spain — Sweden and the Low Countries — Great Britain and the
Low Countries— Letters of Mareschal de Bassompierre — ^France and the
United Provinces— England and Portugal — Spain and Hanseatic towns —
England and Sweden— England and the United Provinces— France and Han-
seatic towns— France and England— France and Spain— Portugal and United
Provinces — ^France and United Provinces — Great Britain and Spain— Great
Britain and United Provinces— Great Britain and Denmark— Great Britain
smd United Provinces — ^France and Great Briuin— France and United Pro-
vinces — Great Britain and Algiers — ^Denmark and United Provinces — ^Treaty
of Utrecht— France and Hanseatic towns— Sweden and England— Great Britain
and Russia — France and Holland — Great Britain and Russia— Russian
manifesto— United Sutes and France— First Armed Neutrality— Russia and
Sweden— -Great Britain and Denmaik — United Provinces and United States —
United States and Prussia— England and France— Russia and Two Sicilies —
Russia and Sweden — Second Armed Neutrality— -Great Britain and Russia —
Danish ordinance— Great Britain and United Sutes— And Portugal— Den-
mark and Prussia — ^United States and Confederation of Central America-
France and Brazil— Prussia and Braril — Great Britain and Brazil — Denmark
and Brazil — ^United States and Mexico— Hanseatic towns and Mexico— United
States and Chili — And Venezuela — Hanseatic towns and Guatemala — United
States and Guatemala — And Peru — Crimea War — Declaration of Paris, 1856
— France and Honduras — And Nicaragua — British proclamation, 1861 —
United States declaration— Slidell and Mason— Earl RusseU's despatch-
Prussian regulations, 1864— Canadian proclamation, 1864 — Danish proclama-
tion, 1S64— Austrian ordinance— United States and Hayti— United States
proclamation, 1865 — Spanish declaration, 1866— Coal— Argentine Republic
and Peru — Intenticm as a test — ^Dominica — Guatemala — British proclamation,
1877 — ^Russian decree, 1877 — Danish proclamation, 1877 — Egyptian proclama-
tion, 1882— Franco-Chinese War, 1885— Rice— Spanish decree, 1898— Japanese
declaration, 1904 — Russian declaration, 1904 — Cotton — Horses — Money —
Ships — Naval stores — Provisicms— Troops — List of treaties— Policy of. principal

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maritime powers reviewed— Table of cases— Decitions— Pitch and tar—- Masts,
spars, deals — Guns, powder, soldiers — Deals, guns, iron, shot — Hemp, pewter,
copper, hogsheads — Sailcloth, deals, copper sheets, iron, tar, pitch — Masts —
Cheese— Pitch and tar— Balks, fir planks, battens— Tallow, sailcloth— Cordilla
hemp — Pitch and tar — ^Wines — Resin — Ships — Masts — Copper sheets — Cheese
— Biscuit and flour — Ship timber— Despatches — Grain — Com— Army bluchers,
artillery, harness, army boots, regulation blankets — Money, plate, bullion —
Provisions — Horses, tar, coal— The ''Allanton "judgment of Vladivostock
prize court— The ^'Calchas"— Judgment of Vladivostock prize court— Judgment
of supreme prize court pog^s 1-91


Blockade : Definition — Pacific — Origin of right^HautefeuiUe— Gessnei^— Grotius
— Bynkershoek— Vattel— Kliiber—Bluntachli—Dupuis- Ortolan— Effective
— Bluntsclu — Calvo — Scott— First Armed Neutrality— Blockade of Martinique
and Guadeloupe^French bkxrkade of i8o6^Black Sea, 1855— China, i8s7-*
Formosa, i8S4r— Hayti, i88&^Confederate States, 1861— RuKO-Japanese War
— Notification— Practice — Calvo-^France — Great Britaift*— United State»-^
Pacific— Greece— Hautefeuille— Portugal— i.ouis Philippe— Blockade of the
Scheldt— Mexico— Axgentine, 1838— Argentine and Uiruguay» i84$«-Greecc^
i85o-^£cuador, 1858— Rio de Janeiro^ i86ir**GaAta, 1861— Foimosa, 1885-^
Greece, 1886 — Crete, 1897^-Veaezttela, I902«-British regulations— Blockade
act of sovereign state-r-Deiegatioo — Cessation of^HaiUefeuill^-* English doc-
trine-*-United Provinces— Treaty between Greali Britaitt and Holland, 1689-*
Sweden— Russiar-^Blockade of Gibraltar-^reat Britain— Russia and Sweden
— Great Britain and Russia— BerHn decre^^Post-Napoleonic blockadesr—
Chronological table of cases— Decisions of British prise courts—Decisions of
United States prize courts 93-252


CONTINTTOUS VOYAGE : Rule of war of 1756— English doctrine— United Stales
doctrine— Gessner — Scott on internal communication — Canal transit — Belli-
gerent destination— Decisions of prize courts 253-283


Carriage of Property at Sea— Enemy's Goods in Neutral Ships-
Neutral Goods in Enemy's Ships : Declaration of Paris, 1856— The com-
peting rules — Doctrine of Ccnsolato del mor^f— Quality of goods determined
by character of owner— English policy— France — Prussian memorial, 1753 —
Free ships, free goods ; enemy's ships, enemy's goods — Quality of goods deter-
mined by character of carrier — United Provinces — France — Spain — Russia —
United States— Great Britain— Incidental loss 284-298


Right or Search, or Right of Visit and Search : Definition-^Origin-^
Antiquity— Merchant vessels— Mail-boats— Modem practice— Inununities of
mail-boats by treaty^On the high seas— Noxious despatches— Character of

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despatches«^NQxioas penoas — Ignorance«*Comptilsloii — Right of belligerent
to take out of an inaoceiit nential vessel aoKJous persons— Dana — Esrceptions
to right of yisit and seaicli-*Scott-— Vattel— Sliddl and Mason— Belligerent
ship of war lawfbUy commissioned — Story-^Hall— Sir L. Jenkins— Sea laws —
Privateering— Inviolability of private p ro p e rly at sea— Prussian decree, 1870—
Italy— Austria— Instttutde Droit Intemational^United States and Spain, 1898
— ^I^wfoUy commissionedr— Prince of Orange— Mexican civil war— Cohunbian
dvil war— Neutral merchantmen tmder convoy not exempt — Great Britain —
Continental powers — United States — Directions toresist visitation — Hautefeuille
—Ortolan — Right of search limited to duration of the war — Exception to right
of visit and search— Right limited by treaty— Great Britain— France— German
Emfnre— United States— Russia— Italy A^^ 299*357


FoRMAUTiis or Visit and Sxarch : The approach— Ortolanr-General rule
-^S^monce^ coup de canon tPassurance-'lAxagrtd^ — Story— False colours —
HantefeuiDe — Azuni— British regulations— The visit— Modem practice — British
regulations — Ship^s papers— Certificate of registry— Passport— Sea-letter» or
sea-brief- Charter-party — Official log-book— Ship's log— Builder's contract-
Bin of sale— Bills of lading— Invoices — Manifest— Clearance— Muster roll—
Ship|»ng articles— Bill of health— List of papers— Austria, Belgium, Brazil,
Denmark, France, German Empire, Great Britain, Greece, Holland, Italy,
Portugal, Norway, Russia, Finland, Spsun, Sweden, Turkey, and United States
— Institnt de Droit International — The Search— Lampredi — Azuni — Ortolan —
De Martens — Mass^— British regulations — Spanish regulations— United States
regulations — Institut de Droit International . . . . 338-360


Capturk and CoKDXifVATjQN : Resistance to visitation and search-*-Scott—
United States— The ^Nereide^—^tory— Kent— Johnson— Acting as enemy's
tran^xnrt, or carrying enemy's military or naval officers or crews — Scott*-*-
Carrying enemy's despatches— Scott— ^Carrying contraband of war^-Ancient
practice — Modem practice : ( i) where ship and cargo h^ong to the same person ;
(2) where caigo carried widi fiilse destination, £idse papers, or other circum-
stances of war ; (3) where owner of ship bound by treaty not to carry contra-
band — Ortolan — Hautefeuille — ^Freight and expenses — Scott— Ignorance no
excuse — United States— Confiscation attaches from commencement of illicit
voyage — Scott*~Right to continue voyage upon surrender of contraband goods
-Institnt de Droit International — ^Treaties^Attempting to break a de facto
blockade after official notice^ or with knowledge: (i) effect on the ship, Scott,
liability to penalty ceases from moment blockade is laised ; (2) effect on the
cargo^ Lushington, Scott, deviation presumed to be in fiivour of cargo, Scott —
££fect of ccmtingent destination— Engaging in colonial trade of enemy— Rule
of war of 1756 — Scotfs decisions — Forfeiture of freight — Coasting trade of
belligerent — Rule of war of 1756 — Scott's decisions— ^American view of rule of
war — Sale of vessels equipped for war to a belligerent — British decisions —
United States decisions — ^American view — Equipping, fiimishing, fitting oat,
or arming, or allowing the same to be so equipped, ftimished, fitted out, or armed,
for the use of belligerents — United States — Statutes — Cases — ^Augmentation

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cases — ^Slave trade acts — Canadian rebellion, i837^Invasion of Cuba — Nica*
lagua— Fenian raids— Great Britain — Statutes — Cases — ^The "Florida"— The
"Alabama"— The "Georgia ''—The "Shenandoah"— Tribunal of arbitration—
The three rules — Effect of decree — Due diligence — Intent as a test of guilt —
Validity of commission — ^Foreign Enlistment Act, 1870 — Decisions — ^The three
rules, Calvo — ^Foreign enlistment of other nations — France, Belgium, Nether-
lands, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Prussia, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Bavaria,
Brazil, Japan, United States— American decisions .... >^^ 361-5 11


Formalities of Capture : Duties of belligerent commander— Prize-master —
Sending in — Convenient port, security, capacity, accessibility — Captors respon-
sible for acts of agents — ^Detention of neutral ships — Delay by captors in
proceeding to adjudication— Delay by claimants — Treatment of neutral crew
by captors — Inviolability of neutral property on captured vessel — Conversion
— Embezzlement— Right of Crown to release before adjudication— Destruction
of enemy vessels by a belligerent— Destruction of neutral vessels— Scott —
Lushington — Holland — Cohen — Russian regulations — United States — France
— ^English and Japanese regulations— Lawrence— Institut de Droit Inter-
national—Status of Russian Volunteer Fleet— Being in sight— Privateers-
Public ships of war — Constructive assistance — Antecedent or subsequent
services— Tenders — Ship's boats— Transports— Conjunct military and naval
expeditions— Proof of joint claim — ^Distribution of proceeds of prise — Statutory
regulations. Great Briuin, United States — Spanish regulations — United States
regulations— British regulations— Regulations of the Institut de Droit Inter-
national 512-594


Recapture and Rescue: Recapture or rescue from a pirate— General rule
— Grotittfr— Spain— France— Recapture or rescue from a captor lawfully com-
missioned—Scott—United States— Salvage— General rule— British decisions —
Recapture or rescue from an enemy— /icf p0stliminU-—ComolaU M mart -
Grotius—Vattd— Scott— De Martens— France— Spain— Portugal— United
Provinces — Denmark— Sweden — Hanseatic towns— Great Britain— Prize Act,
2864 — Treaties — Twenty-four hours' possession — Grotius— GentiHs — Scott
— Paik— Sir L. Jenkins — Mansfield — Setting forth as a ship of war — ^British
decisions— Recapture of property of allies— Scott — United States, condemna-
tion before recapture, Story ; salvage an incident to prize, Story ; recapture of
property of allies. Story— Actual or constructive capture, Scott— Hostile re-
capture, Marshall— Recapture, British, French^ and United States decisions-
Rights of recaptures, Scott— Absmdonment by original recaptors, British deci-
sions, United States, France ; Pothier, Valin, Azuni, Emerigon— Recapture by
neutrals — Donation by original captors to neutrals — Donation by original
captors to enemies — Ransom, laws of Oleron, Black Book of the Admiralty,
Cansalafo dd mare^ Bynkershoek, British decisions, foreign practice, Haute-
feuiUe, Gessner, Woolsey, Scott— Where hostage given— Recapture of ransom
bill— Extent of safe-conduct. Prize Act, 1864, United Sutes, Story— Formalities
of recapture— Great Britain 595-646

Index 647-654

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THE purpose of this work is to provide a full exposition of
the rules of International Law which govern the commercial
relations of the subjects of neutral and belligerent States.

In treatises which embrace the whole range of International
Law it is impracticable to do more than refer to authority in
support of the propositions of law that may be advanced ; the
more limited scope of this work has enabled me to give full
quotations from treaties, ordinances, judgments, and the opinions
of great jurists ; thus the reader is spared the tedious task of
continual reference to other books.

It is hoped that this treatise may prove useful not only to
the lawyer, but to the shipowner and shipper, and also to that
large class of public servants— diplomatists and consuls — ^who
are compelled, many of them in remote parts of the earth, to
discharge weighty and responsible functions in the protection of
British commerce against the action of belligerents.

Mr. Hugh H. L. Bellot has been associated with me in the
preparation of this book to such a degree indeed, that I feel
the expression on the title page, which his modesty dictates —
"assisted by"* — inadequately denotes the large part he has taken
in its production. It is unnecessary to say that his erudition
and large experience as an author of books of law and general
literature afford ample assurance of the excellence of his work.

My grrateful acknowledgments are also due to Mr. T. Baty,
D.C.L., one of the secretaries of the International Law Associa-

Digitized by



tion, whose repute as a writer on International Law gives pecu-
liar value to the suggestions he has been good enough to make,
and the many valuable emendations and additions he has con-

With his kind consent I dedicate this work to my Right
Honourable friend Mr. Asquith, K.a, m.p., Chancellor of the
Exchequer, who, felicitously for the purposes of this dedication,,
combines the attributes of a great lawyer and a distinguished


4 Paper Buildings, Temple

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