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Leistungs-unfahigkeit, /. functional in-
Leistungs-vermbgen, n. = -kraft
Leit- (in compds.), conducting


Leit-apparat, m. conducting apparatus
Leit-band, n. gubemaculum testis
Leiten, v.t. to conduct
Leitend, a. conducting
Leiter, m. conductor
Leiter'sche Rohren, pi. Leiter's tubes
Leit -sonde, /. director, grooved sound
Leitung, /. conduction; conduit
Leitungs-anasthesie, /. anaesthesia due

to loss of nerve conduction
Leitungs-aphasie, /. aphasia due to
disturbance in the conduction paths
between the sensory and motor speech
Leitungs-bahn, /. path of conduction:

nerve tract
Leitungs-dysarthrie, /. dysarthry of con-
Leitungs-fahigkeit, /. conducting ca-
Leitungs-hindernis, n. obstacle to con-
Leitungs-lahmung, /. paralysis of con-
Leitungs -sonde, /.; vide Leitsonde
Leitungs-stabchen, n. stylet
Leitungs -vermbgen, n. = -fahigkeit
Leitungs -widerstand, m. resistance to

Leit-zelle, /. conducting cell
Lema, n. secretion of Meibomian glands
Lembert'sche Darmnaht, /. Lembert's

Lemma, n. scale, flake
Lemongrasbl, n. ethereal oil obtained
from Andropogon nardus and Andro-
pogon citriodora
Lende, /. loin, hip
Lenden-r (in compds.), lumbar
Lenden-abscess, m. abscess in lumbar

Lenden-ader, /. lumbar vein
Lenden-after, m. artificial anus in the

Lenden-anschwellung, /. lumbar en-
Lenden-arterie, /. lumbar artery
Lenden-ausbiegung, /. lumbar curve
Lenden-bauchbruch, m. lumbar hernia
Lenden-bauchdarmschnitt, m. lumbar

colotomy or enterotomy
L a n d e n - bauchgebarmutterschnitt, m.
laparo-elytrotomy or Thomas' opera-
Lenden-bauchschnitt, m. laparotomy in

lumbar region
Lenden-bezirk, m. lumbar region
Lenden-blut, n. anthrax (of animals)
Lenden-blutader, /. = -ader
Lenden-bruch, m. lumbar hernia
Lenden-darmbeinband, n. ilio-lumbar

Lenden-darmbeinmuskel, m. ilio-psoas




Lenden-dxuse, /. lumbar gland
Lenden-geflecht, n. lumbar plexus
Lenden-gegend, /. lumbar region
Lenden-gicht, /. lumbago
Lenden-gries, m. renal gravel
Lenden-knochen, m. ischium
Lenden-knoten, m. lumbar ganglion
Lenden-krankheit, /. lumbar affection
Lenden-krebs, m. lumbar cancer
Lenden-kreuz- (in compds.), lumbo-
Lenden-kreuzgeflecht, n. lumbo-sacral

Lenden - kreuzgegend, /. lumbo-sacral

Lenden-kriimmung, /. lumbar curva-
Lenden-Iahm, a. lame or weak in the

Lenden-lahmung, /. lumbago
Lenden-leistennerv, m. lumbo-inguinal

Lenden-mark, n. lumbar portion of

spinal cord
Lenden -muskel, m. (grosser), psoas

Lenden-muskelentziindung, /. inflam-
mation of psoas muscle
Lenden-muskelsehnenscbeide, /. sheath

of tendon of psoas muscle
Lenden-nerv, m. lumbar nerve
Lenden-nierenschnitt, m. lumbar ne-
Lenden-pulsader, /. = -arterie
Lenden-rippen, lumbar ribs
Lenden-rippenband, n. external arcuate

Lenden-riickemnuskel, m.. ■ ilio-costalis

Lenden-schenkel, crura of the

Lenden-scnlagader, /. = -arterie
Lenden-schmerz, m. pain in the loins,

Lenden-schnitt, m. lumbar incision
Lenden-stamm, m. lumbar (lymphatic)

Lenden-stein, m. renal calculus
Lenden-stich, m. lumbar puncture
Lenden -Strang, m. lumbar cord (of

Lenden-vene, /. = -ader
Lenden-weh, n. = -schmerz
Lenden -wirbel, m. lumbar vertebra
Lenden -wirbelgegend, /. lumbar spinal

Lenden-wirbelgelenkfortsatz, m. artic-
ular process of lumbar vertebra
Lenden-wirbelsaule, /. lumbar portion

of spine
Lenden-wirbelverrenkung, /. dislocation

of lumbar vertebra
Lenden-zwischenwirbelscheibe, /. lum-
bar intervertebral discs

Lenitivmittel, n. soothing remedy, leni-

Lentescierend, a. running a protracted

Lentikular- (in compds.), vide Linsen-

Lentitis, /. inflammation of crystalline

Leontiasis, /. leontine aspect of the face
of lepers

Lepidosis, /. ichthyosis

Lepra -bacille, /. lepra bacillus

Lepra-knoten, n. lepra nodules

Lepra -kranke, m. &f. a, leper

Lepra-zelle, /. leprosy cell

Lepriasis, /. leprosy

Lepricus, a. pertaining to leprosy

Leprodes, a. leprous

Leproides, a. leprosy-like

Lepros, a. leprous

Leprose, m. &f. a leper

Leproserie, /. leper- house; leper colony

Leprosis, /. = Leprositas, /. leprosy

Leprosorium, n. = Leproserie

Lepsis, /. attack of a disease

Lepto- (in compds.), small, thin, narrow

Leptokephalus, m. microcephaly

Lepto-phonie, /. thin weak voice

Lepto-prosop, a. dolichofacial

Lepto -prosopie,/. dolichofacial condition

Leptynsis, /. = Leptysmus, m. wasting

Lerche, /. Alanda, lark, larch

Lesbische Liebe, /. Lesbian love, triba-

Letal, a. lethal, fatal

Letalitat,/. lethality, fatality, deadliness;

Lethargie,/. lethargy

Lethargiscu, a. lethargic

Leuchamie, /. leucsemia

Leuchamisch, a. leucsemia

Leuchhaemorrhoiden, pi. mucous piles

Leuchtgas, n. coal-gas, ordinary gas

Leuchtgas-vergiftung, /. poisoning by

Leuchtwtirmchen, n. Lampyris, glow-

Leukamie,/. = Leuchamie

Leukamisch, a. = Leuchamisch

Leukathiopie, /. albinism

Leukathiops, m. albino negro

Leuke, /. white leprosy

Leukismus, m. albinism

Leuko- (in compds.), leuco-, white

Leuko-cyten, pi. white blood-corpuscles

Leuko-cythamie,/. leucocythagmia

Leuko -cytosen, diseases character-
ised by relative increase of white

Leuko -derma,/. = -dermic.

Leuko-dermie, /. albinism; leucodermia

Leukokeratosis, /. leucoplakia

Leuko-lyse, /. breaking down of white

Leuko-maine, pi. leucomaines





Leuko-matorrhoe,/. leucorrhoea
Leukomatosis,/. formation of white spots
Leukomegalie,/. the opposite of erythro-

Leuko-nekrosis, /. white gangrene
Leukonychie, /. whitish colouration of

the nails
Leuko-pathie, /. albinism
Leuko-penie, /. diminution in number

of white corpuscles
Leuko -phlegmasia, /. phlegmasia alba
Leuko-phlegmatisch, a. leucophlegmatic
Leuko-plakie, /. leucoplasia, psoriasis
buccalis, ichthyosis linguae, smokers'
Leukoplasie, /. whitish streaks and
patches affecting epithelium of a
mucous membrane
Leukoplast, n. a white rubber adhesive

Leuko-rrhoe,/. leucorrhoea, whites
Leuko-sis, /. leucoma; albinic defect of

pigment in the eye
Leukotaxis, /. chemotaxis of the leuco-
Leuko -trichie,/. whitening of hair
Leuko -uresis,/, passage of milky urine
Leuko -verbindungen,/.^Z. colorless com-
binations formed from dye-stuffs by
reduction, that on oxidation reconvert
to the dye-stuff
Leuma, /. any epidemic disease of horses,

especially horse influenza.
Leutoxine, n. pi. aggressins or leucocidins
Levatorspalt, m. gap between the bilat-
eral levatores ani
Levatorwulst, m. eminence caused by

contraction of levator palati
Lexipyreticus, a. fever-quelling
Lexis, /. abatement of a disease
V. Leyden'sche Ataxie, /. pseudotabes
Licenz, /. license

Lichenismus, m. symbiosis of lichens
Licht, a. light, pale, luminous, lucid,

clear, bright
Licht, n. light

Licht -ablenkung, /. aberration of light
Licht-art, /. kind or variety of light
Licht-ather, m. the luminiferous ether,

ether of space
Licht-ausstrahlung, /. radiation of light
Licht-brechend, a. light-refracting
Licht-brechung, /. refraction of light
Licht-brechungsvermbgen, n. refractile

Licht-chaos, n. light-chaos, light-dust
Licht-eindruck, m. impression or influ-
ence of light
Licht -einwirkung, /. effect of light
Licht-empfindend, a. perceiving light
Licht-empfindlich, a. sensitive to light
Licht-empfindung, /. perception of light
Licht-erscheinung, /. phenomenon of


Licht-katzenjammer, m. nausea due to

excessive light
Licht-kegel, m. cone of light or rays
Licht -loch, n. pupil
Licht-luftbad, n. exposure to sunlight

and fresh air
Licht-menge, /. amount of light
Licht-messer, m. photometer
Licht -messiing, /. photometry
Licht-miihle, /. radiometer
Licht-punkt, m. luminous point; focus
Licht-quelle, /. source of light
Licht -reiz, m. stimulation or irritation of

Licht-richtung, /. line of direction
Licht-richtungsknoten, points of

decussation of lines of direction
Licht-scheu, a. photophobic
Licht -scheue, /. photophobia
Liciit-schwingung, /. vibration of light
Licht-sehen, n. photopsy, subjective

sensation of light
Licht-sinn, m. sense or perception of

Licht-sinnmesser, m. = -messer
Licht -Starke, /. strength or intensity of

Licht -starre, /. Argyll- Robertson pupil
Licht-staub, m. = -chaos
Licht-strahl, m. ray of light
Licht-strahlenbrechung, /. refraction of

Licht-strahlenmesser, m. actinometer
Lichtung, /. lumen
Licht-wahrnehmung, /. perception of

Licht -welle, /. wave of light
Licht-wirkung, /. = -einwirkung
Licht -zelle, /. visual cell
Licht-zerstreuung, /. dispersion or dif-
fusion of light
Lid, n. = Augenlid, n. eyelid; vide for

compds. Augenlid-
Liebaugelmuskel, m. superior oblique

Lieberkiihn'sche Driisen, glands or

crypts of Lieberkiihn
Liebersche Krauter, Herba galeop-

sides. Ph. G.
Liebesseuche, /. venereal disease
Liebestrank, m. love potion; philtre
Liebeswahnsinn, m. erotomania
Liebeswuth, /. erotomania
Liebstbckelwurzel, /. Radix levistici,

Ph. G.
Lienomalacie, /. softening of the spleen
Lienterisch, a. lienteric
Ligatur, /. ligature
Ligatur-faden, m. ligature thread
Ligatur-nadel, /. ligature-needle
Ligatur-schniirer, m. ligature-fastener
Ligatur -stabchen, rods for ligatures
Ligatur -trokart, m. = -nadel
Ligieren, v.t. to ligature




Lignocerinsaure, /. acid contained in

beechwood tar
Lignosulfit, n. inhalation fluid produced

by the action of calcium sulphite upon

Limakologie, /. study of snails
Limettebl, n. oil of Citrus limetta and

Citrus limoniana
Limnomephitis, /. marsh miasma
Limonadenpulver n. lemonade powder
Limongrasol, n. = Lemongrasol
Limoniil, n. = Limetteol
Limophthisis, /. emaciation due to

Limosis, /. ravenous hunger
Limotherapie, /. hunger treatment
Linda, /. linden (tree) , lime (tree)
Lindenbliiten, lime-tree flowers
Lindenbluten-kohle, /. wood-charcoal
Lindenbliiten-thee, m. tea made from

lime-tree flowers
Lindenbluten-wasser, n. lime-tree flower

Lindern, v.t. to alleviate, to allay, to

soften, to soothe, to ease, to relieve,

to mitigate
Lindernd, a. soothing, palliative, lenitive,

Linderung, /. palliation, relief, soothing,

alleviation, mitigation
Linderungs-kur, /. palliative treat-
Lihderungs-mittel, n. soothing remedy,

lenitive, palliative
Linderungs-salbe, /. soothing salve
Linear-extraktion, /. linear extraction

Linear-messer, n. linear-knife
Lingual- (in compds.), vide Zungen-
Linie, /. line ; feature

rauhe — , linea aspera (of femur)
weisse — , linea alba
Linien-formig, a. linear, striated
Linien-horopter, m. horopter of lines
Liniment, n. (fliichtiges), ammonia lini-
Links, a. left

Links -drehend, a. rotating to the left
Links-handig, a. left-handed
Links-taandigkeit, /. left-handedness
Links -hirnigkeit, /. left-brainedness
Links-milchsaure, /. laevolactic acid
Links-weinsaure, /. antitartaric acid,

laevotartaric acid
Linolsaure, /. = Leinolsaure, /.
Linse, /. lens ; lentil
Linsen- (in compds.), lenticular
Linsen-ahnlich,a.lenticular, lens-shaped ;

of the size of .a lentil
Linsen-artig, a. = -ahnlich
Linsen-auflosung, /. solution of the lens
Linsen-bein, n. sesamoid bone
Linsen-entartung, /. degeneration of the


Linsen-entziindung, /. inflammation of

the lens
Linsen-erweichung, /. softening of the

Linsen-faser, /. fibre of the lens
Linsen-fleck, m. lentigo, freckle
Linsen-fbrmig, a. = -ahnlich
Linsen-ganglion, n. lenticular ganglion
Linsen-glas, n. lens
Linsen-gross, a. the size of a lentil
Linsen-h^kchen, n. = -haken
Linsen-haken, m. cataract-hook
Linsen-haut, /. = -kapsel
Linsen-kapsel, /. capsule of lens
Linsen-kapselentzUndung, /. inflamma-
tion of capsule of lens
Linsen-kapselscbwund, m. atrophy of

capsule of lens
Linse n-kapselstar, m. capsular cataract
Linsen -kern, m. lenticular nucleus
Linsen -kernschlinge, /. ansa lenti-

Linsen-knochen, m. = -bein
Linsen-knoten, m. = -ganglion
Linsen-korper, m. body of the lens
Linsen-mal, n. = -fleck
Linsen-messer, n. lentil-shaped knife

used in trephining
Linsen-nahte, radii lentis, radiating

fibres of lens
Linsen-nervenknoten, m. = -ganglion
Linsen-sackchen, n. primitive saccule

forming the embryonic lens
Linsen -scheitel, m. vertex of the lens
Linsen-star, m. lenticular cataract
Linsen -stern m. star -shaped figure

formed by radiating fibres of lens
Linsen-substanz, /. substance of lens
Linsen-triibung, /. opacity of lens
Linsen-verhartung, /. hardening of lens
Linsen-vorfall, m. prolapse of lens
Linsen-wirbel, m. vortex lentis
Liodermie, /. atrophy of the skin ; glossy

Lipacidamie, /. the presence of volatile

fatty acids in the blood
Lipacidurie, /. the presence of volatile

fatty acids in the urine
Lipamie, /. excess of fat in the blood
Liparocele, n. fatty tumour simulating

abdominal hernia
Liparodyspnoe, /. dyspnoea due to ac-
cumulation of fat
Liparomphalus, m. fatty tumour of navel
Liphamie, /. poorness of blood
Lipodermie, /. lack of foreskin, also

Lipolyse, /. decomposition of fat by

Lipolytisch, a. lipolytic, fat-splitting
Lipom, n. lipoma
Lipomatbs, a. lipomatous
Lipomerie, /. congenital absence of






Lipopsychie, /. fainting fit, syncope
Liposphyxie, /. pulselessness
Lipothymie, /. = Lipopsychie
Lipoxysmus, m. poisoning with fatty

Lippe, /. lip, labium; edge, crest, border
Lippen- (in compds.), labial
Lippen-abscess, m. labial abscess
Lippen-ader, /. labial vein
Lippen-anschwellung, /. labial swelling
Lippen-arterie, /. labial artery
Lippen-aufheber, m. levator labii
Lippen-aufspringen, n. chapping or

cracking of lip
Lippen-ausfahren, n.- = -ausschlag
Lippe n-ausschlag, m.. herpes labialis
Lippen-band, n. frasnum of lip
Lippen-bandchen, n. — -band
Lippen-bliiter, Labiatae
Lippen-bewegung, /. movement of lips
Lippen-bildung, /. plastic formation of

lip, cheiloplasty
Lippen-blutader, /. = -ader
Lippen-blutgefass, n. blood-vessel of the

Lippen-blutung, /. labial haemorrhage
Lippen -brand, m. (der Kinder), noma,

cancrum oris
Lippen-driise, /. labial gland
Lippen-eiterung, /. suppuration of lip
Lippen-entzUndung, /. inflammation of

Lippen-erkrankung, /. disease of the lip
Lippen-flache, /. surface of lip
Lippen-fiechte, /. = -ausschlag
Lippen-formig, a. labiate
Lippen-geschwulst, /. labial tumour
Lippen-geschwiir, n. ulcer of lip
Lippen-halter, m. (jjp-holder
Lippen-herpes, m. = -ausschlag
Lippen-krankheit, /. = -erkrankung
Lippen-krebs, m. cancer of lip
Lippen-Iahmung, /. paralysis of lip
Lippen-laut, m. labial sound
Lippen-oberflache, /. = -flache
Lippen-phanomen, n. in tetanus, snout-
like forward extension of lips on
percussing the musculature of the
Lippen-pomade, /. = -salbe
Lippen-pulsader, /. = -arterie
Lippen-rot, n. the red portion of the

Lippen-rote, /. redness of the lip
Lippen-rotnaht, /. suture of the red por-
tion of the lip
Lippen-salbe, /. lip salve
Lippen-saum, m. the seam or margin of

the lip
Lippen-saumbildung,/. plastic formation

of a margin to the lip
Lippen -schiagader, /. = -arterie
Lippen -schleimhaut, /. mucous mem-
brane of the lip


Lippen-schrunde, /. crack or chap of

Lippen-schwellung, /. = -anschwellung
Lippen-spalte, /. harelip
Lippen-taster, m. small feeler on the

lips of insects
Lippen -vene,/. = -ader' ■

Lippen-verletzung, /. injury of the lip
Lippen-verschwarung, /. ulceration of

Lippen-wangenspalte, /. congenital fis-
sure of the face involving upper lip
and cheek
Lippen-winkel, m. angle or comer of
. the mouth

Lippen-wunde, /. wound of the Up
Lippen-zug, m. labial line or feature
Lipsotrichie, /. baldness
Lipurie, /. excretion of fat in urine
Liqueszieren, v.i. to liquefy, to melt
Lisfranc'sches Gelenk, n. tarso-meta-

tarsal joint
Lispeln, v.i. to lisp; to whisper
Lispein, n. lisping
Lispelnd, a. lisping; whispering
Lithagogon, n. remedy for expelling

Lithamie, /. condition of the blood tend-
ing to form gouty deposits
Lithensaure, /. lithic or uric acid
Lithiasis, /. the formation or discharge

of urinary concretions
Lithion, n. lithia

kohlensaures ■ — , carbonate of lith-
Lithion-karmin, m. carmine dissolved in
aqueous solution of lithium carbonate
Lithion-wasser, n. lithia-water
Lithium, n. lithium
Lithium-benzoat, n. lithium benzoate
Lithium -bromid, n. lithium bromide
Lithium -carbonat, n. lithium carbonate
Lithium-citrat, n. lithium citrate
Lithium-oxyd, n. lithium oxide
Lithium-salicylat, n. lithium salicylate
Lithe- (in compds.), litho-
Lithoceuosis, /. evacuation of fragments

after lithotrity
Lithodyspnoe, /. dyspnoea due to the
presence of concretions in the air-
Litho-kelyphopaedion, n. lithopaedion

fused with calcified membranes
Lithokelyphos, m. calcification of the

foetal membranes
Lithe -klast, m. lithotrite
Litho-labe, /. lithotomy forceps
Litho-lapaxie, /. lithotrity with removal

of fragments by suction
Litho-logie, /. description of calculi
Litho-lyse, /. dissolution of a calculus
Litho-metra,/. calcification of the uterus
Litho-nephrose, /. formation or presence
of renal calculus




Litho-pbthisis, /. phthisis with pulmon-
ary calcareous concretions
Litho-thlibie, /. operation in which a
stone is expressed by means of a
finger in the rectum and a catheter
in the bladder
Litho-tomie, /. lithotomy
Litho-tresis, /. perforation of a calculus
Litho-tripsie, /. lithotrity
Litho-triptica, remedies causing the

disintegration of calculi
Litho-tritie, /. lithotrity
Lithurese, /. the passage of gravel
Litre'sche Driisen, Littr^'s glands
Lividitat, /. lividity
Lobar, a. lobar
Lobelien-kraut, n. lobelia
Lobelien-tinktur, /. tincture of lobelia
Lobular, a. lobular
Loch, n. hole; foramen

eirundes — , obturator foramen
ovales — , foramen ovale
Locb-brille, /. (stenopaiscbe), glasses
admitting light through a narrow
Locb-brucb, m. obturator hernia
Loch-ebene, /. plane of aperture or

Loch-eisenzange, /. punch forceps
Locherig, a. full of holes, perforated;

Lochien, pi. lochia
Lochien-£uss, jm. lochial discharge
Lochiorrhagie, /. great increase of lochia
Lochiorrhoe, /. free flow of lochia
Lochioschesis, /. suppression of lochia
Loch-kultur, /. stab culture
Lochodochmium, n. lying-in hospital
Lochometra, /. accumulation of lochia in

Lochometritis, /. puerperal metritis
Loch-wiirmer, trematodes
Locker, a. loose, incompact, not solid,

slack, spongy
Locherung, /. loosening, looseness
Lockpfeifingerausch, n. bruit de frou-frou
Loco-kraut, n. loco-weed
LoSel, m. spoon, scoop, curette
Loffel-formig, a. spoon-shaped
Lbffel-haken, m. scoop
Loffel-kraut, n. cochlearia, scury-grass
Lofiel-krautspiritus, m. spirit of coch-
Lofiel-spiegel, m. spoon-shaped specu-
Loffel-zange, /. scoop-forceps
Logo- (in compds.), relating to speech
Logo-kophosis, /. word-deafness
Logo-manie, /. morbid talkativeness
Logo-monomanie, /. = -manie
Logo-neurosen, disordered speech
caused by defective thought-forma-
Logo-pathien, = -neurosen

Logo-rrhoe, /. excessive or morbid
volubility of speech

Lohbad, n. tan-bath

Loh-bliite, /. FuUgo septica

Lobe, /. tan

Loimia, /. plaglie

Lokal, a. local

Lokal-erkrankung, /. local disease; en-
demic disease

Lokal-erscheinung, /. = -zeichen

Lokal -leiden, n. = -erkrankung

Lokal -wirkung, /. local effect

Lokal-zeicben, n. local sign or symptom

Lokalisation, /. localisation

Lokalisieren, v.t. to localise

Lolismus, m. darnel poisoning

Longavitat, /. longevity

Longuette, /. long compress

Lorbeer-blatter, laurel leaves

Lorbeer-blatterbl, n. oil of laurel

Lorbeeren, laurel berries

Lorbeer-kampfer, m. laurin, laurel cam-

Loorbeer-ol, n. oil of laurel

Lorche, /. larch (tree)

Lorol, n. = Lorbeerbl

Lordose, /. lordosis

Lordoskoliose, /. scoliolordosis

Losbar, a. = Liislich

Lbsbarkeit, /. = Lbslichkeit

Losemittel, n. = Lbsungsmittel

Lbsen, v.t. & i. to loosen, to untie, to
relax, to dissolve .

Lbsend, o. solvent; expectorant, purga-
tive, relaxing

Lbserdiirre, /. cattle plague

Lbslich, a. soluble

Lbslichkeit, /. solubility

Lospraparieren, v.t. to remove or detach
by dissection

Losreissen, v.t. to tear off, to remove by

Losreissung, /. avulsion

Losstossen, v.t. & i. to cast off, to expel,
to shed, to desquamate

Losstossung, /. casting off, expulsion,
shedding, desquamation

Lbsung,/. loosening, solution; separation
lysis (of fever)

Lbsungs-mittel-, n. a solvent

Lbsungs-warme, /. heat of solution

Lbtrohr, n. blow-pipe

Lbtrobr-analyse, /. blow-pipe analysis
or test

Lbtrohr-probe, /. = -analyse

Lbtung, /. adhesion, agglutination

Lbtungsgewebe, n. adhesion-tissue

Loxarthrosis, /. joint-deformity

Lbwen-aussatz, m. or -krankheit, /.
leontiasis in leprosy

Lbwenzahn, m. dandelion

Lbwenzahn-extrakt, m. dandelion ex-

Lbwenzahn -wurzel, /. dandehon root





Lbwenzange, /. lion forceps

Loxarinde,/. loxa bark

Liicke, /. gap, lacuna, hiatus, breach,
space, interstice

Liickenreaktion, /. break reaction (Bene-

Luetiker, m. a subject of syphilis

Luetisch, a. syphilitic

Luffaschwamm, m. loofah

Luft, /. air, atmosphere; gas
alkalinische — , ammonia
brennbare — , oxygen
fixe — , carbonic acid
hepatische — , hydrogen sulphide

Luft- (in compds.), air-, pneumo-

Luft-abschluss, m. exclusion of air

Luft-abzug, m. air-exhauster

Luft-ader, /. artery

Luft-ahnljch, a. = -artig

Luft-ansammlung, /. accumulation of

Luft -art, /. kind or variety of air or gas

Luft -artig, a. gaseous, aeriform

Luft-auftreibung, /. distension or swell-
ing due to air or gas

Luft -bad, n. drying-oven, air-bath

Luft-bauch, m. abdominal distension
due to gas

Luft-behalter, m. the lungs

Luft-beschaflfenheit, /. state, condition,
or temperature of the air

Luft-bett, n. air-bed

Luft-bewegung, /. movement or current
of air

Luft-blaschen, n. = -blase

Lixft-blase, /. air-vesicle, pulmonary

Luft-bruch, m. hernia containing gas

Luft-brust, /. pneumothorax

Liiftchen, n. aura epileptica

Luft-cubus, m. smallest allowance of air
for one person

Luft-dicht, a. hermetical, airtight

Luft-dichtigkeit,/. atmospheric density

Luft-dichtigkeitsmesser, m. manometer

Luft -douche, /. air-douche, air-enema

Luft-druck, m. atmospheric pressure

Luft-dusche, /. blowing of air into
Eustachian tube

Luft-einblasen, n. = -einblasung

Luft-einblasung, /. blowing in of air,

Luft-eintritt, m. entrance of air

Liiften, v.t. to air, to ventilate, to expose
to the air

Luft-embolie, /. embolism caused by
entrance of air

Luft-erguss, m. escape or effusion of air

Luft-erneuerung, /. renewal or replace-
ment of air, ventilation

Luft-erschiitterung, /. air concussion

Luft -fang, w. ventilator

Luft-feuchtigkeit, /. atmospheric hu-


Luft-feuchtigkeitsmesser, m. hygrometer

Luft-fllter, m. air-filter

Luft-flstel, /. fistula opening into air-
passages; aerial fistula

Luft-form,/. = -art

Luft-formig, a. = -artig

Luft-fuhrend, a. air-carrying, containing

Luft-gefass, n. air-vessel or -tube

Luft-gehalt, m. amount of contained air
or gas

Luft-geschwulst, /. emphysema, air-

Luft-giite, /. quality of air

Luft-giitemesser, m. eudiometer

Luft-giitemessung, /. eudiometry

Luft-haltig, a. containing air

Luft-haltigkeit, /. the condition of con-
taining air

Luft-heilkunde, /. treatment by air or
vapours, atmiatrics

Luft-heizung, /. hot-air heating

Luft-hunger, m. air-hunger, distress and
longing for more air

Luft-hungrig, a. feeling short of breath
or air

Luft-injektion, /. = -klystier

Luft-kanal, m. air-passage; air-flue

Luft-keim, m-. air-carried micro-organ-

Luft-kissen, n. air-cushion

Luft-kissenverband, m. dressing with
air-pads or -cushion

Luft-klappe, /. air-valve, ventilator

Luft -klystier, n. air-enema

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