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Boise country a story that is full of the
extraordinary, the marvelous, and yet a
story composed of truths and facts, un-
colored in the telling. Whether the nar-
rative of the story of Boise is well done
or ill, depends of course, upon the writer.
But be it good, or bad, the facts are
there, and in those facts there is a message for every man
or woman who finds himself dissatisfied with life under
present conditions. He may not even be dissatisfied, but
open to the honest conviction as to the merits of a land
that offers to him an opportunity to live under conditions
more advantageous, more delightful than those of his pres-

ent home. Life is, at best, a struggle, but it is certainly
the inalienable privilege of every man to select a place
where conditions are most in his favor, where the chances
for success are the best. Whether the reader dwell in a
factory town in New England, a New York flat or a farm
in the Mississippi Valley, to him a welcome, hearty and
generous, is extended. If he has failed elsewhere in the
struggle against unfair odds, here he can begin life anew
under circumstances that are anything but unfavorable.
If he wishes to give his sons and daughters a better chance
than he had, surely none better can be found.

The chance to invest your money, or your brains, or the
strength of your hands to best advantage, and to live under
conditions most favorable for health and happiness: that,
in a word, Boise offers. That is the message of this book-
let. Its import is certain ; its meaning clear. Let its les-
son sink deep into your heart. If it grows into a convic-
tion, do not hesitate, but act, and to your dying day you
will never cease to rejoice that you found a home, health
and happiness in the beautiful City of Boise, Idaho.

Note. The illustration on the fourth page of the cover shows the Barber Power Plant, Lumber Mill, and dam across the

Boise River, near Boise.


Winter Grazing on Davis Ranch near Boise.


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Map of Boise, Idaho.

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Online LibraryIdaho) Boise Commercial Club (BoiseBoise, Idaho → online text (page 4 of 4)