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On motion of Mr. Judd,of Cook county, George T. Brown,
of Madison county, was requested to assist the secretary in the
organization of the convention.

On motion the secretary was instructed to call the several
counties of the state, in their alphabetical order, which being
done, the following delegates appeared and presented their cre-
dentials, viz :

Adams, 8 delegates A. Williams, W. B. Powers, E. A.
Dudley, Jno. Tillson. A. G. Pearson, George W. Burns, James
E. Furness and O. H. Browning.

Bond, i. J. F. Alexander.

Boone, 2. Luther W. Lawrence and Ralph Roberts.

Bureau, 3. Charles C. Kelsey, George Radcliff and Geo.
W. Stipp, Jr.

Calhoun, i. F. W. Kersting.

Carroll, i. D. H. Wheeler.

Cass, i. B. R. Frohook.

Champaign. 2. J. W. Jaquith, Elisha Harkness.

Christian, i. W. G. Crosswaithe.

Coles, 4. T. A. Marshall, A. Compton, William Glas
gow and George C. Harding.

Cook, 17. G. Goodrich, F. C. Sherman, Wm. A. James,
A. H. Dolton, James McKie, Geo. Schneider, John Wentworth,
C. H. Ray, J.L. Scripps, C.L. Wilson, Samuel Hoard, A. Aikin,
H. H. Yates, I. N. Arnold, N. B. Judd, J. W. Waughop and
Mark Skinner.

DeKalb, 3. Wm. Patton, Wm. J. Hunt and James H.

DeWitt, 2. S. F. Lewis and J. F. Lemon.

DuPage, 3. W. B. Blanchard, S. P. Sedgwick and J. W.

Edgar, 2. L. Munsell and R. B. Southerland.

150 Anti- Nebraska Convention

Edwards, i. Wm. Pickering.

Fulton, 5. W. P. Kellogg, Robert Carter, S. N. Breed,
T. N. Hassan and H. D. Phelps.

Greene, 2. Daniel Bowman and Joshua W. Armstrong.

Grundy, 2. Robert Longworth and William T. Hop-

Hancock, 4. John Rise, S. W. King, S. Worley and A.

Henderson, i. W. D. Henderson.

Henry, 2. J. H. Howe, J. Mi. Allen.

Iroquois, 3. W. P. Pearson, J. B. Joiner, I. Bennett.

Jersey, 2. Thomas Cummings, M. Corey.

Jo Daviess, 4. Adolph Meyer, T. B. Lewis, H. S. Town-
send, T. Spraggins.

Knox, 4. T. J. Hale, D. H. Frisbie, Jesse Perdue, C. J.

Kankakee, 2. A. W. Mack, Daniel Parker.

Kendall, 2. J. M. Crothers, J. B. Lowry.

Kane, 5. I. A. W. Buck, S. C. Morey, G. W. Waite, A.
Adams, W. R. Baker.

Lake, 3. E. P. Ferry, N. C. Geer, Wm. B. Dodge.

LaSalle, 6. D. L. Hough, J. A. McMillan, David
Strawn, Burton C. Cook, Elmer Baldwin, C. H. Gilman.

Lee, 2. E. M. Ingals, J. V. Eustace.

Livingston, 2. J. H. Dart, David McWilliams.

Logan, 2. J. L. Dugger, S. C. Parks.

McDonough, 2. L. H. Waters, J. E. Wyne.

McHenry, 6. S. P. Hegale, Anthony Woodspur, C. W.
Craig, \Vesley Diggins, Dr. Abularr, A. C. Joslyn.

McLean, 3. James Gilmore, Sr., Dr. Harrison Noble,
Wm. W. Orme, delegates, and A. T. Briscoe, Green B. Larri-
son, David Cheney, alternates.

Macon, 2. W. J. Usrey, I. C. Ptigh.

Macoupin, 4. (?) J. M. Palmer, John Logan, Samuel
Brown, Thomas B. Lofton, P. B. Solomon, J. D. Marshall,
James Wolfe.

Convention, May 29, 1856. 151

Madison, 8. F. S. Rutherford, H. King, George Smith,
M. G. Atwood, H. S. Baker, George T. Brown, John Trible,
Gershom Flagg.*

Marion, 3. D. K. Green, T. W. Jones, S. W. Cunning-

Marshall, 2. Robert Boal, J. C. Tozier.

Mason, 2. H. O'Neal, R. P. Gatton.

Menard, 2. M. T. Morris, George Collier.

Mercer, 2. John W. Miles. L. W. Myers.

Montgomery, 3. Wickliff Kitchell. J. W. Cassady, J.
T. Eccles.

Morgan, 20. R. Yates, J. W. King, M. H. Cassell, J.
B. Duncan, J. J. Cassell, R. McKee, M. J. Pond, A. P. Wood,
I. L. Morrison, James Green, William L. Sargeant, J. W.
Strong, James Langley, E. Lusk, B. F. Stevenson, J. N. D.
Stout, A. Bulkley, B. F. Ford, J. Metcalf, and J. Graham.

Moultrie, I. John A. Freeland.

Ogle, 3. Charles C. Royce, F. A. McMill, G. W. South-

Peoria, 5. J. D. Arnold, B. L. T. Bourland, R. Scholst,
George T. Harding, T. J. Pickett.

Piatt, i. P. K. Hall.

Pike, 10. John G. Nicolay, Wm. Ross, M. Ross, J.
Grimshaw, T. Worthington, W. E. Elder, J. Hall, M. J.
Noyes, D. H. Gilmer, O. M. Hatch.

Putnam, I. B. C. Lundy.

Randolph, 5. Thomas McClurken, Casper Horn, J. C.
Holbrook, F. B. Anderson, B. J. F. Hanna.

Rock Island, 3. N. C. Turrell, R. H. Andrews, John V.
Cook, Ira O. Wilkinson.

St. Clair.5. Dr. Charles Vincenz, J. B. Hoppe, Francis
Wenzell, N. Niles, F. A. Carpenter.

Sangamon, n. A. Lincoln, Wm. H. Herndon, J. C.
Conkling, J. B. Weber, Preston Breckenridge, Wm. Jayne, R.
H. Ballinger, Pascal P. Enos, Wm. H. Bailhache, E. L. Baker,
Peter Earnest.

*William C. Flagg, the son of Gershom Flagg, also attended the convention, and
m the proceedings seems to have acted as a member of it SKC'T HIST. Soc.

152 Anti- Nebraska Republican

Schuyler, 2. -John Clark, N. G. Wilcox.

Scott, 4. N. M. Knapp, John Moses, James B. Young,
M. James.

Stark, i. T. J. Henderson.

Stephenson, 4. M. P. Sweet, John H. Davis, George
Nolbrecht, H. N. Hibbard.

Tazewell, 5. D. Cheever, D. Kyes, H. Clark, George W.
Shaw, John M. Busch.

Union, i. D. L. Phillips.

Vermilion, 3. Joseph Peters, Martin Bourchall, A. T.

Warren, 2. A. C. Harding, E. A. Paine.

Washington, 2. J. Miller, D. Kennedy.

Whiteside, 2. William Manahan, William Prothrow,

Will, io. G. D. A. Parks, W. Wright, J. T. Daggett,
Wm. B. Hewitt, H. T. Logan, A. Mclntosh, S. Anderson, J.
O. Norton, Ichabod Codding, P. Stewart.

Winnebago, 4. F. Burnass, W. Lyman, S. M'. Church,
T. D. Robertson.

Woodford, 2. C. D. Banta, R. T. Cassell.

O. H. Browning, of Adams, offered the following resolu-
tion, which was unanimously adopted :

Resolved, That a committee of nine, consisting of one
from each congressional district be appointed to report officers
for the permanent organization of the convention.

Whereupon the chair appointed the following as the com-
mittee: First district, S. M. Church; second district, N. B.
Judd; third district, B. C. Cook; Fourth district, Robert Car-
ter; fifth district, O. H. Browning; sixth district, J. C. Conk-
ling; seventh district, S. C. Parks; eighth district, N. Niles;
ninth district, David L. Phillips.

On motion of Richard Yates, of Morgan the following
resolution was adopted :

Resolved, That all the delegates in attendance be permit-
ted to take their seats and act as members of this convention,
casting however one vote of their respective counties.

Convention, May 29, 1856. 153

The committee appointed to report permanent officers for
the convention, by Hon. O. H. Browning, its chairman, made
the following report :


John M. Palmer, of Macoupin.


J. A. Davis, of Stephenson.
William Ross, of Pike.
James McKie, of Cook.
J. H. Bryant, of Bureau.

A. C. Harding, of Warren.
Richard Yates, of Morgan.
H. C. Johns, of Platt.
George Smith, of Madison.
D. L. Phillips, of Union.
T. A. Marshall, of Coles.

J. M. Ruggles, of Mason.
G. D. A. Parks, of Will.
John Clark, of Schuyler.


H. S. Baker, of Madison.
C. L. Wilson, of Cook.
John Tillson, of Adams.
Washington Bushnell, of LaSalle.

B. J. F. Hanna, of Randolph.

Which report was received and unanimously adopted.

Hon. John M. Palmer, on taking the chair, thanked the
convention for the honor conferred on him in an elegant and
able address.

On motion of N. B. Judd, of Cook, it was

Resolved, That a committee of nine, consisting of one
from each congressional district, be appointed to report resolu-
tions for the action of this convention.


Anti-Nebraska Republican

Whereupon, the president appointed the following as that
committee :

First district, G. Walbrecht ; second district, N. B. Judd ;
third district, O. Lovejoy; fourth district, A. C. Harding; fifth
district, O. H. Browning; sixth district, Wickliff Kitchell;
seventh district, S. C. Parks; eighth district, Charles Vincenz;
ninth district, D. L. Phillips.


Born in Kentucky January 18, 1818; died
November 27, 1873; moved to Illinois in 1831,
admitted to the bar, member legislature 1842
to 1849; 1850 elected to congress, Governor of
Illinois 1861 to 1865 and U. S. Senator 1865 to

By permission and courtesy of the Cen-
tury Co.

Leander Munsell, of Edgar, nominated W. H. BISSELL,
of St. Clair county, for governor.

Mr. Rutherford moved that no nomination be made, but
that this convention confirm the nomination of Colonel Bissell,
which the people have already made.

G. T. Brown, of Madison, desired before any action was
taken, to read to the convention a letter he had received from
Colonel Bissell, which he read as follows :

BELLEVILLE, ILL., May 24, 1856.
George T. Brown, Esq., Alton, III.

DEAR SIR : Having reason to apprehend that my name
may be presented to the convention as a candidate for governor,
I deem it proper to place in your hands, to be used there, should
occasion arise, a simple statement of the condition of my health,

Convention, May 29, 1856. 155

in order that there may be no mistake or misapprehension in re-
gard to it.

The illness from which I have suffered for the last three
years has left me with impaired vigor in my lower limbs, so
that in walking I still require the use of a cane, and the aid of a
friendly arm. From this infirmity, however, I am slowly re-
covering, and have every reason to expect final and complete
restoration. My general health is perfectly good never was
better ; and my capacity for business not requiringmuch locomo-
tion, precisely what it ever was. But I cannot promise, in the
event of becoming a candidate, to take the stump, or address
the people of the state generally and this is a matter which I
trust you will consider. If I continue to improve, as I have
every reason to expect, I shall unquestionably make some
speeches, if desirable, but I cannot promise to perambulate the
state as some might wish.

If, in view of these facts, the convention deem it proper to
nominate me, I shall not decline the honor, though I say, in all
candor, I prefer that the nomination should fall on another in-
dividual ; and should that happen, you can rely upon my most
zealous and cheerful efforts in his behalf. Yours truly,


Whereupon the entire convention rose, and with nine long,
loud, and hearty cheers, declared that the nomination of COL.
WM. H. BISSELL, of St. Clair county, by the people of Illinois,
as their candidate for governor, was then and there unani-
mously confirmed.

On motion of N. Niles, Esq., of St. Clair county, it was

"Resolved, That FRANCIS A. HOFFMAN, of DuPage
county, be declared the Anti-Nebraska candidate for the office
of lieutenant-governor of the state of Illinois, at the coming
election in November."

Which resolution was received by the entire convention
with long and loud cheering.

156 Anti Nebraska Republican

On motion, it was

"Resolved, That a committee of nine, including one from
each congressional district, be appointed by the chair, to re-
port to the convention suitable candidates for the other state

Whereupon the chair appointed the following as such
committee :

First district, L. W. Lawrence; second district, Cyrus
Aldrich; third district, W. W. Orme; fourth district, J. D.
Arnold; fifth district, A. Williams; sixth district, A. Lincoln;
seventh district, T. A. Marshall ; eighth district, Thomas Mc-
Clurken; ninth district, Benjamin T. Wiley.

On motion of John Wentworth, of Cook, it was
"Resolved. That the delegates in attendance from the
several congressional districts be requested to suggest the name
of one person from each congressional district for presidential
elector, and three persons for delegates to the national conven-
tion to be held at Philadelphia on the i /th proximo ; and that a
committee of nine, consisting of one from each congressional
district, be appointed by the chair to recommend two suchelect-
ors and six such delegates for the state at large."

The chair appointed the following as said committee :
First district, W. Diggins ; second district, J. Wentworth ;
third district, J. Bennett; fourth district, T. J. Pickett; fifth
district, A. Williams; sixth district, S. T. Logan; seventh dis-
trict, J. L. Dugger; eighth district, J. Trible; ninth district,
D. L. Phillips.

The districts were then called, and the delegates suggested
names as requested, which reports were referred to the last
above named committee.

The committee appointed to recommend the names of suit-
able persons for candidates for the several state offices yet
vacant, submitted the following report :

For secretary of state OZIAS M : . HATCH, of Pike county.

For state treasurer JAMES MILLER, of McLean.

Convention, May 29, 1856.


JAMES MILLER, Bloomington, 111.

Born November 23, 1795. Virginia: died September 23. 1872, merchant, land
owner, State Treasurer 1836 to 1860; see GJOd Old Times McLean County 308 and
Volume II, Transactions McLean County Historical Society.

158 Anti-Nebraska Republican

For state auditor JESSE K. DUBOIS, of Lawrence.
For superintendent of common schools WM. H. POWELL,
of Peoria.

Which report was received by the convention, and unani-
mously adopted.

With this report the committee also laid before the con-
vention a letter from James Miller, Esq., of McLean county,
stating that he had not nor did he intend to accept the nomina-
tion recently tendered him for the office of state treasurer, by
the American party of Illinois ; that he never had, nor did he
now belong to that order.

The committee appointed to recommend the names of
suitable persons as presidential electors and delegates to the
national convention submitted the following report, which was
unanimously adopted

Electors for the state at large Abraham Lincoln, of
Sangamon; Frederick Hecker, of St. Clair.

First district, elector Elisha P. Ferry, of Lake.

Second district, elector Jerome J. Beardsley, of Rock
Island ; assistant elector, J. V. Eustace, of Lee.

Third district, elector William Fithian, of Vermilion;
assistant, - - Lundy.

Fourth district, elector T. Judson Hale, of Knox; assist-
ants, T. J. Pickett, of Peoria, andWm. P. Kellogg, of Fulton.

Fifth district, elector Abraham Jonas, of Adams; assist-
ants, James Stark and John C. Bagley.

Sixth district, elector Wm. H. Herndon, of Sangamon;
assistant, N. M. Knapp.

Seventh district, elector H. P. H. Bromwell, of Fayette ;
assistant S. C. Parks.

Eighth district, elector Friend S. Rutherford, of Madi-
son; assistant, Francis B. Anderson, of Randolph.

Ninth district, elector David L. Phillips, of Union.

Convention, May 29, 1856. 159


For the State at Large.

George Schneider, of Cook; Thomas J. Turner, of
Stephenson; J. O. Norton, of Will; J. D. Arnold, of Peoria;
G. T. Brown, of Madison ; J. B. Tenny, of Logan.

First District.

M. T. Sweet, of Stephenson; S. M. Church, of Winneba-
go; W. A. Little, of Jo Daviess; alternates N. C. Geer, of
Lake; A. C. Fuller, of Boone; A. J. Joslyn, of McHenry.

Second District.

Cyrus Aldrich, E. R. Allen, N. B. Judd; alternates
George W. Waite, Miles S. Henry, Hugh T. Dickey.

Third District.

W. H. L. Wallace, A. W. Mack, Owen Lovejoy; alter-
nates B. C. Cook, Jesse Bennett, Elisha Harkness.

Fourth District.

T. J. Pickett, of Peoria; A. C. Harding, of Warren; W. P.
Myers, of Mercer; alternates Daniel Cheever, of Tazewell;
Silas Ramsey, of Marshall; J. H. Howe, of Henry; W. P. Kel-
logg, of Fulton; T. J. Henderson, of Stark; J. D. Arnold, of

Fifth District.

John Tillson, C. B. Lawrence, Wm. Ross; alternates C.
S. Cowan, W. B. Powers, N. G. Wilcox.

Si.vth District.

John M. Palmer, N. M. Knapp, A. Lincoln; alternates
P. P. Enos, W. H. Bailhache, M. Green, David Pierson,
Joseph Cassel.

Seventh District.

A. C.Johns, of Macon; Leander Munsell, of Edgar; A.
B. Archer, of Clark; alternates Anderson McPheeters, of
Moultrie; T. A. Marshall, of Coles; J. W. Clemens, of Macon.

160 Anti-Nebraska Republican

Eighth District.

M. G. Atwood, of Madison; Francis Grumm, of St. Clair;
D. K. Green, of Marion; alternates J. C. Holbrook, of Ran-
dolph, Dr. Carpenter, of St. Clair, Miller, of Washington.

Ninth District.

B. L. Wiley, of Union; Edward Holden, of Jackson;
John Olney, of Gallatin.

The committee appointed to prepare and report resolutions
expressive of the sense of this convention, submit the follow-
ing report, which was unanimously adopted.

WHEREAS, The present administration has prostituted its
powers, and devoted all its energies to the propagation of
slavery, and to its extension into territories heretofore dedi-
cated to freedom, against the known wishes of the people of
such territories, to the suppression of the freedom of speech,
and of the press ; and to the revival of the odious doctrine of
constructive treason, which has always been the resort of ty-
rants, and their most powerful engine of injustice and oppres-
sion ; and,

WHEREAS, We are convinced that an effort is making to
subvert the principles, and ultimately to change the form of
our government, and which it becomes all patriots, all who
love their country, and the cause of human freedom to resist;

Resolved, That foregoing all former differences of opin-
ion upon other questions, we pledge ourselves to unite in op-
position to the present administration, and to the party which
upholds and supports it, and to use all honorable and constitu-
tional means to wrest the government from the unworthy
hands which now control it, and bring it back in its adminis-
tration to the principles and practices of Washington, Jeffer-
son and their great and good compatriots of the revolution.

Resolved, That we hold, in accordance with the opinions
and practices of all the great statesmen of all parties, for the
first sixty years of the administration of the government, that,
under the constitution, congress possesses full power to pro-

Convention, May 29, 1856. 161

hibit slavery in the territories ; and that whilst we will main-
tain all constitutional rights of the south, we also hold that jus-
tice, humanity, the principles of freedom as expressed in our
Declaration of Independence, and our national constitution
and the purity and perpetuity of our government, require that
power should be exerted to prevent the extension of slavery
into territories heretofore free.

Resolved, That the repeal of the Missouri Compromise
was unwise, unjust and injurious; an open and aggravated
violation of the plighted faith of the states, and that the at-
tempt of the present administration to force slavery into Kansas
against the known wishes of the legal voters of that territory,
is an arbitrary and tyrannous violation of the rights of the peo-
ple to govern themselves, and that we will strive by all consti-
tutional means, to secure to Kansas and Nebraska the legal
guarantee against slavery of which they were deprived at the
cost of the violation of the plighted faith of the nation.

Resolved, That we are devoted to the Union, and will to
the last extremity, defend it against the efforts now being made
by the disunionists of the administration to compass its dis-
solution, and that we will support the constitution of the Uni-
ted States in all its provisions ; regarding" it as the sacred bond
of our Union, and the only safeguard for the preservation of
the rights of ourselves and our posterity.

Resolved, That we are in favor of the immediate admis-
sion of Kansas as a member of this confederacy, under the con-
stitution adopted by the people of said territory.

Resolved, That the spirit of our institutions, as well as
the constitution of our country guarantee the liberty of
conscience as well as political freedom, and that we will pro-
scribe no one. by legislation or otherwise, on account of re-
ligious opinions, or in consequence of place of birth.

Resolved, That in Lyman Trumbull, our distinguished
senator, the people of Illinois have an able and consistent ex-
ponent of their principles, and that his course in the senate
meets with our unqualified approbation.

Which report was received and unanimously adopted.

162 Anti-Nebraska Republican

Mr. Wentworth submitted the following resolution which
was unanimously adopted :

Resolved, That we are in favor of the strictest economy
in the administration of our state government and a faithful
application of all its revenues to the liquidation of our state
debt. And that the practice of using our state funds for the
purpose of private speculations, whereby a very large defalca-
tion has occurred in our state treasury, cannot be too severely
censured; and we therefore take issue with the resolution of
the recent convention at Springfield which endorsed the course
of our present governor.

Mr. Skinner offered the following resolution, which was
unanimously adopted :

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed to act as
a central committee for the purpose of calling future conven-
tions, and to fill vacancies in our nomination (in cases where
the nominations may become vacant, and it may be too late to
call a convention to fill the same,) and do such other business
as usually devolves upon central committees ; and also to act as
a disbursing committee of such funds as may come to their
hands. Whereupon the following committee was appointed :


James C. Conkling, Sangamon county ;AsahelGridley, Mc-
Lean county; B. C. Cook, LaSalle county; Charles H. Ray,
Cook county; N. B. Judd, Cook county.

Mr. Wm. A. James, of Cook, offered the following reso-
lution, which was adopted.

Resolved, That this convention recommend every town
in every county in the state to form Anti-Nebraska clubs, for
the purpose of effecting a thorough organization of the party
prior to the ensuing election.

George T. Brown, of Madison, submitted the following
resolution, which was unanimously adopted, amid deafening
shouts, cheers and other manifestations of excited approbation.

Convention, May 29, 1856. 163

Resolved, That STEPHEN A. DOUGLAS, having laid his
"ruthless hand" upon a sacred compact, which had "an origin
akin to that of the constitution," and which had "become
canonized in the hearts of the American people," has given
the lie to his past history, proved himself recreant to the free
principles of this government, violated the confidence of the
people of Illinois, and now holds his seat in the senate while he
misrepresents them.

Mr. Judd offered the following resolution, which was
adopted :

Resolved, That the thanks of this convention are hereby
tendered to the citizens of Bloomington for their kind hospi-
talities, and also to the committee of arrangements for the sat-
isfactory manner in which they have discharged their self-im-
posed duties towards this body.

On motion of O. H. Browning :

Resolved, That the proceedings of this convention be
signed by the officers and published by all the Anti-Nebraska
papers in the state.

On motion of H. N. Hibbard :

Resolved, That the thanks of this convention be tendered
to the presiding officers for the able and impartial manner in
which they have discharged their duties.

On motion the committee adjourned sine die.

John M. Palmer, president.

Vice-presidents J. A. Davis, Wm. Ross, James McKie,
J. H. Bryant, A. C. Harding, Richard Yates, H. C. Johns, D.
L. Phillips, George Smith, T. A. Marshall, J. M. Ruggles, G.
D. A. Parks, John Clark.

Secretaries H. T. Baker, C. L. Wilson, John Tillson,
W. Bushnell, B. J. F. Hanna.

A full, true and correct copy from the files of the ''Jour-
nal" of Springfield, 111., of May 30, 1856.



164 Anil- Nebraska Republican

The convention of May 29, ia?6, although called as a delegate conven-
tion, did not strictly preserve that character but rather resolved itself into a
mass convention, as in several instances parties acted as officers of the convention
whose names do not appear on the official roll as delegates at all.

In several counties the Chicago Press and also Chicago Democrat give additional
delegates to those given in the official list. We give below the delegates in these
counties as they appear in these papers:

Bureau County Charles C. Kelsey, George Radcliffe, George W. Stipp, jr.,
John H. Bryant.

Lee County E. M. Ingals, J. V. Eustace, Dr. Charles Gardner, John Dixon,
Dr. Oliver Everett, George E. Haskell, Lorenzo Wood, Benjaman F. Shaw, Dr.
Adams, Thomas W. Eustace, Andrew McPherson, S. R. Upham, Cyrus Aldrich,
Joseph Crawford, James L. Camp, William E. Ives, Oziss Wheeler, Jerome Porter,
A. A. Benjamin, S. G. Patrick, S. ri. Williams, I. S. Boardman, David Welty. George
R. Linn, Benjamin Oilman.

McDonough County L. H. Walters, C. W. Craig, J. E. Wynne, S. P. Higbe,

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